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  1. Is there a way to remove invidual vehicle part as hood, bumper or a door? I know it is possible by simply ramming a car into an object, but I just want to rip one part off without crashing. I also suggested a mod for this, it should be just simple tab on a screen that removes or adds parts and also work in SA:MP and MTA, but it won't be made as I see. So, may I ask is there one already made? This is something many players would like to see and use. Oh, and mods by Junior Djjr will not work properly with multiplayer, please don't suggest me those (good for singpleplayer anyway!)
  2. a concept thread by jcole logo designed by §†range Overview: in this prequel to the lost and damned set in the 1960's you will follow the story of john conway, a vietnam vet and a recent patched in member of the angels of death motorcycle club winding you across not only los santos but both a reimagined san fierro and las venturas, experiencing the unique culture of the times. from psychedelics and casinos to west coast biker culture and the civil rights movement. it was an edifying time to be alive; the happy go lucky attitude of the 60's was beginning to wear off and a grime reality began to set in. Plot: in 1968 vietnam war vet and patched member of the angels of death biker gang john conway returns home to san fierro. fellow members of the gang welcome him home. following john's return from the war, a rival gang attacks the clubhouse killing the chapter president in the process. shortly after john learns a war broke out with the angels of death and their rivals, the mounted raiders mc while john was in vietnam, the vice president then prompts an assault on the mounted raiders clubhouse. in the process they steal a stash of heroin after the attack. they find a buyer but the deal is ambushed. being at war with the mounted raiders, the gang decides to take their territory around san andreas. after igniting gang wars, selling drugs, and taking territory around the san fierro bay area. john learns the vice president of the club planned to assassinate the chapter president so he could become the full leader of the gang. john and other gang members confront him about this at a sitdown at the san fierro docks which ignites into a shootout that results in half of the gang being killed. now that a civil war has started in the gang john and gang members still loyal to him fight the vice presidents faction. after taking all territory from the vice presidents faction. john arrives at his house and kills his bodyguards prompting him to flee. john chases after him and they eventually get outside of town. the chase eventually leads to a dirt road in the countryside where the vice president meets a few other gang members. him and the gang members pull off into a field with some trees where they attempt to ambush john. john kills them all and rides back to san fierro. after the bloody civil war has ended, john attempts to build the gang back up by recruiting new gang members and continuing the war with the mounted raiders eventually wiping out their entire san fierro chapter. after rebuilding the gang to what it was, john decides to expand the gang's territory down south into the desert. after making alliences with numerous gangs and battling the los santos and las venturas chapters of the mounted raiders for control, one final battle between the mounted raiders and the angels of death ensues on a farm in blaine county ensues. the mounted raiders lose the fight and the mounted raiders president flees. john pursues him through the countryside. eventually the mounted raiders president crashes his bike and runs off. john chases him into the desert having one final firefight with and eventually wounds him. john finishes him off with a bullet to the head. john now president of the san andreas chapters of the angels of death mc rides off into the sunset on his bike. the story ends and the credits roll. the player is now a respected gang leader and can recruit how many gang members they want. trailer Map please note this is not my map. it was originally made by gtaforums user: gifbrah Missions mission #1 introduction mission #2 highway to hell mission #3 one percenter mission #4 get good wood mission #5 easy rider mission #6 it's war mission #7 san andreas choppers mission #8 live free or die mission #9 bad standing mission #10 the wild ones mission #11 off route mission #12 angels in america mission #13 action/reaction mission #14 bad craftsmanship mission #15 shifting weight mission #16 coming down mission #17 heavy toll mission #18 lock and load mission #19 target practice mission #20 road rage mission #21 ruff rider mission #22 end of the road side activities: Gang wars: gang wars work a lot like gta san andreas in gta angels and damned. to start a gang war go to a hangout and kill rival gang members or kill gang members who are on the streets in a gang territory. a gang war will start and the player has to kill off three waves of rival gang members. once all is said and done the territory color will turn red and it will become your territory. gang members can also be recruited similar to gta san andreas. Drug dealing: similar to gta chinatown wars, there will be a fun and lucritive drug dealing mini game. to start a drug deal go up to a buyer and choose what drugs you want to sell. this can range from. cocaine, ecstasy, meth, heroin, weed, pain killers, downers, and crack. sometimes the deals will be ambushed by the police sometimes they will go well. Bike racing: similar to gta tlad there will also be a bike racing mini game. you can knock opponents off their bikes with a melee weapon from your inventory. Fight club: this game also has a fight club mini game similar to gta the ballad of gay tony. Arm wrestling pool darts drinking eating Weapons: Melee: knife bat crowbar tire iron shovel wrench hammer axe chainsaw Pistols: pistol browning pistol revolver snubnose revolver python automatic pistol Shotguns: remington shotgun sawed off shotgun combat shotgun Submachine guns: micro smg uzi scorpion smg smg grease gun Assault rifles: AK 47 M16 M14 rifles: sniper rifle calvet rifle Heavy: RPG M60 grenade launcher Explosives: grenade molotov pipe bomb New features: bodies can be stored in car trunks. melee weapons can now be used from a bike. vehicles are fully customizible. Conclusion: this was just another cool idea i had for a future gta game. i have some more ideas that i will make concept threads about in the future. i hope you guys liked the concept please make sure to give some feedback about what you want me to improve and how i could improve it. if you have criticisms, questions, whatever, feel free to leave them down below. updates will be made to the post in the future.
  3. Grand theft auto san andreas HD remake disclaimer: this is not speculation about gta 6. this simply a concept thread where i am sharing an idea of mine. please keep criticism polite and constructive and enjoy. overview: grand theft auto san andreas HD remake is a complete from the ground up rebuild of the game, grand theft auto san andreas. it is an HD universe remake of the original gta san andreas. many characters from the original game will be appearing, though some characters due to this remake taking place in the HD universe of the grand theft auto series, will be replaced with some HD era characters. some of these characters include, salvatore leon, replaced by giovanni ancelotti, johnny sindacco replaced by anthony messina, son of paulie messina, who is don of the messina family. the map consists of HD universe renditions of los santos, san fierro, las venturas, red county, flint county, whetstone county, tierra robada, and bone county. some new locations have also been added and these include, san duarte (based on san diego), rona (based on reno), oakley (based on oakland), San Melendez county (based on san bernadino county). many features from the original such as eating, working out, gang wars, properties, etc will return. some new features will be added as well. several new missions have also been added to the story. the player can take over gang territories in all the citites and fight with many different gangs besides just the ballas and vagos. locations: cities: los santos: where the game starts off and now in it's HD era rendition closer to real life. (based on los angeles) San duarte: a smaller side city where several new missions take place. places such as the naval base can also be found here. (based on san diego) san fierro: now in a more detailed, closer to reality, HD universe rendition(based on san Francisco) Oakley: another small city right across the garver bridge. again, several new story missions take place here. (based on oakland) Rona: a small city where several casinos can be found and interacted with. also kind of a minime of las venturas. (based on reno) las venturas: just like the other major cities is now in a more detailed HD universe rendition. (based on las vegas) towns: sandy shores: a small desert town by the alamo sea that once was a tourist trap but now is a run down trailer park village home to methheads, bikers, and rednecks. several missions take place here as well. (based on desert shores) paleto bay: a quiet coastal town beside mount chiliade. serves as a replacement of angel pine from the original game. (based on morro bay) harmony: just a little town out on the old highway that serves as a rest stop to travelers. grapeseed: a small farming community in blaine county where a mission or two will take place. (based on grapevine) chumash: just a small beach community along the highway to los santos. (based on santa barbara) San melendez: another town near the desert, east of los santos. some story missions will also take place here. (based on san bernadino) Crawstow: another off the grid town in the middle of the desert containing abandon buildings (based on barstow) Santa maria: a coastal town home to a beach and the santa maria boardwalk containing several rides that the player can interact with. (based on santa cruz) Montgomery: a farming community in central san andreas that is also home to the biker culture such as motorcycle rallies. it is also home to several new story missions where Carl Johnson is working with the lost mc. the two major biker gangs also have prominent influence here. (based on hollister CA) Blueberry: another farming community in central san andreas that is also home to a brewery. (based on dixon CA) Pine creek: a former logging town dating back to the 1800's and located up in the redwood forests north of santa maria. (based on boulder creek CA) Bayside: returning from the original game as a town across the bay from san fierro. (based on marin) El quebrados: a small town north of san fierro and bayside. (based on santa rosa) Las barrancas: a town originally built to house workers during the construction of the sherman dam. (based on boulder city NV) Fort carson: a town just south of rona. (based on carson city NV) Las payasadas: a ghost town that had a rich history following the construction of the transcontinental railroad. (based on palisade NV) Tahoe city: a town on the shores of lake whetstone. (based on tahoe city) counties: los santos county (based on Los Angeles county) blaine county: the countryside area north of los santos and where the countryside chapter of the main story begins (based on numerous areas in southern California) San Melendez county (based on San bernadino county) San duarte county (based on San Diego county) red county (based on numerous areas in California's central valley) palomino county (based on Santa Cruz county) flint county (based on sonoma county) whetstone county (based on placer county) tierra robada county (based on several areas in northern Nevada) bone county (based on Clark county) Virgo county (based on Lincoln county Nevada) Sherman county (based on no particular place in Nevada) returning Characters: Carl johnson Big Smoke Sweet Ryder Cesar vialpando kendle catalina the Truth Mike Toreno Wu zi Mu Madd Dogg Eddie pulaski jimmy pulaski Frank tenpenny Zero Jizzy B T-bone mendez Guppy kent paul Maccer ken rosenberg OG loc New Characters: Giovanni ancelotti: replacing Salvatore Leon, Giovanni ancelotti gives Carl Johnson several jobs during the las venturas chapter of the story before Carl Johnson robs his casino with the triads. he immigrated from Naples Italy to liberty city in 1950 where he ran loan shark, fencing, and extortion rackets out of the alderney fruit market. in 1951 he was arrested for being in possession of stolen property and again four years later for loan sharking. in 1960 he was arrested for racketeering. following the death of his uncle he became the don of the ancelotti crime family in 1978. James "bowie" Davidson: born in 1946 in the town of Montgomery San andreas, James Davidson is the president of the San andreas chapter of the lost mc and becomes allies with CJ during the countryside chapter of the game. in 1964 when he was 18 years old he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam war. in 1969 he returned to Montgomery after the war ended and bought his first motorcycle. eventually he fell in the local chapter of the lost mc, became a full patched member at some point and later was promoted to chapter president. soon he meets CJ and then they become allies after Carl helps the lost fight the angels of death mc for control of their territory. Alfonso jimenez: Alfonso is a drug lord and the leader of the Mendoza cartel and an ally of the loco syndicate. the loco syndicate also distribute drugs for the cartel. Gangs: Grove street Families: the protagonist's gang. Ballas: sworn enemies of the families. operate in Los Santos Vagos: Mexican american street gang, enemies of varrios los aztecas. operate in Los Santos. Varrios los aztecas: a Hispanic street gang and enemies of the Los Santos vagos. operate in Los Santos and Blaine county Marabunta grande: an el Salvadorian street gang. operate in Los Santos. The 980's: African american street gang. operate in Oakley. San fierro rifa: Mexican american street gang. operates in Oakley and san fierro. enemies of the 980's. Da nang boys: Vietnamese street gang. operates in san fierro. Triads: Chinese crime syndicate. operates in san fierro. Mendoza cartel: Mexican drug cartel. operates in los santos, san fierro, and san duarte. Russian bratva: Russian criminal organization. operates in Los Santos and san fierro. Mafia: Italian american crime syndicate. operates in las venturas. Lost MC: outlaw motorcycle gang. operates in red and Blaine counties. Angels of death: outlaw motorcycle gang. operates all around san andreas and robada. sworn enemies of the lost mc. Weapons: weapons are customizable in the remake with the ability for the player to add different color schemes, silencers, extended clips, scopes, drum mags, and so on and so forth. Melee: Knife Baseball bat Nightstick Pool cue Golf club Shovel Katana chainsaw pistols: Pistol Desert eagle Python Shotguns: Shotgun Sawnoff shotgun Combat shotgun Submachine guns: Micro smg SMG Tec 9 Assualt rifles: AK47 M4 rifles: Sniper rifle Rifle Combat sniper heavy: RPG Heat seeking rocket launcher Minigun flamethrower Combat MG thrown: Grenade molotovs tear gas Remote explosives other: night vision goggles thermal vision goggles fire extinguisher spray can camera Gang wars: gang wars return from the original. in the remake gang wars have been improved to make them less repetitive than in the original. gang territories can be now be taken over from different gangs in all the cities across the map. to take a territory, instead just looking for gang members to kill, the player can visit a designated hangout of the gang that they are fighting and kill 3 to 4 gang members to start a gang war. once a gang war has been ignited, around three waves of gang members will attack. 