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  1. Reaper Justice MC

    **Reaper Justice MC** XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS4

    In short, we are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion for being destructive, rebellious and without a doubt, Outlaws. RJMC is making its mark on the GTA world with its outlaw antics. We move quickly and stop for no man. We are currently looking for prospects to come join our mayhem. Our sessions usually consist of rides, free mode mayhem, demo derby, playlists, boxing at the cage, and of course, the infamous Brother Wars. We are looking for mature, loyal members who want to be a part of an Outlaw MC. 17+ and mic is required! Our prospect crew can be found on Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rjmc_prospects Prospect expectations: 1.) Prospect must be wearing Brown leather jacket with Prospect patch. 2.) Prospects will respect patched members and should never kill a member. Exceptions will be made when we are doing Brother Wars. 3.) You must take prospecting seriously. While there might be some minor hazing, we utilize the prospect skill to build members up. You will be expected to be active and accept invites to play with crew. 4.) You will be asked, at some point, to do dumb things. Maybe drive the crash van, maybe be bait for an enemy for another brother to get the kill, or maybe its just to wear a monkey mask. You will be expected to follow these orders. (We aren't walking around shouting orders, just that some things get tossed on the prospect) 5.) A Prospect is eligible for vote once he/she has earned 50k in RP while wearing their RJPC tag. This vote must be unanimous. If not, the officers will inform the prospect when he will be eligible for another vote. 5.) Prospects will have a focus on recruiting. 6) We expect prospects to be in our crew only. Anyone caught with a different crew set as active will be kicked. Loyalty is very important. 6) Prospects must have fun. Check us out on Social Club: socialclub.rockstar.com/crews/RJMC_Prospects We also have a FB Group for members: REAPER JUSTICE MC (GTA V)
  2. Hi Guys, 'sentinel_618' looking for mature players for heists/ missions/ races/ anything else. 35/M/UK Feel free to add me as a friend, i'm by no means the best player in the world but am online most days.
  3. Looking for someone to dupe me a Merryweather Mesa(no roll cage and no hard top).
  4. flamedbeef123

    Car meets and cruises

    Im looking for car lovers who want to express themselves through their cars. We do drag meets, cruises, drift meets, and many other fun activities(ps4). Im looking for players that will respect other members while still having fun The link is posted below: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/big_boost_race_club I hope to see new members
  5. Hey, I'm looking to join in a Humane Labs Heist, preferably one that's close to the Finale. If you can ensure no low levels / randoms / trolls in the action I'll do the Finale for a lower cut or even for free. I want to unlock Insurgents for my second character (buying them 25% cheaper today). The guy is Lvl 135 and has a player saved heavy combat outfit. More Info about me copied from the Heists Free Agent Topic: System/ID: PS4 / vapidorapido Location: Germany / GMT+1 Languages: German (native), English (English major university level) Mic: yes What I expect: professionalism, player saved outfits, Kuruma where sensible, hard difficulty, 40/20/20/20 (Series A Finale I do for 15%) What you get: level 470+, team player, experienced on all positions Heists Top 5: 1 = Pacific Standard, 2 = Humane Labs, 3 = Fleeca, 4 = Series A, 5 = Prison Break
  6. Clayndal2


    Hello this police chief clay from Los Santos Pd. We are looking for recruits to join my role playing clan. We do serious role plays in free roam and in jobs. This clan is only on ps4, we have custom rankings inside the crew. Some of the jobs you can do as you can rank up in the clan. RULES: 1.) YOU must have a headset JOIN HERE http://lspdps4.wix.com/lspd 2.) The clan has to be your active crew 3.) You must know or learn NATO 4.) Also learn simple call out codes 5.) Add clayndal2 on ps4
  7. I don't care about winning. I just enjoy full sessions. Invite me now. Blasterman4EVER on PSN.
  8. Hey there. None of my friends play this game anymore lol. But I'm a level 500+ with plenty of toys and lots of err enough money hehe, who's just been lone wolfing it. Anyway I need 3 people over the age of 18 that do know what they are doing as far playing the game and being able to use the interaction menu while in combat (eating snacks while shooting ect). If you smoke bud that's a bonus because because I def partake. Oh and you need to be used to freeaim. As that's the mode we'll be playing in. So if you're cool with this just shoot me a pm with your psn name maybe a little about character and rank. I'd like to have a good time and I know with randumbs there's just no way lol. If you have a mic that would be preferred if not its cool as long as you can follow directions on screen for your part shouldn't be a big deal. Thanks for your time. TimeZone USA (EST) p.s. If I can get players in the same timezone that would be ideal too.
  9. Re6el7911

