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  1. Hey y'all. I'm new on PC after almost 6 years and a half of playing. I'm looking for help to do unlock stuff, like races wins, perfect starts ... Stuff like that. Also looking for Heisters to help doing my heists and my friend's.
  2. Welcome to Seismic's Grand Theft Auto Division! We are all about working together to earn money and grow our businesses to the maximum. We will also have events with all the crazy gamemode Grand theft auto provides us with! And you can play a role in that! Join seismic gaming to have a tight group of players to join you in your heists, missions, races and more! So what is Seismic Gaming? We’re a clan of mature gamers who value social interaction above all else. Personality with character and honour is more important to us than anything else. Our philosophy is to enjoy the experience of gaming, whether you're winning or losing. Seismic is an open and diverse clan with members from all over the world. Seismic is an organised clan with staff ranks throughout. We're looking for people who are willing to help us push Seismic to the next stage whether that's being a staff member or just a member. You're 100% valued in the clan whatever position you hold as at the end of the day we truly believe that you are what makes Seismic, Seismic. What do we expect from you? The Halo division is looking for Halo enthusiasts who want to join our lovely community!However we do have some requirements you should read through before applying on the website: You have to be at least 18+ We expect you to be an active member A working microphone is required. Do not behave in a toxic way. Try to help others out with their businesses especially when they haven't got much yet. What do you get in return? We'll be hosting events by staff for members. A steady group that can play with you on a daily basis Besides getting full access to the GTA division you can also find other games within Seismic. A place within the seismic family. Thank you for taking the time to read my post! We hope to see your application soon! Visit our website to apply: https://www.seismicgaming.eu/ Our discord: https://discord.gg/vp4tMFy Feel free to contact me for any information on Seismic Gaming! - Skyanics
  3. Got Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC when it was first released and none of my PC friends are as into the game as I am. So that goes without saying that I want people to play with. We can Hunt Bounties, Sell Moonshine whatever! Hit me up if you're interested my Social Club is "Charlestonx"
  4. Charleston

    Looking for homies (PC)

    Looking for people to chill with, grind with and possibly heist with! If anyone is interested hit me up my social club is "Charlestonx"
  5. QXtropic

    Anything but selling?

