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Found 1,040 results

  1. QVANTOM1337

    [PS4] A Dark Conspiracy

    Hello, A Dark Conspiracy is recruiting. We play in Auto-Aim Partial, and Free-Aim. We do not tolerate RPG's for no reason, and Miniguns. If your a modder then you can join too! The crew is PS4, PC and XBOX ONE. The crew colour is a pitch black, we will accept crew colour suggestions. The Emblem is not bad. Crew is open for a few weeks and then we will do invite only. CREW URL: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/a_dark_conspiracy The crew emblem is going to be posted down below, don't hesitate to join. We do not forgive, we step up.
  2. No longer in action for lack of success. Thank you for visiting anyways. P.S. Remove button for own topics do be nice.
  3. Please remove this thread.
  4. brad_risp

    Rhode Island State Police -- RECRUITING

    Hello everyone, Senior Trooper Brad from Rhode Island State Police here. We are looking for active Roleplay members to our community, active does not mean on everyday, but atleast two times a week, we are not like all these other police Role Play communities Its just a game. We don't want to know your life story we just want to play the game and have fun but In a professional way, Also our ''Training'' to be a cop is simple doesn't take 2 hours and have to ride along for 3 weeks. But I promised I would keep It short and simple so join us to today guys. Recruitment: Rhode Island State Police LOW Warwick PD HIGH Rhode Island Fire & Rescue HIGH Rhode Island Communications HIGH LINKS!: Website to register and apply : http://risp.enjin.com/ (bare with us as we are working on a new website) Teamspeak If you have trouble finding the website: HOPE TOO SEE YOU ALL SOON, AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM EVERYONE HERE AT RISP!
  5. CorruptGold

    im looking for a mc

    im looking for a small friendly mc that rides choppers like the daemon and hexer but i dont really want something as serious as the reaper lords i mean i want some dicipline but not so much that its not fun anymore
  6. Albino_Ghost

    (PC &PS3) The New Order P.M.C is Hiring!

    The Chairman's Social Club Account: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/albino_snowman The New Order P.M.C Social Club Page: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/new_order_pmc THIS CREW IS ONCE AGAIN ACTIVE! LONG LIVE THE KRAKEN!
  7. Notimportant

    New crew Little Basterds recruiting (PC)

    I'm pretty bad at this and too lazy to know how to do a fancy thread like others did but I'll give it a try (to the tacky normal not the fancy one) New PC crew named Little Basterds. I'm relatively new to the whole online thing. I've been playing for like a month or so lvl more than 60 (in case someone needs to know) Most people by now have their own group and stick with them ignoring others so the point of this crew is to find people in circumstances like: - Tired of doing solo sessions - Waiting a long time for people to join mission or heist - After waiting a long time or not someone leaves in the middle of it - You finish playing with a group and someone kills you, maybe they steal your money too - Need a group to help in whatever you may need (level up, unlocking car mods, heists, races, make some bucks...) - Just want to relax and have an online session with people you sort of know - Tired of getting killed for no reason without expecting it while you walk around, buy stuff, drive... - Maybe you need to restore a bit your faith in humanity by finding cool folks to play with OK I'm not going to fool you in this case I don't think this will be possible but we can give it a try - You need fellows players who got your back - You have no one or almost anyone to play with you - .....etc. The idea is to form a crew where members can count on each other for anything, competitive and professional when it's necessary for challenges, heists and other activities. Requirements/Rules I don't ask for much ...or that's what I like to think. - First of all I wouldn't like the kind of pushy, cocky players without any patience who get mad or leave if someone makes a mistake or something, it's ok wanna do things right but is not the end of the world if someone makes a mistake - Clean players, don't kill fellow members - Don't leave once you started a mission or activity, think before joining if you don't have the time - No need for mic, skype or similar - People who do their best and try to play well, this mean not fooling around when it can ruin the whole mission or setup making others lose their time - Somewhat active players - No particular timezone required Right now this is all I can come up with, suggestions are welcome That's all folks if you want to join just reply, contact or send request if you're not hope you enjoyed reading my rant Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/little_basterds
  8. NoxKira

    Operation Ebony (Bounty Hunter Crew)

    Text in picture under spoiler tag. Click the picture to be taken to the social club page or go to http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/operation_ebony This is a PC only crew, however we do plan to expand to PS4 depending on the amount of activity we receive. We are looking for higher up staff. If you think you have what it takes, then add NoxDai as a friend on Social Club. This crew is brand new, so don't be alarmed if it isn't as active as you'd hoped for the first couple of days. If you know any way to transfer large sums of money (Without hacking or mods) then please post below. At the moment, this crew is open to everyone, so go to the Social Club page to join. Also, making this your active crew isn't required, unless we are fighting another crew. We also use Discord for communicating: https://discord.gg/0Pk1xuEWhPNReJkZ
  9. ImChristoffer