1st wave is two carloads of enemy gang members, 2nd is four carloads of enemy gang members, and the 3rd and final wave is six carloads of enemy gang members. after a battle with rival gang members, the player must clear out all the gang's strongholds within that territory. the number of strongholds within a territory ranges from 1 to 4 strongholds. to clear out a stronghold the player must kill all the enemy gang members inside, destroy all the product that the gang is storing in there, and if they want to, the player can loot the strongholds for money and drugs, which brings me to my next point. Drug dealing: unlike the original game, the player can now buy and sell drugs similar to Chinatown wars. though a drug dealing side activity was originally planned to be in the beta version of the original game but was cut during development. to engage in this activity, the player must encounter a drug dealer on the street, usually they can be found in the poor ghetto neighborhoods of the cities. the dealer will offer drugs to the player, the option to decline or accept will appear on screen. if the player chooses accept a menu will appear showing the drugs that are available from the dealer as well as an option to sell any drugs you have in your holdall. drugs that can be bought and sold are, cocaine, meth, crack, weed, ecstasy, heroin, and mushrooms. certain areas around the map will also high demands for certain types of drugs, for example crack is the most highly demanded drug in areas such as south central LS and Oakley. to sell drugs to pedestrians simply stand on a street corner and a pedestrian will approach you if you have the drugs they want. they will then ask you for the drug and then an option to accept or decline will appear on screen. by choosing accept, an animation of Carl taking the drug out of his holdall and handing it to the pedestrian while the pedestrian hands Carl a wad of cash will play. after the animation ends the pedestrian walks away and a good sum of cash is added to the players in game money balance. players can also kill drug dealers and loot them of their drugs and money. players can also receive tip offs to perform special deals with key individuals, to perform a special deal the player must have the type and amount of drugs the key individual wants and then meet up with them in a certain spot. once the player meets up with the buyer, they will ask you for the drugs then you must press a certain button to trigger an animation of Carl handing the buyer the drugs while the buyer hands Carl a wad of cash. after the deal is done the player will have a large sum of money added to their in game balance. occasionally the deals can turn out to be sting operations set up by police or they can be attacked by rival gang members so it is always advised that recruit some grove street families gang members to accompany you on the special deals. Grove street: in the remake grove street acts a lot like the camp in rdr 2. several activities such as street gambling, basketball, and others can be participated in by the player. Emmett can sell Carl weapons and ammo at discount prices. video games can be played on the television in the Johnson safe house. players can also hangout with big smoke, sweet, ryder, and other gang members in sweet's house, similar to the campfire in rdr2. Properties and Assets: many properties can be bought all over san andreas including safehouses and businesses. players can also buy land and have extra assets built. after you buy a plot of land, an office trailer will appear on the land. the player must enter the office trailer and press a certain button to open a menu where they choose what to build. things you can build include, houses, apartment complexes, casinos, and car dealerships. after the player builds houses and apartment complexes, they can either use them as safehouses or rent them out and make income from them. a new feature added in the remake is gang properties which are business properties controlled by different gangs, very similar to vice city stories's feature known as empire building. gang properties that can be taken over include, drug labs, chop shops, fences, protection rackets, gambling dens, and loansharking businesses. after acquiring business properties, the player can do missions to upgrade the business and increase its income. gangs will attack and try to reclaim one of your gang properties after you've taken over a gang property. once a gang property is fully upgraded grove street families gang members wearing more formal clothing such as open gray suit jackets and pants with green dress shirts will be guarding the property with more powerful weapons and can be recruited. income from properties now goes straight to the players in game money balance that way players don't have travel all around the map just to collect some money.
  4. Who would be your character (background, personality etc.)? What city/town would it be based in (i.e. Liberty City is based on New York City)? And what would be the storylines? What gangs would you have featured? And what cars would be in the game? Again, although I registered on here last year, I'm still pretty new to the site and only occasionally log in from time to time so please hold your daggers and teeth before you attack me as I don't sit there all day long reading every single thread that ever was written, it'd take me a whole damn year! If there's already a thread like this that exists, just ask a moderator to move my thread into the original one instead of trying to create a cyber war, OK? Cool! So please, do share your answers with me as I'd like to see what everyone's ideal GTA would be like.
  5. [To be filled in]
  6. The in-game television was introduced in GTA 4, so here's my own TV Station Introducing Tinkle Sports 1 A sports channel that airs live many programmes WWE Raw WWE Smackdown Live UEFA Champions League NFL Football UFC Boxing MLB Baseball NBA Basketball Available on Tinkle TV! For 29,99!
  7. I've come up with, in my opinion, an interesting story for a Grand Theft Auto set within numerous locations. Many people on the forums have been making concepts as to how a "GTA: United States" would be done, and this is my take on a possible storyline. By the way, I incorporate a possible HD Universe Zaibatsu Corporation. Brief Synopsis Harry Dizite is your usual, run of the mill crook in Liberty City. He's below the poverty line and he usually sticks up liquors stores and shoots people in alleyways. However, one day an associate of his introduces him to a gang known as The Silent Ones, a very well organized gang of people who know how to get things done, and have several smaller chapters of members across America and Canada. Harry quickly finds himself a member and helps smuggle goods, assassinate people and rob various locations. However, one particular job involving narcotics smuggling goes south, and the crew set out, involving Harry, find themselves under fire. Harry gets out alive, but he's the only one. The big boss wants answers, and Harry cannot give them to him. He finds himself dealing with numerous people trying to kill him, and his new apartment destroyed, and Harry realizes just how serious the situation has gotten. With the help of some friends, he learns that The Silent Ones are under the control of a powerful super-company known as Zaibatsu Corporations. This company previously did work internationally, primarily in Japan, however, they decided America had the best business opportunities, seeing the government and the people as a group of idiots. After buying out numerous pharmacies, weapon distribution companies, and medicinal development companies, they bribed the government and turned their attention over to the criminal underworld. Realizing he's going to die if he stays in Liberty, Harry decides to take a plane out to the West. Chapters 1. Rise - Rise of Harry's criminal career and his joining of TSO. Main location(s): Liberty City 2. Fall - Harry, now under fire, must escape Liberty and search for answers. Main location(s): All of San Andreas 3. Public Enemy - Now listed as an active terrorist, Harry now escapes to Vice City to continue to his mission of taking down Zaibatsu. Main location(s): Vice City, Florida Keys 4. Jefferson - Now arriving at the capital, Jefferson D.C., Harry must know get access to government information and use blackmail to take down some politicians. Man location(s): Jefferson D.C. 5. I Can Be Anywhere - After being kidnapped and dropped of on the street, Harry finds himself in the cold in some dark city, staring at neon light reading: "JESUS SAVES" 6. To be written... 7. To be written... 8. To be written... Characters 1. Harry Dizite - The protagonist. A clever, cynical person who's quick to make sarcastic comments. He doesn't think of his life as hard, often comparing it to be people's lives in 3rd world countries, despite being poor and forced to rob convenience stores for a living. In the beginning he's certainly not innocent, yet has somewhat of childlike personality, this gradually changes, however. Despite robbing stores and killing people, he is very caring and often gives some of his money to others in need. 2. Frank Proditor - Harry's closest friend. A smart, boastful man who has various connections and is often paranoid of a secret society coming to kill him, likely do to his habit of drugs and alcohol, which Harry disapproves of. He is often seen studying his environment, watchful of any stalkers. He is the middle of the three Proditor men. 3. Jack Dubium - A hotshot bank robber and high ranking member of TSO. He is the one to introduce Harry to the gang and convince "The Boss" to let him join. However, things take a turn for the worst after the drug fiasco, and often calls Harry to threaten his life. 4. "The Boss" - The mysterious leader of TSO, he runs the gang with an iron fist. Despite this, he answers to Zaibatsu, and will do anything for them, as he likely fears them. It is unknown as to whether he operates in Liberty or not, the only things known about "The Boss" are he's male, works for Zaibatsu and has a great deal of money. 5. John Proditor - The youngest of the three Proditor men, he is a yoga instructor living in Vespucci. While often acting snobbish and ignorant, he knows more than it seems. He has vast knowledge on Zaibatsu and suspects his brother, Frank, of being a traitor working for them, stating "Fearful of them as he may be, where'd his money come from and where'd the weapons go?". 6. Jake Metum - An actor working in Vinewood, Jake is previous associate of Zaibatsu and knows they are coming after him. His career has recently been ruined by someone behind the scenes, and his friends keep disappearing. A victim of crippling depression, he often mentions suicide, as he can't go on after what Zaibatsu did to him, "The freaks won. They won. My life has gone to crap, and all my friends are probably 6 feet under, great. Hey, do you have a gun on you? That'd be helpful, my life is meaningless and the Illumination wants me dead, may as well give them what they want.", is an example of his mentioning suicidal thoughts to Harry. 7. To be written... Gameplay Oppression and Injustice For All would have numerous things to do when casually playing. This would include sports, darts, pool, racing, marathons, TBoGT style triathlons, robberies and smuggling. Here's a list of side missions 1. MMA - Train at numerous gyms to develop a unique fighting style (plays into story) and spar with other practitioners, eventually leading up to amateur fights. 2. Jogging - Increase your speed and stamina. 3. Darts - Play a good old game of darts and increase your projectile aim accuracy. 4. Pool - Play some pool to better your melee accuracy and get the special pool cue weapon. 5. Golf - Yeah, pretty boring, play it to increase melee and projectile accuracy. Don't worry, you don't need to play a full game of golf to get a golf club. 6. Racing - Straightforward races, use it to earn money, and place a bet to earn even more cash on the side. 7. Vehicle Triathlon - Just like TBoGT, race from land, air and sea. More money is earned than racing. 8. Narcotics - Buy and sell narcotics, be careful not to run into police. 9. Human trafficking - Kidnap and sell people. 10. Weapon smuggling - Like Narcotics, only with guns! 11. Hitman - Assassinate people for cash. Also rewards extra ammo and weapons. 12. Shooting range - Again, straightforward. Increases shooting accuracy. 13. Small robberies - Just like the ones from GTAO, rob convenience stores for cash. Shops Like the majority of previous Grand Theft Autos, shops will be a major feature in this concept installment. Obviously, clothing and firearm stores will be in the game, but there will be a twist that makes it stand out, some outlets are under the control of the Zaibatsu Corporation. Because of this, players will risk being identified in the store and gain a certain wanted level depending on the point in game at the time (early on will be 1 star, later will bring it to 4), with a significant discount of clothing. Here are a list of the types of stores, not the location, which will be added later (one's under Zaibatsu control will have Z next to it): Clothes 1. Suburban (Z) 2. Binco 3. Zip 4. Modo (Z) 5. Perseus 6. Victim (Z) 7. Ponsonbys (Z) 8. Star Junction Mascots (Z) 9. Vespucci Movie Masks Firearms 1. Ammu-Nation 2. 