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Found 47 results

  1. Jinx.

    The Beta Collection

    This is a mod collection and a collaboration between multiple users that aims to feature as many changes from III's development history as possible. It's also a reason to do a quality inspection and release some mods I did that were gatekept for a while. The folder will be updated from time to time so keep an eye on the thread for any new content. In the meanwhile, enjoy SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD CREDITS Jinx. - Peds, vehicles R4gn0r0k - HUD and UI stuff Matt1010 - Logo, texture help Xinerki - HUD Colors script The Hero - Blue Radar and E3 timecyc Mr Jago - playerx cutscene head, peds Sergiu - Textures xSapphirePlayz - Carcols The community for all the findings
  2. Son Of Big Boss

    SOBB's Workshop

    Welcome to my workshop. Here you'll find lore friendly vehicle mods and accurate beta vehicle recreations for the classic GTA Trilogy. Some content is still under development, so the workshop will receive updates from time to time. If you want to support me you can donate a bit of money, I will appreciate any help granted. Become my Patron https://www.patreon.com/sonofbigboss Shoutout to Mr. Jago for his support as Patron Otherwise, if you want to donate using Paypal instead: Note: It is highly recommended, for better enjoyment, to install Silent Patch, and SkyGFX, as some of the mods need them, links can be found here MISC MODS BETA MODS MISC MODS MISC MODS
  3. Forever L

    [III|VC|SA] Spanish GXT

    This is kind of complicated isn't it? In case you don't know, I'm from Argentina. The Spanish language is my main language. The GXT versions of all the GTAs (I think) have always been translated into Spanish, but the one spoken in Spain. I have nothing against the work they did, but it is done with many peculiarities of that form of Spanish, such as the way of speaking, or certain very specific words. That, and an incredible and horrible censorship. There was never an official version of a more 'neutral' Spanish for the other countries, mainly in Latin America. Well, I didn't know what else to do, so I went through the GXT files, trying to fix that. * New complete translation of all dialogues, not just changing some words, it is a complete revision. * The names of all missions remain in English, like in SA. * Considerable simplification of certain lines of text, mainly help lines, and menus. * As for the help texts and the menus, they all have the same word base, so they all say the same thing, and try to keep the same structure. * Almost complete removal of censorship. Done WIP WIP
  4. IlyaKostygov

    GTA3: Steelport.

    GTA3: Steelport. GTA3: Steelport is a modification that replaces the usual Liberty City with a completely new city - Steelport. The city was not exactly copied from its prototype from the computer game Saints Row 3, however, it is processing the original version into a more recognizable city for those interested in the US East Coast. In part, this version of the city was inspired by New York and, in particular, Manhattan. In this version, only one island will be available to you - the Commercial Part of the City - but I myself hope to continue to develop the remaining areas and, over time, provide for downloading a more complete version of the city. Authors: Till Lindermann..., DMITRY_R, aleks926820, Hellen, Sanek777, Daniltk2. The authors of third-party modifications are listed in the "Third-Party" Text File! Beta1.Screenshots. Video. Source1. Source2. Successful installation and pleasant game! Ilya Kostygov aka Till Lindermann ... 2019.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 3 - The Leftovers Fix GTA 3 may not be that broken as VC, SA and IV but it still has some bugs and differences with PS2. This community mod aims to fix bugs and use best assets in PC vanilla quality *Claude Liberty *Blackbird88 *fastman92 *inadequate *Jinx. *JohnnyK *Fire_Head *Reflections *Mugetsuga *Tomasak CorePack - Last Update: 24/12/2016 Ped fix (since i forgot to pack it in corepack) PS2 Feels III Edition PS2 Original sound quality (requires VBdec) PS2 radio dispatch voice *Cleo *SilentPatch *Skygfx *Steam Car Colour Fix *GTA3 Widescreen Fix *PS2 Loadscreens *Mouse Wheel Radio Changer *Sit in boat fix *LOD fix (can be renamed to ASI to be used with standard Ultimate Asi loader) CorePack DISCLAIMER: All modifications has been tested and works correctly, anyway I don't take responsibility for any damages that may appear after or while installing of one or various modifications. Install at your own risk.
  6. Are you bored of 2001 GTA 3 atmosphere and you want it to be refreshed? Or maybe you just want a remaster as befits a 2020 year? Your dreams have just came true. And here it comes, another project from HamX & Sasuu. We have learned a lot making mods to GTA 3D universe, so now we were able to start creating something different, something better and something much more interesting. This time, we are recreating GTA IV atmosphere in good old GTA 3, pushing the renderware engine to its limits by replacing almost everything in the game. Map comes from GTA 3 XBOX (it's much more detailed than PC one) and it has bigger quality textures and we also have plans to fit as many GTA IV buildings into it as possible. About the cars, we are converting them from GTA 4. Weapons came from GTA 4. To make graphics closer to GTA 4, we used SkyGFX and ReShade. And we couldn't forget about hud similar to GTA 4 which was made by ThirteenAG. Hope you enjoy this, we are putting a lot of work into this and hope for good reception. HamX - idea of the project, supervision Sasuu - help with almost everything bibidibabidibu - map editing, textures, peds xSapphirePlayz (aka Tommy Sexcetti) - Sound and main.scm scripting HectorOConner - graphics, audio and misc and of course - Our Discord community GTA IV/V cars GTA III XBOX map GTA LCS/III XB particles GTA IV/V vegetation GTA IV roads GTA IV fonts GTA IV peds (using Skin and Bones) GTA IV buildings and objects GTA IV radiostations GTA IV menu & loading screens SkyGFX config PS2 animations (more realistic and smoother) new timecycle BETA 1: Changelog: Alpha 0.2 stable: Changelog: Open Beta Test: Discord (report bugs & download):
  7. Forever L

