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  1. ItsClonkAndre


    IV-Presence IV-Presence allows you to share your actions from GTA IV, TLaD and TBoGT to everyone via Discord's Rich Presence feature. Requirements GTA IV 1040, 1070 or 1080 ASI Loader Download Version 1.2 Screenshots You can find all screenshots here. Suggestions / Bug Report Do you have any suggestions for this mod? Or did you ran into a bug? Write a comment! Other Links GitHub GTAInside
  2. Attramet

    [IV+EFLC] Various Fixes

    I don't want to write a lot, so just look at the list of fixes and screenshots for it. Images on the left - before the fix, on the right - after. Fixed missing ramp texture (image). Fixed missing textures on Cluckin' Bell (image). Fixed missing bin texture (image). Fixed missing texture on Bahama Mamas club (image). Fixed the properties of glass on Algonquin apartment (image). Fixed the properties of glass on Hove Beach station (image). Fixed the properties of glass on random store (image). Fixed the double billboard in Hove Beach (no image for this). Changed texture on warehouse in East Hook (image). Replaced texture of a random store (image). Fixed texture of Brucie's garage door (image). Fixed window texture above the door to the Playboy's house (image). Added black smoke to Regina exhaustst (image). Fixed texture of a dirty window on some establishments in Alderney (image). Fixed the properties of glass on the Charge Island's boatyard (image). Fixed windows on the Firefly Projects buildings (image). Fixed the properties of the billboard in Beechwood City (image). Fixed street names on road signs (image). DOWNLOAD
  3. donnits

    Donnit's Bakery

    Baked Goods A collection of assorted pastries and treats for Grand Theft Auto IV. Customizable Niko Niko can now wear every multiplayer clothing top from PC & the console version, as well unreleased jackets and suits, and many other options taken from the pedestrians of Liberty City. Cycle through head models to select new facial hairstyles, with each having a bald head texture option. His fingerless gloves and beta longer-hair models are used by default. I highly recommend using Zolika1351's Trainer/Mod Menu. Terry Thorpe BETA Version In The Lost and Damned, Terry now wears the shirt seen in his artwork and pre-release screenshots of TLAD by using the an edited model from GTA V that shares the same texture map. Max Payne 3 Weapons Includes cutscene props. Counter-Strike Global Offensive CS:GO Gun Sounds Insurgency Gun Sounds Battlefield 3 Gun Sounds GTA V fxdecal & vehicle textures Replaces GTA IV's fxprojtex and vehicles.img with some of GTA V's higher quality textures. HD APC AI upscale 2048p re-texture with high res NOOSE text and logos. Painted Tugboat Today I did a Street nigga Tug. Beautiful, painted boat Tug. Looks nice, the texture is smooth. Download it and go! iCEnhancer 3 Settings ( Only) Download and install iCEnhancer 3.0 by icelaglace first, and then install these settings. Use only with Patch, they have not been tested any other patches. In the oven...
  4. Attramet

