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Found 1,041 results

  1. TGXD_Evander

    Military Crew Recruitment [TGXD] ONE DAY ONLY

    TGXD Corporation Now Recruiting Welcome To TGXD. We Are A Military Crew Who Gives Support To Anyone Who Requests Or Needs It. However, If You Attack Any Of Us For No Reason, We Will Hunt You Down And Kill You Until You Surrender/Leave. We Will Shoot And Kill Anyone Who Enters Our Base Or Anyone Causing Trouble At Our Base. We Do TDMs And Other Operations And Don't Mind Lending A Hand To Others Who Seem Like They Need It Or Who Are Low Ranks. We Offer Security, Eliminations, Ground Support, Aerial Support And Escorts. We Had Different Squads Like:- Marines C.T.S Infantry Guardsman Secret Service Military Police (MP) S.W.A.T Bomb Disposal Airborne Air Ops Air Force The Trifles (TT) [Own Made Regiment] Spec Ops If You Don't Want To Join We Offer A Service That Can Help You Out If You're One Of Those Players That Can't Be Arsed To Kill Someone Or Any Other Reason Down Below Are The Service We Offer From The 22nd Of October 2015. Ground & Aerial Support Security/Bodyguards Escorts (On Ground And Air) Blowing sh*t Up Having Fun With The Crew Free Ammo & Crew Cars Free Military Training & Concrete Training More Information Can Be Found On Our Website At - www.tgxdcrew.wix.com/tgxdcorporation Or To Request To Join Click The Link Below To Go To Social Club - Social Club - http://socialclub.ro...gxd_corporation Comment Below Or For Questions Email Me Or Comment On Our Facebook Page Email - Facebook -
  2. MaxInk076

    Last Shot at Death Recruiting

    Hello GTA Online players and fans! LSaD is a crew I formed when I first starting playing online on ps3. I have since upgraded (by far the best way) and purchased the PC version. Originally this was to be just a small group of friends with no form of structure, just to get together and screw around. It didn't work out that well as the new/next gen versions came, people jumped ship and didn't take the club with them, they remained members, just not active, so I kicked them all. I have one other member who is on the verge of being kicked for lack of representation. I just demoted him from commish to muscle. I don't want that any more. I want this to be a somewhat structured club but not too strict on joining, initiation and so on. There is a hierarchy that will be followed and adjusted accordingly by measurement of representation, loyalty and respect. I will not specify a club car/motorbike, hairstyle/color or clothing style, outside of what R* does with the masks, emblems as you level up in the club. As far as I know, I cannot edit that. I am looking for mic'd players who speak English, preferably, no modders as that is unfair to the rest of the players (unless you want to give me money NO crew killers, if you kill a crew member, that will result in a probationary period for the first offense, second offense will get you kicked and banned. It's only right that we as a club stick together like brothers and sisters. I would like to have crew meets on a somewhat regular basis. Once we get enough members, the commissioners will run those as well, as I cannot do it all. Rules listed: 1. NO Crew killers-see above 2. NO disrespect/trolling/bullying-results in a kick and ban from the club 3. You must represent the club 65% of your time online, which will be considered club dues. (prefer 100%, so we can get this club strong) Pretty simple. I would like to grow this club into something powerful enough to take on other larger crews and DOMINATE THEM! Other than that, I want to have fun, complete a ton of missions together and make that GTA$ so we all can have our gold plated choppers and what not! If you are interested in joining, please message me on my Social Club page or post it in my feed. (checked multiple times a day) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/greatscott4197 Thanks and I look forward to seeing your requests!
  3. Joint SpecOps Group

    Joint Special Operations Group [PC]


    Psychopathic mobstaz

    http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/psychopathic_mobstazlookin for ninjas or anyone who is into the same sh*t to join a crew and back up your fams. on pc. or join AAMC http://socialclub.ro...ngels_prospectswe're lookin for new people to ride with and have fun. join us on pc
  5. Bdb1987

    Ghostbusters Incorp

    I have created a new crew called Ghostbusters Incorp a friendly crew which helps other members with missions, heists etc. and also helps lower level members earn money thorough VIP work etc The crew is open so feel free to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ghostbusters_incorp/wall Hopefully with enough members can fill entire lobbies which would prevent unwanted attacks
  6. Alexseyew


