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  1. SAFTARep2017

    Trade Alliance for all! - PS4

    San Andreas Free-Trade Allianc‚Äče The San Andreas Free-Trade Alliance (SAFTA) is an alliance on PlayStation 4, SAFTA was designed as the alliance to end all alliances. ALL factions are welcome, including Motorcycle Clubs, PMC's, Military organizations, and other social organizations! Some of our primary objectives for SAFTA are to increase security and stability for the State of San Andreas, secure diplomatic relations between factions, and increase trade across the entire state! SAFTA will also help allies promote their own organizations, grow their ranks, and help Allies with
  2. Guys I'm gonna be hosting a drift meet in 15 minutes if anyone wants to join. Cars allowed : Sports,Sedan,Muscle RULES. No killing other players! No intentionally crashing into other players! No destroying other players cars! You must have a mic! If you like to join ... ADD ME. My PSN is ZombieSharksSTFU
  3. AlduinNorthman

    Recruiting for Angels of Death biker gang

    Angels Of Death MC Liberty is recruiting for first 5. Just want to do Club contracts, drug runs and anything else mc related. Msg me on PSN for PS4: Vricow
  4. Hello I'm looking for people to occasionally play with on the ps4. Even though I've had the game since it was released I took a long break from it and I'm not really into playing online games which is why my character is level 31. I'm in the US so I'd prefer to play with english speakers in their mid 20s to mid 30s. I'm kind of quite but at the same time goofy and sarcastic. I like to hang out in the country, I feel it's not appreciated enough. I'm in the central time zone and play at random times but mostly LATE nights and early mornings. I'd prefer someone with a mic. Thanks.
  5. XxAle828xX

    Code 3 Response Is Recruiting!

    - N/A
  6. Tokey Voorhees

    MC patch request

    I need a MC patch that says 1.OutLawz on the top rocker 2.Los Santos on the bottom rocker 3.the MC patch 4.Colors are black and white And logo skull with wings and cross revolvers under the skull

    GTA Car scene community PS4

    This is a recent Community I made in PlayStation communities it regards Grand Theft Auto online and the car community feel free to join the community there are car meets hosted so check back occasionally in the community also feel free to post photos of your rides! Search: "Grand Theft Auto Car Scene" in PlayStation communities.
  8. no kids please.. Bored looking for some people to play with Or a meet or something invite me gt:DeSp1s3d_x_Ic0N
  9. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to Join Lobby(s) (Friend Session) or if you have any questions Schedule Monday - 8PM EST - 1AM UK - 11/14/2016 Crazy Car & Bike Theme NOTE: Times May Change to assist Players and Members. Information will be provided on the Feed and Playstation Community Groups Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Youtube: BlueHazeMay Console PS4 Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are sub
  10. PS4 crew MackyD now recruiting active members! Use format as the following: Socialclub name : PSN name : Timezone : Thanks and the best of luck! -T34B4G
  11. Hi all, I have an motorcycle club and I am looking for prospects to hardcore grind motorcycle contracts with in an empty lobby if interested add basri03 on ps4 and lets do this
  12. OriginalKingRotty

    Interfector PMC: the Darkest of the Elite [PS4]

    Interfector PMC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/interfector_pmc The Lore: What do you get when you cross high level military skill and discipline with psychopathy, and a desire to wreak havok? You get an Interfect, the most brutal, yet savvy outlaw known to the Rockstar Universe. Since it's days in the old west Interfector, has gone through many names: Murderers Club, The Petty Criminals, The Invisible Mafia - and it's legacy lives on in the PMC known as Interfector. To become an Interfect, one must master all of it's required qualities, that which sets them apart from all o
  13. We need 1 more person. we are doing the criminal mastermind challenge. You must need to be level 120. heavy utility vest and bulletproof helmet. dont need a mic but it would help.
  14. Andrew_19Delta

    Recruiting Serious Bikers Only (PS4)