    More Visible Interiors

    You may have noticed that sometimes the windows in the interior do not correspond to the texture that is outside, which is why the whole interior remains hidden from the player's eyes. This mod will allow you to take a look at these interiors. In some cases, the doors will be replaced, because not all the windows can be changed. SCREENSHOTS DONE: Drusilla's. Cluckin' Bell. Phil's office. Bank of Liberty. Comrades bar. Faustin's house(has bug). Roman's cab depot. Pegorino's house. Mr. Fuk's Rice box. Steinway beer garden. Playboy's window fix. Alderney windows fix. TO-DO 69th Diner (although it is available now, it still in development). Michelle's apartment. McReary's house. Apartment in Algonquin. Brucie's apartment. DOWNLOAD
  5. Description: This page is about my GTA IV trainer called "Liberty's Legacy". The main idea of the mod is overall having a trainer with a good looking user interface (UI) and easy/user friendly controls. Also, ever since Rockstar updated GTA IV to include it into their game launcher I have been worried of not being able to use mods on this version. Thankfully, LMS provided a ScriptHook compatibility patch which pretty much solves this issue. However, my initial points lead me into working on this mod. The reason why the title only mentions the latest version of the game is because I haven't tested it on a downgraded version. I'm highly sure that it works on those versions as well though because it is a pure .asi mod based on Aru's ScriptHook. Download Liberty's Legacy v1.5 (latest) Installation: Download and install Aru's ScriptHook (this link also provides .NET ScriptHook) Download and install ASI Loader (if this doesn't load the mods for you, you can try out the Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG) (this only applies to Complete Edition users, latest version Download and install LMS' ScriptHook Compatibility Patch Extract "Liberty's Legacy.asi" and "Liberty's Legacy" folder in to your GTA IV game folder. TIP: By install I mean to extract the necessary files into the game's main folder. This is the folder where the GTA IV executable file (GTAIV.exe) is located at. How to use the trainer: Mouse & keyboard: Open key: F11 Navigation: Arrow UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: ENTER Go back: BACKSPACE Controller: Open key: RB + X ----------------- R1 + Square Navigation: D-Pad UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Accept option: A ------------------ X Go back: B ------------------ Circle Are you a YouTuber? If you want to post a video about this trainer then make sure to credit me in your description. You can copy/paste the following text: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod was created by Const96b: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDyOr3PUEMzEBB9aL4XZ3WA Download link: https://gtaforums.com/topic/973091-gta-iv-12043-libertys-legacy-trainer/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: I would like to thank the GTA IV research community for providing the necessary tools to mod this game. This mod wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those people. Also, I would like to thank Zolika1351 for helping me load game models bypassing an issue I faced on it. You can support my work by: Following me on Twitter Subscribing to my YouTube channel NOTES: The initial page where this mod was posted is Nexus mods and it can be found here. The reasons why I created this topic were the following: People have been re-posting this trainer without my permission on backup websites. I have also seen videos that provide download links that don't lead to the page where I posted the mod at. So, due to these I have decided to create this topic as this is the most popular platform for content related to GTA. On top of that, people can find here a download link that doesn't require to register in order to access the mod files. P.S.: I don't have much experience with this platform as I don't use it often but I'm willing to give it a second chance and be more active. I'll try to answer any questions related to this trainer as soon as possible. Screenshots: Change logs:
  6. Hello Everyone, sorry for coming back again with new stuff. This time I created a Minigun weapon model and its Animation. Here are some Screens : Download Link : Minigun Texture (WTD) Minigun Animation Minigun Model (WDR) i know the model muzzle is buggy (its the fault of m249 model as it dont have the muzzle bone)
  7. carl69

    beta merit and maverick pack

    merit pack:https://www.mediafire.com/file/9jij825fdsfazzn/police2+and+taxi2+beta.rar/file maverick pack:https://www.mediafire.com/file/b16us0n5dh80vdd/beta_maverick_pack.rar/file and you can report some bug on mod just make a comment about the bug
  8. iiCriminnaaL

