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Found 50 results

  1. Bloodberry

    [GTA IV] Travis Touchdown Mod

    Let's find that exit they call Paradise Alright, so after my fail with my first mod I've decided to work on something else; and by the way I really enjoyed working on this, since the character model included many variants (models and textures), which I already imported but I need to fix some rigging issues. Right now, this Otaku has: -Default clothes replaced -Variants for defaults -Rigged eyebrows These are the actual clothes included (I already made others, but I need to apply some fixes): Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7l1l3dqna23btke/Mr%20Touchdown.rar?dl=0 If you find some issues with this mod, please let me know in the comment section so I can help.
  2. BrownieBear

    LCPD Willard

    LCPD Willard This vehicle is in very early development and may not be done within two months due to me working on another mod! I thought it was time for something old, a new old police vehicle that's going to drive through the streets of Liberty City. I wanted to create a police Willard for quite some time, and finally I have decided to start! Sadly I don't have much to show yet. I am working on some renders though and soon the progress will spam this post. The mod will be released in three different versions: -Police Willard With Black Steel Wheels- -Police Willard With Classic Hubcaps- *Read this!* This model won't be locked as it is still "Rockstar Games's" model. However this does NOT mean it's allowed to upload it anywhere else. If you want to use the Beta Maverick for a certain pack, please PM me. *This is a list of things I've gotta do. After every major change the Maverick will be tested ingame. Bugs will also be mentioned in this post.* Adding LCPD decals - WIP Adding police lights - WIP Adding police interior things - WIP Adding steel wheels - WIP Adding hubcap wheels - WIP *Bugs that appear during development will be posted here.* NONE... yet Releasing - Not yet (0% done) WIP pictures (Updating soon...)
  3. BrownieBear

    GTA IV Beta Maverick

    Beta Two-Bladed Maverick Released! Finally though... and yet it's not finished! What a surprise I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees. The second official trailer of GTA IV showed a two-bladed maverick and closed side doors. Also the color patern was different and the helicopter didn't have any texts on it like the Maverick that's in the game today. The beta Maverick is also used as a Weazel News helicopter hovering above a group of fighting people which can be seen with the ingame television or inside the game files. I don't like four blades and the side doors that are always open. Neither do I like the different two-colored body of the Maverick. My "mission" is to change the Maverick back to it's beta appearance. You may have noticed the two extra striped on the helicopter shown on the boxart? Tell me if that needs to return. It may take a while before this is finished. The open passenger doors of the released version are now attached to the main body of the helicopter. The doors were never meant to be closed in the final version and that's also one of the main reasons why the animation has to be changed for both entering/leaving the rear-seats and just sitting. The player/ped sitting in the current Maverick will lean with one foot outside the helicopter, and I will replace this animation with the front-seat passenger. The door animation will be added too as they will be fully functional with this mod. Please, I am just new to this modding stuff so I would love to get some help getting my rear passenger doors to work and the sitting animation. Please leave a reply if you want to help me. It would be great! The mod will be released in three different versions: -Beta Maverick (Includes color scheme, two blades & closed side doors)- *Read this!* This model won't be locked as it is still "Rockstar Games's" model. However this does NOT mean it's allowed to upload it anywhere else. If you want to use the Beta Maverick for a certain pack, please PM me. *This is a list of things I've gotta do. After every major change the Maverick will be tested ingame. Bugs will also be mentioned in this post.* Changing color-scheme for main body, doors, tail & landing skids - DONE Removing main & tail blades - DONE Removing detailed parts that weren't present in the beta - DONE Closing doors - DONE Sitting animation - CANCELLED Removing decals - DONE Adding new colors to carcols.dat - DONE Beta moving rotor texture - CANCELLED *Bugs that appear during development will be posted here.* The doors have been changed into components called extra_3 and extra_5. They do appear on the heli and work perfectly fine although for some reason I can't disable them or add/remove them both by trainer or spawning another one but this 'bug' isn't harmful so you're safe! Released! (99% done) CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD THIS HELICOPTER! Here are some "renders" I created of the new old Maverick to show how it will look if you haven't ever seen it before. Beta Maverick in ingame commercials or TV shows. WIP pictures (Updated: 24th of January 2017 at 22:03 CET) WIP pictures (Updated: 25th of January 2017 at 20:39 CET) WIP pictures (Updated: 6th February 2017 at 23:33 CET) WIP pictures (Updated: 11th of Fanuary 2017 at 13:19 CET) V0.8 has finally risen! The doors are almost fully functional. Opening/Closing is working perfectly fine! V0.6 is now a thing! I know I skipped 0.3 up to 0.5. But there's only 6 stages. 2 things left to do before the public release!!! The mod has reached v0.2 and is only 0.8 versions away from being released!!
  4. Bloodberry

