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Found 2,247 results

  1. https://i.imgur.com/gv8xbdj.png PSN: jman_jd10 Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/siege_outlaws_racing/wall Closed recruitment Hello! My name is justin, I am offering spots on SORT for whomever may wish to join.... Sort is a Racing crew. We focus on many things. However this is still a video game and we would still like to have a enjoyable time. 1. Racing, Mainly winning 2. Cars! As this is a vehicle focused group. 3. Teamwork 4. Sportsmanship Currently there is only to people in the group as I have not recruited anyone, Me and my girlfriend I am mainly looking for experienced drivers, HOWEVER If you are looking to improve and have the will to learn then by all means join! Now to reward the group and once a month a race will be held amongst our members for differing prizes Rules! Every group has to have rules and here is ours 1. Do not be a jerk 2. Do not spin people out or ram people no matter what they did to you, Focus on winning not engaging in a petty fight! 3. Follow rules 1 and 2 and you should do just fine! About me and Why I started SORT Well you already know by now my name is Justin, But what you don't know is why I started SORT... SORT is actually the name of my real racing team, It's just a local Oval track so nothing big although I have ridden in everything from a Porsches to a Ferraris in real life and personally driven everything from a Terminator cobra to a Audi R8, Anyways I have digressed. Main point is that I play all of these race sims and there just not as fun as the chaotic nature of GTA and I don't have to break a sweat to play GTA as when I hook up Iracing takes a bunch of time to pull out my wheel and 90% of the time something goes wrong with my controls, So I got into racing in GTA, And my girlfriend recently got a PS4 and also got into GTA so it only made sense to make a crew (SORT) so if you would like to join add me on PSN at jman_jd10
  2. We are looking for people to join our roleplay community, we have been around for over 10 months and we're looking for fresh new serious players to become part of our community. If you're looking for a friendly RP community then this is the place for you, we are only on PS4. We're always looking for people with new ideas for the community, anyone is welcome and all feedback is appreciated. We have a wide range of roles available from organised crime members to taxi drivers. However please note at this time LSPD applications are closed but you're welcome to adopt another role until new spaces open. We usually host daily sessions at 21:00 BST/16:00 EST, so if you'd like to be part of that we'd love to have you. The rules and the sign up form can be found at http://lossantosunderground.weebly.com/ If you have any questions feel free to reach us on the discord server which you can find linked on the site. Hope to see you soon!
  3. imburgundy

    MC contracts PS4

    I have an empty session to run some MC contracts or I can join another group. Just looking to get max payouts with full MC
  4. hi everyone. so of course with all the crap going on. many people are staying home. so i was wondering if anyone wanted to play some red dead online with me? we could help each other make money or find some fun things to do to take our minds off the craziness. if you are interested let me know. and tell me what you would like to do. thank you and stay safe out there.
  5. tedthetickler

