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  1. AccessVerified

    [United RaZe Clan] Recruitment Free Aim PS4

    United RaZe Clan http://s29.postimg.org/3rwonri47/E_Raze.png ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/united_raze_clan ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ The leader's PSN ID: AccessVerified and Rockstar Social Club Name: xKINGDEMEx ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ About Us: We're aiming to be the FaZe Of GTA! Best free aimers in Team Deathmatches there is! Please make crew account Example: RaZe_ErAGON, RaZe-FredyY. To rank up, recruit only the good and best!!!!!!! Also if you're being spectated by the leaders of higher rank than you, You WILL be considered for promotion prior to the fact that you are earning your stripes doing whatever you can to earn the respect of your leaders so you can become one in RaZe Clan too! You will be kicked for 1) Killing crew members 2) Having other crews 3) Failure to make crew account 4) Disrespecting authority 5) Not being capable of good aiming with the others & 6) Not being active!!!!!!! Follow the rules and you will receive the rewards in return. Please remember to link Rockstar Social Club with gamertag as well! ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ We do not have specific hours and timing for gaming!!!!! You can be on anyday of the week everyday of the week if desired!!!! Just be sure to follow up on crew members ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Thank you, very much!!! RaZe Clan rocks!!!!!!!!!
  2. o_Derezzed_o

    Gta v PS4 vehicle meet

    Hosting a vehicle meet at 9:30 on ps4 all vehicles welcome just no pegasus. Mesg o_Derezzed_o for invite
  3. o_Derezzed_o

    Gta v PS4 vehicle meet

    Hosting a vehicle meet at 9:30 on ps4 all vehicles welcome just no pegasus. Mesg o_Derezzed_o for invite
  4. Captain Revenge

    18 + Crew (no squeakers allowed)

    (International) Stoned Gamer Active 18+ crew with some simple rules for security and crew morale. Rule #1 MUST be over 18 AND mature Rule #2 NO killing other BONG crew members Rule #3 NO racism or sexism, play equally and fairly with all of us. Rule #4 MUST have R* SC profile page linked with gamer tag and platform Active BONG crew Muscle will be brought up to Rep when we go through our list every 3 months or so, tis a long slow process. All Rep, Lieutenants and Commissioners MUST keep BONG as your active crew or face being reduced to Muscle. Play well with others, show our colors and logo's in pictures and you will most likely be moved up. Crew color is a bright green shown in photo below, crew logo is a marijuana leaf also shown. A headset microphone would also be a plus to have http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/stoned_gamer https://www.facebook.com/TheeStonedGamer Commissioner # 1
  5. What has your preference? Car meet event: - meet - cruise - race playlist Biker gang event: - meet - cruise - biker gang playlist I normally host biker gang events with the Noble Lions MC But we also started a crew based on cars (meet/cruise/racing) I called it the Noble Lions Family Group, it's more or less our street gang. Within a few days we also startup our "Noble Lions Private Army" crew Security/army style related. But, that's another story - first things first So, if you want to join one of these two events - let me know CARS MOTORCYCLES USA - 5pm (est) UK - 22.00 Netherlands - 23.00
  6. Hosting a motorbike meet tonight at 21:00 BST ( click this link to see what time that is where you are http://goo.gl/RyJ9YQ ) To make sure you have a space on the meet please tell me your psn name and add me - J69VICKERS We will begin by meeting at the Sanders motorcycle shop and then go for a ride along the highway together and then meet back at the shop for a wheelie competition. The rules are as follows: • Motorbikes only • All types of motorbikes welcome • No killing • No cops • No Pegasus vehicles • Wheelies and burnouts are good • Try not to crash
  7. PS4 GMT Car Meets ​We are setting up car meets on the PS4 for those who have a passion for cars and meeting new people while having fun. We have hangouts, Ride alongs, drags and have random events Important Information: :Members Must add PSN: TheRacerboy5 :Members Must post their gamertag below :Members Must be patient as I will notify members here on this forum and message on PS4 of upcoming events and times :There Will be two PS4 chat groups created One is to be used only by me to notify members of upcoming Events (Only I Have permission to comment in this one) One is to be used for a members discussion where anyone can post and comment. :Please follow rules when in the Meetup. :If a member wants to leave message me personally here or on psn. :Most importantly have Fun. Feel Free to ask any Questions Meeting Schedule Tomorrow 24/09/15 : 19:30GMT Saturday 26/09/15 : 18:30GMT Saturday 03/10/15 : TBC **********TIME ZONE CONVERTER********** *** http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html ***
  8. TheRacerboy5