    [GTA IV] Violette Summer Mod

    I hope this topic follows the forum rules correctly, as this is my first one This is Violette Summer, the protagonist of the not so known videogame Velvet Assassin, which I bought only because it was on sale xD. There were some errors with this model, specially invisible faces and vertices, which I don't know how but I fixed them. I was able to rig her legs and boots, but the boots were not looking as they should, so I had to use the multiplayer female character's legs instead, even though it actually fits her appearance, I may fix that later. Progress and details known so far: -Rigged eyes. -Multiple jacket recolors. -Model has never crashed the game. Jacket recolors: Known problems and things to fix: -Must UV map legs and feet to reduce the playerped.rpf filesize). -Head looks weird during some cutscenes (that will depend on the environment and lights). -Rig and import more costumes. -Replace Niko's hands with Violette's hands (or smaller hands xD) I'll try to keep updating this topic depending on progress and ideas, and sorry for my english (I can understand it, but not speak it correctly, so If you have any questions I'll do my best to help). I'll provide a download when I think it's ready. EDIT (01/27/2017): After realizing rigging models over suits causes the game to crash, I decided to upload the beta version (beta sounds more professional ) of it. I probably won't keep working on this, but at least I reduced to filesize by almost half the original size (44mb to 24mb): https://www.dropbox.com/s/38ukbpxr3ubg8ge/Velvet%20Gear%20Summer.rar?dl=0
  5. Edit 12/30/16: This topic will now be for concept art models you can give me a cool clothing concept and i will put it on a character of your choice or i will make one myself Dont worry Spike (my friend on steam) ill still make a HD tommy With my permission and please give the link to your mod page when uploaded Thanks. I will start with whatever model gets the most Yes! votes first
  6. iriedreadlock23

    Drift 4 Ca$h

    This one goes to all hardcore IV drivers. I present you the first GTA IV mod that knows when you're drifting right. Unlike drift mods from early days, Drift4Ca$h doesn't edit any game files on hard drive, but is rather reading/writing allocated memory while you're in game. Mod is pretty simple and small in size. However, it will make your GTA IV to work pretty much like any drifting racing game. It was originally created a year ago, but recently i decided to update it and release it to the community. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28202 How does it work? After you installed this mod, load your game, and once you are in preffered car, press enter. Whenever you start drifting on asphalt, Drift 4 Ca$h will increase your score. The more distance you drift, bigger the score. Combine multiple drifts in a row, and score gets multiplied. But, if any of your wheels touch other surfaces besides asphalt, you lose your current score and multiplier. You have 60 seconds to complete. Buy more coins for longer games. You can increase or decrease difficulty level from 1 to 10 in config file. Higher the difficulty, less cash you get, and more drifting is required. If you keep default price of coins ($100), it will take lots of drifting just to get your money back. Installation instructions Just extract everything from rar archive to your game folder. Make sure you have ScriptHook Make sure you also have ScriptHookDotNet Enjoy Drifting for ca$h!
  7. ArthurLopes

