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  1. B Dawg

    Tough Backup Mod

    LOST MC! LOST MC! Ever wondered why the f*ck Armando and Henrique are so tough in TBOGT despite being a bunch of idiots while fully upgraded Lost members aren't as tough as they are? This mod brings justice to this problem. Jim, Terry and Clay are buffed with a lot more health, and as a side effect, are not affected by Bullet Impact Euphoria and don't react to bullets when shot much like the protagonist (unless you shoot them yourself or explosives are used) Mods used: Simple Native Trainer for personal God Mode To do for next version: Slight buffs for Gang Wars backup (needs more work) Download: http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/tlad-tough-backup-f32523 Alternate Download: http://www.dropbox.com/s/s33glg1w8iqttcz/Tough%20Backup%20Pack.rar?dl=0 Install: Put the file in TLAD\Common\Data
  2. LOST MC! LOST MC! Ever wondered why the f*ck Armando and Henrique are so tough in TBOGT despite being a bunch of idiots while fully upgraded Lost members aren't as tough as they are? This mod brings justice to this problem. Jim, Terry and Clay are buffed with a lot more health, and as a side effect, are not affected by Bullet Impact Euphoria and don't react to bullets when shot much like the protagonist (unless you shoot them yourself or explosives are used) Mods used: Simple Native Trainer for personal God Mode To do for next version: Slight buffs for Gang Wars backup (needs more work) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2xwxakdktess288/pedpersonality.dat?dl=0 Future download: http://www.gta4-mods.com/misc/tlad-tough-backup-f32523 Install: Put the file in TLAD\Common\Data
  3. I've decided to share the source code of my latest release (http://www.gta4-mods.com/script/gta-iv-mission-mod-pack-v20-f31876) on GitHub. It has an API coded by myself (for SCOCL - very useful for those wanting to create new missions for IV). GitHub: https://github.com/rodd1981/GTA-IV-Mission-Mod-Pack API functions: GTAV_TELEPORT(float destx, float desty) - Teleports to destination X, Y APPLY_SELECTED_OPTIONS(int lvl, int wth, int time) - Apply selected options (level, weather and time) LOCK_TIME_OF_DAY(void) - Self explanatory CHECK_WANTED_LEVEL() - Returns 1 if player is wanted or 0 if player is not wanted PRINT_TXT(char *string) - Print objective on screen DRAW_WINDOW_FOR_DESC(float x, float y, float width, float heigh, int alpha) - Draw window for mission description PLAY_CHECKPOINT_SOUND() - Plays a checkpoint completed sound PRINT_MAIN_LOGO(float x, float y, char *string) - Print main mission logo on menu PRINT_DESC(float x, float y, char *string) - Print mission description MISSION_COMPLETE(char *string, int money) - Use this function when the last objective is complete MISSION_FAILED(char *string) - Use this function when mission fails PRINT_LIVES() - Print lifes left for player PRINT_TIMER(uint timer) - Will be implemented soon POLICE(int police, int maxwanted) - Enable/disable police and sets max stars wanted (0 = NO POLICE / 1 - POLICE ON / MAXSTARS [0-6]) INIT_SETTINGS(float x, float y, float z, float h) - Initial XYZH world coordinates for player SET_MISSION_CHECKPOINT(uint num, float x, float y, float z, float radius, char *string) - Add a checkpoint objective for player SPAWN_ACTOR(uint pednum, uint model, uint wep, uint blipnum, int accuracy, int health, int armour, float sense, float x, float y, float z, float h, int role) - Spawn an actor (role = 0 --> Enemy / role = 1 --> Friend) SPAWN_ACTOR_INSIDE_CAR(uint pednum, uint vehnum, uint seat, uint model, uint wep, uint blipnum, uint