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  1. I'm Derek, 17, and I'm looking for some players to race with on oval track races. Psn: THE-BOMB-12001 Lemme know if you're interested
  2. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
  3. Re6el7911

    Ps4 drift Crew

    Looking for people who know how to drift and love it.
  4. ItsTheRealProofless

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread (PS4)

    Storm Operations Recruitment Thread What Are We We are a new found PMC crew called Storm Operations. We protect the people of San Andreas from the rouge players and do contract work with clients Requirments -Follow orders from higher commands -Be able to get on almost everyday -Must have a mic -Must have a good internet connection -have to be atleast 13 years old or older -must have a K/D higher then 0.85 Posistions We currently have a second in command and a third in command spot to fill to. -Infantry -Support -Recon -Pilot -Designated Driver (more posistions yet to come) How To Apply copy the text underneath and send it to "akaProofless" on kik or "ItsTheProofless" on PSN. Storm Operations Recruitment Appilcation Age: PSN ID: Rank: Posistion Applying For: Time Zone: K/D: How Much In-Game money You Have: Send that to either my kik "akaProofless" or my PSN "ItsTheProofless" Rockstar Social Club Page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/storm_operations_ Thank you for your time
  5. I want to buy a hanger while it's 25% off, so I need to grind this weekend. Looking to start/join a friendly lobby so I can avoid those killer NPCs gunning me down while exporting a car. Off topic, how much more money would I make selling my full (small) warehouse cargo with others in the lobby? I'm open to helping others out also, or you can just do your business. PSN: SuddenIvan You can also reply here, I'm following this topic. No mic, sorry, but I do have a keyboard.
  6. DonArmanno

    The Armanno Crime Family Recruiting

    Social Club The Armanno Crime Family is a recently founded Crime Family on GTA V on PS4. The Armanno's are a Mafia based in the new mob era. We operate on a unique set of rules. We like to make as much money as possible in freemode while causing mayhem, come join us and fight our way to the top of the Organized Crime Families in GTA V. As we are new we are looking for loyal associates to rise through the ranks when the books open. We are a free aim only. We are looking for members 14+, Mic, good rp, and above all else loyalty. If youre looking for a community to earn money with and have fun this is it. If interested message me on PSN Don_D_Armanno, message me on social club DonArmanno or comment your PSN and I will get back to you. Application Social Club Username: ANSWER HERE PSN: ANSWER HERE Age:ANSWER HERE Timezone:ANSWER HERE What are your in game skills:ANSWER HERE Any personality traits that would contribute:ANSWER HERE
  7. Im searching people for the Elite Challenges youll get the rarest t-sh*t in gta after finishing all elite challenges you have to be: -above lvl 250 at least -very skillful in every part of gta -absoulutly reliable -able to comunicate in a team -able to complete the challenges without glitches, cheats... the route for the pacific whcih i am doing at the moment https://youtu.be/1-9wug2yIos (you have to be able to do this and more challenging things...) About me: LVL 720 +210 +190 (2 accounts; 3 Characters) I already finished all Elite challenges. Languages: German and english PSN: pbberto Youtube: Bertolli18 FEEL FREE TO CONTACT!!!
  8. Grand Theft Auto LATE NIGHT CAR MEET!! 10/26 11:30pm (CST) - til Whenever ALL CARS WELCOME Please act appropriate if you wanna kill people this lobby isn't for you we just want to have some fun showing off our cars and Drag race for money! Please keep the racing clean,the bitching to a minimum and always Have Fun. PsN: MuDLiGhT join now
  9. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.r...oguns-eliteones
  10. UdEaD78


  11. I've had an open lobby to myself for the last hour and was wondering if anybody wanted to help me with some CEO stuff. I'm looking to fill my small warehouse and sell it all in one big lump. For your help, I would gladly do CEO VIP Work in between jobs and give it all to whoever helps. Add me up on PS4 if your willing to help me out! After I sell I would like to help you out any way I can! You can hire me for whatever and help you sell! My PSN is BrodyRedEye
  12. XoticFlameZ919

    Need help with heists - PS4

    I need a crew to help with the Humane labs heist and anyone after that if we decide to I am on the Emp setup at the moment and maybe beyond that by the time you read this, but if you would still like to help send me a friend request saying gta heists Add XoticFlameZ919 Also if you dont have a mic its all good but if you do just dont be obnoxious and extremely loud
  13. KingLurk.ShogunsMC

    The Shoguns MC (PS4 Only)

    We are a PS4 only Motorcycle Club who ride with each other regularly and all get along like true brothers. Too us it's not just a game, it's a brotherhood who respect each other and has each others backs. You don't have to just play gta but you do have to be online on gta with us for at least 3 days a week if you hope to get your full patch. If interested or want more information please contact the president on PSN @lurksta94 or on RockstarGames Social Club @KingLurk13 or simply reply to this topic and we will get back to you as soon as possible. -TheShogunsMC https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/theshoguns-eliteones
  14. So I Need A Few Actors For My Movie, The Devil Inside. Its An Apocolyptic Movie About A Man Taking Back Everything That The World Took From Him. I Need All The Actors I Can Get For This! Email Me: [email protected]
  15. Don J.Garone

