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  1. need help doing heist everytime i do a heist using random lobby i get a troll that sabotage the mission at the end for the fun of it. my gamer tag is crashman911 ps4
  2. Hello. We the Angelinni Family are looking for serious players who want to freeroam or do CEO work or basically anything with us.We dress with Valentine's Day clothing and ride fancy cars.We are recruiting players only for the PS4.If you are interested add me on PS4 : HosViko , or on SocialClub - Cpt.DogeTheMLG .Thank you for you time Link to crew : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_angelinnis
  3. Longlivescorpio


    KILL JOY SAVAGES HAS OPEN RECRUITMENT. I NEED YOUR HELP IN CEO,MC,FREE ROAM AND MORE...NEW MEMBERS ARE PROMOTED TO REPRESENTATIVE TO START YOU OFF! Click the link below and join now https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kill_joy_savages
  4. Hi I'm brand new to ps4, I'm looking for some ppl to hang with, do missions, etc. Get some coin. Even races. Anything really.
  5. DidUJustHitDat

    Mark's Marijuana - UK PS4 HEIST CREW

    We're Mark's Marijuana, we're a crew that does heists together. Please read my other post about earning $400,000 for each heist we do, don't just join the crew but also add me on PSN: DidUJustHitDat.
  6. I noticed it/s hard to find a active crew with players helping eachother out. That's the main reason I started my own crew and it appears to be very succesfull. The thought is, help others to get help. This works perfect, for example: I had 3 mil in januari and now i got 35 mil just by optimising the opportunity's what the crew offers. This is what we do: *Heists for quick money. u probably know its difficult to get it done with randoms, with TACG it's just a piece of cake to get ur setups done. *CEO missions *Biker missions *Car meets *Race playlists *Crew meetings *We got
  7. Hello there, My name is G0Y0_31_ and I am looking for someone to complete the criminal mastermind challenge with me. I currently have none of my friends willing to try this with me so I have turned to the forums. I am level 170 with an armored karuma and all skills maxed out. Looking for someone that is at least level 100, mic required, and someone that lives in the PT time zone. I need members that can be relied on and who have a good idea as to how to complete the challenge with snacks, armor, strategies, etc. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you! I am onli
  8. Iskypedyourmom

    TRBB recruiting now! Ps4 ONLY 18+ mature crew!

    hello my friend! this is the official topic of TRBB We are a just started friendly mature crew. For ps4 ONLY. if you wanna join us with things like heists, mc or just to have a Great talk with eachoter or whatever you and we feel like doing then you finally can! at this moment it is still a ps4 only crew, but if we find enough people from different consoles, we will open up a seperate console crew. we all got mics and we have both men and woman, EVERYONE IS EQUAL IN HERE. psn: iskypedyourmom and our crew link: = https://socialclub.r...bat_brotherhood We do have a few rules...: -h
  9. illumi_nahtzee

    illumi_nahtzee CAR MEETS PS4

    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee, I will invite you to our group chat, we already have members but we are looking for more. Any car is welcome! I will post car meet times in the chat, be nice and respectful, rewards are given for people who win races also have fun!
  10. illumi_nahtzee


    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee, I will invite you to our group chat, we already have members but we are looking for more. Any car is welcome! I will post car meet times in the chat, be nice and respectful, rewards are given for people who win races also have fun!
  11. dblakemore97

    PS4 Car Meet 9pm EST

    No Killing, Drive Slow and Careful. Private Session. Add dblakemore97 to join. Already have 5 people just looking for more people. No Suoercars. Stance and drift session, 9pm EST.
  12. I created today the Criminal Mastermind Elite Community (PS4/PSN) to find skilled GTA enthusiasts, who wants to play the 'Elite Challenge'. Please feel free to contact me at any time, if you're looking for a team member and/or if you want to share your knowledge with us. PSN: Zazerac Level: +500 Mic: Yes Language: English & German
  13. Dispatch Security


    Dispatch Security are now RECRUITING.To join you must be 16+ you must be MATURE you must be active on rockstar social club. You must be active on PS4. A mic is essential but if you don't have one that's fine as long as you are in game chat. You must be able to follow orders. Basically I'm the only member so far and I'm looking for mature people age 16+ to join my security crew. What we will be doing is being security at big car meets and making sure everyone one has a peaceful and non violent car meet. But before we attended any I must train all that join to the highest standards. And get ever
  14. Zedap