    Trevor Phillips Industries [ALL]

    Hi We're T.P.I . leading Drug traffic. WE WANT YOU! We are all workers of Trevor Phillips WE work hard. We are all bosses. We f*ck up Blaine county and Los Santos. IF you'r interested in joining then fill out the Job application like below. PSN ID: RGSC ID: Skills in GTA: K/D: Favorite Gun?: Favorite Car?: Give a Description of you: ------------------------------------- That's it RGSC: Click Here Peace Out - Christoffer
  10. ImChristoffer

    OG/LS Bulldoggz[PS4/PS3/PC]

    Hello all of you! ) My name is "Christoffer" you say it like "Christopher" Today i will show you the OG/LS Bulldoggz What do we Stand for? We stand for the "Little people"! so if you'r between rank 40-100 (of course the crew is for all ranks) then this crew is for you! What Requirements do we have? That is a simple question! So i will answer simple 1. Rule is "NO CREW KILLING"! 2. Rule is to have alot of fun. If you fell like you can chill with the crew! 3. This is a Family. What are we doing in LS? Simple we're running drugs with help from TPI That's pretty much it RGSC: Click here Peace out Chriz.
  11. pizzapuff1990

    [PC] Open crew Jade Combine in need of players.

    I made a crew a few days ago called Jade Combine. I'm looking for anyone who plays GTAO a lot. New or experienced, I don't care, I just want to build a chill crew where members can do missions, heists, and freeroam together. Here's all the main activities of my crew: Freeroam fun Races Missions Heists Deathmatches LTS Survivals You can be any rank, any experience in GTA. I welcome all. The only rule is don't troll other members......killing members for no reason over and over again. The crew is Jade Combine -> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/jade_combine My social club is Noisolhpyt add me if you want -> http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/noisolhpyt NOTE ON HEISTS: I desperately need crew members for Heists. The crew does not have experienced Heist members, so if you're experienced and have patience to play with Heists n00bs, salute. Heist experience is however, not a requirement of this crew. Crew Requirements: Although Jade Combine is an open crew, please keep in mind, I'm looking for people who play online a LOT (almost everyday) and are active playing with members of the crew. If you join please message me via Social Club telling me you found the crew on GTA Forums so I don't be like "who dafuq iz dat?" LOL
  12. "RISE above! We're gonna RISE above!" -Black Flag If you're looking for a fun and loyal crew to join in GTA 5 Online, look no further. 7 Point Society was founded to recruit as many members as possible, bringing players together simply to have fun and wreak havoc and anarchy across Los Santos and the rest of the San Andreas map. The only rule we ask to be obeyed is to stand united, not divided. All this means is we ask our crew members to not persistently attack their fellow RISE/7PS members in Free Mode. We're actively recruiting and accepting requests from players of all ranks and skill levels now. Come have fun with us!!! Click or copy and paste the link below to submit a request for membership!!! socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/7_point_society
  13. Daemian

    Merryweather Security

    We are a Private Military Company (PMC) located in Los Santos state area . We're recognized for working as a team and helping our operatives in one of the best PMC's available on all platforms [XB1/PS4/PS3/X360/PC] This thread is created for communication purposes with our operatives, interested players and related crews. Looking to be part of Merryweather Security ? Head over to our recruitment thread and fill up an application or contact us via Social Club. These are some of the services and activities we offer for our operatives: Armed security services Military training and tactics Bodyguard services Mission and Heist support Reinforcements in the battlefield Crew events and more Due to some problems with the implementation of this idea we decided to avoid divisions in Merryweather, they were setting apart our operatives. If you like, you can specialize in a any division such as Infantry, Air Force, Support or your favorite role within MWSC. We encourage our operatives to wear proper uniform at any time a fellow Merryweather member is present and on official crew events. Due of our large community, we can't assign a specific uniform or vehicle for our operatives but our operatives can use any of the official Merryweather vehicles and uniforms. Vehicles: Merryweather Official Vehicles HVY Insurgent HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Merryweather Canis Mesa Uniforms: We don't assign a specific uniform for all our operatives but here are some examples, show us your creativity. Working on more video content at the moment If you want more information about our crew, uniforms, vehicles or play style please send a PM, reply to this thread or contact any of our commissioners or LT's on Social Club. Merryweather, the private military company you can trust !
  14. The BRAND NEW CREW "Elite Hydra Squadron" (crew tag: HDRA) is looking for skilled pilots who own a hydra and are looking for an elite squadron of jets to fly with. Our main focus is reigning death from above and being the best of the best in the air. Add TheSoupyOne or visit my crew page (link below) to inquire about recruitment. I have around 250 hours logged in my hydra and I am willing to train you! There may or may not be a try-out period as I am strictly looking for active players who are focused on destroying sessions in a jet. If you enjoy wrecking mouthy noobs in your hydra, policing sessions, hunting bounties, etc with your fighter jet then WE WANT YOU! CREW NAME: Elite Hydra Squadron CREW TAG: HDRA About: Brand new crew dedicated to reigning death from above in jets Leader Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/memer/thesoupyone Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elite_hydra_squadron Platform(s): PC Games: GTA 5 Timezone: PST
  15. DefiantDucky

