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  1. --- SO WHO ARE "GREAT BOOB DIVIDE" ? --- Friendly mature group of people / english speaking / multinational / multicultural - looking for other friendly females and males to have fun and good time in RDR 2 Online but not only. The best thing is we do have tons of experience from GTA 5 Online and now expanding our interest for RDR 2 PC. We are medium size but very active crew: 330~ (45-50 daily active). You wonder if this is really true? Check it by yourself https://statbot.net/dashboard/299828422476038145. --- FAQ / HOW DO I APPLY? --- 1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MPrt8d9 2. Add me and write little about yourself: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/quahox 3. Discord with working mic. (Discord link is not working? Add me on discord: Quahox#1370) --- WHAT WE EXPECT --- ADULTHOOD - Be at least 18 years of age (sometimes we do make exceptions); - Be also mentally adult - don't waste our & your time joining for 1 day to help you with heists or unlocking stuff; - Be comfortable interacting regularly with people of varying ethnic, religious, and ideological backgrounds. TECHNICAL ASPECTS We are now 50% in EU and 50% in US timezone (we do have also some people from Indonesia); - Play on free aim servers; - Active weekly on RDR 2 Online's PC exclusively. --- WHAT WE CAN OFFER --- MONEY - help with Freeroam missions; - help with Sales / supplies work; - help with Collector / Trader / Bounty Hunter activities; - general help with game; UNLOCKING - help with exp, unlocking, clothes etc; - help with dailys; FUN - team activities ie: Ridding in formation, polishing PvP skills; - playing together in adversary modes / races / custom maps; - snapmatic photo contests; - boob size rank system ;-); MATURE - quality community (average age in crew is 25+, so no drama, no kids); - organized chat with music, jokes, foodpr0n, boobs nsfw (yes BOOBS) and more. --- OTHER GAMES --- - we do play also: GTA 5, Minecraft, Rust, Destiny 2, and many other games.
  2. BlanketFister

    Happy Helpers - PC

    Happy Helpers is a new crew for PC GTAO players. We are small and open for active players looking for other players to play with 😀 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/happy_helpers_online/ We started out as a small Steam group, but not all our friends are on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GTAOhappyhelpers Join us if you are happy and look for happy helpers. It is easy to see in the group who is online and playing the game. More intel to come later... No cheaters. No griefers. No idiots. HHGO Discord server link: https://discord.gg/Uu7UC6Y
  3. Kirsty

    GTAF Minecraft Community

    Current Version - 1.8.1 Whitelist - post your Minecraft ID Map Downloads - coming soon Gaming Chat Topic
  4. DISCLAIMER: Please read recruitment page in its entirety before asking questions. All questions are to be asked here on GTAForums and not in our Discord server. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/flammeus_infernus **All recruits must follow Application process section found below** Click the Discord logo image to join the Discord, post an introduction in the Introductions Text Channel in the Discord server. Say a bit about your gaming history, your GTA Online character(s), etc. What we're all about & Mission Statement - Flammeus Infernus is a GTA Online crew looking for passionate GTA Online players who are mindful of their characters. "Bred by distinction" is the motto here and we use that as a foundation for how we play. We're simply here to play the game and have fun while also showing a level of personality and distinction through our characters, as the game intended. We offer a totally dynamic GTA Online experience heightened by character presence. Everything from Freemode activities, to Heists and instanced Golf games are played. Like making $GTA? No problem, we regularly accumulate $GTA and sell in-game businesses. Different, situational outfits are mandatory. This adds to the fun factor and helps everyone develop their own aesthetic and characters. What Flammeus Infernus Offers - Seasoned Leadership, Wealth of Game Knowledge - Started on PS3 since the game came out! Since moved to PC. Need help deciding which business to buy to accumulate more $GTA? Need to know which cars are the best per dollar? You've come to the right place. - Dynamic GTA Online Experience - Driven by unique character presence and a wide range of GTA Online activities. Every Freemode activity to any job you can think of. - Premium Custom Races - Custom-made races created through carefully-sorted car classifications. EVENTS - Retro Nights - Nostalgic for the 80s? Love retro modern cars? Maybe you're a Miami Vice fan? Or just loved Vice City? Join us. - Heists Marathon, Skill Building, Ranking Up, Making Money - Are you a new or relatively new player? We would be more than happy to run through the standard Heists with you before you feel you're up to the challenge of the Doomsday Heist. There is a lot of $GTA and RP to be had by the time you're finished with all five heists! Of course, this is just a qualifier. If you simply feel like running through all heists, the Heist Marathon will periodically be scheduled. We also like showing people the ropes and getting a feel for the game, pacing and which assets to acquire and when. Aside from the Heist Marathon, we also help each other make $GTA. Two MC Divisions Are you a streetfighter? Or is the classic cruiser-riding MC more your style? Two MC divisions within the Flammeus Infernus organization are here to ensure you feel comfortable and can conform to your preferred aesthetic. Black Rain MC captures that modern Tokyo streetfighter feel for those that love high performance sports and supersport class bikes. The G-Lords, on the other hand are more of the classic cruiser variant biker outlaw MC that can still operate in a metropolis like Los Santos.
  5. TheBlancnoirs We are a very relaxed and friendly gaming community, that started as a close group of friends on GTAO on PC. Why Should You Join Our Crew - Safe Sessions - Help with Sales - Pure Uncut Fun - An overall friendly group of people to play with SC Link Discord Server Requirements Play GTAOnline on PC and be at least 18yo. Well that's all. Also please have public stats, before submitting a join request, so we know your legit. Media
  6. ItsSomeAlien