2nd Amendment Club 3. Pistol Grips and Pump-action Shotguns (Z) 4. House of Guns 5. Guns Я Us (Z) 5. House of Guns (Z) Tattoo Parlors 1. Ink Inc. 2. The Pit Tattoos 3. Blazing Tattoos (Z) 4. [Location] Tattoos (Z) Safehouses and Garages In this installment, Safehouses are purchased as well as unlocked, with a large quantity around America, most are unlocked after a certain point. Here's a list of safehouses, possible price and at which point they are unlocked: 1. East Holland Apartment - Unlocked: Welcome to Liberty, Lost: Protection Fees 2. Middle Park East Penthouse - Unlocked: Protection Fees, Lost: The Setup 3. Vespucci Apartment - Unlocked: New Beginning 4. To be written... Missions Chapter 1. Rise 1. Welcome to Liberty Brief: Ah, Liberty City, what a dump. A dump that I call home. Let's see what's going on in the neighborhood... Objectives - Get in the Admiral - Drive to the 24-7 store - Stick up the store - Get back in the Admiral - Drive to Frank's Conversation with Frank Frank: There you are! Did you bring any cash? Harry: Seventy bucks any good? Frank: You gotta be kidding me! Harry: Yeah, I've actually brought thirty million with me. Frank: God dammit! Why can't you make a decent amount of cash for once? Harry: Well, how the hell am I expected to get cash living in this sh*t hole neighborhood? I'm sorry I'm not some rich punk working with a heist crew out in LS, or even down in Star Junction! Frank: You know I need the cash to fend off the men watching me! Harry: For God's sake, there's no one stalking you! This is coming from a guy who was stalked often as child, too. Frank: Tell that to the Z people! Harry: Screw the "Z people"! Frank: Tell that to them! They've broken in and stolen my stuff before. Harry: How long you been sober? Frank: Does that matter? Harry: How long have you been sober!? Frank: I'm on a bit of adderall right now... Harry: Your retarded, have I ever told you that? Frank: Every single time we talk. Listen, could you leave? I got visitors and I can't have you stomping around in those disgusting clothes. Keep the cash and buy some new threads, for the sake of me? Harry: Love you, too. 2. New Threads Brief: New clothes, huh? I have been wearing this old jacket for while, maybe I'll treat myself to a newer jacket... I dunno. I guess I'll check that place out, the place everyone's been talking about. Suburban or something? Objectives - Drive to Suburban - Buy something - Go to the checkout Conversation with worker Worker: Do you have a membership card? Harry: Since when did clothes stores have memberships? Worker: Plenty do! We've only had cards like these for a month or two, we're under new ownership. Harry: Oh... who? Worker: Zaibatsu Corporations. Harry: The pharmaceutical company? Since when did they get into clothing shops? Worker: They own plenty of different shops and the like. Because Zaibatsu owns numerous other clothing outlets, getting a card allows you to have memberships to Modo and Ponsonbys as well! Harry: You don't say... Worker: Would you like— Harry: Nah, I'm fine. Worker: Are you sure? Harry: Yes. Worker: Okay, then have a great day, sir. Harry: You too... idiot. -Leave SPOILERS GALORE, AHEAD! 3. Silence and Hypocrisy Brief: So, Zaibatsu owns all those stores? What do they plan to do with them? Cutscene: Harry sits at his desk thinking, gets up and walks out. Objectives -Pick up Frank -Go to the bank Cutscene: Men in suits come in, hold up bank. -Sneak behind the robber -Kill him -Get to the vault -Take the cash bag from "Doggo" -Drive to the waypoint Cutscene: Crew flies off. 4. Welcome Brief: I've just helped this crew escape the cops, and now I'm getting a job offer. Sounds interesting. Cutscene: Harry enters the hideout Dialogue With Nick Harry: Hey, guys. I'm here about the job. Robber 1: Kid? What's up? Yeah, we gotta job offer, 'f yer interested. Harry: Of course I'm interested. So... what's the job? Robber 1: Yeah, we need you to help out our crew, that's the job. We're driving down to the city tonight, we need a chauffeur and protection. What's yer name, by the way? I'm Nick. Harry: Name's Harry, and alright. How much? Nick: How about a new place and three hun'ed? Harry: What place? Nick: Place in Middle Park East. Actually... we might need time. We could use someone to hold the place for us, but we still need to finish working on the place. Just the cash for now. Harry: Fine, for now. Fixed rate for all jobs, or...? Nick: I'm not a jerk, of course it'll change. I'll choose based on the intensity. You can handle a drive and keeping some punks in line, can'tcha? Harry: Alright, let's head down to Algonquin. Nick: Hold on. James! Get over here! Robber 4 enters Robber 4: What? Nick: We're leaving? James: Okay, let's go. Objectives -Drive to Star Junction -Enter the store -The owner won't budge. Show him you're not scared! 5. Protection Fees -To be written...
  8. I am bored with replaying heists, so I want more. Here's a run-through of my five new heist ideas. They will all be directed by Wei Cheng and Martin Madrozo. and a criminal who I have not named. These heists will unlock after the final heist from Heists Update. HEIST 1 - THE AIRPORT JOB: NOTE: This will involve making the Twinjet drive-able, and adding a stronger Annihilators. Given by Martin Madrozo. Description - Main Heist: A criminal who will help us in future heists has been sent onto a plane headed for North Yankton, and you must find him alive. TEAMS: Plane Team: These will travel through Terminal Two's interior quietly, finding the gate for the flight. They will now board the plane, just before it takes off. When in the air, Player 2 will hijack the pilot, taking control of the plane. Player 1 kills FIB agents on the plane. Chopper Team: Players 3 and 4 board an Annihilator, following the jet, destroying FIB Savages, Valkyries and Buzzards. After the wave of agents, Player 2 flies the plane to Sandy Shores Airfield, where they meet Michael. Chopper Team lands as well. Locations: Pacific Ocean, Sandy Shores, Los Santos International Airport. Unlocks: Twinjet and criminal contacts, next heist. SETUPS: Annihilator: Steal an Annihilator from the Police Station. HEIST 2 - FORT ZANCUDO RAID: Involves making Skylift buyable and creating a new cargo plane, a Cargo Plane the size of a Titan with open-able doors on both ends. It would be called the Cargojet. Given by Wei Cheng. Description: New army vehicles have been made, and Michael and the criminal want them. They are kept at Fort Zancudo, and the best way to retrieve them is buy hooking them onto a Skylift and taking them to a massive cargo plane. TEAMS: Skylift: Gets the Skylift, and holds various military vehicles, taking them to the Cargojet. Defence: Defends the Cargojet from enemies. Pilot: First, the pilot drives the vehicles into the Cargojet, and then starts flying it to Sandy Shores Airfield. Locations: Pacific Ocean, Fort Zancudo, Sandy Shores. Unlocks: Aircraft Carrier (Dock Tease), Skylift, Cargojet. SETUPS: Skylift: Steal a Skylift from Mackensy Airfield. Cargojet: Steal a Cargojet from the aircraft carrier used in Humans Raid - EMP. I'll be posting new heists soon!
  9. "The automotive industry is still booming in America, and even the most seedy and corrupt businessman wants to dip into the action of ripping people off with credit payments and leasing of a car with questionable condition. This time, we get to the more underground version of this dirty business scheme: illegal car ring. And let the expert on this field show you how it's done." Features: - New character and website. - New online feature. - New online missions. - New vehicles. - New weapons. - New missions (for story mode). - New radio stations. Credits to for the logo.
  10. Congratulations to all of you who currently own a yacht as they are a pretty cool property to own. But as all you yacht owners may know, there honestly isn't much to do. Now is your chance to come up with creative ideas of fun things to do on a yacht during a yacht party. Things to keep in mind when thinking of creative ideas ☑ The size of the yacht ☑ How many people does your idea involve ☑ Will the yacht's defense mode effect your idea Example Ideas to help you get started . Diving Board . Telescope . The ability to buy a submarine attachment Attention If you have a good idea then I will add your idea onto the main list of good ideas below! Also if you like this post, I will put a star next to your idea to make it more noticeable because liking this post helps it stay alive! My Idea My idea is for Rockstar to give yacht owners the ability to buy firework attachments for their aquarius yachts. There would be multiple firework launchers varying in quality. The more expensive firework launchers would make for a better firework show allowing for a grand finale and multiple fireworks to be launched at once. If Rockstar really wants to go into depth, the yacht owners should be able to choose what fireworks they want to buy from a big variety of options and maybe even perhaps give yacht owners the ability to customize the show and the grand finale. I think that would be cool for night time yacht parties. This is a picture of my Aquarius Yacht* Quinn_flower - The option to boot people off it Ms Malevolent - The ability to have Pegasus delivered to the 2nd helipad CrysisAverted - Color changing lights GhostlySentinel - Crew Emblem on white, black or silver backgrounds for the flag ChOcOsKiZo - I don't want no stars thanks (aint no problem) CrysisAverted - Color changing lights Lord DC - Ability to have your captain actively sail around Dirty.Hairy - Clay pigeon minigame that can be played alone or with friends Broken Condom Kid - Turrets and torpedos Giantsgiants - Video game consoles on the yacht ★ TovarishTony - A cruise for 25k to the location you want instead of just a cut scene Furry_Monkey - A speaker system, utilising the usual radio functions, but only for the yacht owner GeneralClay - The ability to toggle the horn Sky_Light12 - Bouncers with additional options VeraVanderpump - The ability to choose different yacht interiors FertileFuZZ - An outside screen for watching when sitting in the hot tub Zoolock - Waterslide off the top deck shadowoperative - Hates stars and is satisfied with the least RayD70 - Dart Board Zarpy - Add existing minigames to the yacht HulioG - Stripper pole(s) with strippers Sandpanther - Fishtank wall Jarlaxle - Heist planning room T1A0RyanBay - Merryweather Mercenaries who will gun down unwanted players Khaisz - A place to store your guns ★ joedelta - Add a Dodo seaplane to the yachts Kronichh - Free mode events with merryweather ships out to sea MusicMan05 - Flak Cannon that anyone with set access can man Timcatgt5 - The ability to fish Kim Jong-Meme - More flags seven50iL - Bigger yachts beastietidds - Observation room to see the bottom of the ocean nkjellman - Access to the engine room afalet9148 - A Los Santos boat cusoms Shadesman89 - Ability to dock your yacht to a friends yacht and walk across them Zordos - Option to choose a military or luxury yacht AUScowboy - The ability for crew members to spawn on your yacht PS-GTAIVplayer - Being able to order more than one stripper at a time Id have been your dad - A luxor jet under it Mrnrfan182 - The ability to straight up kick people off of my yacht am30 - Passive mode disabled on yachts iddqdvie - Aquarium EkaSwede - Booting people off the yacht and flinging them into the sky rovert - Parasailing Spadge007 - The ability to give your captain a break Picadorito - The ability to hire bodyguards Tampa - Option to set a waypoint DogwithShirt - Add a game room to the yachts living quarters with darts, bowling, and pool DeadArashi - A lower level with a submarine bay in for sneaky entry/exit
  11. Ok first of all hi, I’m new in this forum and this is my first post, I’m no to good in English, so, don’t be bad with me xD Days ago I start to think about a DLC for GTA Online inspired in Movies and TV cars (ONLY), then, that idea turn in a really cool concept for a BIG DLC, so, let’s start. NOTE: I want to be clear and say right now that I’m not saying: this is the next BIG DLC for GTA Online, this is ONLY AN IDEA, see this concept like an awesome dream that never is going to happen xD DLC NAME: Vinewood History Description: you see and you know what is Vinewood all about, old celebrities and directors that only want one thing, return to the gold years of cinemas and retro fantasies movies, an era were the internet don’t exist to spoiler all, and you are going to revive that, Solomon Richards your new friend is going to offers you a big deal, be the director for the new remakes of Vinewood Classic’s Movies and Tv shows like: -Runaway to the Past (Back to the Future), -Night Wanderer (knight rider), -SQUAD (PLATOON), -Vice City Decay (Miami Vice), -Mad Met (Mad Max), -The Charger of Hazzard (The Dukes of Hazzard), -Agent (James Bond), -Plan-B (The A-Team), Beginning Filming: Solomon is going to call you; he knows you and knows all the things that brought you to this point, if all the things you do since now were recorded maybe all that can be a blockbuster hit, so, he offers you a studio ($500,000), when you buy the studio Solomon is going to show the studio and explain what actually you need to do Filming Projects: is going to be like the heist with his Setup missions, but, with the objective of make a movie or Tv show Action Scene, Solomon Richards is going to offer you a Studio (is going to be like an apartment) You need to buy it to start to make Filming Projects (all the gear collected can be saw in the studio), The Movies and Tv shows have an order like heist and a cost to start filming, starting a Filming Project require some gear and vehicles so you need to “get them” with setup missions, when you complete all the setup missions you’re going to start the filming mission or filming day, the player hosting the filming is going to be the director and main actor the other players are actors, for Tv shows you’re going to need less setup missions to organize all the necessary, the Players needed depend on which