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Found 1,000 results

  1. StealthHazard

    Los Santos County Militia (Military RP)

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a few like-minded, mature gamers that would have an interest in some rather light military RP within the GTA world. Our crew is called the LS CO Militia. We are still brand, spanking new and rather small. We meet up every night on GTA Online. There are no set ours or required times of joining us. Just, whenever you may have time and feel like playing. We have a very light and simple ranking system, and we do not operate like any real life military. (Militia after all.) We run in 5 man elements divided into a teamleader, and two two-man teams. These teams and elements then coordinate together under a commander. We mostly do PVE stuff, completing missions, bank jobs, and gang hideouts together. We do have bases around LS for when we go into open servers and play with the public. We ride in convoys of armed insurgents and frequently use air support. We also like to kick it at the base from time to time...Fight club anyone? Anyway, if any of this interests you guys I would love to hear from you. Feel free to add me on Steam, R* Social Club (same name as here), or to just apply to the crew itself. LS CO Militia. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_co_militia
  2. WheelchairJimmy


    I mean Drake started out in Degrassi and look at him now! Think you have whatever it takes? Open enrollment. Social Club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/degrassithenextgen
  3. Hello, Just trying to find a good heist crew with good communication and that won't leave randomly. Trying to grind to make money and eventually replay the heists for the 1 million dollar bonus. Comment or add me if interested. Once four people are gathered we'll start. Please only comment if you're familiar with most of the heists, have a mich, and are willing to play for a few hours. Add me on steam if interested: http://steamcommunity.com/id/AstronomicalBean/ Add me on social club if interested: PigInASuit Thanks
  4. PointlessSpike

    Looking to join heist on PC

    Hi guys I'm looking for some players to do heists with on PC. I'm somewhat new to PC but have a lvl110 character on XB1, and have done most heist roles previously, so I kinda know what I'm doing. Also, I'm an excellent pilot. I don't expect anything more than the default share, I just want to do the heists with some decent players. I'll be available on the weekends, 10am-6pm GMT. Add me (PointlessSpike) and reply with your username if you need another to join.
  5. Jacobmaate

    Most Wanted in SA

    RECRUITING NOW: Most Wanted in SA [sAMW] is recruiting now, on ALL platforms, we are an open enrollment and will stay like that until December 31st ready for some changes in the New Year. We also use a fair Hierarchy Grading System, to ensure that everyone in the crew is treated as fairly as one another, If you get 100,000 RP in the crew, you'll be promoted to Crew Representative, and when you reach 800,000 RP in the crew, you'll be promoted to Crew Lieutenant. We recently reached 340 members and are still growing after opening on the PC Platform. To join simply CLICK HERE and then join us from our Crew's Social Club Page. If you have any questions are are much more likely to get a response from our twitter account: @TheSAMWCrew or you can message me on Social Club: JacobAThomas.
  6. andy13212

    [PC] Car meet / Drag

    As there doesnt seem to be any Car meets on pc these days thought i would post one up. Hoping to start at 8 oclock gmt (british) Reply in the forum or add me on socialclub : Muchkillneeded
  7. SanAndreasLegend

    Ninja clan recruitment: Dark Shadows

    Crew name: Dark Shadows Clan About: An up-and-coming GTA ninja clan looking to be the best ninja clan around, All ranks are welcome; your experience level does not matter. Mature members only, we will not tolerate personal attacks on fellow members so please be respectful towards each other. I'm trying to create a friendly atmosphere and don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. No killing fellow members, please. Have fun! Clan leader contact info: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/sanandreaslegend Clan social club page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dark_shadows_clan Platforms: All platforms. Game: GTA 5 Online We plan to be active in all activities. We will strive to be the best. Only bump your topic once a week. Read The Guidelines.

