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  1. Welcome and thanks for viewing this post, i will make this short and hopefully sweet. Southern gaming community is a new community looking for active, mature members to join us and grow. We have plenty of spots to be filled inside all 7 areas. We are state based community with that state being the great state of Kentucky. Who are we looking for: Active Mature Willing to learn Willing to assist Any age as long as you can be mature We don't discriminate!! Everyone is welcome!! We do a brief interview/training, If you know what you are doing that is great, we still want to see your performance. Departments that we offer: Kentucky State Police Laurel County Sheriff, Ambulance Inc. Of Laurel County London Police Department, Fire Department Dispatch Civilians Again we want to thank you for viewing this post and we hope to see you soon! Website: https://sites.google.com/view/southern-gaming/home Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/southern_roleplay Sincerely, The Owners.
  2. SkiMaskSlumpG

    Friends to help on heists (PC)

    Well, it seems this is the correct place to ask for help I need help with 3 people to do heists my RSC name is SleepyNoodls thank you
  3. New 18+ gang recruiting now! Vinewood Brothers is a new independent streetstyle gang - a bunch of criminals who live in their own world, with their our own laws. We are not 1%er MC gang, we are not military company or army, we're "BRO'S." A brothers and sisters who "get rich or die tryin" coz we all know that Cash Is The King Of Los Santos. So We're doing business together. We sell each others products, we resupply, we work. And real brothers allways protect each other whenever it's possible. Leaders SC profile: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/e-criminal Link to SC Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vinewood_brothers_pc Few rules: Allways respect your brothers! Whenever possible protect your brothers. Using a military techniques is not prohibited, but it should be used as less as possible. In Deathmatches we repect our enemys, we don't kill them with RPG and Miniguns. We don't wear helmets! In Freemode - use weapons depending on situation. To join this gang PM crew leader in Social Club or JOIN our discord channel https://discord.gg/XBDvA9A
  4. Alexseyew

    Act III

    I'm looking for some people to finish the doomsday heist, if you want to join contact me on steam(alexseyewN7) or social club(alexseyew9), the split will be as seem here https://www.reddit.com/r/gtaonline/comments/7l0dfo/doomsday_heist_balance_payout_split/. No mic required.
  5. drewlj7

    Heist Team

    Hello, I have been playing GTA V online ever since it was first released (700 hours of playtime) and I am very familiar with the mechanics of the game. I am in search of competent members who are determined and hard working for a heist team. I am looking to do the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for both the classic and Doomsday heists. You must be available on nights all throughout the week. Voice communication is a must, I have a Discord. My socialclub name is drewlj7. Comment on this thread or add me in game if you are interested. Lets get this done.
  6. --- What's the "Underground Dreams" --- An actual crew where participating players actually play as crew members, the crew was created the 9th of april 2018 (less than a week old) currently lead by players with years of experience capable of participating under anything from cmm / cmm 2,3,4 elite shirt unlocks or a reliable source where new players can actually learn how to improve and earn money the right way. we are as of today (post date) less than a week old, yet closing in on 20 players strong and growing, with "friend of a friend" recruits still showing up as well as more new faces being welcome daily. --- What we expect --- Respect Be at least respectful, don't pry where nobody seem invited & It doesnt matter whats between your legs. Be able to show some manners with favours being returned in one way or another at the best of your abilities. Be able to take a joke, maybe even joke about yourself, your momas fat or religion. Technical difficulties :^) We're playing GTA 5 Online, (The peer 2 peer aspect is broken by default so please, dont connect to crew sessions with 56k modem) We're always playing on Free Aim, auto aimers need not apply We do not take kindly to those who hate on mx518 --- What we can offer --- Earning & Challenges Heist challenges from years of experience Exhanging favours between sales tips & tricks Unlockable content help with challenges, clothing etc; Helping you find the rares Dubsta 2, Romero Herse, Sandking XXL, Sentinel XS, Mexican Tornado etc! Love Misc future events Maturity Everyones special in their own way and we dont take kindly to discrimination Discord is ready without NSFW to remain respectful to all ages --- Other games.. what ? --- NO, we're not a multi-gaming social platform that which is hoarding hundreds of different players that which we have no idea of who they are. --- Recruitment & contact --- Introduce yourself either privately to a leader or at our group on steam Apply to our crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/underground_dreams You need discord ready for ingame challenges & future events.https://discord.gg/H5jGg7B
  7. LexiaVixen