    Minnerva I made this organization to fight the flying bullsh*t we get from both sides Rockstar and the griefers we can help with your cargo sales, missions, heists, anything. I don't care about you rank, K/D or any thing like that, if you want some friends to help you make some money and are tired of the bullsh*t going around in public lobbys please consider joining. Fell free to ask any questions about the crew on social club ID:alexseyew9 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/_minnerva
  7. Bartsol

    BARRICADE crew recruting

    Barricade Crew [bRCD] Hello Everybody! My name is Bart, I'm the proud owner of a new crew called: Barricade. I'm looking for people who'd like to join my new crew! Requirements: - You need to be active - Be 13 years or older. - If you join you need to join my CEO Organisation - Speak english - Have a microphone and Teamspeak and/or skype - You need atleast one garage and one house. - NO HACKS - You need to wear clothing approved by me - At least one super car needs to be painted with the crew color scheme Rules 1. You will be nice to other crew members 2. You need to be active in the crew by doing missions with other members and staying in touch with them 3. If there is a problem or you have a suggestion, tell it to the owner (Me) 4. Help each other by doing missions etc. 5. Set this crew as active crew. 6. You need to wear clothing approved by me 7. At least one super car needs to be IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, SEND AN INVITE FOR THE CREW LINK: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_baricade THIS CREW IS FOR PC PLAYERS ONLY!!! My skype: Bartsolofficial
  8. Hey GTA FORUMs Owner of the CrewRicHGanGThe new GTA 5 Crew here just posting to let you guys know about the current takeover happening on Xbox One but available to all platforms should you want a division. Our Crew is devoted to making sure sales and resupplies of anyone within our crew are safe, fast and efficient. Its all about the rich gang lifestyle. Stunnaman said it best in the song Givenchy "That Rich Gang lifestyle Marble floors, gold toilets and chandeliersBig money nigga take the jet L.A. hit the bity boolin’ in the bondo With a few bitches and they go to trippin' Drankin’ that GTV, that tequila Smokin’ them stunna blunts (them big dawgs) Nigga we neva hungover Poppin’ bigger numbers with my niggas, straight B's only Shout out to my love, my blood, my team My gang, my family, and nigga ya know what we bleed (You know what we bleed) 404, 305, 504 What’s poppin’, nigga? B-house of dank, put it in the air This that YSL, Rich Gang, RHQ, YMCMB sh*t Big B’s with a few C’s, PeeWee, what’s poppin’, nigga? Bankroll mafia; Hot Beezle, what’s brackin’, nigga? The pussy outta line, the pussy get they head bust, ya dig? B-Loc and Bentley, y’all know the business It’s B Slime or G5, rest in peace Tamara and Miss Gladys, boy (Rich Gang, Rich Gang)" and if you don't understand any of that know this. We help you if you help us. If they have the red circle in game, they bleed the same. Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and nothing less. We are just looking for anyone that can relate to it. One final quote from our celebrity representatives, "WE TAKING OVER, ONE CITY AT A TIME" so join the movement before its too late, Only 40 members currently but it already gets crazy so open enrollment may not last... Sincerely, RichGang Owner/Founder CEOJEFEClick here to join (Social Club) https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/r1ch_g3ng
  9. RCMP IS RECRUITING The RCMP detachment for the Province of San Andreas is recruiting hard-working, dedicated individuals for all open billets. We offer a number of billets, whether you want to be a K9 officer or a dispatcher, RCMP has something to offer you! The current billets are open for recruitment: -General Duty Officer -Traffic Officer -ERT Officer (SWAT) -K9 Officer -Pilot -Dispatcher -Communications Supervisor -Firefighter -Paramedic You must meet just a few small requirements: -Must own a LEGAL copy of GTAV (With the exception of communications applicants) -Must have a working microphone -Must have Teamspeak 3 (Discord optional) -Must NOT be in another roleplay community HOW TO JOIN: 1. Visit our website: https://rcmp-rp.weebly.com/ 2. Fill out an application on our website 3. Join our teamspeak 3 server:
  10. DesdiGR