    Boozeriders MC & Boozeriding Outlaws

    Grand Theft Auto Online: Not Recruiting Red Dead Online: Recruiting Boozeriders MC & Boozeriding Outlaws “A Drinking Club with a Motorcycle Problem” “Drinking Gang with a Gun Problem” Who we are: We are The Boozeriders In Grand Theft Auto we are a 1% Motorcycle Club in Grand Theft Auto and a Outlaw Gang on Red Dead we are on the PC Platform, We were founded on February 21, 2019 by 9 members several of which are Veteran Members of the MC Community. We also run a gaming community based off our rockstar crews What we offer: Grand Theft Auto Online: Here at Boozeriders MC we offer a very casual take on the 1% MC Lifestyle of GTA we understand that people have real life's and jobs, and as such we don't make you prospect for "60 days" or "Until you jump through a bunch of over the top requirements" we offer a very casual recruitment period because for us its about having fun riding bike and playing GTA with people you can trust nothing more and nothing less. Red Dead Online: We are Just a relaxed Crew with some rules and requirements to join so we are simply in it to have fun. It is more relaxed then our MC and is just about having fun and goofing off. How to Join: Simply fill out the application below and someone will be in contact with you. *Before applying please understand that you are required to have a working microphone to join and you must also use discord* Name: Age: Timezone: Social Club Name: Discord Name and Number: Previous Game Experience: Previous Clan/Crew/Group Experience: Anything else you would like to add:
  7. Welcome to Red Dead Roleplay Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KMjte2R Who Are We? We are a large, 600+ member Discord community serving PC, Xbox, and PS4 role-players alike for Red Dead Online. Whether you're new to the world of role-play or a seasoned veteran, we are a community for all! We commit ourselves to offering players of Red Dead Redemption 2 a space to network and engage with other like-minded players online. Whether you're looking for spontaneous on the spot RP, random chatter with other serious players of the game or whether you're looking to involve yourself in our own Serial Role-play world, we offer RP for just about every kind of player out there! How To Join Simply click on the link provided above to join our Discord. Once there, just read through our welcome post to get started! We group our members by gaming platform, so all we ask is that you register in the Port of Entry channel to secure permissions to be able to post in our RP channels. It’s as easy as that! Serial Roleplay - Tales from Lemoyne Looking for something a little heavier and more involved? In addition to bringing all of our Red Dead Online role-players into one unified server, we also host and support our own Serial Roleplay story titled: Tales from Lemoyne. Premise: The year is 1898, the setting - Lemoyne, USA. As industry and civilized law make their way to the vast frontiers of America, you arrive by steamship to the port of St. Denis to start a new life. What that life is; what your destiny is, remains entirely in your hands. Will you buy a farm and live the honest life of a respected citizen? Or will the temptations of making a fortune through crime be too great? Perhaps the pursuit of justice will instead be your motivator as you traverse across the vast, often lawless wilderness of America. Will you deliver that justice as an Officer of the Law? Or will you instead serve as a loyal soldier of the US Army? What will your destiny be? Capitalizing on our size and interest, we have the unique opportunity to truly make the world in Red Dead Online alive. In doing that, this new SRP world will ultimately explore the functions of Lemoyne's State government and the relationship between elected officials, law enforcement, the army, citizens, regional gangs and the press. Your place in this story is entirely up to you! Head on over to our Discord community to learn more!