    [PC] Mesmer Incorporated

    Mesmer Incorporated on the Rockstar Social Club Mesmer Incorporated on Discord Mesmer Incorporated is a well-established organisation that, on the surface, appears to run a legitimate trade. Specializing in technological research and development for both the government and independent clients and beneficiaries, Mesmer is both a profitable and sustainable business even without the less-than-legal operations that the company keeps firmly under the hood. As you may have guessed, there is far more to Mesmer Inc. than meets the eye. Drug manufacturing, illegal exportation, extortion, espionage, assassination and gunrunning are just a few of the many unethical practices that Mesmer engages in, with the company's connections within the government, the FIB and it's offshore investors serving to make these operations nigh undetectable to any interested parties. Politics within the organisation are just as shady - with the current CEO having backstabbed and cheated her way to the top (and even killing members of her own family) in order to have full control of the company. But none of this matters to you, right? You're here to make money, and where that money comes from is of no concern to you, correct? Mesmer Inc. is an organisation based heavily around the use of roleplay. While playing alongside crew members inside of public or private lobbies, you are expected to play out your role and act as your character would, with some retcons to realism (this is GTA, after all). We do not expect FiveRP levels of ability, and you shouldn't expect this roleplay to be anywhere near as strict or rule-based as FiveRP, either. It's much more casual and designed to be as non-intrusive as possible to your normal play experience. This being said, the basic rules of courtesy still apply here, so no insulting each-other maliciously or throwing around racial remarks or trying to raise your completely pointless K/D ratio on other members of the organisation. No assholes or tryhards allowed, essentially (seriously though, why do people care so much about K/D in a GTA game?). Moving on, you will actually garner some unique benefits depending on your role within the organisation, And while access to company cars and upgraded weaponry may seem useless to somebody who is already a high level with lots of money in-game, remember; you are roleplaying a character here, and won't have access to most of the things that you use outside of roleplay during an actual roleplay session. As an example: the top executives within Mesmer Inc. would, at most, carry a pistol around with them, since they are businessmen, not soldiers. However, they would also be accompanied by a bodyguard or two - a person responsible for protecting them. This bodyguard would be able to carry a fair few weapons in order to carry out their jobs successfully. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that not everyone within the company is going to be a walking arsenal who has cash and supercars falling out of their asses, so manage your expectations in this department. Each person having access to things the others do not encourages cooperation and communication during roleplay, and makes performing things such as heists and contact missions far more interesting. As stated before, there are multiple roles that your character can fill within the company. Our goal is simple: to provide roles that suit as many people's preferred playstyles as possible. Keep in mind that this list is not final, and may be updated with new roles as they are suggested to us. So, if the role you would like isn't on this list, but would make sense for Mesmer Incorporated, then simply let us know. Also note that your role does not determine your crew rank: Leader CEO - The owner of the company. (Taken by me, of course. There can only be one!) High-Level Management (Executives) Executive Officer - An individual at the top of the company who works closely with the CEO. (There can be three of these) Managing Director - An individual who is responsible for managing the company's assets and employees. (There can be three of these) Mid-Level Management (Organisers) Manager - A person who serves as the company's primary recruiters, as well as helping to manage the company's employees and assets. (Two per Managing Director) Senior Co-ordinator - An experienced co-ordinator that works with all members of lower position, as well as helping to organise more important events, missions & tasks. (One per Managing Director) Low-Level Management (Representatives) Co-ordinator - Someone responsible for a small group of Enforcers. who also helps to organise smaller events, missions & tasks. (Two per Manager or Senior Co-ordinator) Bodyguard - A person responsible for protecting and serving an executive, as well as taking them wherever they need to go. May also perform Enforcer work (Two per executive) Arms Trafficker - Someone who is responsible for overseeing the manufacture and distribution of Mesmer's gunrunning scheme. (One per Manager or Senior Co-ordinator) General Staff Enforcer - Someone who performs a lot of the general legwork for the company. Heists, contact missions, VIP work and sales are often done by these people. (We need lots of these) Gunrunner - A person responsible for the manufacture and distribution of illegally produced weapons within Mesmer. They work out of an arms trafficker's bunker. (We need lots of these) Affiliate - Those who are not a direct member of the company, but work with its members in some form. Allied crews also fit into this category. LexiaVixen (CEO) Amnestics (Executive Officer) HollowSeven (Manager) Hexxster (Bodyguard) MrFran92 (Bodyguard) SolidShake420 (Bodyguard) Jervz- (Bodyguard) TheRedEnigmah (Enforcer) JeffXtreme123 (Arms Trafficker) RovingFox (Gunrunner) Comrade_Moose (Gunrunner) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to join, register your interest below and PM me (LexiaVixen) on the Social Club. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Jaded 1K