    [PC] Rainy Drift Sesh

    Having a drift sesh all day since its raining so feel free to add and join me SC: LUCiD_FXVR
  9. XSophieBabiieeX

    SASP Recruitment

    San Andreas State Police If you are a fan of police roleplay in gta v, then SASP is the crew for you, before you read any further a working mic is required, if you do not own a working mic then do not bother to read any further. You must also be aged 15 or over. SASP is on all consoles and PC, i myself am 2nd in charge of the PS3 Side, we have 3 divisions Trooper/Traffic, SWAT and FIB, if you do not want to be any of those, do not worry, we also take on civilians who will act as obviously civilians during patrols, so our troopers have some people to pull over. Unlike other police role play crews we are very active and host patrols weekly, for PS3 our patrols are always on a friday at 9pm EST, i am from the UK so that is 1am for me. If you are interested then simply head over to http://sanandreasstatepolice.enjin.com/ and fill in a citizenship or trooper application, depending on what you want to do. Also can i ask if you do apply, there is a box saying "Have you been referred by anyone currently on SASP?" Tick the yes box and simply just put CPT.Sophie. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sasp_-_state_police here is our social club page, but do not bother applying to join there as you MUST fill out an application form on our website before being invited to the crew, thanks. If you have any questions before applying then feel free to either kik me at XsophiebabieX if you have it Hope to see you on the force, yours sincerely, Captain.Sophie (2nd in charge of PS3 side and leader of SWAT)
  10. Double clutch is bak so ima make this short and sweet. If you drift and youre with it add me for a drift sesh. SC: LUCiD_FXVR
  11. hello everyone i have made some missions in dyom this was the mission and this is about it check down the story of maj.basha and harsha,tagore basic description:- there are basha,harsha,tagore was best friends but basha joined military because of siddharth so they splited up now siddharth given a mission to kill harsha and tagore what he do in this missions is the story characters friends harsha:- he is a playable character the leader of king cobra gang he is 25 years old and he uses shotgun the most. and he give life for friends. he love to party tagore:- he is friend of harsha so he too is leader of king cobra gang he is 24 years old and he use any weapon and he is the strictest in the gang but he too love parties sen:- he is a playable character and one of the members in king cobra gang he takes the important role in part 3 he is 21 years old and he is the one who save all his men and he is the loyality member then anyone charan:- he is friend of harsha and tagore he was only in part 2 because he died he is 25 years old and he is a best thinker of troubles of gang enemy basha:- he is villain in the mission he betrayed harsha and tagore and joined military and now he is the major of military he is 25 years old and he is a playable character mike:- mike is none other than basha he came in diguise to join the gang siddharth:- he is the main villain in the mission because of him basha betrayed harsha and tagore and siddharth is 25 years old he is the one who given the mission to basha to kill harsha and tagore and he promoted basha as major and he is the general of military missions part 1:- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39452 part 2:- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39480 part 3 :- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39495 part 4 :- http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39521 final part:-http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/39552 NEW UPDATS part 4 final part
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking for a biker crew like the Reaper Lords (only xbox and ps) in the PC version of the server. Anyone able to help me? Cheers o/
  13. Looking for someone who wants to grind some quick cash. We alternate host to get around the cooldown and do a 55/45 split. Alta St. not necessary but it would help. If interested you can go ahead and add me now. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/speederx96
  14. Platform: PC Hosting: Private/Invite Only Time: Wednesday 6pm PST Restrictions: Super Cars, Super Cars. *Ask though? *Additional restrictions for Drags Social Club: Mcschlotsky Steam: drummerdorcas Twitch: Twitch.tv/drummerdorcas I want a serious, big meet. The meet will always start with meeting at a designated spot downtown, and going on a short cruise around town (gotta do a cruise right?). We will meet at any other cool spots people like and want to show if any. The main event will be the bracketed drag race. I have a specific method for elimination round 1v1 drag races, until one is left. After enough drag racing, we will switch to a group vote for: 1. Drifting 2. Off-roading. 3. Demolition Derby 4. Other (I would love to do them all) Reserve List: 1. Mcschlotsky (me) 2. Riggs 3. FBTHOU13 4. GusTJoKeR 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. **Obvious rules: NO Modding, NO car contact.
  15. GTA5MetPolice

    GTA5MetPolice Clan

    -XBOX ONE ONLY- Hello Everyone! I am currently recruiting for my GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto V) Metropolitan Police Clan. A Little Bit About Us: ​ We strive to become the best roleplaying clan on GTA5 on the XboxOne platform. We are serious and mature and we also have a good laugh In our "Unofficial Patrols". Otherwise, we roleplay seriously and to the best of our ability. Website-Application and Information. ​ If you would like to join this clan please head to: www.gta5metpolice.moonfruit.com where you can get all the information you need about joining and the requirements. ​Thanks For Reading​ And See You In Patrol!... Maybe
  16. oldcoven

