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  1. Looking for 3 players to help me play through Doomsday Heist ACT I on PS4. I will be hosting payout is split 25%. Platform: PS4 Username: Tomtom G Time: GMT + 1 No Mic
  2. I've recently formed a new PS4 Community to assist with finding players who are willing to help each other out with completing some of the daily challenges together. More often than not, certain challenges require being in a posse and as most of us know, it's often easier said than done trying your luck with randoms in the lobby. Within the community, you're welcome to offer assistance; ask for assistance; discuss the challenges/game; or organize groups/sessions to just simply play together and have fun. Nothing else is required; just please no hostile or toxic behaviour! If you're interested, post your PSN name here or send it to me via PM and I'll ensure that you receive an invite. Thank you! ☺
  3. Join San Andreas S.W.A.T. Today! We are always looking for new members and we have a community in GTA 5 on the PS4. Our community is full of nice players who want to roleplay as the finest, LSPD or LSSD S.W.A.T. Team. Message DEMON45678912222 or gellenburg on PSN for more details. Thanks!
  4. Asheleaz91

    Goonie Life is now accepting recruits

    My boyfriend's crew on PS4 (Goonie Life) is now accepting recruits. We are looking to expand our crew with active players of all levels. I ask that if you choose us as your crew be prepared to put in work and make money. We try to play daily if not multiple times a week. You must have a microphone to help with communication throughout the squad. Also there is a recruitment period that is determined on your level and experience. At this time you'll be shown "the ropes" and given the opportunity to make enough cash to purchase crew requirements such as clothes and cars. If interested please visit https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/goonie_life. Thank you all and happy gaming! Goonie Life Commissioner, Asheleaz91
  5. Hello to those who are looking at this post! I am an admin on a GTA 5 roleplay community on the PS4 and we are looking for new players who are interested in realistic and serious rp! We have a lot of jobs open as as 24/7 clerks, mechanics, gun shop owners, clothes store owners, and especially COPS! We have an in-depth and working economy system within our discord that we will use to pay for anything via rp. Make sure to join our interview discord to join our main discord! It is a lot of fun and I hope to see all of you guys with me soon! Sincerely, LoganGYT Interview Discord: https://discord.gg/RPJ5Dva (FYI make sure you type in the general chat: "looking for an interview" to get an interview)
  6. Lost RP Discord https://discord.gg/harS6K5 Application Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/ 1FAIpQLSdY3iBbWzC0BN5PT2877tJ kw4K2ac6S6NJ0XWC8niCeG3XlFA/viewform Lost RP is recruiting new members to join us in a exciting world of roleplay on the PS4 console. we encourage people to be whatever role they choose to be from cops to bank robbers to a Uber driver and everything else. Now when it comes to law enforcement you will have to get through some training sessions to get you acquainted with the laws and CB radio codes when you are fighting crime among the Civs. So come join us and see what awaits you at the Lost RP community.
  7. Mozzarella_Dessert

    The Humane Labs Raid

    I need help with the setup missions for the Humane Labs Raid. Is there anybody kind enough to help?
  8. We are a group of biker enthusiasts looking to recruit members to our virtual multinational Motorcycle club family. We speak French , English , Norwegian and Arabic. You get to wear the patch from day one with no hangaround , support bulls**t that most other MC force you to do. You'll be considered a respected member with no humiliation nonsense crap. Although we have a few 1%in game rules that we like to follow to make the game more challenging and fun. Have you been rejected by other MC's or you just couldn't take their bs anymore , then MIGHTY BULLS MC is the crew for you ! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mighty_bulls_mc Add me on PSN : omarlahiani94
  9. COsta_XNX

    PS4 Racing

    Hi, I'm on PS4 and looking for racers. None of that stunt BS, tho. Add me at CostaXCX777, I race mostly sports
  10. Jac3J3ffries

    Steel Pride MC Recruiting form

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QLBFpGPuhNWeZmN-CxdER4PV1IIhUUPd-5zo8Ezfw2c This is the link to the Questionairre. If we believe you have what we are looking for we will contact you via ps4 message. We want to build an empire. We want others who share our vision. In search of every level of expertise in order to completely level Los santos ans shake it to its core. As a unit, Domination is our goal, Intimidation is our tactic and we expect you to shoot first and save the questions. Steel Pride MC til I D-I-E,
  11. Been wondering if anyone wants to dogfight with personal vehicles. PSN: block701 Send me a message. I'll be on this weekend and all next week.
  12. Got a full bunker at the moment and wanna get rid of it to make the most of x2 $ and RP. Will help with anything you need in return
  13. CashDollarsMoney

    Looking for new PS4 friends!