    [III] LCS Peds

    Well, another debt. Finally, I can show this. Here I bring you the pedestrians from Liberty City Stories, for GTA3. Gangs Law Enforcements Females Males ModLoader by @LINK/2012 Skin and Bones by @The Hero @The Hero for DFF Importer and Exporter for 3DS Max Law Enforcements Females Males
  8. Under new management This mod is a Total Conversion for III/VC and possibly SA that aims to bring the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D era. While working on this, I will be trying to learn more about modding GTA III and Vice city. That said, help is always appreciated GTA Renderware Edition - III Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - VC Team Original Map - Ss4gogeta0 & Redreaper666 Collisions and editing - Sharpie_Eastern Porting & Ped Paths - Sharpie_Eastern Vehicles & Peds - deadman23 Audio - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA Renderware Edition - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Parik Art - Jeansowaty Audio & Coding - Ss4gogeta0 Radio Icons - Graven, FunkyRJ Progress: GTA London - SA Team Porting & Collisions - patczuch Additional Mapping - Wakka387 Vehicles: Click to Join Click to Join Special Thanks CRAZYGTASAINT - For his contribution of files from his previous GTA 1 mod, I will be using some things test
  9. MrFinger

    [SA] Uncompressed SFX Pack

    The amount of attempts at finding the original sources of the GTA sounds were in vain, almost to nothing could've been found about them until now. Now, we have found literally what has been searched for years. This modification gives you an experience on what the sounds are like without much compression. For now only version for SA is available. III and VC versions coming soon! List of new HQ uncompressed sounds [SA] : Bonus folder contains HQ versions of: Don't forget to watch comparison videos below!: Downloads: SA Version III Version [WIP] VC Version [WIP] FAQ: Special thanks to: @Matt1010 For cover and few footsteps sounds @4Arty For loops of Cheetah, Club, BF Injection and Linerunner
  10. GTA III: Stories is a conversion that attempts to bring the feeling of Liberty City Stories on III Engine by adding stuff from LCS like Maps, Buildings, Objects, Vehicles, Interiors, Peds and some features. We won't be converting each and every aspect of the game, this includes features that are not yet supported by the GTA III Engine. Map Objects & Buildings. All Cars, Helis & Plane models. Reflections and Textures. Pickups. Some Interiors. 1. Any planned Missions? A: None as of now. My objective is to port the whole map first before getting major stuff working. 2. Functional Motorbikes? A: Motorbikes won't be added. Just cars. 3. Will there be Safehouses? A: Yes, and they can be saved into. This includes saving in Interiors. So far only the Portland Garage is the one that works. LC Stories Build Update: 28th July 2020 Update: 27th July 2020 (use on a clean copy of GTA III) Ped Skin textures fixed and are no longer bugged. Minor corrections to the code from Home Sweet Home. Staunton Safehouse now accessible. Save feature available at Staunton Safehouse. Widescreen Fix included for better viewing. Small texture corrections. Instructions: Install over a clean copy. 1.1 version of the game is recommended. Replace the mod files over the clean GTA3 copy. Start a new game. That's it. Do not delete the txd.img or txd.dir. Click on the above image to download.
  11. Jimmy