    Mystic Ruins from Sonic Adventure DX

    Just another import test
  8. alialherk

    #E hyundai elantra 2005 GTA IV

    hyundai elantra 2005 GTA IV .. ... .. #E
  9. alialherk

    #E MY cars

    #E MY cars ... .. ... .. .. #E
  10. Video: That was just a test that i have made after ripping the model from Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs. Zombies
  11. alialherk

    zu-23 car aircraft

    hi see my car pickup .... ..... .. ... #E
  12. ThatOneHick

    ThatOneHick's Workshop

    I decided to create this forum to show off some of the mods I am working on and statuses of the projects: Here are some images of the Jobuilt Linerunner I am converting over to GTA IV.
  13. slimeball supreme

    Fartenhate's Mediocre IV Ped Skins

    Yo, I'm Fahren - and welcome to my workshop for my complete trash. I'm mostly just making this incase anyone actually wants it, so here it is. I make ped skins. Mostly for IV. Hence the name. Use them whenever, however. No need to credit, though that would be nice. I won't confirm or deny whether I'll post stuff or not. I might. I'll post my download links via Mediafire in their respective areas. Ballas in LC Bloods are in New York. Ballas in Liberty. Only makes sense. Thanks to Pastry for the sweatpants textures. Link. Spanish Lords Overhaul These guys were a lil' weak, so I fine tuned them. Link. Liberty City Americans Hockey Team Mostly inspired by this post on a tumblr blog about fictional hockey teams. Good read. This replaces like two or three ped textures. Pretty subtle. Link. Ballas Snapbacks Balla snapbacks because they didn't quite feel complete. You can choose from 4 different combos: lo_1 gets a Swingers hat and a Hoops hat with a bandana. lo_2 gets the opposite. lo_1 gets a Hoops hat and a Swingers hat with a bandana. lo_2 gets the opposite. lo_1 gets both Swingers hats and lo_2 gets both Hoops hats. lo_1 gets both Hoops hats and lo_1 gets both Swingers hats. Link. Hoops Hats Swingers Hats More coming soon. (maybe) Special thanks to Pastry for coming up with the idea for the workshop and taking in-game screens. Blame him.
  14. stilldre

    Tianmen Shan Mountains

    Hello everyone, here is some new project i'll be working on.. "Tianmen Shan" mountains from NorthChina. Ofcourse not a real copy of it, as it was allready hard to re-create a heightmap in World Machine. Cause Google blur'd the sh*t of this on Google Maps, i had to look for some photos and videos to get close to where it needs to be. For some who doesn't know this place, take a visual tour here! It's being used as insipiration in the movie Avatar and Battlefield 4 DLC.. These mountains haves also a 99 corners / 10 km road, wich i would try to keep it as real as possible. All the rest might have few resemblance and some fun stuff you could expect from me like: -Xtra Dirt paths for cars and bikes, -Few Small Towns -Inside/Outside Mountain Military Base -Beautifull lake scenery with Motel and Restaurant -Lush vegetation with bonsai like trees -Also few Caves This mod is WIP and it might take few months to complete, depends on my speed and time ^^ I'm currently finishing road network in Cityscape 1.8, to have fun with older program! After i've done with this i'll be retouchin' terrain and cliffs with Zbrush to have more natural look. Also placing, completing sets in 3ds max that i've done early so they aren't waiste of time.
  15. iriedreadlock23

