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  1. Herzog

    The Royals Car Club

    About Us The Royals Car Club is dedicated to bringing a realistic 50's & 60's feel to our car meetups and races. We aren't associated with crime, only with fast cars and throbbing engines. All of our members dress appropriately to give off the feeling of taking a step back in time to a time where rockers and greasers ruled the roads. We host car meetups with a classic theme and also in our spare time we just like to socialise within the club and also with other like minded groups. We generally hang out at our clubhouse or at the Uni campus. Members & Ranks Meanskullmankill Herzog DankestGarage PajeroJonas crash112416 Meetups & Races All of our meetups are based around classic cars and muscle cars. We try to keep within our 50's and 60's approach of the club so sports cars and super cars will not be present at our meets. After our meets, we all drive to the northern airfield and host a drag race where everyone will get a turn to put pedal to the metal and battle it out for #1. Scores are kept and every race will have a semi final and a final. Website We have our own website where more info is posted and a constant flow of pictures of our meetups are uploaded for all the enjoy. Royals Car Club Website Joining Us If you have a passion for classic cars and meeting others with the same passion then please contact the Grand Duke, who is in charge of recruitment, and they will see that your information is passed on to the King. At some point in the future we may release an application form if this club proves to have a constant interest. Thank you for reading up on The Royals and we hope to see you at our future meets. Grand Duke - Herzog (Please note that this post and our forum is a WIP and is subject to change)
  2. LIFE IN LOS SANTOS ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY [ALL PLATFORMS, NO EXCLUSIONS!] WHY ARE WE WORTH A LOOK? - RP as whatever you desire. Attend car meets & fight clubs, host yacht parties, own businesses, start gangs & WAY more. Your character is not limited here! - There many cool gangs, MC's & police crews to join but how many of them co-exist in an actual living, breathing world? Here you have MC's, Gangs, Mob Families, Police & way more. - Because we don't exclude any platforms, we are able to carry out some form of cross platform RP! I won't go into too much detail here because it's something one would have to see to actually grasp! - Established back in 2014, we've had many spin-off communities come from our ranks but few still exist and none have existed as long as we have. - We do have a very big player base, and boasted membership peaks of 600+! - Even with our big player base, our community still feels like a cohesive unit & family. No matter the crew, faction or platform. Our staff care very much about our members and we do our best to ensure we maintain a culture of friendliness & helpfulness. In this roleplay group, you're not just another number. - We are an active roleplay community for GTA Online constantly pioneering & exploring new ideas. We encourage freedom and creativity when it comes to developing your character while still maintaining fairness & proper RP etiquette. HOW TO JOIN - You are required to read all guidelines in the "Getting Started" section on our site (Sorry! But it's for your benefit! Trust us, it makes your experience soo much better!) - Create a character bio afterwards. There's a template for it to make it easier for you. Once approved, join our Discord server as this is where we communicate in-game and in real-time. - Remember there's always help if you need it! - Our site: http://lifeinlossantos.proboards.com
  3. Ketsuekii


    Making a group for anyone to join, it'll be a story driven roleplay sessions that'll take place more than likely a set time and day everyday. We're already working it out as we've got a few people who just joined the idea, again anyone on GTA pc is welcome to join, you can either message me on here. Bump this topic, or message me on steam @WolfgangYT. I really hope to hear from you guys!
  4. The original recruitement thread is quite old and has console players. I am looking for 2 more people who are above level 100 at the very least to do the challenge. Communication required. GMT+2 time. Add me on SC: HerpTim (level 260). My friend and I are available starting from friday up until sunday midnight. It would be great if a second pair showed up. Please posess some common sense and watch some tutorials or read some guides about the challenge. And you have my word, I will not quit. Just don't be scared to add me, searching for players up to the challenge is surprisingly hard. Job offer is void.
  5. ColinB_nl

