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  1. DeadAccount

    The Endurance Update

    Nothing too complex here. A medium update containing a combination of off-roading, hunting, camping and returning content. This update is for those people who like travelling outside of any overcrowded city. Weapons Vehicles Features and Abilities Would love to hear thoughts and other ideas for this an update.
  2. Have you ever felt that your apartment or yacht didn't have the fun or excitement that you wanted or you could never get then there is something new for you,the boat companies have gone up off their lazy asses to go and make the greatest boat on the seas and it’s a cruise and the 20 to 70 ton ship can give you what you always wanted and that’s your own portable house on the seas but bigger and better. To buy a cruise you must have to save up a lot of money and the cost of one cruise can set you back a million and a billion dollars also you can also can have the selection of customizing your very own cruise and make it into the king of the seas Autopilot option:the autopilot option is when you allow your own cruise to drive at a maintained speed around los santos as you get to relax in style with all of your friends and get to do mini games and if you have a corporation then your team can be allowed to stay on your cruise at a certain fee and if you want you can have a massive party and allow all the players in the session to come onto your cruise and have some fun while your Mansion on the seas goes wherever you want to go. Profit and making a business;as you buy your first cruise your first mission is to make money off of it and become ever richer than ever before and as you done customizing your very own cruise you can go into the menu and choose an option called public use mode and the way this mode works is that you can have the choice of allowing your cruise to be used by a cpu or a player and then allow them to use it for a small period of time and the flip to it is that you can earn money for doing this option but you will need to supply what your ship needs so you won't have to lose money every time it is in public use mode and when you turn it off to be used for yourself and your uses it will need a 24 hour cooldown time so that you can have some time to regain the money that you have lost and that you need. You can have more than one cruise:when you buy a cruise,you can buy more than one but you will need to take them out one at a time and be careful with them because the billion dollar boats and will need maintenance the money needed to take care of them is a lot of money so be careful the amount of cruises that you can buy will be explained below. What you can customize to your cruise:there are many things that you can put on your cruise that can be of your own profession and happiness and what you can customize and put on your cruise is Small to large pools Awesome dance floors Amazing hotels Jaw dropping personal Bedrooms Customizeable captain's room Selectable helipads Golf courses Custom parking garage Buffet style like areas Luxurious Bars Stylish horns Lounges Clubs Pool tables Ping pong tables Fitness center Casino Rock climbing walls Ice skating rinks Video arcades Ziplines Surfing simulators Obstacle courses Indoor and outdoor pools The cruises that you can have and buy in the future concept update The cruise’s prices will climb up as you plan to buy one and the paint you can put on a cruise is Normal paint Metallic paint Signature paint Tribal pain Variety paint Sponsor paint Matte paint Lowriders paint Custom paint You can have different light settings for your cruise so that you won't have to leave it all blank and such as you look at it in the night time. Public port line:the new portline in los santos will allow you to view other players cruises and not destroy them at all and they can view the inside of the cruise if they want to This is what it will look like as the large ships are parked beside each other. A new phone contact will call you for opportunities to make money for you and your cruise and get new stuff for your cruise and some new clothing for you and yourself. The most newest way to make money now as you have your first cruise is to be the captain or manger on board and have the lazy citizens board your mansion to live in style at a high expense and you will be in the camera room watching over everything that happens and you can also kick people off your ship while it's moving at a high speed. If you like this idea please comment or want to talk about it then please do i put a lot of hard work into this concept idea so please understand and add your suggestions down below
  3. GRAND THEFT AUTO: ONLINE DLC CONCEPT “GRIME” Take to the streets with your crew and show your rivals who’s boss, with the new clothing items, activities and weapons, you’re sure to leave your mark on Los Santos. Clothing: Introducing all sorts of new clothing items. Spray Jacket – Available zipped up or left open, hood on or off. Available in a variety of colours Sweaters – Inspired by designer brands, can be worn over polos and under spray jackets, or can have have sleeves rolled up. Polo – Available in many designer brands and colours, buttons up or left open, collar propped up or left respectable. Varity of shoes – can be left untied or tied Track Pants – Available tucked into socks, shoes or left over. Bags – Available for carrying spray cans or markers, one strap or both. Caps – Wide variety of caps now available Activities: Tagging: Create your own custom tag on Rockstar Social Club and take to the streets in-game. Show your fellow players where you have been by taking control of areas around Los Santos and Blaine County by leaving your mark. Tagging Up The Turf: Compete with rival tagging crews to hit an area in the city or country side, be careful of security guards and cops. First team to a set score limit wins Weapons: Spray Cans – Now purchasable from any Hardware store around Los Santos, available in a variety of colours. Can be used to suffocate victims Pipe Bombs – Homemade explosives at best, can be bought relatively cheap from Ammo-Nation or the components can be bought from hardware stores and you can craft them in your garage for cheaper. Bolt Cutters – Can be bought from any Hardware store, can be used to beat the skulls in of those who talk smack, or to cut holes into any fences you may come across. Vehicles: Vapid Pony – A van inspired by the Ford Transit. Great for carrying your crew around and is very tough, can be modified in Bennys or LS Customs. GTA$15,000. Vapid Spider – A car based on the Ford EA Falcon and Ford Scorpio. Very quick and agile, heavily modifiable in Bennys or LSC. GTA$30,000 This has been my first concept idea - I just thought GTA could have used some influence of the sub-culture I have alot to do with, and I am sure alot of other players do aswell.
  4. Grand Offense dlc Enjoy the new action packed military dlc, new weaponry, military vehicles and review some old classics New game modes -Prison Escape, military escape, subway escape - fight your way out of captivity -Gang war - fight against the other team and capture / hold most areas to win(marked alike gang attacks on map and will be in different colour depending on which team hold it). New freemode events -Gang attacks, a larger gang attack may appear at random locations over los santos(more crates and foes while regular gang attacks are removed). -Military convoys - Steal a truck take it to lester(Will be chased by military) -Hitlist - Series of laywers appear around the world, assasinate as many as possible. -War - freemode death match, a location pops up, all who appear in it will join an all out war! No ammo cost, no police and no tanks/planes/helicopters allowed for 5 mins. -Police Damage - Same as criminal but only against police and military(tanks will appear) -Train package - car/helicopter spawn on the train, retrieve and deliver. Content Creator -Mounted guns can now be added in missions -ammo crates(no money but you can choose which weapons/ammo) Returning freemode events(buffed, more pay) -Armored trucks -Crate drops -Smuggler plane Other -Option to buy a frigate with helipad and boat dockings at the back instead of a yatch(similar price and customization as yatch) -Can choose between missile launcher or turret at front, maybe both?(only for show) -Pegasus vehicles can be positioned at helipads and docking(You can choose not to and default will spawn, choose in interaction menu while on the boat) -Aircraft Carrier added and can be accessed in freemode(Hydra and Savage spawn location) -Factory car garages all around Los Santos. -Weapon rack, choose to put away weapons from your weapon wheel to show off in your apartment/stilt house(will be as if you have the weapons with you in gun store) -Choose your default lobby weaponry(interaction menu) Weaponry Weapons -Coil Concord(Vz61 Scorpion - can be used while driving) - 24.000$ -Power SMG(P90) 31.000$ -Simple MG(Mg 710) 42.000$ -Hunting Rifle(Mauser SP66) 40.000$ -Flare - Ammo crate(same as merryweather crate) 1.000$ -New cameo skins both dessert, snow and forest. weapon changes -Homing launcher now have a rank 100 cap while rpg has a rank 50 cap. -Molotovs can now be bought in gunstores. Vehicles Ground Vehicles -HVY Base(Oshkosh military truck) 300.000$ - pegasus -HVY Swift(T-34 - tank from scrapyard, less armor, quicker and weaker gun) 1.000.000$ - pegasus -HVY (M3 half track) 500.000$ - Armored transport -HVY Invasion(Type 60 APC, troop transport a tank without guns, bulletproof, cant shot out) 700.000$ - armored ''tank'' transport -Imponte Duke O'Death (story mode) 1.000.000 Can't be just military vehicles -Vapid Uranus(gta Iv) 40.000 -Maibatsu Vincent(gta iv) 60.000 -Imponte DF8-90(gta iv) 50.000 -Albany Presidente(gta iv) 600.000 -Lost Slamvan(Trevor Heist) 300.000 Bike -Dinka T(BMW R-72) 250.000$ Planes -Rustler(GTA:SA, only gun) 1.300.000$ -Mammoth Kite (Dassault rafael m fighter jet, highly moveable two seat fighter jet only gun) 2.000.000$ Helicopters -Leviathan(GTA:SA) - 1.500.000$ -Sea Sparrow(GTA:SA) - 1.000.000$ Boats -Dynghy V2(with mounted gun at front) 1.100.000 -Vortex(GTA:SA) 900.000$ Vehicle buffs -selected helicopters can take two homing rockets(savage and valkyrie) -selected jets/planes can take two homing rockets(hydra, lazer, titan, Leviathan and Mammoth Kite) -selected boats can take two homing rockets(Dynghy V2 both mounted and non mounted) -Rhino Tank(HVY Swift will have todays stats apart from weapon damage/explosion radius) have been buffed to its original state(too much?). Added to Benny's HVY Insurgent -Option to change vehicle to a pickup truck Karin Kuruma -Different types of armored plates for windows Karin Rebel(both rusty and plain) -Option to add a bedcap(this makes it possible for a sunroof, with or without windows) -External roll cage and External window cage Benefactor 6x6 dubsta -Option to add a bedcap(with or without windows) -Bulletproof glass(Like Benefactor Schafter LWB) Canis Mesa 3 -Bulletproof glass(Like Benefactor Schafter LWB) -can be transformed into 6x6 On all vehicles -Continuous track instead of wheels, an option you can choose instead of bulletproof tires(not kuruma) -side footsteps(not kuruma) -light covers -merryweather logo paint jobs. -military, dessert, snow and forest camoe. -towing hitch. -new bumpers front(with or without winch) and back; light bar, bull bar and a plow(https://s.hornblasters.com/img-inst/monster_garage_train_horn_car/61622_front_3-4.jpg) -wheel well cover and splash guards. -roof bars(several customizations; roof rail, racks and bars with or without lights)-Make armor plates more visible on the car(like the sides of Benefactor Schafter LWB) -Option to get a sunroof(like the turreted insurgent but without turret) where one of the players inside can shoot out of with heavier weaponry). -armored interior -military bobleheads And of course all existing standardized customization like stearing wheel, bobleheads and so on will be there. I do realize this is a huge dlc idea and it wont be realistic that rockstar would ever implement it all at once but rather in smaller packages. Also feel free to comment on changes you think would fit/not fit.
