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Found 1,000 results

  1. Hi, add me: reditec I run a MC and am looking for active prospects
  2. Don_V_Armani

    The Armani Family Recruitment (PC)

    "A man who doesn't spend time with his family, isn't a man at all" - Don Corleone The Armani Crime Family is recruiting on the PC. We are looking for loyal people who want to run in a mafia based crew but are also looking to have fun. We do occasional role-play from time to time but we mostly run crates but are looking to do heists as well. We don't pick fights with people unless they pick on us first, then we let them know why it's not wise to mess with us. Currently we have 9 members but are looking to have as many as want to join. Anyone looking to join will be accepted. Those who join will have an opportunity to work their way up through the ranks and become a made man. Crew Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_armani_family
  3. Looking for someone to help me unlock turbo, will help you right back. Also willing to help with pretty much anything else really in return if you want, be it now or in the future. My Social Club is "Dark_Dragoon"
  4. I recently got ram, and now I can play on the PC. I'm looking to get rare vehicles on PC, mostly the Hearse. My Social Club name is Redestructed. Thanks.
  5. Makimoto-Jin

    Rocket Voltic Car Meet

    That's right,I need some people with the jet cars.Session's pretty chill so far,we got around 2 more people with the Voltics. We're hanging around at the airport,seems to be the best place to reach outer space SC: Makimoto-Jin
  6. Need 1 player, must be good and can join this discord server. We will be playing humane labs first and then moving on to whatever else we decide to play. https://discord.gg/88Ed3kq


    Me and my friend have created a gta 5 car meet community on steam, anyone is welcome to host when ever and whatever meet you want http://steamcommunity.com/groups/2JZBOYS ^^ the page^^ we will be allowing members to individually host their own meets throughout the day, everyone has permission to create a new event. rules are as usual no killing, weapons, hitting you get the jist. Please help us expand our community, MERRY CHRISTMAS =D
  8. Lyco

    Do You Member? (PC) Crew

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/do_you_member (Our crew link) Hello this is Lyco, leader of MMBR Crew Just to get this out of the way "Do You Member?" is a reference from South Park, but all non-Southpark watchers are welcome (MMBR= Do You Member) MMBR crew is a new crew that is interested in creating a community of GTA players of all levels. Are crew would like to pride are self in fun and having each others back. Yes are crew is very young but as one of the first members you have the advantage of being able to mold it into the crew you want it to be. Are playing time vary but in general usually we play around 4-6 PM weekdays (EST) and a few hours randomly on weekends Are main form of communication is through Discord. Here is our link https://discord.gg/8AmH4cT If interesting in joining, hit me up in our discord chat or just join on our Crew page https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/do_you_member
  9. G00nyxd

    Grim Boys MC

    Hey everybody, this is G00NY and I'm National Sgt. At Arms for the Grim Boys MC on Xbox One. We've recently had a revival at the release of the Biker DLC and we are recruiting! We don't demand anything from you but simple obdience and loyalty. We've got a few must follow rules. 1. Ages 18+ 2. Do NOT under any circumstances, shoot at your club members. 3.Microphones are required. Kinect is fine. 4.Try not to fight with other club members, I will have to settle it (try not to make me do that) 5.Only Bikes Allowed - Wester Bagger, Western Daemon LCC Hexer, LCC Inovation, and all Biker DLC chopper styled bikes. NO STUNT BIKES. 6.Attire will be explained before your hang around period. 7.Bike Customization is 100% your choice. 8. Do not damage or destroy another persons bike, and do not sit on another persons bike unless specified to do so. 9. Above everything else, enjoy yourselves and be reasonable, if you have any questions, ask. Explaining how we work - We have a hang-around period that is a minimum of 3 days and then if we decide to patch you in, you'll be a prospect for up to 2 weeks depending on what you show the First Four. We will give you the full rundown once we get you in! Reply to this topic, or message me on Xbox One, @ G00NYxD (w/ zeros, not o's"! Saddle up maniacs, Join Grim Boys today Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link. Thanks!
  10. I normally play games alone but i need help with heists, i ether wait in lobbies for 30mins to an hour for trolls to mess with me then back to waiting. my IGN is the same as here if you want to help or just for more people for me to play with.
  11. R3tartedWhale

    16+ Celtic Avengers MC [PC ONLY]

    16+ Celtic Avengers MC. Must have a mic and Discord. From North America Preferably If not from NA must speak fluent English Add me to ask questions Cant get butthurt easily Add me to ask questions http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074013649
  12. R3tartedWhale

    16+ Lone Legion MC [PC ONLY]

