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  1. Los Varrios Locos

    Los Varrios Locos- Join Today

    History Los Varrios Locos is a notorious street gang founded in the 1960's in los santos san andreas. they are suspected of distributing and manufacturing crack cocain. they are also involved in other crimes such as murder, racketeering, money laundering, illegal gambling and a number of prostitution rings around Los Santos. from the 60's to 2015 they been terrorizing the streets and hitting anyone in their way. on April 26, 2012 four members of LVL gang shot and killed two victims one was a member of the Los Santos Vagos and the other was a woman who was hit in the crossfire. Police say t
  2. Caged Bratva Bratva : Russian for brotherhood. What/Who are we : Caged Bratva is a PS4 crew started by myself (AesopFish) other account is (cellFish) and some close friends who I've known for nearly a year now. We originate from a (believe it or not) or fairly serious DM crew, where we managed to reach the top 500 crews in the world. We quickly realized that we did not enjoy playing GTA in this way and went a more casual route, which is how Caged Bratva was born. We are a brand new crew, and we currently have 5 members, all of us who are good friends and have kn
  3. cmal

    [PS4] Diamond Dog Militia

    Crew Name: Diamond Dog Militia About: Fair and equal group that is here to protect from rival crews. Very militaristic. We are the Dogs of War. Leader Contact: dingdongdavis81 (PSN) message me whenever Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/diamond_dog_militia Platform(s): PS4 Games: GTA Online, Heists Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Hi, I'm Commander of the Diamond Dog Militia. If you join my crew I promise you everything will be shared equally when it comes to jobs, robberies, and Heists. We also promise protection to those who need
  4. hello I have 3 people looking to complete Criminal mastermind challenge on ps4 I will be hosting looking to complete either today or tomorrow we all know what to do and own heavy combat vest some rules Mic Is required English is a must please message on ps4 Vaulttecdweller
  5. I can drive you around or if someone trys to hill you i will help you kill them. psn:swaggermufinsnip.
  6. laigusten11

    help me!

    so recently i bought a savage but i can't spawn it. i called pegasus but there's no prompt on 'savage' can somebody please explain or is it just a glitch?
  7. huntermaniac227

    Ice Warthogs Crew Page

    Hey everyone, im looking for a few players to add to my ps4 crew called the Ice Warthogs. We are a crew of 3 (including myself) that cruise around Los Santos and rob stores, complete heists, and just have fun while doing it all. Contact me for details on how to join our crew
  8. Hey guys, hosting a car meet in 5 hours, looking for a few ppeople for a carmeet , PlayStation 4, Feel free to check out my IG also; Grove.Street.Gamers , drop your psn below, Cheers guys.
  9. Its__Mayh3m

    Rising MC Recruiting

    Club: Rising MC About: We are an outlaw 1%er motorcycle club. A crew that is hell bent on taking over all of Los Santos! Leader Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/iwalsh33 Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rising_mc Platform(s): PS4 Games: GTA 5 Online -Rising MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and expect all of our members to do so. We have many high ranking spots open in new chapters. Be willing to Prove yourself to me in certain skill sets and you can move up in the chain of co
  10. Title says it all. Currently level 23 and failing setups due to inexperienced players. Mainly looking for players experienced and familiar with this heist.
  11. gerardoschillin

    young(teen) gta players

    hey guys looking for some people to play online with maybe do some heist or jobs or just to mess around. im14 pretty chill and laid back and im I don't really care if your male or female but add me my psn on ps4 is JerrySilas2 hope we can start playing soon!
  12. Be One of The Best, or Die Like The Rest Grunt Corps MC United Kingdom Chapter Still recruiting Grunt Corps MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and we expect all members to do so as well. My personal chapter is the United Kingdom chapter which has all ranks open as it is a new chapter. We are looking for well experienced players to take up the hierarchy positions, we are also looking for people to build up the chapter. Less experienced players will have to prove their loyalty, skills and dedication to the club in order
  13. Purplepunisher69(ps4)

    New crew looking for members

    My new crew is based around custom cars and car meets in gta online, i would like a friendly crew who can help organise and take part in the meets and such. If you are interested in joining my crew its called: 5starcarmeets Thanks for reading
  14. CharmingDutchman

    Car Meet ( PS4 )

