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  1. Hi there, My name is Joe. I've been playing GTA Online for 7 years. I recently left a MC crew I was apart of for almost 2 years due to many reasons that I don't want to share on here. If you want to know and we start to play & chat I will tell you. I was a Tail Gunner and then promoted to Vice President but then I stepped down & left the crew and those friendships behind for certain reasons. I miss the friendships & the random shenanigans and other stuff we would do. Races/RP/Car meets etc and I've been wanting to start a new MC or a Car Club (a car club sounds even bet
  2. I'm guessing no one out there does photography anymore, no more GTA pictures of settings or having models. I used to work with a few others that did this and it is a great way to capture the beauty of the game. I think it would be fun. I am someone who likes to model in game as well as out. If you want to message me or leave a reply I'd greatly appreciate that. It has bee awhile and I feel that this would be something that could be enjoyed.
  3. WELCOME TO $€LL CR£W! http://i.imgur.com/XPEaMsj.jpg We are a friendly and highly organised money grinding crew on GTA, all about making GTA$! This isn’t a normal money grinding crew, where you can never find other active crew members, or selfish members that go off as soon as you’ve helped them sell all of their businesses, leaving you with full stock and that idiot LJT calling you repeatedly telling you to sell! This is $€LL CR£W! The main difference is that we are organized, we are not selfish money grabbers, we are one large t
  4. kyleh175

    Heist and Chil

    Looking for two people to help complete heist. Message Duckyfoot or Bildge- on PS4 for Invite must have mic.
  5. Hi. I am StickyBombNoobs on PS4. I get a lot more enjoyment out of the game when working cooperatively with a 7- or 8-person MC stealing and selling, with everyone (especially me) making a ton of in-game money. So I started a crew. StickyBombNoobsCrew. Go ahead and request to join that crew on the social club and post here that you did, if you are willing to play in sessions with me as a member of my MC (and sometimes CEO org, as well). No strings attached monetary incentive If you are a member of my crew and play in a session cooperatively with
  6. LL Cool L


    Are there any players on ps4 who enjoy dirt biking/ off road mountain biking? holla if you guys are down to ride with me...... (Must come complete with dirt-bike gear, 4 wheels not allowed unless a quad bike) P$4 [spoiler] I also have tips on how to land super high jumps on a dirtbike and photo opportunities DM Me or add me on PSN: LazyAssedLover (with a msg
  7. Hello, Im a painter and saw a painting when scoping the cayo perico heist that I want to replicate but can't find it anywhere. Help an artist out guys any information on how to get it would be highly appreciated. It was a painting of the scream painting but with an alien. If anyone can pull up the game files maybe that would be great, i dont know how to do any of that. Thank you. Also i play on ps5/ps4 if anyone would like to add my PSN & play with me. Sneaky--beeky is my psn
  8. Im looking for friends to play rdr online with on the ps4. My psn is weedman1091
  9. Goodday zombies and monsters, I'm looking for like-minded souls to go on a halloween killing-spree (preferably with melee weapons and ofc dressed up to the occasion) a bit like the video of the guys dressed as green aliens to jump players. I'll check if the old glitch to 'import' the eery green sky from certain halloween modes into a session to top it off. i suggest we talk about the details once we are in the party on PS. See you in L.S.!!! PSN: Demzorz on PS4 Meet: 28 oct at 22h00 GMT
  10. Drew2385

    Looking for PS4 Crew

    Looking for a new PS4 Crew. I am available most night 9pm EST. Either leave a message or a reply. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
  11. Perfect for unlocking Packie as a Gunman and Casino awards for Casino Heist. Non killing battle business. Casino Heist Preps. CEO VIP work and Client Jobs, MC Contracts, AFKing, Gambling at the Casino. You will not be able to sell in the lobby. The game will not allow you to. This will be a Friends Only session come and go as you please. I’ll be running this lobby until I can get Packie unlocked on 2 Characters. NO KILLING. Add me Subject “Get Packie” ALLWORLD19
  12. Hello looking for some players who may be interested in grinding AP. It will be 3x till the 10th. To be on a winning team you must have 2 PS4s because we need to keep the teams even OR have a friend that dont mind being on losing team or even someone you can take turns with. You are welcome to join on losing team but it will be less AP. Sometimes teams can be even and we can fit someone on the winning team so it all depends how many players we got at the time. Hit me up if interested.
  13. I was wondering if anyone here is interested in getting the competitive multiplayer trophies for gta 5 on ps4?We will need a minimum of 4 people to get the backseat driver and Nemero Uno trophies fyi so hopefully there will be alot of replies here or I'll try and get some people on my friends list to help my gamertag thing is xXGomeyXx and I have a mic so send me a message if ya wanna try to get these it should be really easy
  14. Benefactor1070