    DeeKay Connection [Now Recruiting]

    Social Club Crew Page Teamwork makes the dream work! Are you an experienced player looking for companionship? Are you a new player looking for help to stand on your feet? Then keep reading! DeeKay Connection is a small English-speaking, Discord-based, PC-only crew that partakes in everything that is available in GTA Online. That includes heists, CEO/MC work, jobs, missions and various freeroam activities. We provide help to new players and companionship to experienced ones. We are looking for active players to keep the crew active throughout the day and also for non-European players to expand the timezone activity of the crew. • Use of any type of modding is prohibited. • • Respect the crew members and don't antagonize. • • Assaults on other players is not allowed without a probable cause. • • No limits in appearence and weapons use (as long as it's not overly annoying). • We are not looking for • Modders, roleplayers, assholes or know-it-alls. • • Be at least 16yo and with mature behavior. • • Moderate knowledge of english. • • Stable internet connection. • • Use of Discord, preferably with a mic. • • The ability to take a joke but, be serious when it's appropriate to the occasion. • • Join us on our Discord server: http://discord.me/DeeKay •
  11. The Dukes of Silence MC are now looking for new members, Mother chapter is in Rancho Los Santos but we are also looking to expand North. If interested send me a message on either steam: Veng34 / Social club Veng_34 or come on Teamspeak: ts159.nitrado.net:14350 and ask one of the admins there (Read info on TS) We are a small MC and gaming community that are based in Europe. (GMT+1) We have played togheter on the same Teamspeak since 2012 and the Teamspeak are free and open for everyone who wants to use it. (Not just for GTA) We dont have a age limit but we are looking for mature players because we are taking the club/riding/brotherhood seriously. If you want to apply you have to be a prospect for a short while so we can get to know you before you become a brother. TS3: ts159.nitrado.net:14350 - V34 President of D.o.S.
  12. Tramm24


    Couple of guys looking for a few competent, laid back players to run heists, business sales, etc... typically playing every single night during evening time. (CST) No griefers, assholes, childish behavior. Definitely 18+ In-game name Tramm24
  13. Snatchy

    [PC] DCG zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Vroeger bekend als United Freelance Organisation. Wij bestaan sinds augustus 2009. We begonnen met Left 4 Dead 1 en 2, later zijn wij overgestapt naar COD MW2. We speelden battlefield 1942 tot battlefield 4, later kozen wij ervoor om een extra spel te spelen in de community en kozen voor Guild Wars 2. In 2016 hebben we ook een tijd The Division gespeeld. DCG is een gezellige groep waar iedereen plezier heeft. We zijn nu opzoek naar mensen die het leuk vinden om GTA te spelen, wel vragen wij teamspeak. Wij spelen elke avond GTA. Tot soms diep in de nacht xD Lijkt je dit leuk en ben je minimaal 16 jaar? Kom dan eens langs bij ons op teamspeak en speel met ons mee! TS: Website: http://dutchcommunitygaming.nl Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dutchcommunitygaming
  14. SupremeGaming

    SupremeGaming RECRUITING!

  15. arcYahtzee

    Departed Devils MC [US] [EU IS COMING]

