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  1. travisterry2017

    GTA "Custom" Lobby

    GTA Modded Lobby-PC Money Drops Car Upgrades Very Friendly and will help you with anything. Join for $1. Message me on here for details or reply to thread.
  2. CallThyAdvertiser

    GTA V Online Modded Money Lobby

    Hello! This server on discord is for all of you money lovers out there! Connect using discord and follow rules on the server. Enjoy! (Not my server) Advertised - Discord Server -- removed
  3. mkay.


    yo, i'm looking for someone to do the 1st heist with and then for someone to do next ones, with primary focus on money grinding, my name on SC is _meekoz
  4. AlumniGamingYT

    Emblem Uploads

    If anyone is looking to get their emblem uploaded, message me for free uploads! Either message me on Instagram @alumnigamingyt or Kik me @ModernGaming14.
  5. Requirments: Mic, PC, Older/Mature, Team Player. I've started a GTA V Crew and I have a growing youtube channel. I’m looking for mature PC players to help me create cool and realistic roleplay videos. We will be training & operating in public & invite only lobbies. Halo Jumps, Bombing, Dogfighting, Sniping, Formation flying and using ATC and proper military lingo Will be the bulk of our training & video content. There is no complicated registration, only a ranked Discord channel. We have 2 1hr long practice sessions a week. Main goal is to make Cool, Roleplay &
  6. Hello, ive been desperately looking for someone who can help me finsih it, then i finished it but game had bad server issues at that time so i lost the finale , then another player had some unlucky connection which always made them quit near the end on one of the final cutscenes before finishing killing avon. I need to find another person good enough to survive this without dieing too much ( 3-4 times is usually ok for me since im getting frustrated or just people not killing the robots during the hacking process behind me who then spawnkill me) social club: ACMJT94
  7. iamrainman943

    (PC) IFAP - Fritata Air Patrol

    IFAP: Internationale Fritata Air Patrol Motto: Forcefully Flipping Foul Fascist Fritatas for Freeroam Freedom! Mission: Enforce Fritata Law Leader: Sab1300 Primary Active Hours: 8 PM - 4 AM U.S. Central Standard Time We're a small crew of 31 active members looking for new members to aid in the enforcement of Fritata Law (Defense of all friendly or neutral commerce, and the enforcement of peace through violence). Primarily a Freeroam crew (Although we do have our favorite PVP games and races), averse to loading screens and those under 18, players of all Nationalities, a
  8. THE_SAlNT

    IAA [PC] Official Topic

    Field Office: https://socialclub.r...a_operatives_pc HQ Office: https://socialclub.r...com/crew/iaa_pc Application: https://discord.gg/EmabQEm Snapmatic: https://socialclub.r...atic/mostrecent Recruitment Topic: http://gtaforums.com/topic/901096-iaa-pc-international-affairs-agency/ (c )Crew Official Discussion topic: Questions / Media / Facts / General Discussion Information: The International Affairs Agency is an organization founded in 12/7/17. IAA has a hybrid focus in PVP and RP; as a PVP agency the IAA ensures that all its agents are trained in advanced combat both in air ve
  9. Hellow guys, as we all know in the new update that there are a lot of new items and things to do and it is quite costly, so I thought that I should complete the criminal mastermind challenge out of curiocity. So we are looking for 2 more people who would love to complete it with us. We use discord for chat because it's the most comfortable thing to use right now and were looking for people with knowladge of the old heists. We have already completed the criminal mastermind challenge on our other account's so we are aware of the missions and preps of it by hand. Who ever is interested pm to me o
  10. Hey guys. I have a long time not playing GTA but i saw the Doomsday Heist trailer and i thought to jump in to play and the problem is that i don't have any friends to play the Heists so im asking for your help. I'm not interested in money thb only to lower the price of those vehicles so i everybody will get the same shares from the job if we are 4 players each belongs 25% and if we are 2 players each belongs to 50% with 3 players i will get 30% and the two others 35%. If any of you is interested add me on rockstar club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/hermes-cati and send m
  11. Hell if youre interested in joining a professional and realistic roleplay clan on FiveM server then check at our server at Lifestyles Roleplay or our discord at https://discord.gg/SngKT7x Any questions post below and thank you.
  12. Recently got GTA V after not playing for a few years and I need some people to play with. Just reply with your steam url or anything similar
  13. TBNRCam