    I like having a laugh with teamwork & playing in freemode. Really, looking to do anything but sell stock all day! Hit me up on Social Club. Timezone: GMT +0
  6. VLRP - Virtual Life Roleplay Brand new server currently in our beta release version. Applications open for nearly all positions. From leo, civilians, businesses to staff roles. We are looking for just about everything, as a new server. Please note you must be atleast 16 y/o for some of these roles, unless you can prove to me that you are mature. I am always open to suggestions, and what you would like to see in a server. Feel free to ask any questions you may have! What is VLRP? This is a menu based server focused on realistic roleplay. Continuously striving to improve, grow, and give you a friendly community to grow in as a player. Scenarios with no real roleplay behind it will not be something encouraged here. (Ex. Someone who joins each night to do the same pursuit, or simply targeting police to respond to him with no roleplay behind it.) Here, we have it more realistic. When you first join the server, you will create a backstory for your character. In the appropriate channel, each day you join to roleplay, you play this character. You automatically start with $100k in your bank - keep in mind this is a menu based server. Our economy is set up using discord. With that, you are able to track your money and purchase vehicles via discord! Departments Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Apply today! Patrol Detective K9 San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department Rapid Response Unit [RRU] Thanks for reading, see you soon! Bogi - Server founder. Applications open for just about every position in the server. https://discord.gg/VYnqGQJ
  7. Hello! Looking to recruit two players with good availability this weekend for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge of the original "apartment heists". The goal is to get it done before next week, prioritising this run over other things. It's very short notice but we're waiting until 16:00 CEST today (saturday, if you haven't gone to bed yet) to get started. Given the short heads-up, I won't expect too much here, but you're very welcome to join if you feel like committing to this. You don't need to have prior experience completing the challenge but familiarity with the missions is ofcourse desirable. Because of our ambition with regards to time, here's what we're looking for in teammates.. Bare minimum: -Discord (no microphone) to listen. And you communicate through text at least. -A saved heist outfit including a utility vest and bulletproof helmet. For combat heavy missions. -Able to play a lot (to be on the safe side) during afternoon, evening and possibly night hours. Western europe timezones. Optional (but appreciated): -Microphone for clear communication. -Knowledge of and experience in as many of the missions as possible. -Heavy weapons - depends on your rank ofcourse. My own character is only in his 70s on PC. Particularly a Heavy Sniper is welcome for (example) the Convoy mission. That should really be all we need for a reasonably fast and smooth run, unexpected issues notwithstanding. If our own qualifications (of my friend and I) are needed for you to be convinced to join: I've completed the challenge at least four times on PS3 and PS4 combined - might be more but my memory is fuzzy on how many teams I joined to help out. My lowest character rank (first successful run, too) was something like 56. As for my friend, there's a reason I'm comfortable trying this with him. Should say enough. Thanks for reading, looking forward to doing this fun challenge again with a fresh team! Note: I'm aware of the speculation around a possible bug regarding the rewards here. Some words about it in this thread:
  8. Hey, i am looking for patient players to complete this Casino heist with, from start to finish and me hosting it. I have not done this heist before, i'm not at all interested in the money so i can always give myself the lowest amount when it comes to it.. i just want to unlock certain outfits. Note that i said patient players, i'm totally okey with 20+ restarts if that what it takes to complete something and i'm not at all toxic if things go bad. Discord and voice chat is an requirement. If you live in a complete different time zone than european time "GMT/UTC +1" i hope we at least do it partially from start to finish. I do speak swedish and english.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to find some likeminded people who likes bikes as I do. People who enjoyed watching sons of anarchy and want to role play on gta. The MC i'm running atm is Samurai Souls. We only ride western bikes. I'm happy to welcome new prospects. I'm on PC We ride together WE die together Thai
  10. I am in search of members of the GTA PC community who would like to join a new production I am starting. Exact details will be kept private until the interview process for originality purposes but if you are interested please send me a message! I am looking for people to be the actors who are on PC. ALSO if you are not on PC or not interested in being in the production I will need script writers and I will accept any and all people interested in that. Hoping to either do a long movie, actual production length, or multiple shorter TV shows like a Netflix series but on YouTube or a show specific website. Again if you are interested please send me a message hoping to being filming after the new year for a Summer 2020 release!
  11. Hello, since casino heist has no inviter system i need new friends to do this, experienced would be nice, i will be generous on cut, im on PC. RGSC: Andromeda-J-STAR
  12. Bobbylee3rd