    Jimmy's III Era Workshop

    Welcome to my III Era Modding Workshop. Listed here are the Mods I've made for III Era Games. While I do most of the work, provide appropriate credits to people whose work has been used. Most of my Mods are GTA III based and are Cars, Small Texture Mods or Script Mods. I hope you guys will like them. Also, the mods are linked to their GTAGarage Pages. Feel free to leave feedback on the same. + Cartel Crusher (WIP) Thanks for the feedback everyone. Was working on the Cartel Cruiser earlier and started messing with a few data. Now, I present the Cartel Crusher. It's a sort of Monster Truck version of the Cruiser. Can easily maneuver over other vehicles and less prone to over turning. Improved the wheelbase and suspension to make it more like a Monster Truck. You can easily slide a vehicle under it without any issues. + Improved GTA III Script This Script modification is a collection of script improvements that I did for easier gameplay and allowing some perks early in game which can come in handy.Max Player Health is 250 now. Sentinel in Give Me Liberty El Burro Missions Available at start Porter Tunnel open after Luigi's Girls Callahan Bridge open after Luigi's Girls Subway open after Luigi's Girls King Courtney's Missions available after Luigi's Girls The Leone Mafia no longer will attack you after Sayonara Salvatore The Uptown Yardies no longer will attack you after Kingdom Come BF Injection is now parked at Hepburn Heights Landstalker is now available around Portland like the Stories Changed some executive and richfamily car spawns Changed Parked Car Locations around Portland + Screenshots + Download: GTAGarage + Toni's LCS Safe House in Portland Converted Toni's LCS Portland Safehouse. The construction crane had to be hidden in the blue hell. Download at GTAGarage. + Other Modifications for GTA III Rainy & Dark Weather: This mod modifies the GTAIII timecycle to be a darker and Rainy one. The sky remains more dark till morning. GTA LCS Thunderrodd: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Thunderrodd to GTA III. GTA LCS Kuruma: This is a simple conversion of the LCS Vehicle Kuruma to GTA III. GTA III Unlocked Script: This mod that allows a user to complete all missions in any order, just after Luigi's Girls. You can basically access all the islands as well. Beta Cops Model: A simple Cop model from the Beta Edition of GTA III. This is a small texture replacement that adds mustached cop models in game. Beta Gang Cars: This mod sets the Gang Members to drive the cars meant to be used while GTA III was still in Beta Phase. Attached below is a list of what vehicles each gang drives. SA Misc Sounds: This mod changes the misc sounds to SA sounds. Like pickup, click sounds. Just replace the files in audio folder. IV Mission Complete Sound: This changes the mission complete sound to the one of IV. Just copy the file to the audio folder. Fed Ex Rumpo: This is a simple conversion of the Fed Ex Van to GTA III. GTA IV Loadscreen: This is changes the boring blue loadscreen to a colorful and new IV style loadscreen. DHL Van: This is a simple conversion of the DHL Van to GTA III. Better Weapon Sounds: With this mod you can change the boring low quality sounds to high quality ones. VC Admiral: The mods brings the Admiral car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Kuruma. VC Sabre: This mods brings the Sabre car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Manana. VC Topfun Van: This is a simple conversion of the VC Topfun to GTA III. VC Voodoo: This is a simple conversion of the VC Voodoo to GTA III. This mod will replace Yardie Lobo. VC Washington: This is a simple conversion of the VC Washington to GTA III. Replaces Blista. VC Comet: The mods brings the Comet car from Vice City to III. It replaces the Bobcat. San Andreas Car Colors: This mod changes the car colors of the GTA III Cars to be similar to their San Andreas Counterparts. Thanks to for the Logo, @Jinx. & @Blue for the encouragement.
  12. Inadequate