    The Red Talons - Paramilitary, PC 18+ Crew

    'et Percute ut Pervincere Conquer' - 'Strike to Prevail and Conquer' - PC ONLY - NON-ROLEPLAY - FUN - ACTIVE - TEAM BASED - MODERATELY SERIOUS - NON STRICT Who are we[/size] The Red Talons are an ever expanding and growing multigaming commiunity based on the PC. We are a large and active community which communicates and plays together on mutliple games and groups. Welcome to a world of dark humor, controversy and committing viritual ethnic cleansing on a large and fun scale. Although we have a slight paramilitary theme, our group is not a roleplay autismo confederation, just a community of older players who want to have fun and who love to wear camo and drive trucks and tanks whilst murdering kids and those who stand on our way.[/size] What we do The Red Talons pride ourselves on having freedom and liberity in our community offering gamers less restrictive rules and reglations in games whereas groups of similar nature do not pride on this. Whilst in the Red Talons be prepared to be able to say whatever you want, do whatever you want and be prepared to get upto some hilarious, controversal and comical sh*t with your time in here as part of The Red Talons. Examples include impersonating ISIS and screaming Allahu Akbar whilst blowing up other players, killing each other in hilarious ways and Card Against Humanity sessions. [/size] What games we play[/size] Our Main Branches [/size] Other games .png][/size] What do we want We are specifcally reaching out to older players and gamers who are looking for a good strong group without extreme rules or limitations, who are active, who would be willing to participate and interact with the group and who are willing to help out with growing or improving the group in anyway shape or form and prefer Teamwork with Voice Communications and have a good sense of humor. We are looking for the following Qualities in Members: Aged 18 or Over Good sense of humor Isn't easily offended speaks fluent english Sociable Willing to play and interact with the group Interested in teambased activites Interested in playing new games Interested in playing mutliple games as part of the group The Red Talons: Code of Conduct Must be aged 18 or over [/size] Must have a microphone and teamspeak[/size] Not easily Offended[/size] Speak English[/size] Must be willing to participate[/size] Must be active Absence is allowed upto 14 days without notice Absense longer than 14 days must be notified Themed colour and military-ish clothing for games which allow this RED TALONS' GTAV BRANCH RECRUITMENT https://youtu.be/ndOaoTVptXA[/size]
  16. Introduction The BrotherHood was formed because of the lack of street gangs or any other gang of such. The LCPD:FR mod has taken the street wars and gangs out of GTA IV, this makes the game feel bland. This mod has taken everything that we love about GTA IV such as the explosions, car crashes, turf wars, gang hideouts, street wars and much much more! The BrotherHood Will not stand for this and is rising up to take back the city! It is time for a new leader, someone with the courage and the bravery, a gang, US! Recruitment The BrotherHood Is calling out for members of the public to join our cause. We call upon you to join us and take back everything that is rightfully ours! Nothing will stand in our way of making this city whole again, crime will come back, super cars, weapons and more! We want to make GTA IV fun again with with an aspect of role-play. If you want to join then please fill out this easy application - http://goo.gl/forms/s5sLnljFOl In-Game Information We currently have our main base in Alderney because of its run-downed state. We can easily make money from this area and make temporary hideouts plus much more other things like controlling local businesses. We currently own most of the industry business in Alderney and we have tried to expand into Algonquin but law enforcement is heavy and its very populated. We plan to take the east side of the city (Bohan, Broker, Dukes) which will then cause the law to be pushed into Algonquin, this will be perfect for our last and final victory but it will be hard and that is why we need YOU. We have loads of positions that need to be filled to keep our turf in check, if your bad in the streets we have jobs which will benefit us heavily that are not on the streets. We have even more jobs that require you to be outside and kicking ass. Main Positions Available Street Men (Outside) - LookOut - Solider - Carrier (Transporter) - Dealer - Turf Captain Off-Street Men (Background Ops) - Student - Transport Tracker - FootMen Assigner - Money Tracker - Turf Manager These are just SOME of the rank that we offer. This clan is about anything that GTA has t offer. We push the game to its limits and become a successful gang. This is not a serious role-play clan but does slightly offer the role-play experience. Thank you for reading all of this and hopefully we see you working for us and take mass destruction to the limits! Email Me - [email protected] Website - http://gta-bh.enjin.com/home
  17. Grillednoob