    PC Roleplayers Wanted

    hello! We are looking for people who like to roleplay with us we just started a group and we would love to have more players to join us! we do not use mods or modded lobbies We play different stories like VIPs, motorcycle clubs cops and robbers and many more! Or you can free roam and make your own story! everyone who likes to join is welcome! Rules No Senseless Killing If Everyone Went around killing each other that wouldn't make for good game play. No Modding For Obvious reasons If everything fell into your lap it makes for not fun game play Act as you would In the real world not like you would in a murdering video game like calling police, using public tranzit if you have no car, working, and etc. if you're interested send us an email with your info and we will give you further information and answer your questions name: age: country: Rockstar Social: steamID: mic: yes / no our mail address : [email protected]
  6. California Department of Public Safety Role-play Community! California Department of Public Safety is a Family-Friendly role-play community recently created as of late 2016, This Community Offers a fun Law Enforcement, Medical/Fire, Civilian experience with Specialty Sub-Divisions. Introduction: Unlike most clans where they do not appreciate all departments and only favor law enforcement, we here at CDPS appreciate fire and ems for what it truly is and as such has provided an extensive vehicle list for all fire department and ems personnel to drive as well as operate with on scene. Our approach when it comes to roleplay is "roleplay it realistically, but still have fun doing it." We provide you with training that is similar to an academy training but tweaked a little more to suit our needs. Vehicles can be seen http://www.cadeptpublicsafety.com/gallery/m/42506483/album/286646 The California Department of Public Safety has a fully modified Five-Reborn server has a completely modified Vehicles (all realistic models!) even modified firearms! Our Departments: Central Communications - Central Communications is our Department usually known as Dispatch, Our Dispatchers usually work behind the scenes to make sure the Role-Play and Officer (Medical/Law Enforcement with Fire) are safe at all times they usually closely interact with the Law Enforcement side of the clan but will also play a major roll with the Civilian side. Find more @ http://www.cadeptpublicsafety.com/forum/m/42506489/viewthread/29423322-central-communications-our-role Civilian - Civilians generate call outs for all departments across the community by calling into 911 Emergency Operations (Central) they provide us with really fun and experienced role play! Los Angeles Fire Department - The L.A.F.D. is the Fire Department that covers the Life Guard, Search and Rescue and Life Guard patrolling duties! find more out @ http://www.cadeptpublicsafety.com/forum/m/42506489/viewthread/29465235-los-angeles-fire-department-our-role Los Angeles Police Department - The Los Angeles Police Department provides policing support in (Los Santos) area with all the realistic Divisions and Task Forces Find more @ http://www.cadeptpublicsafety.com/forum/m/42506489/viewthread/29451478-los-angeles-police-department-our-role Los Angeles Sheriff Department - The L.A.S.D provides Policing support in the Los Angeles County Area (Blaine County / Los Santos) area with all realistic Divisons and Task Forces. California Highway Patrol - Provides support as the State Police and support to a main area all Highways and interstates around California (San Andreas) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We hope to hear from you soon and enjoy a Patrol our Patrols don't have planned times this allowing for Patrols to last at an extant of all day.. General Website: http://www.cadeptpublicsafety.com/home
  7. If your looking for a friendly community/bunch of players for GTA Online on the PC, Honour gaming community is open for recruitment. We have regular GTA online players, who are quite often sat in the GTA online Lobby on our TS server. Whether your into doing Heists, missions, riding with your MC brothers/sisters, stealing cars for CEOs, hunting players, upsetting rival MCS/CEOs or just getting into a fight with the law and turning downtown Los Santos into a warzone, then there is bound to be someone to team up with over with the HNR Crew. Friday nights we host a regular GTA Friday session (advertised on our website calendar). This is drunken TS session full of Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Drop zones, races etc with as many like minded crazy individuals as possible. If your interested in joining then head to our Social club crew here: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/honourforever Join our gaming community here: http://www.honourforever.com To drop in on our TS (the community has many other game lobbies so please do not be rude): join the Social club crew and one of us will drop you a PM with the TS details. Couple of HNR Crew Videos for entertainment value: GTA Friday special 2016: GTA Friday highlights 2015: Rage fest: Hardcore deathmatches:
  8. Doublebub

    You Can't Squad With Us

    What's going on everyone, My friend and I just made a new crew and we are looking for a few players to join us in our misadventures, working our way up the corporate ladder towards CEO, I know we are a little late to the party but this game is still going strong IMO. Making a discord server tonight so feel free to hit me up on steam at Orgalorg or Doublebub in game
  9. X2 Cash and X2 RP in Contact Missions! Anyone on PC want to squad up and start this epic grind? We can also help each other sell crates and vehicle cargo if you wish. New friendships can take shape and we'll make a lot of money together.
  10. Hello there! My name is "MyNameaPenguin", but my R* Social Club is Pengting_, so please just refer to me as "peng" or "pengting". I am a mature and serious 14 year old gamer who has been playing GTA since GTA 4 and have fallen in love with the game ever since, this love still carries on till this day for GTA 5. I was recently kicked from a PVP crew and have been searching for a new one ever since. I am above average at PVP but when I'm not doing PVP, I am most likely making cool cars! The reason why I'm looking for a relatively new crew is because when I join a crew that has been around for a while and has many members, it doesn't feel as "exciting" when joining an already popular crew. I wish to create a crew and make it popular from the start and be there for the experience along the way. The crews I am open to help lead or lead are: PMC (Private Military Crew) PVP Car Crews (Meetups, Snapmatic competitions) Please get back to me if you wish to create a crew with me. R* Social Club: Pengting_ - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pengting_
  11. Welcome to High Power Racing Amateur Events Saturday 25.03.2017 21:00 GMT What is this? This is a chance for new players or people just discovering racing to get started with racing in GTA Online. Who can join? Anyone who consider themselves an amateur at GTA Online racing, amateur beeing the key word. What type of cars will be in these events? Anything, but no customs. We will use vehicles provided by the game ONLY! Anything from golf karts to Supers depending on the tracks. How long will an event last? Approx 35 - 45 minutes. What tracks will we race on? Different tracks compiled into playlists, normally lap races of less than 1 minute per lap or point to point of around 2 minutes. <<Watch this space for the different tracks we use>> What are the rules? Behave! If you signed up and joined, stay until the end of the event. Race Clean, all these events will be "full contact" and rules apply, you should take time and follow the below links to learn how to race properly. In game Vsync ON! No off-road tires on "street cars" or on street/blacktop races. Will there be "scoring"? Yes, results will be recorded and a leaderboard wil be published both for individuals and crew. How do i sign up? Reply to this thread with the following info: Social Club Name Crew (if any) Add me (hookitandbookit) as a friend in SC so i can send invites to the event. Follow this link to get an idea on how to race "clean": http://nodo.freeforums.net/thread/3455/nodo-racing-guidelines Follow this link to learn about racing in GTA Online, you are required to atleast read the Level 0 - Racing Rookie secion before joining this event: http://nodo.freeforums.net/thread/9523/guide-racing-gta-online-all Above links with permission NODO, Nonchalant Dominance. We hope to see YOU there!!
  12. We are UkGunBook are players of varying ages, myself i am a young 41, we are making money and rp by grinding heists, and putting teams together to work through heists, all setups and main heist. this is financially working out very well as we are able to buy the games nice things. We are looking for anyone that can devote a couple of hours at a time to grind through the heists. In return we offer free use of our private 512 slot teamspeak 3 server and VIP access to our main forum which has everything you can imagine with regards to hunting, shooting, survival, bush-craft etc including movies and survival shows and also includes a free ukgunbook email address. We currently have English, Irish, Danish, German and Australian members but would like more members in various timezones. Contact us in game message: Testacleese Triger478 Find our Teamspeak Server: UkGunBook Social Club : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/testacleese or visit our website : address in my profile
  13. StoneyRoach