    Garone Crime Family now recruiting

    Introduction Garone Crime Family: The Garone Crime Family is currently looking for new family members, in our crew we treat members like family and have respect for each other. We are looking for new members that like the american-italian mafia, this crime family is based on the crime families that are located in the Western United States. If you want more information about our crew we like to welcome you to our website: http://garonecrimefamily.weebly.com/about-the-family.html How to join our family: To join the Garone Crime Family you need to contact Don Garone on social club by sending him a message. When you send us a message with your gamertag on playstation network and a small introduction about who you are and why want to join us, after sending the message the don will reply within 48 hours to your message. When you not daily on social club you can also send us a message to the following e-mail address [email protected] Website: http://garonecrimefamily.weebly.com/ Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/garone_crime_family E-mail: [email protected]
  16. The League of Doom [ DOOM ] is Now Recruiting for well skilled free aim players on the gta community. Requirements: Must be age 14+ Must have mic Must be mature ____________________________________________________ RECRUITMENT SYSTEM --------------------------------------------- We are a free aim rng and strict freemode crew. Our main goal is to transform our recruits to highly skilled players in free aim. We train from close range rng all the way to sniping from rooftops. Self Transformation is our goal for recruitment. We are not a military crew, but we do have strict training on combat and it is truly difficult to become a full member into our organization. -------------------------------- We begin recruits with their introduction phase which Involves (Uniform fitting,Rifle tests,Sniping tests,Structure insight,etc.) Most of our training however involves deathmatches,freemode scrimmages,lobby takeovers,private tactic teachings & more. We are small in numbers, however the techniques and tactics we teach you as you roll in as a recruit can be mind blowing!!!! It is however recommended to be familiar with free aim before enrollment into our recruitment academy, because if your skill is not improving over time, you can be terminated from recruitment. ____________________________________ WANNA JOIN OUR BELOVED ORGANIZATION??? POST THE FOLLOWING DETAILS IN A REPLY TO JOIN: PSN USERNAME SOCIAL CLUB FULL FREE AIM? MIC? EXPERIENCED IN FREE AIM? ARE YOU A CLEAN PLAYER? ______________________________________________
  17. Hey what's up guys im looking for any ps4 players to start my race wars Only requirements are 1. A car 2. You The main objective is to win the race As any real street race their are a few rules 1. No guns!! 2. No cheating or disqualified 3. No cops (goes with rule 1) The way the race works is like normal street racing. one person (non racer) will honk the horn 3 times and the race starts. I know some of you like to bet well we can do that! Set a bounty on a third party (non drivers) head and the opponent sets a bounty on another player and winner of the race kills both and recieves cash for winnings If your intrested in race wars add me on PlayStation (fuzzydingo97) or watch race wars live on my youtube channel (fuzzydingo)
  18. DLRSFlux


    Hello my name is DLRS Flux and I am the founder and leader of Delirious. I started Delirious in 2013, we have branched into other games and we are looking for people to join our GTA crew. We would mainly like active people who help fight other crews. We would also like people who have YouTube channels as we have one, it is Delirious Clan. So if you are interested please reply your socialclub name. Thankyou. Here is the link! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/delirious_crew
  19. Im new to gta and want to get into racing and hanging out with a crew. Im down to do heists and other jobs to make money. Im level 18 and 19 y/o. Really chill.
  20. hirokc44

    [PS4] Destruction NG

    Hey there Fellow Thread Reader, I'm sure you have been scouring the recruitment forum for a straight-to-the-point crew that would benefit your criminal needs. Well if that's the case, your search can end here . Before we dive into the details,we have to share some of the history behind us. It all began with the creation of our parent crew "Destruction No Bar" over 4 years ago. It was a PS3 crew so once next gen GTA released, it started dying out. The crew leaders myself and a guy called dawarboss75 felt the need to create a new crew as more of our members started settling on next gen and thus began a brand new chapter i.e Destruction NG . I'm sure you've figured out the expansion of NG by now. Well, you can put us under the category of a "money making crew" cause all our members will always find support whenever possible in any GTA activity that mints cash ( MC/CEO/Gunrunning/Hangar/Heists etc). We are not starting from scratch, we already have a bunch of players with years of experience on their hands. Not too many crews out there maintain a dedicated groupchat on popular platforms. Fortunately we are one of those types that do so, solely for better communication between crew mates. If u ever need a hand with anything on GTA, u need only drop a msg on these groups. Your loyalty will be definitely rewarded with timely promotions based on your contribution and hours of activity as a crew member. Aside from money making, we are quite enthusiastic about hosting occasional crew events and are ready to enter the crew war arena once we hire some more seasoned killers into the crew. All current crew members are very respectable towards their fellow mates and completely avoid crew killing. Players who look for a peaceful crew setting will feel at home here. Now that you've seen the benefits of joining us, members shud fulfill the following criteria Enthusiastic and serious about GTA (obviously) Must be mature and cooperative preferably 18+ (If you're younger and don't have a track record of being a squeaker, you're most welcome to join). Preferably must be a part of ATLEAST one of our groupchats on the three platforms (WhatsApp,Kik And Discord) as that is where the main essence of this crew lies. If not, its perfectly fine but contacting your fellow crew mates might be a bit tougher than usual. Should never indulge in crew killing, we will definitely ban you upon repeated offences. Avoid being a spoilsport and must attempt to be punctual during our crew events(unless you have good reason not to, which should be brought to our notice as early as possible). That about concludes this thread. So players who are interested can inbox me: Their Phone number(in case you are interested in WhatsApp) Your Kik ID(in case you are interested in Kik) In case you wanna join the discord groupchat, just post a reply to this thread or inbox me so that I can send u the invite link to the server. Or you can just join the server directly via the invite link below but you will be required to introduce yourself once you join. We have a feeder kik groupchat which is now public! (Group ID: ps4gta5DestructionNG) https://discord.gg/MS2gfmU Social Club Link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/destruction_ng
  21. possibleallies