    Ingame WPL tool

    Did you ever want to be able to quickly add more detail to existing maps in GTA IV, but you don't have 3DS max and textual offline placement tools just weren't good enough for you? Ingame WPL tool (widget) will help you to place thousands of models from GTA IV library into game world, and quickly export all data to WPL binary file. Game will load objects automatically next time you play, even if you remove all script mods! Download here (v 0.20) (find older versions here as well) http://wpleditor.weebly.com/ FEATURES: - User friendly placement tool - Easy to navigate through 3D world - Place objects with mouse click - Select, position, or remove - Menu with thousands of models - Edit anything you see in real-time - Reads any WPL file - Reads any IDE file - Writes to any custom IPL/WPL file - Optionally updates GTA.dat All the editing is done in realtime, while you are in game, so it's easy to see how your placement of objects will look in game. Script doesn't require GIMS, Open IV or 3DS Max. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27802 Required: Scripthook and ScripthookDotNet Extract to game folder UPDATE LOG: version 0.20 - REL Fixed minor bugs from earlier versions Quickly remove objects loaded by game (and replace them) Fixed game crash bug from v0.13 and 0.14 Autoextract all WPL files from IMG files (for quicker search) Track file updates through BLOK section (edit/update placement by area) Set signature and tasks for each involved modder Edit any WPL file in game and any object you see Mass convert IPL files from/to binary (Xbox, PS3, PC) version 0.14 - REL Mass place objects with any brush size Randomize rotation of mass placed objects Randomize rotation of selected objects Place all selected objects to ground Added autosave option Pick objects in front of camera Quickly swap placement of two objects Added deselect all option Push/Pull/Throw objects Autodetect interior name Autoupdate GTA.dat file Export interior placement version 0.13 - REL Fixed mouse movement issues Fixed player collision/movement bug from 0.12 Reduced model spawning time Fixed rotation issues when loading saved objects Fixed point to ground calculation (key R) Added select/rotate/move multiple objects option (key Space) Added freeze/unfreeze/dynamic for multiple objects Added "filter" console command to search all models Export both IPL and WPL version 0.12 - REL Added mass placement option Added placement min distance settings Fixed player freeze state when console is open Fixed issue when exporting certain rotation values Fixed several issues with root folder Precise place to ground object rotation Camera movement is available without creating objects Added placement search option (search inside wpl files) Added INI configuration version 0.11 - REL Selected object will be shown in color depending on its physics state Fixed bug when importing models with PIVOT set to center Fixed default collision state of created objects - default: STATIC Fixed selection checkpoint size Added root folder option Fixed bug when current model doesn't spawn after importng objects Fixed issue with place to ground function version 0.1 - REL First public release Coming soon: Forced IPL/WPL objects load/unload in game Convert WPL for PC, XBox, PS3.... You can contact me with any requests or suggestions. Special thanks to: fastman92 Direct download link
  16. Sweet Bellic

