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  1. Need a few PC players for doing heists and CEO missions mainly. In Asia or Europe as I dont want anyone lagging. Social Club is Sumitaser544
  2. Alexseyew


    Minnerva I made this organization to fight the flying bullsh*t we get from both sides Rockstar and the griefers we can help with your cargo sales, missions, heists, anything. I don't care about you rank, K/D or any thing like that, if you want some friends to help you make some money and are tired of the bullsh*t going around in public lobbys please consider joining. Fell free to ask any questions about the crew on social club ID:alexseyew9 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/_minnerva
  3. About Us: We are Lux Corp - a rapidly-growing, PC-exclusive gaming community. We have one goal - to create a community of like-minded players who love to play together. Whatever you love to do, we have a place for you. We accommodate a wide variety of skill levels and are always willing to assist and support where needed. Communication: Our main form of communication is Discord; an instant messaging and voice communications service that allows us to quickly group up for an activity, chat in real time and post announcements. What Can We Offer You? Here at Lux Corp, we play all kinds of games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Destiny 2, League of Legends and more . We hold regular events with the option to create your own. Using our Discord bot, you can schedule events in advance for other members to sign up to, you can for example make a Heist event so that other members can join you on your heist. We also have a weekly State of The Clan livestream that will inform viewers about clan-related news. Streamers are welcome! They will have a wonderful community to stream for and will be featured on the Discord every time they go live. We have people from many different places so there is always someone online. Entry Requirements: Age 18+ Have a working microphone Link: https://discord.gg/yepjxqu Toxics Captain of Lux Corp
  4. Greetings!! This is Police Chief Maxim with the RP community FiveZeroRP. Are you 15 years of age or older? If yes than great! We are looking to continuously grow our online community for a better RP experience. If this is something that interest you, then please go to the link below or email me at [email protected] Thank you for your time! www.fivezerorp.com
  5. epicrelativity2014

    Looking for active crew

    Looking for a semi serious crew to spend a couple of hours most evenings, running contact missions and heists. I'm a slick driver, smart in combat and have helicopter controls down tight. Always have a mic, just want some other guys or gals to enjoy the game with. A certain level of maturity and respect within the crew would be nice, but still absolutely up for the laugh. Based in Ireland (GMT -6), In my early 20s. Xbox One. Thanks guys
  6. Looking to join others in GTA regular heists or to fill a spot on the DD heists. I'm looking to grind out heists for money so I can finally buy some DLC vehicles. I get home around 6:30pm Pacific time. Player Lvl: 215 Steam ID: Mr. Satan(Shadow_King7) Social Club: Shadow_King7
  7. travisterry2017

    GTA "Custom" Lobby

    GTA Modded Lobby-PC Money Drops Car Upgrades Very Friendly and will help you with anything. Join for $1. Message me on here for details or reply to thread.
  8. Andromeda-J

    bunker sale PC

    anyone wiling to help me with bunker sale, i let it produce too long, it is 2 man job now. ACMJT94 - social club EDIT: BTW can anyone stay in my list as afriend and be active, i would like to excange helping with business stuff
  9. CallThyAdvertiser