    Any PS4 Car Meets Tonight

    Add me on PSN; TheRacerboy5 If you need some help setting them up let me know and I am willing to help.
  9. Hello Forum users! My friend and i are working on a Fast and Furious style Machinima using ps4, and one of the scenes involves a "Real Race" where lots of people gather with there over-priced cars and rave their tits off. How would you like to be one of these people? Now, this one's a Doozy because we need a lot of people for it, so please, if you're interested, comment your PSN below.
  10. Hey i am looking for people to join my crew maybe it is lvl 49 and i will make you top lvl in the crew. I am looking more for people to help me lvl up as fast as possible any way possible like missions or heists. My psn is the same as my user name. LC_Joey420-710- one more thing i am on all the time so time zones dont really matter
  11. I've been trying to complete this heist for about 2 weeks, but can't get past the deliver EMP setup. Everyone either trolls and goes in like Rambo, gets caught by the patrolling Merryweather, or alerts the scientists. You don't have to have a mic, as I don't have a working one at the moment. As long as it doesn't take hours to complete the Deliver EMP setup, i'll set the cut 25% each for the finale. PSN: Freddykruger29
  12. Car meet on the 22nd of September, be a part of it and enjoy event. If you want to come down bring a slick modded muscle or something with a loud motor. Strictly no supers or high end cars!!!!! There will be drag races and best car contests. It will all be recorded for the world to see on my social club aswell. For more infomation on the event my psn is: Fluffybunni13 Hope to see you all there
  13. Nyrixon

    Luz MC now recruiting

    Luz MC are looking for bikers to join our ranks, we are a small mc at the moment but we are hoping to expand quickly, so there is a big opportunity to be a high ranking member within the mc, we are interested in everything to do with 2 wheels including crew wars, heists, cruising and general mayhem, all are welcome to join regardless of level. If interested add or message: tigerpicko or jackattack207 on PSN R* social club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tec4_luz Crew website: http://luzmc.weebly.com Luz MC trailer: "When we do good nobody remembers, we do wrong nobody forgets" - Luz MC
  14. time : 21:00 P.M UTC+08:00 monday activity ( up to 30 players , except duel ) : ~ team deathmatch ( no spawn traps , no parkhour , etc ) ~ fort zancudo invasion ~ duel ( 2 player max ) at desired location ~ snapmatics for 30 min ~ Naval warfare ( each boat houses up to 5 players , 1 in-charge of " sailing " the boat and other one is using " cannons " ( either RPG or grenade launcher ) . last " ship " stands is a winner ) ~ racing ~ cocktail party ( start fire on grassy/wooden area ) ~ holdoff ( all players must hold off cops in specific spot , if 29 players dies but one still alive , he/she is the winner " ~ Airline ( just fly around in large passenger aircraft or luxury vehicle like deluxe swift . if you can , try to speak like a pilot ) ~ RPG dodgeball ( set on LSIA runway ) ~ Road rampage : - for land : a team must use any car suitable for drive bys ( turret vehicles also allowed ) . the team must survive circling san andreas highway 3 times while having 5 star wanted level ) - for air : a team must use any suitable helicopter for fly bys ( savage and valkyrie also allowed ) . again , circling san andreas highway 3 times while 5 star but this time fly lower so the gunner can attack policecars - for sea : a team must use speedboat for drive bys ( marquis , submarines and jet skis are not allowed ) . almost same as land , except circling san andreas by sea ~ Tanks , Tanks everywhere ( all players use their tanks or turret vehicles to overrun Los Santos as well killing any lawmen , 1 hour . no killing fellow tanker ) post your PSN , i'll put you on the list below Player List : 1.Sky_Light12 - firedenny12 2.lol232 - TRNMTR
  15. Lost Legend