    I'm trying to host a car meet in within 30 min. Add: CharmingDutchman Class: - All cars - No bikes - No service vehicles Rules: - No shooting - No killing - No yelling trough the mic - No stancing around the meet - Drive responsible - Fireworks are allowed, only shooting up in the air. - Enjoy IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE RULES YOU'LL BE KICKED.
  15. verbatimguitar


    Be One of The Best, or Die Like The Rest. Grunt Corps MC Paleto Bay -Grunt Corps MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and expect all of our members to do so. We have many high ranking spots open in new chapters. My personal chapter is Paleto Bay, The role play chapter. Prove yourself to me in certain skill sets and you can move up in the chain of command, or even the the special forces chapter if youre a good gunman. -Not everyone is meant to be a Grunt. Like i said before, Grunt Corps MC is dedicated. Everyone in thi
  16. hey guys looking for some fun people to play with guy or girl I really don't care. oh and im 14 so looking for people around my age but don't mind working with older people. im pretty laid back and funny and trust me ill get serious if u need me to. well yeah add my psn is JerrySilas2 cant wait to play with u guys!!!
  17. If so.. Im about to create a biker crew - Noble Lions MC (nomads) And there is a rank named: sergeant-at-arms I challenge everyone to a shoot-out with my no.1 contender for that spot Beat him, and you can be the crews sergeant-at-arms Remember, NLMC is going to be a Motorcycle Club More info: recruitment topic I placed this here, to find a highly skilled gunman
  18. I'm about to create a crew, and I got a challenge for you. What you need to know: I won't give all the high crew ranks to my friends (just because I know them in real life) So I got two high ranks available, but you do need the right skills (more about that later.) The name: NLMC - Noble Lions MC (nomads) Why join?: Because I'm organizing biker gang events on the regular - meetings, cruises, and multiple playlists (all biker gang related) - constantly new content: captures, races, tdm, etc etc (also ring fist fights) - on good terms with a lot of different MCs, they also par
  19. Crew Name: 8492nd Fighter Wing About: Information below required information Leader Contact: PS4: Prophet__216__, plagueinfected, cunninghamearl, xXCHam75Xx ps3: heavytoastMAX Xbox 1/Xbox 360: Jonnyrankin, zVl Raptor lVz Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/8492nd_fighter_wing Crew Website: http://8492nd.org Platform(s): ​PS3, PS4, Xbox 1, Xbox 360 Games: Merge Fighting, Free-for-All Dogfights, Lobby Takeover, Heists, Pilot Training/Certification, Crew Wars, Ranked Jet Matches (ORJMS) Timezone: All About the 8492nd Fighter Wing: The 8492nd Fighter Win
  20. danmacccc

    Calling all Irish Republicans!

  21. ROAD SOVEREIGNS MC ABOUT: Road Sovereigns MC are a fun and very active MC who make an effort to help our crew. We went through a few names including Lion Tamers MC and The Lost MC Empire before deciding on Road Sovereigns. Which is now a very active and fun MC to be in. We have a quality over quantity mentality as we slowly increase our numbers. Good quality members are active within the crew and have us as their active crew. You can be sure that if you are looking for an active MC to call home you will fit right in with us. We also have a very active chat open on ps4. LEADER/CONTACT:
  22. I'm looking for someone to play with on ps4 on GTA v so add me my username is ezreed
  23. Awesomeman619

    Sharks Motorcycle Club (Recruitment)

    HISTORY: Shark MC's Clubhouse/Hangout is Rogers Salvage and Scrap which is located on Alta Street & South Arsenal Street in La Puerta Los Santos. The club was Est. on July 10, 2009 By BbUuFford456 & scooterb1997 in Liberty City, the club only had 2 members but later advanced to 11 in 2010. The motives were to REBEL AGAINST SOCIETY and ESTABLISH a BROTHERHOOD that could never be BROKEN! . On September 17,2013 we moved to the Los Santos area where we established a chapter & updated our Patch. Despite being outnumbered by other MC's due to losing members during the move we still manag
  24. Looking for 2 people with mics to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.PSN:xwarx46
  25. 18+ Must Have a Mic NO SUPER CARS! Stay With The Pack Message SwagginDragon14 saying "Coke Meet" to confirm your lobby spot. See you guys at 9...
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