  5. A Cebra and slimeball supreme collaboration Special thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t Logo credit goes to Graven MAIN THEME Welcome to 1968. In the two most paramount cities of the era, you will follow the stories of three separate yet intertwining stories winding you across both a re-imagined San Fierro and Las Venturas, experiencing the unique culture of the times. From psychedelics and casinos to waning mobs and the Civil Rights Movement, it was an edifying time to be alive; the happy-go-lucky attitude of the '60s was just beginning to wear off and a grim reality began to set in: only the morally dubious would prosper through the chaos ahead. Only the ruthless will thrive in these cutthroat times. In GTA: B&B, you lead the lives of three characters with the most common mindsets of the time - an out-of-work Vietnam vet, an aspiring mobster and a cross-county courier in the years 1968, 1971, and 1974. As with GTA 4's trinity, three separate stories will intertwine throughout a series of unfortunate events that lead our protagonists to work together indirectly. The game gives all players the chance to experience the period of the Counterculture Era for what it truly was - outrageous. From huge cultural events such as the Civil Rights Movement and the mob's last grasp at Las Vegas taking a starring role in the story, lots of satirical insight is given to one of the most historically shaping time periods in American history. The overall aim is to provide a story that is equally as immersive as it is accurate, along with many convenient features that have been long awaited. Our protagonists are representations of the positive ethos that was finally beginning to dwindle as the 70s approached: desire to conquer, consequences be damned. Colorful cities host a colorful populace. Meet some of northern San Andreas' liveliest offerings, from the pettiest of pushers to the highest of high rollers. A 32 year old San Fierro native and Vietnam War veteran, Doug relocated to his hometown after being dishonorably discharged from the military when he was caught smuggling thousands of dollars worth of the USMC's equipment onto the streets. He's been reduced to spending his days with his wife and three year old daughter in their two-room apartment in Suppleham, wallowing in the regret of getting caught and waiting for some sort of action to take hold of him again. At the beginning of the game, Doug has $75 to his name and drives a blue 1963 Vapid Messier. Hailing from Carcer City, Julius arrived in San Fierro in 1960 with his brother Winston. After a near-decade of shifty jobs ranging from pizza delivery to slaughterhouse disposal, he joined Win in the virtuous career of courier work - just in time for it to become significantly less on the level. At the beginning of the game, Julius has $400 saved up and drives both a cream 1962 Willard Gaia and a white 1966 Dinka DP420. Flying in from Sicily with his uncle Giacomo in 1960, Dante hadn't an inkling of what lied ahead. A childhood of tough love led to a semi-recurring need for validation; a decent clout for wanting to do well in his elders' eyes. Now 24, having somewhat grown out of impulsiveness, Jackie's bosses have got their eyes on him. He knows it. At the beginning of the game, Dante has $250 in his bank account and drives a yellow 1968 Barbican Piranha. Joanna Pryor: Youngest scion of a pear ranching dynasty, Joanna met Doug in 1964 while he was on leave. One thing led to another - before the year was out a baby was in tow, they eloped; she got axed from the will for marrying below the family. When Doug was discharged in '67, she felt she had put the wool over her own eyes and took it out on her husband - as a result, she's often home alone with three-year-old Bonnie. Chad Pryor: Four years his elder, Chad grew up alongside Doug in the suburbs of San Fierro. Given his propensity for violence and teenage angst, it came as a surprise for all when he left for ULSA in 1951 to study law. After passing the bar with flying colors, Chad returned to San Fierro just in time to become a crusader for the Civil Rights Movement. Marcus Vogel: Former USMC Corporal turned jobless nomad, Marcus risked sticking by Doug during the smuggling fiasco while furtively knowing his guilt. They were discharged together and now live in the same sh*thole - Doug knows he's been running up a tab for years that can only be paid off one way: cold hard cash. Charlie & Archie Baker: The inseparable Baker brothers have long been the cause of all kinds of trouble; in recent months, they've been the ones in trouble. Racking up debt at a faster pace than the United States due to a constant craving for booze and cooze, they've turned their semi-successful motion picture enterprise into something slightly more seedy - they're under the green ownership of Joey Dark Eyes, catering to the more bestial indulgences of the hoi polloi. Robert Kurtz: Leader of the east coast's answer to David Arnold's band of brothers, Robby Kurtz is a former squadmate of Doug's who long preceded him in the art of the dishonorable discharge. On the loose since 1964, he and his crew recently got tired of the drear and fear of Liberty; they've kicked dirt 'cross country, recently settled on the outskirts of San Fierro - the rural town of Pleasance, where they've taken to calling themselves The Lost in honor of their exotic environs. Mick Cassidy: In addition to having long abandoned his pledge to protect the general public, Lieutenant Mickey Cassidy of the SFPD has also ditched the guise that his corrupt approach to law enforcement is for the greater good. Self-centered and self-serving, his badge serves as the sword that allows him to pillage and pilfer - bureaucratically, of course - as he sees fit in the name of personal enrichment. John Muscarella: A former lawyer turned San Andreas state senator. They say the only honest politician is one who can stay bought, and a lawyer-politician combo doesn't bode well. In spite of his slimy resumé, John Muscarella's specialty as a lawyer was government anti-corruption cases; as a senator, he devotes his time to advancing civil rights. Despite his pure intentions, he's still a victim to the age-old adage - his financial backings will return to supply a firm bite to the ass. Edward J. Segal: A Sergeant Major of the USMC, Eddie Segal was, in spite of all outward appearances, the mastermind behind the smuggling operation that Doug regrettably took part in. Now retired from active duty and considered a war hero, no one's the wiser of his involvement except Doug himself. As fate has it, he's decided to carry on with his retirement in Calton Heights - a mere five minute drive from Doug's own home. Randall Harris: One of Doug's former brothers-in-arms, Randy Harris spared no time rising up the ranks of San Fierro's police department after a suspicious helicopter malfunction left him cleared of Vietnam duty. He's the perpetual good cop, always wanting to make up for his misdeeds during the war - a sentiment not jibing well with his orders to work hand-in-hand with some of the city's undesirables as part of an early gang task force initiative. Sugi "Winky" Palafox: Coupled with his befuddling ancestry, Winky Palafox is a low-tier heroin dealer. While running his previously budding operation out of Pocilga Lodging, he met Doug and the pair formed a lukewarm business relationship - yet another source of tension between Doug and his wife. But recent shifts in the San Fierro drug trade have forced Winky's small time operation aside - the cash tap is running dry for all involved. Baldwin Schultz: Intimidating in his youth, this retired arms dealer has become old, flabby, and hard of hearing in his golden years. Schultzy acted as the Jewish-mob backed financier in Eddie Segal's smuggling fiasco and got away with most of the money - but that hasn't stopped him from living a life of intense frugality ever since; a hermit in a cabin atop Mount Callahan, as far from the city's hustle, bustle, and police force as possible. Calvin Leung: A third generation Chinese-American who doesn't seem to know it; Calvin is an enforcer in the San Fierro Triads who prefers every aspect of the "old country" he's never visited. A stickler for anonymity and discipline, he overlooks much of the gang's local drug operations and reports up the ladder instead of taking action himself - making him a powerful contact for those with something to gain. Tsang Kan Kuen: At the top of that serpentine Triad ladder, a man known as Connie to his more Americanized subordinates sits perpetually satisfied with himself. He was sent off from his eager Maoist origins in 1956 to organize the ragtag hierarchy of San Fierro's resident Triads, an endeavor he has completed all too well. Between human trafficking with the Soviets and drug dealing with the Mexicans, Connie has found an unforeseen consequence in American markets - the tossing aside of his pinko origins; the embrace of the joys of consumer capitalism. Wei Cheng: A young Triad envoy sent from Yangshan to pad Connie Kuen's numbers, Wei is both ambitious and mischevious in his approach to a life of crime. In plain words he has no respect for ancient customs, nor the practice of elderly respect - he's in America to do damage, and in the fountain of youth he intends to make the water red. Oscar Deng: The bellicose history between the Dengs and the Kuens goes back dynasties; it was brought to an end in the early years of the Great Qing after a liaison between an Imperial noble and a well-born temptress resulted in a child. That affair reverberates centuries down the road: it's the only reason the brainless brute otherwise known as Oscar the Ouch has made lieutenant in the otherwise tight-laced matters of the Kuen Triad. Lucio "Joey Dark Eyes" Occhipinti: As a captain in the San Fierro crime family, Joey Occhipinti's generally repelling aura and odious sense of humor had him sent out of the city to oversee the rackets of the Santo Zacaria Valley down south. Unfortunately for the valley's inhabitants, the only family rackets down there are the skin business; theatres, sets, movies, and ladies of the night. That misfortune strikes doubly for those women of the oldest trade. Lex Gianakos: A socialite before socialites with an exotic background and fingers in every illicit pie, Lex Gianakos is known as a cipher equal parts coy and cruel with no discernible origin story. It's widely accepted across the west coast that, regardless of her potential unsung loyalties, she's a necessary evil to have on your side. Joan Campos: A Liberty City exile with good reason to have flown across the country for the hope of