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  1. Commit war crimes in style! This is a concept DLC that will feature brand new long awaited missions. As well as an attack boat APC. And yes, even a flamethrower. This concept is made by Tatresia. I have taken everything regarding a 60's/ Vietnam war DLC that I think would make the game so much more interesting. A new contact: The colonel. A PST war veteran, that lives in sandy shores and have strict loyalty to the red white and blue. And live his every day life by the constitution. This guy is so patriotic that your creepy uncle will seem like a tolerant guy after all. He will host medium to hard missions that revolves around Merryweather, military and us government activities in San Andreas. 10 new missions in total! New guns and skins. Flamethrower: This will be the very much needed new heavy weapon in the game. You will need to reach level 100 to gain the flamethrower. Much like the mini gun, it does not have several clips. Instead it will have one big fuel storage, that will be depleted over time. The flamethrower has a medium range and does medium damage over time. To keep the gun balanced it will have no auto lock or special attachments. M16 Rifle: This will be the new assault rifle. But different from all the others. It will have no auto aim, purely semi automatic rifle with no attachments. Instead of spray and pray, it will be as deadly as the players accuracy and skills. One shot will severely drain your targets health, making this rifle the ideal for bullet savers. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ New gun skins: The new gunskins will feature military woodland, jungle and dessert skins. As well as personal engravings of the players own choice (up to 6 letters on the largest guns). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The local pot shop on Vespucci beach will now be open for the player in need of some joints. These joints will be consumed like all the other food/drink/smokes in the inventory. But as expected, it will affect you're perception of reality any time you smoke them. _______________________________________________ The Vigero Stallion will be customizable at Benny's auto shop. and will feature a wide arrange of 60's styles and liveries. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ New Pegasus vehicles: APC: The armored personal carrier will work like a light and fast tank. You are vulnerable to other players as there is no bulletproof windows. And you will need a second person to man the semi automatic cannon. The APC will be able to hold up to 10 people inside, perfect for VIP work, but don't rely to heavily on it, as it offers little protection. Attack boat : The long awaited gun boat will finally appear. It will have a similar cannon as the APC, and will be a well armored attack boat, that can take a few hits before going down, perfect for piracy prevention when attacking. It will hold 6 people, one drive and one is manning the cannon. _______________________________________________________________________ New clothes: 3 Long slim trenchcoats matrix style. 5 new big leather jackets. 5 new 60's style shirts. 4 new military boots. 4 new camouflaged cargo pants that will tuck military boots in. 4 new 60's style jeans. 3 snake skin shoes. 3 military helmets 60's style. New hair styles: Long curly hair for males. Big afro curl. low afro curl. Beatles style hair. Punk style mow hawk. Spikes. Beards: 60's style mustache. full grown beard.
  2. 4 player missions / heist type set up but it costs you to take part. It costs a lot. On a growing scale up to say £5M. Each. They are hard as hell to do. The rewards however are huge. $$$$$$ / Access to the Casino / Mansions / Hunter / map extension...whatever the future holds. You can restart 3 times but after that you're out. £5M down the pan. In freeroam, steal a dudes car? He steals your T20, its gone. Kill a gang member? His crew rob of you 10% of your bank balance unless you kill them all. The citizens fight back. Consequences. I'd like stuff like that.
