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Found 1,038 results

  1. Baconisthename

    [PC] Sixth Syndicate: Mafia crew

    The Sixth Syndicate is now recruiting! We are a criminal empire crew looking for new members to help us grow! At the moment membership is quite low so the first few people to apply might get a rank bump if you prove to me that you can handle a leadership role. (but don't get your hopes up, bub) Why join us? We don't have any specific thing that we do but it could be anything from CEO work to Deathmatches to anything you want! It's all about fun and a little bit of roleplay. Just to keep it interesting. Requirements -Must be mature and at least 15 years of age. (or if your voice doesn't annoy anyone you're fine) -Optional uniform upon acceptance. (You only have to wear it during crew meetings or events) -Must go on a mission with a lieutenant+ to assess your skills in combat, communication and following orders. (applicants choice) Uniforms: Thug Lieutenant Soldier Elite Application -Social Club account name -Age -Rank / level -reason for applying Post these in the forum below or the application channel in our discord. Link below Links https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sixth_syndicate https://discord.gg/hSVDfQv More information will be provided upon joining.
  2. Hell if youre interested in joining a professional and realistic roleplay clan on FiveM server then check at our server at Lifestyles Roleplay or our discord at https://discord.gg/SngKT7x Any questions post below and thank you.
  3. THE_SAlNT

    IAA [PC] [International Affairs Agency]

    Main Website: http://iaa.agency Field Office: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_field_ops HQ Office: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_pc Application: https://discord.gg/EmabQEm Snapmatic: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/iaa_operatives_pc/games/gtav/pc/snapmatic/mostrecent Discussion Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/901778-iaa-pc-official-topic/ The International Affairs Agency Department is currently hiring personnel exceling in the following categories: 1) Combat 2) Research 3) Technology Due to an increase in global threats and terrorism, the IAA is currently looking to hire a hand selected team of agents. With an increase in budget from Gun Running Operations the IAA has been able to fund the research for new technologies to aid Los Santos in the development of more efficient weapons against threats. In order to join you must join our discord (https://discord.gg/EmabQEm) and follow the application process. It generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete. After the initial screening you will be interviewed by one of our agents. This Agency currently operates on PC only, and it has 2 departments at its disposition: IAA HQ Office IAA Field Disclaimer About the crew ©: Growing rapidly with a basic and unbiased hierarchy the IAA was funded on PC Dec 7, 2017. Counting with classified information and a group of analysts we were able to pinpoint the content of the newest update weeks in advance. This crew focuses on quality over quantity but we are actively hiring, so if you believe you have a specific skill set that might contribute to our development do not hesitate to apply. It is only planned to continue running as a GTAV crew on PC. Additionally this crew may from time to time participate in improvized RP's settings. This is not an RP focused crew, we may RP from time to time as a fun factor towards randoms in GTA V; our main focuses are PVP and to continue GR and Heist Operations in addition to research. Our Agents are ready to receive your applications: https://discord.gg/EmabQEm
  4. Welcome to the CURSED CROOKS MOTORCYCLE CLUB The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is a PVP-RP-Crew in GTA5-Online, which is following the 1% Code. Through a patchover he was founded on october 14th, 2016 in East Los Santos / La Mesa. The Cursed Crooks MC destroyed since then 4 enemy Motorcycle Clubs and also disband the 1% Rhombus from a german MC. Meanwhile the Cursed Crooks MC is one of the best known 1% Motorcycle Clubs in this community on the [PC]. The most important points that make the CCMC so unique are its rules, structure and the name. On top of that, the CCMC was able to gain more than a year of experience & he is by far the oldest German Motorcycle Club. You can check that out for yourself if you don't believe in us. We spend 95% of our time in the public game session to refresh our MC companies such as cocaine, meth, weed & money, steal cars for CEO import/export, clubhouse missions such as "Cracked" or a round "Stand your Ground". Ride-Practice, Biker Events, Run&Gun or we go on the hunt of other MC´s. Apart from that, the Cursed Crooks MC also has the most enemies, we call them "VICTIMS" & as a PVP-RP-Crew we are very proud of it, because it counts for us: Great instead of mass & our loyalty belongs only to the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club. Every Sunday at 7:00pm CET is our common church, for Member, Propsects & Supporter33 an obligatory date on which we discuss everything important. The Cursed Crooks MC is constantly evolving, but without losing its unique style. We are looking for new active male & female players to join the unique Cursed Crooks MC. What you can expect from us: - Member Crew:https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cursed_crooks_mc_els - Prospect Crew:https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ccmc_prospect - Support Crew:https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/supp_your_local_33 - A lightweight & well structured roleplay/hierarchy system - Ride-Practice, Biker Events, Biker wars, playlist & training - Homepage:https://cursedcrooksnation.wixsite.com/ccmc/welcome-eng - Discord:https://discord.gg/NvdzsYu - Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLdG87JhenzU-mzIpjU9-rg/videos - Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CursedCrooksMC/ What you should bring: - Headset & Discord - Majority 18+ - Read & accept our rules - GTA5 online activity _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Cursed Crook never comes alone, Because the Cursed Crooks MC have dug up the hatchet. NO MODS/NO CHEATS, PLAY LEGIT OR GET KICKED!!!
  5. Basically I want a crew of people who are down to run car meets and lowrider meets with me (mainly lowrider stuff) do some snapmatic things, gang stuff and generally play GTA as a whole. Sorta like The Lowly Gentlemen and Six Star, but a better version(because i'd like to think i could make a better crew ;-) ) Link to social club crew- https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/6th_street_majestics Discord link is : https://discord.gg/sZsqE92 Thanks, -CrookzR-
  6. Tramm24


