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  1. JarheadTalker

    [PS4] GTA V U.S.A.F Crew Recruitment

    U.S.A.F (United States Armed Forces) GTAVO crew was created to maintain peace in every GTA V session we play,we protect los santos from try hards. Not only do we protect,but we also offer to help escort players to do their deliveries for their supplies,products. We are a military crew that fights in land or air. We are mainly based on infantry and will only deploy air units if necessary. Each members will have specific role to have,you might also be get a special force role such as SFOD if you are good enough . We are highly based on U.S. Military and NOT linked to the actual military.
  2. Hello PS4 players of GTAF! I wanted to see if I could get other forumers for freemode work such as "Stand Your Ground" or "Piracy Prevention" in full lobbies (where we get angry tryhards and stuff coming at us) or generally just try and take the whole lobby over. I thought this would be a fun thing to do this long weekend, so if you use PS4, and you're interested in defending objectives against randos (and wrecking people), add me with a message that you'd like to participate in the work. Also, this isn't restricted to just people who want to do the work - if you'd like to show up and go
  3. NOW RECRUITING - Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Club - San Andreas Charter. We are looking for hard working, skilled, Any Age players on PS4 to prospect to the HAMC. (Hells Angels Motorcycle Club) After week or 2, The President & V.President will decide if you will rank onto the next stages of your life with the Angels. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS .... Message me via the forum post & give me your PSN name. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hells_anngels_mc WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are currently looking for a Sgt.At.Arms, Enforcer, Road Captain, and Prospects, if we do ac

    Devious Ghost MC Recruiting

    Wanna Be A Devious Ghost ? message me at dgmc_redneck on instagram

    Midknight Marauders

    Recently, San Andreas has been overrun by try-hard MC Crews that focus more on riding their bikes in a single file line than actually taking over San Andreas. Are you looking for more than a MC? Are you looking to join forces with a gang that's focused on getting rich or die trying? Midknight Marauders might be the crew for you. BACKGROUND: We're a gang that was founded in Broker and South Los Santos. Don't let the number of our crew fool you... After shaving off dead weight, and focusing on quality over quantity, we've managed to create a close knit organization. With the moti
  6. We are a group of biker enthusiasts looking to recruit members to our virtual multinational Motorcycle club family. We speak French , English , Norwegian and Arabic. You get to wear the patch from day one with no hangaround , support bulls**t that most other MC force you to do. You'll be considered a respected member with no humiliation nonsense crap. Although we have a few 1%in game rules that we like to follow to make the game more challenging and fun. Have you been rejected by other MC's or you just couldn't take their bs anymore , then MIGHTY BULLS MC is the crew for you ! https://
  7. DOiJRecruitment

    PS4 Role-play Community DOiJ

    The Department of Injustice is a roleplay community on PS4 offering console players a unique RP environment that is as close to the PC experience as possible. We have a roster of experienced RP'ers from other groups who help contribute to the community. With DOiJ, we offer daily sessions, roles as Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, or civilian. As a civilian you can also have the job of your choosing, as a first responder you get to work with a dedicated team and utilize or CAD system for an immersive roleplay experience. To join you must be at lease 16 years of age, be able to to use Discord, be
  8. I'm Derek, 17, and I'm looking for some players to race with on oval track races. Psn: THE-BOMB-12001 Lemme know if you're interested
  9. good123455

    Join TSAL

    Hey you! Yeah You! Are you tired of joining boring role-playing communities? are you tired of your voice not being heard? Then join TSAL! We're a professional Life RP and we would love to have you! we are currently only on PS4 but we're hoping that changes soon. If you would like to learn more or would like to join then please message me on discord. Hope to see you soon! Discord: Good123455#9546
  10. so im kinda new to gta v but not at all new to rps ivebeen on forums for over 10 years im 26 looking for mature rpers i guess a server to join im interested in a lot of genres mainly organized crime or mercenary theme psn ellayezeewhy
  11. Hello everyone! I'm a constant player and have been for years now. However, since most of my friends stopped playing regularly, I don't have anyone to complete these missions with. Can't do it with random players because most of the missions aren't that easy and most people get frustrated rather easily. Add me in PSN: x_Slap_x
  12. Masonic_Shadow