    [PS4] Astro Godzillas

    Astro Godzillas (PS4) Hi everyone. Me and my friends created this crew before GTA V was released and I thought it could be cool to open it up and see if we could get a dedicated little gang going. We've played the game since it was released and are going to continue for the foreseeable future so we are definitely regular players. We are also going to spread our gang to Red Dead Redemption 2 when it is released. The crew is very small at the moment which may put some people off joining however my hope is to find some really good people who we can befriend and have a good time with. Also
  15. Just looking for dedicated people to help with the heist later today and in the future, message me on PS4, and when the time comes I'll invite, or if you're looking for people also help yourself and put your requirements so we can all become millionaires. -Age -Mic or not (Not required) -Do you know the glitch -Are you okay with getting minimum 20% Just a few examples I've given to whatever meets your standards. PSN: MFCPU_Frost
  16. Hello gtaf, I am founding a mc, I already have everything, but the most important ... The name. Could someone suggest me a name for a club that sums up in war in free mode, hunt patch, rng ... In short, a mc of confusion ... I'm counting on you! Thanks in advance! Sorry for English.
  17. Hey What's up, We decided to start a DayZ/Post Apocalyptic Rp on Xbox one. We are about to start soon, so be sure to add us quickly Gamertags: VxBasket OutlawFlamez Requirements: Good Mic Gta 5 {for Xb1} 13 or Older. Once you add us, we will startup a party and talk to you about the rules of the Role-play!
  18. Zomb1esNeedHugs


    Hey guys, I'm hosting a drift me right now for those of you who would like to join we're having a good time sliding around the city of Los Santos!! If you'd like to join there are a few rules that you need to follow. RULES : No low riders or supercars. No killing other players. You must have a mic. If you'd like to join simply add me and I will send you an invite my psn is ZombieSharksSTFU
  19. feiaschdada

    PS4 Racers

    I am searching for gamers that want to do clean races, even with trying some new user created maps. First of is to get to know each other, but it would be nice if it would evolve in creating a little racing league. The thing will most likely be filled with germans, so being in a near time zone would be nice. Are here people interested in stuff like that?
  20. bad-baz

    Final heist

    Need 3 No squeakers Add bad-baz
  21. no-Foreigns

    PS4 GTAV Carmeet

    PS4 Carmeet *Requirements* -NO SUPER Cars or MOTORCYCLES -NO Crashing(The Spot) -NO Killing (The Spot) -Keep a Distance between Vehicles In order to join the Meet Add the following PSN names to be added and to recieve an Invite PSN: no-Foreigns (Leader) Macivelly (CoLeader) QBAN_NENE (CoLeader)
  22. Zomb1esNeedHugs


    Planning to do a Car Meet Up on PS4. If you wanna join simply add me and I'll invite each of you. My psn is ZombieSharksSTFU We will meet at the restaurant near the beach! RULES!! - NO SUPER CARS OR LOW RIDERS - No Greifing - No Screaming/Yelling/Obnoxious Behaviour. - No Damaging other vehicles. - No driving in meet area. - If you don't follow the rules, you will be kicked instantly. - Bring your best car. - You must have a mic - Meet up at the right spot. - No overtaking the leader during the cruise! Hope to s
  23. Stream is over. Inspired by fw3's "Could You Play a Full FR Lobby Without Killing Anyone or Getting Killed..." where he asks: A few of us thought it would be fun to put together a group and live by these rules in a session; possibly during a live stream. How long can we survive by roaming around, acting like [mostly] harmless NPCs? To clarify a few things: • We would instate a "no kill" rule. Members of the group cannot kill other players (even in self defense), or NPCs. • The main goal is to stay alive. If a member of the group dies by any means, even accidental, they
  24. ACS is a private security force based in the heart of Los Santos. ACS was created to assure the safety of our clients whether that be high end car meets or an individual living the high life seeking protection. We have few but strict rules they are as followed, 1.the client comes first 2.the client is always right....until they're not 3.stick to the dress code 4.listen to your superiors Once you've passed training and been with us for a week you can go for a specialist role, however this requires an extra 2 day course Driver: spaces available (3) helicopter pilot: spaces av
  25. Just looking to see if anyone needs another person for a heist run. I don't mean to overly complicate things but I'm not looking for a crew here or for someone to regularly play heists with. I'm merely looking for people who want to do a heist for a specific reason and don't have enough people for it yet. You want to unlock a vehicle? You're a first time host and you're progressing through the heists so you can host them all? Stuff like that, I'm your guy. No criminal mastermind challenge runs. I've done that for every account I've played on so far and while last time was fun and all (thr
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