Movie or Tv show you chose, the pay are going to be equal for all the actors the main actor also director player is going to win more money, all the Filming Projects Have outfits inspire in the characters and the time fashion of this, all the outfit can be buy it in the stores and not have any kind of restriction with other clothing, some need to be unlocked like some vehicles just finish the respective film. New Vehicles List (order by Filming Project): NOTE: all the cars that have an upgrade variant for the film; can be buy it In his normal version and then be modified in Benny’s -Runaway to the Past (Back to the Future): *McFly, MMC-12 (Delorean, DMC-12)/ Filming Variant: McFly Time Machine -Night Wanderer (knight rider): *Impotent, Trans Gen (Pontiac Trans Am)/ Filming Variant: D.A.C.C. (Driving automated combat computer) LOL -SQUAD (PLATOON): *Mammoth, Classic Patriot (Old GTA Patriot from GTA San Andreas)/ Filming Variant: S.A.P.C. - Service Armored Patriot Carrier (The Military Patriot from Old GTA or in other words the HMMWV) and another variant with Turret *Hunter (we all know and want this vehicle to xD) *A.P.C. – Armored Personnel Carrier (M113) (NOTE: this vehicle is amphibious and can transport 6 players: 1 pilot no have guns, 1 turret and 4 passengers) -Vice City Decay (Miami Vice) *Grotti, Classic Cheetah (Cheetah from vice city or ferrari testarossa 1986)/ Filming Variant: V.C.P.D. Cheetah (NOTE: is not a service police cars, but, have a speed buff, more resistant to bullets, cosmetic changes and a police siren) *Bravado, Classic Banshee (Banshee from GTA: Vice City) *Pegassi, Classic infernus (Infornus from GTA: Vice City o GTA: San Andreas) -Mad Met (Mad Max), *Vapid, Eagle XB GT (FORD FALCON XB GT)/ Filming Variant: Pursuit (Interceptor) *New variant to the Vapid, Dominator/Filming variant: Armageddon *New Variant to the Bravado, Gauntlet/Filming Variant: Fierce -The Charger of Hazzard (The Dukes of Hazzard) *Any new vehicle only some upgrades to the Impotent, Dukes -Agent (James Bond) *Any to, you’re going to use the Dewbauchee, JB 700 xD -Plan-B (The A-Team) *Nop you’re going to use the Declasse, Gang Burrito :I - Other vehicles related to the time of the Movies and Tv shows can be added like some GTA: Vice city vehicles New Weapons: NOTE: these weapons have special attachments; some are going to have sights, suppressors, etc like all the other in game weapons, but, this have especial ones that actually match with the weapon era -Vintage Carabine (M16 Vietnam era) -Revolver (smith and wesson 38 vintage) is going to have long barrel no only change the gun in a cosmetic way but also increase the precision and max distance -Vintage combat pistol (M1911) -Combat Shotgun (Spas-12) -Vintage LMG (M60) -Vintage Sniper (m14 Vietnam era) - wakizashi (Small Katana or in other words wakizashi xD) New Clothes, accessories, Tattoos and Hairstyles -all is going to be inspired by the movies and time era, so, this include military outfits (PLATOON) and 80´s Clothes (Back to the Future) all this new clothes not have any kind of restriction with other clothes parts of previous updates Little things to add: -Movies and Tv shows related to the after mention added to the cinemas and Tv -A ward rewards to complete a specific Film as a director, when you complete the film is going to be added a reward to all your apartments and yatch (with a total of 8 awards) -New Actions -New outfits for the VIP’s and Bodyguards -New customization for the apartments and yatch Order of films: 1) Plan-B 2) Agent 3) The Charger of Hazzard 4) Mad Met 5) Vice City Decay 6) SQUAD 7) Night Wanderer 8) Runaway to the Past Description of all films day mission: Plan-B: Solomon say that there is nothing better than realism, so, with the van ready some old guns and a bunch of killer instinct, you’re going to attack some drugs dealers and gangster in his deals, don’t worry Solomon send a helicopter to film all the action Agent: Solomon explains you how one movie “Agent” can be done for some douchebag that want the JB 700, every time try to film on the street, Merry weather’s appear and try to theft the car, you’re going to take advantage of that, go outside the studio and draws attention of Merry Weather’s Solomon team is going to film all The Charger of Hazzard: Solomon wants scenes like the classic The Charger of Hazzard, go to sandy shores and make some jumps with the car, maybe someone want to compete Mad Met: no exits better place than Sandy shores to film a post-apocalyptic film and match exactly with the character history one met dealer surviving in the post-nuclear dessert, go and call the attention of some local criminals (when you arrive to Sandy Shores Trevor appear and tells you that want to be part of this unexplained destruction, he call some local dealers saying that we have stash of drugs, defend yourself and you imaginary stash of drugs) Vice City Decay: unfortunately we’re not in Vice City, but, this is Vinewood and the best thing of that is we can copy anywhere, go and destroy some drugs deal’s and make a police chase SQUAD: Oh Vietnam, a real war, now we have all that futuristic sh*t of war games and war movies we need to save this generation, I hire some Merry Weather’ Agents to help you in this film they are with his respective Vietnam uniform and ready with that armored patriot’s, after all they owe Solomon a lot of personal after all that bullsh*t of the JB 700, go to Lago Zancudo some Vietnamese have an entire army there, they actually protect a stash of drugs, be ready for his reinforcement (you can chose to use aircraft vehicles like the hunter and Valkyrie or go with the S.A.P.C. (Armored Patriot), anyway the Marry Weather’s mercenaries are going to use the vehicles that you left) Night Wanderer: you know what is best than a classic sport car, a classic sport car with bulletproof armor and his own personality, after the old actor of the Tv shows provides us the car we are ready to film this baby Runaway to the Past: a favorite of all, who no remember the story of Max the kid who go to the past and convince his mom to married with a future rich guy, you’re going to start a pursuit don’t mess-up the scene you’re going to have all the L.S.P.D. on your back then go to the meeting area and impressed with what the MMC-12 can do Ok that is the entire concept (for now) for my big DLC, I hope you like the idea or endless part of this xD, so thanks all to read this concept : )
  12. Here's an idea for an update, that involves politics. If you live in the US, you may be aware that there's been a MAJOR political season, so that's what this is mostly based after. This ISN'T a page to get into unrelated political debates, the only discussions regarding that should be related to the hypothetical update directly. Anyhow, without further adieu, here are my ideas for a political update for GTA Online. Vehicles Tesla Model S- Representing the "Bern Machine" Tesla that a Bernie Sanders supporter has, it's probably the vehicle most closely associated with said campaign. The vehicle has four doors, and is an average speed. It's able to withstand quite a bit of damage, and has a few custom liveries. This would be a fairly cheap car in comparison to those of a similar nature. Boeing 757- A luxury private plane that takes after the one owned by Donald Trump, it's similar in interior to the gold aircraft they added last June, with the addition of the ability to walk inside the cabin, and watch TV. It's pretty cheap in comparison to the gold jet, but still expensive in comparison to other vehicles. Weapons Explosive Tear Gas- An upgrade to the current Tear Gas, that actually gives it some potency. The upsides are obviously a fast acting release of it, while the downsides are that it costs double, and it takes just a moment more to prep. Carcano 1891/38 Rifle- The gun that killed JFK. Is it tasteless as hell, you betcha, but I genuinely couldn't find a weapon that A. Already isn't in the game, and B. Doesn't already have a sh*tload of other weapons in it's class, so that's why I came across this. The upsides are that it has a fast reload time, and little to no recoil. The downsides are that it's range is a little short for a gun in the rifle class, and the price is a little steep as well. Character Customization New suits and dresses, all with buttons and pins showing support for an in-game canidate. Three new haircuts, for Trump, Sanders, and Clinton respectively. I would include the other major candidates, but Cruz and Rubio already have similar haircuts in-game. New Features Voting and support for candidates. There would be in-game politicians that are combos of the most popular people from the left and right; and players would have the opportunity to put flags in front of their safehouses and put bumper stickers on the back of their cars. Both of the in-game politicians running will have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the winner gets those implemented into the game. New missions by Lester and Agent 14 involving sabotage, assassinations, and overall devilishly fun things to do in-game. As far as the advantages and disadvantages, I could only think of one for the left-leaning candidate, which is splitting the cost of dying in half, while raising the taxes in your safehouses as well. I'd love to hear other ideas. Please expand on it if you want, don't get too bias please. Some names for the two folks running would be good, and some more vehicles as well.
  13. New DLC Concept: GTA Online: Lead Bellies and Red Dots This new DLC is based around weapons smuggling. Content includes 4 new vehicles, new gun attachments, 3 new guns, new freemode event, new adversary and contact missions, new contact, new interior. Background: A law was recently passed in Mexico removing the majority of purchasable guns. Trevor and his contact wants to help Mexico get there guns back. i. New Vehicles: 1) Armored Van available at warstock, new stock of old money transport vans from the 80's were shipped to Los Santos. Available for 70,000 GTA Dollars and has two liveries: Yankton Money Liberity Money Also option for no livery, and a new idea of a Crew Money livery, Crew leaders can make a crew logo but this time you can put it on your own money van. 2) Ammu-Nation Van (Only available in new contact missions) Instead of being a weasel news van it says Ammu-Nation. 3) Homemade Amazon (Avalible to purchase after completing a new contact mission.) Flat boat with two motors and underwater storage capabilities. 4) Smuggler Plane a smaller Titan cargo plane seats 6 people 2 cockpit seats and 4 passengers. ii. New Gun Attachments: Normal Scope attachments are renamed Distance Scopes and New Delta sights are named tactical scopes. Laser attachment available for all new weapons and heavy sniper. Bayonet for the Musket and new pistol. iii. New Guns 1) Tactical Carbine (M16A4) Comes with both kinds of scopes, laser, grip, flashlight, extended mag, and suppressor. Unlocks at level 60 does damage of the normal MG. 2) Tactical Pistol (M9A3) Comes with options of tactical scope, laser & flashlight, extended mag, and suppressor. 3) Nail Gun It's what you'd think, you can buy nails as ammo and shoot them, basically shooting a knife. iv. Freemode Event: Capture an armored van with a weapons crate in the back and bring it to the new contacts warehouse. v. New adversary mode: Borderliners Go to the contacts warehouse and deliver as many vans to the airfield as you can before time runs out. vi. New contact Missions 1) Rundown: Steal the Ammo convoy heading to the noose station, loose your wanted level and return to the new contacts warehouse. 2) Gone lead head: (Trevor) Trevor needs you to wipe the competition, go to all ammunitions and destroy their vans. 3) Howitzer: Defend against a military raid at SSA (Sandy Shores airfield) Clear the runway, then pilot the 2 Smuggler Planes off the coast, make sure to avoid the Air Forces morning jet exercises. vii. New Contact: Oscar Guzman's brother in Law Jaun Rodriguez. viii. New interior: A new warehouse is opened in the industrial complex for Jaun to run his business. ix. Clothing: New camo print LTS DLC items added, tactical goggles, gun sling accessory, Militia I, II, and III scarfs. Thank you for reading this, this concept has many cool features. I know all of them aren't going to happen but I might as well try. Thank you again for reading or just skimming this DLC concept. GTA Online: In Subtle Ways 1. Four New Weapons: Stealth SMG (MPK5) - Comes with options for Suppressor, flashlight & laser light, vertical grip, tactical body, and extended mag. Blow Torch - Comes with no attachments. BRZ Saw - Comes with grip, and flashlight. Hand Tazer - Comes with no attachments. 2. Three new vehicles: Armored Van - Comes with bulletproof tires, mesh covered Windows, and seating for three players. Price: 70,000 GTA$ Evacuator (Smaller titan) - Randomly Spawns in light gray or dark gray. Holds twelve players and the option to hold a car (forfeiting four passengers) Price: 900,000 GTA$ Avenger (Sporty dirt bike) - Regular bike upgrades except tire changing. Price: 35,000 GTA$ 3. Criminal Warehouse: - Travel to a location in the industrial teleports you into a crew only location has two armored vans and four avengers. Vehicles Come in crew color. Once reaching level 100 in your crew you have the ability to purchase a crew warehouse. Price: 500,000 GTA$. 4. New mission type: -Subtle Capture, breach a secured location guarded by 15 bodyguards. Sneak into the base without being noticed by any guard, after killing a guard you'd need to hide the body so other guards or cameras can see them. If you are noticed the mission would end. Each Subtle captures payout depends on the amount of bags captured and returned to your armored van the mission ends when all players leave the area. 5. Stealth Meter: - During a Subtle Capture, a meter above the minimal should show you your noise level so you know when to move. If the meter goes up full you'll have a chance to be spotted. 6. Subtle Capture Locations: Merryweather Port of LS (Conatins 20 bags) - Average bag is 8,000. Clucken Bell Factory (Contains 19 bags) - Average bag is 8,500. Playboy Mansion ((Forgot name of the GTAV location) Contains 15 bags) - Average Bag is 10,500. Madrazo's Ranch (Contains 9 bags) - Average bag is 18,000. Lost MC Evacuator (Conatins 31 bags) - Average bag is 5,000. Thank you for reading or skimming my idea for a stealthy DLC.
