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  1. Hello Money Hunters !!! Need 2 players for GTA doomsday heists !! Just need 2 players for a quick run through About us: - GMT timezone - Have completed the heist numerous times - lvl 132 and 150 Requirements: - Mic not required but would be nice (English only) - Have previously played the heist before If you would like to join us send me message to this psn: EnchantressVixen cringe ign i know, wish i could change it Have a lovely day !!
  2. Oversight

    Raven Security

    Crew Name: [RSEC] Raven Security Company Crew Leader: OMG_PotatoeZ Console: PS4 Status: Active Crew Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/raven_pmc_recruits RECRUITMENT There are several steps in Raven Security Company recruitment process, if you successfully complete the process then you will become a contractor in one of the most skilled, professional and praised private military company's around. Our recruit division will always be open, however, to become an actual member of Raven, you must abide by our rules and regulations. Just joining the recruit division will not gu
  3. Patro_11_

    Free agent looking for crew

    GTAF Username: Patro_11_ Social Club Username: Patro_11_ Gaming ID(s): Patro_11_ Platform(s): ps4 GTA MP games played: gta 5 Other MP games played: gta 5 Age: 23 Timezone: +2 GTAF Activity: racing mostly In-game Activity: racing mostly Gang History on GTAF: not much How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I would like to participate in the best races in gta to contribute in the crew to raise raputation with first place prizes and breaking records Tell us about yourself as a person: im a casual gamer with a great talent in gta racing but not the right crew just try me Tell us about
  4. Hello guys , my problem is that im probably one of the best racers in gta I ve never met a racer that can even compare to me and im always first with big diffrence from the second whenever I play seriously. Also I watch videos on youtube with impossible moments in gta racing etc. And t he most thug life moments with millions of views is my daily routine. Anyway the problem I that I cant find easily good races with good settings for example catch up off and clean contact races and also I always win with not much of a competition but I dont have a lot of friends who race. I would like to join on
  5. Jake C

    San Andreas State RP [PS4]

    This is a new RP community for Playstation Four and we are looking for members who want realistic rp. We have a discord server with a working CAD system. We play in an invite only lobby instead of a deathmatch. We have positions open for LSPD, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, and San Andreas State Police. There are also positions open for the Civilian Department as well. If you're interested in joining, please contact the owner on discord PickleMan#1016 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_state_rp
  6. Offer is closed for now
  7. Am shooting the sequel to soon, and am looking for an actress to play a small part in it. PS4 ONLY. No voice acting required, already have a voice actress. Just need someone to load in with their character, follow directions, and the like. A microphone would be helpful, as you could read out the dialog to get the lip movements to match, but is not absolutely required. If you're interested, post a picture of your character, and if you've had any experience in a machinima.
  8. Pornvirus

    The Devils Unleashed (PS4) Recruiting

    Hello all, We are recruiting active and friendly members to our crew "The Devils Unleashed" -FEAR-. GTA 5 PS4 Crew We were formerly known as "The Devils Within" and ranked among the elite in the top 500 crews of GTA. Unfortunately we were hacked and the crew went from 1000 members to 500 (mostly) inactive players. With this we have decided to start new and have almost hit 100 very active members. We are actively recruiting friendly and active members of all caliber. Whether you have mastered the game or just starting out. There is a welcome spot to all. In our crew there is
  9. SummerExtinct

    Ps4 RolePlay Server

    I have joined many so called role play servers which ended my going down because of how badly they are maintained so I have decided to create my own server if you are interested join the discord help me build it. We will have a full training system, Cad and most importantly make sure we have Admin/Moderators available at all times to maintain Server Availability. Discord:https://discord.gg/HbNW7X PSN: SummerExtinct
  10. Lemoyne outlaw

    ps4 bone county coyotes

    howdy there folks. are any of yall looking for some good ole country crew fun? or just looking for some friends to meet? make some money or go offroading? well this may be the crew for you. here is the backstory for the crew. i lived in bone county for so long. when i was a kid. there was an infamous gang that lived and operated in bone county. they were so cool. they were called the bone county cacti. they were mean. but only mean to rival gangs. but they helped the community. they even went to las venturas and robbed a few casinos. and gave that money to help make new buildings and ho
  11. Recruitment Status Police - Open Civilian - Open EMT & Fire - Open San Andreas Department of Justice is a roleplay community based on the PlayStation 4 that covers all important aspects of everyday life. We are a friendly community that has been Roleplaying since 2018 so we are very new and just starting off. If you are looking for an in-depth, lifelike representation of life in Los Santos, we can offer it to you. The two divisions in our rolep
  12. feekuss

    Seeking a crew

    I play very leisurely. Looking for active crew not too terribly large. Rank 280. Send your crew invites to my PSN : feekuss
  13. Hello my name is kitten and I am staff and civilian leader of SADOJ ps4 a very realistic gta 5 rp community that is continuing to grow ,We are looking for the best of the best people to join and have fun doing what we do and that's realistic rp, If you would like to join message me on discord at KittenLovesYou19#7920 our website to join is https://sadoj1.enjin.com/If you join let everyone know you was recruited by kitten.
  14. Asheleaz91