anonymity, Joan Campos alternates between flying the flags of feminism and anarchism depending on the current company. She's found a good deal more like-minded individuals from her Vista Park studio - the insurgent infantrymen of counterculture. Augustus Hauptmann: Old money that talks the talk but can't walk the walk. Despite the outside face of a family values traditionalist, a look at Gusto Hauptmann's financial records paints another picture - a keen interest in civil rights and Democratic donations. His latest dilemma is dictating the fate of the Iron City Inquirer upon his demise - no male heirs and a young daughter with an insurgent streak leave him little choice but to milk the fourth estate for all it's got. Joe Jagger: A southern pastor with a Communist streak, filled to the brim with visions of an equal world. Coming from wealth, he's a frequent donor to John Muscarella - it buys him never-ending invitations to political masquerades where he's free to spread his own skewed views of the three nos: religion, politics, and war. On the sociable side he enjoys hosting neighborhood cookouts; he serves his own special brand of fruit punch that the locals say is to die for. Winston Cole: Three years younger than Julius, the Coles' good son made it all the way to university before a criminal framing brought him tumbling down. Disillusioned with society in general, he didn't hesitate to cross the country with his brother in 1960 - after eight years of intermittent employment, he's found a pursuit in civil rights and has made connections he hopes he'll never need to use. David Arnold: A professional chopper enthusiast: Dave owns a chop-shop in Dutch Flatlands, and in the eyes of the law that's as far as his enterprising goes. In the underworld he's known to be a suave businessman of another fashion with an explosive temper and a Redwood perpetually in hand. He's currently the de-facto leader of San Fierro's biker culture, which has recently dipped its toe in the international heroin trade. Harry Bulle: ALL A man who likes inside jokes - he chose "Harry" from the 'Tom, Dick & Harry' type of everyman, and his job at the International American Airline for the innuendo alone. Every aspect of Harry Bulle is a farce, marred behind layer upon layer of red tape and blind alleys. From a motel an even run between San Fierro and Las Venturas, he runs clandestine ops for God-knows-who for Lord-knows-why, but always in the company of an even-keeled sense of humor. Dirk Dunne: A formidable presence with the brazenness to match, Dirk is second only to David Arnold in the biker crew hierarchy. Another example of classic brains vs. brawn, Dirk provides the terrorizing muscle behind the organization while David presents a purely businesslike facade - but the fact that both men consider themselves the boss is slightly problematic. The ostensible united front is about to crack. Freddy Peters: The owner of Intrepid Courier Service, Freddy's come to be known as a surrogate father for his employees - complete with raging temper and all. In spite of a life running forty-some years of scrupulous values, the city's beginning to swallow him up in debt and dismay: turns out he's no more immune than anyone to sin when faced with the prospect of ruin. Roxanne King: A Los Santos girl born and raised, Roxanne migrated to the Iron City to join her brother Leon after the Rancho Riots. She and her shadow found work in a local Suppleham watering hole - it's there she met Winston Cole, where they founded the S.F. chapter of the House of Racial Equality with only the purest of intentions - three years down and he still hasn't met her brother, a man significantly more renegade than the dynamic duo. Leon King: Pillar of the Birchwood community just outside San Fierro, Leon only knew his first year of age and out of the pen he radicalized himself in 1965. Rather than flee the Rancho Riots like Roxy, he welcomed the insurrection: avoided arrest, made a name for himself after torching an LSPD command post, found himself revered as ever by the black community of Birchwood on a self-imposed exile. Vain yet visionary as ever, Leon took the opportunity to found the Leopards of Leandros - a preeminent black power movement IAA-pinned for sponsoring every crime under the sun. Laverne Powell: A Caribbean native, Laverne was a precocious iconoclast against the swell of nonviolent civil rights tactics; with a series of successful activist undertakings under his belt over the past decade, he's fallen in and out of various orgs due to a habit of breaking with protocol - and inevitably found a home in the east coast chapters of the Leopards. Ever on an upward trajectory, his standout streak has recently been embraced by the King himself. Dallas Bloomfield: Jack of all trades or an incompetent bum; a pinko bastard or a madcap anarchist - speak to different folk, get different answers. His paper trail paints no clearer picture - a journalism degree in the deep south, a tryst and quarrel with a Spanish duchess, a charge for felony mayhem in 1966 - now, he runs his own journalistic outlet from a Poacher's Beak warehouse when he's not running with David Arnold and his gang of desperadoes. Chester Goldwater: A New England drug runner with deep-rooted links down south, Chester Goldwater drifted all the way to Los Santos so he could sell weed to the free spirited alumni of ULSA - before long he had a habit of stealing airplanes from private Blaine County airfields in order to deliver to the Mexes; a business relationship was born, but didn't last. Chester the perpetual transient fell in with some hippies; he's broken new ground further north. Sándor "Danny Frick" Fricsay: A former stickup artist turned boho entrepreneur with a rap sheet of straight B&Es, Danny's a San Fierro native who made peace with himself after he got tired of strong-arming for petty cash. With a group of old friends he founded the Love and Sunshine Directive based out the city of love - bringing about apparatchik enlightenment and neighborly affection through means both spiritual and chemical. Ludovico "Vic Tuna" Sclafani: A seafood merchant who gives a whole new meaning to "surf n' turf", Tuna's company Sclafani Wholesale operates as a dockside front to cover for heroin distribution across the state. Connected across all lines - to the Japs through his gambling rackets in Little Tokyo and the Mexicans through drug peddling across San Fierro - Tuna sits comfortable as the unopposed mafia chieftain of northern San Andreas. Gesuele "Jesse the Ox" Occhipinti: Midwest born, Los Santos raised, Jesse the Ox's recent tactical appointment to serve as underboss to Tuna Sclafani came as an unexpected blessing. His unassuming frame suits his mousy, self-serving inclinations much more than the name - but it's the Ox's stubbornness, as his old friends would say. The mindset makes him doubly vicious in his strategies; never a chance of leaving a witness behind. The selfishness goes as far as to overtake the oath of la Cosa Nostra, though - he comes first. Never la famaglia. Kalonymus "Lonnie Yum Yum" Zotz: The missing link between the Sclafani syndicate and the west coast's other Cosa Nostra outfits, Lonnie's nickname exemplifies the man as succinctly as anything: one of idiosyncrasies, born of his response to business propositions - he likes it, he chirps "yum yum". A reputation built off a inter pares relationship with both black gangsters and the guidos back in home plate Liberty City atop a foundation in the numerous gambling operations he inherited from his father. He's known to come across friendly, if a bit nonplussed - in reality he's only marginally better at hiding his opportunism behind a curtain of ill-fitting clothing patterns. Bung Fritz: One-time cop, two-time Olympic athlete from the land down under constantly jet setting from continent to continent in pursuit of new contacts to add to a burgeoning empire, always in the company of a shadowy figure or two and some reticent reactionaries from East-Central Europe. Nobody really knows his business because they don't ask - he's got more connections than his international flights and fulfills every obligation, and if that means being shadowed by a black van every time he's in the area then so be it. The suits probably aren't worth the worry. Bennie Bartok: One of San Andreas' newer players in the drug trade, Bennie is already known as a force to be reckoned with. His laid-back disposition works hand-in-hand with his disarming figure, but he's got a dangerous knack for negotiation and depravity while behind closed doors. He advertises as one of the cheapest fixers currently on the market - loyal only to the highest bidder. Sienna Derisme: A southern girl northern raised - that's the extent of the available hearsay surrounding Sienna's lifestory. In San Fierro she goes club to club, red light to pink light, in search of something intangible that she expects to find through the nightly company of strange men. She's had little luck finding whatever she seeks. Seamus Dunleavy: The bored housewives of the Santo Zacaria Valley had Doctor Dunleavy making high five figures - that all came to an end when he was caught testing the effects of certain psychoactives under false pretenses. Without his medical license, Seamus turned his work toward spirituality - before long he was Brother Dunleavy of the LSD, deity to the dazed masses, handing out microdots like communion wafers. Sam Beasley: Infamous pimp and pusher from Carcer City, "Stone Cold" Sammy has recently been called from his northeast digs to help his old pal Pat Matthews dole out mafia-supplied heroin to every black community from the Greenwich Coast to the Gobi Outpost. A perpetual stone-faced expression gave him his namesake; none of the eight streetwalkers he killed in Carcer saw it coming - a violent death at the hands of a gold and zebra sheathed cane. Pat "The Cat" Matthews: The Cat operates in pussy and heroin. Recently released from a fifteen year bid in a mixed-race hellhole in the midwest, Pat Matthews found everything exactly where he left it in the deceptive suburbia of Birchwood. Originally a street cat from Carcer, he moved west for the weather and the potential - when he went away in 1953 he never knew just how perfectly circumstances would conspire down the road. His haunts in the town are ripe for the picking - junkies chase the dragon like a thirsty man drinks water, and the mafiosi across the river are game. Hyman Katz: Long-successful record executive known for his reach across all musical genres, Hyman Katz's auteur status is owed to his children's fingers on the pulse of young society - not his. The facade of