    GTA IV EFLC vehicles added not replaced

    Have you ever wanted to fly the Buzzard or wanted to drive the DLC vehicles in GTA IV now it is possible. Bugs: Screenshots: If you can help me with fixing the vehicle audio problem you will get a credit and big thanks Edit:Audio problem is fixed now. Special thanks Fastman92 For His limit adjuster R* For GTA IV and EFLC Download:soon
  17. Well after countless hours of playing GTA V, i've decided to run GTA IV again, but with the visuality and weather of Los Santos. I love IV and I don't care that the game is almost 7 years old, my opinion is that the only disgusting thing is the vanilla, default wheather and visuality of IV/EFLC. I will not describe the changes, I'm sure that you'll like them, I'll describe the future changes and I need your suggestions and help. First of all i want to give GREDITS/SPECIAL THANKS: -nkjellman: For fixing of traffic lights, TBoGT car lights, rotterdam tower light and for the great ENB reflection suggestion! -Boris, and ICEGlace: For ENB Series/ICEnhancer d3d9.dll reflection fix. -DexX: For the smooth stipple.wtd to fix that awfull grainy effect Rockstar made on the PC version. -Bison Sales: For the amazing vegetation texture. I hope the authors doesn't mind. The main future plans and changes (if it's possible): - Need ENB/ICEHANCER preset that load only sun rays and clouds. - More draw distance particularly for the shadows and the trees. - Clothes wet effect and rainy puddles during rainy weathers. - The ocean water with waves. Please, try the mod before any suggestions and help! Work only with the last updates and!!! DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0tcvpg5dr6u1wk6/GTAlsV.rar SCREENS (these screens are with maxed graphics settings and with FXAA on from Nvidia control panel, I still cannot find a better anti aliasing):
  18. AJONEUVON LUVATON HALTUUNOTTO http://alh.esy.es Made by: ajanhallinta AJONEUVON LUVATON HALTUUNOTTO is an 'Finnish Total Conversion Modification for GTA IV'. It aims to replace the whole Liberty City, all vehicles and weapons, missions / scripts, peds and propably voice acting with finnish ones. Map The map is going to take place in little finnish town, called 'Horonkylä' (which translates to 'Whore Village' and that's actually a real place name in Finland In this 2000 people town, there are no traffic lights, trains and other 'big city stuff', just a lots of vegetation and sand roads beside of the asphalted town center. Vehicles Because of the EU's oldest motor vehicle fleet, the vehicles are gonna be mostly from the 80's and 90's era. I'll try to add much of possible Finland specific vehicles, like Pappa-Tunturi (60's moped), Erkkola (Three wheeled 60's Invalid Moped), Sisu XA-180 (APC), Sisu SL-210 (Truck) and a wooden boat with 'Terhi' -outboard motor for example. Of course there will be foreign cars, like Toyota Corolla DX '80, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Sunny that are commonly seen on finnish roads. I Personally like more older and ordinary vehicles, so you won't see any Nissan Skylines and others in this mod, there are already hundred versions of those sport cars for download. But of course i will include some faster cars and ones with capable of drifting. Drifting with good handling configuration is one of the best things to do in RAGE-engine imo and it fits perfectly to modification's theme because there is really not anything other to do in little finnish town like this beside of drinking booze and fighting each other. Weapons Weapons are going to be ones that are manifactured in Finland mostly. For example, there is a 'Kassara (Vesuri)' (a finnish wood-cutting hand tool), hockey stick and Suomi-konepistooli ("Submachine-gun Finland"). Missions / Scripts For missions is too early to say anything before the map is complete or at least at beta stage, i have some ideas though. However, there is an script already that allows you to get drunk with finnish booze called Koskenkorva anytime by taking it off from pocket and taking gulp from it. Peds At this stage, the only modification for peds is Combat Jacket, black sweatpants and Jussi-paita for Niko Bellic. 'Karjala' cap (finnish beer brand) is almost ready (some specular problems) and Nokia rubber boots are coming along to finish the complete finnish "Amis"look (i don't know how to proper translate or explain word "Amis", it's a student in upper secondary education. They type of people are known to drive old "Amis-tuned" cars like Toyta Corolla DX 80's, drinking booze and taking barely legal aged girls for drive around the town. And drinking booze of course.) Finnish voice acting also planned. Overview In a nutshell this modification is kind of opposite to the Liberty City big city atmosphere with satirised and cliché imago of Finland. I have been making this modification on my own for months now and on the whole, it's very alpha stage. I'm aware that there is very much of doing for one person and the time will show how far are i'm going to get with this project. Lots of time have gone to practicing how GTA IV stuff works and how i can export 3d-models, maps and animations to in-game, write scripts, make traffic and stuff. Luckily most of the process are pretty clear to me, but i still have a lot of a trial and error in future with ped zones, properly traffic and so on. But yeah, that's pretty much all that i have to say at this point. Of course i wouldn't make this topic unless i have something to show, so there are some screenshots and downloadable betas for you I also hope that publishing this modification for audience gradually keeps me motivated continue and work with this project. And if you think you have anything to give / to do for this mod or you wanna be part of it one way or another, don't be hesitate to contact me I would really appreciate that and the truth is that i have use others modifications and work in this modification (like SA cars to convert and modify to finnish look for example, with permissions of course, so i have more time to do map and the Finland specific weapons and vehicles that can't be found anywhere). Like i have said, there's very much of doing for one person, but luckily i had liked it so far Downloads Vehicles Pappa-Tunturi (Beta): http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/bikes/83187-pappa-tunturi/ Valmet 565: http://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/cars/90829-valmet-565/ Weapons Suomi-konepistooli (Beta2): http://alh.esy.es/download/suomikonepistooliGTAIVbeta2.zip Kassara (finnish wood-cutting hand tool): http://alh.esy.es/download/kassara.zip Titan TPM3020 (hockey stick): http://alh.esy.es/download/titanmaila.zip Skins Combat Jacket, Black Sweatpants and Jussi-Paita: http://alh.esy.es/download/pilottijussipaita.zip Missions / Scripts Get Drunk with Finnish Koskenkorva: http://alh.esy.es/download/koskenkorva.zip
  19. RazorGamingHD