    GTA 5 Open Wheel League

    Grand Theft Auto Open Wheel Racing League Do you like Open Wheel racing? Do you want to race on a Team against some of the fastest racers in GTA Open Wheel? Join this Discord. Races are Held every Saturday at 11am (EDT)
  6. Pagan Disciples 1% Motorcycle Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pagan_disciples_mcss/wall https://www.instagram.com/pagan.disciples.mc/ Founded on the 9th of March 2020 in the desert town of Sandy Shores by PAGNxDRUID and PAGNxBUTCHER two OG's of the GTA Online MC Community since 2015 Are you looking for a original MC, with a strong loyal and respected 1% brotherhood? Then Pagan Disciples MC is the club for you. Pagan Disciples are open for prospects to earn there full patch We are a legit 1% Old School GTA MC Community Role Players 99% need not apply CRITERIA TO BE CONSIDERED: RESPECTFUL ADULT BEHAVIOR 1% CLUB BYLAWS TO BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW ORDERS AT ALL TIMES WEAR YOUR PATCH AT ALL TIMES NO OTHER CREWS CHOPPERS ONLY INSTAGRAM FOR MORE INFORMATION ASK ON THIS THREAD FOR AN INTERVIEW TO PROSPECT CONTACT PAGNXDRUID OR PGANXBUTCHER ON PSN OR INSTAGRAM
  7. Hey guys we are opening recruitment to find people to hang out with, resupply businesses do heists and more Preferrably looking for people who can hold their own in pvp but chill to hang out with anyone who doesn't take them self to seriously we are a pretty passive and friendly group A few of the only things we ask is that you have a mic, your not a squeaker, and you don't team kill We stream our heist and looking to do more of other events we want to grow our yt channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ArmsofDomination Must be willing to join our rockstar social club crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/arms_of_dom_gaming/wall add me on PS Blue_Streak94 and tell me why your adding me and we will have a talk and play for a while and see how you go.
  8. Vagos MC So. SA About VAGOS MC IS A MOTORCYCLE CLUB MADE UP OF ACTIVE, LOYAL, MATURE PLAYERS WHO COMPETITIVELY PLAY IN THE MC COMMUNITY ON GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE. WE RIDE AS ONE AND WE FIGHT AS ONE. VAGOS MC IS A BROTHERHOOD. How To Join If you are interested in joining The Vagos MC you must go through two processes After contacting a Full Patched Member of the club you must accept an invite to the Vagos Hangaround crew. You must complete a minimum one week hang around term and a prospecting term in which the length is decided by how hard you work. The hangaround period is so you can get a feel for the club and members and to see if you are interested in joining, At this point you have no obligations for the club. When you become a prospect, It means you have responded well to the members, and everyone gets along with you. This is where you really show what you are made of. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. Rules for Hangarounds and Prospects Hangarounds ​D. IV. Hangarounds 1. Wear support Gear( Hoodies, T- Shirts, Tank Tops with crew emblem) 2. Show you can and want to be here 3. Ride behind prospects of riding 4. Beware of surroundings 5. DO NOT START BEEF WHEN YOU ARE IN A LOBBY BY YOURSELF 6. You are a extension of our club and a representative thereof so DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL COMPROMISE THE CLUB BUSINESS, APPEARANCE AND REPUTATION Prospects ​ 1. Zero Tolerance for any BS you will removed swiftly 2. Wear your patch at all times 3. Never allow a patched member to be alone 4. Beware of your surroundings 5. Speak only when given a order or otherwise told to 6. Be mature 7. Prove you want a patch 8. Follow any command given to you by ANY member of the club 9. Get to know all your fellow prospects and hangarounds and eventually if you make the cut your fellow brothers 10. Be willing to learn and open minded 11. You will ride behind the patch members when riding 12. DO NOT START BEEF WHEN YOU ARE IN A LOBBY BY YOURSELF ​ Hierarchy President - Navysealzeus Vice President -Paradime Sergeant at Arms - Tacobane Secretary - Soulsie Head Enforcer - Campbell Enforcer - Doc Links Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vagos_mc_so_san Website: http://vagosmcsosan.weebly.com/ Contact soulsie8 , or Navysealzeus on PS4. Or Soulsie, and Navy on Rockstar Social Club. Hope to see some people out there!
  9. This thread is solely for Doomsday Criminal Mastermind and Elite Challenge help, all players are welcome to join and inquire. However, it must be known that I am only on PSN and I cannot run Doomsday CM's and Elites on other platforms/consoles. I did stumble upon the Crew Recruitment Thread set on top of this page as a sticky, however I did find that it mostly consisted of Original Heist Criminal Mastermind. The goal of this thread is to list the help you may need pertaining to the Doomsday Heists DLC and have myself or other interested players help you achieve your goals. Much like the Criminal Mastermind Recruitment thread, knowing your platform username, Timezone, player rank and equipment owned is highly suggested. Be sure to mention if you own any equipment from the following list when making an inquiry: Motorcycle Club ($200,000+) will greatly assist prospects due to the ability of de-spawning personal vehicles such as aircraft when they so wish. All players in an MC will also have the ability to instantly request any bike they own (this includes the Oppressor MK II). Road Captains can also instantaneously call out the Buzzard