    Heist team needed

    I recently converted over to PC after being on PS4 so I know my way around the game despite my now low level. I am currently on the Series-A-Funding heist and I cannot seem to find decent enough players to complete it. I'd like to get that setup, heist and The Pacific Standard heist after that over with, with people who actually know what they're doing. SC: Dash_1k
  9. Do you want to join a roleplay community? Do you have a legal copy of GTA V for PC? If not, are you interested in joining dispatch? If so, I have the perfect place for you. At California State Professional Roleplay, we have a custom CAD, custom FiveM server, and Teamspeak and Discord servers. We are a new community so you will be able to climb the ranks with ease. If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to go apply! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HhNGSWJQ-Be43-Kr0ijRWsXIxRZzt3IBJHSVKd65tIc/viewform?edit_requested=true
  10. .Unified.


  11. HastyElectron

    Looking for friends on PC

    Hi. I'm looking for some friends to do some heist with. Currently don't have a high end apartment, but I do have experience and would consider myself "above average".
  12. SACRED SONS IS A BRAND NEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB LOOKING FOR FOUNDING MEMBERS! I HAVE JUST STARTED THE MC ON GTA 5 FOR PC VERSION. I AM WORKING ON EXPANDING THE RESOURCES OF THE CLUB, GETTING BUSINESS TOGETHER AND NOW I JUST NEED THE BROTHERS TO RIDE AND DIE WITH. THIS IS JUST FOR A GOOD TIME AND TO HAVE FUN. I WOULD LIKE TO REPLICATE ACCURATE MC LIFE AS PORTRAYED TO MY AFFILIATION WITH A REAL LIFE MC (NOT GOING TO NAME WHICH ONE FOR OBVIOUS REASONS), HOWEVER WITHOUT ALL THE RP SERIOUSNESS. LETS HAVE A GOOD TIME MAKING THE BIGGEST AND BEST MC WE CAN! THE LINK TO THE ROCKSTAR SOCIAL CLUB PAGE FOR THE MC IS ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. FEEL FREE TO ADD ME AND COME RIDE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME. CODE OF CONDUCT IS ALSO IN THIS PAGE. I AM NOT STRICT ON MUCH, BUT SOME THINGS I BELIEVE SHOULD BE ADDRESSED. THANK YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE ROAD SOON! Standard MC code of conduct: 1. Be respectful! Not only to brothers but to other clubs as well! Give no respect where it isn't due, we never strike first but we will strike last. 2. Always help the brothers! Don't leave a brother stranded, or sacrifice him to get away. Unless it's a heist and there is no other choice 3. For All Full Patched Members!!! I understand Prospects are "The Little Guys", However, we do not haze, troll or abuse Prospects! They are new and must put in their time, but they aren't slaves, pigs or sacrificial Lambs! They are new, but still our brothers. 4. Chain of Command is still a factor in the club. We are not the military, but if a brother that is higher in the "food chain" asks you of something, please do it. (As long as the order doesn't conflict with the 4'th code!) If you feel the 4'th code has been broken, please feel free to let a SGT. of Arms know so that it can be dealt with appropriately per the club. 5. All roles in the club from Hangaround to President all have a responsibility and purpose. Do your part! Don't sit back and let others take the load when you could be helping the brotherhood. An MC is a family and should be respected as such. So, if the Road Captain told me (the founding member) to fall back in the pack because I was riding like an asshat, guess what, I have to follow his instructions because he is doing his job correctly! Other than these few simple things, let's have fun, complete new challenges, ride together and find that brotherhood together that we have looking for. I'm easy going and won't say much about anything unless it was completely uncalled for. I just want to ride and make money ingame with a great group of brothers! I do not have any kind of voice chat set up yet, so it is up to you to use it ingame or not. It is not required but preferred just to make things easier. I would like to have church (club meetings) on Friday evenings at around 8:30 to 9pm, but this isn't set in stone. Once we have more members, we can vote on this. Anything else you see that may help make the club better, feel free to let me know ingame or on Social Club. ​​​ My ingame account name is G_Salvatore93. Come check out the club, ride for awhile and see if the MC brotherhood is for you! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sacred_sons_mc_natl
  13. Qangeldratsch