  14. GhostGTAV

    New DLC Concept

    GTA Online: Drag Kings This new DLC concept is based off the Fast and Furious series. This concept contains a new race type, a new type of vehicle, 2 new weapons, 3 cars for Benny's, and new contact missions, along with a new free mode event. i. New race type: Drag Race, At LSIA and SSA illegal drag racers set up a quarter mile course. Needs 2-4 players and uses a bracketed elimination leaderboard. ii. New vehicle type: Drones, you can buy drones from War stock Cache and Carry. After buying you'll receive a new contact named "Drone Pilot" you can call him and request your drone to attack a player. If the drone is shot down two miniguns will be able to be picked up from the crash. Drones come in two colors gray and black. They cost 1.2 million and you can only own one. Takes 3 RPG shots to destroy it. iii. New weapons: The double barrel shotgun (sawed off gun upgrade), and the sledge hammer. Two new devastating weapons for your online character. The double barrel has two rounds until reloading. iv. Benny's vehicles: Imponte Phoenix, Annis Elegy RH8, Declasse Vigero. New names: Imponte Super Phoenix, Annis Elegy GT-RH8, Declasse Vigero 427. Imponte comes with a new bumper (front bumper of a super bird) new interior designs and many liveries. Annis Elegy GT-RH8 has extended fenders and a new interior and many liveries as well. Vigero 427 comes with a new hood that says V-8 427 in small print, has options for many striped liveries. v. New contact missions: New missions are from Benny and Martin. 1. Grand Theft Drone (Martin) Start at martins house and steal a drone from fort zancudo. 2. Vigilantes (Benny) Before a drag race there is a car meet, sabotage the meet. vi. Freemode event: Fastest 1/4 Mile go to LSIA and drive start to finish with the fastest time in a randomly selected vehicle class. vii. New body armor: The el jefe vest. This stores 1000 extra ammo for when you run out. Costs 10000 ammo not included. Can customize the color from tan, brown, green, gray, black, and white. Thank you all for reading this if you did.
  15. This update will allow you to get a job. You can go on the phone and press money and services. A new site will come up called WWW.JobsForHire.Net. You can select a job at all new locations. You can work at a grocery store, Ammunition, Banker, Maid, Hotel Worker, Pharmacists,ETC. You can sleep at hotels by renting it for 5,000 bucks a night. Or buy it out for 300 k for a luxurious room. This includes a new feature to build an apartment at certain locations. You can build a high end with high end furniture to place but it will cost you for all furniture. Every structure cost diffrent like a Low end would cost 50 k to layout. A middle class would be 369 k. A high end would be a 944 k layout cost. If you are a woman and looking to be exposed come over to the vanilla unicorn to perform dances. Tips are common with the hot stuff. It pays 2,000 dollars every two minutes. DJ is now for hire for some new music. Hit up the nice company creator. Create a company from buying locations and building new products for normal peds. But if you like to play with fire use the bawsaq. We have the best products. But still be careful. There has been a public enemy seen at the fleeca bank take him out time for the hitmen,assassin,And Mercenary option hire a merc from the public gta online sessions. It will cost a little bit extra for him alive looks like we will request the new cuffs. Handcuff him. Bring him in than you can chop his head off. Are you bord. Well dig up fossils they can sell for small to loads. But watch out a lot of money ones appear on the others radars when you find it. The price goes from the non rare 12k to the very rare money for anything 1 million. So watch every step. Get your friends to deliver with you and you can split it with them. It comes with the new Commercial Ads on GTA you can display ads for your company. It comes with the Desert Eagle (Trances Type 22) and the Heavy Desert Eagle (Trances Mark 2 Type 44). Well ran out of vehicles well buy the one car dlc for a change the dlc Will come with a NASA or in game (LSAS) Has announced a new spaceship to go to the moon with pickaxes to mine ore. You get paid to be an astronaut a 20 k offer a nugget.
  16. The series returns to the sights and sounds of Liberty City with this expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. With updated visuals and environments, players will be excited to roam the city once again. All for the price of $20, purchased either digitally or physically. Hop aboard a plane to East Coast, and experience Liberty City like never before! Setting/Backstory Each player will get a call from a very ecstatic Yusuf Amir. He's heard about your expertise, all the criminals you've killed in the pursuit of money. He knows what you'll do for the cash, so he makes a proposal: Come to Liberty City and help him take out his less-than-ethical competitors, and he'll make it worth your while. Plus, you must be tired of fake old Los Santos, right? While you're there, you can meet up with some other folks in town who could use your talents for cash. He'll give you a free flight to Liberty City, though it'll cost you $3000 to fly to and back afterwards. Intro The player boards a private jet in Los Santos, sent there by Yusuf Amir. The pilot tells you it'll be a five hour flight, so you should make yourself comfortable in meantime. The player nods, and after sipping some champagne, he/she takes a nap. Five hours later, they arrive in Liberty City. Numerous shots of the city are taken, including: an overview of Algonquin, a crook running from a cop in Bohan, a lowlife in a car soliciting a prostitute, a bunch of cars sitting in traffic in Broker, a shot of the Statue of Happiness. . The player exits the plane, and heads into the airport. There, he/she is greeted by a very excited Yusuf. "YO! WHAT'S UP MY NIGGA?!" he yells out. The player has a disgusted look on his/her face, that basically says "Oh, did he really just say that?". Eager, he leads the player out the airport and into the back of his Super Drop Diamond. Yusuf goes on about how he had heard about all the amazing things you did on the West Coast. "I think this will be the beginning of a fruitful partnership". Once there, Yusuf gives the player a rundown of whats happening in Liberty City. How Yusuf plans to expand, and where you come in. "There's too many snakes in the grass, I need you to exterminate them!" he says. Then he sends you on your first mission: Go to downtown Algonquin and take out a group of criminals. He'll stay in touch once completed. Story There isn't a whole lot of story here, being a multiplayer game where the main objective is to kill other players. Still, there's a plot to be found, mainly pertaining to the characters you'll meet. Each character should be familiar for those who played IV and its expansions. There's a story for each of them, and it's your job to complete their tasks. Your story? You're in Liberty City, with potentially 30 other players, making a name for yourself on the East Coast. Activities There's a wide variety of activities to do in Liberty City ranging from legal to less so, including: Drinking Dancing Bowling Darts Pool Golf Strip Club Base Jumping Street Races Boat Races Helicopter Races Gang Attacks Drug Wars Robbing Stores Gameplay: Locations Characters Modes Vehicles Radio Stations Clothing
  17. Vice City in the year 2015, a diverse culture that helped take down the drugs and crime of the 80s and 90s. Thanks to activists the war between Cubans and Haitians was settled and because of that the cops focus more on stopping gangs and the selling of guns. After the arrest of crime lord Marco Mongotti, Vice City officials and politicians blamed every organize crime in Vice City on him thus stopping any further investigation on businesses and corporations, which were the only major gangs left in Vice City. Welcome to Vice City where the rising heat meets the hectic corporate world. Map: Story: Characters: Gangs: Radio: Thanks to GloryBox94 for the Logos FLASH! Because they only love you when your in front of a camera! Genre: Pop, R&B, Dance Pop, Teen Pop, Pop Rock, Synthpop, Disco DJs: Brody Peck - Glorified douchebag who only listens to the station's music to get laid and spends more time texting than working. Likes to brag about how young the women he took advantage of had sex with are. Shayne Lane - Flamboyant gay stereotype who gives back handed complements and snarky remarks to the artists on the station. Music I Like to Favorite Station Classic Pop, Dance Pop, Pop Rock, Synthpop, R&B DJ: Victoria Rollins - Hot older woman who tries to talk like a teenager and uses modern slang Name of the Game is Fame and No Shame Modern Rap, Pop Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, Trap DJ: Lil Luckee - Corporate shill who plugs products even when talking about serious issues in Vice City Thats My Jam Genre: Hip Hop, Hip Hop Soul, Reggae Fusion. R&B. New Jack Swing DJ: Lakeisha Jenkins - Big and loud party girl who still acts like its the 90s !Viva la música latina en Vice City Genre: Latin Pop, Bachata, Reggaeton, Latin Hip Hop DJs: Landa and Necha Vivas - Twins who love dancing but are not that bright El sonido de la Pequeña Vedado en la cara y las orejas Genre: Afro-Cuban Jazz, Latin Jazz, Mambo, Salsa DJ: Rosie Gallo - An outspoken hot blooded latina drag queen Music For The Artists By The Artists Genre: Alternative Rock, Noise Rock, Indie Rock, Art Rock, Garage Rock DJ: Milo Dion - A neoliberal vegan "artist" who takes his Generation and the music very seriously We Entertain Everyone Dude Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Progressive Rock DJ: Whitestar - A burnout hippie who laughs alot but forgets why. The Trash of Rock 'N' Roll meets the Rebels of Vice City Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Punk, Punk Rock DJs: Frank The Tank - Fat, obnoxious bully who screams and gets into a fight with the callers and people outside. Motormouth Ralph - Fast talking laid-back redneck who likes to throw empty beer cans at anyone who passes by the station. Music for the real American Alpha Male Genre: Country, Bro-Country, Country Rock DJ: Buck Fail - A patriotic cowboy who mistakenly makes offensive comments and freudian slips. Songs so soulful that it feels like someone else is taking the wheel Genre: Urban Gospel, R&B, Soul, Neo Soul DJ: Pastor Trevon Gaines. - A religious man who turns every conversation into one about himself and trying to get his own reality show. You Can't Get Enough, You Want More! Genre: Dubstep, Brostep, Electronic, Trapstep, Trap Bass, UK Garage DJ: The Rave Phantom - An unknown person at an unknown location who could be high on some hardcore street drug(s).talking about the end of the world. Combating the heat and hectic lifestyle in Vice City, It's time to chill, it's time to relax, It's Chillax Radio Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Chillout, Lounge, Minimal, Downtempo, IDM. DJ: Beth Lestrange - A perky French immigrant who complains about the mean people and heat in Vice City Diverse Radio For Diverse People Genre: Talk Radio DJs: Paul Deeds - A vegan who loves doing drugs Tamara Steinberg -.A bookworm who likes to talk about the importance of books No Need To Think, Just Listen Genre: Talk Radio
  18. DLC ONLINE : KINGS OVER WHEELS ·Features 2 new cars! Bravado Firebull , an unique american beast with more power than a rocket , if your searching for a flamethrower this is your car.You can modify it in Fresh Run Runing Obey Tailgater SGT , a german weapon in to wheels more acceleration , more motor , more expensive than the old Obey Tailgater.You can modify it in Fresh Run Runing A new tuning shop has open! Fresh Run Tuning. Modify your cars from the avaible list with unique bodykits , more hp motor(new tuning option) , more suspension , MORE RESPECT! Car list: Ubermacht Oracle Bravado Firebull Obey Tailgater SGT Vapid Dominator Pegassi Vacca Grotti Carbonizzare New car race mode: Rain of Cars , you and your team will fall of a Cargoplane with car parachutes and money bags with 15000 each one(in normal mode) or 25400(in hard mode).You'll get 5 stars , with the help of your team you'll lose the police and go with Lester. New weapon : Walther PPK a small pistol with big damage but small range , with this if the enemy is more far than 2 foots , is better run I hope u like it , and sorry for my bad english XD.