    ♆ Old Coven ♆

    join us http://gtaforums.com/topic/845530-%E2%86%AFold%E2%8C%81coven%E2%86%9D%E2%99%86join-us%E2%99%86/?do=findComment&comment=1068580628
  17. Hi Players, Inviting all to a car meet up tonight (GMT London, UK - 19:00pm). This will be happening once a week, every Monday! PC VERSION Add me on social club to join: cookie_dean
  18. Please can somebody help me get the police outfit, I would honestly be so happy to have someone help me, I have been trying to find someone kind enough to lend 10 minutes to me for weeks Please reply or PM me in game, my nickname ingame is Electrochemist (Also I'm on PC) Thank you so much!
  19. Hi, we all know how it is when we first started this game, there was no lending hand and we had to form groups in order to succeed. Now being a low level is a dangerous thing, since I have completed every aspect of GTA Online, I though I lend a hand to those that might need it. If you need help in PC, such as access to vehicles, firepower, completing missions or anything of the sort, be sure to send me a msg (mentioning this post) and a friend request. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/_theprofessional NOTE: PLEASE be sure to send me a message first, or I will reject the request, I receive about 10 friend request daily from people not even playing on my platform. I will give priority to PC players. Other players have also offered their help after seeing this post, here is their contact info. PC: 1) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/serpouncealots PS4: 1) "add" WWDSD 2) "add" Nosferretoo XBOX 1: 1) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pinkbeef
  20. I'm a bit late to the party so all my friends don't even want to play anymore I'm still thoroughly enjoying the game and want to get more cash to buy stuff, and the best way of doing that seems to be finishing heists, but joining random public sessions isn't getting me anywhere fast! I haven't tried all the heist setup/finales yet, but I'm more than happy to listen to instructions or watch strategy videos on YouTube.Only finished Fleeca and Prison Break from start to finish Have finished Pacific Standard and Series A Funding finales but not their setups I have the Armored Kuruma along with a heavy vest heist outfit My current level is somewhere in the 60s I hope to one day be able to accomplish the elite challenges, as well as try for Criminal Mastermind I'm based in Australia, but is happy to play with anyone friendly I have a mic My RGSC (PC): Kfgus3 Thanks all
  21. Me (Spadge...) and my IRL buddy (Terrorhype) are looking for heist crew members to make some cash. It can be casual but we're both high level (511 & 111) so we can also attempt Criminal Mastermind if wanted. We're competent, chatty, friendly, sexy, got TeamSpeak 3 and a server. We're Europen GMT+1 fluent in over 3 languages. If you see this, like this post, PM me, so I get a notification, we can start right now, we're flexible & laid back. ~ Greetings.
  22. HEY GUYS !!! We are planning a Carmeet This Friday. Yea its a little spntaneously, but we want to celebrate the new Sabre GT lowrider ! So this meet will be a Oldshool meet. Lowriders, oldtimer, older musclecars... So if you want to join the Carmeet on 22.Aprli.16: add me (Wastlandboy) Now All Informations for the Carmeet: We start the meet at 22.April.2016 --- 20:00 ( UTC +2 ) /MESZ ////////// We will start with classics, oldschool muscle and Lowriders. All Carmeets will be announced on our Facebook Page, aaaand we also have a crew. Crew: http://de.socialclub...arsarebeautiful Facebook Page : facebook.com/ACABGTA I hope to see some old mates again and I hope you will enjoy it!
  23. Business Republic is a new crew looking for core members. Our goal is to establish a small group of active and devoted GTA Online players in order to play together. Main goal of the crew is doing heists daily, getting a lot of money, and organized gameplay of any kind. More about me: I have recently started playing GTA and I am very active and PvE oriented (for now). I would like to find some players to play with in a crew, to farm money and do heists, missions, and other game modes together. The crew, at the moment, is a couple of my friends and I. We are all from Serbia, but we are looking for players all over the world. The only requirement is that you are an active player, willing to play heists, missions, COOP, and PvP with your crew. We dont ask you to be any good, only to try your best. We search for clean, goal oriented players, who can be both serious and rebellious when needed. For more information you can write in this topic, or add me in Rockstar Social Club or Steam. Social Club - Charybdim Steam - charybdim Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.
  24. Malibujohnny


    Its unfortunate i have not met many pc players here, but I just want to inform everyone reading this right now that I will be organizing a house party in rodeo hills. If you are interested let me know. Social Network ID MalibuJohnny
  25. http://gtaforums.com/topic/872534-xbox-onepc-malicious-intentt-events/
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