    Couple of guys looking for a few competent, laid back players to run heists, business sales, etc... typically playing every single night during evening time. (CST) No griefers, assholes, childish behavior. Definitely 18+ In-game name Tramm24
  7. Max Vu

    *don't enter* *thread construction*

    *still in the process of creating* *to the moderators: i had actual content but i removed it as i couldn't preview beforehead and afterwards it looked worse then i wanted so i'm redesigning the whole thread but since i can't delete this one and start a new, i'm just editing this one!*
  8. Mojo924

    [PC] King Saints Mob Recruiting!

    I'm going to make this short & sweet. I'm the boss of the King Saints Mob, an active and mature crime family. We are rebuilding on PC from our old days on console. Currently looking for mature hierarchy to fill spots AND loyal members What are we? Everyone in TKSM is family. We grind together, fight wars together, help eachother make cash and show respect and loyalty at all times. What do we do? The family prides in making money, defending honor, and growing. From grinding, crew battles, training lobbies, car shows, fun nights, meetings & roleplay, there will always be something for you. Okay I'm interested...how do I start? In order to join the family, you must first add myself, Skullcrusher924 on Social Club in order to attend the recruitment lobby. The recruitment lobby is a way to test if you are truly family material or simply another troll/time waster. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS* -Mature & Respectful -17 or older(16 if very mature) -Active player -Mic PREFERRED Thank you for considering our loyal little group, and we hope to see you help us build! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/king_saints_mob/wall Best Regaurds, Skullcrusher924
  9. PC VERISON Hello my name is Jayde and I have recently gotten into GTA5 Online again and am looking to start an All Girl Crew In Game I have the following: CEO Office Bunker and Hanger So there will be lots of Jobs and ways to make money You must be a female to join this crew - mic preferred - but not required ****Either Apply on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/kittiekatz Or Comment Below with your Name, Age, and Rank Level for an Invite**** GTA Online needs more women players so It would be nice to build an "all girl crew" Follow the Rules, have fun, make money. - If you do not Follow the rules you will be Kicked and Banned from the group. Rule #1 - If you are caught "posing" as a female you will be reported, kicked, and blocked from ever speaking with a KittieKatz member ever again Rule #2 - No fierce unacceptable verbal/text language Rule #3 - No damaging crews or business property "for fun" Rule #4 - No begging, nagging, complaining, etc. or you will be kicked Rule #5 - No killing players "for fun" without reason (Unless rivals or a legit purpose)
  10. Santa Scout

    GTA Online Car Meets group

    Hello my name is Santa Scout and I would like to invite you to my group, we host weekly car meets with different themes each week. If you check the announcements there's a chance there will be one for an upcoming meet. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/yBNtB2
  11. KrystalJaden

    Creating a New Crew

    Must be at Least 15 and have mic and discord Comment if interested
  12. milano907

    Grape Street Crips NOW LOOKING!

