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Found 2,247 results

  1. Im looking for friends to play rdr online with on the ps4. My psn is weedman1091
  2. Demzorz

    Halloween shenanigans

    Goodday zombies and monsters, I'm looking for like-minded souls to go on a halloween killing-spree (preferably with melee weapons and ofc dressed up to the occasion) a bit like the video of the guys dressed as green aliens to jump players. I'll check if the old glitch to 'import' the eery green sky from certain halloween modes into a session to top it off. i suggest we talk about the details once we are in the party on PS. See you in L.S.!!! PSN: Demzorz on PS4 Meet: 28 oct at 22h00 GMT
  3. Drew2385

    Looking for PS4 Crew

    Looking for a new PS4 Crew. I am available most night 9pm EST. Either leave a message or a reply. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
  4. Perfect for unlocking Packie as a Gunman and Casino awards for Casino Heist. Non killing battle business. Casino Heist Preps. CEO VIP work and Client Jobs, MC Contracts, AFKing, Gambling at the Casino. You will not be able to sell in the lobby. The game will not allow you to. This will be a Friends Only session come and go as you please. I’ll be running this lobby until I can get Packie unlocked on 2 Characters. NO KILLING. Add me Subject “Get Packie” ALLWORLD19
  5. Hello looking for some players who may be interested in grinding AP. It will be 3x till the 10th. To be on a winning team you must have 2 PS4s because we need to keep the teams even OR have a friend that dont mind being on losing team or even someone you can take turns with. You are welcome to join on losing team but it will be less AP. Sometimes teams can be even and we can fit someone on the winning team so it all depends how many players we got at the time. Hit me up if interested.
  6. I was wondering if anyone here is interested in getting the competitive multiplayer trophies for gta 5 on ps4?We will need a minimum of 4 people to get the backseat driver and Nemero Uno trophies fyi so hopefully there will be alot of replies here or I'll try and get some people on my friends list to help my gamertag thing is xXGomeyXx and I have a mic so send me a message if ya wanna try to get these it should be really easy
  7. Benefactor1070

