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  1. Greetings Anon, thank you for taking a interest in this post, I will be providing you with basic information today, regarding the crew obviously. You are required to.. 1. Wear our crew tag at all times 2. Show never ending loyalty 3. Wear your assigned outfit whilst with crew 4. Do not contact our enemies 5. Do not kill people in our crew 6. Follow orders 7. Respect our hierarchy We operate on the PlayStation 4, we're a team of family and friends working together for a better Los Santos. Do you have what it takes? Contact ShadowzAlmighty on PlayStation Network to join.


    We are the Navy of CGNA (Central Governemnt of North America). We are tasked with power projection, crisis response, and direct action. The mission of the CGNA Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. CGNA however has tasked their Navy for aviation (flying) use only. We are looking for people in the following positions. Number one is most needed. All these positions are not all of them, but these posted means you're guaranteed a spot at that job if you pass training and requirements. 1) Annihilator/ Valkyrie Pilots (Rotary Wing) 2) Titan Pilots (Fixed Wing) 3) Aviation Boatswain's Mates (ABH) (Yellow Shirts) 3) Naval Aircrewman (AW) 4) Hydra Pilots (Fixed Wing) If interested, reply here, message me, or friend request me on PS4. My PSNID is PESCAROLOP902. Thank you and have a great day.
  3. scanlan01

    GTA Online Executive Bosses

    Are you looking for a crew to start fresh with? To help build from the ground up? Then EB is the crew for you. Come to the social club URL to check it out. We are an elite set of GTA Online players looking to rebuild a crew that was once originally a police clan on GTA 4 called LSPD911. We were 35 members strong in GTA 4 and now some remaining members look to rebuild a crew on GTA 5 Online. We currently have 3 motorcycle crews and 2 CEOS. We look on expanding our members list and begin taking over populated servers and rack in loads of money from Heists, mission hopping, MC businesses, and other techniques to making money. We do a lot of PVP in the deathmatch and adversary modes, so if you are into that kind of stuff, then we got you covered. Check out the SC page at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/executive_bosses. If you want, you can add caboose1998 on the PS4 and play in a public lobby with us to see if you like it. Just make sure to send me a message about it when you add me so I know. See you in Los Santos County.
  4. Hello everyone my name is Jammer and I am looking for all you PS4 Video editors and Snapmatic creators out there looking for a place to showcase your Art - Talent - Skill with like minded players. Come Join the "Style Syndicate" and lets create art on these mean streets of Los Santos. And also any players that want to be part of videos and photos you're welcome too!! Only PS4 players please - Sorry but that's all I play on.Over 18 and working MIC - We have to be Organised. Linked PSN account to your rockstar account and share your wall and profile with friends and crew so we can share the art we create together. Showing TSS1 as the main Crew tag. No other rules as such - Just basic respect for each other and have fun when you can. So if you're Interested send a request to join at the following Rockstar social club link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_style_syndicate Also, send me a message on PSN: Jammer_Sonar and we can share what GTA has to offer. This is not going to be a money crew - as there are plenty of good crews out there (look for STN357 on rockstar social club and TFAC "The Filthy Animal Crew" If that's what you need ) See you Soon
  5. Hello guys, I'm new to this forums so figured I'd give a try to finding a team to do this challenge asap. I'm very experienced with heists and all aspects of GTA:O but have recently started a fresh account on PS4. I'm looking for 3 players that can get through this on the first run ideally, I'm happy to host all and can pay a fair 40/20/20/20, of course, others can host too but the cut should stay the same as to not cause any issues further into the run, I'm English and play over the weekends and usually on weekday evenings, though for this challenge I'd be flexible. I've completed this challenge twice before too guys, once during the April 2015 not long after heists came out, also I helped 3 guys out when I first transferred to PS4, though I didn't get a second 10m, I was glad to have completed it on current gen. Now I have a new account and really would like a 10-12m legitimate cash boost to get the ball rolling. So, Any PS4 player out there keen to get in? As expected, I'll be using a Kuruma on some jobs, purely to minimise the risk, the only reason it sits in the garage collecting dust to be fair, personally I don't like the drive in it and the stigma of it being the 'noob shell' but suffice to say it was built to take a whack so it will be useful here, on Pacific Standard finale it will be run as usual (except noose, experience will tell) and taking an armoured truck to the boat as I don't care about the finale's pay out as much as the 10m. Please reply here, or send a PM with PSN details, I don't want low levels or kids asking for money or to help on anything other than this challenge at the moment I'm afraid. I'm more than happy to re-do heists as much as needed if I can find the right few so as to fill all our bank accounts up to get some of the more luxurious items on GTA. Please include any ideal times and any restrictions you may have and we'll try to find a suitable time for everybody to be available too. Hope to speak with some good players soon, thanks for reading.
  6. Fear Crew

    Brotherhood OGzz AKA FEAR - PS4

    Leader- Vvgashy 2nd in command Bonnerwilson Lieutenant MaKeliTHaDon20 we are looking for players that are freemode fighters that's know how to fight message either Vvgashy or Bonnerwilson or MaKeliTHaDon20 this is a PS4 crew btw thanks!!
  7. Wrighty6000

    GODZ Recruiting Now! Get paid to Kill!

