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  1. Bass_of_jokers

    Roleplay Community

    If you are looking for a roleplay community where you can be a police officer, paramedic, fire rescue, civilian or be in a mafia or gang members. We are a realistic group and you will earn money to buy properties and earn license and gun permits. We are a great community and looking to expand. The web site is BlainecountyDPS.com if you need help with the application message me on PS4 at Bass_of_jokers. We are lloking forward to see you in kur community. And make sure to answer ever question in the application. Have a great day
  2. looking for people wanting to start a new Mc Crew ready for the new biker DLC! If your interested in starting something from the ground up, join up at https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/deathless_uk PSN: Mighty_Valour
  3. I need 3 people who have all done the heist before and 1 member must own the 0601 Las Legunas ave APPT with a Armored Kuruma in the garage. We will be doing the kuruma strat. My PSN is: Sebynelson9 MUST BE AT LEAST LEVEL 50 WITH EXPERIENCE! I will be starting at 5pm Pacific time. Sept 24th
  4. Need help spawning a hearse or a dubsta2? Leave your gamertag and i will help you out. PS4 Only Timezone: gmt +2
  5. Canada + USA add AfgunZyzz and prepare to be invited at 2:00 PM Eastern Time for a hopefully large Car/Bike Meet which includes the following : Meet and Greet Drift Cruise + Competition Car/Bike Show Mini Fight Club (not mandatory) Loads of Fun Mics are Preferred, But all are welcome. ADD AfgunZyzz BEFORE 2:00 PM for an invite, you will receive two invites and only two, Feel free to invite your friends.
  6. Send AfgunZyzz a message for a invite to a Car / Bike Meet, Show and Cruise including a fight club. Players who kill will be kicked.
  7. PotatoSalladss

    Welcome to The LS Senate - PS4

    I'd like to personally welcome you to The LS Senate, we are a clan that prides ourselves on Luxury, Wealth and Fear. We would love to become one of the best clans on GTA, although that is a long shot, we can achieve this if as many of you as possible join this cause, and help the rise of the wealthy on GTA V, message the Senator - PotatoSalladss - on ps4 if your interested, anyone is welcome, any level, any finance, message me when your ready to join!. Social Club Link - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_ls_senate
  8. New Players welcome! VP and other administrative positions available! Rules: 1. Don't ride a crotch rocket. 2. Wear jeans and a biker cut with crew emblem on back. 3. Respect your superiors, and other members. Msg me at MikeLiteriss69 to join!
  9. Are you running MC work solo? Need some help to supply, upgrade and maintain your illegal activities? Maybe you need Black Hills Bstards for Hire!! We did something similar during heists and it worked pretty well, and was fun too. If you think you might require our services, message me on here, post below, or msg on PSN (boppa_) and we'll see if we can help you out. Reasonable rates! Good times!!
  10. countryboy052590


    an active and serious PS4 MC is looking to recruit prospects https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/haroc81_prospects no crew hopping or killing wear your patch be active if interested message HOYTKID90 at rockstarsocial clun
  11. Bilderberg Lodge A brand new Crew for GTA V PS4. (this crew is also linked to an MC) Hello everyone! Bilderberg Lodge is a brand new GTA Crew looking for our first members. After running a very powerful MC (Bilderberg) for a period of time we have decided to expand our operations and open a lodge so that members progress and contribution can be better tracked - and also so the MC can be formed faster when Presidents of different factions come online. If you are interested please leave a reply here with your PSN, send me a private message with your PSN (if you don't want to post it pu
  12. Kicking of the 'CrxwlnUK' car culture with a car meet. The event will be happening on the 23rd September 2016 at 11pm GMT. RULES AND REGULATIONS: - You must have a professional attitude towards all other members and their personal vehicle's. - Strictly NO killing/damaging - Bring your vehicle, if it's scrapping along the floor or bouncing on hydraulics, all cars are welcome! - Professional videography will be carried out during the entire time of the event, a coverage video will then be edited and uploaded via YouTube (Full HD) - Professional photography will also be carried out,
  13. I like helping people to earn some cash ! Spawning cars is a great way to earn easy money. The Dubsta2 is the most expensive spawnable car, it sells for 23200 and I can help u fill up a garage with Dubsta2 in 30 minutes Also other cars I can help u with. Just send me a message what u want me to spawn for you. My PSN: GJS-FORCE
  14. xibelligerent

    PS4 Car Meet/Cruise Tonight!