    Allied States of America

    🗽 - ALLIED STATES OF AMERICA - ⚖️ Join The Allied States of America, the Allied States is the only democratically run GTA 5 Roleplay Community community in the world. In the Allied States people can elect their leaders, nobody will be kicked or banned without a trial and roleplays are held every day. With daily RP’s a voice and being able to vote on your leader what’s stopping you from joining the allied states. Upon joining the allied states may look a-bit different to all other RolePlay communities and that’s because we are. We’re the only community that doesn’t kick or ban without a trail set up as a court case. No power hungry members. Only being able to be banned with a trail the allied states is the fairest RolePlay community. To join you only have to take a few steps. 1. Click the link below! 2. Read our laws. 3. Read our how to join section. 4. Get yourself an interview! 5. Go through the training process.*l The steps are simple take your first step toward democracy today. This message is brought to you by President Yang https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/544031632676356106/663440916677263400/image0.gif https://discord.gg/BBMFGA5
  8. Trying to build a team of 4 to do the criminal mastermind challenges for the original heists on PlayStation 4. If it goes well, we could eventually move on to the other heists as well. I need serious people who will know how to work properly in a team and will follow the strategy that the team has set. Before every heist mission we will study and discuss the appropriate strategy using online tutorials and videos and will assign roles based on who has the appropriate set of skills for each role. Gains will be divided equally for every team member. Mandatory before applying: - Have a PlayStation 4 - Must speak English or French Strongly recommended before applying: - Have a microphone - Be in the Eastern American time zones or be available to play at hours that are suited for that time zone (time zones that are approx. around UTC -4) When you apply please give details about you and your skills, that will help a lot to build a working team. Details such as: - Your PSN ID - Your age, or an approximation of it (i.e. are you an adult or just some kid) - Your current GTA Online level - The most important, describe what are your strenghts and weaknesses in GTA Online. Please reply to the thread if you are interested or have questions! Therefore, let me break the ice: PSN: FamilleLeone Age: 21 Microphone: Yes Language: Fluent in both English and French. Time zone: UTC -4 Current GTA rank: 57 (currently grinding and leveling up fast, should reach rank 100 quite soon) Very good at: - Driving - Flying - Parachuting Good at: - Dogfighting (airplane fights) - Strategy / prep / team coordination Average at: - Defense in gunfight Weak at: - PVP
  9. Looking for new clean racers to race with in our racing league NOSSCAR Street Tech series. We race on both ovals and road courses on a 36 race schedule with 6 races every week for six weeks. Of course we use the Hotring Sabre and we're currently at 14 people. Add me on playstation at rocknroll_jezus9, myfriend Ary1__, or our founder TyMac11. You can also find our Facebook page simply titled NOSSCAR Series
  10. Looking for a grinding partner to reach Tier 20 and unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista. There is a pretty easy way to do it, just takes time. Approximately six hours (can be done intermittently, one hour here, two hours the next day, etc.) for the person to reach Sponsorship Tier 20. Here is some background information. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Arena_Points - Setup a playlist of three game modes (9 total events) - Each playlist takes ~15 minutes - Player achieving Sponsorship Tier 20 must win 210 events in a row (quickest method), this unlocks the Go Go Monkey Blista which can be saved as a personal vehicle. - Both players will earn some money, RP, and AP while doing this. - I estimate both players can reach AP Tier 75 by the time both players have reached Sponsorship Tier 20. This would unlock the Taxi, Dozer, and Clown Van (which are Pegasus vehicles) - You also unlock other trade/discount prices when moving up each AP Tier, but they're all random. Some are clothing discounts, others are arena vehicle upgrade discounts, or arena vehicle trade prices. I'm very willing to return the favor. I legit just got screwed over by someone who I spent hours helping, and would like to complete it. That said, I will absolutely return the favor as quickly as I can. I can provide more details via PSN message. If interested, add me: RIT_Tyger You won't be able to direct message me until you're a friend, and we can discuss meet up times, etc.
  11. https://i.imgur.com/gv8xbdj.png PSN: jman_jd10 Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/siege_outlaws_racing/wall Closed recruitment Hello! My name is justin, I am offering spots on SORT for whomever may wish to join.... Sort is a Racing crew. We focus on many things. However this is still a video game and we would still like to have a enjoyable time. 1. Racing, Mainly winning 2. Cars! As this is a vehicle focused group. 3. Teamwork 4. Sportsmanship Currently there is only to people in the group as I have not recruited anyone, Me and my girlfriend I am mainly looking for experienced drivers, HOWEVER If you are looking to improve and have the will to learn then by all means join! Now to reward the group and once a month a race will be held amongst our members for differing prizes Rules! Every group has to have rules and here is ours 1. Do not be a jerk 2. Do not spin people out or ram people no matter what they did to you, Focus on winning not engaging in a petty fight! 3. Follow rules 1 and 2 and you should do just fine! About me and Why I started SORT Well you already know by now my name is Justin, But what you don't know is why I started SORT... SORT is actually the name of my real racing team, It's just a local Oval track so nothing big although I have ridden in everything from a Porsches to a Ferraris in real life and personally driven everything from a Terminator cobra to a Audi R8, Anyways I have digressed. Main point is that I play all of these race sims and there just not as fun as the chaotic nature of GTA and I don't have to break a sweat to play GTA as when I hook up Iracing takes a bunch of time to pull out my wheel and 90% of the time something goes wrong with my controls, So I got into racing in GTA, And my girlfriend recently got a PS4 and also got into GTA so it only made sense to make a crew (SORT) so if you would like to join add me on PSN at jman_jd10
  12. imburgundy

    MC contracts PS4

    I have an empty session to run some MC contracts or I can join another group. Just looking to get max payouts with full MC
  13. tedthetickler

    GTA 5 Open Wheel League

    Grand Theft Auto Open Wheel Racing League Do you like Open Wheel racing? Do you want to race on a Team against some of the fastest racers in GTA Open Wheel? Join this Discord. Races are Held every Saturday at 11am (EDT)
  14. Hey guys we are opening recruitment to find people to hang out with, resupply businesses do heists and more Preferrably looking for people who can hold their own in pvp but chill to hang out with anyone who doesn't take them self to seriously we are a pretty passive and friendly group A few of the only things we ask is that you have a mic, your not a squeaker, and you don't team kill We stream our heist and looking to do more of other events we want to grow our yt channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ArmsofDomination Must be willing to join our rockstar social club crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/arms_of_dom_gaming/wall add me on PS Blue_Streak94 and tell me why your adding me and we will have a talk and play for a while and see how you go.
  15. Cbell61

