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  1. Hades Psychos [sYCO] We are a rag tag PC crew of three friends that enjoy chilling out and messing around in free roam and various other modes together doing everything from sight seeing to causing extreme mayhem. We are looking for at least a 4th member (but are certainly open to add more) that is looking for a group of friends to play GTA Online PC with and is interested in free roam play as well as completing the various heist challenges. In general we are looking for an additional potential friend to play GTA with that has the same interests as us. Requirements: 1. Speaks English and willing to use Mumble for VOIP 2. Lives in North America (for connection and time of play purposes) and preferably in their 20's or 30's age wise. 3. Willing to be on till late (after midnight central time) 4. Play with the Aim Assist - Full gamepad settings (the current 3 of us are controller users) 5. No level restriction, you can be brand new to the game or well seasoned. We don't care, if you are new, we'll happily show you the ropes and help you level. 6. No online modding, if you run mods or scripts online do not apply, we have zero tolerance for that behavior About Us: The three of us have been gaming for practically our entire lives playing on multiple systems and most of us have played just about every main GTA game since III including Red Dead Redemption. We range from ages 26 to 29 and levels 43 to 207 in GTA Online. We're a laid back group of guys that just enjoy messing around in free roam mostly but will do the occasional contact mission or other job. We want to start heisting but have not wanted to pug the 4th spot so we hope we can find someone chill to join us for doing the heists. We also want to eventually progress and complete the various heist challenges including the Elite Challenges, Criminal Mastermind, and Another Perspective. The three of us live in the central time zone of the US and due to one person working night shifts we'll play together late ranging anywhere from 7pm CST to 5am CST. We hope the person we find is at least able to stay up or often stays up till around 1am or 2am CST (it's not uncommon that the three of us aren't on together till 9pm or 10pm CST). Contact: If you are interested and the above time frames and other requirements work for you. Feel free to contact me on the R* SocialClub at the link below. Also below is our crew SocialClub page. If you post to this thread with your SocialClub name I will happily shoot you a message as soon as possible. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/hellhog http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hades_psychos
  2. Hello Guys I'm looking to start a military crew on PC. The funny thing is, I can't find a single other PC military crew. So I decided to found my own one: "Shamrocks Private Military Koorperation (PMC)" Send me a message on socialclub after you request to join the crew: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shamrocks_pmc My Socialclub: discodonagh If anyone wants a general Idea of what I mean by Roleplay then watch some of this: This is a Convoy Roleplay I did with some other guys back on PS4. Once you join, we will make the outfits and talk about what we are going to do. Any Ideas are welcome Can't wait to meet some of you guys
  3. SGTome

