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Found 1,062 results

  1. DanielMP5

    StanceLegacy Car Meets Crew!

    About Us StanceLegacy is a crew established in January of 2018 by DanielMP5. For our car meets, we host a range of themed meets, however we prefer clean cars with Clean customization. We are predominantly a PC car meet crew with multiple hosters who host car meets several times a week. Mostly at weekends. Why join StanceLegacy? As well as car meets, we also have a discord server with 300+ members with text and voice channels which is the home of StanceLegacy. We have lots of active text & voice channels where you can interact and meet new people and obviously join our car meets. Some of our meets are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Some of our best videos Photo By EktorKill How To Join? 1). Join our discord server + our crew 2). Accept the rules in #rules and request to join the crew with the link provided. 3). Ask the @admins or @moderators in our discord to accept you. How long will it take to be accepted? if you did the steps shown above correctly, it should take from a few minutes till some hours max. at least ASAP. How do i join car meets? If you unlocked the server by accepting the rules, you should see #meet-announcements. all the information is provided over there.
  2. Welcome To San Andreas Department of Public Safety Who Are We? San Andreas Department of Public Safety is a Private, FiveM emergency services roleplay community with our own CAD/MDT. Our server is all about bringing a realistic, but entertaining roleplay experience to you and your friends. The choices and scenarios are endless here at Project Justice Roleplay. We do not limit your creativeness here! We want you to be able to create the scenes you want to create, without the hassle of having unnecessary blacklisted items. San Andreas Department of Public Safety was Founded in July 2018 and is run by Macauley L. The Departments We Offer San Andreas Highway Patrol Blaine County Sheriffs Office Los Santos Police Department San Andreas Fire/EMS Department Communications Department Dispatcher Post below of Highway patrol and many other departments In San Andreas Department of Public Safety, we only want the best officers for the job, so, we put them through a vigorous selection process that will push Civilians to their normal limits to see if becoming a LEO is right for them. Training for LEO includes, and is not limited to, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Chin-Ups, and Long distance running. As well as vehicle and Officer Skills that include, EVOC Courses, Code 5 Stops, Pit Maneuver Training, and Traffic Stop Training. This training that we give for LEO is the first of its kind. San Andreas Department of Public Safety To join Project Justice Roleplay, all you need to do is join our recruitment discord and submit an application! After you submit your application you wait for an @training Division or FTO to contact you for training In the application, it is really important to put your Steam Hex ID so you can be whitelisted for our server so you are able to participate in training for LEO or Fire and EMS. **(If you are not trained you are not allowed to go onduty and drive department vehicles. Discord Link : https://discord.gg/pww5nWR Requirements You must have Discord and TeamSpeak3 You must be at least 13Years old to make a chance to be accepted You have to be able to get along with others in a team-based environment You must have a legit copy of GTA 5 and have FiveM Downloaded and be working with the Lambda Menu and Simple Trainer Some Community Video's of Project Justice Roleplay San Andreas Department of Public Safety Community 2018 © Social Club link :https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/san_andreas_departme
  3. hdroey

    gta online discord

    if you are looking for peoples to play with then this is the place https://discord.gg/pC9VDhf we're also doing car meets,heists togther and helping each other in sales
  4. join our discord we're playing togther,helping out with sales,doing car meets,doing heists you can also find players to play with in our discord join today https://discord.gg/Tq7cq4h we are also doing car meet today all the details are inside the discord
  5. hdroey