    Looking for friends to join my crew, make $$ and CEO missions. To join with me add me PS4: MoneyiLike
  14. If you like showing off your rides and seeing other great looking cars, then Vine Hills Auto Club is the crew for you! Our meets are typically Sundays at 8pm UK / 3pm Eastern US. Some recent themes include clean classics, modern sports/supers, JDM, off road, and rally. In addition to showing cars at a variety of locations at each meet, we also like to incorporate activities from time to time such as a drift competition (JDM meet), a trek up Chiliad (off road meet), rally stage races, drag and sprint races, and demolition derbies. We've even had airplane meets. I should stress that while these extras are a ton of fun, the core of our meets is collecting and showing cars, so if spending time looking at other people's cars sounds boring, this is not the group for you. We also provide a unique crew color each week, stream our meets, and we use Slack for communication and sharing pics and video from meets. If you're interested, message one of our moderators on PSN and we'll go over details (PSN IDs: Shane_14_09, UnclePab03, CookedBog, lXl-RANGER-lXl). Also check out our website!
  15. Who are we? We are the Broken Pistons MC, newly establish since January of 2018. Broken Pistons MC is also a group of GTA MC formed by veterans who have been in the MC community for years under the true 1% rules, the road to patch will not be easy nor handed out. If you want to work for your patch and become part of a true brotherhood of bikers. Apply now to see if you meet the requirements. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements 1. 18+ or older, no exception of closing in to be 18 y/o or anything other exceptions. We do also need you to be mature. 2. Please fill up the following form and comment or send in as a message: PSN ID: Discord Tag: Social Club ID: How old are you?: Been an MC before?: Got a mic?: 3. As most MC, we require you to be always in Free Aim. Not Free Aim Assisted, just Free Aim. If you're caught using FAA, you'll be dealt by us. 4. We want you to stick by the 1% bylaws 5. You're required to be active while in your Hangaround and Prospect period. You'll be given more of the bylaws when applying. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We consist of people mainly from the US and a few from Canada, UK and some other parts of Europe. If you're looking for people around your active timezone, to grind money, doing races and other fun activities, then you're in luck as we have people that are willing to help you for your financial troubles in-game, improving your driving skills and others. If you're interested in giving us a chance to try, drop us a message and we’ll respond to you within the seconds. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How can I join and support your club? You’ll be first starting off from the Hangaround period. Please click the link below and request an invite. Please follow our second requirement and send in the infos to our inbox and we'll review your submission. You'll be asked some other questions while we go through your form. Once we accept, we'll send you a Discord invite link and you'll be given furthermore bylaws and information as a Hangaround. We hope to see you soon. Social Club Hangaround Page: http://bit.ly/2EfQWzV Discord Tag: ThePurpleDevil#9459
  16. MattMiller96

    Ps4 players

    Looking for players on ps4, 18+ (I have a sailors mouth) who play with mics to do things like: Play heist Run crates/vehicles Motorcycle club Play races f*ck around in general Etc. Add MattMiller96 with the subject gtaforums. Again looking for players with mics so we can coordinate and joke around.

    Low Society Int. (PS4 Carmeet Crew)

    Low Society International was founded in the summer of 2016 as a safe haven for automotive enthusiasts that had an affinity for pushing the boundaries of drag, drift, wheel fitment and stance on GTA V. We view our vehicles as blank canvas and allow our imaginations to take over. 1 years have passed and Low Society Int. continues to grow and reach out internationally, liberating people from close minded notions that cars ought to look a certain way or serve a certain purpose. We approach the automotive world with wide eyes, an open mind, and a goal to share the every day inspiration and dedication found in enthusiasts' garages, driveways, and streets of Los Santos. Through beautiful imagery and heartfelt story telling, Low Society acts as a beacon for the automotive passion that burns inside every one of us. We are an active PS4 Crew that treat eachother like family. We are selective with who we recruit in our crew. Ricers are not allowed and you need to have common sense and knowledge about GTA V and the carculture in general. Check out our instagram for crew content! http://www.instagram.com/lowsocietyint Are you interested in joining or willing to know our crew? Don't hesitate and visit us by joining our Discord server. All the steps are explained how to join our crew in our server. See you soon! https://discord.gg/rmPEngm
  18. Comriemarcus

    [PS4] Join The Lost Boys MC

    Hello brothers, come join the strongest MC in the community,The Lost Boys MC, we are loyal and active and have our brothers backs in and out of games, we help each other get money, we do charity events, huge rides, combat training, formation training and meetings with other crews and much more so come join today PSN: Marcus_Sm200
  19. Looking for a team to take over entire lobbies. I have really have no preference but I am interested in some heli pilots/Jet pilots. We can also make money with ceo or mc missions if some1 needs money
  20. RO9M-lml