  3. "Experience the ultimate immersive playthrough of GTA: Online like never before! Become the criminal mastermind you always wanted to be, or tear down your foes both on the road, and in combat with the new vehicles and weapons added. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be one heck of a ride!" Weapons: Cars: Radio: Clothing:
  4. READ IT BEFORE YOU JUDGE THE TITLE PLEASE - GTA Online - Baby Killer is a Vietnam war style personalization pack Concept, sorry I wasn't able to upload any pictures it features 8 new weapons, 1 new radio station, 3 new vehicles, new clothing as well as accessories Vehicles: Vapid War Horse - based on a 1960s Shelby mustang cross mixed with the Mach 1 mustang in the 70s Bravado Gunny - Patrol Boat that patrolled the rivers of Vietnam, also could be used for heists Lander - the infamous landing craft that transported troops to their maker, also could be used on heists Weapons: Box Rifle - based on the g11 Burst Rifle - based on the m16 Royal rifle - based on the Enfield (royal guard rifle) Compact Rifle - based on the AUG Bull's-Eye Rifle - based on the m14 Special MG aka Big Mama - based on the m60 Assault MG - based on the RPK Precision Sniper - based on the Wa2000 Radio: (all songs also go with GTA 5 storyline) The 105.9 ------+-+<||>+-+- (meant to look like a 60s - 70s style radio dial - replaces LSRR & The Lab) Classics FM - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - The Bee Gees - Spicks And Specks - The Animals - Its My Life - Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In the Sky - Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking - The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun - Patti Drew - Tell Him - The Ronettes - Be My Baby - Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (makes a return from GTA SA) - Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind - The Rolling Stones - (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction - The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby - Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper - The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black - The Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law - Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling - Booker T & The Mg's - Green Onions (makes a return from GTA SA) - Buddy Holly - Not fade Away - Canned Heat - On The Road Again - The Capitols - Cool Jerk - The Champs - Tequila - The Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love - Dion & The Belmont's - The Wanderer - The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream - George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag - Joe Tax - I Gotcha - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beacky, Mick & Tich - Hold Tight - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Wooly Bully - Shocking blue - Venus - Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut - Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One - The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself - Tommy James & The Shondells - Mony Mony - Pink Floyd - Money - The Turtles - Happy Together - Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack - Ricky Nelson - Its Up To You - Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love - The Zombies - Time Of The Season - The Troggs - Wild Thing - Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You - Skeeter Davis - End Of The End - Harry Nelson - Coconut - Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire - Blue Oyster Cult - Burning For You - Del Shannon - Runaway - Johnny Maestro & The Crests - My Special Angel (cover) - The Allman Brothers - Midnight Rider - The Romantics - What I Like About You - The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go Clothing: Hats - Helmet - Accessories - Ace Card, Cigarette's, Bullets - Bandana(rapped around the head or biker style) Tops - Marine Jungle Camo Jacket - Armored Vest(with jacket, short sleeves, tank top or no shirt) - Accessories - Bandolier(magazines, bullets) Bottoms - Combat Pants Shoes - Combat Boots Thanks you for reading this please leave some feedback if you like - that be much appreciated