    iiCriminnaaL's Workshop

    iiCriminnaaL's Workshop I guess this is a better place to list my mods than in my profile . GTA IV/EFLC [IV/EFLC] Potential Grim [IV/EFLC] Responsive Plus [IV/EFLC] The Hardcore Lost MC [IV/EFLC] Sweet Autumn [IV] Outfit Enhancements [WIP|TBOGT] The Disaster of Gay Tony
  9. This mod aims to restore all the cut and pre-release content from GTA IV Beta to the final game. I will be creating every stage of GTA 4 Beta. Downloads: Screens: Checklist: ________ Stage 1 ___________ GTA TLAD Characters Beta Johnny - WIP _____________ GTA TBoGT Characters: Beta Luis - WIP ________ GTA IV Vehicles Beta License Plates - Done Beta Car Interiors - WIP No Car Grain - Done Beta Comet - WIP Beta Feroci - WIP Beta Merit - WIP Beta Hakumai - WIP Beta Roman's taxi - WIP Beta Esperanto - WIP Beta Chavos - WIP Beta Taxi - WIP Beta Cavalcade - WIP Beta Dilettante - WIP Beta Turismo - WIP Beta Landstalker - WIP ____________ Animations Beta Uzi Animation - Done Beta Walking Animation - WIP ____________ Characters Beta Niko - WIP Beta Packie - Done Beta Badman - Done Beta Jacob - WIP Beta Ilyena - Done __________ Weapons Revolver - WIP Silenced Pistol - WIP Beta Bat - Done Beta AK-47 - WIP Beta Glock - Done Beta MP5 - WIP _____ HUD Waypoint Icon From Sa - Done Beta Radar - WIP Beta Money and Ammo Font - Done Beta Wanted Star - Done Beta Badger Phone - WIP ______ Audio Beta Loading Screen Music - WIP _____ Map Carraways - WIP Russian Shop to Binco - WIP _________ Optional No Euphoria Physics - Done (Has Bugs) ____________ Main Menu Beta Logo - Done Console Loading Screens - Done _______________ American.GXT Characters Renamed Maxwell Caughlin to Maxwell Caddy Vehicles Renamed Freeway to Bobber Renamed Sabre and Sabre 2 to Carlito Renamed Contender to E109 Renamed Intruder to Endo Renamed Cavalcade FXT to EXT Renamed Faggio to Faggio-Z Renamed Ingot to Flatpack Renamed Marbelle to Marbella Renamed Sabre GT to Sabre Turbo Renamed Securicar to Stockade Renamed Roman's Taxi to Albany Map Renamed Outlook to Overlook Renamed Modo to Zip Renamed Russian shop to Binco ______ Other Beta Timecycle - WIP If you're good with modelling vehicles, texturing characters, editing the timecycle or writing scripts, you can DM me if you're interested. I started working on Carraways. Working on early Niko.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm back with another stuff. I came up with this idea when some guys were talking about Modloader and then thought about GTA IV Modloader but no one created a Modloader for GTA IV. Every GTA has a Modloader except our Papa Game. So here I present a Modloader for GTA IV: Feature- There is a mods folder and you can load anything limited to "wdr/wdd/wft/wbd/wbn/TXT/ide/dat/img/RPF" There is an example how I created stuffs. If you wanna disable mod loader then go to game folder/common/data/gta.dat or use ZolikaPatch gta.dat override setting (I haven't used ZolikaPatch gta.dat override method but you can try) The folder structure is: mods/anim/anim.img mods/models/weapons.img mods/models/cars.img mods/models/bikes.img mods/models/boats.img mods/models/helis.img mods/models/maps.img mods/images.txt mods/data/animgrp.dat mods/data/carcols.dat mods/data/handling.dat mods/data/default.ide mods/data/peds.ide mods/data/vehicles.ide mods/data/vehOff.csv mods/data/pedpersonality.dat mods/data/pedvariations.dat mods/data/weaponinfo.xml Its Vanilla method of loading mods without touching main game files so you all need to use Fastman Limit Adjuster by @fastman92 Thanks for this fastman Link: (Discord Download Link) : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/795301744396599356/832604622836465714/mods.zip And Nexus Mods link: https://www.nexusmods.com/gta4/mods/110 Join Discord to get more help: https://discord.gg/Qu5H4bRPMs
  11. ItsClonkAndre

