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  1. The Empire State Building in GTA III is extremely ugly, does not look anything like its real or HD Universe counterparts. Also, it has an incomplete collision and a terrible LOD model. I decided to improve it without changing the game original atmosphere. Almost all the textures are from the original model. In addition, I've put time controlled objects for night lights on the windows and decorative lights on the highest floors and antenna. Modloader and Limit Adjuster required. Download Extra Colors: Download Just replace the .txd file.
  2. Vannimon

    HD HUD and Load Screens

    This mod includes almost all (if not all) GTA III HUD icons and load screens (not splash screens, I recommend the ones from dingleman's Natural HD Textures) in full 4K HD. All radar and weapon icons have been redrawn in 4096x496, as well as the sniper rifle crosshair, regular crosshair, rocket launcher crosshair, the radar disc, and the pager. Load screens have been remastered from the PS2 version in 3840x2160 (there is some stretching, but I myself think it looks more natural rather than the narrow characters in the originals). Weapon icons come in full grayscale or the PS2 color. Comes with one extra load screen made from scratch by me to replace a duplicate. Comparison images (since the forum won't let me upload images): Fist Ammu-Nation radar Pager This does not come with any TXDs, as not everyone will want the full 4K quality (I don't even keep them 4K). I suggest you use Magic.TXD to pack them and lower the resolution if you like (I lower the load screens to 1920x1080, and all icons to 1024x1024). Enjoy, and let me know what you think! GTAGarage link: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=28659 EDIT: Until I can get it on GTAGarage, you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Ayg6y_YxC2TDMxQVktQXR2MUU EDIT 2: Google Drive link no longer works. Mod is being uploaded to GTAGarage right now. Updated phone icons from included. Radar icons for the payphones donated by DimZet13. Bonus pack includes HD font1 and pager font, as well as alternate Ammu-Nation radar icons, also donated by DimZet13. Much appreciated donation. Safehouse radar icon updated. Redrawn, styled a bit differently. No longer blurry. Updated file being uploaded now. EDIT: In my stupidity, I neglected to mention that YOEL_44's HD pager from here was used as a base to create mine, and had heavy influence on it. I apologize for neglecting to mention it before, it slipped my mind, Great work to him, and credit to many others for inspiring my new HUD and icons. I can't remember all the names (I no longer even have GTA 3 installed) but I know that yojo's HD radar icons were used as a base to create mine, as well. EDIT: All weapon icons completely redone, weapon icons v2 is awaiting approval on the GTAGarage page!
  3. Heli and Plane Collision Fix This plugin restores collisions of helis(chopper, escape), and planes(deaddodo, airtrain). Screenshots Supported game versions gta3.exe v1.0. gta3.exe v1.1. gta3.exe v1.1 Steam. Download http://www.mediafire.com/?xknjlklolj4pxrn
  4. MrFinger

    [III] Manhunt Train

    This mod as topic name suggest adds train from Manhunt's Wrong Side of the Tracks level. It is fully functional, it has working doors, lights, etc. Screens: Known bugs: Windows on moving doors can have some problems and to fix them, disable dual pass in skygfx. Download
  5. pimann


    This mod adds Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5/6 to GTA III, VC and SA. Included a script to change her outfit. Also included an extra that makes this mod similar to my mods 'CJ's New Girlfriends' and 'MyriadMarie'. Meaning, if the extra is installed, every skin from this mod is classified as a separate character. Outfit |Who is this if the extra is installed |Exists in the III version |Exists in the VC version |Exists in the SA version | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Marie |Yas |Yes |No | (DOA 5/6), red | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Marie |No |No |Yes | (DOA 6, blue) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Punk/gray T-shirt |Julie |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V10 |Valerie |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Winter |Valerie |No |Yes |No | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Overalls |Elizabeth |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V9 |Kate |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Purple Dress |Adeline |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| White Dress |Ann |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| School Uniform |Xenia |No |No |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V1 |Valentine |No |Yes |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Newcomer School |Irene |No |Yes |No | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual |Irene |No |No |Yes | (fatalitysonic2) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Casual V4 |Daria |No |Yes |Yes | (alexissinn) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Black Sweater |Margaret |No |No |Yes | (DOA 6) | | | | | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Training Gear |Diana |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Newcomer Sports |Victoria |Yes |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Aroma |Helen |No |No |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Wendy Marvell |Christine |No |Yes |Yes | ------------------|--------------------------------------------|---------------------------------|-------------------------------|----------------------------| Usage: 1. Without Extra [Num +] Switch Outfit [Num -] Switch back to the default character (SA only) 2. With Extra [Num +] Switch from Marie to her friends [Num -] Switch back to the default character (SA only) [Num *] Call Marie's friends as bodyguards III: Left Arrow = Previous, Right Arrow = Next, Enter = Select, Backspace = Close menu VC: 1 = Previous, 3 = Next, 2 = Select SA: Arrows = Select from Menu, Num* = Switch between pages 1 and 2, Num/ = Clear player group, Enter = Close menu, Space = Select LINKS REMOVED