accuracy, uint health, uint armour, float sense, uint role) - Spawns an actor inside car SPAWN_VEHICLE(uint num, uint model, uint blipnum, float x, float y, float z, float h, uint health, uint tyre) - Spawns a vehicle on map DEBUG_MISSION() - Use this function to debug code issues inside the objectives MANAGE_ACTORS(uint num) - Use this function to manage all actors blips & deaths (num = amount of actors) CLEAR_ZONE(float x, float y, float z, float radius) - Clear area of cars, chars & objs MANAGE_PLAYER() - Manage player deaths & lives amount MANAGE_VEHICLES(uint num) - Manage vehicle blips & deaths MANAGE_UNIQUE_VEHICLE_STATUS(uint num) - Use this function to manage if a single vehicle was destroyed (if so it will fail the mission) MANAGE_UNIQUE_ACTOR_STATUS(uint num) - Use this function to manage if a single char was killed (if so it will fail the mission) GOTO_LOCATION_WITH_VEHICLE(uint vehnum, uint blipnum, float x, float y, float z, char *string, char *string2) - Add blip/objective to go with a specific vehicle to a location GO_AFTER_PLAYER_WITH_VEHICLE(uint e_num, uint v_num) - Will order the spawned enemy inside car to hunt the player DRIVE_TO_LOCATION_WITH_VEHICLE(uint e_num, uint v_num, float x, float y, float z, float speed) - Will order the driver to go with vehicle to a specific location on map MANAGE_PICKUP(int num) - Will manage if a specific pickup obj has been collected SPAWN_ENEMY_CAR_IN_AREA(uint modelveh, float x, float y, float z, uint vnum, uint enum1, uint enum2, uint modelped) - Will spawn enemy inside car in a specific area with roads/highways. Feel free to make pull requests, improvements, etc!
  4. Couple of years ago i released similar mod on GTA Garage. However, while i was developing MemBiter tool, i decided to write a completely new, better performing car recording mod to showcase some of Membiter features. I present you IV:MemBiter Replay, successor of Vehicle Recording tool for recording/playback of vehicle paths. It was made from scratch, and was tested in GTA IV Enjoy racing against your own AI. DOWNLOAD LINK Current version: 0.2.28 - added config file for each record - added opponents placement offsets - added start/finish placement offset - added maxbreak option (reduce/increase breaking) - various bug fixes Seamless editing mode allows you change 3D vectors and speed, gas and break pedals for any segment of your track. You can switch between views to make editing easier, and you can use your mouse to precisely set 3D vectors in world space. COMPATIBILITY: This tool will help you to create driving paths around the map, and specially works well with custom map mods. Just press a record button and drive, then add 1 to 10+ drivers and see if you can beat them. If you don't like any part of your recording, you can simply freeze playback, delete or add new paths while in game, and then unfreeze and test it in realtime. FEATURES: - REL * Tiny mod size * High precision * Live editing * Live replay * Realistic speed * Simple HUD NEW UPDATE: - WIP * Editing handling data for each opponent * Import/Export any RRR files USAGE: Just extract all files from zip to game folder and load your game. Use Readme file for list of hotkeys. Current version includes 1 recording (1.txt), made for Autumn Ring map. You can safely remove 1.txt file, if you don't have this map installed. Keyboard shortcuts: F1 - Show main menu F10 - Toggle recording Home - Export recorded material End - Toggle editing Pause - Pause playback F7 - Change to topdown camera 1-9 - Warp to drivers more information can be found in Readme.txt REQUIREMENTS: MemBiter v1.2 ScriptHookDotNet Scripthook
  5. _CP_