    GTA V RP clan needing 5 more people to come join the Grape Street Crips! This clan is a sub-division with the Alaska State Trooper clan. Must be a Civ first before applying to become a G. Must meet the following requirements: - Must have mic - Go to my Social Club and sign up - Legal copy of GTA V - FiveM -TS: - Must go here and apply as Civilian first: http://www.gecrp.com/Recruitment Lastly, MUST TAKE RP SERIOUSLY! Once you have became a Civilian, go here and apply to be one of my Gs: Grape Street Crips Application Looking forward to meeting with you!
  13. Aether

    Helix Team

    About Helix https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/helix_team Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helixsquadron/ Our website: http://helixteam.webs.com/ We are primarily.. exclusively on the Xbox One. Though some of us have Arma 3 and DCS world. The 289th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Helix" is a complex organization, which follows the militaristic and dignified principles set by its elder officers. In this current era, the squadron is centered around two main pillars: Education and aeronautical collaboration, the later of which is its backbone. The 289th highly values the lives of its members, understanding the difficulty of replacing skilled pilots, placing emphasis on the single rule of maintaining the abilities of the airmen it has. The training regime for new pilots is divided into various small classes, and teaches them practical skills to use in warfare to turn them into fearsome fighters. The academy their airmen graduate from is known as HTAS, which has produced numerous elite pilots. Those pilots are then further molded into what Helix Team considers high quality air superiority fighters. Being as how the 289th has been the only known functioning squadron of its kind on Grand Theft Auto, it will continue to act as a significant aspect in GTA Online's diverse dogfighting culture. Regarding GTA's military community, the team and its officers are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a "formidable force." We are currently seeking candidates who would like to join our squadron. Helix is currently understaffed due to older/veteran members moving on to different games. Helix Team has been a strong functioning crew for the last two years now. The leadership is rock solid. The foundation that our squadron was founded upon has become even tougher. Vacancies As of 9/14/2017 the squadron has seven long time active members, the squadrons capacity has been raised to twenty. Recruitment This is not a beginners crew.. You must be able to fly and land the P-996 Lazer/H-27 Hydra.. You must be able to successfully employ all common weapons and be capable of some moderate level of air to air combat. Your training will focus on tactical formation flying, efficient communication and sound employment of basic tactics. Our instructors will not spoon feed you every bit of information. You will be asked to read and understand various different manuals. Feel free to apply here by posting the following application with your answers on this thread, or you may apply on our website linked above. Gamertag: Past Crews: Dogfighting Experience(list any or just rate yours 1-10): Ground combat experience(1-10): How did you hear about this unit? Do you have any leadership experience?(List examples if you do) What do you know about our squadrons and how they operate? Why do you want to join? What are you expectations? Do you have a working headset? Are you capable of speaking the English language? Information about this crew 1. The 289th Fighter Squadron is not for the occasional flyer. You must be willing to commit to flying online regularly. It is so much more fun to fly with confidence, instead of being forced to deal with a loss of Situational Awareness. 2. Captains and above have access to the protected area of our documents.3. Officers have access to all squadron training and official flights subject to availability. 4. Officers may be removed from the active roster into the reserves if they are inactive for one month. By signing up you are initially considered an applicant. Your membership will be considered based on what you fill out in the interview room. So if you are serious about becoming a member, you should fill it out properly from the start. You will become Candidate when 289th selection process is ended and you hopefully are accepted. You will remain as Candidate until your aviation course starts up. By then you will be transferred to cadet status and assigned to the training squadron. This timing will be briefed by squadron Personnel Officer to you when you apply. We do not allow dual membership, i.e. membership of other online gta Jet/MC/Military crew. We feel that being a member of two crews make you a member of neither. The 289th is a serious commitment; there is plenty to do. If you are accepted, a captain or above will schedule an interview with you. Recruit responsibility / Your way from Recruit to 2nd Lt/Cadet Rules Tasks to perform after you have been accepted as squadron recruit. You have to be active yourself. We will not organize everything for you. We will help but you need to put the effort in it yourself. Week 1 1. Make sure you attend the aviation course(s), if you are unsure about what you’re missing consult an officer. 2. TAKE NOTES 3. When on duty you must act alongside an officer at all times. 4. You are not allowed to fly alone. 5. You are not allowed to engage any other crew without officer consent. If you have officer consent then the act must be justified. 6. You are absolutely not allowed to be in passive mode unless you are away. If we catch this you may be discharged from the cadet class. 7. If you attend a training session you may have your time as a cadet taken off by one day. 8. If you attend a mock checkride(and pass) your time as a cadet may be reduced up to one day. Contact any 1st LT for a mock checkride. 9. You have one month as a cadet to become a 2nd Lt or you will be dismissed and will have to reapply. Week 2 1. Continue BFM training and attend any training you need. 2. Make an appointment for your checkride. 3. Go on and pass your checkride. 4. Attend the next Squadron meeting/winging ceremony and graduate to 2nd lt. Uniforms As a cadet you will wear the following uniform(s). Flight Suit -Green Flight Suit(With green helmet) PT Uniform -White Rolled Sleeved T Shirt(with crew emblem) -Black Chinos(shorts) -Black Cross Trainers(Sports Shoes) OR Any choice of running or sports shoes Airman Battle Uniform(Cadet Version) -Khaki Detail Battle Vest -Khaki Battle Pants -Flight or tactical boots -No masks/Helmets Customs and Courtesies - First of all, courtesies are optional, customs not so much. - Mostly, it is more appropriate for lower ranking officer to salute high ranking ones. - Whenever you are greeted, reply in kind. Respect shall be reciprocated with mutual respect. - Officers of the same rank do NOT need to salute one another. - You may choose to address someone by rank, however it's based on the person being addressed. - If they wish to stay casual and/or be address by gamertag instead please respect that. - Courtesies do NOT extend into combat situations, which requires tactical communications. - If you're not sure if you should act with courtesy or not, do it. - Uniforms must be worn when on the flight line and while on duty. - Service and dress uniforms may be worn off base and off duty.- Casual civilian clothes may be worn off base and off duty We appreciate any consideration. Feel free to post here if you have any questions.. here are some pictures from some of our sorties.
  14. Snatchy