  5. PIMP MY TONS OF FUN ARE YOU TIRED OF CITY LIFE? DO YOU WANT TO GET LOST IN THE WOODS FOREVER? DO YOU WANT TO LIVE A MISERABLE LIFE OF AN UNSUCCESSFUL MAN PRETENDING TO BE RICH? DO YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE FIRST CLASS IN-CAR SLEEPING? WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! BENNY'S ORIGINAL MOTORWORKS NOW SERVECES YOUR SPECIAL PURPOSES VEHICLES! SUPPORTED VEHICLES: 1. VAPID MINIVAN 2. DECLASSE MOONBEAM 3. BRAVADO YOUGA 4. BENEFACTOR ATHLETE SWB (MERCEDES SPRINTER SWB) 5. BENEFACTOR ATHLETE LWB (MERCEDES SPRINTER LWB) 6. VAPID OFFSHORE (FORD TRANSIT) 7. DASHOUND BUSSES 8. ZIRCONIUM JOURNEY 9. BRUTE CAMPER WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? 1. CUSTOM INTERIOR PLACEMENT:You may have your seats placed in different variations: from 2-seat to up to 8-seat configurations, depended on your needs. All of these can be placed in front of each other, in a lane, opposed to a window- anything! You also have an ability to edit your lighting and place some cool facilities like TVs, Computers, mini bars etc. You may select your seats style and material and manage the space inside your vehicle. The design can also be shared with existing vehicles like the Buckingham Swift Deluxe: And the Luxor Deluxe: 2. POWERING UP AN ENGINE: Visit Benny's and apply a high-end engine upgrade to your car to carry some fat executives. Not for free, of course. 3. MEET OTHER OWNERS: You will have an ability to show off your designes in special places marked on the map from time to time. Arrive on the place, pay a 5$ entry price and park your car in the area. It will become static and you will have an ability to enter interiors of such vehicles as the Vapid Offshore, Benefactor Athlete SWB and LWB, the Brute Camper and the Zirconium Journey. 4. STAY OVERNIGHT: Tired of driving the whole day? Park your lovely vehicle on the side of the road and take a break in your car while drinking champagne and surfing the web. 5. RUN YOUR ORGANISATION WITH STYLE: Grab a couple of these and apply your paintjob on them to show off to rival crews. Heavy combat modifications available if you jump into heat with your vehicle. Example of an armored bus: MODIFICATIONS: 1. Seat replacements 2. Engine upgrades 3. Lighting upgrades 4. TVs 5. Computers with internet access 6. Refreshments and snacks 7. Interior material upgrades 8. Armor for combat versions 9. Turrets for combat versions 10. Rims and tire upgrades 11. Bike racks 12. Body upgrades: window width adjustment and more. As a result you can transform your (for example) Benefactor Athlete into this: OTHER FEATURES: WEAPONS: 1. Hunting rifle 2. Huting knife 3. Binocularus (I think you don't need a pic) WEAPON UPGRADES: 1. Desert camo 2. Arctic camo 3. Forest camo Let me know what you think and add some of your Ideas!
  6. I can't be the only that absolutely loves this amazing car
  7. It’s 1987, the Iron Curtain is falling apart, and behind it lies opportunity and two weary criminals team up to exploit them. Follow smuggler Sophia Hoffmann and former assassin Robert Watson as they construct an empire in a tale taking place across the European continent, from the beaches in Southern France to the freezing mountains of Russia. Protagonists Sophia Hoffmann: Though on the outside a charming, not half-bad looking woman, Hoffmann is a seasoned smuggler of arms, drugs, cars and other less than legal wares. Born in East Lindenberg in 1951, her father took her to the West at the age of ten, leaving a mother and sister on the other side of the Wall. She moved to France in 1967, after her father suffered a less than favorable encounter with an industrial press. Hanging about in circles with a sympathy for Castro and Ho Chi Minh, she came upon Jean Jaquez Gillard, a soft spoken devil whose idea of political discourse was to steal the guy he disagreed with's car and sell it. He introduced her to his car theft organization, which she quickly became a vital component in. However all good things come to an end and as such Gillard was caught pissing himself back to soberity on the Prime Minister's car in the summer of 1979. Eventually the entire operation was exposed and Hoffmann slipped away and moved back to Lindenberg, where she took on various jobs. Eight years later, she is still convinced that she can run an operation better herself, she just needs the right partner... Personal vehicle: Übermacht Sentinel Robert Watson: An upstanding citizen for the first thirty years of his life and a decorated military veteran, Robert Watson realized that crime does pay and offered up his particular set of his skills to the highest bidder. In time he became one of the most effective paid murderers in Western Europe, beloved of both mafiasos and politicians. However as his daughter was born he faced a change of heart and moved with his fiancee and child to West Lindenberg where he hoped to go legal. Unfortunately old habbits die hard and within two years he was back to being paid for hitting annoying neighbours in the back of the head with a rock. By 1987 his conscience has caught up to him once again and he is looking for a more "clean" form of crime. Personal vehicle: Vapid Marin and Galivanter Protector Major Characters Oswald Phillips: The leader of a smuggling network operating out of the UK and not a very nice man. Actively blind. Peter Alexandrov: The reclusive head of the recovering Russian