    Mission Plausible - [PSBL] - PC only

    Mission Plausible - [PSBL] Mission Plausible is an older crew looking to get active once more. We're focused on having access to people just looking to do missions, heists, races, or whatever you may want to do without dealing with random people. We're not PVP oriented, but I'm sure we'll have people interested in that aspect joining, we're just looking for people to run missions/jobs/heists of all types with. A few of our current members are big into the car scene, our leader(myself) is also an active member of Bullshift(races, cruising, and car shows). If you're interested leave a reply here, add me on steam(Tompkinsd6), or request an invite via the social club (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mission_plausible). I work during the day, so as the crew gets started, you may have to wait till the evening for your request to be accepted. If you're not looking for a crew, but are interested in a solid friend/player, feel free to just add me(SGTome). We look forward to getting back into the heist scene, and hope we're a good fit for anyone interested in a legit business crew. We Are: -Heist/Mission oriented -A group of mature, mostly 18+, players -Drama free -Up for just about anything, in game We Are Not: -Modders/Hackers, or looking for either -PVP/Grief oriented -A car crew, though we do have members who are -A meet up crew. No planned meetings. -A RP crew. No required anything, gear wise. Rules: 1. No modders/hackers please, I don't mind them, but the crew isn't looking for that kind of atmosphere. 2. Mature members only, I'm married with a kid, I don't need to take care of anyone else. 3. Active members only, I'd like to see everyone on at least every week or two, once a month at the very least. 4. Participate in something with the crew, be it Heists, Missions, or other content. 5. Be respectful of all members, if you have a disagreement, agree to disagree, and move on.
  4. Hey all, Looking to recruit new prospects for the Warlords of Death! Pretty new crew, but we're all about respect, fun, and helping each other out. Right now we have a couple of very high level players, and a couple of mid level players. Players from AU, US and EU as title says, looking to recruit from all 3 - so we constantly have members on who can get involved any time. Pretty relaxed crew - looking to recruit guys or gals, all we ask that as you love riding bikes, and are a team player who's up for anything. 18+, Mic preferred. Currently setting up Teamspeak server, details in club website. As a crew, we'd do: - HEISTS - TEAM DEATHMATCHES - VIP - MOTORCYCLE / CAR RACES - MOTORCYCLE / CAR MEETUPS - MISSIONS - ADVERSARY - FREEROAM RAMPAGES - SEIGE MODE - RANDOM STUFF! Not looking for leaderboard glory, being competitive jerks or trolls. We pride ourselves on being mature players who are happy to hang out, talk crap while playing as a sociable crew. The only basic rules we have right now: 1. Respect everyone equally, ALWAYS. 2. In freeroam? Gotta ride a bike with the pack. In a mission? Ride whatever is required to get the job done. 3. If you're running with our MC, wear an emblem, and represent. You can be be in any other crew, but for the times you're with us, commit, and represent us well. 4. We're not in the sh*t business... we don't give sh*t to people, but we don't take sh*t from people either. Wanna join? Apply here: http://warlordsofdeathmc.enjin.com/recruitment Interested? More info here: http://warlordsofdeathmc.enjin.com/home http://warlordsofdeathmc.enjin.com/forum/m/37500840/viewthread/26594956-welcome-to-wdmc-if-youre-new-start-here http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/warlords_of_death_mc Questions? PM me. Thanks.
  5. NOTE: Crew no longer supported in all platforms it is now exclusive to PS4 and PC This Crew is now part of If you got kicked from crew read the last post made by me for an explanation. here is a copy and paste template: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fib_operations http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/los_santos_police_ Make sure to follow the instructions in order to apply. Applications not filled correctly will be denied. All members must sign up by following the instructions above. Thanks
  6. Urbanninja90210

    LS Motorcycle club

    Crew/Gang Name: LS motorcycle club About: Motorcycles Leader Contact: Original Leader Offline Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_motorcycle_club Platform(s): ANY Games: GTA 5 Timezone: Universal earth timezone. PC contact: Urbanninja90210 Hey, if your looking to join a crew without all the blah blah, join us Requirements- Must own a motorbike (though you can drive your car if you feel like it) That's it. We're a growing group with a love for motorbikes in GTA. You dont need a high KD ratio, theres no big commitments, but be ready to lend a helping hand when a brother needs it. We have MC patch/colour crew emblem so you can wear a motorcycle patch after you join. Dirt bikes, sport bikes and "muscle" bikes are all welcome and treated the same. Wear what you like, look what you want to look like, no judging here. A few things we like to do: -Car/bike meets -Cruising -Bike parkour -Attacking players as a crew - Missions and heists as a crew - Territory/ Hangout control -Finding hangouts etc -Just chilling and having a good time -Being a nasty force to be reckoned with -Exploring every rooftop, backstreet, alleyway and mountain we can find -Anything you can think of Each member is free to put forth suggestions/ideas for the club, all will be considered LS motorcycle club is for anyone at all that enjoys riding motorbikes in game, thats what brings us all together
  7. BertTheBrain