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras

    Enhanced Vehicle Extras This modification is too simple and just aims to add extras to some vehicles from GTA3 and GTA Vice City. _______ Extras present on GTA Vice City has been backported and adapted to some vehicles from GTA3, since just a few has extras in that game. I did some custom extras, and some others comes from GTA Liberty City Stories. Screenshots: *Some extras are missing in the screenshots because I didn't spawn all of them, so discover them while playing the game. Download Well since the extras for GTA3 that I did above are from GTA Vice City, I'm planning to make slighty edits or create new ones taking base on current ones, also port some San Andreas extras that would fit strictly the atmosphere of the game. For now just the Deluxo and Walton is available for download. More coming... well, probably. Deluxo: Download Walton: Download _______ Credits: Mugetsuga - Extras has been based and attached using his fixed vehicles pack for GTA3. Son Of Big Boss - Support and help. B_Smiles - Texture permission.
  13. bibidibabidibu

    GTA III HD Universe Replacement

    GTA III : HD UNIVERSE REPLACEMENT thanks a lot for gameplay video and supoorts to Matt1010 Here is link, https://mega.nz/#!LwMjXLDK!J9OGH22KCOqKPO43C-zX-OePxQNJGuHUaxfMDWJL1-Q Finished and first mission save games, you cannot start new game. You can use first mission save for start. here is link(you can also use any kind of gta 3 savegames. game doesn't create any support problem for different savegames) https://mega.nz/#!awcE2DrB!cxtKmzU11ZNOq8hu9oYWFSW9IdK9l13pWt9Z2T7HMog Road patch https://mega.nz/#!7l...C5abxom31VN6iJA Screenshots for detailed roads, Installation, only paste all files from rar to your fresh and unmodded GTA III. Today I made little test again. I started from Luigi's Girls mission and played to Asuka's first mission. I also finished taxi mission with in this gameplay. I didn't get any error or exception. My gameplay time was about 4 hours. How to play, DON'T USE gta3.exe DIRECTLY FOR PLAYING. YOU NEED START GAME WITH GTAIIILauncher.exe(Run as admin). If you play with gta3.exe your game will crash in 10 or 15 minutes because of high memory usage(texture filesizes are very big and memory eater). I used cleanmem for making walkaround to that problem and GTAIIILauncher.exe is organizing memory usage issues for gta3.exe. Settings, I always used draw distance about %60 and used frame limiter on(If you choose "on" game will be played 60 fps not 30). I didn't get any problem with this settings with latest version. special thanks, Odie hellya2011 AdusPL PearCPY OnePiece(many many many thanks for great models) Silent ThirteenAG(Sergey P) Vitlgt(many many many many many many many thanks for great limit adjuster helper asi tools!) google images for thousands of hd textures. gtadude1 Dimzet13(many many many many many many many thanks for great scripts and advices for memory issues!) J*star rider_66 Jack DK22Pac dkluin fastman92 Forever L Hi; I'm fan of GTA III. I have made this for years (maybe 6 - 8 years It became my endless hobby). It includes other modders works too so I can't share it. replaced nearly all textures to HD ones(all buildings, all shops.. nearly everything, I replaced txd by txd. daily 10 txd files replaced) replaced nearly all pedestrians to GTA 4 (I'm still working on. All men peds replaced. I replaced 10 women and yesterday I replaced 3 more women peds too) replaced nearly all vehicles to GTA 4 added lots of locations from GTA 4(basketball courts, apartments, offices etc) I added real grass lots of locations(It has very low poly model and there isn't any fps drop) I want your ideas. How can I make it better? here is screenshots.
  14. gallardo555

