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  1. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date FRIDAY June 10th 2016 8PM EST Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules All Types - All Types Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists. Standard Rules Apply: 1. Do not damage player vehicles 2. Do not kill or
  2. Hi new crew looking for ps4 players any rank is welcome as long as you have a Mic, We have a crew page on Google+ ps4 community , kik messenger, a few strict rules and some guidelines to follow .we are also looking for players who want to move up the hierarchy and help build the crew up ,we have about 20 solid members of all ranks so far so if you are interested message me on here first
  3. I just created a crew and im looking for people who just want to play and have fun. I don't care whether or not you have a mic or anything im just looking for people who just want to enjoy the game and play missions, heists CEO/VIP stuff or just f*ck about in free roam. Im currently level 51 and fairly new to the game and im looking to play with anyone of any level. Social Club link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/murder_city_savages Just request an invite. Thanks for taking the time to read this. PSN: Zoocky99
  4. need 3 people to do the last 3 setups with and complete the actual heists. everyone will et %25. message britzer88 on ps4
  5. XxBorn2GamexX

    Dream Transport | Looking for Staff

    Discord Invite Link: http://discord.gg/xY7b6Bv Remember This Is Also A Car Meet Community And If You Want To Join Then Go To This Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gta_v_car_meets_real Please See Our Rules In Rules !! All Admins/Moderators Will See What You Do On This Channel! Also NightBot Will See As Well Please Note That If You Do Not Follow ALL Rules, Then You Will Be Subject To Temp/Perm Ban Rules Should Update Soon Due To New Bots Everyone On The Discord Server Can Talk About Other Stuff Which Is Not ETS2/ETS2MP/GTA5 Related But Be Careful What
  6. telperion

    Crooked Saints MC Prospect RECRUITMENT

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/crooked_saints_mc PRESIDENT:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/islandboy5150 (PS4) CROOKED SAINTS MC now recruiting members for initial hangaround time period of 1 week to so to get introduced and acquainted with patched members and officers determining your desire to move one step closer towards full brotherhood thus becoming members of prospect club for 2 weeks or until your character and integrity have been proven worthy of full patch membership into our beloved and loyal MC The Crooked Saints of San Andreas! guidelines, goals and
  7. What's up everyone i'm Crossphaire and i'm looking to recruit members for a youtube Series i been wanting to start for a while called "Money & Power". This youtube series will be based on Los Santos using the City base as a beginning scheme. I'm currently looking for High volume of Urban users to join as u will run a big part in this just as much as the more upper Class section part of the series. All roles will be Very important. im willing to help on both ends of the field if needed. The series will start with 4-5 Main Young characters 'Hustlers' one of them being me will be younger tha
  8. So anyone able to co-host the pacific standard job with me. Its were we take turns hosting and doing the glitch so we get lots of money. We dont have to do the setups that way and we get cash fast. Leave a post only if ur a host. PSN: RepzOps
  9. A_o_H

    Del Perro Jokerz Car Club

    Now recruiting for a custom car club street gang based out of Del Perro Our main hangout will be the beach front. There will be car meets and shows, missions, races and of course, taking zero c**p from other crews, ESPECIALLY MC's! Doesn't matter what you drive, as long as it's modified. We all have our own style so wear what you like, however we do have purple and green as crew colours and repping them in some way is a must https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/del_perro_jokerz Request an invite and lets get this on the road ;-) UK based / Over 18 / all genders welcome
  10. Lmf1997

    The Bic Mafia

    I just created a brand new crew called The Bic Mafia on ps4. Im looking for 4 different Commissioners and each comissisioners will have a specific area of expertise. Such as heist, Racing, MC President, CEO. My job will be recruitment and setting up Meets, Chill Spots and other social events to keep our crew a friendly environments to better your GTA online experience. I also need 8 lieutenants who are ready to grind out with either me or the commissioners to build our crews rep. And 10 representatives to help find muscle to increase our numbers. So all in all Im looking for a total of 21 peop
  11. Ever want to become more involved in the GTA community? Ever want an efficient way to make money in GTA? Well, GTA Community Uniters gotcha covered! What exactly is GTA Community Uniters? GTA Community Uniters is a GTA organization for the PS4 founded on may 5, 2017. It is a very simple and easy going way of having the best ways possible of interacting with the GTA community! You can chat with your buddies, or even make new buddies to grind money with! We have made a discord server with tons more imformation regarding GTACU(GTA Community Uniters) Once you join our discord, we will get you al
  12. BigRVman

