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  1. Hey there. None of my friends play this game anymore lol. But I'm a level 500+ with plenty of toys and lots of err enough money hehe, who's just been lone wolfing it. Anyway I need 3 people over the age of 18 that do know what they are doing as far playing the game and being able to use the interaction menu while in combat (eating snacks while shooting ect). If you smoke bud that's a bonus because because I def partake. Oh and you need to be used to freeaim. As that's the mode we'll be playing in. So if you're cool with this just shoot me a pm with your psn name maybe a little about ch
  2. Trophy hunting and need to scratch this off my list, and I'm sure some of you have to as well. I need 10 people to join a lobby and fill a Titan plane, then we fly it, that is all. Will rotate people in and out of driving so everyone who needs it will finish it too.
  3. Hey, I got tired of playing motorwars and having my teammates commit suicide the second the round starts, looking for some people that will be on 4pm - 1am and willing to grind out biker mission and CEO work. PSN: tOxIc_SiNs56 that's an o, not a zero
  4. LilMarfil

    Gucci Money Crew

  5. If You're On The PlayStation 4 and Wanna become a Millionaire on GTA5 Message me Via PSN : MadSparkYT_ i'll be Helping People Prep For the Next GTA ONLINE DLC!
  6. I've had an open lobby to myself for the last hour and was wondering if anybody wanted to help me with some CEO stuff. I'm looking to fill my small warehouse and sell it all in one big lump. For your help, I would gladly do CEO VIP Work in between jobs and give it all to whoever helps. Add me up on PS4 if your willing to help me out! After I sell I would like to help you out any way I can! You can hire me for whatever and help you sell! My PSN is BrodyRedEye
  7. j4k3gamer

    STRIKE Enforcers (PS4 Only Crew)

    STRIKE Enforcers are looking for active and friendly players to join our relatively new crew. If you would like to know more check out our website or message carlh75 on Playstation. https://j4kegamer2015.wixsite.com/strike/join We have a crew car meet this weekend so if you would like to join message me on PS
  8. XoticFlameZ919

    Need help with heists - PS4

    I need a crew to help with the Humane labs heist and anyone after that if we decide to I am on the Emp setup at the moment and maybe beyond that by the time you read this, but if you would still like to help send me a friend request saying gta heists Add XoticFlameZ919 Also if you dont have a mic its all good but if you do just dont be obnoxious and extremely loud
  9. Aldo Vinocelli

    Vinocelli Crime Family

    Social Club Website PS4 Vinocelli Crime Family is a community of active PS4 members. We are an Organized Crime Family on GTA V. We welcome both casual and competitive players. Daily activities include: free-mode, CEO, TDM, heists, and wars. Our mission is to become the most feared Crime Family on GTA V. If you like to roleplay mafia then we're the crew for you. As we are a newer family you'll notice that a lot of the upper echelon of the Hierarchy is OPEN. We need loyal members to help fill that slot. If you're interested copy and paste the Application below or add me on PSN Aldo_Vinocell
  10. My friend and I are looking to make some money doing heists. We are lookig for any1 past the prison break heist to help. We expect a good pay out cut if we help you. Were down to do multiple heists in a row, and any1 wanting to help us with our heists will get a decent cut as well. We have mics (but dont always use them) and are experienced players. If you are interested message Dirugie via PSN or OgProdigy_501. PSN: Dirugie OgProdigy_501
  11. MattMiller96

    Ps4 players

    Looking for players on ps4, 18+ (I have a sailors mouth) who play with mics to do things like: Play heist Run crates/vehicles Motorcycle club Play races f*ck around in general Etc. Add MattMiller96 with the subject gtaforums. Again looking for players with mics so we can coordinate and joke around.
  12. TheDragonKoi

    PS4 heists and crates

    Hey all, me and a friend are looking for people to help us do supply missions and complete all heists in order for challenge. You need to be able to speak English, preferably in a European time zone, and around 19 or 21 years old. If your interested message me on PlayStation: TheDragonKoi Look forward to seeing you
  13. PSRPC is looking for serious members and staff to create fun and realistic roleplay community. All you need to join is about 40k on GTA V, a legal copy of GTA V (Unless you would like to dispatch), a good attitude, and discord on a phone or a computer you can have by you when roleplaying. If you would like to join send Makalin6#6736 a friend request on discord and I will get you the link to our application. (BTW, if you do fill out an application you are probably going to get in.)
  14. SmokeyTheMerc