  8. Arctic Roleplays 20+ Custom Jobs | Custom Cars | Custom Resources We are an upcoming realistic based community with Whitelisted and unwhitelisted roles. We aim to provide civilians with as much interaction as possible with a balance economy and criminal/legal working system. We offer upwards of 9 different Law Enforcement divisions ranging from General Duties through to NOOSE and FBI Currently Hiring RTO's - We're looking for Experienced Training officers to lead our Police and EMS recruits LSPD - Los Santos Police Department is responsible for all that happens in the city BCSO - Blaine County Sheriffs Office is responsible for all that is north of the city SERT (Special Emergency Response Team) FBI/Internal Affairs - FBI/IA are responsible for all management of the LEO Departments Civilians - Anyone can join this role as it is not whitelisted LOS SANTOS POLICE DEPARTMENT [LSPD] Our LSPD Division has access to 5 different ranking vehicles to get their job done. You are provided with a basic set of weapons after going through training and set off to patrol the streets. There are currently Senior Supervisory Roles available within our LSPD Department. Anyone can be moved into/apply for these roles. The LSPD ranks are not Admin locked. Anyone can enter into any rank without having Administrator permissions/roles. Have your heart set on Chief of Police? Work hard enough you may make it! BLAINE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE The BCSO Department is where most of our policing resources go. They have access to a wide range of vehicles and jobs. Bail bonds, warrant servings, General Policing, Prison management, Highway Patrol, HELO and Rescue Services. It's a big task with a lot of space to manage and enforce the law. Sandy Shores and surroundings has a thriving community with it's own jobs, dealership and banks. The BSCO has 5 different internal Policing Ranks, they each branch out to a further 2 ranks for each position into our other offered divisions. FBI / Internal Affairs The FBI and Internal Affairs has its own set of vehicles and weapons. Investigation and dealing with high profile criminals and the newly acquired Gang Task Force. It is the job of the FBI to ensure the Rebels, Mafia and Gang groups are playing by the cities rules. Raid homes, bust drug operations, engage in large scale warrant and arrest operations plus much more! This is a high intensity role that requires a lot of mental capacity. You will be tasked with predicting criminal movements and investigation criminal activities through either surveillance or going into the heart of some organisations. SPECIAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM Based off the North West Freeway, the SERT team is the heaviest of departments. They're called in for Bank Robberies, high class raids and large scale events. With access to high powered weapons, helicopters and other vehicles to ensure the safety of our citizens. This is a newly acquired department and is still undergoing testing/revisals Medical and Fire Have your heart set on our Medical and Fire Departments? Want to work from the hospital providing surgeries or be out on the streets in one of our ambulance of fly vehicles? Enter into our supply chain for Morphines, Cadeines, Bandages and other Pharmaceutical items. You are the cities saviours; the role isn't without it's hardships. Most often severely understaffed and over work, it's up to you to ensure everyone is being attended to and dealt with. Visit our discord and more information to either join or apply for one of our whitelisted roles. We are a constantly evolving community still undergoing some serious changed. If you're looking to get into our high ranking roles then now would be a great time to apply. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/7KV8EKA WEBSITE: https://arcticrp.weebly.com SERVER IP: SOCIAL CLUB: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/-1a27-/wall
  9. ChrisV

