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  1. The Downstate Liberty is the first map modification I ever made because I used to feel like over half of the GTA 3/LCS map had a lot of unused potential. Someone on GTAForums is actually working on a mod that opens up this area and adds some countryside and small towns to the map. I intend to fulfill the original map's gap. The Liberty city now consists of five different boroughs that are all separated by water and three habitable small islands (Happiness Island, Recharge Island, and City Island) that player can visit after unlocking Staunton Island. Portland - Brooklyn Staunton Island - Manhattan Shoreside Vale - Queens and The Bronx West Port - Staten Island Carcer - Downstate Rust Belt This modification also added 9 extra vehicles, and one of them is flyable. Almost all unpleasant rooftops across the Liberty City (3D Universe) were fixed to make it look better while aircrafts are flying above them. I also worked on collision files to make all tall buildings solid, but I later give up in order to avoid crashes and problems during the gameplay. DOWNLOAD This map mods included in the assembly belong to their legitimate authors. I just selected for compatibility with each other that will have made the previous version of GTA3 to feel more like the Downstate New York in 2001. All credit goes to Rockstar Games for original textures used from GTA3 and GTA LCS on mobile platforms.
  2. Signs around LC have been converted from the NHDT mod for classic GTA3 over to the Definitive Edition. Download Here Just drop it in GTA III - Definitive Edition\Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods and change the 500 in the file name if needed. Installation: - Drop the pak file in "GTA III - Definitive Edition\Gameface\Content\Paks\~mods" (You may need to create a ~mods folder). - Change the 500 in the file name if needed. - Boot up and enjoy!
  3. firedihm

    [III] Skinned Catalina with PS2 head

    There are couple of mods out there that allow to bring back Catalina's PS2 cutscene head model. This mod does the same for her skinned, in-game model. Thanks to ForeverL for letting me use his head model! Download
  4. ForeverL

    [III] Teeth

    Well... something else, before going into oblivion. I think most have realized that in the cutscene heads in GTA3, the mouth is nothing more than an empty area of solid color, without any other details. This mod is pretty simple: add a denture to all heads in cutscenes. - All cutscenes heads with teeth modeled from scratch. - Minor fixes in UVMap. - Minor fixes in the skin of some models. - Alternate Colombian in the Introduction. (Thanks to @MikeTheFurryFoX for the suggestion, and @Sneed for permission to use the LCLF model). - Catalina's Head (PS2) (Thanks to @Inadequate for the model). Default Heads Alternate Colombian & Catalina (PS2)
  5. To me the PS2 Catalina version is the definitive version because it seems to be the one R* based on to design her character in San Andreas, I'm also a fan of Xbox models as they are definitive improvement. The problem with XBOX Catalina is it was based on PC version and they made it worse by giving her a rather horrendous design. To amend this, I edited her XBOX texture to make her more similar to the original design, at the same time providing a PS2 version of her head to give an improved and defined version of XBOX Catalina. Screenshot: Requirement: Skin and Bones or Catalina XBOX model from XBOX Version HD Credits: Mugetsuga's PS2 Feels III Edition as the PS2 model was taken from his mod DOWNLOAD
  6. Platform-Exclusive Icons Mix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @The Hero for the late BETA-styled weapon icon textures.
  7. Playable Piano by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Download:
  8. Fade-Away Fades by @H-G About: Download:
  9. Prateek64X