    PC Car Drive

    Take your nicest super car (If you don't have one, I will provide one for you) and we will do a nice drive around the whole map of Los Santos, keeping it real, and then do a car meet. Anyone is welcome Mics are not required. Please reply to this with your rock star name, and you will receive a friend request and an invite.
  14. We are hosting a free money drop lobby for everyone that joins our discord: -removed- When you join please write your social club name and wait for a invite PC only We also sell cheap accounts on the discord server but drop lobbies are free. Join now : -removed-

    #TheMOB Recruitment

    We are seeking for more people to join our group/clan/crew TheMOB or MOAB MOB... We play on multiple systems but we are recruiting for pc mostly (AS IN 3 MONTHS). We are new to pc and are expereinced console players! We want more people to join us, most preferably people that love to have fun and can tolerate all types of jokes! (We have alot of dark humor) Other then this one rule we have no requirements and urge anyoine to join! Thank You! Steam: Kingshotz Blizzard: MOAB12Rocks Psn: numba12rocks Xbox: KingSh0t12 Uplay: Number12rocks Origin: KingShot456 Rockstar: C4MWHENNNN
  16. TheGuyBehindYou

    PC Doomsday Heist

    I know im early but I figured It's best to try and assemble a team before the dlc drops. All of my friends who played heists with me stopped playing this game some time ago so I'm searching for new players who would grind the new heists with me. I'm rank 902, day 1 player, completed criminal mastermind several times so I know what I'm doing and I'm searching for a few competent players who want to earn some serious money by farming the new heists, because we all know how horrible randoms are. If anyone is interested add me on SC: UFreeKill
  17. I've just gotten back into GTA 5 Online after about about a year and a half of inactivity. I'm on a new character. I'm trying to get through some heists and potentially farm them in the future as I'm not quite high enough of a level to get into the Organizations missions and things of that nature. I'm hoping to find some other players with a microphone that would be willing and able to help me get through some of these. Getting players into a session has been painful as it is; not being able to communicate with them makes heists much less enjoyable and much more difficult. Players also hav
  18. Shunfertast

    Elite Challenges(PC)

    Looking to do Elite Challenges on PC. So i need people who know the game and heists somewhat. I'm ready to help everyone through Fleeca and the other ones need people with patience and ready to go FAST! cause i want my T-shirt but anyway contact me on discord or social club ill answer as soon as i see your message. Discord: Shunfertast#5094 Social Club: Shunfertast Mic: Yes After the Elites would be done i would happily help you in any ventures later on but i want a heist team that's ready to learn and dedicated and ready to test things if necessary. Required things you have to
  19. I might give it a shot writing here, just seeks others to help me with this stuff and i can help you too in return. I don't do setups and heists, adversary modes or races. It would help if you're european so the timezones won't be a problem, can be either social on Discord or in chat. As well in SC pm's if we need more players to the session. SC Nick: Jugglaburk
  20. Ragnarr

    The Hunt for Freedom [THFF]

    Dear Los Santos Citizen Are you tired of those mad going criminals? On their daily bloodbath and♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off rampages? You may found salvation The Crew The Hunt for Freedom, are looking for more Los Santos Citizens, to join up for a peaceful money making adventure without griefers. Except you want it organized! https://de.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_hunt_for_freedom If your interested leave a note for a invite. We are looking for Friendly, Respectful, Non Toxic Players Location and Age doesn't matter Aslong you stay friendly and respectful People with patience and some kind of g
  21. CoolBoiMarti

    gat 5 car meet (PS4)

    this meet will last a long time so make sure to have a few cars to show off! send me a msg saying CAR MEET INV my PSN is Volume_Paws rules 1. dont destroy other players cars 2.make sure to have a modified vehicle 3. and have fun we will also be racing cars having a drift contest and a drag strip
  22. We are 3 players for a 4th to complete Criminal Mastermind with. Level 120, 158 & 78 Add me on steam or SC (shougoona615) and we'll discuss the details.
  23. Hey everyone. I'm looking for 3 or more individuals who want to complete challenges and missions and open all trade prices of vehicles etc. I am mostly online from 19:00 to 0:00 each workday and random during the weekends. I have a motorclub, office, bunker and hangar. Requirements Clothing: all is fine, we will use armor if needed. Rank: all are fine, we learn along the way. Communication: English is the way to go, dutch are also welcome (i am dutch) About Me Platform: PC Time Zone: GMT+1 Social Club: Wiegep Rank: 92 - Maxed Stats Mic: yes but do not use it
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