    Death Music IV

    Death Music IV Death Music IV is a simple mod where when you die, a random music track will be played. There are 6 default death musics included, these 6 are the original ones from GTA IV. ScriptHookDotNet needed! Download Version 1.4 GTAinside: https://www.gtainside.com/gta4/mods/162559-death-music-iv/ GitHub: https://github.com/ClonkAndre/DeathMusicIV Videos Custom Music You can add you own music as well! Just drag & drop any of your .mp3 or .wav file into the DeathMusicIV folder and your music is now implemented! Episode Specific Music You can also add the following prefixes to the beginning of your music filename: gtaiv_*, tbogt_* and tlad_* if you play for example The Lost And Damned, only the files with tlad_ at the beginning will be played. The same applies for GTAIV and TBOGT. If you dont give your file a prefix, then this file is going to be a general file. General files are being played when there are no files with a prefix for the specific episode. * : Any filename. Little Example: Death_1.mp3 - Death_6.mp3 are general files because they have no prefix and can be played in every episode if there are no soundtracks for the specific episode. gtaiv_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for GTA IV. tlad_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for The Lost And Damned. tbogt_Death_1.mp3 would be a soundtrack specifically for The Ballad Of Gay Tony. LH_Death_1.mp3 would be a low health specific soundtrack. Ini File Explanation RndSeed : Seed for randomized number generator. Please only enter numbers. Leave blank for random seed. (Default: empty) FadeOut : Fades the music out when you respawn. (Default: true) FadeIn : Fades the music in when you die or are on low health (see: PlayWhenNearDeath). (Default: true) FadingSpeed : How fast the music should fade in milliseconds. Please only enter numbers. (Default: 3000) PlayWhenNearDeath : Music will play if you are NEAR death (low health). (Default: false) Bugged NearDeathHealth : At wich health level should the music start? (Default: 15) Volume : The volume of the music. (Default: 20) Version History 1.4 (Bugfix release) Bugfix 1.3 Added to ability to add low health specific soundtracks with the prefix: LH_ 1.2 Added the option to play death music on low health. 1.1 Added the ability to add episode specific music files. 1.0 Release
  12. ermaccer


    GTAIVHook is a open source plugin for GTA IV which adds a ImGui based menu to the game, accessible at any time with the F1 (currently not configureable) key press. I've made this plugin mostly because I couldn't find anything reliable/modern to spawn stuff for CE version of GTA IV. Features Car Spawner Weapon Spawner Teleporter Installation GTAIVHook requires Ultimate ASI Loader. Place GTAIVHook.asi in any place where UAL can read it (root folder, scripts/plugins). Downloads from releases sections have UAL bundled. GTAIVHook was developed and tested only with the latest Steam version of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition ( Issues - Changing resolution crashes in-game, the setting is saved though. - Alt-tabbing will be glitchy. If you can, use windowed with native resolution. - If you get a crash on startup, remove imgui.ini file from GTA IV folder. Download Credits: Testing - @Jinx. @Sneed Support - @ThirteenAG