    FiveM RolePlay DRP

    Me and a few friends decided to start a new server. Everything is fully paid for. We have custom cars, a custom vps/vm for fivem and teamspeak. We have a custom cad for rp. We are just tired of running into the same issues with every server we join and that is bad rp. If you are interested in helping us build or looking for a better community then come on in. Discord link below DISCORD LINK - https://discord.gg/4hauHne
  13. Getting ready for the new dlc and an looking for 3 players to complete the all the original and doomsday heists in order for the rewards and trade prices maybe if things go really well even the criminal mastermind challenge. I’m level 230 and had previously completed the criminal mastermind on Xbox one but couldn’t transfer progress over to pc. Looking to do this today or next weekend, mic not needed
  14. --- SO WHO ARE "GREAT BOOB DIVIDE" ? --- Friendly mature group of people / english speaking / multinational / multicultural - looking for other friendly females and males to have fun and good time in RDR 2 Online but not only. The best thing is we do have tons of experience from GTA 5 Online and now expanding our interest for RDR 2 PC. We are medium size but very active crew: 400~ (45-50 daily active). You wonder if this is really true? Check it by yourself https://statbot.net/dashboard/299828422476038145. --- FAQ / HOW DO I APPLY? --- 1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MPrt8d9 2. Add me and write little about yourself: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/quahox 3. Discord with working mic. (Discord link is not working? Add me on discord: Quahox#1370) --- WHAT WE EXPECT --- ADULTHOOD - Be at least 18 years of age (sometimes we do make exceptions); - Be also mentally adult - don't waste our & your time joining for 1 day to help you with heists or unlocking stuff; - Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds. TECHNICAL ASPECTS We are now 50% in EU and 50% in US timezone (we do have also some people from Indonesia); - Play on free aim servers; - Active weekly on RDR 2 Online's PC exclusively. --- WHAT WE CAN OFFER --- MONEY - help with Freeroam missions; - help with Sales / supplies work; - help with Collector / Trader / Bounty Hunter activities; - general help with game; UNLOCKING - help with exp, unlocking, clothes etc; - help with dailys; FUN - team activities ie: Ridding in formation, polishing PvP skills; - playing together in adversary modes / races / custom maps; - snapmatic photo contests; - boob size rank system ;-); MATURE - quality community (average age in crew is 25+, so no drama, no kids); - organized chat with music, jokes, foodpr0n, boobs nsfw (yes BOOBS) and more. --- OTHER GAMES --- - we do play also: GTA 5, Minecraft, Rust, Destiny 2, and many other games.
  15. Arctic Roleplays 20+ Custom Jobs | Custom Cars | Custom Resources We are an upcoming realistic based community with Whitelisted and unwhitelisted roles. We aim to provide civilians with as much interaction as possible with a balance economy and criminal/legal working system. We offer upwards of 9 different Law Enforcement divisions ranging from General Duties through to NOOSE and FBI Currently Hiring RTO's - We're looking for Experienced Training officers to lead our Police and EMS recruits LSPD - Los Santos Police Department is responsible for all that happens in the city BCSO - Blaine County Sheriffs Office is responsible for all that is north of the city SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) FBI/Internal Affairs - FBI/IA are responsible for all management of the LEO Departments Civilians - Anyone can join this role as it is not whitelisted LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT [LSPD] Our LSPD Division has access to 5 different ranking vehicles to get their job done. You are provided with a basic set of weapons after going through training and set off to patrol the streets. There are currently Senior Supervisory Roles available within our LSPD Department. Anyone can be moved into/apply for these roles. The LSPD ranks are not Admin locked. Anyone can enter into any rank without having Administrator permissions/roles. Have your heart set on Chief of Police? Work hard enough you may make it! BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE The BCSO Department is where most of our policing resources go. They have access to a wide range of vehicles and jobs. Bail bonds, warrant servings, General Policing, Prison management, Highway Patrol, HELO and Rescue Services. It's a big task with a lot of space to manage and enforce the law. Sandy Shores and surroundings has a thriving community with it's own jobs, dealership and banks. The BSCO has 5 different internal Policing Ranks, they each branch out to a further 2 ranks for each position into our other offered divisions. FBI / Internal Affairs The FBI and Internal Affairs has its own set of vehicles and weapons. Investigation and dealing with high profile criminals and the newly acquired Gang Task Force. It is the job of the FBI to ensure the Rebels, Mafia and Gang groups are playing by the cities rules. Raid homes, bust drug operations, engage in large scale warrant and arrest operations plus much more! This is a high intensity role that requires a lot of mental capacity. You will be tasked with predicting criminal movements and investigation criminal activities through either surveillance or going into the heart of some organisations. SPECIAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM Based off the North West Freeway, the SERT team is the heaviest of departments. They're called in for Bank Robberies, high class raids and large scale events. With access to high powered weapons, helicopters and other vehicles to ensure the safety of our citizens. This is a newly acquired department and is still undergoing testing/revisals Medical and Fire Have your heart set on our Medical and Fire Departments? Want to work from the hospital providing surgeries or be out on the streets in one of our ambulance of fly vehicles? Enter into our supply chain for Morphines, Cadeines, Bandages and other Pharmaceutical items. You are the cities saviours; the role isn't without it's hardships. Most often severely understaffed and over work, it's up to you to ensure everyone is being attended to and dealt with. Visit our discord and more information to either join or apply for one of our whitelisted roles. We are a constantly evolving community still undergoing some serious changed. If you're looking to get into our high ranking roles then now would be a great time to apply. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/7KV8EKA WEBSITE: https://arcticrp.weebly.com SERVER IP: SOCIAL CLUB: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/-1a27-/wall
  16. 8d Please stop into the city and Discord to check out our newly growing community. We are currently taking applications for Mechanic/Police/EMS/Real Estate and more. Server Content Custom Voice (TokoVOIP) Custom cars Car Catalog: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T-xleEvYTgfwXXLp13CFUGqcZlsflALrKitTCSColU8 2 Custom Jobs Drugs Rob players Jewelry store robbery Bank robbery Store robbery Tuner Chip Custom Races Multiple character selection Houses There is a lot more but stop in and see for yourself. NoJoke RP Server IP: TeamSpeak 3 Address: NoJoke YOU MUST CONNECT TO THE TEAMSPEAK IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THE CITY. Discord: https://discord.gg/Dvc8DCS 13 If you have any questions or a problem connecting, I would be happy to personally help you in the Discord.
  17. Bdb1987