    VisualIV is a graphic overhaul modification for Grand Theft Auto IV, bringing you a completely redone time cycle and improved color correction to add some life to Liberty City as well as a fixed rendering code, so your playing experience will be more smooth. There are a lot of other tweaks included, like bigger density of cars and pedestrians on roads, removed depth of field etc. Screens: - rewrited weather settings - black clouds bug fixed - fixed a bug with overbrighted bloom - light adaptation added - new water texture - ambient light & shadows from moon added in all areas - compatibility with ENBSeries 1.8 - https://www35.zippyshare.com/v/wDYXXcEq/file.html Older, deprecated versions are available here - http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7008
  6. NTAuthority

    ViIV - levels/gta5/ for GTANY

    get viiv'd here Let's begin this topic with a story, even though a story is not really something I feel like writing at this time, I always tend to start my modification topics with a story. So, while working on CitizenIV, I had various ideas that involved additional cities outside of Liberty/NY. Outside of that, one night I got a random idea regarding making some large-scale modification on a III game involving all III maps being added together using a discovery I had made, but abandoned that idea due to it likely being too distracting from my main project goal. The next day, I decided to check on IV if that code was in any way similar, and if so, to contact the people behind the (then iced, but I thought only due to the basic extent limits) existent V-to-IV map conversion project that allegedly was so popular. As it was similar, I set out on contacting these developers. After talking with these, I noticed that there were much larger streaming-related issues with their conversion, and that their entire workflow was pretty much based on manual importing to a modeling application. so I decided to work on modifying the existing (open-source, thankfully) tooling in order to export directly to OpenIV's import formats (as there's no clear documentation on writing the IV formats whatsoever -- heck, not even for the OpenIV-specific formats -- due to the OIV developers being a bunch of ignorant Russians only slightly better than certain other ignorant Russians who don't release any single thing at all) and therefore almost directly go from source data files to the game. Now, a few weeks of working on tooling and a number of reverse engineering-based crash fixes later, I'm close enough to releasing a first alpha to be making a formal topic in the modification forums on here... so let's get started! What is ViIV? As shown in the topic title, ViIV is a modification aiming to bring the GTA V environment (preferably, all of it, from the northernmost bound to the airport area, including interiors and everything I can manage to figure out) to IV, with the primary purpose of being used as a loadable third-party resource in the CitizenMP:IV multiplayer modification framework that will get announced shortly (in fact, after the first alpha reception is live I'm suspending non-critical development on ViIV to have some time on getting started on CitMP; there's some great ideas I want to see working out there actually ) At this point, I have a basic map (drawables with all shaders existent in IV + non-existent shaders mapped to 'default', archetype definitions, entity placements and basic BVH triangle/box nodes -- lacking collision materials) conversion toolkit, and am currently working on verifying the functioning of the toolset in converting all of the _citye and _cityw areas of V and fixing easily-reproducible crash issues for an initial release of the modification. This release, however, due to GTAF rules, will not be available (or even allowed to be hinted at a download link) on any GTANet websites, so you'd have to figure out how to get it on your own -- the tooling is fairly rough so I'm not intending on releasing said tooling at any point, also in part due to the code it's been based on being GPL-licensed and in part written in a programming language I had no experience in until working on modifying said tool, so I don't want my probably non-idiomatic code being posted for everyone to laugh whatsoever. Media and other assets Screenshots/videos will be sourced from the community around/after release as I have no interest in making screenshots from a player camera perspective myself and can't be bothered to write a proper functioning free camera addon at this point either. Thanks, and have fun!

    GTA Criminal Russia Rage

    Criminal Russia Rage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This mod is a part of the GTA Criminal Russia Rage project. Liberty City is a huge one but ain't you tired of it ? We would like to offer you a piece of russian reality with a high poly models, uniq russian architecture styles and incredible city planning mixed in the one small town. Dark streets and old uninhabited buildings are looking hot while being contrasted to the parks and residental areas. We hope that you will have a lot of joy while exploring this beautiful place ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >>> DOWNLOAD <<< Narod.Ru >>> DOWNLOAD <<< ModdB.COM 550 MB RAR ------------------------------------------ Technical info Support: GTAIV EN ONLY! version: 1.3 type: new map Authors: Mixazzz - modeling, configuring, building a map, project leader. Ank - modeling, texture, design Mahmutil - concept planning, modeling HAO - modeling Rush - modeling [email protected] - modeling [email protected] - modeling Tykran - modeling Devix - modeling Vadigkk - modeling Legion Chaos - modeling Schwarz - modeling Danila - modeling, design Redfill - art design, texture Dalwoo - art design, texture Bob88 - modeling Legiz - road traffic Gene Klimov - radar, project design Alexander - coding, scripting Cashmashinego - logo Special thanks to: Alexander, Good-NTS, Chipsman, 3Doomer, Deniska Release date: 29.06.2012
  8. Wakka387

    Marcus Bellic Mod

    Project has been dead for a while, so I figured I would completely remove the main post due to the current crusade take 2 has had against mods
  9. iiCriminnaaL

    Outfit Enhancements

    This modification includes some simple enhancements for a few player clothing pieces of GTA IV. Namely: The Perseus Mustard Sport Coat (the one with black shirt) has been re-colored to have an identical color to that of the Cream Sport Coat (the one with orange shirt), which makes it less yellowish. The white shirt of Perseus Charcoal Suit has been replaced with a brown version of the Slate Suit's red shirt. The Beige Oxford shoes from Perseus have been re-colored to have a more identical color to that of Perseus' Mustard Sport Coat. The Brown Moccasin shoes from Modo have been re-colored to have a more identical color to that of Modo's Brown Ski (leather) Jacket, tending more to reddish brown than greenish. DOWNLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive Requirements: - SparkIV or OpenIV (to replace the models)
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