  19. Hello im here to give my opinions on the next GTA game for the future. I want this game to be entirely open world game with all the countries available for you to get a taste of how the criminal underworld life looks like worldwide in a game. Each gang, syndicate, organized crime will have a maximum limit of players in it, allies and rivals and ranks. Leadership: Once the game starts you will have 30 minutes need to do whatever you can to beat your members to the top you need to kill rival members, rob, and get engaged criminal activities and the first one in any gang, Syndicate or organized crime will be the boss or the leader. Once you became a leader you can command players to attack, defend or give them a special mission to do. Organized crime: Italian-American Mafia: The American Mafia, commonly known as the Mafia,, Italian Mob, or the Mob in the United States, is an Italian American criminal society that originated and developed from the Sicilian Mafia. The Italian-American Mafia is an extremely powerful and sophisticated secret criminal society without a formal name, similar to the Sicilian Mafia. Its members usually refer to it as Cosa Nostra (Italian pronunciation: [kɔza nɔstra]), a phrase which literally translatesto "our thing," but can be more accurately paraphrased as "our work" or "our operation." The press also coined the name "National Crime Syndicate" to refer to the entire network of U.S. organized crime, which included the Jewish Mafia elements and the Italian-American Mafia. It was described as a confederation of mainly Italian and Jewish-American organized crime groups throughout the U.S., as revealed by the findings of a U.S. Senate Special Committee in the 1950s chaired by Estes Kefauver. The creator of the American Mob was long-time criminal Charles "Lucky" Luciano. Law enforcement, and FBI Agents, and journalists such as Selwyn Raab, has stated that the Italian-American Mafia to be the most Powerful, enduring, venal, and deadliest organized criminal organization to exist and to continue in America. The Mafia in the United States emerged in Italian immigrant neighborhoods in New York's East Harlem (or Italian Harlem), Lower East Side, and Brooklyn. It also emerged in other areas of the East Coast of the United States and several other major metropolitan areas (such as New Orleans[1]) during the late 19th century and early 20th Century following waves of Italian immigration, especially from Sicily and other regions of Southern Italy. It has its roots in the Sicilian Mafia, but is a separate organization in the United States. Neapolitan, Calabrian, and other Italian criminal groups in the U.S., as well as independent Italian-American criminals, eventually merged with Sicilian Mafiosi to create the modern pan-Italian Mafia in North America. Today, the American Mafia cooperates in various criminal activities with the Sicilian Mafia and other Italian organized crime groups, such as the Camorra in Naples, 'Ndrangheta in Calabria, and Sacra Corona Unita in Apulia. The most important unit of the American Mafia is that of a "family", as the various criminal organizations that make up the Mafia are known. Despite the name of "family" to describe the various units, they are not familial groupings.[2] The Mafia is currently most active in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New England (primarily Boston, Providence, and, to a lesser extent, Worcester, Massachusetts), Detroit, Chicago, and various other Northeastern and Midwestern cities;[3] with smaller families, associates, and crews in places such asFlorida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. There have been at least 26 cities around the United States with Cosa Nostra families, with many more offshoots, splinter groups, and associates in other cities. There are five main New York City Mafia families, known as the Five Families: the Gambino,Lucchese, Genovese, Bonanno, and Colombo families. At its peak, the Mafia dominated organized crime in the U.S. Each crime family operates independently, while nationwide coordination is provided by the Commission, which consists of the bosses of each of the strongest families. Today, most of the Mafia's activities are contained to the Northeastern United States and Chicago, where they continue to dominate organized crime, despite the increasing numbers of other crime groups.[4][5] Allies All European Mafias Israeli Mafia Iranian Mafia Jewish Mafia Chaldean Mafia Dixie Mafia Mexican Mafia Nigerian Mafia Aryan Brotherhood Nazi Warriors Most Wanted Enemy No.1 European Family South Broker Boys Lost Motorcycle Club Angels of Death Motorcycle Club Mongols Motorcycle Club Sombreros Motorcycle Club Phoenix Motorcycle Club Satans Motorcycle Club Sinaloa Cartel Juarez Cartel Tijuana Cartel Los Zetas Madrazo Cartel Rivals Black Mafia Cuban Mafia Puerto Rican Mafia Dominican Mafia Indian Mafia Colombian Mafia Triads Yakuza Black Rebel Family The Mexican Family Rodeo Syndicate Rodeo Mafia Dirty White Boys Puro Tango Blast Yardies Zoe Pound Unlimited Soldiers Families Ballas Yanks Hoodie Criminals Fivers Nation Sixers Nation Vagos Rifas Varrios Los Aztecas Marabunta Grande Los Cabrones Diablos Banditos Dominicans Don't Joke Around Dominicanos Ferso Bulldogs Any local street gang Colombian Cartel
  20. McKenzie's Field Update ​Last Update: 03/06/2016 Featuring a brand new Aircraft Garage available exclusively at McKenzie's Field. Bring your antiques and your harvesters for all new customisations; from wing designs to tiger livery, is now available and now in stock. Brand-new renditions from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are returning including, the striking Rustler, the beast from Vice City, the Skimmer, and the newly envisioned Cropduster that are now available. Our Garage specialises in performance and spectacular customisation of particular aircrafts. Hop by to McKenzie's Field today, if you dare. This Concept is currently under construction, and you may see several changes in the foreseeable future. Suggestions are welcome and will be taken into consideration. Thanks for participating!
  21. You revive a call from a half psycho muscle enhancer addict named Brucie, saying "Hey Bro, Where you at? Benny is unveiling hes new build. i heard its a pushing like 900 horses or something, any way peace bro." "CLICK" Upon Arrival to Benny's you enter 1 of 3 contact missions, Consisting of taking a very powerful muscle car across the state. once in the car you will notice this car handles like no other car. Serious torque 0-100 in 5.6 sec, lifting the front end up off the ground, cornering well that's the bitch unless you know how to drift. Drag racing like never before, big block engines, nitro, and the smell of burning rubber. the air port no longer is just for planes at this kinds of speeds. this dlc would bring in 6 brand new cars as well as beef up 6 previous cars in the game, New Cars- -Vapid Cobra Vapid Cobra Classic Declasse Vigero SS j Karin defiance Maibatsu Corporation MX7 Annis 375X The six previous cars that can be modified - Declasse Vigero -Declasse Tampa -Imponte Phoenix -Imponte Dukes -Annis elegy Rh8 -Karin Kuruma
  22. MAIN THEME STORY The year is 1982. Pike City, Deseret capital and largest city was founded in 1858 and is truly a historic metropolis. Its wonder is matched by the backdrop of grand forests which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The materials these forests brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the majority of buildings have been built with both materials and stylistic shapes of the forests. The skyline is spreading with elegant skyscrapers and their history seemed to shine more now than ever. Culture is rising in Pike City and it has attracted a lot of attention. Many different cultures have left their mark not just on the city's people, but also upon the city's identity. What historically was a city of monotony has grown into a multicultural hub and it's this that unites the 14 million people to this day. SETTING PIKE-BUCHANAN COUNTY Fletcher A large town is located on the plains and looks run-down. It is best-known for its beautiful park. Based on Aurora with elements of Parker. Jefferson City The mid wealth neighborhood is located close to the mountain park and looks very old-fashioned. It is best-known for its theater and its diverse population featuring Dinosaur discoveries. It resembles to Lakewood and Morrison. Leftwood This large town is located near Greater Pike City and looks quite classy. It is best-known for a tumultuous history. Also, there are all sorts of old artifacts still lying around the area. Strongly based on Englewood, Sheridan and Cherry Hills Village. Packerton This moderate-sized town is located on southwest and has a deep reservoir. Based on Littleton, Columbine and Ken Caryl. Greenwich A small town is located in mid north of downtown and has a private countryside. It resembles to Westminster and Thornton. Wadsworth A moderate-sized town is located in northwest and looks very modern. Strongly based on Arvada with elements of Twin Lakes. Everest Park This small town is located in the mountains and has a luxury resort owned by the most notorious mobsters. It is best-known for its fine dining, hiking and camping. Based on real-life Aspen Park and Conifer. Tudor A statutory town is a historic saw mill camp. It resembles to Elizabeth with elements of Franktown. Hove City The town was named for Hove Beach, Liberty State and considered a suburb of Pike City. Based on Brighton. Gaskill Point A historic mountain mining town is located between the gold fields and looks very old-fashioned. It is best-known for its Goetze House Museum. Strongly based on real-life Golden. Morton Rock This small town was originally home to the Arapaho and Cheyenne people and has a rustic atmosphere. It resembles to Castle Rock and loosely Sedalia. CARPENTER COUNTY Carpenter The high wealth city is 30 miles of Pike City located at the base of the foothills of the Stony Mountains. Based on real-life Boulder. Van Zilveren The statutory town is better known as outdoor recreation nearby national park. Based on Nederland. Peakmont This moderate-sized town is located on the northern countryside. Based on real-life Longmont. Bouteloua Hills This consolidated neighborhood is located in the corner of Pike-Buchanan County and looks very modern. Based on Broomfield, Superior with strong elements of Lafayette and Louisville. Silicon Flats The former silver mining camp is located in the range of Stony Mountains. Based on Georgetown. Areas of Interest Murano International Airport (PKC) Opened in 1929 and shut down in 1995 due to Airline deregulation. Replaced by New Pike International Airport in a different location. CHARACTERS Protagonists: Russell "Rusty" Faulkner Born in 1950. A first protagonist who can be quite compassionate and hustling. His default vehicle is a silver 1979 Dundreary Orion. Theresa Crawford Born in 1954. The female getaway driver who is very arrogant and loyalty in high society. Her default vehicle is a black 1982 Enus Rouge and 1976 Ubermacht Schlagkopf. Major Characters: Bernardo "Big Bernie" Di Clemente A intelligent mutual friend of Theresa who enjoys fishing and collecting tons of cocaine. He is bright and considerate, but can also be a smirk. Vince Bradley The local drug dealer who enjoys gambling and money laundering. He is friendly and inspiring. Mario Frattini A professional lawyer who enjoys Gate crashing. He is generous and stable, but can also be selfish and a bit greedy. Donald Sherman The hyperactive banker who enjoys watching football game and playing checkers. He is energetic and gentle. Jeffrey Whitaker A famous mob boss who enjoys attending art gallery exhibits and meeting with cartel outsiders. Annette Powers A countryside worker who enjoys horseback riding, She is generous and stable. Payne Morgan (Antagonist) The unfinished business villain who enjoys blackmailing while working with Ancelotti Crime Families, He is unfriendly, extreme corrupt and evil. WEAPONS Pistols: Colt Army Revolver Semi-Automatic Pistol Desert Eagle Silenced Pistol Submachine Guns: Uzi Tec-9 MP-5A2 M76 SMG Shotguns: Double Barrel Shotgun Sawed Off Shotgun Combat Spas-12 Ithaca Model 37 Sniper Rifles: Remington 7mm Bolt Action Sniper Rifle G22A1 Assault Rifles: M14 Rifle AK-47 Colt M4 Carbine Browning Automatic Rifle Heavy Weapons: RPG Grenade Launcher Melees and Throwns: Baseball Bat Knife Crowbar Jerry Can Molotov Cocktail Grenade Fist Random Pickable Objects Golf Club Flashlight Non-Lethal: Tranquilizer Gun Flare Gun VEHICLES Sports: Invetero