    Good Afternoon, My name is Andrew. I am the Leader and Commander in Chief of the BBFL Blood Brothers MC. I started this MC almost 4 years ago before GTAV released. I am very specific about who joins my crew so if you would like to apply message Andrew_19Delta on PlayStation and i will reply asap. To join the Blood Brothers you must own a Chopper/Harley styled motorcycle and have the ability to act mature. Also you are not guaranteed a spot in the Blood Brothers, you must meet with a council of current Brothers to become one. We do recruit children as long as you can act mature and are over 12
  15. Preferably about 16+ (I'm 19) Looking for fun, funny, and overall cool people to get on and do random stuff, missions, DLCs, heists, etc with. I'm also looking to start making funny moments Youtube videos from the adventures we have (similar to VanossGaming) and probably start streaming on Twitch. Let me know if you're interested in playing, I'm a chill dude and I just want to have some good times with new friends. Add me on the PS4 and send me a message. My PSN is Shadowatchman
  16. We are a small group of friends that play different types of games on ps4 we hope to play on other platforms like pc and xb1 soon.We use KIK and Instagram.I hope more people will join soon we are active and meetup and descuss problems often. Contact Me on KIK at SleepyModz If u have any questions or am looking to join.
  17. FirstDegreeDonny

    Help Spawning Romero Hearse

    I know how it goes. Everyone wants a hearse, everyone asks for a hearse when a hearse thread goes up. This time it's special, brother. Been hunting one for ages with CEO missions, and holy crap does my luck suck. Just can't get the cemetery cargo. I need someone who already owns a hearse to drive me down to the cemetery so another can spawn. I play on the PS4 and my PSN is ArtyPickles. Send me a message or a friend request, and if you help me get a hearse, I'll owe you big time.
  18. FstikJRB

    Win real money playing GTA V online

    FKU2 is recruiting active adults on all platforms. We are having an RP competition soon with a $20 cash prize. Will continue to have competitions, contests, and giveaways. Join FKU2 - FearlessKillersUnion Like and share our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FKU2Official Our social club page is https://socialclub.r...esskillersunion You can find the link to our Android app in Beta version 1.1 at both links. Details for the RP competition can be found on our facebook page. Keep calm and FKU2
  19. I need 3 experienced players for the PSJ, all setups are already done. I will be giving 15% to everyone who joins because all the setup missions were done by me. If you're interested add me on ps4 and pls put your level in the invite. My PSN: Sebynelson9
  20. So, i have been in an empty public lobby for like 2 hours collecting crates on my own, anyone would like to join my organization and do missions with me? Or, if you're a CEO you could join and we could do crate runs in an alliance? That way we could do the CEO missions that require people not in your association on... PS4 WhyGamingWhy Reply to this your username or just add me Going to stay in this lobby as long as possible
  21. MOB WOMEN Recruitment ABOUT THE LEADER I have been playing GTA 5 for 3 years. I am a very active player. I love doing all the different group activities along with randomness as well. My name is Rose. My main character was lost in corruption a few months back so my current character is level 65 and going up. I do the CEO and VIP activities quite often. ABOUT MOB WOMEN Pretty simple. Women of the MOB. A crew for girls who love to play GTA 5 Crew colors: Deep Purple Motto: Prepared and Loyal ACTIVE! We gotta build this one up ladies.
  22. Hey! PS4 Level 40 and looking for other people to heist with. I am starting to get fed up with people joining and leaving before the heist finishes...So I'm looking for some people to play with. Doesn't have to be regularly or anything like that. You can reply to this forum or message me on PSN: WhyGamingWhy Oh, Im 16 and have a mic. If you don't want me to use it, just let me know
  23. Totanator69

    Ps4 be my friend!

    I'm small and punk and cute and I need some friends. I just got this game yesterday and I neeeeeddddddddd friends. Psn:cthullu-shmullu
  24. FederalDefenseTeam

    Federal Defense Team

    This file is a list of rules and regulations pertaining to FDT, followed by sanctions should a member not follow the upcoming laws put in place by FDT's governing body: FDT'S OUTLOOK: - FDT is an organization that enforces civilization in the form of defense of other individuals and/or groups. We are stationed and are ready to carry out tasks immediately, ready to defend others and ourselves from terrorist individuals and/or groups. ----- ORGANIZATION REGULATIONS: - *Team Killing/Pranking: Team killing and pranks are prohibited during FDT organized activities (social meetings of any
  25. Marshall1288

    Red Bear Battalion is recruiting! (PS4)

    The Red Bear Battalion is now recruiting soldiers and officers. The Red Bear Battalion is an army based crew currently only on ps4. Our army will consists of 7 division officers that will lead their own soldiers. Those officers have the responsibility of keeping their division strong and organized. More officers will be added when necessary. We'll also have elections every 6 months. There are specific rules to the elections that can be explained on our forum page. It gives everyone a chance to eventually become leader at some point if they want. We're more than just an army that battles though
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