    North Point Mafia is recruiting!

    North Point Mafia Crew (NPMC) Is now recruiting! NPMC is a PC crew that focuses on missions and heists, we use Skype and Teamspeak. NPMC is a proud crew and would ask that all members wear the gang colors (purple) when hanging with the crew. Leave a post below with your social club Name and I will send you a invite. Link to the crew page below http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/north_point_mafia Best regards Amtrek (AKA Grillednoob)
  18. Cuz_98

    55th Street Raiders Gang Recruitment

    [PC] I am the co-owner of 55th Street Raiders and we are looking for new members! You need to be mature and must be able to follow orders, is helpful if you have teamspeak and a working mic, if not dont worry, you can still join. Speaking good english and understanding it is KEY to joining. Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/iamtheonlycuzzy If your intrested in joining please add me and i will give you more info, if you wanna check our social club out its here:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/55th_street_raiders
  19. The CSA Gaming Community, Los Santos Police Departement & Los Santos Sheriff's Office role-play About Us : The CSA-RP Community is a international Law-Enforcement Clan specialised on GTA-Online and APB-Reloaded. Our RP is based on real life police procedures inspired by serveral police agencies. Even though the clan is opend minded and semi-serious, we are interested in providing the most realisitc roleplay- experience you could imagine to our members. In order to accomplish this goal we have our own cadet acedemy, a well- organised rank and patrol structure, persistent teamspeak contact an own website feauturing a fully functional police computer, the clans very own social network and much more. The CSA-RP Clan is rooted in the CSA-Sheriffs Department a former Police Roleplay Clan est.2014 (csa-sheriff.com) Counting more then 50 members from more then 20 nations we decided to expand and set foot on GTA V. Although we are aware that the founding of a larger international Clan in a game like GTA is a tedious and longer process we can guarantee that this clan is not going to fail anytime soon. With 3 years of Clan management experience, a international staff-crew and own equipment we are self sustaining and dont have to worry about things like a lack of money, members or interest. At the moment the entire clan is still in it's developement. The earlier you sign up the better your chanches to participate in and influence the clan's developement or to climb up the career ladder. We are as well looking for further people with modding/texturing and recording skills. Features: - persistent realistic Police-Roleplay - fully functional clan organisation - a international open minded community - an own police computer system - an own social media (announcement topics) - enhanced ways to perform pull overs, traffic stops, arrests etc. - a complex "drag and drop" mod pack ;P - individual character RP, Progress and Developement Requirements : In order to join you should be 18+ have teamspeak3 and a pc/internet-connection that runs GTA on a moderate performace. If you are too young or you should have certain issues with the teamspeak/your game you may contact us and ask for an exception. Meeting the requirements does not mean you automatically accepted. Only the CSA Staff can decide who is going to be recuitet, accepted pro-/demoted banned or unbanned. However we are normal (mostly friendly) human beeings interested in making new contacts. How to Join Us : If you are interested in joining a upcoming Realism-Roleplay-Clan, make your own unique career or just having a good time you can apply at http://gta.csa-sheriff.com/lspd/home/ further contact: website : gta.csa-sheriff.com apbwebsite: csa-sheriff.com teamspeak : ts.csa-sheriff.com mail : [email protected] social club : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/csa_heist_department With kind Regards The CSA Staff-Team, Cpt. Newman (MrMarsh) Lt. Harris (Geari) Sgt. Crockett (Spadge)
  20. ArbiterTrout