    Bad Sport lobby help

    Hey stuck in a Bad Sports lobby for killing too many, can anybody join on me and give me a commend id be willing to help with anything. Can offer a full casino heist and 85%cut in return PSN: cbell61
  16. I wanna join as a member(I don't wanna be the host because I cannot do the Pac Standard finale glitch, feel like I'll mess it up lol). I can help with setups too (and obviously finale). I am extremely good at Pac Standard(shooting and driving and sh*t). But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have player saved outfits on(the Heavy combat vest is God like). PSN:SSJ4kakashi I'm level 138. I am a bit of a Diamond casino heist noob but I have completed them a couple times. Feel like PS is easier. But I can do DCH too. Let's make some $$$$! My time is GMT+5 :30 (India). But right now I have nothing to do but Study and play on my PS4(and I mostly only play GTAO)....so I can manage mostly any time tbh. BTW we can also grind the hell out of any other stuff that makes us all some $$$$. Like Import export or CEO work or Terrorbyte or whatever. Big bunker sales? Yo!
  17. DOJ PS4 Roleplay Community Providing Professional, Dedicated, and Realistic Roleplay Since 02/18/2018 https://dojps4.wixsite.com
  18. This thread is solely for Doomsday Criminal Mastermind and Elite Challenge help, all players are welcome to join and inquire. However, it must be known that I am only on PSN and I cannot run Doomsday CM's and Elites on other platforms/consoles. I did stumble upon the Crew Recruitment Thread set on top of this page as a sticky, however I did find that it mostly consisted of Original Heist Criminal Mastermind. The goal of this thread is to list the help you may need pertaining to the Doomsday Heists DLC and have myself or other interested players help you achieve your goals. Much like the Criminal Mastermind Recruitment thread, knowing your platform username, Timezone, player rank and equipment owned is highly suggested. Be sure to mention if you own any equipment from the following list when making an inquiry: Motorcycle Club ($200,000+) will greatly assist prospects due to the ability of de-spawning personal vehicles such as aircraft when they so wish. All players in an MC will also have the ability to instantly request any bike they own (this includes the Oppressor MK II). Road Captains can also instantaneously call out the Buzzard without having to rely on Pegasus or Personal delivery. MC Vice-Presidents can also willingly drop Bullshark Testosterone in free roam which grants the player a double damage buff as well as a double defense buff. - Facility ($1.25m+): You must have a facility to run Doomsday. I recommend Sandy Shores for all around CM balance and running Elite 3. I recommend Grand Senora for running Elite 1 and Paleto Bay for Elite 2, however, Elite 2 can be ran from pretty much any facility near the Sandy Shores airstrip. The Facility is also needed to store the Avenger. - Avenger ($3.5m+): I recommend buying the Avenger along with the Vehicle Upgrades as well as Weapon Upgrades component. Getting Weapon Upgrades is crucial to install MK II mods on your weapons. I personally run the Carbine Rifle MK II as my all around weapon. Vehicle Upgrades capability is crucial to upgrading custom vehicles like the Vigilante. - Office ($1m+): CEO abilities allow you to call in the Buzzard from wherever you are on the map. Rather than calling the Buzzard by Pegasus and having it delivered to a nearby landing-zone (LZ), the Buzzard gets delivered right beside the player which makes CEO extremely useful for CEO and associates alike. You must own a Buzzard to do this. - Hangar ($2.2m+): The Hangar is essential for any personal aircraft you need to buy. They must all be stored in here. If you store a Pegasus-owned aircraft in the Hangar, you will duplicate that vehicle. This makes that same vehicle accessible from both Pegasus and Personal Vehicles delivery, and both can be used at the same time for a double spawn. - Buzzard ($1.750m): The Buzzard is a great go-to to get from point A to point B on the map in a half-decent time. It can be called by Pegasus and can also be spawned to your location via the Associate SecuroServ ability. - Hydra ($3m+): the Hydra can also be called by Pegasus. It makes a great asset because it can get you from point A to point B in a much faster time. Hydra is the fastest option when it comes to the Pegasus aircraft. Very