    [PS4] White Mambas MC LS {WWMC}

    White Mambas MC LS (Credit for patch goes to Reaper LP) ABOUT The club was formed on September 18th, 2015 by a newly released convict who goes by the name "White Mamba". He earned the title of White Mamba for his cunning/deceiving methods. He then began looking for people who were like-minded to join his Club and rise to the top of the criminal motorcycle club syndicate ... Bylaws & Info - Ages 14+ is allowed. Must be somewhat mature. No racism, sexism, anti-homosexual comments e.g. Jokes are fine. - Incase you couldn't/didn't read the thread title and the tag, this is a PS4 MC only. - Fight with what you are fought with. If they use ARs, you use ARs. They blow you up, you blow them up. - Try and ride a Western/LCC (Harley-Davidson type) whenever possible and especially with your fellow club members. The Dinka Thrust & Vindicator I will make an exception for. - Preferably use a headset. This grants much more efficient communication. - Preferably players in a GMT timezone or a similar timezone. - Try and check Social Club actively. - This is a highly strict roleplaying crew with Church and in time will have prospecting. This will be a PvP/Competitive MC, be prepared to fight. - This crew is both an Auto Aim and Free Aim crew, try and stay in Free Aim preferably. - Make sure your profile visibility is set to everyone on Social Club. I need to know who you are. Preferably have your game stats showing. - Once you have joined, you should leave all crews that aren't related to WMMC. - Prospecting will be introduced once a solid First 9 Hierarchy has been established. Prospecting will last one week or a few days depending on how I feel about you. - Do not kill fellow members without permission from myself or any other high-ranked members. - Do not bring down any burdens on the club such as killing members of other clubs without permission. Positions *Available positions are in orange* - Vice President: The vice president is second in charge and fills in when the president is away. The vice prez is often the heir apparent to the clubs leadership although this isnt always the case. Its his job to make sure that matters passed at club meetings are carried out satisfactorily. - Sgt. At Arms: The sergeant at arms is basically the gangs policeman. He enforces club procedures and maintains order at club meetings. The sergeant is in charge of security at gang events and he is responsible for back ups (attacks on rivals). - Road Captain: Most motorcycle gangs have a position known as Road Captain. He is in charge of logistics during a club run. He plans the route. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president. The position of Road Captain is usually a non executive position. - Secretary: The secretary is responsible for the clubs paperwork. He keeps minutes of meetings and records dates of significant events, such as anniversary dates (when prospects gain their patch). He corresponds with other gangs and its his job to keep members informed of upcoming events. The secretary is usually responsible for keeping records of club assets although the treasurer will do this in some gangs. Source: http://samcroclan.we...rarchyranks.htm - Outrider (Custom Position): A member who goes in advance of a high ranking club officer to clear a passage. Normally would act as a bodyguard for the President. Could be combined with Road Captain if necessary - Enforcer: To enforce clubpolicies/bylaws to Prospects. Assistant to Sgt. At Arms & assists club members in their interpretation of club responsibilities. Generally to promote club life among members. - Tailgunner: Defend club rides, assistant to Outrider & Road Captain. POSITIONS WILL NOT BE HELD OUT TO ANYBODY. YOU MUST SHOW LOYALTY. Before joining, you should fill out an application so I know who I am enlisting... If you wish to join then copy this question template and answer the following questions (PLEASE DO NOT PASTE THE BRACKETED PARTS): Timezone: Age: