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  1. 187CcC (Murdering Clan Causing Chaos) is looking for new members! We currently have 255 members, an awesome leader, awesome members, awesome crew color(s), and a spot open just for you if you pass the requirements that are below: Skillful (prefer if you have at least 1.2 K/D), Mic, and most importantly acknowledge the core crew rules which can be found on our Social Club page (link below) If you would like to join please add vLifestealrv on PSN and put "crew" in the message. I will invite you to a party chat with me ASAP to see what your made of. Pilots are welcome as well!!! Our Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/187ccc Our Leaders Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/crew187ccc Our Youtube (we will have much more videos soon!): https://www.youtube.com/user/crew187ccc
  2. I'm looking to recruit players to do a weekly race playlist, for YouTube and Twitch. Maybe every Saturday evening. The races may be mostly made by LordTominac. Click the links below He makes awesome races, the latest one includes jumping off from platforms, high in the sky in a tractor. His YT channel His races on RGSC-Search LordT I'm not a big YouTuber, but I hope to be in the next few years. I will setup the playlists. My PSN ID is MOINI16. Friend me or join my new crew 'PS4 Racers' and I'll invite you for every race playlist. Check out my YouTube channel. PS4 ONLY.
  3. I need people that are willing to do heists or whatever to make as much money as possible. I just came back to gta and im running dry on cash and would like to get some of the new stuff. Hmu if youre interested be 18+ my psn is YG_Kai
  4. Reptilliangod

    New drug cartel crew needs members

    San Andreas Reign is a PS4 crew i just started, this is an organised crew orientated around the drug cartel theme. This crew is semi roleplay This crew is for mature players who want to feel part of a major organization and have fun. SC link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_reign Apply through the website here: sanandreasreign.wordpress.com PLEASE Submit an application through the website and we will send you an invite to the crew if you meet the criteria.
  5. Hi, I need employees to transport special crates for me. You will get paid up to 10K every 15-30mins and I also believe that if special crate missions are successfully completed you will receive extra GTA cash. Please note that you will not instantly start out being paid 10k however it will reach 10k over time and if I dont die. But I guarantee you I WON'T die as I'll be sitting in my office assigning you new special crate missions while you guys get the physical work done. When both of my large warehouses are full of crates I am willing to do some VIP missions and hiests, I will NOT take any CUT from these and I'll only share the money between you. So you get 100% of the pay. For example we do a heist that pays 500K and I'll take 0% of that and Ill help you complete the heist. You also get paid for doing heist set ups. PS4 ONLY How Can I Assist You From My Office During Special Crate Missions ? If you need any of these during the GTA online sessions simply message me using the in game phone. 1. Bribe cops and make them turn a blind eye for 3mins 2. Call in any vehicles for you to use to complete the crate transports, for example planes, cars, boats etc 3. Ghost Organization (makes you invisible on the map) for a limited period of time 4. Drop weapons and ammo for you 5. Call mercenaries on any player who's preventing you from being successful on your special crate missions. I'm based in the UK so the time zones might be different depending on your location. Times that I'm on GTA Online These are BST zones Monday 6pm-11pm Tuesday Offline Wednesday Offline Thursday 8pm- 12AM Friday 9PM-1AM Saturday 8PM-12AM Sunday Offline PSN: Zakk_1699
  6. Grindgrizzly

    Criminal state

    Thinking of starting a new crew, if I do looking for players. Will be oriented around the new organization theme, hitting other organizations trying to collect cargo and filling up each others warehouses to make More cash. Ps4 only for time being Must be rich don't want no broke ass hoes. Must be fluent in killin fools Must have a mic Must be atleast 16-18 + Must NOT be a butt hurt sissy And that's it Get at me on ps4 or here Grindgrizzly
  7. Have you been looking for a realistic emergency services roleplay clan, one which provides you with the most professional yet fun experience? Why not apply for the SAES clan, at saesclanps4.enjin.com If you would like to see what our clans like simply search 'sass clan' on YouTube. There's tons of videos.
  8. RatherStunning