without having to rely on Pegasus or Personal delivery. MC Vice-Presidents can also willingly drop Bullshark Testosterone in free roam which grants the player a double damage buff as well as a double defense buff. - Facility ($1.25m+): You must have a facility to run Doomsday. I recommend Sandy Shores for all around CM balance and running Elite 3. I recommend Grand Senora for running Elite 1 and Paleto Bay for Elite 2, however, Elite 2 can be ran from pretty much any facility near the Sandy Shores airstrip. The Facility is also needed to store the Avenger. - Avenger ($3.5m+): I recommend buying the Avenger along with the Vehicle Upgrades as well as Weapon Upgrades component. Getting Weapon Upgrades is crucial to install MK II mods on your weapons. I personally run the Carbine Rifle MK II as my all around weapon. Vehicle Upgrades capability is crucial to upgrading custom vehicles like the Vigilante. - Office ($1m+): CEO abilities allow you to call in the Buzzard from wherever you are on the map. Rather than calling the Buzzard by Pegasus and having it delivered to a nearby landing-zone (LZ), the Buzzard gets delivered right beside the player which makes CEO extremely useful for CEO and associates alike. You must own a Buzzard to do this. - Hangar ($2.2m+): The Hangar is essential for any personal aircraft you need to buy. They must all be stored in here. If you store a Pegasus-owned aircraft in the Hangar, you will duplicate that vehicle. This makes that same vehicle accessible from both Pegasus and Personal Vehicles delivery, and both can be used at the same time for a double spawn. - Buzzard ($1.750m): The Buzzard is a great go-to to get from point A to point B on the map in a half-decent time. It can be called by Pegasus and can also be spawned to your location via the Associate SecuroServ ability. - Hydra ($3m+): the Hydra can also be called by Pegasus. It makes a great asset because it can get you from point A to point B in a much faster time. Hydra is the fastest option when it comes to the Pegasus aircraft. Very Useful for all Prep missions as well as Act 2 Elite. - Armored Kuruma ($700,000+ Fleeca completed): This sedan is an essential to safely running setups in your CM run. Namely Act 1 Setup 1 and most of Act 2 & 3 setups as well. It can be blown up by 1 missile but keeps the player near invincible when it comes to NPC bullets. - Hakuchou Drag ($975,000+): This is the fastest non-weaponized bike in the game. Bikes cannot flip over and sway like cars. I use the Hakuchou when I run Act 3 Elite and I used it for consistent and efficient transportation on/off road. I recommend the sh*tzu Hakuchou Drag for all players wanting to run Elite 3. - Cargobob Jetsam ($1.9m): I highly recommend the CB for Act 1 prep 2 because it is the most efficient way of doing it. The CB also makes running Act 2 Elite incredibly efficient. - Vigilante ($4m+): Note that the Vigilante can only be customized in the Avenger (or MOC) vehicle upgrade workshop. This vehicle is incredible when it comes to running setups and preps. I use it when I do my Act 1 Elite runs and it is also great for a variety of setups including Act 3 Setup 2 with the Chernobog mission. - Seabreeze/Tula ($1.3m+/$5m+): Either of these are great because they are airplanes that can land in water. Great for Act 2 Torpedo ECU prep, as well as Act 3 Onboard computer prep. The Tula has greater capabilities than the Seabreeze, but both are great amphibious aircrafts. - Bombushka ($6m+): This one isn't necessary, but if you happen to have $6m laying around, you can buy it and deliver the riot van from Act 2 prep 1 by aircraft. The Bombushka can carry it. - Pyro ($4.5m+): The Pyro is my personal favorite. While it does not have VTOL abilities like the Hydra, it is the FASTEST aircraft in the game and makes getting from point A to point B the quickest. This aircraft is personal and can't be called from Pegasus. - Terrorbyte ($3.5m+): This is necessary for the MK II Oppressor to be stored. (See below.) - MK II Oppressor ($4m+): Probably the most efficient vehicle to use in the game. Think of it as a jet you can call in from the Mechanic. While it isn't the fastest (in terms of aircraft speed), it can get you from point A to point B easily and the bike is incredibly small and easy to land. It needs the Terrorbyte so that it can be stored and modified. All of the equipment mentioned above will make CM and preps much smoother on real-world time. ____________ _______________ _____________ A little about me, I have completed over 30 CM runs for average players and helped attain their DD CM and Elite Challenges, I am the founder of a dedicated crew of efficient individuals. For all concerned about my legitimacy, feel free to check out my YouTube channel - negraru96. I have various GTAO speedruns posted on there, Near-World record times. *I am the founder of my crew - CM Speedrunners. We are a dedicated crew made of Criminal Mastermind and Elite Speedrunners made to help regular players accomplish their challenges. You must have a series of qualifications to join this crew (if you wish to be a part of the crew)* Info: PSN: NegraruSpeedruns Rockstar Social: NegraruSpeedruns Youtube: negraru96 Website: http://www.cmspeedrunners.net/homePage/index.html Timezone: PCE -7 West Coast USA Specialties: Original and Doomsday Criminal Mastermind. Original, Doomsday and Casino Heist Elite Challenges. Setup: Team leader and session planner. Mic: Always Control layout: FPS Standard 2 / Third & First Person view max sensitivity
  10. Cbell61

