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  1. Add me on PSN: JCPhoenix7 I mostly enjoy doing the CEO work since it's less janky than Heists, and more fun and profitable than DM and missions, but I can never seem to get a good group together. Mostly been doing Cargo missions with Headhunter in between each one, but I'm willing to mix it up too. Might be a positive or negative for some, but my router doesn't like GTA much and I'm often stuck in a server all by myself which should make for easy money. I don't think there's any issues with friends joining the server, but any server with above 15 players I start running the risk of lo
  2. xCurlyxTopx


    Hey there I'm looking for active players with a mic preferably, to help me fill my warehouse. In between I will do headhunter missions to earn extra cash. Please add xCurlyxTopx on PS4
  3. Girl with a mic looking for people to do ceo work with. Level 125+ my psn is embobsxo if anyone wants to help 😛😛 xox
  4. PrincessXena

    {PS4} Sins of Los Santos Crew Recruitment

    SOLS is now recruiting!(YAY) Are you a player new/old to GTA V, a victim of a drive by, a lost soul, looking for action with some casual fun under the Los Santos sun? We are looking for great helpful players who hate the scene of drama queens(need not apply) and who can handle business as well as take and give constructive directions when needed. Our Crew Name: Sin of Los Santos (SOLS) Platform: PS4 RockStar SocialClub Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sins_of_los_santos PS4 Community Name: GTA V SINS OF LOS SANTOS CREW (SOLS) Times: Varies F
  5. Website: http://theironlordsmc.wix.com/lffl Social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/original_iron_lords The Iron Lords MC are a motorcycle club for GTA V that centers on loyalty, brotherhood and organization. We Wish to create a brotherhood that enjoys being a family and helping one another out. If you are willing to find a crew that always kills and rides together, look no further! Our aim is to be an organization that brings mayhem to the streets of Los Santos. ​ Requirements: Must be active. In Free Aim Must be Mature Must have a mic and kik. The rules and the b
  6. Car meets ! Anyone can join If u got the flyest car and wanna cool on gta Message me at jayowhehh Trying to make a huge event
  7. RatherStunning

    Play Heist with

    (PS4) Me and my friend are looking for someone to do heist with! We are two girls my tag is Ratherstunning I am online now #PS4
  8. need4need4speed-Logic

    Car meet ps4

    My name is need4need4speed add me on ps4 and i wil invité you for the car meet on GTA5
  9. Clik Clique the photography and chat based crew, if your interested add me on psn RealSickShady inbox me saying crew.
  10. Hi If you're interested to play with me then add, zAK47__DK
  11. Recent new mobster crew just popped up in los santos,ready to take over city,but first need new members aka new blood to join the family,need muscles. Any one can join as long as your active player, attend meetings and do jobs,you will also be rewarding and always move up in ranks once you do good, I will promote you. Comment on this post,leave your PSN and let me know, you can also add me here which would be faster, my PSN is Wulfhammerfit and let me know who you are,thanks!
  12. My friend has just got the game and he is new to gta online. Can you guys help us work throught some heist or setups so he can get some money. I am lvl 108 and have done all heist we just need two more players that are reliable in heist. Ill be playing in two hours so around 4:30 usa eastern time. Psn:beentheillest
  13. Youzus

    Prison Break PS4

    Hi I'm a serious GTA 5 player that has started playing again recently. I'm hoping to find serious players that could do the prison break heist set ups with me as well as the final heist itself. My PS4 username is Youzus. Feel free to add me! I'm online regularly. Hopefully I can find some good players Thanks!
  14. Looking to build up a solid group of Aussie players that are online regularly, anytime from 4pm to 12am Id Prefer experienced players but I don't mind helping out newbys, but you MUST have a mic, none of this texting and messaging bulls*** Heists, missions, CEO work, races, dicking around in freemode, whatever happens to go down Post your PSN name and when you're generally online and I'll ad ya My PSN name is exact same as my username here: civil_Rain_Cloud Edit: should mention I prefer free aim, but I'll settle for AA if I have to
  15. HAPPY_520

    Need assocciates

    Must have a mic Will be in freeaim lobby 90% bouns PSN HAPPY_520
  16. is anybody trying to do the heist with me ill keep 25 % everibody gets a fare share . Psn : beentheillest
  17. If you wanna play add me: KingGuwopDK
  18. Car Show access is available 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, but can be subject to change. Please Message and Friend Request the Host to obtain an Invitation or if you have any questions Event Date Wednesday July 2nd 2016 3PM EST Host PSN: BlueHazeMay Twitter: @BlueHazeMay ThaNASTYsnaps Console PS4 Car Rules Horror Cars and Horror Clothing Snaps & Video Recording All Car Show events are subject to photo and video recording for all attendies. Please be cautious of other players and artists. Standard Rules Apply:
  19. skittleskev

    Car meets PS4

    https://www.facebook.com/gta5onlinecarmeet/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuVFYY_WjaSgaQE393tfG2g
  20. Join me in GTA 5 Online PS4 PSN: maryboo16
  21. Author- PSN: Pwnen12345678910 add and message me for a more in depth explanation. Why- we need members we recently started and we have high positions only for the loyal active members first come first serve. About us- we ride, fight rivals in wars, and role-play in vast communities with cops civilians and other gangs. We need loyal members who will help us not only when we need it but voluntarily. Requirements- Have a Chopper Experienced in free aim Social Not shy People or Players not afraid to tell it how it is no beating around the bush. People willing to stand up for a
  22. Yo.. Looking for players to do heist and other fun stuff with. Active and mature players with mic only
  23. i got a playstation 4 recently and i would like some help leveling up my psn name is Brenttino. also willing to work as an associate
  24. 9 p.m E.S.T. Not looking for associates unless you want to you can... Can someone hook me up with a public lobby without griefing so I can do the missions without worrying about Hydras and buzzards trying to kill me every corner. I'd really appreciate it. It's a two way street as well, you don't mess with me I won't mess with you.
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