    Drift team recruitment

    PS4 only. Going to have try outs all night. Gunna start @ 7:00 Pacific Sstandard time. If interested contact me through PSN "Re6el7911". Only recruiting 6 players, that are on frequently and have a Mic. Good luck and hope to see y'all there.
  10. Hello so i ran into this problem whit my MC (Motorcycle Club) I can't find active members So if you'r active and well decent at the game add me on Social Club: DeFr0sTLTU My rank is 29
  11. Need players to help with all the heist setups and heists for PS4 - add username Domin8trr and we can play the heists
  12. Hi. 2 players are looking for 2 more for heist. Usually in 14:00-15:00 GMT. Contact me in PSN - evgenyserow Ask here if you have any questions.
  13. x-Deez_Bulletz-x

    Satan's Henchmen MC [PS4 & XB1]

    Satan's Henchmen MC We Are A MC Based In Grand Theft Auto Online. We Opened Our First Charter In Harmony On July 22nd 2016 On PS4. Our Grapeseed Charter Opened Up On June 19th 2017 On Xbox One. We Are A Strict 1% Free Aim Club. 17+ Mature (Male & Female) You Must Prospect And Earn Your Patch, This Isnt A Easy Club To Join. Mobile App 'Line' Required. You Must Apply Via Application at Our Website Below. http://shmc93.wixsite.com/satanshenchmenmc -Instagram- @SHMC_198 -Twitter- @SHMC_198 -Our Social Club Links- -Harmony- (PS4) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/satan_henchmen_mc_hm -Grapeseed- (XB1) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/satan_henchmen_mc_gs -Fallen Angels- (All Female Charter PS4/XB1) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shmc_fallen_angels -Prospect- (Must Join Here First) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shmc_prospect_198
  14. Vatrix_Crew