    GTA3: First Builds

    After being in development since late 2012, I'm excited to announce what I've been working on (and what I still am). I am working on a project, whose goal is to bring the GTA3 alpha-ish experience to everybody, who ever wanted to try it. By experience, I don't mean that I'm working on yet another beta mod that will include everything. That's being done by a team that I admire and support, the GTA3D Team. I'm talking about the experience, the feeling, the atmosphere of Liberty City from year 2000. The project is called GTA3: First Builds, because as you can see in screenshots and the trailer, i'm recovering the graphical experience that we've all seen in early screenshots from Gouranga and some magazines. This means, I'm recreating buildings, some based on screenshots and some based on my creativity. This also applies to all the vehicles (except the School Bus, subject to change), which were enriched by the cartoonish design. Last, but not least, I have borrowed the School Bus and a few buildings in Chinatown from Alex, with his permission of course. Currently, I'm pretty close to finish and release First Builds. What I need to finish is, a few buildings in Saint Marks District, Red Light District and last few buildings in Chinatown. And then, there are less than 5 vehicles that I need to finish and fix. Finally, I'm looking for a SCM scripter, who is be able to create a pretty simple mission script. This mod doesn't use SweetFX, which makes it fully compatible with Mac. To be released for PC and Mac. The OS X version is being tested on OS X 10.10.4 Yosemite. I can confirm 100% compatibility with the Steam version. Mac App Store version was not tested yet. The game requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or newer to run. A whole installation manual for this version will be released here together with the download link. Weekly Update (5/1/2015): Builds 'n Stuff (05/13/2015): Early-June Update (6/5/2015): Alex - For creating the original GTA3 Beta mod, that inspired us all Georgon - For fixing some things and teaching me basics in 3DS Max GTA3D Modding Team - For motivating me and for some advice You - For supporting this project
  15. Edit 12/30/16: This topic will now be for concept art models you can give me a cool clothing concept and i will put it on a character of your choice or i will make one myself Dont worry Spike (my friend on steam) ill still make a HD tommy With my permission and please give the link to your mod page when uploaded Thanks. I will start with whatever model gets the most Yes! votes first
  16. Dr_Ziegler62

    [III|VC] Extended Radio + Remastered Icons

    Hi everyone, i want to add some additional songs on the radio stations of GTA III and Vice City, like in the nextgen/pc version of GTA V. I also want to remaster radio stations icons in better quality. You can help me by finding good quality radio stations logos and sharing songs that would fit in the game's atmosphere. These are the tracks that i already discovered and gonna add them: Head Radio Double Clef FM Lips 106 Flashback 95.6 Amy Holland - Turn Out The Night UPD: III Radio Icons are ready and updated (Head Radio icon corrected, Double Clef FM icon now matches the original color, all icons are in correct position), here's the link
  17. DXWnd is modification for Grand Theft Auto Game this make the windowed mode in Grand Theft Auto III,Vice City,San Andreas and Vice City Stories PC Edition Support Game GTA 3 GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas GTA Vice City Stories PC Edition Check my mod DOWNLOAD https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
  18. the errorman®

    [III] Mobile stuff conversion

    If You want to learn more about the changes to the mobile version you can watch this video: Rockstar Games War Drum Studios The Hero - RenderWare File Converter DK22Pac & The_GTA - Magic TXD & TXD Gen X-Seti - IMG Factory
  19. _𝓐𝓖

    Quality Content for GTAIII

    Quality Content is a collection of high quality UI textures mainly useful for 16:9 monitors. Background, Menu and a bunch of other stuff have been completely REMADE or simply remastered (where possible). List of REMADE/remastered content: LOADSC0-25.txd - Complete SPLASH1-3.txd - Complete MENU.TXD- Partial. FONTS.TXD- Partial. HUD.TXD - Partial. Screenshots: Default - Remastered/REMADE. As addition, a plugin that works with Widescreen fix, in order to lock the menu to 16:9, mainly useful for users who have a larger aspect ratio. Screen taken at 21:9: Download: Version 1.0 - 03.02.2019 Here Addon for Widescreen Fix: Here
  20. The Hero

    Liberty City 98

    I've been working on a mod the last couple of days. The idea is to bring the (ps2) LCS atmosphere to III WITHOUT being an LCS port. This means: - LCS timecycle - LCS textures - LCS building pipeline - LCS-like car pipeline (it's not 100% exact but close enough) - LCS postfx - just for the heck of it blue police car and enforcer cause I like them All textures in LCS had their gamma changed to 1.5, so this mod will replace all map textures with gamma-edited ones. Additionally I am using LCS road textures. But these are the only map changes I've done. Most notably I have not used vegetation from LCS, but plan to do so in a later version. Get it here: http://mods.rockstarvision.com/lc98.7z You *NEED* skygfx 2.8 or later. Source for the plugin can be found here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/lc98 Enjoy these videos:
  21. Keeping Busy I hope?