    Los Santos Cancer Police

    Name: Garry's Community (LSCP) Website: http://garryscommunity.net Type: Casual/Competitive Teamspeak3 Address: TS3.GARRYSCOMMUNITY.NET SocialClubPage: [HERE] (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cancer_police) **[WHO ARE WE?]** *Garry's Community is one of the largest GMOD community's to date. Over time, GC has expanded outwards into different games, GTA, being the most recent! Don't let our "size" fool you. We have a dedicated group of players that play constantly to make sure there is always someone to hang with!* *LSCP is a group of players that range from all levels. Some of us love the PvP, some of us like missions. We havee 20+ members who enjoy a bit of everything, and we are constantly looking to help out new players, and give the veterans something to do!* **[HOW TO JOIN]** *There is no application process! Simply shoot me a friend request on social club, or hop on our teamspeak, and the group will meet up with you!* **[RULES]** This is not some hardcore super serious group. We only have a few rules, which are light, and easy to follow. 1. No modding. This is a no bullsh*t group. No trainers, no cheating, nothing. We want to keep a vanilla game experience when online. 2. When using our TS, respect our other members. Our Teamspeak is used by several of [GC]'s members for other games. Please do not fight, attack, or annoy those players, and in return, they will follow the same rules for you. 3. A microphone is not required, but is recommended. We understand some users are a little shy, and that's okay. We do use a teamspeak server for voice. This is located at ts3.garryscommunity.net If you think this is the crew for you, feel free to visit our group page, located [HERE](http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cancer_police) or feel free to add me! [HERE](http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/arbiter11701) Thanks.

    Cheng Triads

  22. BroodReaver

    Bullet Striders (Heist Crew)