    A Classic Texture Pack

    It's been almost 20 years since the release of the original Grand Theft Auto and to satisfy people's lust until a true 3D conversion is made, I have made a texture pack for GTA3. Version 1.0: Roads - Replaced with converted textures from the original Grand Theft Auto. (Top-Down View is recommended for full nostalgia) Grass - Converted from GTA1. Water - Converted from GTA1 with particle effects Pavements/Side-walks - The classic yellow brick texture from GTA1 Player - Low detail skin with yellow jumper and blue trousers. Weapon Icons - Original icons converted from GTA1 with some others made in the same style. Radar - Based off the map that came with the original game, incl. map icons HUD - Powerhouse font with R* stars. Time-Cycle - Permanently sunny with a bright blue sky. Fonts - Pricedown has been replaced with Powerhouse (the titular GTA1 font) and Clarendon has taken place of Geneva. Menus - Classic GTA1 menu background with custom logo Intros - DMA intro with custom titles. Splash Screens - Artwork from GTA1 showing various characters. Version 1.1: More Detailed Roads (Road Markings) Rocks and Cliffs now have GTA1 textures Calahan Bridge and the Staunton Lift Bridge now use GTA1 Textures Cochrane Dam now uses GTA1 textures Trains now use GTA1 Textures Higher Quality Grass Textures GTA1 Fire Particle Effects Trees now use GTA1 textures Updated Weapon Icons Updated Intro Better Player Skin Menus now use higher quality background Easter Eggs hidden in a couple of places Download Links: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27797 Alternative Link (Mediafire): https://www.mediafire.com/?6a6aeoyec4t4bcm
  7. Download from gtagarage Source Code 27.07.16 Cutscene error has been removed. The original code version released: 26.07.16. For now it only works for gta3 v1.0 [1.1 WIP] This is a CLEO code which mostly modifies weapon effects on characters... Description [gta3]: - player recieves the same type of damage and has the same type of death animations as an NPC, - head component is now visible, - M16 first person crosshair replaced with a sniper crosshair (with a zoom option), - increased shotgun bullet force and fire blast size [bullet can throw N(PC)'s further away], - Uzi can not remove components but it's deadly just like the default M16 - same type of animations, - Ak47 will produce the same type of damage effect on the N(PC)'s as the default M16 assault riffle, - M16 will still be the most destructive riffle - beside component lost it will also produce shotgun hit animations, - the explosion effects the dead peds too and it can seriosly damage the player, - player will drop weapons if wasted just like an NPC (not working), - if the player lost 1 or more components he will be restored to the original state at the restart point, - increased size and density of particles produced by firearms, - component lost will produce more blood particles, - 2 cheats enabled: ENABLEGORE: new weapon and explosion effects, blood and component lost. DISABLEGORE: no blood, no component lost.
  8. Hey guys. Probably quickest mod I've made. Just recolored the Mobile weapon icons for PC for those who don't like the new color. Confused? Observe. Also a couple of small gems in there like HD sniper scope, a few HQ radar icons etc. Download here
  9. The Hero

    Simple screenshot plugin

    While working on gta3d I was annoyed by the lack of a screenshot functionality in III and I couldn't be assed to use fraps or some other tool. Press print screen in game and you'll get a screenshot in the snapshots directory. Works with III, VC and SA, 1.0; http://gta.rockstarvision.com/files/screenshot.asi Source code here: https://github.com/GTAmodding/miscmods/blob/master/screenshot.cpp
  10. Allenjonesing

    ALL-IN-ONE BadAss Mode

    ALL-IN-ONE BAD-ASS MODE! For GTA3 PC http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods/badass-mode Important:You must begin a new game for this Mod to take effect! Attempting to Load a file could Crash the Game! Features: Locks Wanted Level at 0 permanently Player has Unlimited Health Removes All Water on the Map Begins a completed Game in Portland, With the fastest Cars available Unlimited-ammo pickups pickups available at safe house Every Gun is Excessively overpowered Cars are Much Faster, wreck/flip resistant, Jacked up. and Color coded. Any Pedestrian, Including Gangs, fear you Difficulty: EASY To Add this Mod, 1)Download "data.zip" from http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods/badass-mode 2)Unzip "data.zip" 3)Replace The "Data" Folder inside "\GTA3" with the Modded one. Bugs: Being Inside a car while it explodes Will Kill you The Pony is Colored wrong, it is Not a pink class (light) but actually a silver class. (Fastest/Heaviest) Due to Unlimited Health, Becoming Trapped inside a building can be a Game Ender Loading a game could result in a Crash nades and Molotov's work again! Notes: Visit the SafeHouse anytime to restore Unlimited Health Drive the Cheetah and Banshee Try the Baseball bat or your fist Test your Semi-Auto Sniper/Rockets Avoid Driving Pink vehicles Credits: I owe most of my New Game Plus mod to ArchKnight, all I did was add the pickups. Great Mod! http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=25959 The Bail script looks originally from Zedane; Good Job! http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=19063
  11. Allenjonesing

    No Water Mod

    NO WATER[/size] MOD[/size] For GTA3 PC[/size] http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods/no-water-mod [/size] Features:[/size] No Water [/size]at all, anywhere[/size] Don't [/size]Drown[/size], just [/size]Re[/size]-[/size]Spawn[/size] on a road[/size] You'll Die Far less often[/size] [/size] Difficulty: VERY EASY[/size] [/size] To Add this Mod, [/size] 1)[/size]Download [/size]"Waterpro.dat"[/size] From http://allen.jonesinggames.com/mods/no-water-mod[/size] 2)[/size]Replace [/size]"Waterpro.dat"[/size] inside [/size]"\GTA3\data"[/size] with the Modded one.[/size] [/size] [/size] To Play this Mod,[/size] *Enjoy the freedom of Falling into the void, rather than Water.[/size] *Never Drown Again![/size] *Now able to Travel on top of the Porter-Tunnel[/size] .
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