Coquette Lampadati Tropos Annis ZR-250 Pfister Astral '73 Grotti Cheetah Pegassi Torero Bravado Gauntlet Declasse Mamba Ubermacht SC1 Lampadati Arachnid Grotti Turismo Pfister Comet Ocelot F620 Imponte Deluxo Lampadati Pigalle Grotti Stinger Speciale Vapid Dominator ASP Hotring Fortune Hotring Stallion Hotring Faction Progen P68 GTB Declasse Vigero Z69 Pfister Apsis Vintage and Muscles: Declasse Vigero Albany Buccaneer Imponte NFI '66 Schyster Deviant Vapid Vaquero Declasse Sabre Turbo Imponte Phoenix Schyster Namorra Albany Hermes Classique Stallion Vapid Peyote Bravado Gauntlet Classic Vapid Hotknife Imponte Dukes Vapid Dominator Classic Humboldt Motors Cicada Coupes: Dundreary Panther Karin Calico GTF Albany Baroness Willard Idaho Vapid Fortune Dinka Hakumai GT '79 Burgerfahrzeug Club Imponte Burgundy Schyster Legate Vapid Retinue Bravado Espionage Declasse Noble Ubermacht Sentinel Dundreary Remington Benefactor Feltzer Classique Clover '66 Annis Remus Declasse Jackalope Willard Faction Vulcar Nebula Grotti Brioso 300 Sedans: Willard Marbelle Dundreary Truman Bravado Elwood Willard 500 Karin Randburg Dinka Hakumai Willard Decade Vapid Esquire Imponte Beaufort Declasse Worchester Barbican Stallworth Annis Dandelion GL Declasse Brigham Imponte Montoya Schyster Statesman Declasse Tulip Barbican Prospect '59 Dundreary Admiral Luxury/Executive Sedans: Albany Emperor Albany Washington Bordeaux Martinique Ubermacht Oracle Albany Esperanto Schyster Majestic Benefactor Schafter Enus Stafford Ocelot Revolver Obey Danube Declasse Quixote Benefactor Perfidia Station Wagons: Bravado Fairview Dundreary Regina '64 Karin Sultan Wagon Declasse Chumash Trucks, Vans, and SUVs: Vapid Sadler Bravado Bison Declasse Rancher Canis Pioneer Vapid Sandking Declasse Burrito Bravado Rumpo Karin Rebel Declasse Walton Karin BeeJay Bravado Aeolus Canis Raider Schyster Padgett Bravado Youga Bravado Rat-Truck Commercial and Industrial: Brute Boxville HVY Biff JoBuilt Hauler JoBuilt Phantom JoBuilt Linerunner MTL Packer Vapid Benson MTL Flatbed Vapid Yankee MTL Pounder MTL Roadtrain Public and Emergency Vehicles: Police Cruiser Police Patrol Deseret State Police Ambulance Firetruck Trashmaster Bus Police Bike Dundreary Stretch Police Boxville Vapid Towtruck Stockade Police Maverick Police Predator Taxi Cabbie Romero Hearse (Emperor-based) Motorcycles: Sh*tzu PCJ-600 Pegassi Esskey Maibatsu Sanchez WMC Freeway Sh*tzu Vader Pegassi Bati 801RR WMC Angel WMC Wayfarer Sh*tzu NRG 900 Principe Faggio Dinka Enduro WMC Bagger Boats: Dinghy Reefer Speeder Marquis Tropic Squalo Tug Jetmax Turbo Aircraft: Mammatus Velum 5-Seater Sparrow Maverick Cuban 800 Annihilator RADIO STATIONS Quality 94.7 FM Genre: Top 40 1. The Buggles - Living in the Plastic Age 2. Toto - I'll Supply the Love 3. The Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play 4. Eddie Money - Maybe I'm a Fool 5. Blondie - Do the Dark 6. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl 7. Roxy Music - The Space Between 8. Genesis - Misunderstanding 9. Fleetwood Mac - Hold Me 10. Boz Scaggs - Lido Shuffle 11. Hall and Oates - Private Eyes 12. Foreigner - Urgent 13. Huey Lewis and the News - The Only One 14. The Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden 15. Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart 16. Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind 17. REO Speedwagon - Keep the Fire Burnin' K-Warm 100 FM Genre: Adult contemporary 1. Air Supply - Even the Nights Are Better 2. Rupert Holmes - Escape (The Piña Colada Song) 3. Andy Gibb - An Everlasting Love 4. Christopher Cross - Sailing 5. Gino Vannelli - Living Inside Myself 6. Earth, Wind and Fire - After the Love Has Gone 7. Leo Sayer - More Than I Can Say 8. The Pointer Sisters - Slow Hand 9. Bee Gees - Emotion 10. Rod Stewart - Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) 11. George Duke and Stanley Clarke - Sweet Baby 12. America - You Can Do Magic 13. Marty Balin - Hearts 14. Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl 15. Dr. Hook - A Little Bit More Pike Nation Rock 93.5 FM Genre: Rock, Heavy metal 1. Van Halen - Runnin' with the Devil 2. Judas Priest - The Rage 3. Magnum - On the Edge of the World 4. Iron Maiden - Innocent Exile 5. Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride) 6. Twisted Sister - Shoot 'Em Down 7. AC/DC - T.N.T. 8. Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again 9. Thin Lizzy - Killer on the Loose 10. Loverboy - When It's Over 12. Gillan - Message in the Bottle 13. Helix - Billy Oxygen 14. Motörhead - Ace of Spades 15. Krokus - Mr. 69 16. Alice Cooper - Lace and Whiskey 17. Night Ranger - Can't Find Me a Thrill Radio Mohawk Genre: New wave 1. Soft Cell - Tainted Love 2. The Psychedelic Furs - No Tears 3. Generation X - Dancing with Myself 4. Wire - The 15th 5. The Stranglers - Nice 'n' Sleazy 6. Duran Duran - Planet Earth 7. The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket 8. Pylon - Working Is No Problem 9. A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song 10. Squeeze - Piccadilly 11. The Producers - What's He Got 12. Joe Jackson - One More Time 13. Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84) 14. Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me with Science 15. The Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom 16. Nick Lowe - I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass The Storm 96.1 FM Genre: R&B/Soul 1. Delegation - Oh Honey 2. Vaughan Mason and Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll 3. Luther Vandross - Promise Me 4. The Isley Brothers - Hurry Up and Wait 5. Brick - Ain't Gonna' Hurt Nobody 6. Kool & The Gang - Get Down on It 7. The Blackbyrds - Walking in Rhythm 8. Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn the Beat Around 9. Bill Withers - Lovely Day 10. Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked) 11. Atlantic Starr - Circles 12. Barry White - You're the First, the Last, My Everything 13. Diana Ross - Upside Down 14. Heaven and Earth - No Limit 15. Lakeside - It's All The Way Live 16. Rick James - You and I 17. Marvin Gaye - Heavy Love Affair U-102 FM Genre: Hip-Hop 1. Kurtis Blow - Take It to the Bridge 2. The Sugarhill Gang - 8th Wonder 3. Disco Four - Do It, Do It 4. Treacherous Three - Feel The Heartbeat 5. Spoonie Gee - Spoonin Rap 6. The Mean Machine - Disco Dream 7. West Street Mob - Let's Dance 8. Jackie Small Cochran - Summer Fun 9. Denyce 'Flip' Isaac - Be For Real 10. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - Superrappin' 11. The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight 12. Lady D - Lady D 13. Busy Bee Starski - Making Cash Money 14. Disco Four - Country Rock and Rap 15. The Billion Dollar Band - The Wiggle Bullhorn 103.8 FM Genre: Country 1. Willie Nelson - Blue Skies 2. Conway Twitty - I See the Want To in Your Eyes 3. Alabama - Feels So Right 4. Kenny Rogers and Kim Carnes - Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer 5. Johnny Cash - The Ten Commandments 6. Ronnie Milsap - Just Because It Feels Good 7. George Jones - Still Doin' Time 8. Tammy Wynette - Easy Come, Easy Go 9. Buck Owens and The Buckaroos - Act Naturally 10. Dave Dudley - The Pool Shark 11. Glen Campbell - Gentle on My Mind 12. Merle Haggard and The Strangers - Old Doc Brown 13. Ernest Tubb - There's No Fool Like a Young Fool 14. Hank Williams Jr. - Family Tradition 15. Roger Miller - It Takes All Kinds to Make a World 16. Eddie Rabbitt - My Only Wish 17. Dolly Parton - All I Can Do Pike City For Punksters Genre: Punk 1. The Cramps - The Natives Are Restless 2. Gang of Four - Damaged Goods 3. Wipers - Pushing the Extreme 4. The Clash - London Calling 5. The Adicts - Hurt 6. D.O.A. - 2 + 2 7. Ramones - Rockaway Beach 8. Agent Orange - Living in Darkness 9. Iggy Pop - Neighborhood Threat 10. Au Pairs - We're So Cool 11. Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the U.K. 12. Billy Idol - White Wedding 13. Middle Class - Out Of My Hands 14. Iggy Pop - Neighborhood Threat 15. The Damned - Drinking About My Baby 16. The Clash - Overpowered by Funk 17. Bad Brains - Big Take Over Double Clef Deseret Genre: Classical, Opera 1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rondo alla Turca (The Turkish March) 2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Lacrimosa (Latin for "weeping") 3. Giuseppe Verdi - Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) 4. Enrico Caruso - Una furtiva lagrima (A furtive tear) 5. Ludwig van Beethoven - Minuet in G 6. Giuseppe Verdi - Romanza per pianoforte (Piano romance) 7. Giacomo Puccini - E lucevan e stelle (And the stars shone) 8. Giacomo Puccini - Vissi d'arte (I lived in art) 9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Così fan tutte (So fan them all) 10. Enrico Caruso - Questa o quella (This or that) Western United Public Radio (WUPR) Genre: Talk Shows, News, Local Programming T.V. STATIONS American Broadcast Network (ABN) San Andreas Patrol 45 Minutes to Hotel Hamilton Bully Surgeons Criss Cross for Dollar Jack Marston Climatic Candid Channel (CCC) Late Night with Casey Edwards The Innocent Years CCC Action News Duchess Overboard Teeny Tiny Cute Midgets The Nighttime Shop
  23. *insert placeholder for logo here* Coming out in 2019, GTA VI ventures out of its native America and into the country of Hungary, starring Richard Pauline, and his family as they fall deeper and deeper into the criminal life. Unlike in past GTA games, the entire country of Hungary is playable (in a compressed form, of course). The game starts out during Fall in the town of Greenborough (based on the town of Pilisvörösvár), but soon changes to the Budapest inspired Capital City. Characters: Richard Pauline: Richard is a 19 year old NEET living with his parents. He's a short, skinny white man who, being a high school dropout, does various odd jobs in order to make a living. His favorite outfit is a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Melinda Pauline: Melinda is a 39 year old white woman. She's Richard's mom and John's wife. She works as a manager at the local mall. She likes guns, animals and rap music. Her favorite outfit is a leather jacket and jeans. John Pauline: John is a 45 year old muscular white man. He's Richard's dad and Melinda's husband. He works at a lumberyard. He likes fishing and sports. His favorite outfit is a white tanktop and jeans. Rock Pauline: Rock is the family dog. He's a black American Staffordshire Terrier. Like Chop in V, you can take him for a walk and teach him tricks, though this time you can do so without a phone app. Gréta Pauline: Gréta is Richard's grandma and John's mother. The Balog Family: This family is your enemy. They've been a thorn in your sides ever since you've been born. The family consists of Viktória (the mother), Dániel (the father) and Krisztina and Cintia (the daughters). Police Chief Simon Tóth: He's your boss during most of chapter 2. Being a far-right wing man, Simon hates muslims and wants them out of the country. Many of his missions involve this. He's 55 years old and has blond hair. Radio Stations: Unlike GTA V with its many different stations, GTA VI has somewhat less stations, although each one has more content, with around 3 hours of tracks each. -Rise FM (House) -District 8 Radio (Rap) -DJazz FM (Jazz) -Capital Underground (Drum 'n Bass) -Flashback FM (80's and 90's) -Ozone Radio (Pop) -Rockefeller 109.3 (Rock) -ChatterBox (Talk) Missions: Chapter 1: The Hometown Mission 1: Change of Horizons This is practically the intro to the game. It shows Richard getting released from a mental hospital after having spent over a month in there for attempted suicide. As Richard's mom drives him home, the opening credits of the game start to play, set to various scenes in Capital City (the game's version of Budapest) (Music: Everything Everything - Cough Cough). After arriving home, Richard talks with his mom about the futility of life, to which she tells him to knock it off and try to think positive. Following the scene, the player gains control of the game. Mission Passed, reward: None, besides the Pauline house, which serves as the first savepoint in the game and 135000 FT which you start with. Mission 2: Man and Beast Richard is asked by his parents to take Rock for a walk. Objective: Get in your mom's car (a brown Vulcan Warrener), and take Rock to the nearby park. Once there, the game explains Rock's mechanics. After you played some catch with him, take the car and go back home. Mission Passed, reward: 1000 FT. Mission 3: Bad Medicine One day, Gréta starts to complain about the medicine she was prescribed for and how it makes her feel ill. Richard