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  1. Hosts/Drillers/Hackers Needed For Finales Only Looking for multiple persons for on-going Casino Heists. I can be a filler anytime and will host if I have all my preps done at that time. You must have a working mic. You must speak English. Add me on PS4 subject ”Casino Heist” ALLWORLD19
  2. Looking for 3 players to help me play through Doomsday Heist ACT I on PS4. I will be hosting payout is split 25%. Platform: PS4 Username: Tomtom G Time: GMT + 1 No Mic
  3. Best way to reduce tension on your 100 unit long hauls? Lots of guns. Want to earn an easy $312RDO? Hire out as a gunhand. Join our community and when you're ready to transport, send out invites, when the job is done we go our separate ways. We are New Austin Freight Co.! Message me with PSN!
  4. C10H15N

    WANGAN Movement - Automotive Crew

    JOIN TODAY: WANGAN Movement (Social Club) Most automotive crews these days, live by strict rules not to word your opinion on things that they enforce. Whether your car is too eccentric, or just steps out of line with their own demographic, they may suppress you, until you have no choice, but to adapt. We would like to give you a hard F-U, and tear down your 'clean' world. Anyone can create some "piece of art" that will gather the attention of people and have them compliment you. But only a true artist can bring something onto the streets of Los Santos, which will not only dis
  5. I'm usually online anywhere from 8PM to 8AM Pacific timezone. I'm looking for as many people as possible willing to help with trophies as I'm always willing to help other friends with anything from bounties, posse, or trophies for other games. It'd be nice to connect with more friends that are online often and cool helping with whatever. Anyone interested, send me a message & add me. PSN: FrankenChon
  6. Bdb1987

    Ghostbusters Incorp

    I have created a new crew called Ghostbusters Incorp a friendly crew which helps other members with missions, heists etc. and also helps lower level members earn money thorough VIP work etc The crew is open so feel free to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ghostbusters_incorp/wall Hopefully with enough members can fill entire lobbies which would prevent unwanted attacks
  7. DoomAkuma

    {Rd2 & GtaO} DOOM FTW Crew/Community

    Crew Name: Doom FTW Crew Social Club- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/doom_ftw Platform- PS4 Console Crew Website- http://doomfam.wixsite.com/doomftw Crew Discord: Message Crew Leader or co-crew leader on Social Club or PSN/Ps4 for Link -About us - DOOM FTW previously known as LegionFTW is a Ps4 gaming crew whose main purpose is to have fun playing games, chat, hangout and make friends. We are a Ps4 Crew that mostly play GTAO, RDO, Warframe! We have a discord and mostly communicate on the disco
  8. ShadowlessDevil

    I have posse! Need help?

    I'm willing to help anyone with daily objectives that involves a posse Add me on ps4 ShadowlessOutlaw
  9. Barnie Spacullie

    Mafia Themed Crew for PS4 (18+) (rp/grinders)

    Join A Mafia Themed Grinder crew!(ps4) Spacullie Mafia is an organized Crime Family consisting of Slick city wise guys, and criminals who like to hustle in immerisve ways. We work together, while keeping the game interesting with a fusion of casual grinding and hilarious Rp. We are quality over Quanity, and we are not talking about your Skills. ****For PS4. WARNING WE PLAY AT NIGHT. SO FOR ANY LATE NIGHTERS**** "The Spacullie Way": Yes we have a code. We are going for a Sleezy con man Mafia look. So that often mean vibrant monkey suits, retro track suits, OG chains on black turt
  10. Prometheus We named this server after the Greek Titan Prometheus. Why? Cause who doesn't admire the Greek Mythology! Almost every MMO gamer knows of GTA 5, it's a household name. Knowing that, you would expect there to be an abundance of PS4 centric GTA servers but there is not . So we exploited this gap in the market to create a server that is completely tailored for the PS4 gamer. Though the main theme of the server is GTA, many other hot games such as RDR 2, BO4, Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th,apex etc are also supported by us. Our Features
  11. GTACMMaster2018