    GTA V Online Modded Money Lobby

    Hello! This server on discord is for all of you money lovers out there! Connect using discord and follow rules on the server. Enjoy! (Not my server) Advertised - Discord Server -- removed
  10. PC & PS4 The Mysterious History of H.E.R.E. Team 2 April 20th, 2013 Logan Ross CEO/Creative Director XSV Studios Inc. So here I am another typical day at Lifeinvader listening to people I don’t like watch stupid cat videos and I need another post for The Fad Bible. Immediately I start trying to come up with ways I can get myself killed on the job so they can’t sue me for dying off the clock. About a hour into trying to suffocate myself in the vending machine in the stairwell nobody uses, I think I’ve come up with something. I’m gonna tell my boss I’m leaving for an interview, go right to the baddest bikers in town and start asking them questions like I’m wearing a wire. Rather than get a hold of anyone, I wanted to make myself as uninvited as possible and just drove to their clubhouse unannounced. I get there and as if my life couldn’t get any worse, I find out they have a club historian and he was more than happy to give me their story. Are you serious?! A club historian?! I was surprised but he tells me this is common practice. Here’s what I found out: H.E.R.E. Team 2 was one of 4 Spec-Ops military units specifically trained for the interception and retrieval of national interests including drug and weapons shipments, VIP's, High-value Targets and basically anything labeled with a "priceless" value ranging from art to one of a kind vehicles. The units motto was "Aufero, Eludo, Adversor, Aberro" which translates to "Steal, Evade, Resist, Escape" but to be politically correct "Steal" was changed "Heist" as it somehow sounded less criminal yet more exciting. The H.E.R.E. Unit and its 4 teams were created 1976 in response to Cold War developments and disbanded immediately after Operation Desert Storm in April, 1991. Several of the original members of H.E.R.E Team 2 and members of other H.E.R.E. teams found it was hard to adjust go back to regular civilian life. They created a Paramilitary organization under the name NorthCorp Protection which specialized in private security, couriership and assassination. The new NorthCorp got their boots on the ground quickly and got a foot in the door with by meeting Michael Klebitz, a Warrant Officer with the US Marine Corps, in 1999. Working with Klebitz and his men, NorthCorp grew in numbers while carrying out and assisting with missions all over the world. Primarily operating throughout the middle east and North Africa. Behind closed doors Northcorp was delivering "acquired" weapons to "Private Security Clients" such as Johnny Klebitz, brother of Michael Klebitz and Vice President of The Lost MC as Billy Grey, the current president at the time, was incarcerated for racketeering in 2002. Things changed dramatically for the team in 2003 when Don Percival, an Ex-Navy Seal, created Merryweather Security using money he got from a coup in West Africa. His company quickly expanded with the help of stock market billionaire, Devin Weston. With seemingly endless money and Merryweather on speed dial, Weston talked WO Klebitz into voiding the contracts with Northcorp in 2004. Northcorp continued operations in the upcoming years but with the increasing competition from Merryweather, the company and its 700+ operators went bankrupt in 2006 with the company shutting down so fast many of the teams were left in operations with no way home. A handful of NorthCorp's former operators were quickly recruited by Merryweather. The founders of NorthCorp have since "disappeared". The existence of the H.E.R.E. Unit wasn't made known until Percival proclaimed during a 2008 interview that "If it weren't for the H.E.R.E training from our former Marines and NorthCorp operators, we wouldn't have the operational capabilities and reputation we have today. I was doubtful that Devin could even buy soldiers this good but as my business partner he surprises me." A video of the interview that was posted on Lifeinvader went viral making the public and officials question what "H.E.R.E. training" was. Soon after the government held a press conference and stated that “the ‘H.E.R.E.’ or High Efficiency Response Element training was a classified joint training initiative between the United States Marine Corps and NorthCorp Protection, abolished in 1991 shortly after Operation Desert Storm. It simply was no longer necessary”. The release was accompanied by the declassification of thousands of documents regarding the Marine Corp/NorthCorp relationship, all of which were heavily redacted, effectively keeping the unit unknown. The few who made it out of the bankruptcy trickled home over the years and ended up finding each other in Los Santos where they kept doing what they loved, contract killing, robbing gun and drug shipments and really any other criminally profitable endeavour. They did this under the name H.E.R.E Team 2 as a symbol of solidarity for those who didn’t come home and a beacon for those still on their way. Member who’s come back to Los Santos regularly tell stories of the “stil alfaris” which is Arabic for “steel horseman”, apparently this crazy bastard rides a motorcycle with tank tracks for wheels and stayed in Iraq after the bankruptcy just to “cleanse his mind with the fire of battle”. Jesus... Needless to say, Michael Klebitz throwing NorthCorp under the bus put a target on the Klebitz Family. With Johnny as the new president since Billy Grey's death in 2008. The Lost have since become unorganized under their new leadership due to drug abuse. The subsequent power vacuum lead to major recruitment effort by H.E.R.E Team 2 in the following years in order to eliminate what remains of The Lost MC and take over Los Santos. History Update: January 7th, 2018 It’s been a while since I’ve done any digging on our favourite outlaw’s but I just rediscovered my old research and figured I’d let you know how the MC’s been. Turns out the past 5 years have been pretty prosperous for our friendly neighborhood MC. Since I was part of the design team for the phone that Jay blew his face off with nobody in this city would hire me. I started hanging around the club after the first interview and eventually went to the MC to see if they could help me get a business off the ground which has been treating us all pretty to say the least. Anyway, with Klebitz’ death shortly after my I published the previous article on these guys, The Lost have either given up their patches, gone nomad or died, which has led H.E.R.E. from the low level criminal organization it once was, conducting petty drug deals, vehicle thefts and the odd hit on a local gang leader into a more professional, albeit still criminal, organization. Some of the new more profitable endeavors include, several counterfeiting operations, arms dealings and the virtual reality development company we’ve partnered in, XSV Studios. The current president took over for the former in September of 2014 after a dispute with our local kingpin, Martin Madrazo. This turned into a sort of biker proxy war between H.E.R.E and the new rival MC’s funded by Madrazo that were trying to get established following Klebitz’ death. 2014 to 2016 were the two bloodiest years Los Santos as ever recorded while Madrazo was funding criminal organizations to stimulate the local crime economy. The club got hit pretty hard by the death of their president and ultimately went to Madrazo for a truce that got sealed with deal of the MC basically being on Madrazo’s speed dial whenever he doesn't want to get his hands dirty. If I don’t get killed or horribly maimed I’ll be back with another history update in the coming weeks, months or whatever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ↓ Here's where to find us ↓ We are a PC/PS4 Crew Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/here_team_2 Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121981662/
  11. Hello all. I am looking for a player to help me start at the Fleeca Job. Everyone keeps leaving immediately. Help would be appreciated. I would do it alone, but obviously it's not possible. Thanks. Edit: My steam and social club is TouringRope20
  12. Hi guys, have no idea if anyone still is active in this game, I have a clubhouse (with chopshop and gun case) and a forgery shop based exclusively in Paleto Bay. I am Australian and am on most nights between 6:30pm and 11:00pm Perth time. Have all positions available, just looking for some chill guys to crew with. - No hackers or modders, want legit people to hang with - super chill on rules, you can wear what you want and drive what you want (maybe just own a bike for the clubhouse haha) - still pretty new to this game but getting the hang of it - dont really have mic or anything serious Add me in-game Ashen_Shugur if you are keen. Social Club Link - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/drop_bears_mc (i suck at logo design)
  13. anarchykidd812619