    MC The Last Serenity

    (About us) Founded in 2014, MC The Last Serenity is one of the oldest MC's in GTA Online. We are a no bullsh*t & no drama MC and altough we emphasize on role play we like to combine role play with in-game fun so it's not just playing biker. Are you tired of playing alone and having your business ruined by griefers ? We accept players of all ranks with or without MC experience as long as they fit the discription below. - Applicants must be 18+ (and behave as such) - Have acces to discord and a mic. - Have at least one chopper style bike. (Club Activities) Our main activities consist of having freeroam battles, rides with friendly mc's TDM's, MC Work, CEO Work, Races and did we mention lots of freeroam battles? Official weekly events are: Church, Fightclub, Jousting and TDM. (Rules and Regulations) We have some rules regarding the weapons we use vs other mc's but when we fight non mc players all weapons are allowed. Same goes for our bikes, we use certain type/style bikes for our official events but when freeroaming all bikes are allowed. We use discord to communicate in game and use it as a hangout when not in game so if you dont have discord or just shy to speak trough a mic then please don't bother applying. (how to apply?) We have a prospecting time of 6 weeks wich may seem a bit long but we choose quality over quantity and prospecting time can be reduced, depending how active you are. If you are interested in Prospecting with us, please copy and fill in the form below Name: Social Club ID: Location: Age: GTA MC Experience: Have a microphone/headset: Wanna give it a try first to see what the MC community is like ? join our support club on social club and become a hang around. if you have any other questions feel free to contact us trough social club or send us an email at: [email protected]
  10. mattymcrae79

    [PC] Open Racing Nights: GrumpyOldtimers.com

    This Sunday 22nd September 2019 @ 20:30 BST/GMT+1 Link to countdown Following a long GTA break, myself and a few other friends who love a bit of GTA Racing still have decidied to have a little reboot and start planning some events again. This is not a recruitment post (although i am running one of those here) This is an open invite to anyone who is interested in racing some non-contact only track laps (some using stunt props but not stunt races). The tracks we use are mostly crew created, although we use the odd gem that we find on RSC. If you want to be involved you can either PM me here on RSC or join our brand spanking new forum and message me there. Alternatively feel free to join our Discord server too. I will post the track list later today / tomorrow so there is time to have a look, practice the circuits a bit to bring yourselves up to speed. The conditions: Any vehicle can be used within it's class All races will be non-contact There will be NO stunt races (just lap races with stunt props) All races will be traffic off, wanted levels off Races can take place at any time with any weather conditions, this is hosts choice. The rules: No being impolite to fellow players No cheating / menus allowed! You will be hoofed! No curb surfing, you all know it's contentious by now Bellendery of any type will also not be tolerated If i have forgotten to add any info you need, just give me a nudge, it's been a while
  11. Hey. I've downloaded gta 5 last week and I need more friends to play and have fun with. I only have one friend Lonely me. (and If you have a mic, that'd be great) Add "noskie" if that doesn't work comment your steam name and I'll you
  12. - The Lost Brotherhood -