    PS4 RolePlay

    Welcome, as Roleplay has become very big in the PC Community of GTA we decided we didn't want the console community to be left out as well, or atleast the PS4 Of course we don't have the mods, and the plugins that PC Role play servers have, but to replace that we have very strict rules! (Read Below) We also are unable to have a Server always running for it, so here is how we operate. 1. Write a response Application (Format at the bottom) 2. If you are accepted, you will be added to the Discord, which is where we announce servers etc. 3. We open our servers depending on how active the members are, every once and awhile the owner will ask in chat how many people would get on, and depending on that will determine whether or not we host a private Roleplay Server at that time. 4. If you are accepted, you will also get the owners PSN so you can join the Lobby's. Of course we can't get rid of the AI police, but we do infact have good ol' Lester. If you don't want the AI on you, and only want the server's police to go after you, call Lester to get rid of the AI. WE DO NOT USE IN-GAME BALANCE. As people have tons and tons of money, we do not use in-game balance, we have a currency system on our discord that allows people to gain money from working and spend it on local businesses created by players. RULES MAKE YOU'RE DISCORD NAME, THE SAME AS YOU'RE PSN NAME. 1.) Don't 'stalk' other players. Sometimes the roleplay gets a little damp, which requires you to get into some unlikely social actions. However, refrain for getting carried away from whom you talk to. As in, don't get in a group of 10 people all deciding to walk on the docks at the same time, and coincidentally 'bump' into each other. it is not realistic and annoying. If you notice someone in a certain area by themselves or two, you can come up with some scenario to get interactive, but don't be a pest. 2.) No extreme killing sprees. As exciting it may seem to you, it can easily ruin the role play experience. You can have shootouts with police, but it isn't logical to stand in the middle of a boardwalk and blast everyone with an RPG. 3.) Don't drive unrealistic cars for yourself. This one is pretty much self explanatory as well. A dead-beat drug dealer doesn't drive a Comet. It just doesn't happen. 5.) stop for red lights, or every once and awhile get some gas at the gas station. It really bugs me when someone is constantly weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. If it's a street race, it's acceptable. But just flooring it to save time or whatever get annoying, especially if you crash your car and just go get it fixed immediately. Also, to make sure you have read the rules, put "GRAND THEFT HOOKER" somewhere in your application. 6.) Don't kill anyone without their consent. Self exploratory. Don't go around killing someone unless they say it is alright. Also, do not do anything to other member's cars unless they say it is alright as well. 7.) Don't fix cars like magic. If you get into a car accident, don't drive over to a LSC and get your vehicle repaired instantly. Give it some time, like a real accident, and leave your car there for a few days, or however long you think your car damage can be fixed. 8.) Listen to police, A car chase every once and awhile is ok, but they can see you on the map. Please just pull over, listen to what they have to say, get you're discord mark and move on with you're day. 8.) Have common sense. I can list rules forever, but most of them are common sense. I don't believe I have to post every little thing down, but that doesn't excuse you to act stupidly and say "It isn't in the rules!" Please, please, please! For the sake of the game, be far to everyone. 9.) Don't be absent. I try too keep this as active as possible. When a member of the server is absent for an extended amount of time without notice, I am highly likely to remove them. UNLESS YOU ARE A CRIMINAL, DO NOT STEAL CARS. JOBS/ROLES Here you can find all the possible jobs and how they work. TAXI - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need any Taxi Cab. You are asked to dress like a Taxi driver would, (no Taxi driver wears $10000 clothing) Follow driving rules (Red lights etc.) Actively say in the Discord that you are on Duty, until someone asks for a driver. (ONLY TAKE THE JOB IF THEY ARE RESPONDING TO YOU.) POLICE - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need a MARKED Police car. You are asked to dress similar to a police officer, obviously not everyone knows the glitch. But dress as close as possible. (Blue, Black, etc.) Follow Driving rules and use sirens and flashers only when necessary. ONLY USE - PISTOL & SHOTGUN. Multiple police officers can respond to one call, but please don't fight over who takes the main of the event. Pull people over/Arrest for only these offences (Very High Speeds, Ran through Red Light, Signs of Public Intoxication, Gun in hand, Murder, Kidnapping, Store Robbery, Civilian Call via Discord, and other obvious offences) After giving someone a ticket, add role on the user's name on discord as "Ticket #1,2,3" this helps other officers know what they're past is, after 3 tickets you can have you're license revoked, of course you can drive without a license but if you are pulled over you will then be arrested and put in jail for 15 MINUTES. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RELEASE INMATES. JAIL IS LOCATED AT POLICE STATION (also used as a car impound in single player) when you put the inmate in the police station keep them in the main room, other rooms might alert the police and get them killed. If you end up killing a criminal or someone with a car, or arrest someone in a car, don't leave it in the middle of the street, ask in the discord for a tow truck and get them to bring it to the police station. Abuse of power will get you banned. CRIMINAL - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. Wear something shady, most criminals aren't walking around like rainbows. Don't drive something crazy, you're a store robbing criminal, they don't drive super cars and or tanks. (be realistic) Don't shoot just anyone, preferably kidnap them. DO NOT USE (RPGS, MINIGUNS, OR ANY OTHER OF THAT SORT.) Do not try to escape Jail if in it, do you're time. (15 minutes) TOW TRUCK - It is you're job to get the required items for this job. You will need ANY functional tow truck. Dress like a tow truck driver would (they don't wear $10000 clothing) If a cop requests a Tow Truck driver, the closest one can take the job. Get to know the other Drivers, it can benefit you in the long run. ALL towed cars go to the police station parking lot. If you tow a players car, said person will have to pay you 50 points via discord to get it back. BUSINESS OWNER: It is you're job to get the required items for this job. To start a business in our server, you will need to have 15k points. We will not let everyone open a business, only the first 3-5 to get to that number. Dress depending on what you do in you're business. (Customize Cars, Sell cars, Delivery, Hitman, Security etc.) Drive a car depending on you're business. (still no tanks) You can request a place to have you're business put, or we will give you one. Promote in the discord channel for shops and get customers as they come. ALSO ACCEPTING CUSTOM JOBS, JUST SUGGEST BELOW. APPLICATION Please fill as most as you comfortably can. It will not only be easier to keep track of things, but also it makes me trust you more. Out Of Character (OOC) Name: Age: PSN: Role Play experience: Discord: In Character (IC) Name: Age: Job/Career/Money Source: Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Vehicle: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PS4_GTAVRP ***Created by GTA5RP_PS4***
  15. good123455

    Join TSAL

    Hey you! Yeah You! Are you tired of joining boring role-playing communities? are you tired of your voice not being heard? Then join TSAL! We're a professional Life RP and we would love to have you! we are currently only on PS4 but we're hoping that changes soon. If you would like to learn more or would like to join then please message me on discord. Hope to see you soon! Discord: Good123455#9546
  16. Our GTA 5 ps4 RP group is now recruiting for the best of the best. We do rp's almost everyday, we have switch to discord. Join this link to apply in. https://discord.gg/6Yg4smuWe want you to get included as much as possible. Our rp group is to you the people to decide some of our rules, and what we rp that night. Please come on in if you are active, and are realistic in rp groups. You will have a blast. If you have any questions just ask us on discord, no problem. We are truly the best you can find. Hurry and join while recruitment is open! Thanks! https://discord.gg/6Yg4smu
  17. Lawdawg_112