Useful for all Prep missions as well as Act 2 Elite. - Armored Kuruma ($700,000+ Fleeca completed): This sedan is an essential to safely running setups in your CM run. Namely Act 1 Setup 1 and most of Act 2 & 3 setups as well. It can be blown up by 1 missile but keeps the player near invincible when it comes to NPC bullets. - Hakuchou Drag ($975,000+): This is the fastest non-weaponized bike in the game. Bikes cannot flip over and sway like cars. I use the Hakuchou when I run Act 3 Elite and I used it for consistent and efficient transportation on/off road. I recommend the sh*tzu Hakuchou Drag for all players wanting to run Elite 3. - Cargobob Jetsam ($1.9m): I highly recommend the CB for Act 1 prep 2 because it is the most efficient way of doing it. The CB also makes running Act 2 Elite incredibly efficient. - Vigilante ($4m+): Note that the Vigilante can only be customized in the Avenger (or MOC) vehicle upgrade workshop. This vehicle is incredible when it comes to running setups and preps. I use it when I do my Act 1 Elite runs and it is also great for a variety of setups including Act 3 Setup 2 with the Chernobog mission. - Seabreeze/Tula ($1.3m+/$5m+): Either of these are great because they are airplanes that can land in water. Great for Act 2 Torpedo ECU prep, as well as Act 3 Onboard computer prep. The Tula has greater capabilities than the Seabreeze, but both are great amphibious aircrafts. - Bombushka ($6m+): This one isn't necessary, but if you happen to have $6m laying around, you can buy it and deliver the riot van from Act 2 prep 1 by aircraft. The Bombushka can carry it. - Pyro ($4.5m+): The Pyro is my personal favorite. While it does not have VTOL abilities like the Hydra, it is the FASTEST aircraft in the game and makes getting from point A to point B the quickest. This aircraft is personal and can't be called from Pegasus. - Terrorbyte ($3.5m+): This is necessary for the MK II Oppressor to be stored. (See below.) - MK II Oppressor ($4m+): Probably the most efficient vehicle to use in the game. Think of it as a jet you can call in from the Mechanic. While it isn't the fastest (in terms of aircraft speed), it can get you from point A to point B easily and the bike is incredibly small and easy to land. It needs the Terrorbyte so that it can be stored and modified. All of the equipment mentioned above will make CM and preps much smoother on real-world time. ____________ _______________ _____________ A little about me, I have completed over 30 CM runs for average players and helped attain their DD CM and Elite Challenges, I am the founder of a dedicated crew of efficient individuals. For all concerned about my legitimacy, feel free to check out my YouTube channel - negraru96. I have various GTAO speedruns posted on there, Near-World record times. *I am the founder of my crew - CM Speedrunners. We are a dedicated crew made of Criminal Mastermind and Elite Speedrunners made to help regular players accomplish their challenges. You must have a series of qualifications to join this crew (if you wish to be a part of the crew)* Info: PSN: NegraruSpeedruns Rockstar Social: NegraruSpeedruns Youtube: negraru96 Website: http://www.cmspeedrunners.net/homePage/index.html Timezone: PCE -7 West Coast USA Specialties: Original and Doomsday Criminal Mastermind. Original, Doomsday and Casino Heist Elite Challenges. Setup: Team leader and session planner. Mic: Always Control layout: FPS Standard 2 / Third & First Person view max sensitivity
  19. Pagan Disciples 1% Motorcycle Club https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pagan_disciples_mcss/wall https://www.instagram.com/pagan.disciples.mc/ Founded on the 9th of March 2020 in the desert town of Sandy Shores by PAGNxDRUID and PAGNxBUTCHER two OG's of the GTA Online MC Community since 2015 Are you looking for a original MC, with a strong loyal and respected 1% brotherhood? Then Pagan Disciples MC is the club for you. Pagan Disciples are open for prospects to earn there full patch We are a legit 1% Old School GTA MC Community Role Players 99% need not apply CRITERIA TO BE CONSIDERED: RESPECTFUL ADULT BEHAVIOR 1% CLUB BYLAWS TO BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES FOLLOW ORDERS AT ALL TIMES WEAR YOUR PATCH AT ALL TIMES NO OTHER CREWS CHOPPERS ONLY INSTAGRAM FOR MORE INFORMATION ASK ON THIS THREAD FOR AN INTERVIEW TO PROSPECT CONTACT PAGNXDRUID OR PGANXBUTCHER ON PSN OR INSTAGRAM
  20. GeneralSummit