    Godz of War Crew are recruiting now and looking mainly for Team Deathmatch Players although all Players on all Platforms are welcome to join. We are primarily a TDM Crew but have players of all kinds in the Crew so anyone will fit in. The only thing we ask of TDM Players that join is that you play clean and play fair (No camping and no off radar) We have a Crew Incentive also which is basically if you achieve 10K Kills in Rockstar or Rockstar verified Team Deathmatch maps you earn £10 PSN voucher or equivalent depending on location and platform. 20K Kills is £20 PSN voucher and so on. The Kills must be on Rockstar or Rockstart verified maps so I can track kills and send voucher once milestone is hit. The incentive is to fire the Crew up the World TDM Rankings. If your up for the challenge and to be paid to kill then join us today and activate the GODZ tag. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ii_godz_of_war_ii
  8. Tj_Newkirk1

    The 580's

    New crew looking for member that will be active and dedicated. Going for a family here, not just large numbers. No requirement and there's only one rule. NO CREW KILLING!!! Crew killing will lead to being kicked and or demotion. First 20 recruits get top tier promotions. Leaders PSN: Tj_Newkirk Crew Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_580s_gang

    Umbrella Corps of LS Recruitment Post

    The Umbrella Corps of LS is a Security/Corporation that helps other crews with protection and other assignments. For more details you can reach me on Social Club: drjamari and PSN: DAEDRICLORD34
  10. Hi everyone. Anyone here wanna start over from level 1 on their second character. I think gta online is getting a little old and starting over on second character will bring an objective and fun to the game.... Also looking for friends to play with. PSN: RepzOps Age: 19 Gender: Male. Looking for normal people and not kids.
  11. Don_L_Bianchi

    The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting!

    Tired of playing alone? Looking for an active, strict, organised and well maintained crew? Well The Bianchi Crime Family is recruiting now!!! We are a strict GTA roleplay mafia that is established on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4!!!! We have been around since March 24th 2016 so you can count on us to stick around. Our crew is very strict and requires commitment but do you think you'll make it through? If interested message either Don_L_Bianchi_ on PlayStation or Mr L Bianchi on Xbox.
  12. Chaos Treasure Hunters Are Now Recruiting! Hey there guys, today my crew the ChaosTreasureHunters are looking for all ps4 members looking to have some fun and enjoy making money on PS4. As the leader, I can promise you there are many ways in which we can help you make the most out of your GTA experience. Things the crew and I are very active on are Double Money Jobs, Racing, Last Team Standings, Free Roam Challenges, Businesses, and HEISTS!!! We also do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for any new member that joins our crew. We have experienced members that know how to do the challenge and get you the 12 million it gives. We also offer advice for those who need help progressing in the game and buying cars, clothing, weapons, and great investments in GTA online. We only have one rule and that is we prefer mature players that want to make money and have fun we do not kill for no reason and do not attack other crew members. We help each other out with missions, restocking and selling businesses, and doing heists together. If this all sounds great to you and you want to join now, just request an invite on our social club site here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/chaostreasurehunters Thanks for reading and hope to see you in here soon
  13. Shiva365