    gta online discord

    if you are looking for guys to play with this is the place we also doing car meets,heists,helping out with sales https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg
  6. I am the leader of a small mercenary crew, with HQ based inside a nightclub. While I would love to meet role players to join my crew, this is not what i am aiming to find with this post. I am looking for role players from all life styles, Civilians, Criminals, Police, Mercenary's, to join me in friends only servers. My ground rules. -18+ I can not stress how much I want a mature server, I will not take in people that are so young that they shouldn't even be on the game since role play may take up adult themes and humour at times.(It's a game about crime, I like the gritty crime aspects, enough said.) -No Aimless killing, suit your roles, play your roles, if your role indicates shoot on sight so be it, but do not actively chase players across the map for the purpose of simply killing them, play your role. -Dont flood the -All- chat with your role plays, try to keep in character chatter within organisation/MC's where possible. -Deep description is difficult in GTA due to the active style of the game, Stay in character but i wouldn't expect descriptive role play in the streets, keep the long descriptions to inside safe houses, clubs and offices for simplicity sake. -No futuristic vehicles, that means no flying bikes, no flying cars, no futuristic tanks, no akula helicopters. Keep the technology to a modern level i don't want to see the server packed full of prototype style/futuristic style vehicles. -If you are going to play as criminals, please try to play smart, don't run and gun everything you see, stay in character. -If you start wars with other players, consent them first for agreement, or do so with reasonable cause, fighting over cargo is reasonable cause, but don't make a habit of simply chasing down every cargo delivery players make, play smart, form alliances and enemies accordingly, keep things interesting. -Dress according to your roles and your character activities, I do not wish to see bikers in bright red suits, or police in biker cuts. -Use weapons that apply to your role. (Police would typically have shotguns, pistols, carbine rifles, maybe snipers if they are marksmen and nightsticks, civilians don't typically carry around large guns, limit heavy weapons for carrying weight ect.) -Respect peoples boundaries and play styles, just as you would like them to respect yours. -I would prefer to use Free-aim only, to avoid unwanted targeting and to limit peoples aim to practised levels. -Avoid inviting people directly to your clubs, businesses, apartments ect, would prefer to see people making the journeys. Please comment on this forum to keep the post alive if you are interested, feel free to message me on my R* social, VioletNite666x (Please mention you have been reading the forum if you contact me on R* social, I will not accept random friend requests from people i don't know, unless I know what they are adding me for.) Please note I am from the UK, for the sake of timezone difference. Feel free to meet other role players like minded through this post, I would appreciate any contact from other role players but this is as much for all you role players out there as it is for me. Keep me posted people! Vi
  7. hdroey

    gta online car meet

    hey we're doing car meet in 4 hours if you want to join then join our discord all the details are inside https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg
  8. hdroey

    gta online discord

    if you are looking for peoples to play with then this is the place https://discord.gg/pC9VDhf we're also doing car meets and other events,heists togther,helping out with sales
  9. Dinky1515

    Devils Fury MC

    Devils Fury MC Now recruiting ! The Story Devils MC was founded John Patterson, a Vietnam war vet who's passion for riding Had led to this clubs formation. John had wanted the club to at first be a thriving and peaceful Organization but as the club has grown out of hand, he now needs your help to maintain control Over the streats of L.a And Blaine County. Enlist today! Current Club Members President : Crispy19 VP : N/A Crew Page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/xxdevils_furyxx_mc To enlist comment your social club name on this post, or add : crispy19 and send a message!
  10. The Sixth Syndicate is now recruiting! We are a criminal empire crew looking for new members to help us grow! At the moment we have very few members and we're looking for experienced people to take up leadership roles. Why join us? Our crew is all about having fun and looking super cool. We could do all sorts of things from CEO work to heists and missions. If you have experience in leadership and recruitment you could be perfect for a higher rank. We're also not a super strict group. We have a few rules you should follow but we're not up your ass about every little thing. We're not looking for the best of the best, we're just looking for some cool people who are pleasant to be around. So if you're looking for a fun group of people to chill with then the Sixth Syndicate might be perfect for you! Requirements -Must be mature and at least 18 years of age. -Uniform upon acceptance. (You only have to wear it during crew meetings or events) -Must go on a mission with a lieutenant+ to assess your skills in combat, communication and following orders. (applicants choice) Uniforms: Thug Lieutenant Soldier Elite Application -Social Club account name -Age -Rank / level -reason for applying answer these questions in the forum below or the application channel in our discord. Link below Links https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sixth_syndicate https://discord.gg/kmvd4hm More information will be provided upon joining.
  11. hop in and play with us : https://discord.gg/v4V4eUg we also planning events(car meets and such in the future)
  12. I need one person to grind the last 11 capture matches I need to get free chrome sports wheels. We can alternate one win each so you get them too. No more paying 65000 every time. Add me on PC RSC: Rodrows
  13. Widowmaker001

    Stock Delivery

    Just wondering a couple of thing with stock deliveries? Are there people willing to help other players with stock deliveries? And, if and when people help other players, do players that are getting help have to worry about those people helping them screw them over somehow or destroying their stock??
  14. Widowmaker001