    Bad Sport lobby help

    Hey stuck in a Bad Sports lobby for killing too many, can anybody join on me and give me a commend id be willing to help with anything. Can offer a full casino heist and 85%cut in return PSN: cbell61
  11. Hosts/Drillers/Hackers Needed For Finales Only Looking for multiple persons for on-going Casino Heists. I can be a filler anytime and will host if I have all my preps done at that time. You must have a working mic. You must speak English. Add me on PS4 subject ”Casino Heist” ALLWORLD19
  12. I wanna join as a member(I don't wanna be the host because I cannot do the Pac Standard finale glitch, feel like I'll mess it up lol). I can help with setups too (and obviously finale). I am extremely good at Pac Standard(shooting and driving and sh*t). But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have player saved outfits on(the Heavy combat vest is God like). PSN:SSJ4kakashi I'm level 138. I am a bit of a Diamond casino heist noob but I have completed them a couple times. Feel like PS is easier. But I can do DCH too. Let's make some $$$$! My time is GMT+5 :30 (India). But right now I have nothing to do but Study and play on my PS4(and I mostly only play GTAO)....so I can manage mostly any time tbh. BTW we can also grind the hell out of any other stuff that makes us all some $$$$. Like Import export or CEO work or Terrorbyte or whatever. Big bunker sales? Yo!
  13. DOJ PS4 Roleplay Community Providing Professional, Dedicated, and Realistic Roleplay Since 02/18/2018 https://dojps4.wixsite.com
  14. ******ELITIST CUPCAKES WANTS YOU!****** ACCEPTING PLAYERS OF ALL RANKS! The Elitist Cupcakes are a new crew that was started by a couple friends, and the crew has recently found it's niche and is looking for additional like minded players. Our typical playtime is US Central evenings, on the PS4, and we partake in two main activities... Heists - we love our heists, but hate waiting for random people to join, and having to gamble on their competence. Freeroam Coordinated Assassinations (FCA) - this is what we call it anyway, and is this authors favorite activity. The most fun I've had in game has been doing this. How we do FCA is that we all get into our own car, all cars must be the same color (and preferably all the armored Kurama - but that's not required), and we all team up and try to kill the same player repeatedly. This involves car chases, cooperative ramming, herding the target toward the other, back alley chases, and pick ups if a partner dies and can't get back to their car. When our vehicles are the same color and it becomes obvious that this is a crew coordinated activity, it becomes incredibly fun and attracts the attention of the other players in the room. Regardless of how many players get involved or how many cops there are, we continue to focus on the one player, and we continue to use our cars (as opposed to helicopters, tanks, or jets) so that the crew identification remains present. What makes it even better, is that our logo is a cupcake (which we throw on our cars), our crew color is pink, and our cars are the crew color. Nothing like being attacked by a coordinated group of pink cupcake cars! Requirements: • Must have a microphone and be willing to get in party chat with us • Must use a car with the crew colors (preferably the armored Kurama or the armored truck. This is a survivability thing due to the number of rounds you'll be absorbing). My PSN name is Opie-Winston. Put "cupcake" or something in your friend request if you send one, because empty friend requests will be deleted. Link to Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elitist_cupcakes
  15. We started out as a motorcycle club, and we stil are. But instead of beginning a new MC chapter, like other MCs do. we'll start this: Noble Lions Private Army, security/soldiers unit - heavy weaponry - tanks / insurgent / jets Noble Lions Family Group, street gang/organized crime - racing (race lists) - meets and cruises These new Noble Lion crews will follow our biker gang blueprint For more info: Weazel_ _03
  16. huntermaniac227