  13. Waypoint Distance VStyle This mod will show you the distance from your position, to the waypoint you set. It also shows an arrow always in the direction of your waypoint. Like in GTA V. Download Version 1.5 gtainside: https://www.gtainside.com/en/gta4/mods/152320-waypoint-distance-vstyle/ Notes - If you want to use this mod, you will need ScriptHookDotNet. - If you want to use the GTA V Style Radar, you need the ZolikaMenu and GTA IV Version - (ZolikaMenu does not work with the 2020 Complete Edition. Waypoint Distance VStyle does work with the 2020 CE). Screenshots Recommendations If you have any recommendations or something, just write a comment! Version History / Changelog Version 1.5 The text is now more flat. You can decide if you want the text to have a shadow behind it. And you can set the size of the shadow too. You can decide if the text should be bold. "UseAutoPosition" added. This option automatically adapts the text to the current screen resolution so you dont have to type in the values manually if you dont have a 1920x1080 monitor. You can use those 2 values: TextPosX and TextPosY as an offset for the text (Only works if you set "UseAutoPosition" to true.). If you set "UseAutoPosition" to false, those 2 values become the position of the text. UseAutoPosition is set to true by default. Added support for Zolika's Menu V Radar(s)! "AutoEnableWhenZMenuIsInstalled" added. This option will check if you have the ZolikaMenu installed. If you have it installed, the text will change its position to fit the V Radar. "EnableDisableKey" added. This will let you change from V Radar text style to default text style. Default key: F8 "RadarStyle" added. In the ZolikaMenu you have 3 options for the V Radar: Beta, LG and NG. If you want to use "LG", then you need to set the value of this option to "LG", this also applies for the 2 other styles. Default value: NG Version 1.2 You can now choose a custom font for the text. You can now choose the font size for the text. You can enable "UseEpisodeTextColor" to enable the current episode color for the text. (See images for an example) The position of the text can now be changed. Version 1.1 The text will now hide if the hud is disabled in the options. Version 1.0 : Release
  14. Video Games Friend Activity Niko should originally be able to play video games with his friends. This feature was cut but, there are still some voice lines left from Niko, Roman, Brucie and Dwayne. So i decided to bring this feature back. In GTA IV, when you go to your safe house and stand in front of the TV, if you are not in a hangout, you can press "G" to play single player video games. When you are in a hangout, you can press "E" to play some video games with your hangout. If your hangout is Roman, Brucie or Dwayne, then they will also react to the game you are about to play. Download Version 1.0 GitHub: https://github.com/ClonkAndre/GTAIV-VGFA gtainside: https://www.gtainside.com/gta4/mods/161960-video-games-friend-activity-vgfa/ Notes - If you want to use this mod, you will need ScriptHookDotNet. - If you want to exit the current game, or exit the Afari Interface, press "Backspace". Currently implemented Games - Classic PONG Classic PONG controls: Arrow Keys Up, Down. Classic PONG bugs - AI is pretty bad and is a bit glitchy. If you want to contribute, you can check out the GitHub Page. Creating your own game You can also create your own games and share them with the world! Check out the GitHub Wiki on how to create your own game. Version History 1.0 : Release Have fun!
  15. Jeansowaty