    PC Friends

    Hi all, just got back to playing and am looking to add PC friends to play with. Feel free to add me to your friends list and i'll gladly help out with whatever i can. SC - widowmaker1074
  15. Do you play GTA V on PC, have Discord, and need a good group of people to play with? Then look no further because OLMC is recruiting prospects, and after 15 days probation (if the officers vote you in) you get to be a full patched member. If you’re not familiar with how Motorcycle Clubs work I can give you a run down during an interview. If you are interested send me a friend request on Discord and we can do an Interview. My username is VladTheBasedGod#3543, must have a working mic, be mature, and have a good attitude for starters. I will send a full list of rules upon joining.
  16. If you are interested to join and live your life in complete luxury while having an entire mob by your side then this crew is for you, we want everyone from all platforms, we are between 2000 - 3000 ranked in the world and there's only like 6 of us so imagine 50 or 100. The only rule i have is, Please have a 1 kd or above and when you request a invite have your stats set to be seen by everyone Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/thevlaskocrew
  17. Hi guys, I am looking for people to do heists with and help each other run goods/whatever when needed. In game name Drackonos. Discord= Drackonos #7405
  18. Hi! Need someone who can help me out with delivers/sells. I got all mcs, hangar, warehouses, and a bunker. Bunker are fully uppgraded. Looking for an active/serious crew to. (Ingame Karljepps91)
  19. Jaded 1K

    Heist team needed

    I recently converted over to PC after being on PS4 so I know my way around the game despite my now low level. I am currently on the Series-A-Funding heist and I cannot seem to find decent enough players to complete it. I'd like to get that setup, heist and The Pacific Standard heist after that over with, with people who actually know what they're doing. SC: Dash_1k
  20. GTA5LSRR

    Community gaming!

    New Gamer Community to join! https://discord.gg/WQen2ZS Join up!
  21. korboisbeast

    Really Need Help PC

    All of my business are full and i need help with the other cars please help
  22. Hi, casual player just starting on the PC, I had a 150 ish character on the PS3 and quit playing after the first year of online. Steam had a sale so I bought it on PC. Does anyone race anymore? I can't hardly fill a race. If anyone is interested name is swormer on PC.
  23. StoneyRoach

    Bikers in the Bay

    Sunday July 15th Deadly Sins & The Last Serenity Motorcycle Clubs will be hosting a open biker event. Celebrating changes in the community and promoting a more peaceful environment. The planned festivities include a Bike show, Cage fighting, Bike races, with RnG and race playlists including maps inspired by Paleto Bay and the MC lifestyle. All the in game events are open for everyone. We welcome anyone interested in Bikes or The MC side of the community. Or if you just want to make some friends to ride around with. Feel free to comment here with your Rockstar social club name or PM me on here and I'll get you the information you need to attend. We will be hosting this event on discord. All bikes (*except the oppressor) are welcome
  24. I really love killing people but I don't like to be that a**hole who kills randoms for no reason, so please tell me if there's any tryhards or any other toxic types of players and we'll both benefit from it. Social Club: SendNukes
  25. Do you have any cool GTA vids lying around? Whether's it's game clips on your hard drive or on your xbox live account. Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Calling ALL gamers (Xbox 360, Xbox1, PS3, PS4, PC) Any video's could include: An awesome car trick, an really hard sniper shot, motorcycle backflip.. or just some weird ass glitch that happened in GTA and something cool happened. Or if you just happened to find something really funny in game and clipped it. I WANT ALL THESE.... I am making a compilation video of only the coolest videos & putting them on Youtube (and no.. you just coming out of passive mode to blow someone up does NOT equal cool) You can either send me your clips. Or send a link to the clip (dropbox, drive or onedrive is fine. If sending me a link, make sure I'm able to download it so I can put it in the compilation (Along with your gamertag, PSN or any other username) Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508 Aiming to get a 10 - 15 minute video out weekly or fortnightly, so get sending. Again I'm after ANYTHING that seems cool or funny... I'll throw it in the compilation and it'll get put on Youtube!! Email: [email protected] PM: JonG-1508 (GTA Forums) Xbox: JonG 1508

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