    Play Heist with

    (PS4) Me and my friend are looking for someone to do heist with! We are two girls my tag is Ratherstunning I am online now #PS4
  9. PrincessXena

    {PS4} Sins of Los Santos Crew Recruitment

    SOLS is now recruiting!(YAY) Are you a player new/old to GTA V, a victim of a drive by, a lost soul, looking for action with some casual fun under the Los Santos sun? We are looking for great helpful players who hate the scene of drama queens(need not apply) and who can handle business as well as take and give constructive directions when needed. Our Crew Name: Sin of Los Santos (SOLS) Platform: PS4 RockStar SocialClub Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sins_of_los_santos PS4 Community Name: GTA V SINS OF LOS SANTOS CREW (SOLS) Times: Varies From US EST to US PST What the SOLS Crew has to offer: A relaxed and fun kick back mature environment A diverse group of people from beginners, moderate, and experience level players Depending on the mood & mode many of us take part in Races, Survival, Deathmatches, Heist, CEO/VIP Raids, and/or any other leisure activities or events Ideal Crew Member: Leadership & Respectful players Prefer mature player to be over 18 years (some exception have been waived) Have good working mic Have a great positive attitude, sense of humor, and can be a team player Be able to be an asset when call upon Represent the crew & display crew tag Offer any administrative help to assist in boosting team morale Contact Info: If you have any questions or looking to join, reply to this post and sent a message to me on PS4 @ PrincessXena. Please be sure to state your purpose, your interest, and any questions you may have relating to GTA V SOLS crew memberships. Thank you all who took the time to read this post and those having interest.
  10. need4need4speed-Logic

    Car meet ps4

    My name is need4need4speed add me on ps4 and i wil invité you for the car meet on GTA5
  11. Like the topic title says, Two friends and I looking for one more. We are not attempting to do criminal mastermind. We just are doing heist for fun. Send a request to PSN: MajinGoji
  12. Crew-GrimeyyBosses Social Club- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/grimeyybosses Members-59 (PS3) 6 (PS4) Leader Psn: xGrimeyyTone- and Skullkid119 Message me on anyone of those if interested in joining. (Ps4/PS3)Most of our players are active daily and very cool people(male and female members). We Have members in different time zones, so there is always someone available 24 hours a day. Our plan now is to gain popularity on the PS4.We are all very skilled in the game so we would test your skills before we invite you to the crew. We host deathmatches all day long and we even create some very good matches that you should check out. So if your interested in joining message me on PSN. (Ps4/PS3)
  13. Car meets ! Anyone can join If u got the flyest car and wanna cool on gta Message me at jayowhehh Trying to make a huge event
  14. HAPPY_520

    Need assocciates

    Must have a mic Will be in freeaim lobby 90% bouns PSN HAPPY_520
  15. Ayyyyy Peeps I need 3 players, preferably above lvl 50, to play the Series A Funding setup & heist. i dont have a mic, so you dont need one either. Im getting frustrated with players who leave after the first or second fail and the auto-inv system. I usually play from 20-24 PM UK time
  16. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date Saturday July 9th 2016 3PM EST - 2PM CST - 12PM PST - 8PM UK Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules Muscle and Supers - Drag Race, Side by Side Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists. Standard Rules Apply: 1. Do not damage player vehicles 2. Do not kill or antagonize players 3. Do not bring emergency Services such as Police/Fire/Merryweather (NOTE: Please use lester when this occurs to avoid possible conflict)
  17. SinistervJoker

    Sinister Mobb Syndicate

    Sinister Mobb Syndicate is an adult gaming crew, age to join crew is 16+, must have mic and have at least a K/D of .60. Prospects are treated as equally as the patch, and put through tests done by hierarchy to determine where you heart is at to see your loyalty to the club. They must abide club bi laws and laws of war. We communicate using KIK messenger, a texting app for android and IPhone, as a way to talk outside the game. Send a message to SinistervJoker on XBL or to Joker on KIK TriCityManiac517 if you would like to join. Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  18. PierreTheBandit

    anyone wanna join for heist?

