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  1. Tier Two Gaming

    Military Roleplay crew now recruiting - PS4 Only

    Welcome! As the topic suggests, we are now looking for new members for a serious role-play(RP) group, Tier Two Gaming. About Us: We are primarily a military and life-sim based, role-play group. Our group name comes from our belief in making the best kind of crew, one that is organized but also fun! With every sessions comes a new experience, we strive to create entertaining and diverse scenarios! Not only that but being a community means that our horizon isn't just to purely RP, as we like to play other games too as well as doing missions and challenges in the world of GTAV! Okay, so
  2. gulagrisen

    Looking for PS4 players

    Hi! I am sick of playing with random people and therefore i am looking for people who Will not screw up on purpose whilst at the same time dont get to upset when things dont always go to plan. I am 20 years old, swedish, rank 29 atm. Req: 15 + years old Have mic Speak english or swedish. Psn: gulagrisen
  3. The South-End Warriorz were created by morgangoon, with the hopes of giving players a home and protection. With SEW (South-End Warriorz), players will no longer have to worry about anyone in a jet, tank, etc. The South-End Warriorz are a gang, and we operate out of the south side of the city. Our colors are orange, and we work together. Whether it be riding around in cars and motorcycles, doing jobs, or just hanging out at our hideout, we always still together. Loyalty is everything. Players can be of any age above 13, and dont have to have a mic. They will have to pass an extremely e
  4. Need help my PSN XxCHUGHESxX I am happy to help anyone if they help me back message me if interested
  5. Anyone on PS4 have the doomsday heist setup missions that have either the grey joggers or paramedic outfit? I want paramedic outfit from Act 1: 1st setup mission: Dead Courier and grey joggers from Act 2: 2nd setup mission: Rescue ULP or Act 3: 2nd setup mission: Escort ULP
  6. Moonlit Dark is a motorcycle club looking for new members. Must be 18+ and have a mic. For more info my PSN is TyrTheHippie or check out our Social Club page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/moonlit_dark
  7. BiZaRe

    PS4 San Andreas Life Roleplay

    San Andreas Life is a brand new, mature, roleplaying community based around GTA 5 on the PS4. With our founders being extremely experienced in roleplay management, we strive for perfection and hope you can contribute to this extraordinary online adventure. Ever wanted to become a police officer? paramedic or firefighter? Or would you rather become a well-known and feared criminal in San Andreas? Is that all a bit much for you? The possibilities are endless, you can become tow truck driver, uber chauffeur, pilot, lawyer, politician, news reporter, road worker, garbage collector, environment
  8. Who We Are: We are an established motorcycle club that has been is existence since June 25th, 2017. The Club was re-branded from Scarlet Splicers MC to Exiled Sovereigns MC. We are not murderers and thieves, like the media would have you believe. We are not terrorists or national threats either, like the government so desperately tries to make us out to be. We are not all outlaws and criminals, like the A.M.A. has written to outcast us. We are members of your community, citizens like you. We are enthusiasts of motorcycles, it's lifestyle, and culture. We are protectors of our communities and
  9. Kvng21mali

    PS4 Players/Car meets

    Hey I'm looking for players on PS4 to chill with and do car meets with and cause hell with of you down I even got the doomsday hiest stuff so.... add me: bigg_xxmodzxx_21 PS: I don't care if you mod you can still join
  10. Admins: Please move to correct forum if I'm i. The wrong area! Hello my name is Al Kacino. I am looking for gangs, motorcycle clubs, paramilitary organizations, mafias, criminal organizations, and police crews for my new series "Gangland: San Andreas". In the show, I will ride along with key members and learn about their crew. This is your chance to showcase what your about, and give outsiders a look at a day in the life of you. I will be interviewing members, sharing stories and backgrounds. If this is something you are interested in contact me on [email protected] YamatheKreature or on [email protected]
  11. Add feekuss on Playstation. NO military/weaponized vehicles & NO tacky sh*t. Practical, clean cars only. Custom Offroad, Muscle, Super, Sport, Bikes, Donks, Lowriders all are welcome. add feekuss on PS4 & put "Car Meet" in the message otherwise you may go unnoticed thanks
  12. So, O've been trying to play doomsday heists for some time but i xant find realiable players, i really enjoy heists, more fo the fun the for anything else, i played the original heists and have the CM challenge, im 20, have mic and 250lvl
  13. Hi, as said in the title we are looking for 2 players. At the moment it is Terminator-27J1 and I (I_Psycho) We are mostly in it more the achievement and not the cash, though we will still be putting it on hard. We have already completed the 3 acts on hard, plan to take on the doomsday mastermind challenge, have completed the original mastermind challenge and wish to take on the original elite challenges this week. Here is my info: Platform: PS4 GTA Online username: I_PsychoS Ranking in GTA Online: 417 Social Club: IvanMondrogan Timezone: EST Please place
  14. Hello so i ran into this problem whit my MC (Motorcycle Club) I can't find active members So if you'r active and well decent at the game add me on Social Club: DeFr0sTLTU My rank is 29
  15. Need players to help with all the heist setups and heists for PS4 - add username Domin8trr and we can play the heists
  16. Forum Drive Families Currently Recruiting Free-Aim Shooters On PS4! Add Me Up (ItsBlittzzTryMe) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/forum_dr_famiiies
  17. Hi. 2 players are looking for 2 more for heist. Usually in 14:00-15:00 GMT. Contact me in PSN - evgenyserow Ask here if you have any questions.
  18. So i was not expecting this finale for act 3 to be so hard. I'm not on right now but will be tomorrow morning like maybe around 10 AM west coast time so if anyone is available then please just hit me up on ps4. I am rank 381 and have a mic. I will do 25 25 25 btw.
  19. Socalthug-420

    Now Hiring !

    I'm looking for a few people to help me with my CEO and MC businesses. I just wanna make at least 1.5 mill so I can buy a bunker then do the doomsday heist. I'm on ps4 my psn name is Socalthug-420
  20. Hi im pretty new to GTAForums and i mainly signed up to meet a crew of new people wanting to play gta. Im looking for people on PS4 and willing to communicate through Skype PSN: RacistCorn (im not racist lmao)
  21. Ahwei


    Road Rockers MC looking for prospect If want, message me
  22. Skeletonsifu

    Doomsday heist crew PS4

    I'm looking for heist crew for Tuesday evening. Requirements: Your timezone is max 4 hours from UTC+2 time zone, you are at leasr rank 100 and you are not a modder. You have a PS4 and you concider yourself as a good player. I'm rank 310 and my ps4 account is skeletonsifu. If you are under rank 100 send me a message and webcan discuss about it. From tuesday onward* and I'm also interested in completeing criminal mastetmind aftereard if it all goes well. From tuesday onward* and I'm also interested in completeing criminal mastetmind aftereard if it all goes well.
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