    Bogdan Problem

    Hello, I am searching for skilled players for the Doomsday Heist Act 2. I have done all the prep. missions, so we only need to do the others. Text me on the forum or in game, so we can make out a date.
  14. James_Weaver

    [PC] The King's Own

    The King's Own WHO ARE WE? First and foremost, we are a community. We've come together from playing a variety of games. Out of those games GTA is definitely one of the more prevalent ones, and while we've retained our historical community name, we've decided to open our doors to the wider GTA player base. WHAT WE DO Basically, have fun. We don't dictate uniforms or vehicles - with our membership, it just wouldn't work! Otherwise, we'll run heists, races, supply runs and deliveries Even drug sales by air drop! HOW TO JOIN https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_kings_own Contact us on steam, or add us on rockstar social EU Weaver, https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/james_weaver US, Asia Ziz, https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/zizowns
  15. The Bloodthirsty MC is looking for loyal prospects that help bring up the rise of a new empire. TBMC is proudly a 99% MC as we do not believe it obstructing and limiting players skills, this is clearly shown from the fact that our percentage badge is a f*cking middle finger. However we do have Bylaws and Regulations that keep the MC clean and fair. We still ride classical Choppers and Bobbers, after all we still are an MC. We see all members as family and part of the club no matter the gender. Female players are not seen as a personal play thing and are treated the same way as any other members. This crew isn't a dictatorship. It's a democracy. Everyone has a say in the crews structure and how it operates. Anyway, now if you wish to join, you must go through our Prospect phase. Before joining as a full member, you must got through a Prospect phase. This section of time allows us as Members & Officers to determine if you're right for the MC and what you're like in terms of personality, fighting, activity etc. The more active you are, the less time spent as a prospect. This also applies if you are seen to be dedicated to the MC. As a prospect, you will be sponsored by a Patched Member, this member has responsibility over you and your actions. You will consult to them if you have any questions or any queries. The Prospects receive their own patch to distinguish between the club who is a patched member and who is not. You should wear this patch at all times. We here at TBMC stick to a dress code, no f*cking skinny jeans...THAT'S IT! We kid, we wear Denim and Leather Cuts and Jackets. This is to stick to the traditional MC style. You may wear what you wish for your pants or shoes as long as they are not too brightly coloured. If you're alone in a session you can wear whatever you like, hell, strip naked if you like. But if you're in a session with crew members or any other MC's or crews that we know of, wear your uniform. More information can be found on the website! • Have Discord downloaded on your machine. • Have TBMC/TBPR as your active crew at all times. • Have a Chopper or Bobber of any kind. • Have your 'Profile Visibility' set to 'Friends'. • Have a working headset (Microphone is not required). • Good sense of humour...a dark sense of humour. Copy this Application Form and fill it out in the replies of this thread. Your application will be reviewed in within 1-2 hours. Social Club Link: Nickname: Age: Experience: Once applied and reviewed by the President, you will be given an invite link to our Discord Server. Make sure you're ready to be interviewed further. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_bloodthirsty_mc https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_bloodthirsty_pr https://thebloodthirstymc.wixsite.com/tbmc