    Beta Silenced Pistol + extras

    Old Man Jeansowaty here, with a new mod! A friend of mine who doesn't mod GTA and neither does he use GTAForums, modelled the beta Beretta-based Silenced Pistol for me to rig for GTA IV. This one. We reused the texture and the magazine that was left over in the cspistol.wdr file. And well, here it is! As a bonus, I also included an unsilenced version of said pistol, and a handmade silenced original Glock pistol (silencer taken from the P90 from TBOGT). Linky: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uc5x0rbnwEiHE6Mda5IyYWW6HH6tXeQz/view?usp=sharing Installation: Do whatever you want, replace or add it. Pro-tip - if you decide to add it, name it "w_silenced". This will make it have the Silenced Pistol sounds. Enjoy!
  16. ItsClonkAndre

    ChaosIV Twitch Edition

    ChaosIV Twitch Edition ChaosIV Twitch Edition is an extended version of the original ChaosIV Mod by lempamo. In this version, your twitch viewers can control the chaos by voting for any of the 4 given effects. The effects will always be random except for the fourth one, which is always a "Random" option. Inspired by the Chaos Mod for GTA V. A list of all effects currently implemented: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16mKSpQb9KH387viPWK97ejFQ6xchB1lvvpeXNYW66rI/edit?usp=sharing Important information: Version 0.8.1 is the last update of ChaosIV Twitch Edition. The Twitch Edition was only supposed to be a temporary solution for the twitch chat integration. Now i will be updating the original ChaosIV to version 1.5 which will also include the twitch chat integration and of course all bugfixes and new effects from version 0.8.1 of the Twitch Edition. Visit the GitHub page of ChaosIV and hit the "Watch" button at the topper right of the page to stay tuned whenever i upload a new version for ChaosIV. You can continue to use this version, but i wont update it anymore. Tho, if you still find any bugs in the Twitch Editon please open up a new issue on the ChaosIV GitHub page. Download version 0.8.1 Installation and showcase: https://youtu.be/UM3YG5AMvqQ GitHub: https://github.com/lempamo/ChaosIV If you want to use this mod, you WILL need ScriptHookDotNet. If you want to upgrade from your older version of ChaosIV Twitch Edition, i would recommend you to delete ALL older files that came with ChaosIV Twitch Edition. Bugs If you click on "Connect to twitch" it wont sometimes actually connect you to twitch. The menu items are grayed out an the only way out is to reload the scripts. (Or to restart the voting window) The effect "Set Player Into Closest Vehicle (ID 47)" and "Set Player Into Random Vehicle (ID 48)" can cause some problems like loosing the ability to control your character. If you find any more bugs please let me know! Version history 0.8.1 Added 2 new effects Made slight changes to Fake Crash effect. Gave player a bit more time for The Floor Is Lava effect. Optimized Meta Effect Deploy Time. 0.8 Added 10 new effects. Added Meta effects! The category of each effect will now be displayed in the effects menu at the bottom of the menu. You can no longer die that fast on Blade Hunger. You Are Famous is no longer a timed effect due to heavy framedrops. Changed "Spawn An Angry Doctor Who Wants To Knife You" effect. The doctor now spawns infront of you. 0.7 Added 5 new effects You Are Famous is now a timed effect. One Beer To Much updated. Added RecentEffectsTimerFill option in ChaosIVTwitchEdition.ini 0.6.3 All mod colors are now customizable including the colors in the voting window. 0.6.2 Added 1 new effect. Tried to fix "Player Ragdolls When Shot" effect. (Effect worked in my tests) Fixed "No Traffic" effect. 0.6.1 Added 5 new effects. Viewers can no longer vote for "4" if there are only effects from 5-8 in the voting window. 0.6 Added 11 new effects. Users can now change their vote. Effects that are shown in the voting window will now change their numbers from 1-4 to 5-8 that prevents twitch from holding back the same message. Edited some effects. Tried to fix an error when effect "Scooter Brothers" got deployed. (Effect worked in my tests) Added some new effect options in the EffectOptions.ini 0.5.1 Added 4 new effects. Edited some effects. 0.5 Completely rewrote the entire thing. Added 13 new effects. Fixed some bugs. It is no longer possible to only have one effect in your voting window instead of 4. Redesigned the Voting Window and made it resizeable. Added effects menu. 0.2.5 Fixed that bug that didn't allow the disabled effects to be disabled. Added a new effect called "One Beer To Much". 0.2 Navigation keys for the menu can now be configured. Default keys are now the arrow keys. "EffectOptions" section in the ChaosIVTwitchEdition.ini was moved to a seperate file called "EffectOptions.ini". 0.1 Release Have fun!
  17. Grand Theft Auto IV & EFLC Beta Mod this is modification that restores some of the cut and changed content during the development of the game.
  18. Jeansowaty

    Beta IV Combat Shotgun

    Jeansowaty & @Onlinegamehunter1 present... So the final Combat Shotgun in GTA IV had a very inaccurate and early looking icon. I also didn't like the reload animation of it. After a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that the Combat Shotgun in IV was originally a Pump Shotgun (judging by the model name being w_pumpshot, for example). I asked OGH1 to help me with modelling a gun based on the icon and a beta render. After that was done, I rigged it up and made a variant, which is based on said render - the rear part of the beta shotgun and fron part of the final one. And, here they are. Enjoy! w_pumpshot2 is the shotgun on the first pic, w_betashot is the shotgun on the second one. I might release fixes to the final Combat Shotgun to fit the lore as well https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452421818867777537/808434958540603412/IV_Beta_Combat_Shotguns.zip
  19. ermaccer

    Explosive Shotgun Patch

    Explosive Shotgun Patch is a simple open source plugin for GTA IV Complete Edition (only CE) which allows you to use episode exclusive content such as explosive shotgun and APC vehicle in base game assuming you have added them. Pictures: Installation is simple, you'll just need Ultimate ASI Loader installed. Drop the .asi plugin into main folder. Download: https://github.com/ermaccer/GTAIV.ExplosiveShotgunPatch/releases/ Testers: @[email protected]
  20. Panzermann11