    Join San Andreas Life

    Tired of the same old chaotic experience of GTA Online? Want to experience an ever developing story and play style? Do you want Los Santos to be a living, breathing, and vibrant place to be? San Andreas Life is a role playing community that does just that! We’re a new community looking for enthusiastic members who want to experience GTA Online in a whole new way. Our unique approach is comparable to being an extension of your online character, where you truly get to choose how your story unfolds. Be a police officer, gang member, mobster, civilian, lawyer, or business owner. Be whoever you want to be, it’s completely up to you! Though we’re new we aim to have several sessions a week, with each session progressing your own individual story. We’re also looking to expand to other platforms, but right now we’re primarily on Ps3. If you’re on any of the other platforms and are interested in what we’re doing contact us. We’d love to have you on our team. Go to our site for more detail, and join the official crew. We look forward to having you!
  8. KonfliktHD

    New Roleplaying Clan!

    Hey guys, So, I'm not really sure how well this will go down but it's worth a shot to see just how many people would be willing to do it. I am a lover of role-playing, as I feel it can really bring out a side of the game that the mass bloodshed and car-jacking can't. I have a lot of experience in role-playing clans and after recently purchasing a PC, I feel that the GTA V PC community could do with a professional one. So my proposition to you all is this, I will leave this post up for a week. If I receive more than 10 requests for this clan to be created then I will make the clan and begin professional role-play sessions. This is a proper clan, mind you. All money will be kept track of, careers will be progressed through at a reasonable rate and the players that join must be sensible enough to want to partake in role-playing properly. Not to say this will be boring, however, because there will be enough events and occurrences around the map and during sessions that will keep players occupied. I will create an external website to monitor everything and so that the players can keep track of the clan events. If (with the little detail I've included ) decide this clan could be for you and you enjoy roleplaying yourself, please contact me via one of the methods below. If these aren't available to you for some reason at the time, please leave a comment and watch this space for if I do end up creating the clan after all Thanks for your time and I hope to create a clan with some of you at some point! -KonfliktHD Methods of contact: Skype: alex.fothergill97 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KonfliktHD Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/konflikthd
  9. MajorPlaysYT

    3rd Los Santos Mafia Recruitment

    I have just started a crew centred around the Mafia and involving a little bit of roleplay. If you would like to find out more information or to join then hit me up on social club - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/majorplaysyt Prerequisites: - Be at least level 20 - Have a microphone - Have Skype/TeamSpeak - 13 years of age at least
  10. Beauderriere

    PC player search crew for heist

    Hi ! I'm looking for a crew who can help me complete heist. I'm currently rank 54 and a serious player. I'm from Quebec and I play week night and week-end (east time). I have a microphone, speak english and french and I'm ready to engage in other crew activity. I'm 27 so I'd like a serious crew. Feel me to answer me on this forum or invite on the social club (alias : beauderriere) please use the pinned free agents topic, thanks!
  11. The Clowns

    ~ The Clowns MC ~ Now Recruiting

  12. ChillytheMexican

    Disrupt MC PC Online

    Are you fond of explosions, misunderstood because you love to be see people fly... when you blow them up. We are an active MC that is part of a Brotherhood of fellow MC's that enjoy the game through missions, heists, rides, and many other group activities. NO MODDERS/CHEATERS ALLOWED (we find out you do this you're banned) We are an 18+ only MC Require a Mic and teamspeak3 Kik used but not mandatory We run mainly on Eastern Time but we welcome all the world. Apply @ http://disruptmc.com/recruitment/ Contact after applying: Crew - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/disrupt_mc Prospect Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/disrupt_mc_prospects Disrupt MC~Secretary: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/chillythemexican
  13. Englishbulldogg

    Looking for a PC biker crew?