    PS4 Car Meet

    I am looking for a good car-meet community that does frequent meets. My PS4 is: BigRVman1 Message me when you can. - BigRVman
  13. Ethan Gardner


  14. illumi_nahtzee


    Add me my gamertag is illumi_nahtzee I own import empire, we have car meets, races and all kinds of events. Anyone is welcome! Just keep it peaceful. Any car is welcome, I will invite you to our group chat when you add me.
  15. lMaC_HunT

    Death Heads MC LS now recruiting (PS4)

    Are you looking for a club that is centred around brotherhood and having fun? If so.... The Death Heads MC LS are looking for new active members and officer spots need filling, if you're interested take a look at the social club page or the clubs weebly page if you want any more info feel free to message me on my social club, PSN (lMaC_HunT) or Kik which is lMaC_HunT -Will New Club Patch
  16. I'm looking for players to play GTA with. I'm 26 years old dude from Finland so my time zone is Eastern European Time (EET). I work 38-45 hours a week. I'll play as much as possible. I prefer playing with adults so 18+. I have to PSN accounts but vilski23 is the one I'm playing GTA with. Feel free to send me a friend request. Do you have a mic: Yes Do you play Free Aim: Not really
  17. Black Label Society MC

    Black Label Society MC Recruitment Page

    The Black Label Society MC Looking for members Must have prior mc experience.. age requirement is 17+ Directly message me @SSMC_Fearzy and or at Kik @FearzyDaBakaa for more information!
  18. So i'm only a level 60, but i'm looking for 1-3 people to just chill, do some missions, and make some cash with. im saving up to become a CEO and would love to play with other people and earn cash together. my PSN is iFondleMyBalls or you can drop yours here. willing to do anything - missions, races, heists, etc.
  19. Chubby-Burrito

    [Role-Play]The Hardcases MC Recruitment

    The Hardcases MC are an immersive role-play crew and we are now recruiting for new members. We are also a close group of friends who would like to meet other like minded people. We would prefer members of 18 years or older but we may make an exception for younger recruits if we believe you are suitable for the crew. Must be mature, respectful and have a working headset. Please feel free to contact me on here or on PSN. (PSN preferred, you'll get a quicker response; PSN ID is: Chubby-Burrito). Here is the social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hardcases He
  20. Like the title says, i can host. Know how to get chopper. Need 1 co host and 2 fillers. 60,20,20 Psn: iskypedyourmom
  21. Anembra-US

    Prodigal Sons MC (PS4)

    Prodigal Sons Motorcycle Club is all about one word, loyalty. We are here to bring people with common interests together, as a family. It is our promise to promote comradeship and kindness, to elevate the lives of others. We are very serious and represent the TRUE definition on an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. The first step that everyone takes before becoming a Prospect in our club. That for 1-2 Weeks you have to become a hang around and from there you'll get a sponsor. A hang around is basically getting to know what the club is like and what we are about. If you
  22. Hey guys, As you know, there is double $ and RP until 16th of May. I am going to make the most of it for me and you by doing the heists. For a couple of days i'm going to be farming on the Pacific Standard heist with the helicopter glitch. If you want to help me reply to this post or add my PSN - SacredSailor. I am very active and will continuously do the heist and glitch (you will have to help with the setups). As long as you have a mic and PS4 just add me and we will start farming. I NEED 3 MORE PLAYERS
  23. So, I've been playing GTAO since it launched but I've never done a Rally Race. I really want some of the paint colors that are unlocked by winning a rally race, so if i could get 3 people to help with this on PS4, it would be very much appreciated. Please respond if you're interested.
  24. RogueSkyz

    Recruiting: Active Community Crew

    United Alliance of Los Santos is Now Recruiting Are you tired of being alone in lobbies? Tired of running around the streets of Los Santos without your buddies? Tired of not having any associates as a CEO or prospects for your MC to help your business? Tired of your unreliable crew? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this crew is for you! We would like to build up this crew with the goal of creating a reliable community of players across all platforms that are able to interact in-game for a sole purpose: no player left behind. The aim is to have cre
  25. I'm looking to take advantage of this opportunity. I'm rank 250, with a mic. I usually work between 8am-5 pm EST but I'm down to do some heist work for a few hours. My psn ID is mekkayel just send me a message if you have any available spots or if it's just you we could take turns doing the fleeca job. Thanks!
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