    About: Heists/Jobs/Others Leader Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/broodreaver Additional Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/serpouncealots http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/darkwolf727 http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/m0000000000 Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bullet_striders Platforms: PC Games: GTA 5 / Online Timezone: Any Are you tired playing with incompetent random strangers that end up, messing up and wasting your time? Yeah, me too. Our goal is to assemble competent and well experienced heist players and put them into one crew so that we don't have to play with random idiots. The purpose of this thread is to serve as the crew's social thread This is where we post our crew stuff and sh*t ~ ABOUT US ~ -PC Only- - We are a crew of heist & job driven players with the same interests and goals - - We are always looking for new and faster ways to accomplish each job - - We try to play as quick and efficient as we can with little to no mistakes - - Age doesn't matter as long as you can do your role effectively and conduct yourself properly - - We are not just about heist, we can also do other random and stupid sh*t - - We don't role play, but you may do as you please - - We prefer playing with free aim - ~ What we are looking for ~ - We are recruiting committed s.o.a.b. to do heists and jobs - - Must be at least rank 60 (We can make and exception if you can keep up and hold your own) - - Willing to share his/her knowledge (infos, tips and tricks) to the rest of the crew - - Willing to learn and listen - - Not a modder scrub - ~ Hierarchy ~ Crew hierarchy is not that important, one can be promoted or demoted base on his - Online Activity - - Participation - - Skills and over all game knowledge - - Contribution - ~ Code of Conduct ~ To establish a healthy and stable community we must enforce and implement a set of guidelines and rules. Each member is required to follow the rules at all times. Failure to abide our rules will result in being kicked/ and or banned without further notice depending on the strength of the violation. We do not give out warnings. (All crew members have the right to appeal their ban/kick to the crew leader and commissioners. Depending on the circumstances we may ask you to post an apology here in crew thread for the actions that you took that caused you to be kicked/banned that overall harmed our crew, and the reputation ant it stands on.) * Under no circumstances shall a member of Bullet Striders (KILL) purposely and intentionally attack and kill another crew member (Both in public and private lobby) for the motivation of provocation. Willingly members who participate in Deathmatch event with other crew members is an exception of this rule. (All incidents of intentional crew killing must be reported to the crew leader and commissioners. Please provide us with the name of the member who is killing you, and we shall respond to you no later than 24 hours depending on real life obligations) * We are seeking players who aren't afraid to explore new things, and try new things. * Microphone devices are not mandatory in this crew, but some members do use it, and so we ask that all members to please set your voice chat to Crew + Friends (To all mic users: We ask that you be respectful when using the mic. Please refrain from using any insulting/offensive words that may offend another member.) * All crew members must set this crew on active (So that other crew members can reserve a spot for you during missions/heist) and you're much easier to invite by crewmates if you're not on their friends list. * English is a primary language for our crew. All members are required to speak the language. * Mods/Hacks/Trainers/ Asking other modders for money bags on Online is prohibited. We have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. * Hosts who have a crew member in their heists are required to give a 20% cut finale cut (if a crewmate helped you with at least 2 of the heist set-ups out of respect) Anything below is disrespectful and distasteful. During a special event like Criminal Mastermind/Elite Challenge a 25% cut is highly recommended, but not required. * Zero tolerance for bailing out during the middle of a heist/job. * Social Club Games stats visibility must be open and set to "Friends & Crews". (So we can check your stats/cash for anti-modding purposes) We will not accept any new membership who are not sharing their stats. ~ Recruitment ~ Read all of the above and interested in joining us? Please visit our recruitment thread by clicking the link. http://gtaforums.com/topic/809754-bullet-striders-heist-oriented-crew-recruiting/ Criminal Mastermind Challenge Helper By DarkWolf727 (P.6) http://gtaforums.com/topic/816562-bullet-striders-heist-crew/page-6 Helpful infos about CEO runs (P.30) http://gtaforums.com/topic/816562-bullet-striders-heist-crew/page-30 ~ Crew Roster ~ (As of June 17) BroodReaver Crew Leader serpouncealots / Darkwolf727 / M0000000000 Commissioners C20Dragon / Deadly2469 / Deadmoose23 / kringled / Nova_Cash Lieutenants Dimmmit / GeoMcSmitty / Gummysoop / Maitso MGK-Kells / Mortician86 / TheSierraXray / NineLoveKing Representatives ___ThE_0nE___ / Ahres_00 / ashvillepies / BabyFacee17 / BaltsElfs / bazzalmilostig / BishopGTAV / Black.Jester / Braclo / Brody619 / Brynjar88 / Cbow85 / CDRAlbrecht / Chipdin / Daniel_YX / Darth_Absentis / DerrikTikmann / DidYouSeeDat / DJAMES395 Djoopy / Elfmaze / evenxzero / foreskinlove / Frosty_poo / GenericJerkface / GentlemanSmoke / Gentleplayz / GlugGlugBurp / Greenie110 / Hasverywell / HazyHypez / hECANATORRR / HosTileGamer140 / iLLiterate. / imthegtaplayer1 / Insane9x / Johnny_Cole / JTO168 / Jurda.CZE / KevakK / kigeru KILLJOYS.42 / KissMyPlasmaVent / kylez64 / Matthecruel / MendesReis / Moonchild207 / MSK9productions / NASTYDIRTYLITTLE / Nekanav / Netheren / Nipplestroke / NoCarsGo / Nosfercho / NUK33Y / pimpdaddy00 / Placated / pramox12 / Psychedenic / PyrotechniMath / Quentin_C / Raktavijan / RATLieutenant / Rjstadt / SargentSnacks / SeshinsNZ / snorrjj / stevepk / SteveyMCsteezy / STINKY_TOMATOE / Tayelur / TheKream / theTkiller547 / TobiTumult / Tomas3IA / Wicky.... / xJacix / Yahhooo / Zantier / zenii / Zenith / Zents21 Muscles NeserMeEgo / -MK-Ultra Retired (Gone but not forgotten) We move with haste and deadly accuracy like a bullet... We are the bullet striders PC
  23. ZenkiZ31Hope

    PC Blood Guerrillas

    Heavily role play oriented crew specialized in street racing and stealth tactics in need of players. If your into cars and Want to give new meaning to the game with a new play style then join up. · main goal is to play together · Complete heist challenges · have fun with the little things such as store robberies street mugging car theft. · wars and truces with other crews · cars shows and race battles. · bounty hunting. · be a renowned crew. . doing missions and challenges together for more rp Join today at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blood_guerrillas My name on social club is caknsak http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/caknsak/14823244. Send a request or message If you wanna get in a lobby and see what were about
  24. Securitron27_011

    Recruitment: Doodmekaar Crew

    Hey all! Looking for seriously minded players to join a small crew. We are serious about co-operation and teamwork, and helping each other to complete Heists, and any other GTA V Online Missions, without the trolling and general dumbassery one can find when trying to play seriously! We'll accept any Rank, as long as you are serious about having fun and completing the Tasks undertaken. We have experience in other FPS games (Day Z, ARMA III etc) and tendto apply those principles to our GTA V Online playing style. Look forward to hearing from some people! Crew Name: Doodmekaar About: Australian based crew, generally in to making money and teamwork in any form. Looking for members to make the crew larger and to have people to call upon if you need Heist help, or help with other Missions or general gameplay. Leader Contact: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/securitron27_011 Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/doodmekaar Platform: PC (Steam) Games: GTA V Online / GTA V Timezone: GMT + 10.5
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