    [PC] DCG zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Vroeger bekend als United Freelance Organisation. Wij bestaan sinds augustus 2009. We begonnen met Left 4 Dead 1 en 2, later zijn wij overgestapt naar COD MW2. We speelden battlefield 1942 tot battlefield 4, later kozen wij ervoor om een extra spel te spelen in de community en kozen voor Guild Wars 2. In 2016 hebben we ook een tijd The Division gespeeld. DCG is een gezellige groep waar iedereen plezier heeft. We zijn nu opzoek naar mensen die het leuk vinden om GTA te spelen, wel vragen wij teamspeak. Wij spelen elke avond GTA. Tot soms diep in de nacht xD Lijkt je dit leuk en ben je minimaal 16 jaar? Kom dan eens langs bij ons op teamspeak en speel met ons mee! TS: Website: http://dutchcommunitygaming.nl Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dutchcommunitygaming
  15. Satans Soldiers - SSMC

    Satans Soldiers MC [SSMC] - Mature, Active MC

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/satans_soldiers_mcpc Satans Soldiers MC, since January 2017. One of the most notorious MC's to control San Andreas. Friends of few. Enemies of many. 1% MC made for the lord of the unholy land. 3 Crews, Father Crew (Patched), Prospects and Hangarounds (Support). "As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we laugh at those who "will fear no evil"." -Vulture... _____________________ _____________________ If you are interested in joining, you must go through the Prospect phase. Prospecting is proving to the MC that you are worthy to serve the Lord. If you are willing to spill blood for SSMC, you are worthy. But if you are new to GTA, we want you to get your bearings of how GTA V works. During this period you will be a Hangaround. Once you are ready to prospect, you will be invited to that crew and labled as a Prospect. Best way to apply for Prospect or Support is to message the SGT-At-Arms, Vulture..., who will guide you through the process of joining the crew. We reccomend that you read our Bylaws before requesting to join. But before you do message him, you must fill out this small form: What is your Social Club Name?: Where are you from (What is your timezone)?: How old are you?: Do you have discord?: How active are you?: Jesus or Lucifer?: _____________________ _____________________ All weapons are allowed against tryhard crews or crews that are not an MC (We all know they won't follow the 1%er AR Only) but we still reccommend using AR for practice against other weapons so you can learn on how to stay AR only against a minigun, RPG etc. AR Only against MC's that are 1%, if they are 99%, Heavy and MG's are allowed, use of rockets are only allowed if the enemy MC uses them first. Pistols - All Allowed. SMG's - All Allowed. MG's - Only against 99% MC's or read first law. AR's - All Allowed. Snipers - Only against 99$ MC's or read first law. Explosives - Read first and second law. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________
  16. iamrainman943