    Los Santos Realistic Roleplay : REBORN "Maturity and fun. No bullsh*t" Current Status: UP LSRRP: REBORN is a fun, tight-knit community of people who love to roleplay. We offer a very realistic roleplay, as well as a lot of fun for people who enjoy roleplay on PS4. We have a very in-depth banking system coded by one of our oldest members, a black market for our shadier members, and a lot more! Our sessions are as often as possible! If you have any questions about when we start, you may ask a staff member or another member, just make sure to send them a direct message! Towing: As a tow truck driver you must have your own tow truck (purchasable online) Your duties as a tow truck driver would be to do repossessions and help police impound vehicles that are warranted to be impounded. Ubering: As an uber you drive other civilians around and make sure that their experience is pleasurable. Your starting wage for this job is the charge your set fee for the distance you had to drive them. Security: As a security guard, your job is to protect your clients who hire you, and make sure that they are not harmed by any threats.t. Police: Their duty is to protect and server San Andreas! Good luck trying to join them! They're very picky with their recruits! Civilian: Your average person inside our community. And that's just a few of our several jobs! Not to mention the factions! ​ Mafia: Shady, organized, and dangerous. The worst kind of criminal. They have access to the arms running, drug dealing, and forging businesses Blackwolf Security: Friends with anyone with structure and money. They tend to buy from the mafia and work with the police, as long as it benefits them in some way. Lower ranked members normally work security for civilians. Anarchists: Unstructured hoodlums who just like to cause trouble. The police's worst nightmare. Lucky 13 Motorcycle Club: They say they're just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, but everyone knows they are the top dogs in arms dealing and drug dealing. Why join LSRRP:Reborn? ​ Staff and members are friendly, fun and mature Our rules make it so everyone can have fun Admins have random, unscripted scenarios to keep you on your toes Tons of jobs to choose from A very simple RP schedule that tries to fit as many people as possible A black market, for all your shady needs New stuff added and removed based on what the majority of what our members want Does any of this interest you? Fill out the form at the website (in the link at the bottom) or send your application to [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP! When completed, please post that you've submitted your form in the comments below, thank you! Don't want to give out your e-mail? We completely understand! Here is a copy of the application that you can post in the comments! Character Name: Character Backstory: Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): Character's Occupation: 1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): Personal Info: PSN: Age: Email: Do you have a mic?: Discord (Name#1234): Time Zone: Availability= Days -(AM PM): If you have any questions, feel free to DM us on Discord or by email! [email protected]​ Raven Oversight#1514 Shiva365#0404 xombiekate#8819 Benny#1905 Weblinks: http://lsrrpreborn.weebly.com​
  14. wutangmonk

    Army Role play

    Army Role play You think you have what it takes to join the Army..? We're currently looking for soldiers and jet pilots. We're growing everyday and our recruiting process makes sure we have the best members as possible. If your active and dedicated to role play, join us !! Psn: Pazzi-Godfather Crew:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/army_rp_ps4_ need a mic, Ps4 only
  15. FirstDegreeDonny

    Help Spawning Romero Hearse

    I know how it goes. Everyone wants a hearse, everyone asks for a hearse when a hearse thread goes up. This time it's special, brother. Been hunting one for ages with CEO missions, and holy crap does my luck suck. Just can't get the cemetery cargo. I need someone who already owns a hearse to drive me down to the cemetery so another can spawn. I play on the PS4 and my PSN is ArtyPickles. Send me a message or a friend request, and if you help me get a hearse, I'll owe you big time.
  16. FstikJRB

    Win real money playing GTA V online

    FKU2 is recruiting active adults on all platforms. We are having an RP competition soon with a $20 cash prize. Will continue to have competitions, contests, and giveaways. Join FKU2 - FearlessKillersUnion Like and share our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FKU2Official Our social club page is https://socialclub.r...esskillersunion You can find the link to our Android app in Beta version 1.1 at both links. Details for the RP competition can be found on our facebook page. Keep calm and FKU2
  17. ThePlayBoyXD

    My cousin is lonely

    My cousin is bout to drive me crazy. Ok so a couple months ago my cousin got his lil 15 year old heart broken by some Egirl that liked him once upon a time and every since she left him he has been sad over her for no reason. Someone be his little friend preferably a girl cause he said he has too many guy friends. Leave your gamertag so you can help his lonely ass out!!!
  18. GGEBB 38000

    Xbox One beast mini-game

    A mini-game on beast vs. slasher on Xbox one, message my gamer tag: GGEBB 38000 if you are interested.
  19. Looking for people level 50+ to play heists with and grind money. You must know what you are doing/ played all heists before Must be level 50 or above Must have mic NO LITTLE KIDS Add me on PSN saying u came from GTAForums and ill add u back, My psn is tonamok We'll start on prison break and work up to Pac standard. If someone already has pac standard we'll let them host.
  20. Hello! This is a shout out for a GTA 5 crew that was formed back in February 2016. However the car meet facebook page has been running since May 2014. We've been doing car meets for a very long time now. Originally an Xbox 360 crew but now starting to branch off and expand into the Xbox One, PC and PS3/PS4 platforms. We are looking for both members and folk that would like to host. Crew Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_axle_rattlers Crew Leader: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/xtenbombx We still do meets on the old Xbox 360 and will be supporting that for as long as we can. Will be streaming on as many platforms as we can. Regards, xtenbombx
  21. Taco_space