  16. Hey GTA FORUMs Owner of the CrewRicHGanGThe new GTA 5 Crew here just posting to let you guys know about the current takeover happening on Xbox One but available to all platforms should you want a division. Our Crew is devoted to making sure sales and resupplies of anyone within our crew are safe, fast and efficient. Its all about the rich gang lifestyle. Stunnaman said it best in the song Givenchy "That Rich Gang lifestyle Marble floors, gold toilets and chandeliersBig money nigga take the jet L.A. hit the bity boolin’ in the bondo With a few bitches and they go to trippin' Drankin’ that GTV, that tequila Smokin’ them stunna blunts (them big dawgs) Nigga we neva hungover Poppin’ bigger numbers with my niggas, straight B's only Shout out to my love, my blood, my team My gang, my family, and nigga ya know what we bleed (You know what we bleed) 404, 305, 504 What’s poppin’, nigga? B-house of dank, put it in the air This that YSL, Rich Gang, RHQ, YMCMB sh*t Big B’s with a few C’s, PeeWee, what’s poppin’, nigga? Bankroll mafia; Hot Beezle, what’s brackin’, nigga? The pussy outta line, the pussy get they head bust, ya dig? B-Loc and Bentley, y’all know the business It’s B Slime or G5, rest in peace Tamara and Miss Gladys, boy (Rich Gang, Rich Gang)" and if you don't understand any of that know this. We help you if you help us. If they have the red circle in game, they bleed the same. Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and nothing less. We are just looking for anyone that can relate to it. One final quote from our celebrity representatives, "WE TAKING OVER, ONE CITY AT A TIME" so join the movement before its too late, Only 40 members currently but it already gets crazy so open enrollment may not last... Sincerely, RichGang Owner/Founder CEOJEFEClick here to join (Social Club) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/r1ch_g3ng
  17. RCMP IS RECRUITING The RCMP detachment for the Province of San Andreas is recruiting hard-working, dedicated individuals for all open billets. We offer a number of billets, whether you want to be a K9 officer or a dispatcher, RCMP has something to offer you! The current billets are open for recruitment: -General Duty Officer -Traffic Officer -ERT Officer (SWAT) -K9 Officer -Pilot -Dispatcher -Communications Supervisor -Firefighter -Paramedic You must meet just a few small requirements: -Must own a LEGAL copy of GTAV (With the exception of communications applicants) -Must have a working microphone -Must have Teamspeak 3 (Discord optional) -Must NOT be in another roleplay community HOW TO JOIN: 1. Visit our website: https://rcmp-rp.weebly.com/ 2. Fill out an application on our website 3. Join our teamspeak 3 server:
  18. Undulatepanda

    Street Dreams Car Meets PC!

    Street Dreams Car Meets PC Sponsored by [FAST] & [sDCM] LOBBY STATUS: Currently under set up. Time: 21:00 Uk Time. Timezone Converter to find your time: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Host: UndulatePanda ONLINE (BUSY) Hello and Welcome to the 'Street Dreams' Car Meets Official PC Home Page. We've been hosting for over a year now on and have loved every second and every memory! ~JDM Street Meet~ BECOME A PART OF OUR COMMUNITY HERE! Our Rules: -NO KILLING. -PASSIVE MODE ENABLED. -ALWAYS STANCE CARS AWAY FROM MEET -NO COPS! (Move Away From other Players and "Lester" Or Use The "Kill Yourself" option.) -NO VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE TOWARDS ANY PLAYER -NO MUGGERS, MERCENARIES etc. -A MIC IS ADVISED FOR THE BEST IN GAME EXPERIENCE! However, If you don't, you MUST have game chat turned on so that you can hear what's going on. (You're more likely to be kicked or blamed due to unresponsiveness in the cases of collisions or Violence) -CREW MESSAGES WILL APPEAR IN THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE SCREEN WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON WHERE TO GO AND WHAT IS HAPPENING. FAILURE TO FOLLOW OUR RULES WILL RESULT IN KICK FROM THE CREW (Which WILL remove you from the session.) How Do You Join? Instructions: Add and message me 'UndulatePanda' on social club to join. PROFILE LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/undulatepanda JOIN OUR CREW HERE: https://socialclub.r...eet_dreams_meet FOLLOW The 'Street Dreams' For Regular Information and Updates about Upcoming Meets Welcome To Street Dreams! Check Out My Youtube Chanel Here!: https://www.youtube....n_e4sX8Q/videos
  19. Undulatepanda

    Street Dreams Car Meets PC!

