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  1. Hosting Pacific Standard on PS4 leave your username and rank please. I am rank 118. Looking for 3 more people
  2. ImChristoffer

    Looking for heist mates! :D

    Hi Im a 17 year old boy from Denmark. Look​in' for some Heist Mates for Pacific Standard Heist. Please be the following: "Over 15 years of age"​ Be Level 90+ So add me if u finna play! PSN: BlaestPaaSpeed Bye.
  3. I am looking for 3 more experienced Players for Pacific standard. My psn is Tounsi4life69 add me
  4. ivanmarroyo

    A1PHA5 [WOLF]

    New Good Crew Looking For Members Levels 30 and Up No Rules Does Not Matter What System You Have Fun Clan Money Earners JOIN NOW!!! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/a1pha5
  5. FAST & FURIOUS Car Meet! PS4 LIVE Stream Tonight! 11PM UK Time. Who's In? Like and commet to be apart of it! www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDDJBD5BKwc
  6. pancakesnleggings

    The Breakfast Fandom!

    Looking for people to join my crew and play gta online with, and other games! PS4 only. Mostly looking for friends to play with. Make videos on YouTube. Open-minded people only. If interested please contact me on Social Club or on PS4. Crew/Gang Name: The Breakfast Fandom About: Making YouTube videos. Looking for people to hang out with and Just enjoy playing games. Leader Contact: PS4 - PancakesYT, Social Club - PancakesYT, Twitter - https://twitter.com/PancakesYT Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_breakfast_fandom Platform(s):PS4 only Games:GTA Online,
  7. heistman123

    Ps4 car meet

    Gta v car meet any 2 door except super cars message asap_cam13 It starts at 7:00 pm est Send me a friend request so I can invite u Hope to see u there
  8. Are you ready to fly? Join the Free Flying Birds (A.K.A The F.F.B) today! We are a small crew of 5 that have been silent too long! It is time we make a stand! While we are small we hope to expand numerously and the only way that can happen is with your help. While we are small we are a group of elite people trained in melee combat, firearm combat, flight, boat and car transportation, and know how to get the job done. So join us today! Come fly with us. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/free_flying_birds
  9. Its__Mayh3m

    Rising MC Recruiting

    Club: Rising MC About: We are an outlaw 1%er motorcycle club. A crew that is hell bent on taking over all of Los Santos! Leader Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/iwalsh33 Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rising_mc Platform(s): PS4 Games: GTA 5 Online -Rising MC is a dedicated, active and fun group of people to ride with. We take our role play seriously and expect all of our members to do so. We have many high ranking spots open in new chapters. Be willing to Prove yourself to me in certain skill sets and you can move up in the chain of co
  10. Title says it all. Currently level 23 and failing setups due to inexperienced players. Mainly looking for players experienced and familiar with this heist.
  11. Vetrano Mobster

    [PS4 CREW] -Sinister Society Inc [RECRUITMENT]