    The Lost MC Liberty

    We currently ARE recruiting. Official Website: http://www.thelostmc.org/ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ It was 1964 when eight US marines met in Hanoi. They bonded over a love of hookers, horsepower, motorcycles, and eighty sixin' Charlie. The boys couldn't figure out what to do when the napalm ran out and it was time to haul ass out of the jungle. Until, that is, one of 'em had a the bright idea of startin' a motorcycle club. Thinkin' about all the brothers they'd sent home in bags, they called it The Lost. . . . Thousands of broken bikes, jealous old ladies, dirty needles, and pissed off limp-dick civilians later the Lost MC stands strong. We've seen some hard times - Brothers turning snitch. Brothers getting killed. Brothers being taken down on bogus charges. But we're still here. We've cut out all the weekend warriors and checkbookers, we're strippin' our sh*t to pure kick-ass, die-for-The-Lost brothers. f*ck YEAH!! In 2015, the brothers left their beloved Liberty city upon hearing the news their original Vice President, Johnny 'Vintage' Klebitz, had been murdered. After arriving in Los Santos for the funeral, they discovered the chapter had become weak due to their addiction to the drug 'toilet cleaner' - so much so it was being easily overrun by the locals on several occasions. The five originals from Liberty City made a pact to overhaul the Blaine county chapter in respect of the ol' Johnny they used to know, and declared Civil war. After having all established the Lost MC Liberty in Blaine county over 2016 through the bloody civil war, the existing Blaine County chapter had all been but wiped out or given up. Now has become the time for our new Chapter president to rebuild this chapter from the ground up ...and so, the story continues. _______________________________________________________________ ◄♠► Maderiel is promoted to Secretary◄♠► ◄♠► Totesthegotes is promoted to Tailgunner◄♠► ◄♠► HappyTurtle is promoted to Treasurer◄♠► ... _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Copy and paste this with your answers. What is your gamertag? A: What timezone are you in? A: What is your age? (we're a mixed bag, don't worry) A: When and how often do you play GTA online? A: What talents or skill-sets do you bring to the club? A: What are some of your other interests besides GTA? A: Complete the following sentences: The _____ forgives, the Lost don't. _____ be damned. We use discord to communicate, do you have a mic and this application installed: A: Anything else you'd like us to know? A: The club would like the thank the following brothers and civilians for helping the Lost MC out in a big way: Vintage88: For setting up the page originally, documenting and recording the missions . . . Narcis_speed6: For setting up ALL of the brothers signatures . . . Souris: For setting up the new Lost MC logo, creating the majority of graphics such as the Title, map and text Majestic81x: For setting up the new graphics and being a committed member despite his current circumstances. As for the current serving crew, they can also earn themselves respect with the following available pips: Each logo represents what you've done for the lost once patched, and is as follows: 8-Ball - Indicates that he has served in the club one year minimum. Skull and wings - Indicates that he has killed for the club. Currently the only way to obtain this is to kill a member of a rival gang that the club is at war with, either being witnessed by a high ranking lost mc member*, or screen shot the kill and PM it to the the lost mc president. Loyal - Indicates his loyalty to the club (during The Lost civil war - must have served with the club in GTA5 for a minimum of one year and completed all of the Lost MC gang attacks. proof required: witnessed by a high ranking lost mc member* or screen shot the text Al Carter sends you). White Wings - Indicates that he has given a woman a facial. This must be witnessed by another lost MC high ranked member*. I Rode Mine to Los Santos in 2015 - Souris, Rick, Miki, Shiest and Ronin are the only members who have got this patch. *high ranking lost mc member: this rank is tailgunner or above . . . [img=http://i.imgur.com/rp88HPY.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/mKKAX0Y.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/gsQUZO5.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/krEDD4x.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/uBnV41C.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/kF7wBTO.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/beUZaOi.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/wkXfNvh.png] [img=http://i.imgur.com/84Dszz1.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/YmXRG6S.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/Lphw2xQ.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/2EY2ub6.png] Prospect signatures: [img=http://i.imgur.com/ARqIU.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/JhT8e.jpg] Avatars: http://i.imgur.com/To97l.gif http://i.imgur.com/6x1vA.gif http://i.imgur.com/fYRlF.gif
  13. Phatgordo13