    New members for a old MC

    Our Mc recently transitioned to PC. We only have our President and vice President roles filled right now and we are wanting to fill out the rest of our table. Msg me if you need any more info. Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  14. If you want to play for fun and do activities for fun on GTA Online add me: VIR4RO
  15. Looking for one or two players that aren't grinding for money and like playing the survival missions. If you need cash, I'll leave all the dropped cash for you to take. In the survival missions the NPCs drop quite a bit of cash that adds up. PC players, doesn't matter what level you are. I'm lvl 240, JackMack118
  16. I need 1 or 2 players to do custom stunt races in gta online. my social club - TheProAiken_YT
  17. THE_SAlNT

    The Saints [I424] [PC Only]

  18. Blue Light Enforcement focuses on the emotion and meaning behind the life of a State Trooper. For now we are simulating the Alabama State Troopers. We are very in depth to our car accident investigations all the way down to the death notifications that troopers give. Highway Patrol has never felt more emotional with this community. It's what we wanted to do for a long time. We started on PS4 and now we are expanding to PC to really give a better understanding to everyone about what a trooper goes through by training our civilians just as well as our troopers. You can apply here and join us on FiveReborn: https://goo.gl/forms/2KAPkn0X4cbPVOfr1
  19. CammoZabisyu


    Hello, fellow players. Digging the world of GTA online. Finally, have found out how things work. I created a Crew called Cartel Versus, and I am ready to recruit couple people that want to make money to spend on GTA online stuff. I will soon buy property, warehouses, pegasus vehicles and all that good stuff and want to recruit some people for long term business. What I need is 3 people that are very good at flying. One will fly CargoBob, one will fly Buzzard, and one will fly Jet. I need 4 people that will drive. And 3 more people for other stuff. So overall I am inviting only 10 people to my crew, not more. While playing you have to be on skype call. I speak Russian and English, but during the call, only English will be used as the main language. Playing only in private crew sessions, not public, because I hate people that destroy other people cargo, and of course, there are a lot of kids that hack All I offer to you is to make some money, I don't need it myself so I do good payouts, I just enjoy the process. Leave a comment down below if you want to join, and leave your GTA online username so I can check your stats. If some more info will be required I will contact you personally. If you are not invited, sorry. My nickname in game CammoZabisyu. Take care guys. NOTE: If you say me that you are good at flying and fly like pro, while in real life during the game you suck, or not only in flying but overall, I will unplug you from CREW.
  20. paraus


    I need to find voice actors to record a view lines for a Grand Theft Auto V series including female and male. Variety of voices is what we hope to get please dm me at https://twitter.com/paraus_
  21. Blue Light Enforcement is currently recruiting members. We are a professional roleplaying community for Grand Theft Auto 5. We currently run on PlayStation 4 and PC. The requirements to join Blue Light Enforcement: 1. Must be at least 15 years old or older. 2. Have a working microphone, email, and access to Discord, available on Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, And Online 3. Have a valid copy of GTA V for Playstation 4 ( And PlayStation Plus) or a PC (Alabama Department of Public Safety) 4. Must be able to read, speak, and write fluent English. If you are interested in joining please feel free to fill out an application on our website located below. bluelightenforcement.weebly.com PS4 Commissioners: XxAle828xX Zell_Grace Bfaust661
  22. Xbox One PASSIVE MODE car meet!!! no killing or blowing up each others cars! Multiple meet spots, drag races and just chill driving around the map! Any car, no bikes,helicopters,planes etc! message hxnta or fbfh for an invite to game and party!
  23. Hey everyone, looking for people to do the heist, really annoyed with people leaving during the heist. Trying to finish the heist in one go. Please support me to finish the heist. Cheers
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