    Version:0.2 (Rules and Links at the bottom) Departed Devils is a brand new MC looking for brand new members.Our main objective when we join a session is to be the dominant MC organization, and to be true outlaws/ 1%ers.We are also a PvP crew, and we expect members to be good at the game.We do this because we wan't members to be prepared for anything.We aren't set up right now, so we also need a member to make a hangaround and prospect crew.We have chapters both in Sandy Shores (EU) and Paleto Bay (US).We are currently recruiting members into the heiarchy, since we aren't setup/don't have a prospect or hangaround page. Playing alone in GTA is not always fun.Its hard to get full lobbies on jobs.Your MC Business is slow, and it can be destroyed/raided at any second and you are always being killed by people in hydras or turreted vehicles. Here are some pictures to show all the perks you can get from playing with us, and the jobs we do with other members. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ turreted Like I said, we are a 1%er MC, so we also wan't you to motorcycles that looks like/is based on a Harley Davidson bike.To be more specific, heres a list of all the bikes we approve for members to use. _______________________________________________________________________ The rules are simple for this crew, and they aren't hard to follow. 1.Don't grief other people/destroy their supplies/products, unless we are at war with them or they are being assholes. 2.NO CHEATING 3.Wear patch at all times, and don't kill other members unless you both are doing it for fun. If you wan't to join, you must meet the following requirements, and answer the questions in the comment section (messages on SC will be ignored). 1. 13+Years Old 2.Have a Mic (or Phone) and Discord 3.Be active for at least 1 hour every two days. Questions: How old are you? How can you contribute to this MC? What do you think about the rules?(I wan't change, don't be afraid to say you don't like it) I am 15 years old, I don't have a mic, but I use my phone to talk.I am above level 100 on GTA, and I have a 1.08 K.D ratio.I like to be fair with other players in GTA, and I don't like to piss people off, so therefore I shouldn't piss you off. Departed Devils MC: Departed Devils EU: Prospect:In construction Hangaround:In construction Discord:
  16. HoboTotalus

    Please Lemme Smash is recruiting [PC]

    Hi, I'm the crew leader of Please Lemme Smash, our crew is based on the Becky lemme smash meme currently going around and even our logo is made around it. I'm 25 years old and enjoy playing GTA V online with the mrs. but we lack people to join us. So we are recruiting people who are interested in joining our crew, do missions, races, events, or just meddle around. We also are looking for those people to join our MC named Smash riders. We'd prefer people who can take a joke, who are up for some banter and who are vocal, either in game chat or over discord. if youre interested in joining us send me a pm https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/_please_lemme_smash PC Only Kind Regards, Hobo
  17. __omaX__

    Leptek special force Crew

    ------------------------------------------------------- LEPTEK SPECIAL FORCE -------------------------------------------------------------- This crew is on PC platform , it is PVP crew that fight on Freemode all weapons allowed we enjoy the Time together we are Like family ♥ , if u want to join Add me on my discord , steam , sociaclub Discord : https://discord.gg/2UnDdWU Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/omax360/ Social club : https://fr.socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/__omax__
  18. Max Vu

    *don't enter* *thread construction*

    *still in the process of creating* *to the moderators: i had actual content but i removed it as i couldn't preview beforehead and afterwards it looked worse then i wanted so i'm redesigning the whole thread but since i can't delete this one and start a new, i'm just editing this one!*
  19. Santa Scout

    GTA Online Car Meets group

    Hello my name is Santa Scout and I would like to invite you to my group, we host weekly car meets with different themes each week. If you check the announcements there's a chance there will be one for an upcoming meet. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/yBNtB2
  20. Salvador Lorenzo

    Organized Crime Family Recruitment

    The Lorenzo Crime Family is a roleplaying Mafia/MC/Lowrider crew looking for new members to join. For more information please contact me on kik: cosmicinsomnia
  21. G00nyxd

    Grim Boys MC

    Hey everybody, this is G00NY and I'm National Sgt. At Arms for the Grim Boys MC on Xbox One. We've recently had a revival at the release of the Biker DLC and we are recruiting! We don't demand anything from you but simple obdience and loyalty. We've got a few must follow rules. 1. Ages 18+ 2. Do NOT under any circumstances, shoot at your club members. 3.Microphones are required. Kinect is fine. 4.Try not to fight with other club members, I will have to settle it (try not to make me do that) 5.Only Bikes Allowed - Wester Bagger, Western Daemon LCC Hexer, LCC Inovation, and all Biker DLC chopper styled bikes. NO STUNT BIKES. 6.Attire will be explained before your hang around period. 7.Bike Customization is 100% your choice. 8. Do not damage or destroy another persons bike, and do not sit on another persons bike unless specified to do so. 9. Above everything else, enjoy yourselves and be reasonable, if you have any questions, ask. Explaining how we work - We have a hang-around period that is a minimum of 3 days and then if we decide to patch you in, you'll be a prospect for up to 2 weeks depending on what you show the First Four. We will give you the full rundown once we get you in! Reply to this topic, or message me on Xbox One, @ G00NYxD (w/ zeros, not o's"! Saddle up maniacs, Join Grim Boys today Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  22. THE_SAlNT