Skill/Proficiency (what you would bring to the table): Social Club Username: Past Motorcycle Clubs and past crews: Preferred Position: (e.g. Road Captain or Secretary. *Positions can be only allocated to one person, we cannot have two Sgt. At Arms. The same person cannot have two positions/roles either. Exceptions can be made however for certain positions) Preferred Targeting System: (e.g. Free Aim, Auto Aim. The reason I ask is so I know if you have any experience, if you do not have any experience, then we could schedule a friendly inter-crew battle/TDM to sharpen your aiming skills) Why do you want to join WWMC? (This is so I can get an idea of who you are and your intentions): What do you want your road name to be?: (A road name is the name you would be preferred to be called when with the crew. This isn't mandatory but in example, mine would be "White Mamba") If you are joining only for RP or are an unjustified crew hopper you most likely will not be accepted. Havoc Vote What is a Havoc vote? We will have Havoc votes if another players actions are deemed worthy enough of a death penalty. All members must vote unanimously. Havoc votes will be executed by "Harbingers of Havoc". These will be players who are experienced virtual killers who would kill for the club and would be given the title of Harbingers of Havoc. "What can I do to avoid a Havoc vote being executed against me?" For non-members: Stay on good terms with the club, don't kill us, irritate us or inconvenience us in any way and you should be fine. For members: These three above still apply. If you wish to leave the club, make sure you leave on good terms and explain why you're leaving plus settle any inside-the-club beef (if there is any) on the way out. Generally, just follow the Bylaws and you'll be fine.
  16. Syndicate Underworld ============== Heist Specialists. Pure Professionals. No shortsighted rules or empty dogma. We do what we do best...We take down Scores. This crew is for active Heist and Mission grinders that get the job done--all business. Mature players that can handle themselves, work cooperatively, and strive for excellence are ideal. Incorporating a patient and methodical approach with the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of changing circumstance is something we aspire to as a standard. We want leaders with vision and operators with brains and sharp criminal instinct. As we grow and evolve, so does our strength and dexterity. We want creative thinkers from all backgrounds and specialties to mold and shape this crew into a multidimensional criminal conglomerate. Our diversity and wide-ranging skill set makes us fluid, formless, shapeless--our bloody grasp reaches everywhere and everyone. Here, words like Loyalty, Trust, Respect, and Teamwork carry weight. Maximum membership is not our aim. We value high level quality operators over quantity. Promotions are based on merit. Non-team players and those strictly out for their own gain need not apply. Our ambition is to make an idea into reality--to eliminate wasted time waiting in empty lobbies, heist failure, rinse and repeat. The goal is to bring together strictly competent players that enjoy working as a team; a cohesive membership where your actions determine your reputation. Heist leaders, yes, but just as willing to help and join teammates as heist CREW. This way every one's grinding heists with a solid crew backing them up, makes money, and has fun taking this city for all it's worth. Rank 100+ OR Rank 85+ with K/D of 1.00+ is required. No glitching or modding. No senseless crew kills. After starting on PS3, we're now a PS4 outfit. Idea men and women, proficient R* editors, emblem creators, recorders, those interested in leadership positions are welcome to reply or Private message me with interest, feedback, ideas, etc. Rockstar Social Club To apply, reply to this thread. GTA Rank: PSN Gamer Tag: Social Club ID: Age (optional): How often are you on: Why you'd like to join:
  17. libra616