    Allied States of America

    - ALLIED STATES OF AMERICA - Join The Allied States of America, the Allied States is the only democratically run GTA 5 Roleplay Community community in the world. In the Allied States people can elect their leaders, nobody will be kicked or banned without a trial and roleplays are held every day. With daily RP’s a voice and being able to vote on your leader what’s stopping you from joining the allied states. Upon joining the allied states may look a-bit different to all other RolePlay communities and that’s because we are. We’re the only community that doesn’t kick or ban
  15. Trying to build a team of 4 to do the criminal mastermind challenges for the original heists on PlayStation 4. If it goes well, we could eventually move on to the other heists as well. I need serious people who will know how to work properly in a team and will follow the strategy that the team has set. Before every heist mission we will study and discuss the appropriate strategy using online tutorials and videos and will assign roles based on who has the appropriate set of skills for each role. Gains will be divided equally for every team member. Mandatory before applying: - H
  16. Looking for new clean racers to race with in our racing league NOSSCAR Street Tech series. We race on both ovals and road courses on a 36 race schedule with 6 races every week for six weeks. Of course we use the Hotring Sabre and we're currently at 14 people. Add me on playstation at rocknroll_jezus9, myfriend Ary1__, or our founder TyMac11. You can also find our Facebook page simply titled NOSSCAR Series
  17. Looking for a grinding partner to reach Tier 20 and unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista. There is a pretty easy way to do it, just takes time. Approximately six hours (can be done intermittently, one hour here, two hours the next day, etc.) for the person to reach Sponsorship Tier 20. Here is some background information. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arena_Points - Setup a playlist of three game modes (9 total events) - Each playlist takes ~15 minutes - Player achieving Sponsorship Tier 20 must win 210 events in a row (quickest method), this unlocks the Go Go Mo
  18. https://i.imgur.com/gv8xbdj.png PSN: jman_jd10 Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/siege_outlaws_racing/wall Closed recruitment Hello! My name is justin, I am offering spots on SORT for whomever may wish to join.... Sort is a Racing crew. We focus on many things. However this is still a video game and we would still like to have a enjoyable time. 1. Racing, Mainly winning 2. Cars! As this is a vehicle focused group. 3. Teamwork 4. Sportsmanship Currently there is only to people in the group as I have n
  19. imburgundy

    MC contracts PS4

    I have an empty session to run some MC contracts or I can join another group. Just looking to get max payouts with full MC
  20. tedthetickler

    GTA 5 Open Wheel League

    Grand Theft Auto Open Wheel Racing League Do you like Open Wheel racing? Do you want to race on a Team against some of the fastest racers in GTA Open Wheel? Join this Discord. Races are Held every Saturday at 11am (EDT)
  21. Hey guys we are opening recruitment to find people to hang out with, resupply businesses do heists and more Preferrably looking for people who can hold their own in pvp but chill to hang out with anyone who doesn't take them self to seriously we are a pretty passive and friendly group A few of the only things we ask is that you have a mic, your not a squeaker, and you don't team kill We stream our heist and looking to do more of other events we want to grow our yt channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ArmsofDomination Must be willing to joi
  22. Hey stuck in a Bad Sports lobby for killing too many, can anybody join on me and give me a commend id be willing to help with anything. Can offer a full casino heist and 85%cut in return PSN: cbell61
  23. I wanna join as a member(I don't wanna be the host because I cannot do the Pac Standard finale glitch, feel like I'll mess it up lol). I can help with setups too (and obviously finale). I am extremely good at Pac Standard(shooting and driving and sh*t). But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have player saved outfits on(the Heavy combat vest is God like). PSN:SSJ4kakashi I'm level 138. I am a bit of a Diamond casino heist noob but I have completed them a couple times. Feel like PS is easier. But I can do DCH too. Let's make some $$$$! My time is GMT+5 :30
  24. DOJ PS4 Roleplay Community Providing Professional, Dedicated, and Realistic Roleplay Since 02/18/2018 https://dojps4.wixsite.com
  25. This thread is solely for Doomsday Criminal Mastermind and Elite Challenge help, all players are welcome to join and inquire. However, it must be known that I am only on PSN and I cannot run Doomsday CM's and Elites on other platforms/consoles. I did stumble upon the Crew Recruitment Thread set on top of this page as a sticky, however I did find that it mostly consisted of Original Heist Criminal Mastermind. The goal of this thread is to list the help you may need pertaining to the Doomsday Heists DLC and have myself or other interested players help you achieve your goa
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