    Ice Warthogs Crew Page

    Hey everyone, im looking for a few players to add to my ps4 crew called the Ice Warthogs. We are a crew of 3 (including myself) that cruise around Los Santos and rob stores, complete heists, and just have fun while doing it all. Contact me for details on how to join our crew
  17. CheapApples12

    San Andreas Roleplay (Crews and Members)

    San Andreas Roleplay provides gaming community hosting services for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Crews. SARP empowers crew leaders to develop awesome communities, all while enabling other players to access advanced, easy to use systems. San Andreas Roleplay has been developed specifically for gamers who want to take their gaming and roleplaying experience to the next level. Hi There, My name is CheapApples12, and I'd like to introduce to you - San Andreas Roleplay. We provide community management solutions to Grand Theft Auto 5 crews, as well as roleplaying facilitation to general members of Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. We've spent countless hours developing a professional, secure brand-name and platform for both roleplaying professionals, and those who just want to fool around. We're proud to say that we're the only Grand Theft Auto 5 community management company in the world that offers the level of intricacy and detail that we do - all the while maintaining an awesome roleplaying environment. San Andreas Roleplay offers state-of-the art solutions to both crews and general members, unlike anyone else. Now, I know what you're thinking - but allow me to explain further: San Andreas Roleplay provides an awesome platform, for awesome crews. As a crew leader, you can easily get your crew on the fast track to success with our robust, easy to navigate system. When you register your crew with SARP , you get access to some pretty awesome stuff that you can utilise to not only create abundant success, but positive talk in the broader community as well. Registering your crew is easy, all you have to do is complete a short and easy form to ensure your crew is set up the way you want it. Once completed, she's all yours. With your new crew page in hand, you get instant access to prodigious features! Here's a few that we've hand picked for you: [table] Automatic Recruitment & Member ManagementSimple CommunicationAwesome WebsitesSan Andreas Roleplay provides Grand Theft Auto 5 crews with comprehensive, Automated member management and recruitment systems. Crew recruitment flows are completely automated. Applications can be accepted, denied, archived and commented on all with the click of a button.Powerful, integrated social community software is one of San Andreas Roleplay's highlight features. We provide access to awesome community and member account software so you and your users can freely communicate, share information, personalize their experience and most of all - make the most of your crew and it's benefits.Your community can achieve some pretty astonishing responses. We recognise that success starts with an accessable, and awesome looking website - that's why we generate templates and allow you to select from up to 90 modules including free Twitch.TV and Custom HTMLτ integration.[/table] That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you've got an existing member base, they can seamlessly convert to our system without any stress at all. If you have a custom domain (ie. yourcrew.com), we can assist you to have it domain redirected, masked or DNS directed. You can view a live example of what's achievable with San Andreas Roleplay by checking out an awesome creation at marines.rp-sa.net An awesome feature that was recently added, is the ability for crews to hold crew email addresses. We introduced this feature to allow members to communication with their crews, and potential recruits to communicate with crews. So, as of the 22nd of Febuary 2016, crews get @crew.rp-sa.net email addresses for free when you use the code "GTAFORUMS" when registering your crew! To register your crew or community, learn more here: sarole.pl/1o6hkmU San Andreas Roleplay also provides some pretty awesome resources and features for general players of online too. SARP features our unique marketplace, where members can buy, sell and trade all sorts of things. You can purchase services from other players such as the hiring of bodyguards, hitman services or even just hire someone to annoy your friends for a bit (funny, but not recommended). As a member, you'll automatically be registered as a civilian. This means