    Hi, I just started a biker crew called the Mongrel Mob. It's for anyone that wants to join, just add me, my ign is Englishbulldogg. The people that wanna join will have to be active on the game and maybe even have either discord and skype. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/mongrel_mob-pc
  14. Rizzano

    New Crew Looking For Members

    Ok so, not really finding the right active crew for me, I decided to make my own crew. Crew Name: Hazard HP Play Crew Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hazard_hp_play Crew Website: http://hazardplay.enjin.com/ Crew Voice Server: Discord - Link: https://discord.gg/0tGMGOBf56g7Okgj Crew Requirements: Must be age 14+, be willing to voice chat, team up on occasion, be helpful, be active, not spread hate speech, be mature, and above all else, have fun! Add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/rizzano/) or on Rockstar Social Club (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/rizzano) for more info and an invite if interested.
  15. JoeWolffe

    LAPSC - Recruiting [Xbox 360][PC]

    Hello! I would like to invite you to join our mighty and glorious clan, the Los Angeles Public Safety Clan (LAPSC)! The LAPSC is mild size, but yet powerful and influential clan with great potential and ambitions. You are probably going through hundreds of similar post, and "why should I choose your clan/crew" is a natural question. Interested? Here are the answers! 2. A Friendly Community! The clan has a mild, friendly community of members. We accept members of all races, species, ideologies, religions and political views. The clan ranking system allows you to become a high-ranking member of the chain of command; the only requirement is being active! We also have a regional newspaper and a chat room. If you don't know how to play, we are more than willing to help you! Plus, you can always use our online forum. 3. Awesome Roleplays! The clan allows and encourages role-playing; we have a highly detailed roleplaying sessions, an optional regional currency, a bank, employment, and more! We not only offer law enforcement employment, but civilians opportunities as well! The choice is yours! 4. Many Opportunities! The LAPSC offer many different employment opportunities! Local, State, Federal, Aviation, Dispatch, and more! We encourage you to apply for more than one division.Better yet ... We dare you. We dare you. We triple-dog-dare you to apply for more than one division. You can find a quick guide on how to apply @ our site under the FAQ section. Like famous Mia Hamm once said: "I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion" Apply today to stop being an individual and start being a team. Apply Today! If any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reply. Thanks!
  16. No longer in action for lack of success. Thank you for visiting anyways. P.S. Remove button for own topics do be nice.
  17. A new Black Disciples Crew has risen and is available for anyone to join! We are short on members at the moment but we are all an active Crew. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_disciples_gdks We are looking for people to fill in the ranks! So if you put in some work you can be big in our Crew Hope to see you there!
  18. ems324

    We're Hiring

    VALIANT PHOENIX ROLEPLAY IS LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED MEMBERS FOR HIGHWAY PATROL, COMMUNICATIONS AND THE FIRE DEPT. We’re a GTA V community, we’re a close knit community, professional and we’re looking for the best! CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO GO TO OUR ENJIN WEBSITE AND APPLY TODAY: https://www.enjin.com/dashboard/recruitment/ad?gid=72828-0&site_id=1561819 https://valiantphoenixrp.enjin.com/
  19. LexiaVixen