    GTA III New Crosshair

    New Crosshair for GTA III and GTA Vice City Download from here:GTA 3 New Crosshair for GTA III / Vice City Mod - GTAinside.com My Profile: GTAinside - GTA Mods, Addons, Cars, Maps, Skins and more.
  10. Updated: 1 May 2021 Hello everyone, over the last couple of days I have been experimenting with gta 3 modding and made all of these for fun and mainly for myself. I never really had any intentions of releasing this, but since I got a couple of interiors done I figured some of you guys might appreciate this. The installation is really simple since it uses mod loader, the only thing I recommend is to use the xbox version hd mod for more compatibility and less bugs. Apart from modloader there is just a single optional ipl file that can be copy pasted in order to remove bushes from 8 ball's house itnerior This mod uses 2 or 3 models from the snow mod and the extended interiors mod, I asked for permission to use them, but got no reply. Anyway, the mod adds: Cemetery next to portland safehouse Sem-techs interior Hotel Red Rocket next to safehouse Bowler's Fist interior Big Als Liquor interior Luigi's Sex Club 7 Interior Casting Sofa XXXMags interior Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals interior Executive Relief Interior New bar (Foxxxy Roxxxy), above Executive Relief Cheap Thrills interior (Used from extended interiors mod) New Rooftop Garden in Red Light District AM Gas Station interior 8 Ball's garage and building interior Punk Noodle's Interior (used from Snow mod) Old School hall/Gym interior Joey's garage interior Mean Street Taxis interior Lighthouse Bridge added Greasy Joe's Interior (used from extended interiors mod) Mr. Wong's Laundrette interior Auto Credit Autos Office \\\\\New: Morgue\\\ I added some static peds from gta 3 vice city and sa, some with new skins, I also added a few gags/easter eggs to try to match rockstar's humor a bit I don't really know If I will be making new interiors, but If I do, I will update this post. Hope you like it Screenshots - https://imgur.com/a/jCtjaRA Video - Download
  11. ForeverL

    [III|VC|SA] Icons

    There's not much to explain. They are icons for GTA games. And for some mods. LCS III VC SA Download
  12. Neon32

    Neon's Workshop

    GTA San Andreas Scripts: Medical Kit Remake - Portable medical kit (MKKJ's mod remake) Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V Star Point Markers - Extra temporary markers Custom New Game Clothing - Let's you choose CJ's default clothing when starting a new game Club Front Noise - Music in front of the nightclubs Tutorial Free Roam - Disables the fixed camera during the tutorial when busted/wasted like in GTA VCS Weapon Bail - Adds the GTA:VCS mechanic of buying back your weapons if busted/wasted EHI Atmosphere Patch - Tweaks on the EHI's script to make it more lore-friendly Maps: HUS Binco - New LS Binco inspired on GTA V HUS Sub Urban - New SF Sub Urban inspired on GTA V Arcade Machine Fix - Fixes one of the arcade machine's texture Buyable Wetsone Trailer - Buyable Unnoficial Patch's trailer (for Buy Property) Jefferson Motel Roof Acess - Adds acess to the roof of Jefferson Motel through the interior Player: SNKRHEAD'S Paradise - Real life sneakers recreated to fit the game's universe Interface: LGRTB Remaster - "Bee minigame" with revamped new sprites HD Copyright Screen - HD copyright loadscreen More Mobile Icons - More radar icons based on the mobile version of the game (to be freely used as assets) GTA Vice City Scripts: Simple Regeneration - Regenerate life when with low health Hide Wanted Level - Hide wanted stars when not wanted Medical Kit - Portable medical kit Low Life Warning - Changes the life indicator color when with low health Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V Interface: HD Original Hud + Clean Fonts - Original GTA VC's hud.txd recreated with 4x more definition + HD Fonts with no dirty textures GTA III Scripts: Simple Regeneration - Regenerate life when with low health Hide Wanted Level - Hide wanted stars when not wanted Remove Hud Money Zeros - Remove zeroes in front of the money count Wanted Radar Warning - Makes the radar change colors like a siren when wanted, similar to GTA CW/GTA IV/GTA V SAxVCxLC: SA Atmosphere Patch - Patch that transforms SAxVCxLC's LC and VC to be more lore-friendly Car Wash - Car Wash mod adapted to Vice City Taxi Ride - Taxi Ride mod adapted to the Liberty and Vice City taxis Radar Helper - Tool for adapting radar maps for SAxVCxLC Escobar Airport Security System - Security guards and metal detectors on VC's airport VC Assets - Original Vice City assets/properties adapted for SAxVCxLC (for Buy Property) Contributions Skin Galo de Tênis - Textures Rádios Originais em 320KBPS - Dopealicious FM Icon HUD e RADAR do Watch Dogs 2 - Icons Minimal HUD - Icons, Wanted Radar Warning Mini Malibu Safehouse Patch - Improvements for the original mod [VC] HD Radar Map Patch - Fix in one of the sprites and adaptation for the menu map SF Tags - Compact version for modloader
  13. H-G

