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  1. kingz_crazy_-_


    gta 5 car meet ps4 join my game by adding my psn account: Kingz_Crazy_-_ we are doing a car meet right now GMT time zone (England)
  2. XxMr0DarkThirtyx

    Rogue Ace5 - GTA V PS4 - Now Recruiting members

    Hey if you wanna join a crew with members that are great at pvp and have fun terrorizing people's lobbies and make money with Finale hiests join .. Message me or active leader and commissioner Leader - XxMr0DarkThirtyx (psn and social club) https://socialclub.r...xmr0darkthirtyx Commissioner - Axewoundomatico (psn and social club) https://socialclub.r...axewoundomatico Crew Name - Rogue Ace5. Crew Type - Soldiers Crew Tag - RACE (must be active tag for members) Crew Social Club - https://socialclub.r...crew/rogue_ace5
  3. Looking for friends to have fun with. We can do fun things or work like: PSN:RepzOps -Stunts with ramp buggy -Rocket voltic stuff -Vehicle warehouse sell and fill missions -VIP work -Bikers stuff -All the fun stuff Requirements: Age: 14+ Level 50+ Mic recommended
  4. Hi Everyone! So we're a community clan that players across a wide variety of games on the PS4. We're active on GTA Online pretty much every night in which we play through difference DLC's like the Bikers Expansion, CEO Work etc. If your looking to do the above or just join the community to meet new people then send me a message via PSN. We are always willing to accept people! PSN: MrDiNozzox PSN Community: Federation Gaming Community
  5. I just started a new account for GTA and wanted to start a new crew of people to run Los Santos with both the CEO and MC business'. If you're interested in joining, send me a message on PSN: Eagle_Whisperer. I also plan on streaming some of the time and possibly making some YouTube videos from time to time.
  6. I'm fed up with trying legit now! Please if there's a couple guys with final that could host me some cash i'll gladly run the alley & drive... Anything to catch up without spending on shark cards... I'm UK based and play from 12 noon til late night most days/weekends so can join most any team from anywhere really... Just looking to hit that bank hard for $20 mil or more to be ready for future cars etc... Any help would be gratefully received and i'll gladly help in return on most anything, Sales, Award grinding... Whatever... Just fed up playing catch-up ya know... PSN: KWF1981... Plz Hit
  7. Slumerican

    Looking For PS4 Players

    Trying to find a group or start a group because playing GTA by yourself is boring. PS4 Username is country_boy5050
  8. EmpireofShadows

    Empire of Shadows ES

    Empire of Shadows We are now recruiting for loyal and active members. First let me tell you a little about me, the leader of EOSO. Im am overnight stocker at Walmart, so im on in the mornings and Monday and Tuesday all night as thoes are my days off. When im not at work im either sleeping or playing GTA 5. My PSN is therandomfantasy. So there is that now let's get into some information about the crew, see below. Rules: Respect other crew members EOSO always active You are on frequently Requirements: 16+ years of age-basic knowledge of how things work Go to our social club and
  9. I'very been away from GTA Online for about a year because something happened to my PS4. Purchased a new one last week, and am getting back into the swing of things. I'm 40, that's right I'm 40.... and I love my games. With that being said I am looking for MATURE friends to hang out in Los Santos with. Does that mean I am all serious in this game.... no. It means I like to be laid back and drama free when gaming. There is enough to contemplate in real life with a lovely wife and three teenagers (one in college, two still at home). So if you are at least 21, don't have a bad habit of s
  10. Big_M_Hansen

    Sons Of Vikings MC Recruiting

    SONS OF VIKINGS​ MC You don't have to ride alone anymore! This is a Scandinavian brotherhood devoted to having fun and leaving our mark on the GTA community. To ride alongside your brothers and move up in the MC and become notorious. We treat all our brothers and sisters equally no matter what. Join today become part ​of something great! BYLAWS​ 1) This is your ONLY club. You must keep us as your ACTIVE at all times. This club is about the brotherhood. Don't turn you back on that. 2) Use of weapons on club members, prospects, or allies is forbidden and c
  11. Yo im new to GTA Online, I only recently got my WIFI up and running... My username is DocSkillZ if anyone wants to add me. Ive also made a new crew called Strawberry Fam OGs that I wanna build up if anyone is interested. It doesnt show up when searching though, either because its too new or it might be because it doesnt have enough members, im not really sure. I am a decent player, I mostly just chill bmxing in game but I might be more interested in causing more havoc if I had anyone to play with or if I could roam around with a crew... I made my own crew mainly because i designed a really dop
  12. hellhoundsmc


    Do you have what it takes to become a Hellhound?! http://gtavcrews.com/index.php?threads/hellhounds-mc-is-recruiting.11043/#post-45691
  13. x Asroilu x