mob. Also not a very nice man. Andreas Junge: Former member of Gillard's operation and an old flame of Sophia's. A bit of a communist. Reginald Thompson: Western Europe's primary distributor of cocaine. Felipe Hollande: Arms dealer operating out of De Gaulle. David Blake: American soldier stationed at Waidmann Air Force Base. Has a habit of accidentally sneaking weapons out of the base and selling them. Karl Meinhof: Investigator from Globalpol, awarded with the task of leading a charge against global arms dealing. Lucy Watson: Fiancee of Robert Watson. Spends her days taking care of their daughter Alice. Jean-Jaquez Gillard: A soft spoken drunkard who was once the leader of one of the world's largest car smuggling operations. Likes to quote Marx with one hand whilst reenacting an Ayn Rand novel with the other. Released from prison early thanks to good behavior. Martina Hoffmann: Sister of Sophia Hoffmann. Lives in East Lindenberg with her husband and son. Georg Sellerman: Head of the East German MINAS. Suffers a chronic addiction to chewing tobacco. Cities West Lindenberg, Federal Republic of Germany East Lindenberg, German Democratic Republic De Gaulle, France Muscat, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Fully fleshed out mission descriptions coming whenever I can be arsed to write them soon Weapon storage: To add some realism the magical pockets of previous GTA’s have been removed and in its place, is a system bearing some similarity to that of Max Payne 3. Handguns can be stored in holsters around your body which you can purchase at a gun store, or if small enough, it can simply be put in a pocket or stuffed in your pants (You can have shoulder holsters, two hip holsters and two leg holsters). Long arms can be stored in the boot of your car, however if you switch it for another weapon it will be dropped. This can be solved by purchasing a strap for it, so instead of dropping it you will sling across your shoulder (You can have two weapons on your shoulders.) If you leave a weapon that you have purchased behind it can be found in your safe house. Changing world: Since the game takes place over a six-year period you can notice visible changes in the world around you. You can see stores close and new ones take their place, construction projects progressing or the Wall gradually disappearing. The most significant changes can be witnessed in the communist countries as they gradually open up to Western consumerism. News: Newspapers are available. Like in Red Dead Redemption they will cover in-game events and satirical news articles. In addition real world events at the time will also be reported to add authenticity to the game. You can also hear the news on the radio. EBC* World – Eagles – The Beatles - ABBAIron Eagle - King Kobra - Shocking Blue - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Supertramp - Dusty Springfield - Rupert Holmes - Kenny Loggins - James Brown - Red 7 - A Flock of SeagullsTake Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money Metro FM – A-ha – Bruce Springsteen - Genesis – Huey Lewis and the News - The Police – Stevie Wonder - Pet Shop Boys - Frank Stallone - Cheap Trick - Boston - Mr. MisterOut of Touch - Daryl Hall & John Oates - Kylie Minogue (1988) - The Cure(1992) EBC Rock Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix – David Bowie – Deep Purple - Rush - Jefferson Airplane - Cheap Trick - Steve Miller Band - Queen - The Rolling Stones - Kiki DeeSubdivisions - Rush Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin EBC Emotion – Phil Collins – Queen – Janis Joplin – Three Dog Night – David Bowie – Jefferson Airplane - The Outfield - Urge Overkill (1992) EBC Heavy – Judas Priest - Black Sabbath – Iron Maiden - Motörhead - Def Leppard - Dio - Deep Purple - Metallica (1991) Classical FM - Beethoven – Bach – Edward Grieg – Prokofiev – Tchaikovsky - Camille Saint-Saëns - Tchaikovsky – Mozart - Mozart - Mussorgsky - Johannes Brahms - Dmitri Shostakovich - Khachaturian - Khachaturian - Mozart Radio Deutschland Coming soon, probably... De Gaulle Local Radio - Stephanie de Monaco – Les Demons de Minuit – Voyage Voyage – Jean Schulteis - Nuit de folie Retour En Arrière FM Sun-Kissed Chicks – Jean-Jaques Debout Comment Te Dire Adieu – Francoise Hardy - Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Colombier – Alain Z. Kan – JoannaLa Machine – Dani – Sullivan - Michael Ypar - Suzanne Gabriello – Eric Charden Radio Muscat Golden Town – Aquarium Star - Kino – At the Dawn – Alliance Spinning the Dreidel – Kriuz Herbs Ocean – Picninc Bastards - Brigada C Knock – Kino My Generation – Alisa Leningrad Time – Secret 6 AM – Zoopark *English Broadcasting Company, used as an excuse to have English speaking radio Feel free to criticize, though I'd prefer the constructive kind.