that if you want, you can join into roleplays and events held by San Andreas Roleplay or individual crews. If you're not sure which crew to join, don't join any! You can always join a crew at a later point, or better yet - create your own! We already have an awesome range of crews for you to join: To register as a general player (civillian), complete the registration here: sarole.pl/20Q1EpZ So, no matter what you're interested in - there's a place for you. We welcome all crews and all members. Whether you're a police officer, mafia member, or homeless man.. we want to see you at San Andreas Roleplay! Make the awesome call - register today. Stay Connected with SARP Website: http://www.rp-sa.net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saroleplay Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CheapApples12
  18. RECRUITING CASUAL RIDERS. ADD ZCHDNN ON PSN FOR ENROLMENT. Want to join a band of loyal brothers, a family of like minded gamers? Look no further. Damned Souls is our new home; formed by the original members and re-brand of SAMCGSO/ Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Grand Senora, a top 8000 Rockstar Crew. Compromising of members over the age of 18+, we are looking for those who would like to be a part of this active brotherhood. If you'd like a shot at Prospecting for Damned Souls request an invite to our Prospect's charter here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dsmc_gs_prospects, then add the President (on PSN) ZchDnn(Pres), Vice President and Sgt; Silverray_76(VP) & Morrissey4882(SGT). If you would like to 'hangaround' with us or support, you may join our support charter here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dsmc_gs_support. - MUST be 18+ - MUST understand GTA MC's - have seen the likes of Sons of Anarchy, IRL motorcycle clubs etc. - Microphone not necessary BUT preferred. - MUST be active to represent - attempt to get on and join us daily. - Once accepted into the Prospects chapter, add the required members as seen above. - As a PROSPECT you must ride a chopper style bike only (Western Bagger, Western Daemon, LCC Hexer, LCC Innovation) - ALL PROSPECT'S bikes should be WHITE - Prospect duties include retrieving bikes, assisting patched members and protecting patched members. - PROSPECTS must make meetings regularly in order to receive full patch (to be voted in.) - As a DSMC Support Soldier, you must support ALL DSMC Prospects and Patched members. If you receive a game invite from either ZchDnn OR LucyRose_, you must join or at least notify us that you cannot - Why join a group when you're not going to be playing with them? - Make sure you represent the Soldiers by wearing the patch/crew emblem on either a cut/vest, hoody or leather jacket. Once patched in: - You may change the colour of your bike to your own preference. - You must carry and wear the patch at ALL TIMES. - You must proudly represent and assist the cause of growth throughout our brotherhood. - You must remain active to assist members and prospects in gaining money, RP and ranks. - To find suitable Prospects to join our family. - To enjoy the game. - MONDAY: at 9pm GMT (UK) / 3pm MDT (Canada) / 10pm CET (EURO) / 1pm PST (US) / 6:30pm (N&L, Canada) - WEDNESDAY: at 9pm GMT (UK) / 3pm MDT (Canada) / 10pm CET (EURO) / 1pm PST (US) / 6:30pm (N&L, Canada) - SUNDAY: at 9pm GMT (UK) / 3pm MDT (Canada) / 10pm CET (EURO) / 1pm PST (US) / 6:30pm (N&L, Canada) - Usually find members online DAILY from 6pm GMT onwards until 12pm GMT RSC: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/damned_souls_mc_gs --- (NEW) For those that are looking to join an MC or to even trial the life before prospecting, you may join our support charter, DSMC GS Support: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dsmc_gs_support Once accepted, gear up with the patch on your back, invite all of your friends, grab your bike and join in the fun! --- (Directed & Edited by @GTAOJack) (DSMC providing security services) Photos found in Post #10 Photos found in Post #12 Photos found in Post #16 Photos found in Post #22 (NEW) Photos found in Post #27 - DSMC Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJf5ghaFEH5XHXRbo3tu7_A - DSMC Private Facebook Group (for members & prospects ONLY): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551125548532619/ Search Tags "PS4 MC" "PS4 Brotherhood" "SAMCGSO" "SAMCSSO" "SAMCELSO" "Sons of Anarchy PS4" "Sons of Anarchy GTA" "GTA Motorcyle Club" "GTA MC" "GTA Family" "GTA Bikers" "GTA TLAD" "DSMC" "Damned Souls" "Grand Senora"
  19. Togabee