    Sinister Society Inc. Recruitment Six Paths of Anarchy - The New World Order of Forsaken Warriors. Sinister Society Inc. are currently looking for players who value Teamwork and Loyalty to join their ranks. We do Crew battles with other prominent Crews and have a network of players to join up with to conduct your criminal activities (whether it is Heist/Missions). To participate in the Crew battles you must complete an assessment of your skill, but which will not be based on your K/D ratio or Rank. Sinister Society is a Covert BLACK OPs Criminal Organisation: Crew
  12. just looking to explore the new Executives features and make GTA money doing heists and money glitching. i've heard of 2 glitch methods out RN. working toward a yacht with a long way to go. playing this weekend.. here's a crew i've dedicated to this sort of thing-- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/axim_5_9_lmfa i've removed membership restrictions for the weekend, you're free to join or - otherwise add me via PSN (plz put something in the message field) PSN ID: GEARHRT
  13. We are a PS3 Only Crew Link to our Social club Page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/specialtime4unicorns Any Questions can be answered by the following people below. if you would like to join please message one of the following people. PSN:asw1nz PSN: ivoz founded 21 sep 2013 President - asw1nz Club House Location: Vanilla unicorn stripclub - We are a active crew on ps3 ps4 and xbone we are friendly and help each other out alot we have members in all continents in the world. So everbody plays in different timezones.
  14. hello I'm Cjlossantos I used to be a veteran of the car shows and meets on Xbox 360 since moving to the ps4 u have been doing meets through my own website I'm going to be hosting meets from here as well. nothing is going on at the moment next meet will be around the weekend of August 16th Theme Will be Tourists in LS here are my required rules 1. you must have a mic and speak English 2. Please RESPECT others in the meets 3. if you have to slam your car do it before heading to the spot or do it away from the car meet up 4.if you kill anyone in the meet or blow up anyone you are ba
  15. IMPENITENT SURVIVORS Whatever is needed to survive... The first thing you might be askin' is "why the name?". Well you see, "Impenitent" is not feelin' any sorrow or remorse for your actions. "Where does this fit in?" Would be your next question. Grand Theft Auto Online is all about comin' out on top. And that is exactly what I intend to do. In order to do that, you'll need to survive. You can only survive by doin' whatever is needed to get by. Impenitence will help you achieve that. Now some players might call you "scrub" or "cheap", but those people don'
  16. NOTE: Crew no longer supported in all platforms it is now exclusive to PS4 and PC This Crew is now part of If you got kicked from crew read the last post made by me for an explanation. here is a copy and paste template: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fib_operations http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_police_ Make sure to follow the instructions in order to a
  17. JediMasterDuke

    Rogue Republic - The Rebellion

    We are Rogue Republic - The Rebellion, freedom fighters engaged in a newfound war against dictatorships and tyranny. Our small faction of 15 rebels has grown to a much more formidable 65 in less than three weeks. What are your thoughts? Any ideas for crew events? Suggestions? Sultan going hard in the paint as usual =D Posing with the Mesa Turismo looking sharp in 1080p Roaming the streets looking for trouble I've been lighting people up on PS4 lol
  18. Glori4n

    The Philosophem Brotherhood (MYTH)

    (Better viewed on a 1366x768 screen) (Click here to go to our Website) (Click here to go to our Rockstar Social Club page) (Click here to go to our future Youtube Channel) "QUALITY OVER QUANTITY" (By: Maddened_Ghost and The_Grover_Hippy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFgkP-qJ1qs&t=38s (By: Maddened_Ghost) - What is Philosophem? - - *Events and Meetups will be informed on the second post of this Thread* -
  19. Opie Grim Reapers MC

    Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club

    We are a close knit small Motorcycle Club that differs from most clubs. Grim Reapers MC was founded by 3 friends who enjoyed riding together on GTA IV and wanted to become an official crew when GTA Online came about. This MC is about riding, having fun and the brotherhood. We put our brothers before everything and only a select few get the honor of wearing our full patch. We aren't the go f*ck everybody up crew. We mind our own business unless provoked. We are a 1% free aim only crew "We Ride Together We Die Together" Paleto Bay (Mother Chapter) Nomads
  20. Yolympiks


  21. The Sharks

    The Sharks [PS4]

    The Sharks are a Social and Muiltplayer crew, we intend to become one of the best crews out there, We strive to have an active player base and hope to become involved in future multiplayer events on and off GTAForums. Welcome to our Recruitment topic. We have a social thread here -Be over the age of 17 years -Must have Grand Theft Auto V -Must have a Headset -Must Speak English. -Must be rank 90+ We are currently recruiting for PlayStation 4, please fill out this application below if you wish to join. Name:Age: PSN ID:Social Club ID:Have you been in any previous gang?:Do you have
  22. boppa_

    Welcome to the 1980's

    Hey you there! Welcome to the 1980's: home to free aim crew The 80's Business, who are retro-ing the sh*t out of a lobby near you today. To join, please fax an application to https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_80s_business , or send a stamped addressed envelope to PO BOX 1980, Los Santos. see you online boppa_
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