    Goonie Life is now accepting recruits

    My boyfriend's crew on PS4 (Goonie Life) is now accepting recruits. We are looking to expand our crew with active players of all levels. I ask that if you choose us as your crew be prepared to put in work and make money. We try to play daily if not multiple times a week. You must have a microphone to help with communication throughout the squad. Also there is a recruitment period that is determined on your level and experience. At this time you'll be shown "the ropes" and given the opportunity to make enough cash to purchase crew requirements such as clothes and cars. If interested please visi
  15. XxBorn2GamexX

    Dream Transport | Looking for Staff

    Discord Invite Link: http://discord.gg/xY7b6Bv Remember This Is Also A Car Meet Community And If You Want To Join Then Go To This Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gta_v_car_meets_real Please See Our Rules In Rules !! All Admins/Moderators Will See What You Do On This Channel! Also NightBot Will See As Well Please Note That If You Do Not Follow ALL Rules, Then You Will Be Subject To Temp/Perm Ban Rules Should Update Soon Due To New Bots Everyone On The Discord Server Can Talk About Other Stuff Which Is Not ETS2/ETS2MP/GTA5 Related But Be Careful What
  16. Hello everybody, I am Trooper trump, I am currently an admin with the SaDOJ " San Andreas Department Of Justice " on play station 4 A real world roleplay community. We are currently seeking roles, as : civilian, Fire & EMS, Deputy Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Communications and company owners, And along with that we are seeking another admin, a responsible- trustworthy- dedicated individual. To join our community the requirements are: - Must be @ least 15 years of age by time of application. - Must be able to access zello, discord, and our CAD/MDT during our session's - Must be able to sp
  17. I'm part of a small group of friendly stoners looking for PS4 players who are: - Mic'd up - 18+ (we're mostly in our 20s and 30s) - Willing to work together with other players - Willing to help others sell bunkers and MC businesses - Able to also enjoy just having fun by doing whatever (flying, off-roading, enjoying the sights, etc.) If this interests you, friend me on PS4 at: G-Ballz45 I endorse the SELL crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sell_your_sh-t I'm also the leader of the SMMH crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/stnrsmakinmoneyhomie Feel fr
  18. Jaydean

    Trade race wins?

    Looking for someone to trade off race wins. Need 25 but if someone wants to do less thatd be cool. Already have a short track ready to make it quick. Message me
  19. My friends and I are hosting a Racing Championship on Ps4, it's endurance style racing and a race will be held every week. We're looking for more serious racers to join us. If you're interested drop your Discord User name below to be added to it.
  20. State of San Andreas First Responders Thank you for checking out our recruitment thread firstly! It is very appreciated! This is a PS4 roleplay crew for GTA:Online. This crew was created in 2018 by two real life first responders and our goal is to create the most accurate and fun experience in emergency services roleplay possible! We offer many positions and we're sure one will suit you! First and foremost is our civilians. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to our Discord server to be set up with some of our basic rules and how to start joining session. When you appl
  21. Onaclov_X


    Hey so we're just two chill guys looking for people to run heists with and hangout in Los Santos and thought creating a crew might be the best way. Let's run a couple set-up missions and if you're chill we'll send ya an invite. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/greatwhitealbatross
  22. Hi We're a small crew of 5 from UK & Holland who regularly play a playlist once a week (either a friday night or saturday night normally starting at around 9pm GMT) on the PS4. We usually do a 16 game playlist comprising a mix of different races, LTS and adversaries with a lot of banter and laughs along the way. Playlist usually last around 3 hours. Looking for more people to join our crew or just to play our playlist.
  23. Makalin6

    SADPS Roleplay Recruitment NOW OPEN!

    SADPS is a new roleplay community looking for great new members to roleplay with. Whether you have been RPing for a long time or have never done RP before we can help you out. We are a new community so if you join and are good you a likely to get promoted quickly due to lack of members. One of our main goals is to have very complex and realistic training and roleplay. If you would like to apply, please go to rpsadps.weebly.com and a staff member will look over your application.
  24. Lawdawg_112


    Formerly known as Blaine County DPS, we are now Coast to Coast RP. Check us out at www.coast2coastrp.com or instagram. Or contact me on Discord: LawDawg112#4277 About Us Coast to Coast RP is a realistic gaming community on Grand Theft Auto V that allows members to bring their character to life and role-play in San Andreas on the PlayStation 4. The community offers members a way to interact with others who share the same interest as they do. Whether that interest may be serving the public as police officers, rushing into buring buildings, or running from the police in a high speed pursuit, ou
  25. Hi, I'm going to do some cool jobs on Friday (22:00 UK time) More players - more fun! It's a mix of 2 normal races, 4 adversary modes (Deadline, Relay, Hasta La Vista, Offense Defense), 2 deathmatches and 2 hotring races, total of 10 jobs Add me on PSN - JorisLietuvis Only PS4
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