decides to have enough and take the matter into his own hands. Objective: Take your mom's car, go to the town hospital and meet Gréta's doctor, He claims that he had no idea that this would happen. Obviously, he's lying, so beat him up in what is a tutorial for the melee combat. After you beat him enough, he admits, and promises to give Greta proper medicine next time. Following this, take the car and go back home. Mission Passed, reward: None. Mission 4: Dead Ahead Taking a few weeks after the previous mission, Gréta dies from a heart attack. Richard and his family are attending her funeral, when they're attacked by hitmen. Objective: You're given a pistol, use it to kill the hitmen and get back to the car. Once there, the game goes to a rail shooter-like segment, where Melinda drives and you're shooting. Kill the hitmen who are chasing you, and the mission is over. Mission Passed, reward: Pistol unlocked, can be bought for 80000 FT at gunshops. Mission 5: Deal Steal While Richard is watching TV, he sees the news about a drug deal taking place on Calvary Hill. Obviously, this is too good of an opportunity not to let go. Objective: Take your dad's Faggio Sport and go to Calvary Hill. Once there, shoot the two men and pick up the briefcase. You will receive a 2 star wanted level. Lose the wanted level and get back home to complete the mission. Mission Passed, reward: 80000 FT. Mission 6: Hot Import Nights Richard's parents have run out of cigarettes, and they ask him to get some. Objective: There's a truck loaded with imported cigars at the truck stop near the town border. Go there and steal it. However, things aren't so easy as you'll get shot as soon as you enter the trucking park. Bring the truck back home safely to pass the mission. Mission Passed, reward: 10000 FT. Mission 7: Neighbours From Hell You find out that the people who sent the hitmen after you during the funeral were the Balog family, who, upon hearing that they've been left out of Gréta's will, have decided to go for desperate measures. Objective: Drive with your parents to Rákóczi Street, where the Balogs live. Once you enter the gate, their dog will attack you, so quickly shoot it. After that, enter the house, search and kill the family members. They're all armed, and Dániel (the father) has a shotgun, so watch out. After you kill them all, lose your 2 star wanted level and drive back home. Mission Passed, reward: Shotgun unlocked, can be bought for 125000 FT at gunshops. Mission 8: Desperate Times Even though the Balogs weren't included in the will, your other relatives, the Töröks are. The will says that the Pauline house, if neither family can pay its price, has to be sold and its worth be shared between the two families. Since your family doesn't have enough money to pay for the house, or pay for any other house for that matter, they've decided to rob a nearby bank for the money. Objective: Drive to the bank. Once there, a cutscene will play where you rob it for around 150 million forints. After it's done, you get a 3 star wanted level. Lose it, and drive back home. Even though it seemed like you lost the cops, they were secretly following you, and as you're about to go home, they surround you and are about to arrest you. Richard tries to help his parents by shooting the cop who's arresting them, but he gets knocked out by another cop. As the cops drive towards Capital City with you and your parents, the screen fades out and the GTA VI logo shows up. You wake up at the Police HQ, sourrounded by cops. The police chief slaps you around, then forces you to get on the ground, as he anally rapes you with a nightstick. After he's done, he tells you what happened: your parents are in jail, and if you want them to be released, you have to work for the police. Having no other choice, you accept. Mission Passed, "reward": You lose all of your weapons.
  24. It's 2024 in Seoul, South Korea. You are a super handsome man known by the name of "LeoneFamily". Women are crazy on you. You must embark on a journey to get some pussy and a bottle of Powerade at your local 7-11. CHARACTERS LeoneFamily: The coolest guy in town. Likes to street race on his motorbike and play with his PlayStation 2. But what he likes more than anything are korean women. His irresistible french-canadian accent makes every woman crazy about him. He has to choose who will be his soulmate in an epic adventure full of gold diggers, koreans mooning him (korean moon), korean hotrod firetrucks, korean saunas (farting in a KIA with the windows rolled up), having to always tell people that not all foreigners are american, people who force you to listen to KPOP all day long and a floater in a gas station (a turd that won't flush). Personal vehicle: 1983 DeLorean DMC-12, 2024 Hyosung GT650R. Han Ga Eun: The sexiest women in town. She likes to be sexy and she likes quebec guys. Talk about a perfect woman! Personal vehicle: 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Han Ga Eun Jr: She is the daughter of Han Ga Eun (senior) and she comes from the future. You can either date her or her mother. Or both at the same time! Han Ga Eun Jr Jr: Now it's getting creepier. Location: Seoul, South Korea. Missions: Mission 1- You are walking on the streets of Seoul when you find a dehydrated children who needs water ASAP or he will die. You must get to the nearest 7-11 (which is located 9500 km away from you) to buy a bottle of Powerade and then return to the child and give it to his decomposed corpse. Mission 2- You have a date with a girl called Han Ga Eun. Bring her to a nice place to eat like a sandwich in a gas station. Then, clean up her mess in the bathroom because you bought her a ham sandwich and she's vegetarian. Next time don't bring any girl to eat if you don't wanna deal with floaters! (A text box appears advising you to starve your dates to death next time). Mission 3- You meet this wonderful woman called Han Ga Eun Jr who comes from the future. She wants you to buy a new car for her because she's a gold digger. You have 2 choices: Hyundai or KIA, cuz that's the only cars you're ever going to find in South Korea. Let her go with the car and she will ditch you or give her a korean sauna and she will ditch you then run away while screaming. Mission 4- You meet this wonderful woman called Han Ga Eun Jr Jr. Wait what? Yeah apparently she is Han Ga Eun Jr's daughter. Drive her to the nursery and don't even think about dating her you perv! Mission 5- We are now in 2050 and you're still single. Repeatedly tap the X (PS4) or A (ONE) button to masturbate. Le Shark DLC: Mission 1- You defend the whole Han Ga Eun family from giant North Korean commie robots while wearing a mountie uniform. Zello DLC: Mission 1- The antagonist knocks you out, takes all of your money and you wake up in Thailand with some ladyboys. Features: When walking in the busy streets of central Seoul, you can press the R1 (PS4) or RB (ONE) button to say "sorry" everytime you get nudged by the people walking in the crowd because you are canadian. Press the O (PS4) or B (ONE) button to drink maple syrup. You can have dates just like in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but only with korean women. Radio: Playing over and over again... Ratings: If you liked this game concept, feel free to press the Reply (PC) button to give your condoleances to all the people who died of laughter while reading this topic.
  25. **This is my first ever post/creation/concept on this forum. I'm sure there will be some imperfection but please be kind about it . I am just throwing out ideas, on what I think would make a great DLC. Please let me know on comments, concerns, suggestions, and ideas. -Oman The Days of being a Beach Bum are over, long over. Now.. it's time to be picking up Sunkist Beach Babes on the beaches of San Andreas. GTA Online Beach Babes brings a line of new content, from new clothing, new vehicles, new Beach Houses, and much more! Including a new area specific weather condition, Sand Storms, taking place on the beaches of Los Santos and the Grand Senora Desert. New Vehicles: Galaxy Super Yachts have been working with Dock Tease on the developments of new yachts. These yachts come at a price, and a major size reduction, but in return can be sailed around Los Santos and Blaine County. The new yachts come in 2 sizes and styles (there is also customization available). Galaxy Speed Yacht-A 55ft vessel that is made purely to scream its engine up and down Vespucci Beach, turning the heads of the models and beach-goers. For sure to grab attention. Galaxy Sleeper Yacht-A modern 70ft vessel which is stationed at the docks of Los Santos. Comes with a functional bedroom, closet, and bathroom. This yacht allows you to take it for a spin while partying! Beach Toys-The beaches and waterways of San Andreas have suddenly turned into runways for impressing others. The new toys are no exceptions. SeaDoplhin-Self explanitory... Pretty much a submersible motorized dolphin, just what every 7 figured human being dreamed of. (Real life Sea-Breacher) (Multiple Liveries) Pegassi Mariner-The newest thing in San Andreas is the use of amphibious vehicles. So why not an amphibious lambo? Benny just released an upgrade for the brand new Pegassi Mariner (SeaRoader Lamborghing Countach) AquaClassic-Want more of a classic look? Take the brand new 65' Amphibious beast for a spin! (1965 AmphibiCar) Cars-Beach Babes introduces a wide variety of flashy cars used for grabbing attention along the coasts of San Andreas. Benefactor Coupe GT-The engine of 500+ horses, and the looks of a billionaire's ride, the newest Benefactor coupe will turn heads and perk up ears. (Mercedes AMG GT) Ubermacht X-The luxury of an ubermacht, the speed of a progen, the hybrid of a coil. This silent beast has the looks anyone can dream for (BMW i8) Oracle RF-Luxury at its finest, tuned to the finest. This beast combines luxury and performance to the perfect ratio (Jaguar F-Type R) Entity EA-The looks and speed are way too present...they say its not so street legal (Koenigsegg Agera) (Benny's Vehicle) Finess ET-A brand new car company in the Los Santos area. Very rare to come across, and fairly unkown (Fisker Karma) (p.s. sorry I am bad with making names) Alpha C14-European inovation is entering San Andreas. Alpha being one of three new brands. A sexy beast, for a fair price, well.. kinda. (Alfa Romeo 4C) Azalea E-Euro street legal race cars. Azalea brings affordable sports cars into the market, with speed, luxury, and of course, looks. Perfect for those who look high upon themselves, but don't have enough for a hypercar. (Lotus Evora) Azalea X-Euro racing in style, with more looks, but less power, this car will still get you where you want to be. (Lotus Exige) Enus Dusk-The top line of luxury imports, with extra horsepower and without a roof. (Rolls Royce Dawn) Grotti Bellezza Coupe/Spyder-The horsepower anyone can dream of, the newest creation of Italian Engineering. Good for a Sunday Drive and perfect for Car Meets and Races. (Ferrari 458 Spyder/Coupe) SB 2R-Fly the dunes of The Grand Senora Desert and cruise the sandy beaches in this brand new Sand Dune buggy. (Buckshot XR-2) Kayaks are now available on beaches and other areas around the map. (Vespucci Beach, Alamo Sea, Paleto Bay) **As mentioned before, I am terrible with these fiction "brand/product names" I am sure a lot of you are better, please feel free to leave suggestions. Properties-Beach Babes introduces a lot of beach front opportunities with usable outdoor and rooftop entertaining areas. From swimming in your backyard pool, to partying and grilling rooftop, you will never run out of entertainment opportunities. Properties Include: The Second, Sixth, Eighth, and Eleventh houses on Ineseno Road in BanHam Canyon. (Coming from South) The Third, Fifth, and Ninth houses on Barbareno Road in Chumash. (Coming from South) The First, Sixth, Ninth, and Twenty Second houses on Del Perro Freeway after the Pipeline Inn (Coming from North) The First and Fifth houses after Fleeca Bank on The Great Ocean Highway (Coming from South) **Sorry I could not find exact addresses for the wished houses. Clothing-The new clothing will consist of several new styles of swimwear and lounge wear, along with other high end styles and luxuries. **I do understand I am hoping for a lot, and a lot that would be fairly pricey. I would completely understand if this would be one of the most expensive DLC's and would most likely have to come in 2-3 updates. Thank you for your time, I hope this is the first of many concepts. -Oman
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