    (PC) IFAP - Fritata Air Patrol

    IFAP: Internationale Fritata Air Patrol Motto: Forcefully Flipping Foul Fascist Fritatas for Freeroam Freedom! Mission: Enforce Fritata Law Leader: Sab1300 Primary Active Hours: 8 PM - 4 AM U.S. Central Standard Time We're a small crew of 31 active members looking for new members to aid in the enforcement of Fritata Law (Defense of all friendly or neutral commerce, and the enforcement of peace through violence). Primarily a Freeroam crew (Although we do have our favorite PVP games and races), averse to loading screens and those under 18, players of all Nationalities, and backgrounds are welcome. Requirements: None, other than the right attitude, and a willingness to have a good time. We have a core of dedicated, fighter pilots willing to train new recruits into capable pilots, no flight experience required, only a willingness to learn. If Air combat is not your forte, basic helicopter, and ground team proficiency will suffice. Anybody interested in making money, hanging out, and playing with their new toys free from fritata interference should contact Commissioner iamrainman943 or StudiousMori on Rockstar Social Club. Visit our crew on social club, and come FAP it with us! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fritata_air_patrol
  17. AlumniGamingYT

    Emblem Uploads

    If anyone is looking to get their emblem uploaded, message me for free uploads! Either message me on Instagram @alumnigamingyt or Kik me @ModernGaming14.
  18. Slippery_xsv