    3-13 PS4 Role Play community.

    Hello people of the GTAForums! 3-13 RP Community is now recruiting for all departments. Government Roles, Emergency Services, and Civilian jobs. The community has a working CAD/MDT System, Organized Discord, and an advanced criminal network system with working rank structure. Requirement to join is being above age 16, have a working mic, and be active. Message one of our discords or message us on PS Messages. Discords: GeneralSummit#5074 - Doc#7019 or PSN: GeneralSummit - o_Ivan_Ekimov_o We look forward to having you apart of our community!
  21. hi everyone. so of course with all the crap going on. many people are staying home. so i was wondering if anyone wanted to play some red dead online with me? we could help each other make money or find some fun things to do to take our minds off the craziness. if you are interested let me know. and tell me what you would like to do. thank you and stay safe out there.
  22. OscarMikeDetroit

    EGGG - Tomago Racing - Neat Colors and stuff

    Umm, Hello. I am looking for people who just want to chill, hang out and like to do boring things. If you like cars, enjoy car meets, like to talk about how younger players upset you or how your kids think you should have a live in nurse already at the age of 30 going on 85 Then join my crew, I dont do anything special. Sometimes we trade cars and almost always you give me the newest car available because I am to broke and lazy to buy one. This is a real recruitment. I am not like all these other dudes. I keep straight forward and simple. Everyone in my crew Loves it the way it is, but were always open to new people! 18+ please only because most of us are like 25 - 50 in age. I am from USA so time will play an issue I am sure. But we have people from all parts of the world. Sitting at a solid 6 cool friends right now. Umm, Tomago means Egg in Japanese. So yeah, umm... Join I guess. Or dont, you will probably find something better... But just in case you do, ill say welcome now because ill probably forget to later. Thanks y'all. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tamago_racing/wall
  23. Join the most entertaining Role Play Community on PS4 and XBOX1 today. Our server is about entertaining interactions, building relationships, crime life, Police life, Everything you would expect from a season of Cops, The Wire, The Sopranos, Power, CSI, ETC. all intertwined into one Realistic Role Play community, Hence the name Real Life Role Play (RLRP) What we have to offer? 1. Most entertaining Scenarios and Members in Role Playing. Cops & Civs 2. Full Inventory System. Buy and sell Cars, Jewelry, Houses, Guns, Drugs, Supplies, etc. 3. Full Bank system is in place. Earn Money from Working or Investing in Businesses, Selling Drugs or other illegal activities. Loans available for purchasing properties or business. 4.Custom Drugs Manufacturing and Selling 5. Multiple Gangs and Factions all at war with each other. 6. Custom Casino for making extra money; Lottery, Roulette, Blackjack, Cock Fighting, Craps , Russian Roulette 7. Professional Law Enforcement Training provided by experienced and mature veterans. 8. Multiple L.E.O. Departments; Sheriff, Highway Patrol, LSPD, Motorcycle Unit, Drug Unit, Detective Unit, Gang Unit, FBI. 9. Mature and experienced Admin and Managers 10. Multiple Daily long sessions and 12 hour Sessions on Saturday and Sunday. 10. Respect. We respect everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, geographic location or otherwise. 11. No drama here. people either respect each other or keep it moving. I don't have time to babysit kids 12. You choose your story and build on your character everyday. This is an ongoing experience. Hence the name Real Life Role Play Most features on our server. Join us today by following these simple steps: 1. Add me on Discord. My Discord ID is XEKUTER#7362 3. Fill out this form here Character's Name: Character's Dob: Character's role: Civ/Cop/Ems Character Background: PS4 SERVER LINK: https://discord.gg/ky7XRyD XBOX SERVER LINK: https://discord.gg/JQf6agN My R* Social Club Id is https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/xekuter_50 Social Club Crew Link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/real_life_rp_ps4/wall

    KTS Transportation RP (Get Paid To RP)

    Hello future driver, Are you tired of the 9-5 grind? Making little money, and barely getting what you deserve? In Los Santos we can all agree we love a good drive. So why not get paid to drive well? At KTS we breathe driving. And we also have the best drivers to prove our claim. Our drivers have brought this company into the spotlight of transportation companies with contracts ranging from the military to top tier manufacturers. If the company calls, you bet that we haul. And if you don’t have your CDL. We have Box Truck training. Want to drive a bigger truck and earn a bigger check in return, but don’t want to worry about a trailer? We can train and license you in straight trucks. Want to be the king of the road? The cream of the crop? The big dog of the streets? We can license and train you as a semi truck driver! At KTS we put our drivers as our number one priority. After all, we can’t be a transportation company without drivers willing to transport product. If you are interested we can talk about hours, pay, benefits, and more on top of that! Thank you for your time, and we hope to have you onboard soon! “KTS, We’re a family and we’ll haul your goods!” The company is comprised of 4 full time drivers, 1 part time driver, and 1 dispatch. We drive 2 hours a day (usually clock out early and get the 2 hours anyways), 10 hours a week, and weekends off. Weekends are for training new recruits. Our lowest paid driver makes over 60k/week. If Interested please contact me on PlayStation. My PSNID is PESCAROLOP902. If you feel more comfortable contacting me here.... feel free to. *Also please note that asking questions obviously doesn’t mean you are committed. No commitment until you report for weekend training. And we promise you its not a full blown trucking sim/rp. This is GTA not ATS. Thanks for your time!
  25. Pizzalover1993

    PS4 Proper Racing Friends

    Wanted to start a little group for those of us who are looking for some fun, proper racing. I'm sure we are all tired of random people just slamming into you at every conceivable opportunity and with this little group I'd like to make it possible for us to finally be able to race and worry about what's ahead of you and not that super car getting ready to ram you off the road.
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