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  1. NLMC - Noble Lions MC We are offering our services
  2. Grooveyghost

    Street Car Meet NOW! (PS4)

    I'm hosting a street car meet now, add me on PSN to join. My PSN: grooveyghost
  3. Hey, I'm looking for 3 players who have already done the Elite Challenge for the Pacific Standard Haist on the PS4, I already have the finale waiting to be done. Payouts will be 35/35/30/0 Please message me on here if interested. Thanks! P.S I'm also looking for player who are interested in doing the Elite Challenges for The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding.
  4. Looking for 2 people with mics to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.PSN:xwarx46
  5. New York Gunnas

    All New NYG Crew (PS4)

    We are a new crew to GTA online and we are looking for players to join so we can all raise some hell in the GTA online severs So just leave your PSN (Playstation Network) if you are interested http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/new_york_gunnas_x -New York Gunnas
  6. Do you have a PS4? You tired of being constantly jumped and griefed by random people in free aim? You looking for a crew a bit more organized that your typical gang, and has a sense of hierarchy? You want a brotherhood that rides with and for you, and comes to your aid whenever possible? Then The Dark Jesters just may be the MC for you. We ride american choppers (But not limited to them). We help each other out with heists/other activities to gain money, there will be an upcoming short film that you can be apart of, and most of all, we're here to have fun and bs around. To join, you must be at least 18. Mics are strongly preferred, but may be negotiable. You must OWN as PS4. We all only play in free aim lobbies, but you will not be penalized for playing in other lobbies, as long as you at least interact with us frequently enough. There will be a week minimum trial period where you will need to be a prospect so we see what you're about? interested? Then please answer these few quests. How old are you?: Do you have a PS4?: What aim preference in free mode are you usually in?: How Active will you be?: What time one are you in?: Do you have a mic?: if not, do you plan to get one soon?:
  7. Kagami_Tyga

    Car meet ps4

    looking for players to have a good time, feel free to add me, i will be streaming through out the day through USTREAM. If interested add me @ Kagami_Tyga_182
  8. Gta online car meets, ps4 Add heroes32
  9. Jokerg4l

    Join 4pur1ge2 crew

    Anybody wants to join my crew add me ps3 G4L_Joker412
  10. AngelDelightx95

    Needing a new crew PS4

    Hey, I am a female and if you don't like that then please don't comment.. anyways I have been playing the game awhile now and I don't go online much so need crew who will help me grow please. Thanks in a advance.
  11. A new Black Disciples Crew has risen and is available for anyone to join! We are short on members at the moment but we are all an active Crew. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_disciples_gdks We are looking for people to fill in the ranks! So if you put in some work you can be big in our Crew Hope to see you there!
  12. Add me on ps4 atlboy4k. Looking 4 players to join my heist. Nobody ever joins my setups. Requirements is expericenced players and must own a heavy armour suit (tired of people dying over & over again). Will pay 25% if u finish all setups and heist.
  13. I'm looking for 3 players that want to a series a heist I will either join or host my own I will be doing a 40/20/20/20 since it's a double payout my Psn is vaulttecdweller
  14. I don't die but I can't host. PSN-ToahNallman But reply to this first.
  15. IrishLad94

    PS4 Pacific Heist Crew

    Looking for 3 active players, willing to do the heist & setups daily. 40-20-20-20 split, hard mode. Preferably people who have completed before, if youre interested please leave your psn & Gta Rank below ✌
  16. Cherry_Whisper

    GTA 5 Heist PS4

    Need 2 players for the heist and please have a mic wanting to get this done fast every cut will be 25% I am on PS4 PSN ChevyFan1991
  17. Required Level 90+ Heavy armor Mic I already did the challenge once, and looking to complete it again with a friend 1 person is needed Contact my PSN. Cerulean_Turtle
  18. I'm looking for a group of people to do the humane labs heist. I'm 18 yrs old with a mic. I Want experienced members of GTAV. I have a K/D of 1.42 and Level 184. I know exactly what to do. I'm tried of kids and restarting 3 or 4 times. I want to do things quick as possible. Less time working on heist, more time with different heist equals more money. I usually go with 15% 15% 15% and 55% since I get no money on setups. Its only fair. Also I'm willing to do everyone own heist as long as we WORK AS A TEAM!!! I Live in the EST timezone. Add me on PSN: tropic_thunder00
  19. HighGAmerDD

    Lets Finish Heists.

    I'm looking for 3 competent people who would like to help/ would like help finishing the heists in gta 5 online. My psn is ddummott18 im lvl 101 please comment with your psn and your lvl
  20. ChiefxGucci

    Welcome To CapoLand

    Hey Guys Feel Free To Join My Clan We Do Skits, Car Meets, And Just Have Fun In General. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/welcome_to_capoland
  21. Reeceboy69


    Hosting a car meet in 20 mins. Want a full lobby. Add me Reeceboy69. It's on PS4 only just send me a message and I'll invite you NO KILLING NO COPS SEARCHING YOU NO BLOWING UP CARS
  22. Reeceboy69

    PS4 car meet now!

    Hosting a ps4 car meet right now, add me Reeceboy69 we will have a meet and then do some drag racing or have a cruise.
  23. Hypnotic Slayers AKA SLAY are looking for quality players with a K/D ratio of 1.50 or over ====PS4 ONLY==== Looking for people who are Active daily and will set SLAY as their active Crew Looking for Good Snipers, Jet Fighters, Street Fighters Etc... No Killing Crew Members Crew Members will need to back each other up if seen fighting with another crew/persons in a lobby. K/D needs to be 1.00 & Over. Must have a Mic If you would like to Join Us Please click the link below and request an invite. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hypnotic_slayers If you have any questions you can contact me via my psn account ODD_ZoeWowiee We are also looking for someone with crew emblem ideas any would be greatly appreciated. Regards, SLAY leader.
  24. add me on psn if you want to play gta v online and do the criminal mastermind challenge tonight or today. its the same as my username
  25. Los Varrios Locos

    Los Varrios Locos- Join Today

    History Los Varrios Locos is a notorious street gang founded in the 1960's in los santos san andreas. they are suspected of distributing and manufacturing crack cocain. they are also involved in other crimes such as murder, racketeering, money laundering, illegal gambling and a number of prostitution rings around Los Santos. from the 60's to 2015 they been terrorizing the streets and hitting anyone in their way. on April 26, 2012 four members of LVL gang shot and killed two victims one was a member of the Los Santos Vagos and the other was a woman who was hit in the crossfire. Police say that the killings were in retaliation for the shooting of a high ranking LVL member named "Yung Pesos". Young Pesos survived the shooting and is now surving time in Bolingbroke state penitentiary for drug trafficking 3 kilos of cocain with the intent to sell. Yung Pesos whos real name is Victor Martinez is set to be released from prison on July 20, 2015. Rules 1. No crew killing what so ever. 2. always have your homies back. never leave them hanging. 3. no talking to opps or any gang we have beef with. 4. Never ask for a promotions they are to be earnd not givin. 5. NEW MEMBERS MUST PROVE THEY SELF BEFORE BEING JUMPED IN. 6. all orders from the ogs or shot callers must be carried out with no qustions asked. 7. Never bring the cops to the hood or meet unless there is a shoot out or war. 8. LVL MEMBERS CANT BE FROM ANOTHER GANG OR CREW. YOUR EITHER ALL IN OR YOUR NOT. 9. No starting beef with other gangs unless being shot at first. 10. no kid sh*t. this means no sh*t talking on sc. we handle our sh*t in the streets. Activities Crew Meets/Videos Car Shows RPs And Much More Contact info SC: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/young__pesos
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