    Are you a Star Wars fan? We are! We are the only crew with the tag JEDI. We have a cool logo for you to wear and put on your vehicles. We are currently looking for any members and also high ranking players. Join today and May the force be with you! SC Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_jedi_guys
  20. RSMC Recruitment

    Rising Souls MC Recruitment

    I am the RSMC's Vice President, and we are currently looking for die hard gtav players for our Motorcycle Club, we play regularly and we back our crew members 100%. If you are interested in joining, add me on psn: wahoff.
  21. DonVitoGlorioso

    Recruitment for Mancini Crime Family

    M2ARP:The Mancini Crime Family is currently recruiting players who are interested in the mafia(Costa Nostra). You must be over the age of 14, have a mic, be able to follow orders, and never share anything about our business with ANYBODY outside of the family. If interested please send me a friend request. My psn account is HankIt-DG. Salute! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_mancini_famiglia
  22. I am the leader of a new MC called "Savage Activity MC" since we are new, you have the chance to be one of my most trusted crew members and will help me build this crew up. SocialClub Link : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/ocho-8 Add my PSN: OchoDaSavage Add my Kik: OchoDaSavage Check our website : http://ochothesavage.wix.com/savagemafia
  23. Ok recruiting drive. Come on SLEW with us. I need the best racers, shooters, nijas, fighters, creators, masterminds and young bloods - There's a place for all, wanna see some lowriders soon too - and we about making money. Join our community, get involved or just jump in. P.s check the new crew paint. Changing color. We looking heavy. GTA SLEW CREW more street than what you drive your car on. Young crew, with ambition, opportunity and varied interests. Add me for crew group chat. Looking to build a diverse crew with a global network. We focus on whatever needs getting done. Its always money making season. Strong in the heist, missions with mics. Teamwork and efficiency. Racing too. Interested to see where we can grow, nobody gets left behind. I need new soldiers to help recruit in these early stages too. ill promote based on performance, workrate, interactions and anything noteworthy. PEACE RASKIT33 Crew/Gang Name: GTA SLEW CREW About: Up to deathmatches, racing, heists, mainly. but up for all sorts. Leader Contact: Raskit33 Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.ro.../gta_slew_crew_ Platform(s):PS4 Games:GTA V Timezone: London, UK GMT/BST, but we gone GLOBAL
  24. Dubst3pEagle45

    SA B0unty Hunters

    MAKE GTA ONLINE GREAT AGAIN! ROSTER Leaders Leader: CrimsonEagle45 Co-Leader: MoNaRchWarrior Commissioners Recruiting Now! Lieutenants mhensley618 Reps Recruiting Now! Muscle Recruiting Now! Wannabes Recruiting Now! Drivers Recruiting Now! Banned Members: None as of now Members that are inactive for more than two full months will be removed. HOW TO JOIN? If you wish to join us, go to our Recruitment thread, http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_b0unty_hunters.
  25. Clayndal2

    ***Police Role Play Ps4***

    Hey we here at Los Santos police department are looking for new members requirements 1. you must have a mic 2. must be on ps4 3. know some what of the ten code 4. also show up for atleast 2 patrols a week unless an (personal problem) msg me 5. Be over the age of 12 NO LESS 6. respectful of other members Join us if you can apply to these rules: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_pd_ps4 We are still looking for supervisor add clayndal2 on ps4 also msg for any questions
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