    (PS3/PS4) Wicked Executioners

    Playstation 4, and XBO We only have a couple of requirements for joining Wicked Executioners 18 or older Have a Microphone (NAME)-Family, Determined, Headliner, Honor, Style Created April 22, 2014 Crew Color: Wicked Green Family Car: Albany Primo Motto: We get things done as a family and have fun doing it We’re a close, MATURE active family. We pride ourselves on knowing who everyone of our family members are. No one is just a number here in Wicked Executioners. We work together as a family and look out for each other. How this works we have events such as: Car Shows, Drag Racing, Demolition Derby's and more to get to know each other. We do heist and playlist to make money the legit way. The playlist we do are jobs that are created by members of the family. We have a website that we use to communicate that has a full calendar with all listed daily events So if your interested in being more then a number and playing with mature like minded people that makeup a fun family click the emblem below to join for more information Meet the family Wicked Executioners (Name)-The face, the start, All levels are welcome Car Club Dark Knight Riders (Dark)-The Competitive Head 2 Head Dark Executioner R (DKRT)- MC Hit-man/The Bounty Hunters Lady Executioners (Pray)-Mayhem and Mischief Female only crew And the Commander in Chief of Ghosts-Section 9(UNIT)-The Private Military Bodyguards, Free Aim New Member Requirements For the first two weeks all new members must Show up to all scheduled events.(This is so we can get to know you and you can get to know us) Must find the family car Albany Primo off the street(You can not buy it) and have one color painted as the crew color with the family emblem. Must complete 2 races, 2 Team Death Matches, 2 captures, and 2 Last Team Standings with other family members. All new member must wear the family t-shirt. If you're already over level 75 and want to become apart of any other branch of the family you’ll have to wait 2 weeks and have done the new member requirements. If the requirements aren't done you will be kicked. You will be welcomed back if you become more active. The Family Rules 1) NO FAMILY KILLING, NO DISCRIMINATION, or DISCRIMINATORY REMARKS, NO MODDING, OR HACKING!!!! This will not be tolerated you will be kicked and banned. We protect each other and help each other and have a good time. 2) You must have one of the following set as your ACTIVE at ALL times Wicked Executioners (NAME), Dark Knight Riders (DARK), Dark Executioners R(DKRT, Ghost-Section 9 (UNIT), or Lady Executioners(PRAY). You will be kicked if you are not representing us period. 3)BE ACTIVE and PARTICIPATE in family event’s. This is so WE all know who is in the family and can get to know each other. No one is a unknown numbers in this family. If you are inactive without reason you will be kicked. Roster sweeps are done a month are are posted on the calendar Showcase:
  18. San Andreas Roleplay Community Hello! The San Andreas Roleplay Community is a Roleplay Community for GTA Online PS4 that was founded back in August 2018. It has since grown to be one of the most successful places to Roleplay on PS4, gaining over 350 members. We use discord to Roleplay properly. Because we can’t use mods like PC communities, people must follow strict rules instead which allow for a better Roleplay experience. These rules are in the discord server. Only mature people Roleplay with us and we can make sure of that with our interview process to make sure that we don’t get people who don’t know how to Roleplay. At SARP, we’ve got multiple great features to help us RP. These include: • A Department of Justice and Department of Safety. This includes the SASP (San Andreas State Police), SABI (San Andreas Beureau of Investigators, a subdivision of the SASP), SASPAU (San Andreas State Police Air Unit, another subdivision of SASP), SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol, another subdivision of SASP), SASPSCU (San Andreas State Police Street Crimes Unit, another subdivision of SASP), SASPSRT (San Andreas State Police Special Response Team, another subdivision of SASP), SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department) and the Ambulance Services (Subdivision of SAFD). • A CAD built in to our discord which is efficient and simple to use for our LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers). • A state of the art training system for new recruits to the Department of Justice and Department of Safety. • Multiple Civilian jobs such as 24/7 Worker, Bartender, Ace Liquor Worker, Farmer, Truck Driver, Postman, Pilot, Car Salesman, Business Owner, Realtor. • The opportunity to purchase properties from realtors and pay in installments. • The opportunity to start a business and hire workers to do work for you. • An economy system which allows you to be paid depending on your job, be taxed, withdraw or deposit money or give money to other people. • Civilians can access a job openings and ads category to find jobs or advertisments for businesses. • Criminals can access a black market category to find Criminal jobs and illegal things for sale. As well as everything listed above, there is a lot more to our server and there is plenty of opportunities for you in San Andreas. Join us today, just click this link: https://discord.gg/4awMEFH Thanks, - Keith K. Founder of SARP
  19. xl SENTRY lx

    Red Right Hand 21+

    Red Right Hand The Red Right Hand is looking for 21+ Members As of now I'm only looking for a few people to start small and as the game updates come out I will expand. I'm 28 and from Texas and always down for the haha's Outfit requirements: 1. Anything Rugged-NO SUITS 2. Must wear one piece of Red clothing-(Bandana,Vest,Jacket etc...) Age and conduct requirements: 1. 21+ No leniency on this policy 2. Treat posse members with respect 3. Do not fire unless fired upon while playing with posse 4. Stay together and don't wander off without telling other members-Example:Going hunting while in posse Playstyles: 1. I'm not picky no K/D requirements or any of that nonsense 2. Down to RP? Yes. Doesn't mean this is a RP crew. My PSN: Lowlife_Lou You have been downtrodden, you have been abandoned, Now is your time to rise up, out of the oppressed to emerge from the shadows! Now you fight for yourself, for freedom, for honor, FOR THE RED RIGHT HAND! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/1x_red_right_hand_x1
  20. rabid_white_dog