    The Mysterious History of H.E.R.E Team 2

    PC & PS4 The Mysterious History of H.E.R.E. Team 2 April 20th, 2013 Logan Ross CEO/Creative Director XSV Studios Inc. So here I am another typical day at Lifeinvader listening to people I don’t like watch stupid cat videos and I need another post for The Fad Bible. Immediately I start trying to come up with ways I can get myself killed on the job so they can’t sue me for dying off the clock. About a hour into trying to suffocate myself in the vending machine in the stairwell nobody uses, I think I’ve come up with something. I’m gonna tell my boss I’m leaving for an interview, go right to the baddest bikers in town and start asking them questions like I’m wearing a wire. Rather than get a hold of anyone, I wanted to make myself as uninvited as possible and just drove to their clubhouse unannounced. I get there and as if my life couldn’t get any worse, I find out they have a club historian and he was more than happy to give me their story. Are you serious?! A club historian?! I was surprised but he tells me this is common practice. Here’s what I found out: H.E.R.E. Team 2 was one of 4 Spec-Ops military units specifically trained for the interception and retrieval of national interests including drug and weapons shipments, VIP's, High-value Targets and basically anything labeled with a "priceless" value ranging from art to one of a kind vehicles. The units motto was "Aufero, Eludo, Adversor, Aberro" which translates to "Steal, Evade, Resist, Escape" but to be politically correct "Steal" was changed "Heist" as it somehow sounded less criminal yet more exciting. The H.E.R.E. Unit and its 4 teams were created 1976 in response to Cold War developments and disbanded immediately after Operation Desert Storm in April, 1991. Several of the original members of H.E.R.E Team 2 and members of other H.E.R.E. teams found it was hard to adjust go back to regular civilian life. They created a Paramilitary organization under the name NorthCorp Protection which specialized in private security, couriership and assassination. The new NorthCorp got their boots on the ground quickly and got a foot in the door with by meeting Michael Klebitz, a Warrant Officer with the US Marine Corps, in 1999. Working with Klebitz and his men, NorthCorp grew in numbers while carrying out and assisting with missions all over the world. Primarily operating throughout the middle east and North Africa. Behind closed doors Northcorp was delivering "acquired" weapons to "Private Security Clients" such as Johnny Klebitz, brother of Michael Klebitz and Vice President of The Lost MC as Billy Grey, the current president at the time, was incarcerated for racketeering in 2002. Things changed dramatically for the team in 2003 when Don Percival, an Ex-Navy Seal, created Merryweather Security using money he got from a coup in West Africa. His company quickly expanded with the help of stock market billionaire, Devin Weston. With seemingly endless money and Merryweather on speed dial, Weston talked WO Klebitz into voiding the contracts with Northcorp in 2004. Northcorp continued operations in the upcoming years but with the increasing competition from Merryweather, the company and its 700+ operators went bankrupt in 2006 with the company shutting down so fast many of the teams were left in operations with no way home. A handful of NorthCorp's former operators were quickly recruited by Merryweather. The founders of NorthCorp have since "disappeared". The existence of the H.E.R.E. Unit wasn't made known until Percival proclaimed during a 2008 interview that "If it weren't for the H.E.R.E training from our former Marines and NorthCorp operators, we wouldn't have the operational capabilities and reputation we have today. I was doubtful that Devin could even buy soldiers this good but as my business partner he surprises me." A video of the interview that was posted on Lifeinvader went viral making the public and officials question what "H.E.R.E. training" was. Soon after the government held a press conference and stated that “the ‘H.E.R.E.’ or High Efficiency Response Element training was a classified joint training initiative between the United States Marine Corps and NorthCorp Protection, abolished in 1991 shortly after Operation Desert Storm. It simply was no longer necessary”. The release was accompanied by the declassification of thousands of documents regarding the Marine Corp/NorthCorp relationship, all of which were heavily redacted, effectively keeping the unit unknown. The few who made it out of the bankruptcy trickled home over the years and ended up finding each other in Los Santos where they kept doing what they loved, contract killing, robbing gun and drug shipments and really any other criminally profitable endeavour. They did this under the name H.E.R.E Team 2 as a symbol of solidarity for those who didn’t come home and a beacon for those still on their way. Member who’s come back to Los Santos regularly tell stories of the “stil alfaris” which is Arabic for “steel horseman”, apparently this crazy bastard rides a motorcycle with tank tracks for wheels and stayed in Iraq after the bankruptcy just to “cleanse his mind with the fire of battle”. Jesus... Needless to say, Michael Klebitz throwing NorthCorp under the bus put a target on the Klebitz Family. With Johnny as the new president since Billy Grey's death in 2008. The Lost have since become unorganized under their new leadership due to drug abuse. The subsequent power vacuum lead to major recruitment effort by H.E.R.E Team 2 in the following years in order to eliminate what remains of The Lost MC and take over Los Santos. History Update: January 7th, 2018 It’s been a while since I’ve done any digging on our favourite outlaw’s but I just rediscovered my old research and figured I’d let you know how the MC’s been. Turns out the past 5 years have been pretty prosperous for our friendly neighborhood MC. Since I was part of the design team for the phone that Jay blew his face off with nobody in this city would hire me. I started hanging around the club after the first interview and eventually went to the MC to see if they could help me get a business off the ground which has been treating us all pretty to say the least. Anyway, with Klebitz’ death shortly after my I published the previous article on these guys, The Lost have either given up their patches, gone nomad or died, which has led H.E.R.E. from the low level criminal organization it once was, conducting petty drug deals, vehicle thefts and the odd hit on a local gang leader into a more professional, albeit still criminal, organization. Some of the new more profitable endeavors include, several counterfeiting operations, arms dealings and the virtual reality development company we’ve partnered in, XSV Studios. The current president took over for the former in September of 2014 after a dispute with our local kingpin, Martin Madrazo. This turned into a sort of biker proxy war between H.E.R.E and the new rival MC’s funded by Madrazo that were trying to get established following Klebitz’ death. 2014 to 2016 were the two bloodiest years Los Santos as ever recorded while Madrazo was funding criminal organizations to stimulate the local crime economy. The club got hit pretty hard by the death of their president and ultimately went to Madrazo for a truce that got sealed with deal of the MC basically being on Madrazo’s speed dial whenever he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. If I don’t get killed or horribly maimed I’ll be back with another history update in the coming weeks, months or whatever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ Here's where to find us ↓ We are a PC/PS4 Crew Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/here_team_2 Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121981662/
  19. Hi guys, have no idea if anyone still is active in this game, I have a clubhouse (with chopshop and gun case) and a forgery shop based exclusively in Paleto Bay. I am Australian and am on most nights between 6:30pm and 11:00pm Perth time. Have all positions available, just looking for some chill guys to crew with. - No hackers or modders, want legit people to hang with - super chill on rules, you can wear what you want and drive what you want (maybe just own a bike for the clubhouse haha) - still pretty new to this game but getting the hang of it - dont really have mic or anything serious Add me in-game Ashen_Shugur if you are keen. Social Club Link - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/drop_bears_mc (i suck at logo design)
  20. anarchykidd812619