    Blaine County DPS

    Blaine County Department of Public Safety (BCDPS) is an online gaming community for Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4. We are one of the largest role-play gaming communities that's been operating since early 2014. We strive to provide the best and the most realistic role-play environment to all of our members. Members apart of the community come from different backgrounds and geographical areas to enjoy the realistic and professional environment we have to offer. The community offers the Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Blaine County Fire Department, and Blaine County 9-1-1 Communications Center to members. In addition to those departments, http://www.blainecountydps.com we also have a large department of members who role-play as civilians. So whether members take an interest in public safety or not, we're sure they will enjoy every aspect that the community has to offer. Blaine County DPS has one of the largest 911 communications center for role-play. If you do not have a PS4 or if you do and you take an interest in being apart of our dispatch staff, please apply. Everyone can apply to be a dispatcher regardless of what system you use. JOIN THE OTHER MEMBERS WHO HAVE JOINED THE BEST RP GROUP ON PS4! WE ARE CONSTANTLY EXPANDING AND MAKING OUR CREW MORE INTERACTIVE AND MORE FUN. COME OWN PROPERTIES, BUSINESSES, OR WORK FOR AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS. JOIN OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT, SHERIFFS OFFICE, OR 911 COMMUNICATIONS CENTER! WHATEVER YOURE LOOKING FOR WE HAVE IT! APPLY TODAY Follow Us: Facebook: www.facebook.com/blainecountydps Twitter: www.twitter.com/blainecountydps Instagram: www.instagram.com/blainecountydps YouTube: www.youtube.com/blainecountydepartmentofpublicsafety Rockstar Social Club: socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blaine_county_dps
  18. Hello everyone! I'm a constant player and have been for years now. However, since most of my friends stopped playing regularly, I don't have anyone to complete these missions with. Can't do it with random players because most of the missions aren't that easy and most people get frustrated rather easily. Add me in PSN: x_Slap_x
  19. Choo-Choo Chicken

    Looking for casual PS4 players

    For some reason it seems like every topic is about car meets and heists and roleplay and I'm not into that so here's my topic. I'm just trying to find people to play with, mostly doing CEO things or getting into shenanigans. My qualifications: - rank 298 - 2.1 kill/death ratio (I never attack first, I just know how to defend myself) - CEO/MC - a better pilot than most players - I have all the necessary cool things (Hydra, Avenger, Deluxo, Savage, etc.) - I've played long enough to know how to not be terrible If you're new and need help and defense or if you're experienced and need competent friends then yeah add me I guess. My PSN is choochoochicken. I know my username is ridiculous, but I can assure you I'm not as dumb as I look.
  20. so im kinda new to gta v but not at all new to rps ivebeen on forums for over 10 years im 26 looking for mature rpers i guess a server to join im interested in a lot of genres mainly organized crime or mercenary theme psn ellayezeewhy
  21. If anyone is currently active in GTA Online and needs a friendly crew that is not overwhelmingly large, has friendly, trustworthy members who will help and protect you... look no further, Join MUTE. We can help guide newer members and definitely aid established ones. We have a fresh new PS4 community as well to schedule sales and other activities. Myself, PSN: davinater312- level 150+ and PSN: Nemecsis- level 190+ are the founders of the crew, currently having 25 members. We are extremely against the destruction of a player's cargo/product and will not tolerate this behaviour or the killing of fellow crew members. Social Club Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xmute-mercenariesx PS4 Community: MUTE Movement PSN: davinater312 or Nemecsis
  22. Hey there, I'm really good at GTA and I'm looking to use my skills to assist low-level players. I'm a level 550+ with over 130 days (over 3.1k hours) logged in GTA Online freeroam. I've done everything and I've been here since day 1 of GTA Online. I basically own all the fun stuff. I have ran crews of 250+ members, completed all the challenges, played every mission, etc. I really only find fun in helping new or low level players. Or even those that just need some money. I used to be a jet griefer, and griefer in general, and I cleared entire lobbies with my squad. But now I find it more fun to be friendly. I can drop you weapons, armour, vehicles, ammo, etc If you're looking for someone to play with in freeroam and want to make some cash on the side then let me know. I'll show you some tips and tricks as well. Have a mic so you can communicate. My PSN is "kittensrgreat" and I'm available for the next few weeks as I am off work due to an injury. If there was ever a time to join me, it would be now. Bring a friend if you'd like. I'm always willing to help out. Just follow my lead and stick close. See you in Los Santos
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