    Street Dreams Car Meets PC Sponsored by [FAST] & [sDCM] LOBBY STATUS: Currently under set up. Time: 21:00 Uk Time. Timezone Converter to find your time: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Host: UndulatePanda ONLINE (BUSY) Hello and Welcome to the 'Street Dreams' Car Meets Official PC Home Page. We've been hosting for over a year now on and have loved every second and every memory! ~JDM Street Meet~ Bring along your JDM Ride. BECOME A PART OF OUR COMMUNITY HERE! Our Rules: -NO KILLING. -PASSIVE MODE ENABLED. -ALWAYS STANCE CARS AWAY FROM MEET -NO COPS! (Move Away From other Players and "Lester" Or Use The "Kill Yourself" option.) -NO VERBAL OR PHYSICAL ABUSE TOWARDS ANY PLAYER -NO MUGGERS, MERCENARIES etc. -A MIC IS ADVISED FOR THE BEST IN GAME EXPERIENCE! However, If you don't, you MUST have game chat turned on so that you can hear what's going on. (You're more likely to be kicked or blamed due to unresponsiveness in the cases of collisions or Violence) -CREW MESSAGES WILL APPEAR IN THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE SCREEN WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON WHERE TO GO AND WHAT IS HAPPENING. FAILURE TO FOLLOW OUR RULES WILL RESULT IN KICK FROM THE CREW (Which WILL remove you from the session.) How Do You Join? Instructions: Add and message me 'UndulatePanda' on social club to join. JOIN OUR CREW HERE: https://socialclub.r...eet_dreams_meet FOLLOW The 'Street Dreams' For Regular Information and Updates about Upcoming Meets Welcome To Street Dreams! Check Out My Youtube Chanel Here!: https://www.youtube....n_e4sX8Q/videos
  20. WhitePrincess