avant-garde knowledge has gained him many successful contracts in the meantime, thanks in equal part to his underworld connections - the question is: how long can he maintain the balancing act? Bruno Grzybowski: Voted most esteemed agent of the Department of Opioid and Pharmaceutical Exploitations since '65, the colloquially known Agent Grotto has never hesitated to be brutal and calculated in his efforts to curb San Fierro's growing drug epidemic. Perhaps he wouldn't be as revered if his superiors knew of his back-alley deals - a wet beak in exchange for busting only the pettiest of pushers. Matilda Yong: Luckily for Matilda, her patrons are an inherently no-questions-asked type of clientele. Perhaps if they were, they would ask how she managed to pop up in S.F. come 1965 with a small fortune in counterfeit bills and a Chinatown building lease without so much as a peep beforehand - or why half the time she doesn't respond to her name. When she put the apartments above her parlor up for rent in '68, the equally reticent Cole brothers came a-knocking. Jackie Gallo: Dante's only uncle, Giacomo came to America at the height of Prohibition. After a rise and fall under the eyes of a local thief ring, he headed east straight into the arms of the Gambettis. An astute business acumen boosted him to underboss by the 60s, when his paisan Amerigo Cazzini recruited him to oversee Venturas ops in perpetuity. Jon Gravelli: A consistently dependable worker for the Gambetti family since the age of twelve, Gravelli has recently been promoted to capo and shipped off to Las Venturas just in time to miss the birth of his son. In love with his work but having left his heart in Liberty City, he is known as a fair and level-headed leader with a zero tolerance for callowness. Amerigo Cazzini: A Mustache Pete through and through, Cazzini came to North America in the mid-20s to flee the state police and four angry husbands. The full Sicilian package of a sadistic streak and heightened business savvy, he found triumph in the Prohibition bootlegging operations of eastern Canada. Of late, his personal kinship with Gambetti head Sonny Cangelosi has earned him a spot further south - heading the Sicilian sect of the Gambettis as their Las Venturas intermediary. Sonny Cangelosi: Never in a near fifty-year career in the waste management business has Sonny Cangelosi been convicted of a crime, thanks to a lifetime of keeping his cards fused to his chest. Hand gestures, batty wordplay, complete silence - the Liberty City attorney general has nothing on the man who heads the Gambetti crime family. He's not above rubbing their face in it either - suspicious trips to Las Venturas he knows are out of the office's jurisdiction and constant shoulder rubbing with known crime figures, Cangelosi has recently struck up a big deal with old friends in the name of shared profits. Ettore Boccino: Product of a long line of slimy businessmen and con artists, Ettore was the first and only to welcome Dante to the neighborhood. He taught the boy English and how to hustle; the brother he never had. With the pair growing up around men like Jackie they inevitably found themselves drawn to the lifestyle - if only they ever found success in it. Sebby Boccino: One of those aforementioned slimeball con artists, Sebastiano Boccino is Ettore's father and one of the casualties of the Gambetti family's Liberty City purge - any and all weak links sent to the land of slot machines. Turns out he's well suited to it; his affinity for unsightly polo shirts is uninhibited by the weather, and corpse disposal is only a fifteen minute drive to a hole in the desert - what's not to love? Vivienne Lemay: One of Las Venturas' most prestigious poker players, "Lady Vee" is notorious on the strip for her talent of cleaning out any casino that dares let her enter thanks in equal part to her beauty and her prowess. Blacklisted from all but three Venturas gambling outlets, she is eager to try her hand at La Penisola upon its opening in early 1968 - little does she know, the Cazzini family have long had their eyes on her. The Midwest Commission: The flyover state variety of the Five Families' governing body, the midwest commission holds court over all mob-related decisions throughout middle America, headquartered in Delisle. Recently, their priorities are focused on Las Venturas - their collective investment in La Penisola a potential cash cow for decades to come. As of 1968 the commission is made up of: Michele "The Ear" Recchio, figurehead of Couira's mob. De facto boss of all bosses with his own seat on the true Commission - operating as an organ of the business interests of the ruling body's midwest flavor. Giuseppe "Giant Joe" Grimaldi, ailing head of the Henderson crime syndicate. Vincenzo Ossi, underboss of the Grimaldi family. Represents Grimaldi at meetings when the boss is too ill to attend. Corrado "Conrad" Borelli, don of the Borelli crime family of Nagadawee. Pietrocarlo "Stumpy Pete" diCostanza, boss of Delisle's diCostanza crime syndicate. Max Buscaglia: Feared enforcer for the Couira mob, "The Butcher" Buscaglia made his name and his bones through a renown line of meat markets - animal et al. He's a loon even by criminal standards, word down the grapevine being he worships the occult and now and again sacrifices his victims in the name of Lucifer in his shop backrooms. Cute peculiarities aside, he's a childhood friend of Jackie Gallo and has made firm relations with a certain government agent. Above all, he's in good hands. Carmine Cohen: A bookmaker by day and fabled handicapper by night, rumor has it that Carmine invented the very idea of point shaving - maybe he should've filed a patent. At the beck and call of every crime family from Coventry to Liberty, he's always lived in the lap of luxury thanks to a life studying the art of odds. The paranoia of Couira's mob has given him a longer-winded station; sports booking across the Las Venturas Strip to maintain their investment in La Penisola. In the grand scheme of things he's just another friendly face to cover for more hush-hush ops - but he'll sure get rich doing it. Carlo D'Aversa: Las Venturas' casino frontman, Carlo has always been popular among the comers-and-goers of the strip. Known for his happy-go-lucky attitude and ostentatious habits, Carlo hasn't been quite himself lately. He's being pulled down the middle by the Gambettis and the Ancelottis - the former trusting he'll provide a garish open to La Penisola, the latter hoping they can hook him over to play for the other team. Albert Aisner: A failed car salesman from southern San Andreas, Albie Aisner's similarities with his Italian counterpart end with the title. He keeps a low profile; a friendly face to hide the organized skim taking place in the count rooms of every casino under his belt, from the Algiers to the Tequila Sunrise. As long as the money rolls in, he'll take the jabs at his Semitic mores from the higher-ups in stride. Linwood Kennedy: Famed alum of Classic Vinewood's silent era, Linwood Kennedy has amassed such an immense fortune in the past three decades that he's been allowed the luxury of practicing peculiar hobbies. Besides snow globe collecting, harvesting carnivorous plants, and faking his own death for sport, he rejoices in purchasing controlling stakes in thriving industries, only to bleed them dry and inevitably forget about them. After a long life stuck in Vinewood he's moved slightly north - drawn like all to the neon lights of Las Venturas. Alan Hoffman: A preeminent real estate mogul turned casino impresario with a line in every industry, Alan Hoffman's silver spoon upbringing has left him in a permanent state of dissatisfaction with his surroundings. In Las Venturas he has a vision - wrestling the last relics of a bygone era from the fossils of their dominion, replacing them with moneymaking conglomerates that will live on in perpetuity. Harold Von Crastenburg: A fortune like no other thanks to a line of international luxury hotels didn't save Harold Von Crastenburg from his diagnosis: two years max. In light of the news he's turned his priorities from business to pleasure: collecting endlessly expensive rare cars and memorabilia with the profits gained from the casino trade - an industry he calls "unconfined idiocy". Like Linwood Kennedy he's ever a capitalist no matter the pretensions - the bottom line takes charge no matter the casualties incurred. Glenn "The Kraut" Deutsch: A loyal footsoldier to Max Buscaglia and - to a lesser extent - the Couira Outfit, The Kraut gave up a six-figure salary as a bookmaker for the family in order to follow his mentor to Las Venturas when duty called. He's rarely seen on his own, nor lets a breath escape his lips without the permission of his patron thanks to the insecurity of a congenital defect - one that certainly doesn't affect his temper or his vitality. Pasquale "Pat/Pax" Ancelotti: What some might call an idealist visionary may be seen by others as an egomaniac too preoccupied with a vainglorious legacy - and somewhere in the middle lies Pax Ancelotti and a crime syndicate in fruitless stasis thanks to a sudden preoccupation with his new baby: the Italian-American Association Against Discrimination. Jumpstarted by a desire to see his nephew out of a trumped-up extortion charge, the flames were stoked by Zuriel Orzoff Esq. and have been consistently refueled by the oily downtrodden - and the man on the throne, soldiers at his feet, has seen it fit to leap off and start building a shrine to San Gennaro while forgetting the concept of mutiny. Giovanni Ancelotti: As Pasquale Ancelotti's nephew, Giovanni has long been considered the obvious choice to succeed his uncle's position as head of the family. He's fair in his dealings, unbiased in his affairs, ostensibly peace-seeking - if only they knew of the fire in his heart, the yearning for the day his beloved Uncle Pasquale keels over so he can grab the reins. "Crazy" Wayne Coco: A sadist of the highest order, Crazy Wayne earned his nickname in spades decades back - on the way back home after one a-many lashings out that probably left some poor schmuck with one less eye or limb. He's taken up residence in three states and shadows Gio Ancelotti like an ice pick-wielding puppy dog: at his beck and call he goes where the business goes, and where the business goes blood's sure to flow. Zuriel Orzoff: A Bohanite as they come, Zuriel abandoned his post in the appellate courts of Liberty City to specialize in Algonquin private practice - a majority of his time spent with client/confidante Pasquale Ancelotti, his undying drive and ruthless nature have left his name perpetually on the