    Add KingGuwopDK on PS4 if u wanna play
  19. Hi everyone. My name is Gus, I'm old (26) and I'm from Brazil. I'm having a hard time to find people to play with here, cause they are all annoying kids and they do not know how to play. I'm tired of that. So I decided to play with people around the world. I mean, my english is not that good, but I can try right? Is anyone up to make new friends and play a little bit? Send me a friend request, PSN: Castellari09.
  20. Date:015/04/16 Time:9:00pm Timezone:EST Car Type(s):Any Sports Platform:PS4 PSN ID Shiva365 Venue Los Santos Customs in the City- Trevors Airbase Tell Your Friends and message me if you would like to participate. NO Invites After 9:30pm EST Rules no Killing or you will be kicked Special reward of $20 psn gift card will be given to 1st place winner at the end of the month for the End of Month Drag Race (CARD CAN ONLY BE REDEEM IN THE US) Hope I will see some guys tearing up some asphalt tonight (NOTE: PLEASE BE IN GAME CHAT SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN)
  21. AlienJesus

    SA Spec Ops Recruiting

    SA Spec Ops is recruiting players... We are trying to expand our crew we dont have any requirements besides being very active on gta and using freeaim. Any Questions DM DJ1999KILLA on ps4 or Message me on social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/dj1999killa the crew link is: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sa_spec_ops_squad
  22. Carl514

    NightMare OutlawS (Crew Recruiting)

    Time as Come For you Soldier Of Darkness, The Nightmare Outlaws Crew is Recruiting now On Xbox 1 and Ps4, one Commisioner spot for Ps4 gestion is open, If you like Riding Motorcycle , And making Chaos, this crew is for you, here is The promotion Video of The club http://youtu.be/sKTKZS68zWk And web page is under Construction !!! Join Now https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/nightmare_outlaws_
  23. Looking to film with some actors willing to follow directions, change outfits, and whatnot.
  24. Are you interested in riding Harleys Bikes and hanging out with your own brothers/sisters on PS4? Well, you're at the right place. I know you're here because you've got the calling. OUR TIME ZONE IS EASTERN AND CENTRAL MOSTLY. Thanks we are a family and we must all have each other's back. History: This club has been established in April 2016, when the VP, Sgt at arms, Head Enforcer, Prospect and the Property of Outcast MC broke off and formed their own club. Requirements: Must be 17+ years old. We do not accept anyone younger in age. Must have a Mic, and speak the English language clearly. Must have kik, to contact you out of gameplay. Must be Active Basic Rules (there's more to know once you join): Respect: You must respect the ranks at all times. They have been in the MC world long enough to understand what's going on. You will be muted as a support, when the patched members talk something that is club related. If you're not active on social media and the game, you're kicked out. If you can't be on you must message the secretary or the group that you're going away. f*cking hangaround is for us to see you, and for you to see us. If you don't like it, then you message and tell us. Prospect is for training. Expect to be bossed around, this is an MC not a daycare where you can be babied. The Colours are Black and Red, you can wear all black but you can't wear all red and the red must not be extremely visible where you standout. ARs only, we are 1% club. Heavy weapons are FORBIDDEN. We ride Harleys bikes only, so LCC Hexer, LCC Innovation, and Daemon. You will start as support, throughout your hangout and the way you adapt to our club, the club will then decide if you will be worth it to prospect. As a prospect you'll be tested (you're tested while in support too) based upon your communication, attendance, shooting skills, and etc. Loyalty is the key to everything. when you are recruited you're expected to be met by all members, and expected to be joining any party that the members initiate for you. FREE AIM ONLY NO FAA. Must follow all instructions set out by the rank officers. Rank officers: President: x-sippikilla-x Vice president: Hobbsz Sgt at arms: MsoutHsideT Secretary: xxiamnoorxx Head Enforcer: Duhwicked1 Enforcer: Disqbey Prospect Manager: Irishtaco If you want to join you message the secretary: slutbruh. on kik. She will ask you couple of questions and then she will see if you're qualified to be support for the club.
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