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  1. Hello to those who are looking at this post! I am an admin on a GTA 5 roleplay community on the PS4 and we are looking for new players who are interested in realistic and serious rp! We have a lot of jobs open as as 24/7 clerks, mechanics, gun shop owners, clothes store owners, and especially COPS! We have an in-depth and working economy system within our discord that we will use to pay for anything via rp. Make sure to join our interview discord to join our main discord! It is a lot of fun and I hope to see all of you guys with me soon! Sincerely, LoganGYT Interview Discord: https://d
  2. Lost RP Discord https://discord.gg/harS6K5 Application Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/ 1FAIpQLSdY3iBbWzC0BN5PT2877tJ kw4K2ac6S6NJ0XWC8niCeG3XlFA/viewform Lost RP is recruiting new members to join us in a exciting world of roleplay on the PS4 console. we encourage people to be whatever role they choose to be from cops to bank robbers to a Uber driver and everything else. Now when it comes to law enforcement you will have to get through some training sessions to get you acquainted with the laws and CB radio codes when you are fighting crime among the Civs. So come join u
  3. 💰💰💰💰 WELCOME TO $€LL CR£W! 💰💰💰💰 http://i.imgur.com/XPEaMsj.jpg We are a friendly and highly organised money grinding crew on GTA, all about making GTA$! This isn’t a normal money grinding crew, where you can never find other active crew members, or selfish members that go off as soon as you’ve helped them sell all of their businesses, leaving you with full stock and that idiot LJT calling you repeatedly telling you to sell! This is $€LL CR£W! The main difference is that we are organized, we are not selfish money grabbers, we are one large t
  4. Offering help to players for ps4, ign: iskypedyourmom
  5. Spymaster1980

    The 9th Organization (PS4)

    The 9th Organization is currently looking to take in loyal operatives for our cause; global stability. What we do Sanctioned assassinations: Upon order the 9th Organization will conduct sanctioned assassinations. Intelligence gathering: Operatives working for the organization will be expected to gather open source information upon groups and individuals. Counterintelligence: the 9th Organization runs counterintelligence for itself and allies of the organization. Infiltration: Operatives will be expected to infiltrate other organizations in order to gain information as well
  6. COsta_XNX

    PS4 Racing

    Hi, I'm on PS4 and looking for racers. None of that stunt BS, tho. Add me at CostaXCX777, I race mostly sports
  7. COsta_XNX

    PS4 Racing

    Hi, I'm on PS4 and looking for racers. None of that stunt BS, tho. Add me at CostaXCX777, I race mostly sports
  8. Jac3J3ffries

    Steel Pride MC Recruiting form

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QLBFpGPuhNWeZmN-CxdER4PV1IIhUUPd-5zo8Ezfw2c This is the link to the Questionairre. If we believe you have what we are looking for we will contact you via ps4 message. We want to build an empire. We want others who share our vision. In search of every level of expertise in order to completely level Los santos ans shake it to its core. As a unit, Domination is our goal, Intimidation is our tactic and we expect you to shoot first and save the questions. Steel Pride MC til I D-I-E,
  9. Hello I am a owner of a private real life roleplay server we only operate on the PS4 we work with a cad and discord we have a (WIP) money and job system we are a small but growing group the requirements are that you are 14+ have a good mic and can download discord its a app on google play and join this link to the interview channel https://discord.gg/UUcX2yW Please be have patience as there might be a few ahead of you From there either I or one of my co owners will interview you Thank you Jjosh420253j4l aka JJ
  10. Mozzarella_Dessert

    The Humane Labs Raid

    I need help with the setup missions for the Humane Labs Raid. Is there anybody kind enough to help?
  11. hi I need help I like to keep my emblem I only need somebody to make my crew emblem's background transparent, I tried with not any good results. please somebody help!
  12. CashDollarsMoney

    Looking for new PS4 friends!