lips of the elite with money to spare; a steady source of income when he's not fighting Ancelotti battles as legal representative of the newly minted Italian-American Association Against Discrimination. Eugenio "Genie" Sbarra: A member of Gravelli's rag-tag crew from Dukes, the Sbarra name is feared on the streets of Liberty; a man with a reputation for a love of the kill. His signature? Popping a guy in the head and crushing them in their car, dumping the cube in the Humboldt. Got handpicked by Gravelli to join him on his Venturas vacation, and he's making a go of it: the wife thinks it's a business trip and the kids play little league. Junior just made star of the team. The facade may be different, but the techniques are all the same. The man never changed. Michael Caccia: With a penchant for flashy shirts and philandering, Mikey's an Alderney City bookie who got demoted cross-coast when he slept with a Lupisella capo's goomar one too many times. The Gambetti brass shipped him out with the hope that his numbers skills would prove useful in the casinos - they don't know the resentment he harbors for pulling him from his stomping grounds. "Chubby" Charlie Matteo: From the nickname alone, people expect to come face-to-face with a waddling Guernsey greaseball of middle age - they're wrong. Rather, young Charlie Matteo's moniker comes from the predatory vig he charges on his loans which, even at his young age of twenty, have inspired many a successful Alderney risk-taker to file for personal bankruptcy. His zeal for the old ways of the life are paving the way for a long-lived career in Ancelotti loansharking; the Las Venturas wing of the family needs his services more than ever. Valerio "Val Flowers" Negri: Former city alderman from the Midwest, Val Negri has long retired his political aspirations in favor of a equally corrupt agenda - cavorting with organized crime and government agencies alike. He's a man serving many interests, above all his own; only a small party are privy to just what extent this attitude operates. He'll take it to the grave. Pip & Pat Trompi: The Trompi brothers are the Ancelotti family's main enforcers, bringing both the brains and the brawn to the table. Despite the longstanding war, Ancelotti higher-ups waited until Venturas was a sure thing to send them in. Pip's laying low under his permit to get the city in Ancelotti hands at all costs. His little brother, on the other hand, has a mouth that can't contain his fervor - even in a city of callous windbags. "Blue" Billy Bracco: Soon-to-be La Penisola's host, Guglielmo's new to the game: got his first taste of 'our thing' after Sebby Boccino personally congratulated him on a great set at the Quadrille. Later that night saw him throw a brick at a bad waiter. For his silence he's here and now, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous while only slightly knowing what happens behind the curtain. Anthony Bianco: One-time Ancelotti boss-to-be who was kicked to the Liberty curb after a majorly failed coup with Joe 'the Mess' Messina, Bianco is fresh off a ten year trip up the river for attempting to extort a San Andreas used car salesman. No longer welcome in his hometown, he wants to try his hand in Venturas - he's always held an irrational hatred for Sonny Cangelosi and his ilk; money will be made at all costs, peacekeeping efforts be damned. Girolamo Lancetti: Ruling over the territory of southern San Andreas for the better part of two decades, nobody would dare hazard a guess that Gerry Lancetti's previous métier was upholding the law; yet he's still a legal eagle at heart. A firm cooperation with the Ancelotti keeps the Lancetti family unchallenged in their perches, if largely insignificant in the sprawling umbrella of the American mafia. "Cockeyed" Phil Giamonte: A loyal button man for the Los Santos crime family since its glory days, the glass-eyed Giamonte - often too lazy to align his fake blinder - fell by the wayside in favor of Gerry Lancetti when it came time for the leadership election in the late 50s. Vicious and grudging, he's biding his time and stewing in resentment against the man at the reins, waiting for the opportunity to usurp the cathedra and bring the family back to its highest of heights. Mario Bonelli: Big Bonelli made capo faster than he could crack a corny joke about pasta nobody would laugh at. Chummy with Mac Panza 'til the heat got too hot and they started ticking off boss after boss - the consummate boot licker keen on impressing. Now Vinewood-bound: good friends with Lancetti and Couira's boys in LS, best buds with whoever laughs the hardest at his bad puns. Ronald Ross: A man of the south who'll take the whole cowboy shtick to his grave, Ronny Ross left his utopia when Couira took a stand back in ol' Texas. Now more ingrained in the west coast than the horseshoes that became his casino's namesake, Ross has skirted more criminal trials than Sonny Cangelosi in the spirit of keeping his business up and running - fiercely independent from the long arm of the mob. Haluk "The Turk" Sipahioğlu: They started calling him The Turk not just as a marker of his ancestry but because the hoi polloi of Las Venturas might as well had been coughing up phlegm while trying to pronounce his surname. Turk came to the city in the early 60s, easily forged a path not quite into the lap of luxury but at least middling comfort; perpetually cordial and at peace with his station in life, he runs a backstreets thrift shop that's inevitably led to some crossovers with society's scofflaws. He'd never welcome them with any less of a smile. The cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas are separated into districts. Within these districts are neighborhoods, which are all entirely unique and evolve as the game goes on. In between the two cities is an expanse of desert, where small towns and venues are scattered across. Below is a list of districts, neighborhoods and desert towns in the game. "Five years later? Six? It seems like a lifetime, or at least a Main Era—the kind of peak that never comes again. San Francisco in the middle sixties was a very special time and place to be a part of. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run… but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant..." - Hunter S. Thompson ---- Iron Coastlands: Consisting of Quest Sound, the Dutch Flatlands and Poacher's Beak, the Iron Coastlands consist mostly of industrial factories, many of them abandoned and in disarray - the SFPD know that no amount of policing will heed the amount of illegal dealings that go on under the moonlight. Of the three, Poacher's Beak is considered the "safest" to venture into overnight, seeing as it's the only one with residential areas. David Arnold's chop shop is right in the middle of the Dutch Flatlands district, which tangibly belongs to him, and Quest Sound is the place to go if you're looking for questionable narcotics or solid weapons. If you aren't up for paying, the San Fierro Naval Dockyard is host to the most military contraband in the state; try your luck. Quest Sound - Still mostly empty with exception of a few looming warehouses and vacant alleyways, the perpetually half-flooded Quest Sound - The Bayou - is Fierro's go-to place for deals of the shadiest kind. Until someone wealthy enough decides to initiate a redevelopment project, the SFPD chooses to ignore the fact that every night, the population experiences a sudden boom. Dutch Flatlands - Consisting almost entirely of run down and abandoned buildings, there is absolutely no reason for anyone up to a reasonable amount of good to venture into the Flatlands. De-facto owned by David Arnold and his gang, the police stopped patrolling the area ages ago. Poacher's Beak - Being the least dangerous neighborhood of the Coastlands doesn't make it safe by any stretch of the imagination. Poacher's Beak is a cesspool of sketchy massage parlors and liquor stores with upstairs apartments. You've still got a 50-50 chance of getting mugged or propositioned while walking down the street, but it's a whole 'nother world compared to the Dutch Flatlands. ---- Sunset District: Calton Heights, Westwood, Vista Park and Princeton are the neighborhoods of the Sunset District. Previously occupied by lower-middle class, the district has recently received a surge in property purchases by those in the know. Tightly packed Victorian-era townhouses populate the narrow streets that offer sweeping views of the bay. Calton Heights - Previously known as Andreas Heights, in recent times this neighborhood has been inhabited by those with money to spare. Located at the top of a steep incline, Calton Heights features a great view of Easter Bay and is home to the most affluent in the city. Despite the high property prices, the streets of the neighborhood are plagued with young "artists" hocking their newest music and advertising clubs in the city's seedier locales during the day, and the "classiest" of working girls at night. Westwood - Virtually identical to Calton Heights, Westwood sits high above sea level and is populated to the brim. However, it remains untouched by the higher class. Victorian houses not maintained since their inception continue to fall apart at the seams behind well-maintained lawns and gardens. Due to not knowing what sort of audience they might find, Westwood is free from any sort of hecklers and is the quietest of the district at night. Vista Park - Unlike the others of its ilk, Vista Park was never considered a great place to live. Apartment tenements highly outnumbering historic homes took away from its charm atop San Fierro's highest hill, but the Summer of Love brought hundreds of young couples to the neighborhood in a fest of song and acid. One might call it the nerve center of SF counterculture. Princeton - Half at sea level and half uphill, Princeton used to be a quiet residential area. Recently, it's turned upside down and has become a safe haven for the LGBT community in the aftermath of the Summer of Love and more nightclubs and bars are springing up than ever. History buffs and natural beauty maintain its reputation as prime real estate. ---- Lusitano Hill: Only the neighborhoods of Suppleham and Little Hanoi remain part of the formerly sprawling locale of Lusitano Hill. Constricted to the east by San Fierro's expanding downtown and to the west by the estates of the Sunset District, it has become a haven for those with little cash to spare and nowhere else to go. Suppleham - Booming from the Gold Rush until the end of Prohibition, Suppleham developed into a refuge for GIs as the 1940s approached. Its nightlife was swept aside as properties were flipped residential - it could only work for so long. Now, as WWII fades into the past and the draftees move on, it has turned to a something of a melting pot; jazz clubs, burlesque theatres and massage parlors now line the streets. The homes have been kicked upward - single occupancy apartments above the businesses. Doug and his family live at Pocilga Lodging, one of the only apartments left that operates not only in name. Little Hanoi - Part of Suppleham in reality but not in spirit, Little Hanoi is distinct in its purely Vietnamese identity. Plain and simple - don't venture in here unless you speak it or look it, at least until the war's over. ---- Sastre Outlook: Home to those rich enough to acknowledge San Fierro's cultural scene from afar but too brassbound to take part in it, Sastre Outlook's district/neighborhood combo offers stunning views all around to look down on the commoners below. Recent picketing has put a pin in the district's perpetual air of superiority, laying bare the fact that no amount of elitism can keep out an increasingly unruly populace. ---- Greenwich: A district of shifting populations since the Gold Rush, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Equator Bay and Kennedy Park make up San Fierro's middle-class compromises. The district border has been consistently warping since the 40s, pushing stucco dwellings to the brim with - most recently - headstrong Chinese immigrants too proud to live in Chinatown. East Greenwich - Constantly under construction and split down the middle between ancient Victorians and budget crash pads, its borders are rounded out by the Sastre Vista highlands one way and San Fierro's token park on the other. East Greenie is affordable and cultural - and the bohemians are taking notice. West Greenwich - When the Greenwiches became two, the west side got away with most of its fabled antique housing. With sandy beaches on one side and lush parks on another, only those appreciating of nature and tolerant of peculiar smells inhabit it. Equator Bay - Smack dab in the middle, Equator Bay was left out of the Greenwich moniker. It has its own identity instead - numbered streets, abundant murals, and cheap duplexes. It's second only to Chinatown for the highest concentration of Chinese immigrants; ones who prefer to live in relative anonymity. Kennedy Park - Kennedy Park is nothing more than a glorified nature reserve built around the ruins of a once-massive natatorium - a tourist trap for those excited to see the end of the Great Ocean Highway, sure, but one offering the double trouble of both scenic views of the Pacific and the seclusion of the cliff faces. Practically begging to be the backdrop for something poignant. ---- Chinatown: Another district/neighborhood mashup, San Fierro's Chinatown is the oldest of its kind. If it's food cart nosh, faux imperial architecture and bargain, 50/50-shot-of-a-happy-ending massages you seek, it's your port of call. Just ignore the influx of immigrants hoping to keep the district to themselves. Above one of those infamous parlors sleep the Cole brothers, undying sticklers for budget living. ---- Nocaro Esplanade: Under this district's umbrella fall San Fierro's varied waterside neighborhoods: Clarita Quay, Balandro, and Las Llegadas. They might share a nautical view, but that's about it - the San Fierro city council stands partial to the remunerative neighborhoods only, letting the flower children fight for the scraps elsewhere. Clarita Quay - As some of the Esplanade's other developments fell into disarray, Clarita Quay's grandiose allure kept it 100% afloat. It's survived the times as a token of nostalgia, seemingly untouched by modernity to the benefit of the rich and tourist-inclined alike. Main attraction - Victoria Dock, where anyone can gorge on seafood while eyeballing the filthy rich do the same on their moored yachts nearby. Balandro - Twenty years ago Balandro could've been considered Clarita Quay's sister section - if its original architect hadn't insisted on forging it in wood, that might still be the case. Now it's falling to rot, both literal and metaphorical - it's closer to the Dutch Flatlands than its neighbor in spirit. Las Llegadas - Commemorative fountains and an abandoned army post; Fort Woods has been chiefly forsaken since the end of the Korean War. It lays waterside as a target for urban exploration and patriotic photo ops, zip else. The open land of its few plazas, however, are ripe for bohemian outdoor living. ---- The Valley: Nobody knows how this district became known as The Valley; both Dimezzo Vale and Para Point's lush green landscapes sit on a mountain high above the rest of San Fierro. Maybe it was lost in translation. Maybe its settlers were idiots. Dimezzo Vale - Originally envisioned as working-class rowhouses for the purveyors of the 1850 Gold Rush, most of its inhabitants died without a dime to their name. It was only then that the rich noticed what beautiful views it offered of the shoreside from the backyards of its Victorian duplexes; guess who came out on top? Para Point - Same as above, with a twist; when the rich invaded Para Point they were interrupted by city ordinances - it was to be the site of San Fierro's water reservoir, significantly depreciating the neighborhood's value. When the minor inconvenience made the fat fly elsewhere, the middle class entered in droves. Para Point is the location of Doug Pryor's childhood home. Three Guys Walk Into a Bar - Julius Cole, Doug Pryor, and Dante Gallo act out a typical day in the life as auspicious prospects loom. Top of the Slide - After a face-to-face with his newest employer, Julius is put to the test in a surreal environment. Consumption and Other Hobbies - Dante heads out to the desert on behalf of his uncle, then gets into some hijinks with an old friend. The Gordian Knot - A desperate Doug teams up with a former business associate and earns a chance to showcase his skills to a new organization. Red Herring - Julius makes an impression on Winston's girlfriend then heads to the docks to meet an offbeat seafood salesman offering work. Moth and Rust - A boozy Dante and Ettore pull a heist on a Couira drop shop hosted in a meat market. Conflict of Interest - Told to inspire some Chinese envoys with the American work ethic, Doug and a unit of Triads collect on a debt wanted in a number of circles. One More Saturday Night - Julius is shuttled off to an acid test in Rose-Ronan courtesy of the bikers. Shrinking Men - Dante comes face to face with a local legend as a personal favor for Jon Gravelli. Blacktop Blues - Marcus tags along with Doug on a drug deal that never quite materializes. Yellow Press - As tensions flare, Julius heads to the jewel of the Hauptmann crown to put the fear of God into the editorial board. Mea Culpa - Dante and Eddy commit a flagrant sin. Inconveniences Resolved - Doug heads into the hornet's nest to recover his impounded car and 15 kilos of scag. The Homing Pigeon Roosts - Julius meets the Leopards of Leandros. King of Swing - As La Penisola's grand opening approaches, Dante's tasked with recovering an institution of yore. The Father, The Son, The Spirit - Doug lends his services out to the Russian mob and runs into someone he would've been just fine never seeing again. In Dealing With Mongol Hordes - A deal in the dirt: Mexicans, scoped rifles, acid comedowns, and rampant passive aggression. Stuck In The Brambles - Dante rescues a friend in need. Winky's Wetwork (Doug) The first structured side-mission available in-game, Winky's Wetwork consists of Doug's efforts to keep Winky Palafox's Triad-affiliated drug running op afloat. Tasks range from the menial - overseeing Chinatown poppy shipments or keeping workers in check - to the more intricate, such as roughing up unruly employees or getting the dirt on warehouse owners downriver. As the story progresses and Winky learns the ropes himself, Doug will receive a thanks with decent severance. There are seven scripted missions: The Birds: Doug oversees a shipment of heroin coming in through the open waterfront; open season. With the help of Triad goons, ensure the cargo is safely tucked into the vans as rival thugs attempt to butt in from the sky - ward them off and bring a batch straight to Calvin yourself for extra compensation. Badlands Redux: At the behest of the Triads themselves, take out the ringleader of the other day's ambush from his mountaintop cabin south San Fierro. Crème de la Crème: Conduct a business meeting yourself out of a Poacher's Beak confectionery and prove your reputation as a stalwart negotiator - if you've got good eyes you'll double-cross the double-crossers before they can do you any wrong. Prohibition: As the Triad warehouse housing the goods from the confectionery deal gets raided, find a way to relocate the goods without getting busted. Chief Shaft: Obtain some coercion-worthy exhibition shots of the drug case's lead investigator and shrug off funny looks as the photos get developed. Tropic Sun: With the heat off Winky's back, stake out the agreed meeting place to offload the goods before the deal takes place and eradicate any undesirable elements. Heroin Chic: In the company of Winky and a band of Chinese goons, ensure the biggest deal of his career goes off without a hitch. Weapons Trafficking (Doug) Maybe second time's the charm. Doug still holds contacts within the USMC willing to part with some firepower despite the original ring's disastrous fate - with the help of Baldwin Matthews, Doug returns to his old tricks sans the deceitful Sergeant Major. With good work put in along with Doug's career advancements elsewhere, the missions become increasingly complex and doubly rewarding as time goes on. There are five varieties of missions: The Oceanic: Be it through stealing or purchasing, this mission takes Doug out on the water to complete his objective. That's not an indicator of anonymity - San Fierro has eyes on the sea 24/7 to protect the SF Naval Dockyard. Grease the Coast Guard's palms yourself or think of another way through, because naval warfare isn't a force to be reckoned with in trying times. The Smuggler: Race to the given locations and stuff some weapons in anonymous dropboxes around the state - just watch out for setups and crackdowns. The Saboteur: As always, the arms race is not without opposition. Through force of wit or ferocity, let your competitors know that northern San Andreas has only one name for blackmarket weapons. The Deal: Meet with contacts statewide to seal the deal on a sale. Be aware - with no means of verification, you're always taking part in a risky business. Cop or crook, see to it that things are done on a level playing field.