    Constellis PSC

    Constellis Private Security Company https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/constellis_psc Constellis PSC is based on the real life chain known as Constellis, within Constellis is a sub company known as Triple Canopy Private Security which operates as a militarized force. In our version of Constellis, Constellis is the only brand and operates as both guard force and military force. In this crew, it will be mostly boots on ground plus air support and transport. Constellis will likely not be using tanks or jets unless absolutely needed. In order to join Constellis, you must have a
  14. Lensquare


    MAZE BANK POLICE is a crew open to the public. Anyone who is active and interested in joining is more than welcome to join. All we ask from our members is to be active, friendly, humble and just willing to help one another. Is this you? Then MAZE BANK POLICE is for you. As mentioned before new players to GTA are more than welcome as well as established veterans. We do promote and are active within the GTA community in terms of events and missions. Anyhow if you like I will attach the link below. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/maze_bank_police Edit: PS4
  15. Big_M_Hansen

    Sons Of Vikings La Mesa SVMC Recruiting

    SONS OF VIKINGS​ LA MESA You don't have to ride alone anymore! This is a scandinavian PS4 brotherhood devoted to having fun and leaving our mark on the GTA community. To ride alongside your brothers and move up in the MC and become notorious. We treat all our brothers and sisters equally no matter what. Join today become part ​of something great! BYLAWS​ 1) Every prospect will be treated as a brother. There will never be any kind of hazing 2) No matter what race, religion, or gender. You are and you will be accepted 3)We protect our MC members and always fight back 4)You must
  16. Portside594

    PS4 Car Meet/Show

    PS4 Car meet Time: 7:00 PM GMT (UK time) Cruising followed by some drifting and drag racing. Will try and makes these frequently if a lot of interest is shown. Add me on PSN with a message saying you would like to attend. The meet will only go ahead if a lot of interest is shown. Usual rules apply no killing, crashing, no cops etc. Tonight's meet will be JDM (Japanese) cars ONLY. Anyone who turns up with a non JDM car will be kicked. If you are unsure on which cars are JDM search the car on GTA WIKI. Thanks. PSN: portside594
  17. I'm looking for lobby in ps4 I want become rich PSN: saw78907890 PS Plus: On Gta Online Money: 100 million - billion Character: Pogo Space Monkey Level up to 100+ That what I need
  18. x-Deez_Bulletz-x

    **Satan's Henchmen MC** PS4

    Satan's Henchmen MC Est 2016 We Are Looking For New Prospects To Join Our Brotherhood. We Are A Growing Club, We Have 10+ Members In All SHMC Charters. We Accept Male, Female & And Race. We Are Active At The Moment On PS4 Only Looking To Open Up On XB1. We Have A Website That We Use Alot, Link Will Be Down Below. Our Requirements Include 16+ Or Be VERY Mature. You Must Have A Mic. Must Have 'Line' And Be Active 2-3 Times Aweek. We Are A 1%er Club. We Fight ONLY With Single Shot Pistols, ARS, And Pump Shotguns. If You Are Interested Please Contact Us At Ou
  19. GeneraiOTA

    SA Combat Arms

    What's up people of GTA 5. Interested in using tanks, hydras, insurgents, whatever vehicle that destroys? You've came to the right topic. New crew created to use maximum force against anyone who attacks us. The requirements are real simple: 1. Wear army related outfits 2. Have a Pegasus vehicle (if you don't have one we will help out) 3. Respect everyone in the crew If you're interested, my PSN is GeneraiOTA , yes it's Generai not General.


    Me and my friend have created a gta 5 car meet community on steam, anyone is welcome to host when ever and whatever meet you want http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2JZBOYS ^^ the page^^ we will be allowing members to individually host their own meets throughout the day, everyone has permission to create a new event. rules are as usual no killing, weapons, hitting you get the jist. Please help us expand our community, MERRY CHRISTMAS =D
  21. Hi Im hosting a fun lobby to have fun in with several game modes! Here's a site you can sign up in so I can contact a send friend request in! Link: http://gta5ps4lobbyhoster.weebly.com/
  22. Looking for people who want to run missions (don't need the money like to help out) Maybe do small car meets, mess around the city just pretty much do whatever, I smoke a lot while I play lmao just incase you do smoke or don't mind that's baller anywho send me a invite and lets play some gta brah PSN: LOOK_BEHIND_U6
  23. Hello im Spike and im looking for about 20-25 people to play with please put Psn Username down below in the link (Website Does not include email neither any personal information) Link- http://gta5ps4lobbyhoster.weebly.com/ Thank you for the reply below. I'm looking for people to fool around with and im going to be hosting a lot of game modes. If you visit the website it'll tell which ones to Thank You!
  24. Hi Im looking for people to play with and to have fun or fool around. Thank You! Link-
  25. Simple_Nano

    Looking for people to recruit for my crew

    I'm looking for people to recruit to my crew it's called The LS Militia Front I don't care what level you are
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