    Pedestrian Cosmetic Fixes

    Overview This mod restores several unused cosmetic features for pedestrians such as glasses, watches & wristbands, hats for some pedestrians, leather jackets for Alderney police officers and also adding additional fixes. For additional changes, please click below. Download here! Just drag the folders to your GTA 4 and EFLC directory. For .img folders, use OpenIV to replace the models in the corresponding .img files.
  21. NativeUI IV Library (Screenshot of version 0.7) Download Version 0.8.1 A important change was made for version 0.5. Please check the version history for version 0.5. You can download every version of NativeUI IV down below in the version history section. NativeUI IV also available on GTAinside.com Documentation: NativeUI Documentation What is NativeUI? NativeUI IV is a ScriptHookDotNet based library to easily create your own Rockstar-like menus for GTA IV. Menu features Controller support Event-based callbacks Current menu items Default menuitem to show text (can also be used as a button) A checkbox A list item Item features Items can be enabled or disabled. You can give every item a name. You can give every item a description. You can now create a new menu, and bind it to a item. So if the user clicks on that item, the binded menu will show up. (Works only with default items) Suggestions If you have any suggestions for the next version of NativeUI IV, comment your suggestion down below! Known bugs The item description rectangle does not adapt to the item description text, meaning that, when the description text is too long, the text will leave the rectangle. If anyone knows how to fix this, please contact me. Version history 0.8.1 - Bug fix release Fixed System.ArgumentOutOfRange exception when menu item count is below MaxItemsVisibleAtOnce value. 0.8 The menu is now scrollable! You can set how many items should be visible at once with this menu property: "MaxItemsVisibleAtOnce" (Thanks to @Teki for helping me with this) With this feature, you can now add as many items as you want to the menu. 0.7 Now with animated banner support! 0.6 The letter "g" will no longer be cut off from the text. - Before: After: 0.5 Changed the class name "NativeUI.Menu" to "NativeUI.UIMenu" to prevent conflictions between "System.Windows.Forms.Menu" and "NativeUI.Menu". Added the ability to bind menus to default items. With that, you can create an easy nested menu system. 0.4 Added sounds for navigating through the menu or clicking on items. Sounds can be enabled or disabled with: NativeUI.Menu.Options.enableMenuSounds. 0.3 Selected item index and max item (1 / 7) now changes it's position dynamically through its lenght. Added the ability to use custom icons for default menu items. 0.2 Added a list item. 0.1 - Release. Inspired by NativeUI for GTA 5.
  22. B Dawg