    Not too serious Biker Club, and not much RP. Must speak fluent English. We use discord and like to talk alot because it helps everyone become more connected. PC ONLY. Add me on STEAM. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074013649
  13. WSS arduu

    Watchdog Security Services

    Im looking for a Assistant director and a couple of Supervising officers to help me with this project. Contact me on discord. Or post your own discord here. My discord should be https://discord.gg/NY9x2Zj http://wss.boards.net/
  14. Hello, it's wentaas. I've got Grand Theft Auto 5 but I don't have someone to play with and as you all know, GTA Online is boring if you're alone. Contact me from Skype: erenob or Facebook: Wentaas Wen, you'd make me really happy if you accept to play together, I can voice chat but my English isn't that good, I don't know if it's OK for you, but it's not terrible too... I'm not gonna make this thread longer, so not gonna give you the information that you may not want. If you'd like to play together with me, feel free to add me from Skype or Facebook, I'd reply you faster from Skype and don't reply this thread because it'll take ages for me to check this again. By the way, I'm level 36. Hope you'd like to play together. Have a nice day.
  15. Hi. May anyone here help me to get the dubsta 2 spawn, I am on PC my SCID: Imaqtvie or leave your SCID and I will add you. I will be thankful if someone could help me to get it Thanks!
  16. The Dukes of Silence MC are now looking for new members, Mother chapter is in Rancho Los Santos but we are also looking to expand North. If interested send me a message on either steam: Veng34 / Social club Veng_34 or come on Teamspeak: ts159.nitrado.net:14350 and ask one of the admins there (Read info on TS) We are a small MC and gaming community that are based in Europe. (GMT+1) We have played togheter on the same Teamspeak since 2012 and the Teamspeak are free and open for everyone who wants to use it. (Not just for GTA) We dont have a age limit but we are looking for mature players because we are taking the club/riding/brotherhood seriously. If you want to apply you have to be a prospect for a short while so we can get to know you before you become a brother. TS3: ts159.nitrado.net:14350 - V34 President of D.o.S.
  17. EvanBankzten

    Looking to start a PC Lost MC.

    How do i delete this?
  18. Me and my brother both transfered characters to the master race but have since left all our regular buddies behind on something called an xbox 1? seen as this biker update is on it's way and we are part of a SOA crew already was just wondering if a handful of people want to band together, doing heists, ceo/vip stuff and whatever the biker update throws at us. We've yet to complete all the heists so would be a bonus if people are in a similar situation and interested in running through those as well without quitting mid job or making me want to eat my keyboard when they go full turbomong and fail the mission repeatedly (looking at you, every, random, ever...).
  19. Hello. I am currently looking for a few people to help me film some things for a music video for YouTube. There are no requirements really. The minimum requirements don't really apply because it would be just to make an outfit and I could either just help you get some cash before we film or worst case scenario I could buy you a small sharkcard.
  20. PC only - New motorcycle club Blank Banners MC looking for active English-speaking members. No prospecting required, all who apply receive a full membership; the first 4 members to apply will immediately be given higher ranks (Vice President, Road Captain, Sergeant at Arms and Enforcer). I plan on keeping Blank Banners as an easy-going MC with no lengthy rule book, the only rules being: ride a bike whilst with other members and respect the other members. If you're an active player and are looking for an MC but don't want to follow rule after rule and don't want a full-time commitment, go to this address and request an invite: https://socialclub.r...lank_banners_mc You can also add me on Social Club and message me for an invite or for more information @ Krystak Again, the first 4 members to apply will be given higher ranks, so act fast! Just made a quick website which has a little more information about the club: http://wowkrystak.wixsite.com/blankbannersmc
  21. Hey everyone, me and a friend are trying to get the rebreathers and we dont have the humane labs heist yet, so were trying to find someone that does have it. We need 2 people and we will let you have our cuts from the heist! My name on PC is "whiteguy9397"
  22. Looking for a group of players who are experienced and available to complete heist on PC.
  23. I have a company, and crew, looking to make money, need people. I play on invite only so no worries about interruptions. I have a crew with 5 active members, its just that they are rarely on all at once. We could grind out 100-140k an hour if we can get a grinding rythym, I made 200k last night with 2 others just learning he ropes of being a CEO. I will sink most of my earnings back into the business for better mission vehicles and crew perks. Msg me here or in game. IGN: Einherjahr. Aka Willem
  24. I'm coming from Germany and i'm looking for GTA Player to make heists together, especially Human Labs, because I want to unlock the 'insurgent' I hope I can find some people. Many greetings
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