    GTA Online

    Me and a friend need two people who can get on ps3 to finish a heist instead of waiting in the lobby, Other than that i am joining ps4 to get the full online experience, looking to just do random stuff that could consume time, do missions, and all that other stuff ( also hoping to get more members for my crew). shoot me a pm with the description "gta forums" and ill respond quickly PSN: Taco_space active: occasionally after school, weekends i get on common around 5-8:30 Eastern time ( Ps3) Mic: yes
  22. Vagos MC So. SA About VAGOS MC IS A MOTORCYCLE CLUB MADE UP OF ACTIVE, LOYAL, MATURE PLAYERS WHO COMPETITIVELY PLAY IN THE MC COMMUNITY ON GRAND THEFT AUTO ONLINE. WE RIDE AS ONE AND WE FIGHT AS ONE. VAGOS MC IS A BROTHERHOOD. How To Join If you are interested in joining The Vagos MC you must go through two processes After contacting a Full Patched Member of the club you must accept an invite to the Vagos Hangaround crew. You must complete a minimum one week hang around term and a prospecting term in which the length is decided by how hard you work. The hangaround period is so you can get a feel for the club and members and to see if you are interested in joining, At this point you have no obligations for the club. When you become a prospect, It means you have responded well to the members, and everyone gets along with you. This is where you really show what you are made of. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. Rules for Hangarounds and Prospects Hangarounds ​D. IV. Hangarounds 1. Wear support Gear( Hoodies, T- Shirts, Tank Tops with crew emblem) 2. Show you can and want to be here 3. Ride behind prospects of riding 4. Beware of surroundings 5. DO NOT START BEEF WHEN YOU ARE IN A LOBBY BY YOURSELF 6. You are a extension of our club and a representative thereof so DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT WILL COMPROMISE THE CLUB BUSINESS, APPEARANCE AND REPUTATION Prospects ​ 1. Zero Tolerance for any BS you will removed swiftly 2. Wear your patch at all times 3. Never allow a patched member to be alone 4. Beware of your surroundings 5. Speak only when given a order or otherwise told to 6. Be mature 7. Prove you want a patch 8. Follow any command given to you by ANY member of the club 9. Get to know all your fellow prospects and hangarounds and eventually if you make the cut your fellow brothers 10. Be willing to learn and open minded 11. You will ride behind the patch members when riding 12. DO NOT START BEEF WHEN YOU ARE IN A LOBBY BY YOURSELF ​ Hierarchy President - Navysealzeus Vice President -Paradime Sergeant at Arms - Tacobane Secretary - Soulsie Head Enforcer - Campbell Enforcer - Doc Links Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vagos_mc_so_san Website: http://vagosmcsosan.weebly.com/ Contact soulsie8 , or Navysealzeus on PS4. Or Soulsie, and Navy on Rockstar Social Club. Hope to see some people out there!
  24. RainbowCutthroat

    anyone wanna play Some GTAO?

    Im just a friendly Danish guy looking for some people to play with on GTA! Wanna play Add Str8kashTMI-Gang Will play with anyone who has hit puberty! ;P
  25. Piztor

    Gentlemen's Club

    DATA VENIA With All Due Respect Welcome to Data Venia Data Venia was founded in April 2015 by four real-life friends. After gaining experience in a GTA Online (MC) crew we created our own club according to our own aspirations. The goal of our gentlemen's club 'Data Venia' is to bond with new players and enjoy the game to its maximum potential. By creating a close community based on loyalty, respect and fun we want to enhance your experience of GTA Online. Club standards Data Venia is not a try-hard crew, we do not necessarily participate in competitive crew battles nor want to be the best crew in the game. We do want to offer a full GTA Online experience by playing together in heists, races, missions, deathmatches etcetera. During crew meetings and events we do apply the club's hierarchy in different outfits, as well as crew vehicles in recognizable colors. For more information please refer to our website. Recruitment We have a few requirements in order to join our club. First of all we favour mature behaviour and a minimum age of 18 years old. Since we are located in the CET+1 timezone (European Central Time) we initially prefer players from this time zone to join us. Use of a mic is not a necessity, but it is recommended in order to improve the club's cohesion. If you are interested in joining us please contact us on Social Club. Future Although we're a start-up crew we do have aspirations for the future. All of our club's leaders have experience with large crews and assisted in organizing events with massive amounts of players. This means that the tools to create a great crew are present, but the means have to be supplied by you: the community. By choosing to join us now you allow us to build our own future and at the same time position yourself at a high place in the crew's hierarchy over time. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in GTA Online!
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