    Recruiting for LS Skulls of Fury only on PS4

    To build a crew you need people, Loyal people to make a crew strong to carry out the crimes in Los Santos so without farther a do, I'm bring forth the newly formed crew "LS Skills Of Fury" for the first time on gta forums come on over to the SOCIAL CLUB to join today, Just so everyone knows it's a closed invite and "ME" the leader send me a message though the SOCIAL CLUB I can only be found on the PS4 platform so sorry guys,gals unless some is willing to make this a cross platform crew you are welcome to take that roll, , So hit me up an I'll let you right in. find the link below to join th
  13. Choo-Choo Chicken

    Looking for casual PS4 players

    For some reason it seems like every topic is about car meets and heists and roleplay and I'm not into that so here's my topic. I'm just trying to find people to play with, mostly doing CEO things or getting into shenanigans. My qualifications: - rank 298 - 2.1 kill/death ratio (I never attack first, I just know how to defend myself) - CEO/MC - a better pilot than most players - I have all the necessary cool things (Hydra, Avenger, Deluxo, Savage, etc.) - I've played long enough to know how to not be terrible If you're new and need help and defense or if you're experienced and
  14. LFFL-_LORD


    SINISTER LORDS MC WE ARE A STRICT 1% club on gta5 ps4 only weekly Church bike shows charity runs BROTHERHOOD LOYALTY RESPECT if interested please contact me kik LFFL_LORD first step is prospecting
  15. Re6el7911

    Drift team recruitment

    PS4 only. Going to have try outs all night. Gunna start @ 7:00 Pacific Sstandard time. If interested contact me through PSN "Re6el7911". Only recruiting 6 players, that are on frequently and have a Mic. Good luck and hope to see y'all there.
  16. Want a girl to play on gta for a change Psn- crazyboiak Ps4
  17. Would like to try and gather casual players with no need of being in any particular crew for casual car meets. EST, CST and PST timezone. Will be on tonight and would like to maybe get something started around 9pm EST./6pm PST. AGGRESSIVE, YET CLEAN cars only need apply. Don't be a goof. If you don't know what that means, please don't bother. List your GT here or send a PM to get started. Thanks.
  18. Our GTA 5 ps4 RP group is now recruiting for the best of the best. We do rp's almost everyday, we have switch to discord. Join this link to apply in. https://discord.gg/6Yg4smuWe want you to get included as much as possible. Our rp group is to you the people to decide some of our rules, and what we rp that night. Please come on in if you are active, and are realistic in rp groups. You will have a blast. If you have any questions just ask us on discord, no problem. We are truly the best you can find. Hurry and join while recruitment is open! Thanks! https://discord.gg/6Yg4smu
  19. Sons Of Anarchy MC Northern Charter RECRUITMENT Sons Of Anarchy MC Northern Charter (SAMCN) is a charter based on brotherhood and is one of the 10 Charters that are binded in an SAMCRO alliance. We are a diverse MC and love to ride. Our pride is our patches. We have been focused on adding shooters into the MC but all are welcomed. We are a democracy... meaning everything that runs in our club runs off of YOU the members. Every ride, every event, and every move made is made by the members at the table. We are all equals here and are all brothers in S.O.A. If you wish to join send a message to
  20. Lawdawg_112

    Blaine County DPS

    Blaine County Department of Public Safety (BCDPS) is an online gaming community for Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4. We are one of the largest role-play gaming communities that's been operating since early 2014. We strive to provide the best and the most realistic role-play environment to all of our members. Members apart of the community come from different backgrounds and geographical areas to enjoy the realistic and professional environment we have to offer.
  21. LBP2LOVER2

    Looking for some people

    Me and my friend are looking for some people to play some GTA 5 with.It could range from just hanging out to doing some heists and some RP's.If your interested please send my a friend request on ps4 and we can talk things over, My PSN is LBP2LOVER2...i made it when i was like 8 so get off my back
  22. Yhea some people wanna do heist with me I'm from Paris but I can talk English just for helping me out to get some cash I need 2 people thanks
  23. PS4 car meet; bring out your favorite cars! Cruising Drag racing Hanging in parking lots ect
  24. I'm looking for a few loyal guys who are into all sorts of vehicles on GTA V to start a car club with. Our common ground would be our love for cars. I'm open to ideas being tossed around, but we would start with organizing different kinds of car meets and just hanging out in general. Not looking to do anything major. Everything's gotta start somewhere.. leave your thoughts or add me on PSN @feekuss
  25. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting loyal, mature and active players on both PS4 and Xbox One. We are a serious GTA mafia solely built on loyalty and trust between members. If interested, message me or checkout our website www.thebianchicrimefamily.webs.com
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