    The GTAForums Official Crew

    Leader: Phatgordo13 Commissioners: Sweetsaprik TCFanatic Lieutenants: Ciaran, DJS2k8, GFen, Kyle17, Lokalboy808, Sandman2020, Yung Live We are currently accepting applications from GTAForum members exclusively. In order to apply please request an invite at our Social Club Page (provided in the link below). Then, to verify your identity, make a post within our recruitment thread (provided in the link below) including your Social Club name. Recruitment Topic Link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/592131-gtaforums-official-social-club-crew/ Social Club Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/gtaforums Policy and procedure is to be interpreted by all members under the GTAF Crew banner. Policy, as outlined by bold font, are to be considered and treated as the basic rules which dictate crew members' expected behavior. Procedure, as outlined by indented bullet points is the precedent in which rules are interpreted at administrations discretion. Do not kill crew members. All incidents of crew killings are to be reported to commissioners or leader within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion if deemed necessary by involved party. It is the sole responsibility of initiating party to inform those involved of accidental killing. Accidental killing without reconciliation may be deemed as intentional in report at administration's discretion. GTAF Crew members are able to actively participant in as many other crews as they wish, as long as one action does not create conflict of interest with GTAF Crew. GTAF Policy & Procedure applies to members within GTAF Crew with or without GTAF tag actively applied. Discipline, removal, evaluation of reports, revisions to policy, interpretation of policy are to be carried out by the administration with or without warning at their explicit discretion. Any incident which a member deems necessary will be reported to leader and/or commissioners via private message within a reasonable time frame from the incident at members discretion. Promotions will be handed out based on performance and activity by a majority vote among commissioners. GTAF members are to be considered/assumed friendly to all other GTAF members unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon verbally or in written form. In all free-roam competitive modes, any GTAF member who kills another GTAF member, no matter the circumstances, is to be considered in direct violation of GTAF Crew Policy and Procedure and subject to disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the administration.
  14. Flachbau


    VeloceFacade was founded in 1992, only four years after Facade Corporation was founded, as an ambitious effort to expose the high performance automotive market to the innovative technology Facade has to offer. Sticking exclusively to motorsports in its earlier years, VeloceFacade has achieved success time after time, eventually diving into the street legal realm in addition to remaining on the track. After ironing out the flaws in the first prototype demo cars, VeloceFacade creates a wide variety of performance tunes, from subtle sleepers prowling the streets for the next unsuspecting prey, to track ready monsters that offer break-neck acceleration and enough grip to make you fly out of your seat on corners. Pictured above: evolution of our logos @Adri The Classic Guy @Aerovitia @ddarko12 @Dottie @DOUGL4S1 @Flachbau @Madd Huh @Maxxi @Murciélago @Pininfarina @PoisonedGas @Testarossa
  15. 8d Please stop into the city and Discord to check out our newly growing community. We are currently taking applications for Mechanic/Police/EMS/Real Estate and more. Server Content Custom Voice (TokoVOIP) Custom cars Car Catalog: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T-xleEvYTgfwXXLp13CFUGqcZlsflALrKitTCSColU8 2 Custom Jobs Drugs Rob players Jewelry store robbery Bank robbery Store robbery Tuner Chip Custom Races Multiple character selection Houses There is a lot more but stop in and see for yourself. NoJoke RP Server IP: TeamSpeak 3 Address: NoJoke YOU MUST CONNECT TO THE TEAMSPEAK IN ORDER TO PLAY IN THE CITY. Discord: https://discord.gg/Dvc8DCS 13 If you have any questions or a problem connecting, I would be happy to personally help you in the Discord.
  16. Social Club Link(s) Website Link(s) brothersinexile.net (our display website/active) wixsite.com (our display website/inactive) enjin.com (our forums website) *mandatory patch display followed by cheesy support images*
  17. Bdb1987

    Ghostbusters Incorp

    I have created a new crew called Ghostbusters Incorp a friendly crew which helps other members with missions, heists etc. and also helps lower level members earn money thorough VIP work etc The crew is open so feel free to join. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ghostbusters_incorp/wall Hopefully with enough members can fill entire lobbies which would prevent unwanted attacks
  18. mattymcrae79

    [UK][PC]GrumpyOldtimers.com [GOLD]