    DeadDodo VLO Fix

    DeadDodo VLO Fix by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download:
  14. djdarko

    III 4K Fonts

    GTA III 4K FONTS BY DJDARKO For: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish font1 | Pricedown / Pricedown (Faux Italic) font2 | Arial Black pager | *** (4K Nearest Neighbor Upscale) OVERVIEW This is a high resolution (4096px) font set for the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto III". The fonts have been matched as closely as possible to their original style and adjusted to look great within the game. DETAILS • Includes four Pricedown texture variants, "Dilapidated", "Grimey", "Sponge" and "Stenciled Spraypaint". These can be seen respectively down the radio station titles in the preview image. The subtitle font retains the same light texture as seen in the original PC version. The pager font is an upscale providing sharper in-game rendering without modifying the intentional blocky stylization. • Includes an "Enhanced Version" (^) which utilizes Fire_Head's Font Size Tools, allowing internal adjustments that wouldn't be possible otherwise. The most relevant difference is the number spacing has been modified to be consistent, resulting in a uniform appearance of the Rampage timer, ammo counter and stats screen. Thank you! @Fire_Head - The Enhanced Version wouldn't be possible without your work! EXTRAS + Sumo Wordman (Pager) (*) in "Brand New" and "Gently Used" conditions. + Radar Disc (*) in three sizes. + GXT Edits which set the stats screen into italic and feature various other tweaks. + PNG Source Images for all graphic elements. (^) Requires: Fire_Head's [III]FontSizeTool https://www.mediafire.com/file/6mlqm8banclqnwn/%5BIII%5DFontSizeTool1.3.rar/file (*) Recommended: Magic.TXD for these elements. https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=27862 In-Game Testing Gallery Download Links: Mega Google Drive Mediafire
  15. Matt1010

    Matt1010's Workshop

    Hello and welcome to my workshop! Here you will some of my mods that I have created over the past few years or so. Hope you like... at least... one of them. Of course, there's more to come. Eventually... someday... I don't know myself. (PSSST, CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR LINKS)
  16. Convertible Yakuza Stinger by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Credits: Download:
  17. ForeverL

    Retouched Vehicles (Low-Poly)

    Well, this is my second job with vehicles. I wanted to do something for GTA3, and this came to me. Some improvisations for the vehicles, but in low-poly. Vehicles All vehicles have a new engine, adapted from SA vehicles. It has added details, for a better look. Some models have been changed, as some are quite repeated. There are changes in the textures, therefore, there are also changes in the model. Wheels I did a little improv on the wheels of the PC version. They all have a new internal part, to make it look better. They have a different texture, and a new one, for the classic wheel. Brought from XBOX. Others There are some color changes for certain vehicles. For newer models, there are changes to the collision file and handling. Other Files Name Status Link Carcols.dat WIP Download Default.ide WIP Download Improved Wheels Done Download Extra Name Status Link L-Train Done Download SkyGFX by @The Hero For a better visual and graphical experience. ModLoader by @Link2012 To load the files, without replacing.
  18. Badfellas in Black by @H-G About: Features: Screenshots: Download:
  19. Dynamic Stars by @H-G About: Screenshots: Download: Thanks to @Wesser for the "WANTED_STARS_ARE_FLASHING" (0x057B) fix coding snippet.
  20. Grinch_

    [III|VC|SA] Cheat Menu

    Press Left Ctrl + M to open/ close the menu. Doesn't work in multiplayer. A mod menu for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City & San Andreas which allows a large set of modifications/cheats to be applied enabling a much more easier & amusing gameplay. Comes with an ImGui based easy to use interface & mouse support. Downloads: Stable versions here. Beta versions (daily/weekly) are at the discord server. If you like the mod be sure to star the GitHub repo & join the discord server. Screenshots:
  21. thehambone