    Ghostbusters Incorp

    I have created a new crew called Ghostbusters Incorp a friendly crew which helps other members with missions, heists etc. and also helps lower level members earn money thorough VIP work etc The crew is open so feel free to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ghostbusters_incorp/wall Hopefully with enough members can fill entire lobbies which would prevent unwanted attacks
  18. mattymcrae79

    [PC] Open Racing Nights: GrumpyOldtimers.com

    This Sunday 22nd September 2019 @ 20:30 BST/GMT+1 Link to countdown Following a long GTA break, myself and a few other friends who love a bit of GTA Racing still have decidied to have a little reboot and start planning some events again. This is not a recruitment post (although i am running one of those here) This is an open invite to anyone who is interested in racing some non-contact only track laps (some using stunt props but not stunt races). The tracks we use are mostly crew created, although we use the odd gem that we find on RSC. If you want to be involved you can either PM me here on RSC or join our brand spanking new forum and message me there. Alternatively feel free to join our Discord server too. I will post the track list later today / tomorrow so there is time to have a look, practice the circuits a bit to bring yourselves up to speed. The conditions: Any vehicle can be used within it's class All races will be non-contact There will be NO stunt races (just lap races with stunt props) All races will be traffic off, wanted levels off Races can take place at any time with any weather conditions, this is hosts choice. The rules: No being impolite to fellow players No cheating / menus allowed! You will be hoofed! No curb surfing, you all know it's contentious by now Bellendery of any type will also not be tolerated If i have forgotten to add any info you need, just give me a nudge, it's been a while
  19. FlufferzTheCat

    TheMobJob is Enlisting Buttonmen

    WELCOME TO THEMOBJOB WE HAVE FUN IN ROCKSTAR GAMES We are a crew that was originally created for Grand Theft Auto 5. The crew was founded in 2015 in order to have a good time and make a little money while we were at it. Most of the time we play we are recording, shooting videos and movies and just having a great time and hanging out with each other. We have a very close and tight-knit community that is always their to support one another. We are always willing to help others with their goals in GTA5, whether it be sell missions, deathmatches, missions, or just having a good time. WHAT GAMES DO WE PLAY? We play a large amount of games! Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Online, San Andreas and more Rockstar Games, we also play Rainbow Six Siege and a few other competitive shooters, we have a great community of players who are always looking to play with others so feel free to make suggestions to play with other people, and make some good friends while you do it! SO, HOW DO I JOIN? Well, our Rockstar Games Social Club page would be a great place to start, you will get an RP bonus by playing with fellow crew members, as well as earning our crew color for your car and other accessories inside of GTA5! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_mob_job_crew/wall WHERE ELSE CAN I FIND YOU? We have a Discord server just for our crew! Our community is getting the closest there, and we are gaining new members there everyday! Feel free to jump over there to discuss new DLC's videos, and to find brand new friends and wonderful people to play videogames with! https://discord.gg/ywgHwPD We also spend a fair amount of our time recording and making YouTube videos on the games we play as well, mostly on San Andreas and GTA5! We often hangout their as well, so feel free to stop by and message us sometime if you have any other questions! https://www.youtube.com/c/themobjob If you have any questions, please let me know below and i'll try to help you as much as I can, thanks for reading everyone!
  20. TheBlancnoirs We are a very relaxed and friendly gaming community, that started as a close group of friends on GTAO on PC. Why Should You Join Our Crew - Safe Sessions - Help with Sales - Pure Uncut Fun - An overall friendly group of people to play with SC Link Discord Server Requirements Play GTAOnline on PC and be at least 18yo. Well that's all. Also please have public stats, before submitting a join request, so we know your legit. Media
  21. HMG14