    IAA [PC] [International Affairs Agency]

    Main Website: http://iaa.agency Field Office: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_field_ops HQ Office: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_pc Application: https://discord.gg/EmabQEm Snapmatic: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_operatives_pc/games/gtav/pc/snapmatic/mostrecent Discussion Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/901778-iaa-pc-official-topic/ The International Affairs Agency Department is currently hiring personnel exceling in the following categories: 1) Combat 2) Research 3) Technology Due to an increase in global threats and terrorism, the IAA is currently looking to hire a hand selected team of agents. With an increase in budget from Gun Running Operations the IAA has been able to fund the research for new technologies to aid Los Santos in the development of more efficient weapons against threats. In order to join you must join our discord (https://discord.gg/EmabQEm) and follow the application process. It generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete. After the initial screening you will be interviewed by one of our agents. This Agency currently operates on PC only, and it has 2 departments at its disposition: IAA HQ Office IAA Field Disclaimer About the crew ©: Growing rapidly with a basic and unbiased hierarchy the IAA was funded on PC Dec 7, 2017. Counting with classified information and a group of analysts we were able to pinpoint the content of the newest update weeks in advance. This crew focuses on quality over quantity but we are actively hiring, so if you believe you have a specific skill set that might contribute to our development do not hesitate to apply. It is only planned to continue running as a GTAV crew on PC. Additionally this crew may from time to time participate in improvized RP's settings. This is not an RP focused crew, we may RP from time to time as a fun factor towards randoms in GTA V; our main focuses are PVP and to continue GR and Heist Operations in addition to research. Our Agents are ready to receive your applications: https://discord.gg/EmabQEm
  23. milano907

    Grape Street Crips NOW LOOKING!

    GTA V RP clan needing 5 more people to come join the Grape Street Crips! This clan is a sub-division with the Alaska State Trooper clan. Must be a Civ first before applying to become a G. Must meet the following requirements: - Must have mic - Go to my Social Club and sign up - Legal copy of GTA V - FiveM -TS: - Must go here and apply as Civilian first: http://www.gecrp.com/Recruitment Lastly, MUST TAKE RP SERIOUSLY! Once you have became a Civilian, go here and apply to be one of my Gs: Grape Street Crips Application Looking forward to meeting with you!
  24. Satans Soldiers - SSMC

    Satans Soldiers MC [SSMC] - Mature, Active MC

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/satans_soldiers_mcpc Satans Soldiers MC, since January 2017. One of the most notorious MC's to control San Andreas. Friends of few. Enemies of many. 1% MC made for the lord of the unholy land. 3 Crews, Father Crew (Patched), Prospects and Hangarounds (Support). "As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we laugh at those who "will fear no evil"." -Vulture... _____________________ _____________________ If you are interested in joining, you must go through the Prospect phase. Prospecting is proving to the MC that you are worthy to serve the Lord. If you are willing to spill blood for SSMC, you are worthy. But if you are new to GTA, we want you to get your bearings of how GTA V works. During this period you will be a Hangaround. Once you are ready to prospect, you will be invited to that crew and labled as a Prospect. Best way to apply for Prospect or Support is to message the SGT-At-Arms, Vulture..., who will guide you through the process of joining the crew. We reccomend that you read our Bylaws before requesting to join. But before you do message him, you must fill out this small form: What is your Social Club Name?: Where are you from (What is your timezone)?: How old are you?: Do you have discord?: How active are you?: Jesus or Lucifer?: _____________________ _____________________ All weapons are allowed against tryhard crews or crews that are not an MC (We all know they won't follow the 1%er AR Only) but we still reccommend using AR for practice against other weapons so you can learn on how to stay AR only against a minigun, RPG etc. AR Only against MC's that are 1%, if they are 99%, Heavy and MG's are allowed, use of rockets are only allowed if the enemy MC uses them first. Pistols - All Allowed. SMG's - All Allowed. MG's - Only against 99% MC's or read first law. AR's - All Allowed. Snipers - Only against 99$ MC's or read first law. Explosives - Read first and second law. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________
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