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Found 1,062 results

  1. (GTA 5 CAR MEET) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CANCELLED!!!! SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!PC!! MY STEAM= Google Chrome message me for further details (RULE) dont be an asshole WINNER RECIEVES 3,000,000($) GTA DOLLARS
  2. NorStolen


    PC SOCIAL CLUB: NorStolen STEAM; ♠ KueBonz -KoA- ♠ WE WILL HAVE LOADS OF FUN! COME WITH YOUR PRETTY CARS<3 Rules: No Killing No Exploding Cars No Fights No Trolling No Mic Spamming No crashing into eachother on purpose.
  3. With first the Prison Break heist being part of this double RP week and now the Humane Labs does anyone think they'll do Series A and then hopefully Pacific standard for a week because me and my friends have been taking advantage of this and making a lot of dough so it would be awesome if Rockstar went through with it what y'all think?
  4. PC SOCIAL CLUB: NorStolen STEAM; ♠ KueBonz -KoA- ♠ Add me and i will invite you:) WE WILL HAVE LOADS OF FUN! COME WITH YOUR PRETTY CARS<3 Rules: No Killing No Exploding Cars No Fights No Trolling No Mic Spamming No crashing into eachother on purpose.
  5. bryanlee211

    GTA V | PC | Extras Needed

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman My name is Bryan Lee from VampireGarage crew and I am sourcing for extras for GTA V filming. We require extras in Sports cars and 4-Door Sedans (modded) as we are filming for a series we call "Suit up and lets go drift!" The extras will be required in Part 5. Here are the links to Part 1 & 2, do check it out. -This is unpaid -Date & Time TBC -NO TOXIC PLAYERS -Friendly Players Do leave your information in this format so I could get back to you if you're interested in either. Name: Rockstar Link: Age: Location(Where you're from): I look forward to working with you all! Cheers Bryan Lee
  6. Policce-Car112

    Car Meet - PC - Right Now

    If you want to join a car meet right now, add me on Social Club. My GT is Police-Car112 This is a general car meet.
  7. ImChristoffer

    OG/LS Bulldoggz[PS4/PS3/PC]

    Hello all of you! ) My name is "Christoffer" you say it like "Christopher" Today i will show you the OG/LS Bulldoggz What do we Stand for? We stand for the "Little people"! so if you'r between rank 40-100 (of course the crew is for all ranks) then this crew is for you! What Requirements do we have? That is a simple question! So i will answer simple 1. Rule is "NO CREW KILLING"! 2. Rule is to have alot of fun. If you fell like you can chill with the crew! 3. This is a Family. What are we doing in LS? Simple we're running drugs with help from TPI That's pretty much it RGSC: Click here Peace out Chriz.
  8. ImChristoffer

    Trevor Phillips Industries [ALL]

    Hi We're T.P.I . leading Drug traffic. WE WANT YOU! We are all workers of Trevor Phillips WE work hard. We are all bosses. We f*ck up Blaine county and Los Santos. IF you'r interested in joining then fill out the Job application like below. PSN ID: RGSC ID: Skills in GTA: K/D: Favorite Gun?: Favorite Car?: Give a Description of you: ------------------------------------- That's it RGSC: Click Here Peace Out - Christoffer
  9. darkwar854

    Where to buy GTA San Andreas

    I recently looked up if my pc can run gta sa, and I found out it could, so I am wondering where to get it because I looked and couldn't find any places that sold it anymore. Help
  10. The Chicago Police Department For Grand Theft Auto IV PC Is RECRUITING! The Chicago Police Department is the most realistic Police RP! CPD Has live dispatchers, Awesome Mods and a extremely cool Teamspeak server! CPD has many divisions too! From K9, Narcotics, SWAT, Gang Unit, Detectives, Youth Officer, Air Unit, Marine Unit, Beach Unit ECT! Come Join Us! www.chicagopolice.webs.com Hope to see you there!
  11. Deletedaccount

    The English Riviera

    About Us The English Riviera is an open, multi platform crew actively recruiting right now! We are a small, loyal group looking to recruit members in time for GTA Online. We are the kind of group where everybody has a say, no one is discriminated and most importantly we won't bullsh*t you. Anyone who joins before October the 1st will be be promoted to Lieutenant or Commissioner on joining*. All are welcome Our Members (07/09/13GB) Name |Platform(s) |PSN ID |XBOX LIVE |GTANet |Nation MrCasey PS3/PC MrCasey460 MrCasey GB BenTheMexican PS3/PC N/A N/A GB EllisJay8 PS3 EllisJay8 N/A GB *Subject to as and when I can
  12. so i looked at my internet history and realised i have been reading topics on this site regarding GTAV for just over a month now, i figured i might aswell join the damn site and post comments rather than continue to just think them in my own head. so ive benn playing GTA games since the first one on ps1, though weirdly i never heard of GTA III till Vice City was out my friend had vice city on his ps2 and we played it all the time then i got my ps2 with a vice city/GTA III double pack so i just assumed GTA III was a new game, it wasent till a few years later that i learned the truth, i diddnt like GTAIII, but loved san andreas, i didnt like GTA IV it was too dark and restrictive like GTA III and of course it was set in the same place. GTA V looks to be an incredible game and as strange as it sounds my favourite part of vice city and san andreas was the ability to purchise property so im going crazy waiting for this, i was wondering how far does the whole buying property rank on your list. ps, i know there are other people from scotland on here, anyone going to GAME in Irvine i phoned them up today, well yesterday and its only for people who have pre-ordered the game, i have pre-ordered th SE its the first time ive got anything other than the regular edition are SE editions normally this cheap i always thought they were much more expensive, same goes for people in other countries. also whats your GTA history.

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