    Wolfs Only Needed maybe pups too

  22. Los Santos GrrrlRiot https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_grrrlriot HOPE TO SEE YOU GRRRLS
  23. Hello all! I'm here to introduce a newly formed crew that is seeking those who are looking for a crew that will be tight-knit, will have your back, and be willing to help you with any money-making endeavors you're into in GTA Online. The crew has undergone a total revamp due to inactivity of previous fair-weather membership so we've cleansed our roster, started fresh, and are looking for those players who are playing regularly but not wanting to be a lone wolf. Also, our forward thinking approach takes into account that soon Red Dead 2 will be coming out and it will feature a similar online structure to GTA Online. Our crew will carry over into that as well. If you want to be a part of a team that plays and plays well, then you've found the last crew you'll ever need. We realize that in the end, this is a game and thus the main focus is to have fun. We're not buzzkills. We just expect that if you know the goal is to have fun, you'll do what it takes to both have fun yourself, and help your crew mates do the same. If you've ever seen Vanossgaming's Youtube channel, that's the kind of ridiculous fun we love to have! Now, just because it's for fun doesn't mean we don't take missions seriously. We leave the messing around for free mode but it's all business when in-game money's on the line. We use all the tools available to make money-making quick and easy as possible. The leaders of the crew are very well-equipped in-game and can help low-level players level up quick and make loads of money. We have access to all the businesses in GTA. CEO, VIP, MC, and now Gunrunning as well as the standard contact missions. We play in free aim and use Hard difficulty where possible. (Best payouts) So here's what else you need to know: How to Join: Friend request FlyntieRyder on PSN and in the friend request mention joining the Digital Disciplines OR you can search Digital Disciplines in rockstar social club and request to join and we'll check on it as soon as we're able. Crew Name: Digital Disciplines Crew Tag: DBLD Crew Leadership: Creator- FlyntieRyder, 1st Lieutenant: Crush, 2nd Lieutenant: Joker Crew Platform: PS4 Only Crew Page on Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/digital_disciplines
  24. paytebi

    Car dup on ps4

    Need someone who could take turns with me on ps4 add me up xBiEnumah
  25. PestisPrimus

    Legion of Avernus MC (PS4) LF Players

    Apply to join the Legion: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/legion_of_avernus Hi there. My name is Pestis and im a the President of Legion of Averus on PS4. Having lived the Outlaw life on PC, I've recently formed a new MC called the here on PS4. As part of the early days of this new venture I/we are searching for a number of mature (25+ yr old), banter loving, regularly active people that dont take themselves too seriously. My plan is to have a group that run things like an MC would were everyone's opinion and vote counts, not just the dictator at the head of the table. The social part of the game and the shenanigans that come with it are just as important to me as the winning and the in game success and im hoping to find like minded people in that respect. Ive already done the hard part in setting up a crew with a clubhouse and started up our first couple of businesses in forgery and cocaine production and now im looking for people to reap the rewards with. VP and Enforcer positions are now occupied. Positions of Road Cap and SGT are up for grabs for any person that wants to be part of the leadership and help shape the way forward. From an activity perspective i play most days so will always be about 2 or 3 hours during the week and more at the weekend. The plan would be to have days when we have the greatest number online set aside to run the juicey many making tasks. So, if this sounds like it could be up your street and you tick the boxes on the following criteria please drop me a line: 1. English Speaking 2. You are 25 or over. 3. You play on PS4 4. You play 3 or more days a week 5. You are able to use voice chat 6. You arent a super serious rage quitting nightmare Our Social club profile can be found on the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/legion_of_avernus/ I can be contacted via the social club site, in game via pestisprimus or for those that use discord as well via pestisprimus#1167 (text only as i predominantly use discord on my phone). On a side note, i would also be open to and interested in discussing alliances with any other PS4 organisation with aligned perspective and a willingness to aid one another in mission such as product delivery etc. Just drop me a line cia either of the above mentioned methods. I look forward to hearing from you Outlaws soon.
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