    [PC] Mesmer Incorporated

    Mesmer Incorporated on the Rockstar Social Club Mesmer Incorporated on Discord Mesmer Incorporated is a well-established organisation that, on the surface, appears to run a legitimate trade. Specializing in technological research and development for both the government and independent clients and beneficiaries, Mesmer is both a profitable and sustainable business even without the less-than-legal operations that the company keeps firmly under the hood. As you may have guessed, there is far more to Mesmer Inc. than meets the eye. Drug manufacturing, illegal exportation, extortion, espionage, assassination and gunrunning are just a few of the many unethical practices that Mesmer engages in, with the company's connections within the government, the FIB and it's offshore investors serving to make these operations nigh undetectable to any interested parties. Politics within the organisation are just as shady - with the current CEO having backstabbed and cheated her way to the top (and even killing members of her own family) in order to have full control of the company. But none of this matters to you, right? You're here to make money, and where that money comes from is of no concern to you, correct? Mesmer Inc. is an organisation based heavily around the use of roleplay. While playing alongside crew members inside of public or private lobbies, you are expected to play out your role and act as your character would, with some retcons to realism (this is GTA, after all). We do not expect FiveRP levels of ability, and you shouldn't expect this roleplay to be anywhere near as strict or rule-based as FiveRP, either. It's much more casual and designed to be as non-intrusive as possible to your normal play experience. This being said, the basic rules of courtesy still apply here, so no insulting each-other maliciously or throwing around racial remarks or trying to raise your completely pointless K/D ratio on other members of the organisation. No assholes or tryhards allowed, essentially (seriously though, why do people care so much about K/D in a GTA game?). Moving on, you will actually garner some unique benefits depending on your role within the organisation, And while access to company cars and upgraded weaponry may seem useless to somebody who is already a high level with lots of money in-game, remember; you are roleplaying a character here, and won't have access to most of the things that you use outside of roleplay during an actual roleplay session. As an example: the top executives within Mesmer Inc. would, at most, carry a pistol around with them, since they are businessmen, not soldiers. However, they would also be accompanied by a bodyguard or two - a person responsible for protecting them. This bodyguard would be able to carry a fair few weapons in order to carry out their jobs successfully. Essentially, what I'm trying to say is that not everyone within the company is going to be a walking arsenal who has cash and supercars falling out of their asses, so manage your expectations in this department. Each person having access to things the others do not encourages cooperation and communication during roleplay, and makes performing things such as heists and contact missions far more interesting. As stated before, there are multiple roles that your character can fill within the company. Our goal is simple: to provide roles that suit as many people's preferred playstyles as possible. Keep in mind that this list is not final, and may be updated with new roles as they are suggested to us. So, if the role you would like isn't on this list, but would make sense for Mesmer Incorporated, then simply let us know. Also note that your role does not determine your crew rank: Leader CEO - The owner of the company. (Taken by me, of course. There can only be one!) High-Level Management (Executives) Executive Officer - An individual at the top of the company who works closely with the CEO. (There can be three of these) Managing Director - An individual who is responsible for managing the company's assets and employees. (There can be three of these) Mid-Level Management (Organisers) Manager - A person who serves as the company's primary recruiters, as well as helping to manage the company's employees and assets. (Two per Managing Director) Senior Co-ordinator - An experienced co-ordinator that works with all members of lower position, as well as helping to organise more important events, missions & tasks. (One per Managing Director) Low-Level Management (Representatives) Co-ordinator - Someone responsible for a small group of Enforcers. who also helps to organise smaller events, missions & tasks. (Two per Manager or Senior Co-ordinator) Bodyguard - A person responsible for protecting and serving an executive, as well as taking them wherever they need to go. May also perform Enforcer work (Two per executive) Arms Trafficker - Someone who is responsible for overseeing the manufacture and distribution of Mesmer's gunrunning scheme. (One per Manager or Senior Co-ordinator) General Staff Enforcer - Someone who performs a lot of the general legwork for the company. Heists, contact missions, VIP work and sales are often done by these people. (We need lots of these) Gunrunner - A person responsible for the manufacture and distribution of illegally produced weapons within Mesmer. They work out of an arms trafficker's bunker. (We need lots of these) Affiliate - Those who are not a direct member of the company, but work with its members in some form. Allied crews also fit into this category. LexiaVixen (CEO) Amnestics (Executive Officer) HollowSeven (Manager) Hexxster (Bodyguard) MrFran92 (Bodyguard) SolidShake420 (Bodyguard) Jervz- (Bodyguard) TheRedEnigmah (Enforcer) JeffXtreme123 (Arms Trafficker) RovingFox (Gunrunner) Comrade_Moose (Gunrunner) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to join, register your interest below and PM me (LexiaVixen) on the Social Club. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. Notimportant

    New crew Little Basterds recruiting (PC)