    Looking for friends to join my crew, make $$ and CEO missions. To join with me add me PS4: MoneyiLike
  13. If you like showing off your rides and seeing other great looking cars, then Vine Hills Auto Club is the crew for you! Our meets are typically Sundays at 8pm UK / 3pm Eastern US. Some recent themes include clean classics, modern sports/supers, JDM, off road, and rally. In addition to showing cars at a variety of locations at each meet, we also like to incorporate activities from time to time such as a drift competition (JDM meet), a trek up Chiliad (off road meet), rally stage races, drag and sprint races, and demolition derbies. We've even had airplane meets. I should stress that
  14. Discord Server - V7QSVhR The Royals MC is a loyal, family based Motorcycle Club. We believe in loyalty and respect to all those within the club and those we are related to. We are not head hunters, we do not look for fights, but we retaliate where needed. One of our main enjoyments is meeting up with other Crews for Bike Meets, races and joint drives. Within The Royals MC we have 4 Charters spread across San Andreas and 1 Nomad attachment. These Charters range from Los Santos all the way to Paleto Bay with each Charter having their own meeting point and Presid
  15. DrizzyDanny

    Any PS4 Car Meets

    Any PS4 Car meets being hosted tonight?
  16. Ram_24am

    S&P ps4 Role play

    Serve & Protect Rp Who We Are! We are a GTA V Roleplaying Community for the PS4, Here at S&P we strive to give the best service for our players, and host lobbies for all time zones. We host for the players, which means, for us the most important thing is everyone has fun. We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us. We offer multiple Homes, jobs, vehicles for you. I am in AC/DC a gta v pc roleplay clan. This clan is a ps4 clan an we are looking for new members. SO hop on in our server. We offer great Staff An promotions are up. We are Currently looking For Sheri
  17. Got a full bunker at the moment and wanna get rid of it to make the most of x2 $ and RP. Will help with anything you need in return
  18. block701

    Plane crew?

    Wondering if there's a crew that does dogfighting with personal vehicles. PSN: block701 I'll be on this weekend and next week.
  19. Been wondering if anyone wants to dogfight with personal vehicles. PSN: block701 Send me a message. I'll be on this weekend and all next week.
  20. jjuliastefan

    Looking for heist crew

    Hi everyone! I'm completely new to heists so I'm looking for patient people to play with Feel free to add my psn - jjuliastefan
  21. Hiya! Me and my friend is looking for two people to help us with heists! Were currently stuck on the second one (Prison Break) since we cant find anyone that doesnt kill themselves or just trolls.. If anyone would like to help then just comment your psn or pm me? <3
  22. DISCIPLES OF DEATH MOTORCYCLE CLUB MEMENTO MORI, CARPE DIEM www.disciplesofdeathmc.com Are you searching for an active and established club? DDMC is now recruiting. We are a Latin-themed motorcycle club on Grand Theft Auto V for PS4. We uphold the ancient saying 'memento mori, carpe diem' which literally means 'remember death, seize the day.' ​ DDMC maintains a diverse culture, and is comprised of individuals of all ages and walks of life. We are recognized as nothing less than a powerhouse, with a reputation that is second-to-none while still being known as one of the
  23. Cash Dollars Money Gang Now Recruiting For PS4 !!! ​What You Thinking Already ? ​Millionairs can join, Players good with MONEY can join, (I mean MONEY in caps cause I don't mean have all the money when you finish a job with a crew members why not split the BREAD) and Really Good Shooters can join. ​I'm sure you might have a crew some might not, MY CREW/GANG is the BEST !!! Better NAME, Great Leader, and THE CREW/GANG IS MADE OF MONEY! ​We make Videos ​ Deathmatch Videos Music Videos (TRAP INSTRUMENTALS!!! I Made!) Gang Drive Around Videos Gang Job Videos Live Videos Heist
  24. BOOZE BROTHERS MC We are Booze Brothers MC. A truly dedicated, tight knitted, virtual MC serving on both PS4 and XB1. We established January, 2018 and plan on never stopping. All of your starting 5 have multiple years of MC and 1% free aim experience. What we offer is true Brotherhood. We are not a "crew" and we are not a "club", we are a brotherhood that looks after one another as well as the patch that we carry. Below is a list of requirements that we ask. If you are up for it, please make sure to hit us up on: Instagram: booze_brothers_mc LINE: r0wney SC: BOOZ_r0wney Feel free to che
  25. Who are we? We are the Broken Pistons MC, newly establish since January of 2018. Broken Pistons MC is also a group of GTA MC formed by veterans who have been in the MC community for years under the true 1% rules, the road to patch will not be easy nor handed out. If you want to work for your patch and become part of a true brotherhood of bikers. Apply now to see if you meet the requirements. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements 1. 18+ or older, no exception of closin
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