    Hi There, we operate a small gaming community for GTA and are primarily for people aged 18 or over. We play a bit of mix off all things in GTA but mainly CEO/MC, heists and non-contact racing. We are not interested in seeing your stats, let's face it, we have all been victims of kids with menus so stats mean very little now. We try and maintain good levels of respect and decency among our members and a handful of rules that for the basis of this. Breaking any of the following is likely to get you kicked from the Discord and Crew. You must be at least 18 years of age (exceptions to this might be made if you aren't too squeaky) There is ZERO tolerance on any hate or discriminatory speech either on text or voice, this includes swearing in every sentence. We DO NOT Kill, bash into, ram or annoy our fellow members We DO NOT use and scripts or menus We DO NOT Sabotage other crew members MC/CEO activities We DO NOT Start trouble with other crews MC/CEO activities Just wait, trouble will always come, and i love a good fight We race clean, no pitting crashing into others. Accidents happen, we know that. (we mostly use non-contact anyway) Basically, play fair be respectful and it's all plain sailing from there. We have a Discord server and Forum Please feel free to pop along to either, but i would recommend Discord as the most active. You will only have text permission upon arrival until you posted a little intro saying a little bit about yourself, nothing major. Alternatively message me here. Thanks for checking us out. RSC crew link My RSC page Matty
  19. FlufferzTheCat

    TheMobJob is Enlisting Buttonmen

    WELCOME TO THEMOBJOB WE HAVE FUN IN ROCKSTAR GAMES We are a crew that was originally created for Grand Theft Auto 5. The crew was founded in 2015 in order to have a good time and make a little money while we were at it. Most of the time we play we are recording, shooting videos and movies and just having a great time and hanging out with each other. We have a very close and tight-knit community that is always their to support one another. We are always willing to help others with their goals in GTA5, whether it be sell missions, deathmatches, missions, or just having a good time. WHAT GAMES DO WE PLAY? We play a large amount of games! Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Online, San Andreas and more Rockstar Games, we also play Rainbow Six Siege and a few other competitive shooters, we have a great community of players who are always looking to play with others so feel free to make suggestions to play with other people, and make some good friends while you do it! SO, HOW DO I JOIN? Well, our Rockstar Games Social Club page would be a great place to start, you will get an RP bonus by playing with fellow crew members, as well as earning our crew color for your car and other accessories inside of GTA5! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_mob_job_crew/wall WHERE ELSE CAN I FIND YOU? We have a Discord server just for our crew! Our community is getting the closest there, and we are gaining new members there everyday! Feel free to jump over there to discuss new DLC's videos, and to find brand new friends and wonderful people to play videogames with! https://discord.gg/ywgHwPD We also spend a fair amount of our time recording and making YouTube videos on the games we play as well, mostly on San Andreas and GTA5! We often hangout their as well, so feel free to stop by and message us sometime if you have any other questions! https://www.youtube.com/c/themobjob If you have any questions, please let me know below and i'll try to help you as much as I can, thanks for reading everyone!
  20. www.reapnation.com We are Reapers MC, a 1% Motorcycle Club founded in January 2015. Three active charters across PC and Playstation 4 Loyalty, Brotherhood, Mayhem are our words and the code we live by. Our club is built upon respect, respect for each other and respect for our clubs values. Must be 18+ and have a working microphone. Click here and request an invite to become a REAP Hangaround You will be directed to our "Join Us" page, simply select PC or PS4 PC: Reap Nation Discord - You will be contacted when you enter PS4: Reapers MC PS4 Instagram - Please send a message and you will be contacted by a member or officer of the club before being accepted into this crew. It is advised that you read our bylaws and weapons/vehicle clause before joining. Hangarounds must attend at least one church meeting for a chance to join our club. PC SUNDAY 3PM US / 9PM EU PS4 SUNDAY 5PM US / 11PM EU Explosives (except on armored or military grade vehicles.) Minigun Auto-Shotguns All military grade and armored vehicles are banned. Reapers fight using a strict 1% style of fighting. Assault Rifles Pump Action Shotguns Pistols & SMG's Sniper Rifles* LMG's* *marked weapons are used as escalation weapons only and should be used only in retaliation Motorcycles to be used are LCC/Western Liberty City Cycles: Avarus, Hexer, Innovation, and Sanctus. The Western Motorcycle Company: Bagger, Cliffhanger, Daemon (both versions), Gargoyle, Nightblade, Rat Bike, Sovereign, Wolfsbane, Zombie Bobber, and Zombie Chopper. Events are decided on a weekly basis at church by all those present including Hangarounds and Prospects - PVP Night - Race Night - Playlists - Themed Nights - MC Wars - Fight Club - Ride Practice - Jousting - Club Night - GTA Minigames - Bike/ Shows - Money Making - Heists As well as other activities such as: - Poker Night - Table Top Games & Other Online Games - Movie Night - D&D And other games such as: - Destiny 2 - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Fall Out '76 - Brawlhalla - Conan - Scum - Five M YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn8Eg2ErNExcYQOFkXsBCwQ/videos Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ReapNation/
  21. HMG14