    MakinLoyalHomiesRich Crew recruiting on PS4

    MakinLoyalHomiesRich Is Recruiting Now! PS4 Only Crew for GTA Online We are all about making money with friends and family, and when you join us, you become family. No requirements skill wise or mic wise to join up, all we ask is for you to follow the code of conduct The Code is: MLHR M = Morals Are crew has Morals in this game and if you have none, this isn't the crew for you. Our morals are no team killing, run with the crew and treat everyone with respect. L= Loyalty When you join us, you are our family, but family don't join other famil
  12. The Reaper Lords crew is looking for honorable individuals to join our family. Reaper Lords are active in all timezones on XB and PS. This is a highly organized club with standards that have been developed over the past six years. There is an elected hierarchy that manages day to day operations, a constitution which defines rights of all members, and votes on all major issues to ensure the rules of the club reflect the will of the membership. Since 2013, the LORDs have raised thousands for charity, hosted many real-world meet-ups in the US and EU, and have
  13. CREW MISSION STATEMENT: Monkey Mask INC. is in the recruitment faze right now. We want to build a fun community with in our group. Looking for Mature Players Only, Please Have A Microphone As Well. We are looking for members that are team players. Crew member killing is frowned upon. I understand friends like to play around sometimes. But NO GRIEFING crew members will be tolerated at all, and will result in permanent banning from the crew if reported. So please respect one another. We want to grow as a whole group. So if you are a higher level p
  14. Buffalo Roleplay This is a brand new Red Dead Online PS4 roleplay community, with a lot of potential. I created this community so people, who have a passion for roleplaying and making friends, can join together and have that experience they deserve. I will never let this community allow power hungry staff, immaturity, toxicity, drama, or bullying. Members should always be trusted with scenarios. Suggestions, concerns, stressed expression, etc. will always be heard. We are in a growth process, but so far I have gained some great staff and roleplayers. Law Wanted.
  15. Angel-CashBag

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook Join 1 or all 5 of CashBag Crews @ R*
  16. I've recently formed a new PS4 Community to assist with finding players who are willing to help each other out with completing some of the daily challenges together. More often than not, certain challenges require being in a posse and as most of us know, it's often easier said than done trying your luck with randoms in the lobby. Within the community, you're welcome to offer assistance; ask for assistance; discuss the challenges/game; or organize groups/sessions to just simply play together and have fun. Nothing else is required; just please no hostile or toxic behaviour! If you're
  17. My friend and I have established a brand new posse for anyone to join. You just have to be 18+, active, loyal, and wear bandito attire (old west Latino inspired). message me: xThexCrazyxOnex or BattleBorn777
  18. Need a new crew to play the rest of the doomsday heist. Must speak English and must have done the heist before. PSN- doctorgamer10
  19. We are the most elite SWAT/Special Forces Team in San Andreas, and we are currently looking for some new members. We have exciting and adventurous RP Scenarios that I'm sure all members will like. We currently have a SWAT department, Detective department, Air One department and will sometimes maybe even have a Special Forces department. Our staff are very generous and nice, a lot nicer than most community's on the PS4. All we ask of our members is to have a legal copy of GTA 5 on the PS4, have a microphone/headset, and will be loyal and give respect back to the staff. Come on over to the San
  20. Must have a mic for role play purposes we have a cad bunch of options LSPD BCSO SAHP LSFD and of course Civilian we would love for you to join just come in and have some fun!!! Discord link https://discord.gg/qGZ8zGk ^^ This is a PS4 Role Play server only
  21. Join San Andreas S.W.A.T. Today! We are always looking for new members and we have a community in GTA 5 on the PS4. Our community is full of nice players who want to roleplay as the finest, LSPD or LSSD S.W.A.T. Team. Message DEMON45678912222 or gellenburg on PSN for more details. Thanks!
  22. Ram_24am

    Apollo roleplay ps4

    Apollo Rp Who We Are! We are a GTA V Roleplaying Community for the PS4, Here at Apollo Rp we strive to give the best service for our players, and host lobbies for all time zones . We host for the players, which means, for us the most important thing is everyone has fun . We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us. We have many features that allow us to have great RP Patrols on the PS4 Features Supportive and Active Staff Range of Timezones We Patrol Around! Whole Map Patrols CAD + MDT Active Community Members Daily Patrols Seeking new Members We are barely star
  23. looking for people to grind ceowork and import export to get cash for the casino dlc
  24. Life In San Andreas Roleplay Community The Life In San Andreas Roleplay Community is a PS4 GTA Online Roleplay Community brought to you by the former Founders and Owners of the old San Andreas Roleplay Community which was one of the biggest PS4 Roleplay Servers. The Life in San Andreas Roleplay Community is perfectly set up for roleplay and is looking for members. We are in need of Civilians, LEOs, Fire & EMS and Dispatchers. Note: Looking for a Fire Chief to help establish our Fire & EMS System so if interested, join the Discord server and let us know. Mus
  25. Hello im looking for som players to play red dead online with. My PSN is PierreDeadEyeKid
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