    Is there any better graphics than this?

    Like the title says is there any better graphics than that?(EDIT)For GTA SA BTW! Thanks! DISCLAIMER! I don't care what pc do you need to run the graphics okay! Just gimme the best graphics mod -Gru
  22. xSapphirePlayz

    Sapphire's Vice & Liberty

    Hi. Here I'll upload some of my casual mods, just to prevent them from getting lost on my drive 😛
  23. Sonicguy41

    Cartooned Claude (BETA)

    i decided to make a more cartoony version of Claude.This mod goes perfect with the BETA mod and the BETA cars mod.this took several weeks and MANY MANY edits with this version i fixed a ton more things he looks a little bit Asian but that's not a problem.originally there were so many bugs with the Texture i wasn't planning to ever release it. What were the bugs i'm talking about? -There was a texture glitch were the back of his ear was the color of his hair. this was the biggest problem by far -His jacket was glitchy especially the top the yellow zipper.it had to be deleted due to it simply not looking right. -His sideburns were a huge problem too.before yesterday,his sideburns took up half of the side of his face. -The mod made him look way older.originally the mod had every last face detail.which made claude look 55. -Due to glitches this mod had to be seriously toned down. there were way more wrinkles on claudes jacket and pants especially the back.most had to deleted Originally claude had no hair texture this was a final touch. Claude doesn't necessarily have a shoe texture but the bottom of his shoes are white which is actually more realistic If claudes eyes look squinty now you should've seen them 3 days ago it was almost as if he had none at all. The mod is pretty okay i enjoyed making it.I can't send a link to the mod until the admins at GTAinside approve it. I also made a Cartooned Vercetti Skin (it looks 1000% better than this trust me)
  24. Sonicguy41

    Claude From SA to lll

    This is a modification for Grand Theft auto 3 which replaces the in-game model with Claude from San Andreas.Personally i liked how Claude looked in SA rather than lll. To make it is pretty simple i used Claude from San Andreas and split his body into parts to fit the GTA lll model.The main problem with that is the jacket placement is off. The mod works for the most part but i still need to edit a lot before i even think about releasing it.As of right now i've only finished the upper body i'll be working on the lower body soon. Screenshots:
  25. Sonicguy41

    Cartooned Gta (BETA)

    GTA:Cartooned is a modification for Grand Theft Auto 3 which replaces the games textures with brighter hand drawn textures hence the name "GTA Cartooned" Lately i've been getting pretty far in the mod..originally it was just a random minor mod for Claude which changes his skin..as the mod got bigger and bigger my skill has been getting better and better..and it's taking a lot quicker to make these skins..All of these pictures are Outdated All of them look much better now (Especially the Triad) i will replace the photo's tomorrow. Progress: Player (Claude) is finished but wearing different clothing than in the vanilla (Gray t-shirt and blue jeans) PlayerP (Claude's Prison Uniform) is finished as well it came out pretty well PlayerX (Claude INTRO/Pre-Release) is finished as well just know his face looks very different (Face is more square shaped,shading is glitched,and his eyes nose and mouth are placed in different areas to better fit the model) 8 Ball is finished (Both his prison clothes and his normal outfit he is one of the more impressive skins) Catalina Is finished (not really much else to say besides her eyes look creepy as f*ck) Luigi Goterelli is finished (Just to get things straight he's a night club owner not a pimp..luigi's skin looks pretty impressive..) Old Prison Guy from the intro is finished (His names OJP.dff in the games files..he has so many wrinkles it almost looks uncomfortable) Most of the peds in Portland are finished Peds: 35 % Main Characters: 8 % Vehicles: 3 % Weapons:75 % Team:Me (Texture Editing) TheN00STER (Car Editing.We realized how similar our mods were and he said he stopped working on his mod and had free time) The mod is not nearly ready for a download my estimate is it'll be finished by around May-June 2016 Most of the early posts are outdated too i suggest skipping to page 2
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