    Wolf Pack Security Private Army Recruiting

    Are you interested in making money on a regular basis? Do you wish you had some trained buddies to do all your mischievous deeds with? Well now you can today with Wolf Pack Security. Here at Wolf Pack Security we care for our own. If you find yourself I trouble you can call one of our many members for backup. We do heists, businesses, and missions. We offer an immense training that is not required for recruits but can be taken. Join today and start making the money and team you deserve. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wolfpacksecuritypf PS4 btw (If you have trouble contacting us me
  15. Does anyone wanna run back Pacific Standard finale back and forth? I can get a chopper and make the run. Rank 259 PSN: block701 I'll be on until the 25th of Nov. I'll be back in December. I got a mic.
  16. I am seeking to hire a few associates to help me sell my products and empty my warehouses. Once we are finished and associates have proven themselves competent I hope to accomplish a few heists. Helping me throughout it all will ensure a healthy cut of heist profits. A few things about me: I am 23, and have 2 characters ranks 192 and 51. I am the leader of a recently re-activated Mafia crew, and will be seeking new members very soon. To checkout some of our photos you can follow us via instagram @gtaonlinemafia. Add me on PSN and shoot me a message if you are interested in playing soon. P
  17. Killa_Dawg02

    Join Los Santos' Finest Today

    Are you looking for a GTA 5 roleplay community? Well check out Los Santos' Finest, we are a new server that is looking for people to join to help us grow. Los Santos' Finest is a roleplay community for Grand Theft Auto: Online on the PS4. We aim to bring a fresh new way to play GTA:O on the PS4 away from the typical public lobby chaos. If you're looking for a relaxed, new way to play GTA then this is the place for you. https://lossantosfinest.weebly.com/, read the rules, and join the discord to get started or message Killa_Dawg02 on PS4.
  18. Aldo Vinocelli

    [PS4] Vinocelli Family Recruitment

    The Vinocelli Crime Family Social Club The Vinocelli Family is a newer family to Grand Theft Auto V on PS4. We are a Free aim only crew. We are a mafia roleplay crew. We are actively recruiting loyal and active members. We are looking for associates who have a mic, 15+, and willing to eventually create a family account. If you are interested message me on here the social club or at PSN: Aldo_Vinocelli
  19. Bongalong

    Green Devils MC

    We are the Green Devils MC, we are a newly formed MC looking to recruit members for the first Nine and beyond. The current leadership have a lot of GTA experience especially in the MC world. We have come together to create a Brotherhood, of like minded MC roleplayers. What we offer is a strong brotherhood, who will have your back no matter what. We play on all modes of GTAO from racing to Adversary modes, MC work to CEO aswell as heists. Our requirements are as follows: Age 16+ Must have kik and a mic Must ride an American Motorcycle Must prospect there is no set time for prospects it
  20. Jda

    San Andreas Military Service

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_ms We are a military clan that loves to rp We have real united states marine corps and army ranks We are run by: USMC General Decosta USMC Lieutenant General Isaac USMC Major General Wall USMC Colonel Smith we have a civilian department that runs the goverment Join this discord link to join https://discord.gg/ZwMvkbW or add me on discord Justin D#3328 We are lookin for 5 Second Lieutenants These are our ranks Enlisted: Private, Pvt Private First Class, PFC Lance Corporal, LCpl Noncommissioned Officers, or NCOs: Corporal, Cpl Sergeant, S
  21. Im searching people for the Elite Challenges youll get the rarest t-sh*t in gta after finishing all elite challenges you have to be: -above lvl 250 at least -very skillful in every part of gta -absoulutly reliable -able to comunicate in a team -able to complete the challenges without glitches, cheats... the route for the pacific whcih i am doing at the moment https://youtu.be/1-9wug2yIos (you have to be able to do this and more challenging things...) About me: LVL 720 +210 +190 (2 accounts; 3 Characters) I already finished all Elite challenges. Languages: Ger
  22. Dr-Mayhem111

    Corsino Crime Famiglia

    Social Club | Youtube The Corsino Crime Family (pronounced [korˈsiːno]) is one of the "Five Families" that dominates organized crime activities in Liberty City within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known as the Mafia (or Cosa Nostra). The group is named after Fabrizio "Zio" Corsino. The group's operations extend from Liberty City and the eastern seaboard to San Andreas. Its illicit activities include labor and construction racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, prostitution, fraud, hijacking, pier thefts, and fencing. The family was one of the five famil
  23. Professnor

    [EU] Solaris Roleplay - Real Life RP

    [PS4] SOLARIS ROLEPLAY - REAL LIFE RP [EU]​ SolarisRP is a brand new, mature, European roleplaying community based around GTA 5 on the PS4. With our founders being extremely experienced in roleplay management, we strive for perfection and hope you can contribute to this extraordinary online adventure. Ever wanted to become a police officer? paramedic or firefighter? Or would you rather become a well-known and feared criminal in Los Santos? Is that all a bit much for you? The possibilities are endless, you can become tow truck driver, uber chauffeur, pilot, lawyer, politician, news rep
  24. So I Need A Few Actors For My Movie, The Devil Inside. Its An Apocolyptic Movie About A Man Taking Back Everything That The World Took From Him. I Need All The Actors I Can Get For This! Email Me: [email protected]
  25. add w00tstuk for joining. we got 7 people all dressed up as nazis lmao so be good or you are gonna get killed because there are alot of haters xD
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