    Meteora {https://discord.gg/h3CgaBM}

    Welcome Are you looking for a new crew? Meteora is a small but growing community. We have friendly members willing to help any player out on GTA. Our discord is a laid back community where people can just chill and have fun. We like to mess around in freeroam as well heists. We Have NSFW channel Self promotion channel (for advertising your youtube and such) Discord server market for advertising your discord ​Social club crew Join us! Discord: https://discord.gg/h3CgaBM Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/pela_crew
  21. Hey I wanted to see if anyone in this GTA forums community would be interested in joining our crew. Primary Focus: Racing and Public lobby team rotation. Secondary Focus: Motorcycle club RP based on Capsules gang from AKIRA Types of racing we do: Fast Paced Ninja Bike races with stunts alternate risky routes in the style of midnight club II Touge (mountain pass) speed drifting in style of Initial D Street races Mostly on races we create. Public Lobby Team rotation (Mostly in solo public session, so your product is not destroyed by a hyrda kid.) each crew member gets 2 turns each to do supply runs or sell, then switch to the next one in line. 2 turns each is put to good use when you have at-least 4 players. Motorcycle club RP We join a public lobby and run missions or do PVP with certain motorcycle only limitations enforced. Advertisiment section: We were featured by rockstar but they gave credit to the wrong player https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52759/Job-Initial-D-Extreme-S-Down-By-Kaneda_Shotaro We mostly live stream on our youtube channel now, but here is our twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/akira_club Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFiMz0EWYBAHG2d1LXVAfQ/videos Current status We recently introduced an age limit of 21 or older because we want mature players and on that note we ask that you be kind and polite person when in our community. We got tired of immature players where every other word they would say is just a reactionary meme. Are currently low on crew members but we hope we will find quality people and players. If we can get more crew members we can bring back our monthly race tournament series! --------------------------------------------------JOINING THE CREW-------------------------------------------------------- Obviously you will first need to request and invite into our crew on social club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_akira_capsules Next join our discord server this is the primary place where our crew communicates and organizes events. In order to join our Discord Server you must have the program installed first. You can download it here: https://discordapp.com/download Once you have it installed click on this link: https://discord.gg/TKZjdPD You will be accepted into our crew only after you joined our discord server, thanks.
  22. Social Club Crew Page Teamwork makes the dream work! Are you an experienced player looking for companionship? Are you a new player looking for help to stand on your feet? Then keep reading! DeeKay Connection is a small English-speaking, Discord-based, PC-only crew that partakes in everything that is available in GTA Online. That includes heists, CEO/MC work, jobs, missions and various freeroam activities. We provide help to new players and companionship to experienced ones. We are looking for active players to keep the crew active throughout the day and also for non-European players to expand the timezone activity of the crew. • Use of any type of modding is prohibited. • • Respect the crew members and don't antagonize. • • Assaults on other players is not allowed without a probable cause. • • No limits in appearence and weapons use (as long as it's not overly annoying). • We are not looking for • Modders, roleplayers, assholes or know-it-alls. • • Be at least 16yo and with mature behavior. • • Moderate knowledge of english. • • Stable internet connection. • • Use of Discord, preferably with a mic. • • The ability to take a joke but, be serious when it's appropriate to the occasion. • • Join us on our Discord server: http://discord.me/DeeKay •
  23. Salutations, I am looking for members to join my RP MC on Gta V on PC. Looking for quality people. No try hards or toxic players If you are interested feel free to comment down below. In addition, please state the days and time your on along with timezone and any way to contact you.
  24. Thanks for checking us out. We are a private community looking for members, we currently run Civilian operations as well as Fire and EMS, Sheriff, Police, and dispatch. Unlike other communities our Civs are not for the sole purpose of entertaining our law enforcement members. They are encouraged to live life how they want, open a business, join a gang, be a protester anything you'd like to try, anything you can imagine can be made into reality. Our administration is open and welcoming. We only ask that you make the role playing experience realistic for everyone. All of our vehicles are ELS, we also have a working tow script, and our departments have a number of subdivisions such as Transit Police, SWAT, and CSU. So if you think this is your kind of place please goo to the link below and put in an application, it can be found under the recruitment tab. Thanks for reading and we hope to welcome you to Our Los Santos. https://lscrpc.enjin.com
  25. London Metropolitan Police Service are a police community running professional, realistic patrols on GTA V (PC). We are a relatively new community running on a stable server with realistic car mods for our ERT, RTPC and SC&O19 divisions. Patrols currently run six days a week in Los Santos, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. Currently, we are recruiting for police constables, control room operators and civilians. Police Constable As a police constable, you will be patrolling the city and responding to low to medium risk calls such as domestic disturbances, robberies and breach of the peace calls. You will be using up to date police vehicles such as the Hyundai i30 and Ford Mondeo. As you progress through your training, you will be given the opportunity to move to our traffic and firearms divisions responding to RTC's, ANPR hits, pursuits, robberies with firearms, terrorist incidents and even, with the correct training, suicide incidents. Civilian Your role in the community is to live as a member of the Los Santos community, get a job, drive cars and break laws! Control Room Operator This is the only role that you do not need GTA for. Using our state of the art CAD system, your job will be to take calls, assign officers to those calls and keep our system and officers updated. You will be using our Teamspeak server to keep in contact with and assign our officers to calls. You will be keeping in contact with officers, assessing the risk and assigning more to those calls if necssary. You will be performing PNC checks on members of the public and vehicles informing our officers of markers etc. Joint Response Joint response unit consists of London Ambulance Service (LAS), London Air Ambulance (LAA) and London Fire Brigade (LFB). Using our state of the art vehicles, you will respond to calls from heart attacks to stabbings across San Andreas. Your role is to save lives! So, what are you waiting for? SC: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/lndnmetpoliceservice
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