    Grumpy Oldtimers

    European Adult / Mature Crew We do our best to be a friendly and fun Crew. And so far we have succeeded, we are a bunch of Oldtimers 25+++ that have a laugh together every day. Good friendly atmosphere with allot of laughs! Our main objective is to have fun and help our mate's having a good time Welcome to Grumpy Oldtimers, the Crew with the walking cane. We're Green, We're Mean We're a smooth runig GTA Machine! Grumpy Oldtimers aka: GOLD Founded: June 2nd 2014 Founder: RO9M-lml (Ronny) Crew Motto: Age is just a Number! Intention: Conquer the World and Having Fun doing it R* SC: Grumpy Oldtimers History Grumpy Oldtimers was founded June 2nd 2014 by RO9M but has been on hold most the time since. GOLD exist because of one of R* f*ck up's, ro9m was supposed to play story mode after a few months away from GTA, when starting the game a R* update had deleted all his save games. A quite pissed of ro9m then made his 1st online character and founded GOLD in hope of getting some likeminded people to join, in the search of new members to his crew, he found another Crew to join. This has sett Grumpy Oldtimers on hold until a few months ago when a few of us relaunched the Crew for the fun of it. About Gold GOLD is and will be a GAMING Crew that let's it's members enjoy whatever game they like, but at the moment the main focus is GTA. GOLD is aiming for adult players and will have a minimum age limit at 20 years, exceptions may be done if we see fit. GOLD would like active members on the mic as we like to communicate with the members we play with, exceptions may be done if we see fit. You can find us at GTAF recruitment topic Grumpy Oldtimers Recruiting or Visit us at GrumpyOldtimers.com GOLD And Soon!
  21. Professional roleplay server that requires a character bio. We have many different outlaw factions along with different types of legal and illegal occupations. Simply click the link to our Sign Up server below to apply today. We hope to see you there, cowboy! https://discord.gg/rNAH6Dc
  22. panikpowell

    Car meet/free roam

    Looking to mess around and show off the cars and bikes. Race around the map and such. Eastern time will be on just add me or message Try not to kill or ram.
  23. LAST OF THE WEST | A RED DEAD ONLINE ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY FOR PS4 AND XB1 We are a very big roleplay community led by people with multiple years of roleplay experience. You can be anything in our community; a ranch worker, an outlaw, a rich business owner, a lawman, etc... As of now we have nearly 200 members, all with different character backgrounds and stories. We participate in roleplay regularly and if roleplay isn’t on, you can develop your character’s story in our OOG (Out of Game) roleplay text channels. Economy Our roleplay community has a ‘start from scratch’ policy. Everyone who joins begins with $1,000. They can then write up their character’s bio. We offer numerous ways of getting money; whether that is doing jobs for others, becoming a lawman, betting in the casino, etc... Department of Justice We run our very own Department of Justice which hires brave lawmen to keep the peace in the different states. We have multiple departments with Rangers, Municipal Police, Sheriffs, Marshals, etc... Join Us! Interested in joining Last of the West? Great! All you need to do is click on the following link: https://discord.gg/Bv2xHdf Hope to see you here soon!
  24. I know of the technique everyone is using where you play a mission like More Than One way to earn a buck or Kill them, each and every One but prolong the mission for at least 25 minutes to hunting and farm xp, but am also looking for even more new team mates to share in the wealth. PSN: HOUND-DAWG90 Mention gtaforums if you add me.
  25. ELITE CONCEPT CREW FOR SOLO LONE WOLF GRINDERS PS4 GRI$ELDA GRINDER$ A New Concept Consortium Crew for Low Levels & Solo Players. Wanted Active Solo Lone Wolf PS4 players only: AFK Types, Low Levels, Returning players, Heist Players, Beginners, Lone Wolf Business Sellers aka Independent Self-reliant Business Contractors. Newbies most welcome. Any rank, skill level or gender considered. You must be 21 or older. We will consider 18 to 20 if you have a desire to play and sell solo. A perfect crew for newbies, low levels, broke players, Lone Wolf introverts. We offer the solitude that the lone wolf desires and freedom of choices. No Discord needed. We teach advanced Solo wealth building methods and techniques including but not limited to: AFK earning with no daily fees, Lowered MTU setting for stress free selling, 15K Resupply trick, Force quitting to get the selling vehicles you want. The best businesses and locations to make you the most money. 2nd character creation to build wealth. If you are a solo player but sometimes you need an Elite crew of great players for Heist or 2X cash events like Client Jobs, MC Contracts and all Missions. We are an Elite crew of Money Makers and Heist Masters. Join us for wealth building activities. You must have us as your active crew always. No crew jumping. We offer Heist Assistance, Financial Advice and Wealth Building Techniques. We have a Custom Jet Black crew color with Custom Red White and Blue tire smoke. Legit vehicle farmers welcomed. We have a Facebook website and a PS4 community with over 550 members combined to help you. You must have a mic upon joining crew. English speaking and understanding. You must be Active. You need to play to make money. We kick inactive players. No Griefers or Tryhards. No Cheaters or Car Dupers. Solo Lone Wolf players preferred Add me on PS4 and Rockstar Social Club: ALLWORLD19 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/griselda_grinders CREW FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/groups/787471558701550 GTA HELP RAG$ TO RICHE$ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2487470501374544/
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