  6. Main Theme Welcome back. Crack epidemic is still growing rapidly. 'The City of Saints' has dangerous crime rates that are focusing on cocaine, empire businesses, extortion and gang violence. The riches of Rockford Hills, Richman, Chumash, and Vinewood Hills brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of luxury mansions in rare condition for celebrities and drug cartels. The skyline is still packed (Maze Bank Tower, IAA Building, Weazel Plaza, Lombank Tower and Penris Building in Pillbox Hill are not present) and even from afar they manage to display their beauty. Culture is rising in Greater Los Santos and it has attracted a lot of attention. Countless cultures have left their mark not just on the city's development, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of plain, ordinary people has grown into an amalgamation of differences and it's this that unites the 9 million people to this day. The time is before transit rail systems. Olympic Freeway (I-4) is not present during this event until construction begins in 1988 and completed in 1992 connected to Popular Street underpass. The City of Saints map is becoming an expansion before Little Portola it was Confederate Savings and Loan building with parking lot and Weazel Plaza is under construction in Rockford Hills. CITY OF LOS SANTOS Garvey Park Founded in 1916. This city is located near Murrieta Heights and El Burro Heights involve with Los Santos Triads gang who are always hostile and they all seem to be in unkind despite being different. Based on real-life Monterey Park. Colina Linda (Spanish for "beautiful hills") A mid wealth city is located unseen Palomino Highlands was incorporated in 1920 and is a home of Newmark Town Center shopping mall and wonderful metropolis. Based on Montebello, Pico Rivera and Whittier. Nixon Founded in 1907 built in the south of Palomino Highlands border of Colina Linda and is a safest urban phenomenon. The downtown is packed with low-rise skyscrapers combines with small shops and many show their age and a rich history. Based on Yorba Linda, Fullerton with influences of La Mirada. LOS SANTOS COUNTY Los Robles This city was founded in 1906 located northeast Mirror Park closes to Tataviam Mountains and is an extraordinary metropolis with the largest communities of Soviet Armenians. but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of buildings were designed to take full advantage of the climate, as more daring elements can be created when you don't have to worry about strong winds. Based on real-life Glendale and Eagle Rock. BLAINE COUNTY Sunset Shores An unincorporated trailer park on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert in Blaine County until renames Stab City in 1996. It is best known as outdoor event of Blood Bowl destruction derby. Legion Square Location in 2013 A place is a serious eyesore due to spend $1 million for a temporary renovation until 1992. Dynasty Hotel Area in 2013 Opened in 1921. This site is located in Alta where former Democratic presidential candidate Gerry Quigley was assassinated on June 6, 1968. Esenwein Hotel Location in 2013 Built in 1952 and demolished in 2011 replaced by Mile High Club 2 years before Grand Theft Auto V event. All Saints Memorial Hospital Location in 2013 Opened in 1923. The art-deco style hospital is located in the eastern side of Strawberry and then in 2008 it was replaced by Central Los Santos Medical Center. Vinewood Television Network (VTN) Studios Location in 2013 A national television network successor of Weazel was launched in 1957. The building was extensively renovated in 1965 located in Little Seoul. Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) Location in 2013 Rockford Plaza Location in 2013 Tequi-la-la Location in 2013 Protagonists Glenn Monahan (1st Protagonist) Born in 1954. A former college football player has a winning smile with steady and dependable to be polite and well mannered. His default vehicle is a yellow 1967 Imponte Ruiner VT and a black 1985 WMC WinterGreen. Judith "Judy" Perkel (2nd Protagonist) Born in 1959 in Tel Aviv, Israel. A notorious natural woman who has been fled from Israel during Yom Kippur War at the age of 14 and then to have her better life in the United States. Her default vehicle is a red 1985 Vapid Flash. Elvira Toledo (3rd Protagonist) Born in 1956. A twenty-nine year old who was a political prisoner has a tendency to exaggerate, and brought up in the American Dream. Her default vehicle is a beige 1982 Burgerfahrzeug Leveche. Major Characters Fred "Butcher Boy" Hardin A former gang member of the Trailer Park Mafia from Paleto Bay is a mess of emotions. He plays Texaco grab 'em and decides to become a fugitive. Adrian Nicholson The private investigator who enjoys paparazzi, attending museums and eating out. He is gentle and creative, but can also be very trustworthy. Daniel Barker A World War II veteran who enjoys playing golf, watching film noir and relaxing. He is generous and caring, but can also be very dull and a bit impatient. Tyrone "TK" Knight The gang leader of Grove Street Families who enjoys smoking weeds, playing street craps, and starting the war shootout against the Ballas. Rishu Ashtikar The nightclub owner who enjoys running, painting and drug dealing. He is bright and reliable, but can also be very sneaky. Darlene Jacobs A fitness club trainer who won Karate championship, camping and doing yoga. She is entertaining, but can also be very loyal. Kevin Townsend The childhood friend of Glenn who enjoys working on cars, drinking Logger beer and money laundering. He is so reliable. Hubert Whitelaw A Vinewood Casino owner has $700,000 income. He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and associating with secret agents. Arcibaldo "Archie" Paglione A Sicilian mob kingpin sells hardcore weapons. He is generous and careful, but can also be very boring and a bit moody. Bruce Calvert The youngest bounty hunter forces to watch the world around them struggle against Los Santos Vagos gang, asking them for a favor that could result in a lot of merchandise being stolen. Jeremy Valkenburg A Blaine County sheriff commissioner is taking a revenge into action when he discovers an old photograph of Harmony that results in a gun fight. Rebecca Del Toro (Villain) A female General from National Liberation Army in Colombia but she resides at Cayo Perico who enjoys public execution, corrupting local refugees. She is evil, fascist, and hostile. Pistols .35 Magnum Colt Python 9mm Pistol Silenced Pistol Shotguns Pump Action Sawed Off Lupara Spring Power M58B Combat Shotgun Sniper Rifles Swiss K31 M41 Scope Rimfire .22LR Assault Rifles Ruger Mini 14 Tactical AK47 M16 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.) Sub-machine guns Uzi Tec 9 HK MP5 Combat SMG Non-Lethal Flare Gun Tranquilizer Gun Dart Pistol Heavy RPG-7 Springfield M79 Thrown Grenade Flashbang Tear Gas Molotov Cocktail Random Pickable Objects Jerry Can Melee Fists Baseball Bat Crowbar Knife Golf Club Katana Sword Flashlight Nightstick Hammer Swiss Army Knife Los Santos Customs has not set up until 1987. Only local mod garages. Sports: Pfister Astral Lampadati Felon GT Vapid Dominator Pegassi Torero Imponte Insurrection Grotti Cheetah Ocelot F620 Weeny Toad Progen P68 GTB Invetero Coquette Z29 Dinka Jester Bravado Buffalo Pfister Comet Ubermacht Zion Lampadati Arachnid Grotti Stinger Speciale Dewbauchee Lucullan Vapid Bullet Obey Omnis Pegassi Veloce Karin 290Z Ocelot Ardent Imponte Deluxo Bravado Gauntlet Ubermacht SC1 Vintage and Muscles: Dundreary Panther Vapid Hotknife Schyster Namorra Invetero Coquette Classic Declasse Vamos Classique Stallion '65 Albany Hermes Vapid Dominator GTT '71 Imponte NFI Albany Broadway Declasse Vigero Imponte Phoenix Bravado Gauntlet Classic Declasse Sabre Turbo Vapid Peyote Imponte Dukes Cheval Picador '68 Willard Rumbler Coupes: Declasse Mowrey Albany Virgo Vapid Fortune Imponte DePalma Bravado Manana Dundreary Remington Karin Futo '80 Willard Andec Ubermacht Sentinel Dinka Blista Compact Classique Broadsword Vapid Uranus Bordeaux Soriano Willard Rubicon Schyster PMP 600 Declasse Cadrona Benefactor Feltzer Annis Savestra Vapid Retinue Burgerfahrzeug Weevil Albany Baroness Barbican Crevice Sedans: Willard Buckwalter Bravado Oceanic Annis Pinnacle Declasse Merit Karin Asterope Vapid STD Stanier Schyster Greenwood Declasse Savanna Barbican Prospect '78 Imponte DF8-90 Bravado Carousel Willard Marbelle Dinka Hakumai Vapid Lombardy Declasse Diva Willard 500 Dundreary Admiral Classique Tango Karin Randburg Luxury/Executive Sedans: Ubermacht Oracle Enus Rouge Benefactor Perfidia Lampadati Felon Ocelot Revolver Albany Washington Dundreary Jefferson Benefactor Schafter Obey Tailgater Albany Babylon Albany Mansfield Declasse Quixote Station Wagons: Karin Sultan Wagon Imponte Pangea Willard Solair Trucks, Vans, and SUVs: Karin BeeJay Canis Seminole Declasse Walton Bravado Rumpo Bravado Bison Vapid Riata Canis Mesa Karin Rebel Vapid Bobcat Bravado Youga Canis Pioneer Vapid Sandking XL Brute Pony Burgerfahrzeug Surfer Declasse Granger Burgerfahrzeug Bifta Burgerfahrzeug Dune Buggy Burgerfahrzeug Injection Vapid Minivan Karin Ensenada Bravado Duneloader Vapid Sadler '61 Commercial and Industrial: HVY Biff MTL Flatbed MTL Packer Vapid Benson MTL Pounder JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Hauler Vapid Yankee Brute Boxville MTL Roadtrain Public and Emergency Services: Now before toggle the Vigilante mission. You must wear uniforms to hide Wanted Level. Police Cruiser (Bravado) Police Cruiser (Vapid) Police Patrol SAHP Dominator SAHP Franger Police Bike Taxi Taxi (Declasse) Cabby FIB Zartex Sheriff Cruiser (Declasse) Sheriff Stanier Ambulance Fire Truck Trashmaster Dundreary Stretch Towtruck Tow Truck (Large) Police Maverick Bus Stockade Police Boxville Police Predator Romero Hearse Motorcycles: Sh*tzu Vader Sh*tzu NRG 900F Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Maibatsu Sanchez Dinka Enduro WMC Bagger WMC Daemon Pegassi Esskey Principe Faggio WMC Freeway WMC Sovereign Dinka Thrust Nagasaki Carbon RS Principe Lectro Boats: Dinghy Reefer Speeder Marquis Tropic Squalo Tug Jetmax Turbo Seashark Aircraft: Mammatus Velum 5-Seater Sparrow Maverick Cuban 800 Annihilator Shamal Vestra Howard NX-25 Alpha-Z1 Mallard Duster Non-Stop-Pop 100.7 FM Genre: Pop 1. Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra 2. Rick Springfield - Don't Talk to Strangers 3. Olivia Newton-John - Physical 4. Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love 5. Commodores - Nightshift 6. Wang Chung - Look at Me Now 7. INXS - Stay Young 8. Exposé - Point of No Return 9. Spandau Ballet - Highly Strung 10. Genesis - That's All 11. The Power Station - Some Like It Hot 12. Level 42 - A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time) 13. David Bowie - Let's Dance 14. Sheena Easton - Double Standard 15. ABC - Be Near Me 16. Hall & Oates - Cold Dark and Yesterday 17. The Police - Spirits in the Material World 18. Duran Duran - Of Crime and Passion Radio Mirror Park Genre: New wave 1. Culture Club - It's a Miracle 2. Kraftwerk - The Model 3. Talking Heads - Burning Down the House 4. Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better 5. Ultravox - Dancing with Tears in My Eyes 6. Dead or Alive - D.J. Hit That Button 7. Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love 8. Kajagoogoo - Big Apple 9. Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere In Summertime 10. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World 11. Blondie - Union City Blue 12. The Human League - Life on Your Own 13. New Order - Dreams Never End 14. General Public - Tenderness 15. Depeche Mode - People Are People 16. The Style Council - Internationalists 17. Obvious - Walk Faster 18. Bad Manners - Samson and Delilah Dopealicious FM Genre: Hip-Hop 1. Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals 2. World Class Wreckin' Cru - Juice 3. Grandmaster Melle Mel and the Furious Five - At the Party 4. Run-D.M.C - Sucker M.C.'s 5. Mantronix - Needle to the Groove 6. Spoonie Gee - The Big Beat 7. Whodini - Rap Machine 8. Kurtis Blow - Big Time Hood 9. Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend 10. Too Short - Everytime 11. Fatback Band - King Tim III (Personality Jock) 12. UTFO - Bite It 13. Dark Star - Rock the Boat 14. Fantasy Three - Biters In The City 15. The Unknown D.J. - Let's Jam 16. Funky 4+1 - That's the Joint 17. Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock 18. Afrika Bambaataa - World Destruction K-DST ("The Dust") Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock 1. Def Leppard - Action! Not Words 2. Alice Cooper - Pain 3. Judas Priest - Breaking the Law 4. ZZ Top - Rough Boy 5. Molly Hatchet - Sweet Dixie 6. Bon Jovi - King of the Mountain 7. Mötley Crüe - Take Me To The Top 8. Europe - Stormwind 9. Girlschool - I Want You Back 10. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train 11. Kiss - Secretly Cruel 12. Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire 13. Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast 14. AC/DC - Rising Power 15. Dokken - Stick to Your Guns 16. Twisted Sister - I Believe in Rock 'n' Roll 17. Scorpions - Backstage Queen 18. Krokus - I'm on the Run Rosebud 92.5 FM Genre: Adult contemporary 1. George Benson - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You 2. Spandau Ballet - True 3. Brenda K. Starr - Love Me Like the First Time 4. Hall & Oates - One on One 5. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky 6. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling 7. Kajagoogoo - Hang on Now 8. Steve Winwood - While You See a Chance 9. The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain 10. Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show - Sharing the Night Together 11. Madonna - Angel 12. Gino Vannelli - I Just Wanna Stop 13. Journey - Faithfully 14. Duran Duran - Save a Prayer 15. Chicago - Hard to Say I'm Sorry 16. Teena Marie - Lovergirl 17. Bertie Higgins - Key Largo 18. F.R. David - Words Bounce FM Genre: Funk, R&B/Soul 1. Heatwave - Boogie Nights 2. The Whispers - This Kind of Lovin' 3. Rick James - Bustin' Out (On Funk) 4. Evelyn "Champagne" King - Love Come Down 5. Ready for The World - Oh Sheila 6. Cameo - Insane 7. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes - Don't Leave Me This Way 8. Slave - Watching You 9. B.B.&.Q. Band - On The Beat 10. The Time - Jungle Love 11. Pointer Sisters - He's So Shy 12. Imagination - Just an Illusion 13. Frankie Smith - Double Dutch Bus 14. Junior - Too Late 15. Parliament - Wizard of Finance 16. The Gap Band - Early in the Morning 17. Midnight Star - Operator 18. DeBarge - I Like It The Lowdown 91.1 FM Genre: Classic Soul, R&B, Disco 1. The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl 2. The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) 3. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You Got 4. Malo - Suavecito 5. Tavares - More Than a Woman 6. Lipps Inc. - Designer Music 7. Silver Convention - Get Up and Boogie 8. Bloodstone - Natural High 9. GQ - I Do Love You 10. King Errisson - Sleep Talk 11. Marvin Gaye - Got to Give It Up 12. The Spinners - I'll Be Around 13. Chuck Brown - Bustin' Loose 14. The Miracles - Free Press 15. Frankie Valli - Grease 16. Black Heat - Love the Life You Live 17. Kool & the Gang - Joanna 18. Sister Sledge - Pretty Baby Vinewood Boulevard Radio Genre: Alternative 1. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough 2. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now? 3. Echo & the Bunnymen - The Back of Love 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley 5. The Three O'Clock - Each and Every Lonely Heart 6. Midnight Oil - Basement Flat 7. Hüsker Dü - Powerline 8. The Pretenders - Back on the Chain Gang 9. Sonic Youth - The Burning Spear 10. R.E.M. - Harborcoat 11. The Mekons - Trouble Down South 12. The Psychedelic Furs - President Gas 13. The Cure - Descent 14. Eurythmics - I Did It Just The Same 15. The Dream Syndicate - Still Holding on to You 16. Red Zebra - Beirut by Night 17. Devo - Going Under 18. Ministry - Effigy (I'm Not An) K-JAH West Genre: Reggae 1. Burning Spear - Social Living 2. Peter Tosh - Reggaemylitis 3. The Upsetters - Iron Claw 4. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Get Up, Stand Up 5. Jimmy Cliff - Hitting with Music 6. Manu Dibango - Reggae Makossa 7. Horace Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell 8. Linton Kwesi Johnson - Independent Intavenshan 9. Barrington Levy - Cool and Loving 10. Desmond Dekker - Rudy Got Soul 11. Gregory Isaacs - Promise Is a Comfort 12. UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby Rebel Radio 101.9 FM Genre: Country 1. Hank Williams - Jambalaya (On the Bayou) 2. Johnny Cash - Nine Pound Hammer 3. Tammy Wynette - Stand by Your Man 4. Kenny Rogers - The Heart of the Matter 5. George Jones - If I Painted a Picture 6. Dolly Parton - Early Morning Breeze 7. Chet Atkins - Jitterbug Waltz 8. The Oak Ridge Boys - Another Dream Just Came True 9. Ray Price - I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me) 10. Barbara Mandrell - Love Is Thin Ice 11. Willie Nelson - One Day at a Time 12. Eddie Rabbitt - Bedroom Eyes 13. Merle Haggard and The Strangers - The Bottle Let Me Down 14. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy 15. Alabama - Country Side of Life Space 103.2 FM Genre: Dance, Disco 1. Lime - Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight 2. Dennis Edwards - Don´t Look Any Further 3. Boney M - Daddy Cool 4. Ashford & Simpson - Found a Cure 5. Kadenza - Let's Do It 6. Bobby Nunn - Private Party 7. Donna Summer - I Feel Love 8. The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) 9. Chicago - Street Player 10. Ian Dury - Funky Disco (Pops) 11. Odyssey - Going Back to My Roots 12. Hot Chocolate - You'll Never Be So Wrong 13. Starpoint - Object of My Desire 14. Zapp - Cas-Ta-Spellome 15. Evelyn "Champagne" King - No Time for Fooling Around Los Santos Underground Radio (LSUR) Genre: Techno, House, Dance/Electronic, High Energy 1. Trans-X - Living on Video 2. Stop - Wake Up 3. Modern Rocketry - Ten Seconds to Midnight 4. Arpeggio - Love & Desire 5. Lisa - Rocket to Your Heart 6. French Kiss - Panic 7. Tapps - Burning With Fire 8. Kano - I'm Ready 9. John Carpenter - The Duke Arrives/Barricade 10. Maggie - Beat Of The Night 11. The Flirts - Danger Radio X 99.1 FM Genre: Punk rock 1. Billy Idol - Come On, Come On 2. Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated 3. Hüsker Dü - Newest Industry 4. The Exploited - Free Flight 5. Discharged - Cries of Help 6. Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal 7. The Ruts - Backbiter 8. D.R.I. - Argument Then War 9. Mink DeVille - Spanish Stroll 10. The Replacements - Left of the Dial 11. Black Flag - Best One Yet 12. Minutemen - This Ain't No Picnic 13. Flipper - Sex Bomb 14. Circle Jerks - Rats of Reality 15. Dead Kennedys - Goons of Hazzard Blaine County Independent (BCI) 96.5 FM Genre: Public Talk Radio West Coast Talk Radio (WCTR) 95.6 FM Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming American Broadcast Network (ABN) Yuppie and the Alien The Barfs In Our Lifetimes The Ruiner 2000 All Risk Agency Vinewood Television Network (VTN) Superstar Bowling Tournament Do Not Sleep Tic-Tac-Vinewood The Human Figure at Home Climatic Candid Channel (CCC) Lesbo Detective Duo CCC Action News Fort Apocalypse Mr. Veranda External Countdown
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