    I'm pretty bad at this and too lazy to know how to do a fancy thread like others did but I'll give it a try (to the tacky normal not the fancy one) New PC crew named Little Basterds. I'm relatively new to the whole online thing. I've been playing for like a month or so lvl more than 60 (in case someone needs to know) Most people by now have their own group and stick with them ignoring others so the point of this crew is to find people in circumstances like: - Tired of doing solo sessions - Waiting a long time for people to join mission or heist - After waiting a long time or not someone leaves in the middle of it - You finish playing with a group and someone kills you, maybe they steal your money too - Need a group to help in whatever you may need (level up, unlocking car mods, heists, races, make some bucks...) - Just want to relax and have an online session with people you sort of know - Tired of getting killed for no reason without expecting it while you walk around, buy stuff, drive... - Maybe you need to restore a bit your faith in humanity by finding cool folks to play with OK I'm not going to fool you in this case I don't think this will be possible but we can give it a try - You need fellows players who got your back - You have no one or almost anyone to play with you - .....etc. The idea is to form a crew where members can count on each other for anything, competitive and professional when it's necessary for challenges, heists and other activities. Requirements/Rules I don't ask for much ...or that's what I like to think. - First of all I wouldn't like the kind of pushy, cocky players without any patience who get mad or leave if someone makes a mistake or something, it's ok wanna do things right but is not the end of the world if someone makes a mistake - Clean players, don't kill fellow members - Don't leave once you started a mission or activity, think before joining if you don't have the time - No need for mic, skype or similar - People who do their best and try to play well, this mean not fooling around when it can ruin the whole mission or setup making others lose their time - Somewhat active players - No particular timezone required Right now this is all I can come up with, suggestions are welcome That's all folks if you want to join just reply, contact or send request if you're not hope you enjoyed reading my rant Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/little_basterds
  22. CorruptGold

    im looking for a mc

    im looking for a small friendly mc that rides choppers like the daemon and hexer but i dont really want something as serious as the reaper lords i mean i want some dicipline but not so much that its not fun anymore
  23. ImChristoffer

    Trevor Phillips Industries [ALL]

    Hi We're T.P.I . leading Drug traffic. WE WANT YOU! We are all workers of Trevor Phillips WE work hard. We are all bosses. We f*ck up Blaine county and Los Santos. IF you'r interested in joining then fill out the Job application like below. PSN ID: RGSC ID: Skills in GTA: K/D: Favorite Gun?: Favorite Car?: Give a Description of you: ------------------------------------- That's it RGSC: Click Here Peace Out - Christoffer
  24. "RISE above! We're gonna RISE above!" -Black Flag If you're looking for a fun and loyal crew to join in GTA 5 Online, look no further. 7 Point Society was founded to recruit as many members as possible, bringing players together simply to have fun and wreak havoc and anarchy across Los Santos and the rest of the San Andreas map. The only rule we ask to be obeyed is to stand united, not divided. All this means is we ask our crew members to not persistently attack their fellow RISE/7PS members in Free Mode. We're actively recruiting and accepting requests from players of all ranks and skill levels now. Come have fun with us!!! Click or copy and paste the link below to submit a request for membership!!! socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/7_point_society
  25. C_Rieus_Killer

    NAVY SEALS TEAM X: Looking for Tryhards!

    Looking for active members who are loyal and skilled. We are a brotherhood of friends and our specialty is PVP. We have been on PC since 2015 and we are still very strong and famous in the community. We can train you, but we are mostly interested in players who enjoy the thrill of the hunt and are strong in 1v1's as well as freemode. We love making PVP videos also, check us out and subscribe! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/navy_seals_team_x?headSearch=true Find us on YouTube: @navysealsteamx Check us out on Instagram @navysealsteamx Join us on our public discord here: https://discord.gg/HfKFXwV For specific recruitment questions and to apply please send messages to: pxndorx#2675
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