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  1. HeeM7801

    Car Show on PS4

    Car Show on PS4 Grand Prize $100K Red Shark Card Hosted By: HeeM7801 and Mrs_HeeM7801 ( Send Friend Request to BOTH with message Car) Once request is accepted join our lobby Sponsored By: Gameland Delight Date: Thursday Sept. 17, 2015 Time: 11pm EST Type of car: Vapid Brand Only Location: We will meet at The Mod Shop from there we will ride to the Casino. Rules:
  2. Hey mates, I am looking for 3 guys to do all of the heists in order for two million dollars. We can die, we can play on normal, the challenge still counts. Players lev 45+ only and a decent microphone is required. We'll play around 2-3 hours a day after 1:30 pm UK time.Sense of humor is important. I am 17 years old, and level 70. Psn name jimmoriarty007
  3. Hey, I really need some help to get this cop outfit. I just need a friend to join the lobby with me, if you help and join I will help you get the outfit too. Here is the video of the glitch.
  4. AccessVerified

    [United RaZe Clan] Recruitment Free Aim PS4

    United RaZe Clan http://s29.postimg.org/3rwonri47/E_Raze.png ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/united_raze_clan ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ The leader's PSN ID: AccessVerified and Rockstar Social Club Name: xKINGDEMEx ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ About Us: We're aiming to be the FaZe Of GTA! Best free aimers in Team Deathmatches there is! Please make crew account Example: RaZe_ErAGON, RaZe-FredyY. To rank up, recruit only the good and best!!!!!!! Also if you're being spectated by the leaders of higher rank than you, You WILL be considered for promotion prior to the fact that you are earning your stripes d
  5. We're new and have 25 active members who are online every day we run Criminal Mastermind challenges and heists and whatever you need...if you need to run some races for unlocks just holler at us we're a biker MC and ride Harleys or just any kind of bike mainly just American and ride in groups and have a great time doing it just check us out we will take pictures as we go to show what we do check out our social page at SOA San Andreas PS4 or psn: GrouchyRoach or just anyone in the crew they get on everyday so we will see your invite to the crew no problem looking for active players check out th
  6. Car Show on PS4 Grand Prize $100K Red Shark Card Hosted By: HeeM7801 and Mrs_HeeM7801 Send friend request to both & join our board @ 3pm Sponsored By: Gameland Delight Date: Tuesday Sept. 15, 2015 Time: 3 EST
  7. F1NCH1E101

    The Lost MC Paleto Bay

    The Lost MC Paleto Bay Recruitment Crew Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lost_mc_paieto_bay We've just recently started The Lost MC Paleto Bay chapter. We're fairly small in numbers right now, as we've only just begun recruiting, but its not our first time running an MC, we know exactly how to run one. We do play in Auto-aim lobbies, but we sometimes switch to free aim for crew activities; for example rides or meet ups. We live by two strong policies: Brotherhood and Loyalty. These values are essential when you're in this crew. If you aren't loyal to your fellow bro
  8. FinalOrigin

    Van Society Meetups/Crew

    Van Society is a meet up crew in which hosts daily/weekly events such as manhunt, races, etc! Currently focuses on the PSN Platforms (PS3 & PS4) and has plenty of active members. Also to make it even more interesting.. Van Society has been known to host one of the best meetups in 2014!! For any other further information, please visit the following link-http://gtaforums.com/topic/711466-van-society-meetups/
  9. Doing car meet today add me psn huge_laser Rules Dont kill and be nice and don't bring super cars please
  10. Doing car meet today add me psn huge_laser Rules Dont kill and be nice and don't bring super cars please
  11. Dennisaertsen123

    Gta v ps4 car meet now

    Add me psn huge_laser Car meet hosting now ps4 No super cars plese and no ricing
  12. Hi All, Just upgraded from PS3 to PS4 but left all my mates behind. GTA can be pretty lonely without people to have a laugh with. I'm probably slightly older than your average GTA player (30) and prefer more mature players (Don't have to watch the langauge etc). Oh I'm UK based. Anyone fancy a laugh and just general messing about, feel free to add me. CoreyDog2014.
  13. Karel12321

    Merryweather PS4 clan

    Merryweather PS4 needs you! Are you interested in para-military role-play? If you are mature enough to maintain a pleasant roleplaying environment send a friend request to XPR_racer or Karel12321. Make sure to attach a message with your age and any roleplaying experience.
  14. psn: Haribo_kid24 feel free to join its just an assortment of races and last team standings
  15. So me and my friends are going to start doing heists their Gamertags are: JetDevaras,fordy_mc123 and Me Cxssaswese We are currently looking for one more member to join us on our journey to complete each heist. All of you guys will be given a 20% Cut so no fighting on who is favourite. Requirements: MUST have a Microphone,Rank 50 Above,Must Be Cooperative,No age Requirement Just Dont be a Douchebag,And Finally must be Kind to the crew. After all of this you may choose to stay with us and do some random GTA Online things or you can simply forget us. But what we really need is one member
  16. HeeM7801

    Car Show on PS4

    Car Show on PS4 Grand Prize Only if there is a full lobby, if there isn't then Only 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be award. If there is less than 10 players then Only 3rd place prize will be given. 1ST Place is $500K (30 Players Min.) 2ND Place is $200K (20 Players Min.) 3RD Place is $100K (10 Players Min.) Hosted By: HeeM7801 and Mrs_HeeM7801 (2 Attend send friend request with message "Car" 2 both host) *Headphones not required but liked Sponsored By: Gameland Delight Videos will be posted o
  17. To: - race with - play captures with - hang around with - join my crew (biker gang) - (if biker) join my MC events My PSN: Weazel__03 with 2x underscore _ _ between Weazel and 03
  18. Hi Im Searching 5 or more who wants to help me start up my new crew No matter how good you are at GTA and no matter what level! U can hit me up on PSN if you'r interested
  19. Do you always wanted to be in a Role group which does Police Roleplay? Join our crew then. We are a Roleplay crew on the Playsation 4 which replays police scenes. Our leaders have 7 years experience. We created a new crew and were are already at more then 30 people in a couple of weeks. We have 3 divisions in our crew: -Patrol: You’re starting in patrol. After Patrol, you can promote to SWAT and eventually to SASP. -SWAT: SWAT is often evoked in a shooting or a hostage situation. -SASP: SASP is for the elite players in our Roleplay crew. If you like the following things, you should
  20. In dire need of money. Yes, I will help with setups. If I help with all setups I get 25% cut on finale. I help with no setups = 15-20% cut Help with a few setups.= 20% --------------------- Leave your PSN name down below and create a party with the yourself, 2 heist members, and me. -------------------- One more thing to note. MAKE ME GROUND TEAM! Good luck.
  21. Hey, I'm looking to join in a Humane Labs Heist, preferably one that's close to the Finale. If you can ensure no low levels / randoms / trolls in the action I'll do the Finale for a lower cut or even for free. I want to unlock Insurgents for my second character (buying them 25% cheaper today). The guy is Lvl 135 and has a player saved heavy combat outfit. More Info about me copied from the Heists Free Agent Topic: System/ID: PS4 / vapidorapido Location: Germany / GMT+1 Languages: German (native), English (English major university level) Mic: yes What I expect: professionalism,
  22. Foremost, I am looking for Ps4 players to do heists with. A total of 3, preferably u.s., 25+, mature players. I am also looking for players to join our Crew in which I am the co-founder. Lawless Reapers Motorcycle Club. We are 5 now U.S. And European players but looking to add more people. Add me on Psn "Vricow" 30 yrs AZ No trolls or hackers
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