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  1. Shiva365


    Los Santos Realistic Roleplay : REBORN "Maturity and fun. No bullsh*t" Current Status: UP LSRRP: REBORN is a fun, tight-knit community of people who love to roleplay. We offer a very realistic roleplay, as well as a lot of fun for people who enjoy roleplay on PS4. We have a very in-depth banking system coded by one of our oldest members, a black market for our shadier members, and a lot more! Our sessions are as often as possible! If you have any questions about when we start, you may ask a staff member or another member, just make sure to send them a direct message! Towing: As a tow tru
  2. Re6el7911

    Ps4 drift Crew

    Looking for people who know how to drift and love it.
  3. Username. Hungry4rock
  4. Brothers Of Mayhem MC, recognized by Rockstar Games as one of the top MC's in the Grand Theft Auto Community is looking for Hangarounds! If you think you have what it takes to earn your three skulls head over to our website and apply today! Recruiting primarily for Xbox one. https://brothersofmayhemgta.wixsite.com/bmmc/join-us Patch crew - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhemwmc Prospects: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofmayhempros Hangarounds: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bmmc_hangaround
  5. Hello! Me and a friend of mine recently created a roleplaying crew called The Septad (Septad meaning seven). We are a criminal organization who do smugglng, hitman missions, spying missions, drug dealing etc. The organization is made up of seven teams (we haven't come up with any "cool names" for the teams yet, but stay patient): -The ground team, who take care of hitman operations and do the dirty work. I myself am the leader of this team. We specialize in stealth. -The intel team. This team collects information about everything concerning the operation that we're doing, and
  6. Hey! I'm looking to take part on a car meet, but I suck as a host and all my cars are really slow, so I'd really rather have someone else organizing it. I'd join afterwards. I'm into imports, not really into exotics or muscles. My PSN is CostaXCX777 , I'm in the GMT area, will be available till 23h (11pm). Hit me up if you're down for a meet. Car list: Futo, R35, Blista, Sultan.
  7. Hello and welcome to the topic. Okay so. We are recruiting new members to be apart of my crew Racing until we die. This crew is a playstation 4 based crew The link to the crew posted below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/racing_until_we_die (About the Crew) We are a racing crew. However we haven't been a crew for very long as i only started the crew up on the 5th September 2017. So far we have 6 members. With a world ranking of under 320k I would like to say that you do NOT have to be good at racing as we can help improve that. Also we help new crew members
  8. We are a street gang that was founded in 2013 and been running the streets of Davis since that. Our allies: CGFS,SGFS,82ND,DFAM,MARA,WSGP,WMMC and 37TH Our enemies: All Ballas,Vagos,ESPG and PCG3 Colors: green,black,white and grey Rules: No Free aim assisted(FAA),no BST,no noob weapons or vehicles and no BP helmets. Turf:Covenant Ave, small block in brouge ave and small block in Rancho. Hmu if u wanna join PSN:allu-assassin SocialClub:YoungDavisG_allu KIK:alluDFAM https://socialclub.r...family_gangstas
  9. me and my friend are looking for chill players, role play type players that just smoke all day and play gta5 to just play with us, we do touge in the hills. To chilling riding the bicycles in La in the hood to a chill yatch party. You get the jist? We just need mature chill heads to vibe with That's all. We like to cruise and drive like real life in traffic. Even just going for a walk in the game to even some airplane cruises. We play that game like it's real life we just like to chill and it's really just both of us. It would be nice to have at least an other 4 people to play with and ar
  10. CraftTim33

    Riders MC Recruiting

    Hello everyone i am recruiting for PC PS4 Xbox One PS3 right now to join my club if you have questions then just message me on social club that RidersMCPrez and we do have a discord server runing right now so if you wanna come on the server and ask me some questions or wanna join right away then fill free to. Kay To Join: 6Kbkpa5 ​Just to let you know you will have to do hangaround then prospect but the hierarchy members can do 1 hour for hangaround and then get patched in. Prospect Crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/riders_mc_prospect Hangaround Crew htt
  11. HaWkzZ_-SpiNZ

    -SAVAGE- Kill clan now recruiting!

    PS4 based clan If interested in joining contact: ORIGINAL-_SAVAGE or SAVAGE-_RIPPER on PSN. Or reply to this topic with your PSN ID. What we are: A modernised barbarian clan, looking for individuals with similar interests as ours. What sets us apart from other crews is that we slaughter our opponents with integrity and honor that means we dont use explosives or dirty tactics that often. Joining requirements: Above the age: 16 Understanding of RNG rules Microphone not necessary but would be helpful. Loyalty Integrity in battle Above average CQB skill. (if we see
  12. GTAgov dot com