    I'm planning to host a car meet tonight at 6:00PM EST- Three and a half hours from when this topic is posted. I haven't figured out where the car meet will be yet, we can probably make a decision together for where to meet. Any cars are welcome, and we will have opportunities to switch and repair vehicles throughout the meet/cruise. Username: Scrollwing Add me and send me a message and I will log on 30 minutes early to get things started!
  15. x-Deez_Bulletz-x

    *Satan's Henchmen MC** (PS4 & XB1)

    Satan's Henchmen MC Is Looking For Prospects On PS4 & XB1 We Are A True 1% Club. We Dont Do Drama If You Think You Have What It Takes To Prospect All Information Is In Website Below Satans's Henchmen MC Website http://shmc93.wixsite.com/satanshenchmenmc Kik- Deez_Bulletz (PS4 President) Social Club- SHMC__Bulletz (PS4 President) PSN- SHMC__Bulletz (PS4 President) XB1 Gamer Tag- SHMCBulletz (PS4 President) (XB1 IS STILL UNDER MANAGEMENT) (MEMBERS BEING VOTED IN)
  16. Hello, I do a weekly custom stunt race playlist every Saturday 8pm GMT. And I need more people. We only do the best races on the PS4 version of GTA5. To join friend me on PS4, MOINI16. And join my community (GTA Online - MrKPIN LIVE) for regular updates. MrKPIN on YouTube, I have a small channel with 85+ subs. With content getting better every week. Ignore the audio problems for the last videos, I've prevented it happening again with a noise gate. I'm a 20 year old male, with a mic, from the UK.
  17. I'm looking for Australian players to do MC work with and ride with! I prefer to work with like minded people who also enjoy doing the whole biker thing in GTA,aswell as TDM's, heists, ride arounds and bike meets. NOT LOOKING FOR AN MC!!! Just looking for active players.
  18. Grim Death MC is looking for active and mature players to add to its ranks. Grim Death MC is a new MC in Los Santos that needs active players that will help recruit members and grow the club. You must prospect first before joining. If you are willing to join there are a few rules to follow: 1. Join the support crew and introduce yourself on the wall to be considered for prospecting. 2. You must have a mic. 3. 18+ 4. Set SC profile/wall to visible. 5. Keep the club as your active crew. 6. No crew killing. Crew Pages - Gri
  19. Recruitment Video: Official Website: http://satfps4.weebly.com/
  20. Wrighty6000


    Dark Souls are still recruiting. We have been going for little over a month now and we have currently 269 members. Our members range from RNG players, FM players, Heisters, AW TDM players. Primarily we are an All Weapon TDM Crew and so far have a deadly enough bunch of players to rival some of the strongest TDM Crews in the game. If your interested in helping us push through the ranks then follow the below link and join through that. We are also looking for an Xbox player who would be promoted to comm to help build on the Xbox side. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ii_dark_souls_i
  21. Apthom2

    Looking for a PS4 PVP Crew

    Hello O/ I'm looking for a PVP Crew that's conducting PVP in a highly organized and tactical way - and of course, on a regular basis. Preferably with some sort of leader or commander giving orders during fights and so. However, things must not be too professionally in the sense that there's still given room to newbies (such as myself) and a respect for the general learning curve of things. Now, I don't know if that's the way things are carried out in GTAO, but thought I'd better give it a try.. And one more thing... would like the average age of members to be somewhat over 18
  22. Updated post: http://gtaforums.com/topic/868392-mc-recruitment-need-a-mc/
  23. KingNano

    Ps3 car meets

    Bad ass cars. Just having fun. No violence plz just good ol fashion meet. ALL CARS ALLOWED. Add my psn @ King_Nano19 Im always online.
  24. Manjano 13

    Crew VorTexKinG

    Hey guys i have a crew that is free to join. If you guys want you can join. Hopefully i have 30 members in two weeks. Lets see if we can do this.
  25. Hey been playing gta since release, it's alot of fun looking for more people to play keep the game refreshing, Heists,Car meets, Chill, Races, TDMs,LTS, pretty much anything. add me PSN:KDImGonnaWreckIt
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