    5KRoleplay Recruiting for pc

    Here at 5K Roleplay we pride ourselves in AMAZING RP and strive to be the best out there! Our Directors/Admins have expert level of experience in what we deal with and we will be able to assist you on any of your needs. There is always at least 1 of us always on at every moment to assist you, so don’t be afraid to join our Discord at the following link https://discord.gg/urHgkG7! A couple things about us is we are all about being flashy and standing out, as you can probably tell we love our graphics and how well they fit in with everything we use them for. We have custom vehicle skins for ALL of our police vehicles, along with many more AWESOME features! So to get to the nitty gritty of 5KRP we will start with what we are hiring! Below is a list of all current dept. that are hiring: Blaine County Sheriffs Dept. Honestly we just want people to have a good time and enjoy the time they are having with 5K! If you feel like you would like to be any of those and would like to join then feel free to go to our website at https://rp5k.weebly.com/ and fill out an application for which you would like to join, ask about being a reservist for something else if you’d like also. I will say there is about 6-7 of us right now, but we have some of the most fun a group of people could have online. We urge you to join and see just what we are about, after all we are looking for more awesome people to be there for the GRAND OPENING of the server! social club link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/5kroleplay
  21. Ragnarr

    The Hunt for Freedom [THFF]

    Dear Los Santos Citizen Are you tired of those mad going criminals? On their daily bloodbath and♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off rampages? You may found salvation The Crew The Hunt for Freedom, are looking for more Los Santos Citizens, to join up for a peaceful money making adventure without griefers. Except you want it organized! https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hunt_for_freedom If your interested leave a note for a invite. We are looking for Friendly, Respectful, Non Toxic Players Location and Age doesn't matter Aslong you stay friendly and respectful People with patience and some kind of good manners We provide Feel good & relaxing area Teamwork&Teamplay All sorts of missions! Hints and Tricks for newcomers Cheap Discord Room Multiculture humans Peaceful Lobbies But also organized PvP if we grow big enough! What we want! You respectful and friendly player! We want to become a medium sized Crew. We want a enviroment where you can play without stress and anti-fun feelings. We need your help to be capable of this. We all want money so lets work together for it! Give back what you get so noone gets demotivated Our members are atm spread over America, Europe and South America. We are really small but we want to grow! @AndyGanteks sorry for my previous post in the wrong section, my fault my bad! And thanks for the advise.
  22. Jakuska

    Recruiting for heist 10m challange

    Hi there me and my friend are looking for 2 more guys who would like to complete the criminal mastermind challenge by doing heists. Looking for people who are decent at the game and would take there time in doing the challenge. Pm me and will talk or add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066080415/
  23. CammoZabisyu


    Hello, fellow players. Digging the world of GTA online. Finally, have found out how things work. I created a Crew called Cartel Versus, and I am ready to recruit couple people that want to make money to spend on GTA online stuff. I will soon buy property, warehouses, pegasus vehicles and all that good stuff and want to recruit some people for long term business. What I need is 3 people that are very good at flying. One will fly CargoBob, one will fly Buzzard, and one will fly Jet. I need 4 people that will drive. And 3 more people for other stuff. So overall I am inviting only 10 people to my crew, not more. While playing you have to be on skype call. I speak Russian and English, but during the call, only English will be used as the main language. Playing only in private crew sessions, not public, because I hate people that destroy other people cargo, and of course, there are a lot of kids that hack All I offer to you is to make some money, I don't need it myself so I do good payouts, I just enjoy the process. Leave a comment down below if you want to join, and leave your GTA online username so I can check your stats. If some more info will be required I will contact you personally. If you are not invited, sorry. My nickname in game CammoZabisyu. Take care guys. NOTE: If you say me that you are good at flying and fly like pro, while in real life during the game you suck, or not only in flying but overall, I will unplug you from CREW.
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