    5KRoleplay Recruiting for pc

    Here at 5K Roleplay we pride ourselves in AMAZING RP and strive to be the best out there! Our Directors/Admins have expert level of experience in what we deal with and we will be able to assist you on any of your needs. There is always at least 1 of us always on at every moment to assist you, so don’t be afraid to join our Discord at the following link https://discord.gg/urHgkG7! A couple things about us is we are all about being flashy and standing out, as you can probably tell we love our graphics and how well they fit in with everything we use them for. We have custom vehicle skins for ALL of our police vehicles, along with many more AWESOME features! So to get to the nitty gritty of 5KRP we will start with what we are hiring! Below is a list of all current dept. that are hiring: Blaine County Sheriffs Dept. Honestly we just want people to have a good time and enjoy the time they are having with 5K! If you feel like you would like to be any of those and would like to join then feel free to go to our website at https://rp5k.weebly.com/ and fill out an application for which you would like to join, ask about being a reservist for something else if you’d like also. I will say there is about 6-7 of us right now, but we have some of the most fun a group of people could have online. We urge you to join and see just what we are about, after all we are looking for more awesome people to be there for the GRAND OPENING of the server! social club link https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/5kroleplay
  14. David Mason

    Diamond Dogs SF- Recruitment Active

    Diamond Dogs SF I'm going to be blunt, I spent a while back creating a post about my crew on gta crews instead. And I'm not going to do the same thing, so enjoy your semi-text post about it. We, are the Diamond Dogs Special Forces Regiment. We are a private military for hire, and have connections to various other paramilitary groups, such as ourselves. We have turned low levels who were mere level 30's, and turned them into 100's in less than a month. We offer manpower, resources, work, community, events on both Xbox One and PC, contracting, services and the protection of our crew and our combined strength so whenever someone comes for you, expect that we've got your back covered. Always. Links Website Social Club Discord GTA Crews Post *Yes, I'm aware that this is a piss-poor recruitment page, but it's currently 4:26am and I cba*
  15. ems324

    We're Hiring

    VALIANT PHOENIX ROLEPLAY IS LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED MEMBERS FOR HIGHWAY PATROL, COMMUNICATIONS AND THE FIRE DEPT. We’re a GTA V community, we’re a close knit community, professional and we’re looking for the best! CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO GO TO OUR ENJIN WEBSITE AND APPLY TODAY: https://www.enjin.com/dashboard/recruitment/ad?gid=72828-0&site_id=1561819 https://valiantphoenixrp.enjin.com/
  16. RamirezDOSSoPC

    [PC] DOSS Now Recruiting!