    GTA IV:Gold Edition

    For the first time,i'm starting my first project for GTA IV,called "GTA IV:Gold Edition" which contains almost every content from the DLCs and Beta features from the time that game was in development. - TBOGT F620 - DONE - TLAD Johnny Klebitz( ped and cutscene) - DONE - TBOGT Luis Lopez(only ped,cutscene WIP) - DONE - TLAD Jason (cutscene and ped) - DONE - TLAD Stripper - DONE - The Lost MC Clubhouse - WIP - AoD Clubhouse - WIP - EFC Weapons - WIP - Luis's safehouse - WIP - Maisonette 9 Club - WIP - Bahama Mamas - WIP - Hercules Club - WIP - Brian's Safehouse - WIP - Beta Niko - WIP - Beta Roman - WIP - Beta Michelle - WIP - Beta Vehicles - WIP - Beta Mallorie - WIP - Beta Faustin - WIP - Beta Little Jacob - WIP - Beta Manny Escuela - WIP - Niko arrived at daylight with the Platypus - WIP - Other Beta Features - Coming Soon When something new is added to the project,this thread will be edited Screenshots: http://imgur.com/mEH50e2 http://imgur.com/DZJhjXb http://imgur.com/1W6CCKn http://imgur.com/bxWt4GD http://imgur.com/xNm5vLN http://imgur.com/8Js0Uxe http://imgur.com/883Ntcn http://imgur.com/pqTL8j5 http://imgur.com/5aSWNzb http://imgur.com/BdOtryO
  20. reditec

    [REL] OpenIV Package Creator

    This is a tool in development to create .OIV 2.0 packages. I released it at https://de.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv-package-creator Now you guys can publish your mods in .oiv / zip zip files Current version: 1.01 Current progress (minor UI update) It's ofcourse based on the official .oiv format and OpenIV will be able to open your generated packages.
  21. legiz

    [WIP|IV-EFLC] Tank Island

    tank created this island in 2012. I accidentally found it on my computer a week ago and converted to GTA IV Done: LODs Lampposts (without textures) Planned: Lamps in tunnel Vegetation Wind generator (maybe) Car paths and navmeshes (for what? same it's a small island) More screens
  22. GtaFanatik

    Schyster Greenwood

    Schyster Greenwood Production time 1984-1992 After 5 months of heavy work, it's time to download. (read it with CJ voice in San Andreas first mission) https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/schyster-greenwood (version 0.5) BUGS: Windows still not breakable, I need some help here...
  23. Tmaster

    Vice City Rage Classic

    Vice City Rage Classic (Beta 4) - Continuation Vice City Rage Beta 3 (But on this time without the HD models & textures and other) (Full classic Vice City Rage) New vehicles, peds, tommy skins, bug fixes and much more.. Support: GTA IV Only Screenshots: OUT NOW Download at www.vicecityrage.w.pw __________________________________________________________ Team Credits (Vice City Rage Classic)[/size] Tmaster - Project Leader, Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter, Peds Converter[/size] Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Converter[/size] [/size]AlexBrain - Vehicles Team Credits (BETA 3)[/size] Tmaster - [/size] Project Leader,[/size] Lead Programmer, Sco Scripter[/size] Mr.Vegas - Lead Designer, Map Converter[/size] Frank.s - Sco Scripter[/size] KamiShinx - Graphics Artist, Trailer[/size] Znenin - Design, Graphics Artist[/size] Vice Cry Team[/size] Links: http://twitter.com/vicecityrage - Twitter http://vk.com/rageteam_official - Vk.com http://youtube.com/user/RageTeamStudio - YouTube Channel http://vicecityrage.w.pw - Vice City Rage website (Download VCR Beta 3 & Multiplayer here) Old topic Beta 3 (closed) - http://gtaforums.com/topic/554396-ivwipbeta3-vice-city-rage/
  24. Mr. Jago