    Roleplay (Bewdy Squad)

    Do you want to join one of the most realistic, immersive, and interactive roleplay communities? Then Bewdy Squad Gaming is just the place for you! With a dedicated developer team and determined leadership, the BSG community is trying to expand in order to host larger and larger roleplay sessions that take place almost every day around 8pm EST. I am HMG94, currently a Sergeant and ATO/FTO within the Sheriff's Department. One of many departments to choose from such as; Local Police, Sheriff's Department, State Troopers, Park Rangers, Firefighters, and Paramedics -- Each with their own subdivisions! Police and Sheriff's have Traffic units, Rapid Response, Detective, DUI/DWI, Aviation, etc. State Troopers, like real life, double as Highway Patrol and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) - equivalent to the DOT. Park Rangers respond to a variety of calls, but will focus on 'Wildlife & Animal Control' as well as the usual Game Warden stuff. So hunting/fishing violations are handled by them. Utilizing custom vehicles based on their real life, law enforcement, counterparts, CAD/MDT, Discord & TeamSpeak, Postal Codes, and extensive Penal and Ten Codes the Life Roleplay by BSG is one a premier roleplaying community with an emphasis on realism, interactivity, immersion, and community. You will have the option to be an LEO, Rescue, or a Civilian - who have tons to do. Our Civilians are the most important part of the community, relying on imagination to have fun in a way that doesn't always result in the law or rescue services having to respond. They hang out with friends, grab a drink, go hunting, fishing, or swimming, etc. They basically live out an actual life which lends itself really well towards immersion being a large part of what we're about. NOTE: Emergency service positions are not guaranteed, as you are put where you are needed the most with consideration toward your requested department. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/pZbmuAW SERVER:
  22. Angel-CashBag

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook

    Join GTA 5 CashBag Crew @ Facebook Join 1 or all 5 of CashBag Crews @ R*
  23. Hey!We're a new Roleplay Community on PC (FiveM). We're looking for members to join us, especially emergency services.We're looking for people who are: UK Based 18+ Chilled out, mature gamers Serious about roleplay Discord app users Own a mic and use it If you wanna join us, click to join our discord and tell us you came from GTAForums >>>> https://discord.gg/WW23a5w
  24. Cooltruckerman

    Vathos Inc. Crew Recruitment

    Vathos Inc. is a crew primarily on xbox one. We are always trying to increase our numbers. If your a new player don't be afraid to ask for help. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/vathos_inc/wall
  25. Dark_Razar

    The MANTICORE Foundation

    Welcome to the MANTICORE Foundation Who are we? Despite our rather menacing name, we are just a group of players that want to do their CEO/MC work away from the complete chaos that are the GTA Online PC pubblic sessions. Our platform is PC only and we are still a small community but we are growing at a steady peace! What do we expect from you? Essentially, you have to follow the rules we have on our Discord server. They are basically anything you would imagine if you are a mature person, so don't expect surprises there. Also there are no age, sex or culture limitations, you can join and stay with us as long as you follow our rules. What can you expect from us? Help with any CEO/MC activities (Including Bunker and Nightclub sales, even in public sessions if you want that sweet bonus pay); Help with OG heists and Doomsday heists; Help with unlocking anything you may need (Car upgrades, colors, etc.) Immediate defense support for your activities from any incoming danger if the need arises. Advices from our team of veteran players to get every player to their maximum profits capacity. How can I join your community? Join our Discord: https://invite.gg/mtcr and write to the crew leader or one of the Commissioners about yourself. Request to join our crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/manticore_foundation/ Also if you don't want to join our crew yet but you still want to play with us you can ask to be added as a crew friend. Also try to be active on our Discord, everything is easier that way.
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