    Hello I am D. Ramirez the Owner and Founder of The Department of Safety Services on FiveM. We are a new community still in minor development in some areas but the FiveM server is fully setup to meet our current requirments. We are a community that strives to be the best and specializes in our roleplay and professionalism. All interested please apply on our website where you will also find the link to our discord server https://gtavdossrp.enjin.com DEPARTMENTS WE OFFER: San Andreas State Police [OPEN] Blaine County Sheriffs [CLOSED] Civillian [OPEN] Fire and EMS [CLOSED] Communications [OPEN] Please join our interview server https://discord.gg/F8Kq9mb https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dossfiver
  17. RnG-League

    Run&Gun League

    CONCEPT:The RnG league is a long term league with matchdays in the weekends. Points is awarded for victory, and all registered teams are placed in the leauge standings. This is a league where your team can face the fight for HONOR and GLORY, by finishing in the top of the standings, or face the dramatic fight for survival in the bottom of the standings! BASICS:The league will consist of 2 leagues with 6-12 squads each from various crews Each crew can submit 1-2 squads for the league (example: CREW1 & CREW2) Each squad must contain minimum 4-8 players, registerd to play in the league All squads picks a leader (main contact person) and a 2nd in comand (reserve contact person) The squad leader picks out the top 4 or 3 players to play on matchday All registerd squads in the league will face eachother 2 times, 1home game, 1 away game Every squad picks a map for home games, can only be changed on sundays 3points is awarded for victory 0 points is awarded for loss 2points is awarded for victory on sudden-death 1point is awarded for loss on sudden-death If a team gets disqualified, 0points is awarded to that team If your oponent dont show up within 20min, or is disqualified, your team is awarded 3points RULES:Assault rifles with standard ammo only No kinds of helmets are allowed, including cosmetic ones Free Aim only Comunication during matchday is limited to the Official RnG Leauge Discord only Home teams map wil be publicly published by the official RnG Leauge Discord Squads are allowed to change map 1 time during the season, this must be reported to admins 4v4 only, but 3v3 is optional if a squad have less players available Registered leauge players only! Players in the same squad must also be in the same crew(active) Squad leader from each team send in screenshots of the results after the match to admins Interested in joining the Leagues? Fill out the form below to enter your crew to the Official RnG League: * The League is planned to start in March 2018! https://www.thepraetorians-gta.com/join-the-rng-league/ Social-Club-Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/official_rng_league
  18. KingThistle

    Uncle Thistle Wants YOU!

    United Troll Hunters Association would like to extend a hand to the driven individual that wants to excel in the GTAO environment. Associates will enjoy benefits like Equal Opportunity Earnings, Grind/Farming Assistance, Aerial Support, Uniform Reimbursement We are looking for strong applicants in the following fields... Combat Air Patrols Close Air Support Airborne Infantry Search And Rescue Asset Recovery Graphic Design Mission Planning If you or a friend are intrested in positions or training please refer to R* crews page for United Troll Hunters Association All applicants will be accepted and put on a trial run(muscle) before being offered any promotions Shark Card Bonuses for Most Active Players Apply Here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/UTHA/ https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/united_troll_hunters also check us out on discord https://discord.gg/zYGntk2
  19. What the title says. I play on PC, and both my steam and SC are on my profile. Can help new players get settled into the game.
  20. Looking for a GTA V Online (PC) group to do anything from Heisting and supply runs, to running around and being stupid with! I'm competent, level 120 ish and a good shot. I'd prefer ages 16+, thanks! Discord is: https://discord.gg/QQPgzWR.
  21. The Experience's Life in Los Santos The Most Realistic Roleplay Community​ What we offer Tracked Inventories Player ran economy Member ran Police Member ran Factions (Mafias, Street Gangs, MCs, etc.) Member ran Businesses High level of player interactions Each new member starts with $30,000 and a hotel room. You can get jobs, create businesses, or live a life of crime to build that wealth and become one of the most powerful members in the community. With daily sessions you have plenty of chances to progress your character. We also offer Out Of Game text roleplay if there are no sessions. So you can progress your character 24/7 if you want! Feedback: "This is honestly a great time for any serious role players. There's businesses, gangs, motorcycle clubs. Lots of fun role play going on and it's the most advanced and structured you'll find on console. Give it a try. We're all having a ton of fun." "Its like playing a whole new game" "Theres nothing else like it" Our members are all friendly and staff are always updating and can be reached to handle any issue anytime of the day. Our sessions range from 5 players to 20+ players. Established factions are more than welcome to join. They get extra bonuses to keep their faction up to their standards. Staff can always negotiate if certain things are needed. We organize and RP through Discord. So Discord is a must. Our Rules to better understand: https://docs.google.com/document/d/...pCQugLl9q0TtXke2_zSTHfaaMDbJU6aC_d0J9bVnD/pub Our Discord code: BPzbeQZ Our Discord link: https://discord.gg/3YaejyH Website coming soon!
  22. Used to play on console, but started playing on PC with a friend recently, and we need a decent crew to do heists. We are currently trying to do the Prison Break Finale, and we are looking for at least another pilot. I can fly, but im new to the PC controles. We have a teamspeak server, and we both speak english, and it would be nice if you had a microphone. But it doesnt matter, as long as you can get the job done We are both in our mid twenties, so no kids please.
  23. Snatchy

    [PC] DCG zoekt nieuwe leden.