    San Andreas life role play

    Hello all, I am the owner and CEO of GTAgov.com we provide a realistic structure along with role playing simulator platforms for use while role playing, We offer every role and every department, citizens, gangs, black market, casino, banks, and more. We have over a thousand active role players daily with more joining every day. We have everything listed below and much more. FULLY API INTEGRATED DATABASE. (NO NEED TO UPDATE ANYTHING NO GOOGLE DOCS) FULL USER MANAGEMENT FOR CREW LEADERS. INCLUDING RANKS, AND DEPARTMENTS OPTIONAL DISCORD OR TEAMSPEAK SERVER COMPLETE DISPATCH CENTER. INDIVIDU
  13. Hey there peeps, Just wondering if people would like to start a PS4 community that shares empty/friendly lobbies for just getting sh*t done with have to deal with annoying cannon fodder. Not sure if there's a thread out there already for this but yeah, if you wanna play in a friendly lobby feel free to add me on PSN: The_Big_Show
  14. I need 2 or 3 players on PS4 to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. Requirement: Level: Any Skill: Any Crew: Open If anyone wants to do it just send me a message i'm on Wednesday - Saturday Wednesday - Friday: 5:00 - 12:00 PST Saturday: 2:00 - 10:00 PST PSN: Supercj14
  15. Big_Show

    KUNT Crew is now recruiting

    About us: Social Club Link Kunt Crew (Kill You Next Tuesday). An original PS3 crew, now we have around 30 members on PS4. A pretty tight group of friends make up the core of our crew. Majority of crew is Australian/US and we're online most nights. About you: use mic, mature 18+ player. I'd say our average age would be around 25-30. Any level, any experience, doesn't take things to seriously and can take a joke. No drama queens, no f*cking with other crew members. How to apply: Please post your details below in the following format and I'll hit you up when I'm next online
  16. que pasa amigos! our real roleplay Vagos gang is looking for new members! actually we're a small gang cuz we reopened the 13th Street again. we're loyal and respectful everytime and try to become an very active gang. So if u're a real VAGO join us and help us grow bigger! VAGOS 13th Street: https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vagos_13th_street THX @ ALL pce out X3 88Killa
  17. Need associates to help with Hanger, Selling Cars, Bunker, MC Business and Heist (Pacific Standard) Trying to make my money back after buying the Ramp Buggy and Upgrading it Also I dont use mics
  18. HKMC-Recruiter

    Harmony Knights MC

    EST. 2017 (to be honest, just now) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/harmony_knights_mc Who are the Knights? Harmony Knights MC is a 1% MC based out of (kinda obvious, not?), Harmony, Grand Senora Desert. First off, to avoid spam-messaging that I've messed up and switched the top and bottom rocker, WRONG! There is nothing wrong about it, this clu
  19. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for active crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 26 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a n
  20. I've been doing heists repeatedly ever since they initially were released. However, I've never even once actually attempted the Elite Challenge. In lieu of recent updates to GTAO, and my ever-expanding desires of...well...expansion, I'm seeking a heist team. My username is Alloid on the PS4. Seek me out, add me, and send a message at will. The one thing I desire is that cash prize at the end of completing the Elite Challenge. I'm very capable, I know most of the ins and outs of each setup and finale, and I would love to help put together or complete a team of heisters planning on taking on
  21. The Legendary Hustlers are currently looking for active people to fill 2 Lieutenant positions and a commissioner position in our crew requirements for these positions are they must be on at least 3 times a week for at least an hour or two must not be part of any other crews the way I have my ranks my commissioner is obviously 2nd in command and and assist me with keeping the crew together & active helps plan crew activities such as meetings jobs or just messing around in freemode also helps with the recruiting process, my lieutenants are my recruiters so their main focus is looking for pla
  22. RazaBolt

    Redux Nation looking for members

    Hey guys, I'm looking for people to join my Crew called Redux Nation, I've got an organisation setup, hangar and warehouse - everything you need to make money on GTA the only thing I'm lacking are team mates. If you're interested in joining please feel free to message me on PSN or Twitter (user name on both are RazaBolt) or use the social club link below which should take you to the Crew page. Thanks RazaBolt https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/redux_nation
  23. Wining races will help unlock custom Los Santos parts; however, I'm having a hard time wining. I think the 2X GTA$ Payouts going on right now is bringing out a lot of hard competition. Also, just about everyone is using custom cars and I can't keep up. I'm looking for help to tag-team wining races. I'm looking for 31-50 wins, we can take turns. The Criminal Records Race job takes about 32 seconds for 1-lap. If you would like, we could also do a couple of stunt races for the bonus payout. Contact me here if you are interested. [off topic]I would give my PSN here, but I don't know i
  24. Hey! I suddenly realized that most of the people on my PSN friends list were either toxic or kids around 12.. As a result Im looking for New people to come with me and go scuba-diving, dirt biking in mt chillad, chilling in yachts/mansions, car meet ups and doing the occasional hangar/bunker missions or races! Awkward player and not very good at the violent side of the game (so a good driver/pilot/gunman is helpful), but although I own quite a lot of the cars and businesses most of the time I rather enjoy the side of GTA that allows me to enjoy a view, dive in a pool, explore the se
  25. PinPointSniper

    Recruitment for my crew

    I have a very active crew for my YT channel and would like to recruit more people. This crew is for ALL platforms (PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, PC), so anyone can join. I want the members to help each other (heists, CEO/MC work, selling missions, grinding cash and RP, missions, freemode things, ganging up on people, crew battles, and generally having fun.) So feel free to ask people for help on heists, CEO/MC stuff, and other things. I will also often use it when I do live streams so thats cool. We are currently at 23 members and I hope to expand the crew. Anyways I hope you decide to join. Have a n
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