    GTA3/VC Mobile Save Conversion Tool

    GTA3/VC Mobile Save Converter Version: 1.1.0 This tool allows your Android saves to run on iOS and vice-versa! Simply drag'n'drop your save into the program and select the desired format. Supported games: Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Download MediaFire (standalone) GitHub System Requirements .NET Core 3.1 Runtime (use the standalone link above if you don't want to install the .NET Core Runtime) Credits Thanks to Lethal Vaccine for the idea! Version History 1.1.0 28 October 2020 Added support for Vice City iOS and Android saves. 1.0.0 13 September 2020 Initial release.
  22. A mod which improves exponentially over the original IV HUD CLEO mod by ThirteenAG. Features: Customizability. The components on the screen, their positions, scaling and color can be easily modified through configuration files. Entire HUD is rebuilt to allow flexibility and realtime customization. New Health/Armor System similar to the system used in GTAIV Hud Mod by _AG. Allows painless customization, no need to recolor 400+ textures again. Phone, imported from Rectangular HUD and now houses mission timers in addition to clock. Smooth fading/hiding animations to Money and ammo, similar to GTA IV. GTA IV/EFLC wanted star style. GTA IV Radio HUD system implemented. Choose your favourite mode, IV/TLAD/TBOGT or classic GTA 3/VC and the color scheme and radar will change accordngly. Gameplay demo will be posted soon. Download: Widescreen Fix **necessary For perfect IV radar scaling and outlined text Ultimate ASI loader **necessary To load the plugins in the game process GTAInside (GTA III v1.0) GTAInside (GTA VC v1.0) Below are mirror links from Mediafire. IV/EFLC HUD GTA III v1.0 IV/EFLC HUD GTA VC v1.0 (Note: This is not the final version! Kindly report any bugs you have encountered. It will be fixed if possible.) Screenshots: Contributions: @peymank Changes to pager and phone : changed it to GTA V iFruit phone for both (optional) also changed the Pager to landscape phone
  23. Dingleman

    AI Enhanced PC/PS2 Claude Skin

    Here is a 1024x1024 AI enhanced Claude for anyone who wants it. I threw in my own herbs and spices in Photoshop to further detail his facial hair and clothing materials. This is for the default PC/PS2 model, for those (like myself) who prefer the look of this over the higher poly Xbox one. Installation is as you'd expect. Simply drop the BMP file into the skins folder and select it in the in-game menu. Download Link
  24. ForeverL

    [III|VC|SA] Spanish Updated

    This is an extreme revision to the official Spanish translation of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. These games were originally translated into Spanish from Spain. Apart from certain errors, he is far from being a neutral Spanish. Especially for Latin American players. This mod tries to fix that. - New Spanish translation from scratch. - New text strings for some vehicles. GXT Version Status Download Link GTA 3 DONE Download GTA Vice City DONE Download GTA San Andreas WIP -
  25. Jeansowaty

    2001 Washington

    When browsing files from the GTA III Mobile Version, I found an unused model, called mysteriously "continen". Upon importing the model into 3dsMax, I came to the conclusion that it's an early Alpha model of the Vice City Washington!!! Jokes aside, after some heavy thinking one night I came to the conclusion that the Kuruma was replaced by the Washington in Vice City. Why? Both share the same engine noise, the same ID, both have an FBI variant and the Washington had the same rear lights texture as the Kuruma in the Beta of GTA VC. Later on, I had this idea to make a custom car based on the original VC Washington. I took the III Kuruma and started remodelling and remodelling and remodelling... until I was sorta satisfied with the result. I also took inspiration from the SA Washington to make it seem like it's been progressing over the years... Then @MrFinger joined me on this and co-created it with me. He also did the Xbox textures. I hope you enjoy our car Pics: PC quality (tested on a modded GTA LC copy, sorry for no WS fix but it crashes this copy.) Xbox quality (ditto) Links: GTA III GTA III (Xbox quality textures) GTA Vice City (MVL) GTA Vice City (MVL) (Xbox quality textures) Installation: GTA III - Just replace any car or add it however the heck you want GTA VC - Drag and drop it into your MVL folder or export the dff/txd and replace whatever you want
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