    Vroeger bekend als United Freelance Organisation. Wij bestaan sinds augustus 2009. We begonnen met Left 4 Dead 1 en 2, later zijn wij overgestapt naar COD MW2. We speelden battlefield 1942 tot battlefield 4, later kozen wij ervoor om een extra spel te spelen in de community en kozen voor Guild Wars 2. In 2016 hebben we ook een tijd The Division gespeeld. DCG is een gezellige groep waar iedereen plezier heeft. We zijn nu opzoek naar mensen die het leuk vinden om GTA te spelen, wel vragen wij teamspeak. Wij spelen elke avond GTA. Tot soms diep in de nacht xD Lijkt je dit leuk en ben je minimaal 16 jaar? Kom dan eens langs bij ons op teamspeak en speel met ons mee! TS: Website: http://dutchcommunitygaming.nl Crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/dutchcommunitygaming
  24. Gaudandi

    [PC] Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club

    Welcome to the CURSED CROOKS 1%er MOTORCYCLE CLUB ! The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club from East Los Santos - La Mesa, was created on the 14th of October 2016 by a Crew-Internal Patchover. The beginning of the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club was not easy even before we had found each other right, we were already under the magnifying glass of our enemies & declared war shortly thereafter. Actually, we just wanted to start a boring Roleplay-MC which is only driving in circles. But over time, the Cursed Crooks MC had to fight for his name and more quickly we wanted to be more than just a boring Roleplay MC that is only driving in circles. There had to be more structure & tight rules that make everyone realize that we are "Cursed Crooks" who follow the 1%er-MC Code. Meanwhile, the Cursed Crooks MC is from East Los Santos - La Mesa, the last true OLDSCHOOL 1%er PVP-RP Motorcycle Club, in the [PC Grand Theft Auto-5 Community]. The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is not only known to german players, also to English / American / Canadian & Italian GTA5 players & our reach continues to grow, if the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club gave up, there were only 99%er MC's on the [PC], who do not know what they are talking about. Who wonders what this 1%er code in GTA5 for the Roleplay MC's means needs to think back to the release on the 17th of September, 2013 on PS3/XBox360. When GTA5-Online was released, all MC's had the choice between 5 motorcycles [LCC & Western] & a handful of regular firearms, TANKS/PLANE-DLC´s that were so damaged did not exist at that time. 1%er MC's who were enemies of each other only used their bikes and only "ASSAULTRIFLES" to show true HONOR in the war. 1%er are clean & honorable, loyal member in a 1%er Motorcycle Club with tight rules & a tough structure. 99%er are people who insult everything & everyone, change crews more often than their underwear & can not subordinate themselves badly, Rules / structure / honor & fair play for this 99%er foreign words & modders often their best friends. The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club is based on loyalty & cohesiveness, internet friendships are not of any importance to us. There is only one goal & that is stay loyal to the Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club in both good and bad times. The rules & structure of the Cursed Crooks MC is now successful since the CCMC was founded & they are not to change. In this Motorcycle Club you can be 100% sure that it is one even if we are only wearing leather vests, noisy chopper riders, NOTHING MORE IS NECESSARY and we are proud of it !!! The Cursed Crooks Motorcycle Club from East Los Santos - La Mesa is still recruiting adults, clean, active & loyal players who are interested in getting to know our world of the 1%er MC. We earn our money together & help each other with our businesses & level up. We organize our own formation rides & train among ourselves or with friends "Run & Gun" to improve our handling of the assault rifle & to kill our enemies. There will be organized biker events to which neutral motorcycle clubs are invited & also MC's with which is ceasefire. Incidentally, one or the other fun game lists are played such. Stunt races, stockpile & transformation races, but as soon as an enemy Motorcycle Club becomes noticeable or a random player attacks, we are immediately in the bloodlust & just want to see the rags flying and celebrate the "Día de Muertos" on our enemies. Discord : https://discord.gg/NvdzsYu Homepage : https://cursedcrooksnation.wixsite.com/ccmc/welcome-eng Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CursedCrooksMC/ Cursed Crooks MC - East Los Santos : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/cursed_crooks_mc_els CCMC Prospects : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ccmc_prospect Support-33-Crew : https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/supp_your_local_33 A Cursed Crook is never coming alone, because the CURSED CROOKS have dug up the hatchet.
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