    the l0st

    The L0st is a dumb meme mod that transforms the TLAD Story/Campaign into a brand new, retarded experience. Features (intentionally vague, don't check everything out in OpenIV or data files ) : Pre-requisites: The mod was built with some Rainbomizer features in mind and comes with it's own configuration files. You can download Rainbomizer here. Installation: Mod was made/packed for easy drag & drop install with Patch 7/8 folder structure in mind (DLC > TLAD > content > etc...) so you'll have to change it if you use the latest version. Only 2 files are replaced (IV carcols.dat and TLAD setup2.xml, the rest of the mod is self-contained, backup files included) Bugs: Starting Gang Wars or Friend Activities on the Police Bike breaks them (cannot be completed, friends don't spawn and activity cannot be canceled, long term effects are unknown). No other known bugs. Credits: Some of the models/textures used from The Hardcore Lost MC Custom motorcycles from Bikers DLC Download
  23. I've tried my best to craft a downpatch tool for Complete Edition with patches that have 100% data integrity with the games' original DVD EFIGS releases. The point of this tool is to give you a clean slate of IV that you can work off of. My patches do not provide any fixes, and as such, you will have to get the game running yourself. This will not give you a working game out of the box. Compatibility Windows: Windows XP 32bit/64bit or up Linux: Any relatively modern distro with Wine Linux users please run this in Wine for case-insensitive file names. Prerequisites - Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 (x86) - Linux users: Install this in your Wine prefix by using winetricks instead: winetricks -q vcrun2010 - An unmodified version of the Grand Theft Auto IV's Steam release (Currently supported: - A bunch of hard disk space. I'd say have about ~40GB free, if you want to have both IV and EFLC installed. Tool Download 1.2.2010 md5: 1ab2e20c3db9295734be62dda5384d1a Old versions Patches IV (1.7GB) - Mirrors: md5: 254f1033838dcb7ad18af847663f86db EFLC (4.5GB) - Mirrors: md5: f6d2982cfc747af1c7e5dafe4cbb1c99 Do not complain to me if any of the mirrors are, or become infected. Always verify the md5 yourself after downloading. If you use Windows, I recommend you download hashutils and use md5sum. If you have Windows Vista or newer, you can use certutil -hashfile file.7z MD5 to check. How to apply a patch 1. Download the tool. Extract it anywhere. 2. Download a patch, or multiple. Extract the folder(s) into the tool's patches folder. 3. Run DownpatchIV.exe - If you have Python installed, you can also run DownpatchIV.py from the src folder. 4. You will be asked where Complete Edition is, which patch to apply, and where to output to. Enter the data accordingly. 5. Drink your favorite gamer beverage while you wait for it to patch. How to check your game's integrity 1. Download the tool. Extract it anywhere. 2. Download a patch, or multiple. Extract the folder(s) into the tool's patches folder. 3. Run CheckIntegrity.exe - If you have Python installed, you can also run CheckIntegrity.py from the src folder. 4. You will be asked where your game is, and what patch to compare to. Enter the data accordingly. 5. Drink your favorite gamer beverage while you wait for the integrity check. How to make your own patch 1. Download the tool. Extract it anywhere. 2. Run PatchMaker.exe - If you have Python installed, you can also run PatchMaker.py from the src folder. 3. You will be asked where Complete Edition is, where the game is to patch to, and the name of the patch. Enter the data accordingly. 4. Drink your favorite gamer beverage while you wait for the patch to be created. 5. Optional: Share your patch online. Troubleshooting - Patcher complains about missing files: Try verifying your game's data in steam and retry. - Patcher outputs an error: Look closely at the error message and see if you can figure it out yourself. Otherwise, feel free to post it here. - Game does not run or asks for a key: As mentioned above, the patches here aim for integrity and are based off of original DVD data, so SecuROM will not allow you to play. Hot-tip: If you're trying to play EFLC and it crashes either after the intro, or after loading the game, open regedit and go to either (create keys if they don't exist): - 64-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Rockstar Games\EFLC - 32-bit OS: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rockstar Games\EFLC Create a new String Value inside, call it InstallFolder and set it to your patched game's path. Don't use quotes. Please help me host the patches! If you have the bandwidth to spare, please host my patches - unchanged (same md5) - in your webspace and post them in this thread. I will add you to the mirror list. I would prefer raw download links, but I will also accept others. You can also seed the torrent if you already have a copy (See Patches section).
  24. First there was The Hardcore Lost MC, now get ready for The Softcore Angels Of Death MC. Little meme mod I made because why not. No edited peds.ide stuff or anything (maybe another time, set up your own crazy sh*t), just the edited texture files and slightly edited .wdd parameters via openformats. Screenshots: Download
  25. B Dawg

    More Varied Handling

    The purpose of the mod is to make cars within a class more distinct from each other, while also fixing some oddities. Changes: Supercars - Global changes: Higher speed & traction values to differentiate themselves more from Sportscars. SuperGT - Speed & traction values more on par with other Supercars, because such a rare vehicle shouldn't feel on par with Sportscars or slower; Turismo - Highest traction & the best steering, but the slowest in it's class; Infernus - The fastest in it's class, slightly more traction, but suffers from understeer; Comet - No changes apart from just more speed. Sportscars: Sultan RS - Higher speed & traction. Should no longer feel underpowered compared to the Coquette & Banshee. Banshee - For some reason it used to be the best handling car of it's class, rivaling some Supercars. No more! The ABS is gone! Traction's been reduced. But there's something to make up for it: That's right. The Banshee is now a Torque Monster! Should feel much more like an older generation Viper. Coquette - Unchanged. Musclecars: Tampa - Is no longer a copy pasted Sabre GT handling wise. Only change is slightly less traction; Sabre GT - For a Turbo/Supercharged early 70's Muscle car, it was far too grippy. No more. Now it's much closer to it's San Andreas equivalent. Tiny speed boost included to compensate; Dukes - Slightly more power & understeer. Motorcycles: Hellfury - To not be a straight downgrade in comparison to most other motorcycles (less traction with nothing to make up for it), it received a tiny speed boost; Sanchez - A lot more traction, lower speed. Potentially more changes in the future. Download
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