    Roleplay (Bewdy Squad)

    Do you want to join one of the most realistic, immersive, and interactive roleplay communities? Then Bewdy Squad Gaming is just the place for you! With a dedicated developer team and determined leadership, the BSG community is trying to expand in order to host larger and larger roleplay sessions that take place almost every day around 8pm EST. I am HMG94, currently a Sergeant and ATO/FTO within the Sheriff's Department. One of many departments to choose from such as; Local Police, Sheriff's Department, State Troopers, Park Rangers, Firefighters, and Paramedics -- Each with their own subdivisions! Police and Sheriff's have Traffic units, Rapid Response, Detective, DUI/DWI, Aviation, etc. State Troopers, like real life, double as Highway Patrol and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) - equivalent to the DOT. Park Rangers respond to a variety of calls, but will focus on 'Wildlife & Animal Control' as well as the usual Game Warden stuff. So hunting/fishing violations are handled by them. Utilizing custom vehicles based on their real life, law enforcement, counterparts, CAD/MDT, Discord & TeamSpeak, Postal Codes, and extensive Penal and Ten Codes the Life Roleplay by BSG is one a premier roleplaying community with an emphasis on realism, interactivity, immersion, and community. You will have the option to be an LEO, Rescue, or a Civilian - who have tons to do. Our Civilians are the most important part of the community, relying on imagination to have fun in a way that doesn't always result in the law or rescue services having to respond. They hang out with friends, grab a drink, go hunting, fishing, or swimming, etc. They basically live out an actual life which lends itself really well towards immersion being a large part of what we're about. NOTE: Emergency service positions are not guaranteed, as you are put where you are needed the most with consideration toward your requested department. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/pZbmuAW SERVER:
  22. Flachbau


    VeloceFacade was founded in 1992, only four years after Facade Corporation was founded, as an ambitious effort to expose the high performance automotive market to the innovative technology Facade has to offer. Sticking exclusively to motorsports in its earlier years, VeloceFacade has achieved success time after time, eventually diving into the street legal realm in addition to remaining on the track. After ironing out the flaws in the first prototype demo cars, VeloceFacade creates a wide variety of performance tunes, from subtle sleepers prowling the streets for the next unsuspecting prey, to track ready monsters that offer break-neck acceleration and enough grip to make you fly out of your seat on corners. Pictured above: evolution of our logos @Adri The Classic Guy @Aerovitia @ddarko12 @Dottie @DOUGL4S1 @Flachbau @Madd Huh @Maxxi @Murciélago @Pininfarina @PoisonedGas @Testarossa
  23. Angel-CashBag

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook Join 1 or all 5 of CashBag Crews @ R*
  24. Hey!We're a new Roleplay Community on PC (FiveM). We're looking for members to join us, especially emergency services.We're looking for people who are: UK Based 18+ Chilled out, mature gamers Serious about roleplay Discord app users Own a mic and use it If you wanna join us, click to join our discord and tell us you came from GTAForums >>>> https://discord.gg/WW23a5w
  25. Cooltruckerman

    Vathos Inc. Crew Recruitment

    Vathos Inc. is a crew primarily on xbox one. We are always trying to increase our numbers. If your a new player don't be afraid to ask for help. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vathos_inc/wall
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