    airplane meetup PS4

    anyone interested in an airplane meetup at los santos airport? Jets, bombers, helicopters, ect, will make for some good photo ops if interested rabid_white_dog PS4
  21. Hosts/Drillers/Hackers Needed For Finales Only Looking for multiple persons for on-going Casino Heists. I can be a filler anytime and will host if I have all my preps done at that time. You must have a working mic. You must speak English. Add me on PS4 subject ”Casino Heist” ALLWORLD19
  22. Hello there and thank you for checking out this recruitment post We hope you consider joining us, you will not regret it. ​ ​ Hello, my name is George Michael (Not the dead singer) and I am a representative of Freelance Roleplay. There are a lot of opportunities with joining Freelance Roleplay such as, joining a new experience with strict role-players, make new friends, learn new ways of rising your roleplay business or gangs. Session Times Monday-Friday - 7pm GMT - Sat-Sun- 7pm (Might have an earlier sesh) Fun Lobbies ​ We don't just focus on roleplay all the time, we focus on making our players experience with the community more enjoyable and comfortable. This includes when we are not roleplaying you can play with new people in the community and do missions, mess around with new DLC etc. We don't want to bore you out with roleplay all the time, we want you to enjoy yourself. Recruitment ​ Personally I can say yes, I do play FiveM and Arma 3 roleplay servers but I felt like console roleplay communities deserve much better. So if you are a PC gamer with roleplay experience willing to give a hand to console roleplay communities then that would be a big help. If you or you know someone who is a PC roleplayer that has a console and willing to give a hand that would be appreciated. We appreciate any advertisement you can give to our community and we will pay you back for recruiting members. Future Our future with Freelance Roleplay we are hopefully going to strive to our future idea of hosting a second session which is going to be based on Military Roleplay. With this vision we feel like if we got the right support by amazing members and a big admin team full of hosters we would be able to host these two sessions and we concentrate on not just to look big and popular, but to give people a new community who provides variety of things to do. Civilians So we all know we couldn't roleplay without an amazing group of civilians who are willing to roleplay to their best of their ability. They are our main source of roleplay, this includes roleplaying setting up a business and recruiting people and causing damage or even getting into trouble. Or it could even be you want to set up your own gang and go around causing problems with other gangs and having fights. All these opportunities are unlimited for civilians. All you need to do is use your imagination to roleplay different scenarios and build your characters reputation. So if you are one of those roleplayers with a big image on what you want to do, then all you need to do is sit down and talk with an admin and get it set up. Opportunities are unlimited, just try not to get caught by the police or getting yourself taken back to the hospital. Police Department ​ So our Police Department. Well there are many things the Police Department can provide to you. Serious roleplay, strict roleplay communication, CAD system, SOPS and all. This department has been thoroughly thought through and decided on who bests fits as chief and how the department is managed. We currently have everything set up and now looking for some amazing new officers to join us and help keep Los Santos a safer place. We feel like there should not be any messing around as we do not want to ruin the strict roleplay theme, but also give realistic training and in game experience that a real officer would go through. Emergancy Medical Services ​ So our EMS. They play a more in depth roleplay and a realistic feel to all of our roleplay during the sessions. However, we are currently looking for a new EMS Chief and to fill the EMS command roles and get EMS up and running. So if you are with that talent and knowledge of EMS and you are willing to place yourself in that chief position, then all you need to do is contact myself or any other admins in the community. So if you are interested in joining Freelance Roleplay and you would like to have an amazing roleplay experience to carry over to other communities, all you need to do is go through a short interview. Then we can decide the fact if we can let you roleplay or not. Age Policy: 16+ (May be exceptions but cannot promise) Interview Discord: https://discord.gg/p3sRfGa Website: www.flrpuk.weebly.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/flrpuk Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/freelance_roleplay
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