    Mr. Jago's Workshop

    The Cabby GTAGARAGE Beta Claude GTAGARAGE Improved Player Model GTAGARAGE III-Style Forelli ExSess DOWNLOAD | THREAD Vinnie's Warehouse DOWNLOAD | THREAD Improved Jocksport GTAGARAGE Timmy Vermicelli GTAGARAGE Fully Equipped Deluxo DOWNLOAD | THREAD Restored Beta Jacket PREVIEW 1 | THREAD
  25. NTAuthority

    ViIV - levels/gta5/ for GTANY

    get viiv'd here Let's begin this topic with a story, even though a story is not really something I feel like writing at this time, I always tend to start my modification topics with a story. So, while working on CitizenIV, I had various ideas that involved additional cities outside of Liberty/NY. Outside of that, one night I got a random idea regarding making some large-scale modification on a III game involving all III maps being added together using a discovery I had made, but abandoned that idea due to it likely being too distracting from my main project goal. The next day, I decided to check on IV if that code was in any way similar, and if so, to contact the people behind the (then iced, but I thought only due to the basic extent limits) existent V-to-IV map conversion project that allegedly was so popular. As it was similar, I set out on contacting these developers. After talking with these, I noticed that there were much larger streaming-related issues with their conversion, and that their entire workflow was pretty much based on manual importing to a modeling application. so I decided to work on modifying the existing (open-source, thankfully) tooling in order to export directly to OpenIV's import formats (as there's no clear documentation on writing the IV formats whatsoever -- heck, not even for the OpenIV-specific formats -- due to the OIV developers being a bunch of ignorant Russians only slightly better than certain other ignorant Russians who don't release any single thing at all) and therefore almost directly go from source data files to the game. Now, a few weeks of working on tooling and a number of reverse engineering-based crash fixes later, I'm close enough to releasing a first alpha to be making a formal topic in the modification forums on here... so let's get started! What is ViIV? As shown in the topic title, ViIV is a modification aiming to bring the GTA V environment (preferably, all of it, from the northernmost bound to the airport area, including interiors and everything I can manage to figure out) to IV, with the primary purpose of being used as a loadable third-party resource in the CitizenMP:IV multiplayer modification framework that will get announced shortly (in fact, after the first alpha reception is live I'm suspending non-critical development on ViIV to have some time on getting started on CitMP; there's some great ideas I want to see working out there actually ) At this point, I have a basic map (drawables with all shaders existent in IV + non-existent shaders mapped to 'default', archetype definitions, entity placements and basic BVH triangle/box nodes -- lacking collision materials) conversion toolkit, and am currently working on verifying the functioning of the toolset in converting all of the _citye and _cityw areas of V and fixing easily-reproducible crash issues for an initial release of the modification. This release, however, due to GTAF rules, will not be available (or even allowed to be hinted at a download link) on any GTANet websites, so you'd have to figure out how to get it on your own -- the tooling is fairly rough so I'm not intending on releasing said tooling at any point, also in part due to the code it's been based on being GPL-licensed and in part written in a programming language I had no experience in until working on modifying said tool, so I don't want my probably non-idiomatic code being posted for everyone to laugh whatsoever. Media and other assets Screenshots/videos will be sourced from the community around/after release as I have no interest in making screenshots from a player camera perspective myself and can't be bothered to write a proper functioning free camera addon at this point either. Thanks, and have fun!
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