  8. 2016 Credits LATEST UPDATE - 7/21/2021 Gone.
  9. (Disclaimer: This is not a Real Update, just a Concept for GTA Online) SYNOPSIS: Join in Los Santos' Biggest Industry as you get your money's worth for Producing Crap for the Silver Screen. The Blockbuster is a large new update now available for GTA 5 and GTA Online. This Grand Theft Auto DLC adds Exciting New Additions such as Mansions, Movie Replica Vehicles, Costumes and Much More to GTA. The Blockbuster Update is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Mansions: In Order to be a Star, You have to live like a Star. 10 New Mansions are now available to buy in the Vinewood Hills with 12 Storage Garages and Customizable Interiors. Clothing/Character Customization: Relive Your Fanboy Dreams as you pounces around wear costume replicas of your favourite movie characters (Disclaimer: Some of these characters are Parody and will be altered and renamed due to copyright.) Costumes: -Space Alien -Astronaut -Clown -Mine -Pogo The Space Monkey -Republican Space Ranger -Impotent Rage -The Brown Streak -Turd Boy (Side kick to The Brown Streak) -Ghostbusters Uniform (Ghostbusters) -Stormtrooper Armour (Do I really need to tell) -Erik (Phantom of the Opera) -The Bride (Kill Bill) -Neo (The Matrix) -The Man with No Name (The Dollars Trilogy) -Dororthy (The Wizard of Oz) -Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) -V (V for Vendetta) -Han Solo (Okay Fine, it Star Wars) -Police Officer -Garbage Collector -And More Makeup: -Zombie Makeup -Hannibal Lector's Mask More to be Added! Accessories: -Capes (I know this is a bit of stretch but, I think it be a cool addition whether it a separated item or just exclusive to the costumes. If it is a separated item, I think it would be cool to add your crew logo to the back kinda like how the Superman logo is also on the back of the cape. -More to be Added. Vehicles: Ride along in some of Vinewood's Iconic Vehicles to have ever hit the Silver Screen! (Disclaimer: Obviously the vehicles I am listing here will not be called as such in the game due to copyright and will be rename like the Aston Martin DB5 to JB 700.) Cars: -Ecto-1 (Ghostbusters) -The Delorean (Back to the Future) -1970 E-Type Jaguar (Austin Powers (Also like the Marshall, You will be able to change the Flag on the vehicle.) -Space Docker (GTA V SP) -1955 Ford Lincoln Futura Concept Car (Batman 66) -1963 Volkswagen Beetle (Herbie Series) -The Mach 5 (Speed Racer) -1982 Pontiac Trans Am (Knight Rider) More to be Added: (Idea :Introduce either Motorcycles with Sidecars or give some Bikes an option in Los Santos Customs the option for adding a Sidecar for a second player.) Weapons: -Katana -Flamethrower -Chainsaw -Throwing Knifes -.44 Magnum pistol (Dirty Harry) -Bow and Arrow -The Laser Sword (Parody of Star Wars, It would be a melee weapon that more of a prop so it doesn't cut through stuff, you can just hit other players as a Joke) -Crossbow Other: -Would be able to accept missions from Solomon Richards, Richards Productions, Fred's Pictures and Some Celebrities-obsessed People. Locations: -The Bahama Mamas will be made available to enter, taking in activities such as Dancing, Drinking etc. The Bahama Mamas would be also used as location to kidnap, kill or take pictures of celebrities for whatever mission you are given. -The Hardcore Comic Store located at Eclipse Boulevard will be made available to enter. This will be a new locations to buy Mask and Costumes. You can get Missions from the Clerk. -Gyms will be made open. Obviously, If you want to break into Vinewood, You have the physique of Rob Liefeld's Art Example: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/3/36/Liefeldcaptainamerica.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090722211413 Note: The Editor won't let me use any more photos, so here that link. Missions/Activities: -Paparazzo would make a return from GTA V Single Player as You have to take Pictures of Celebrities doing Career-ruining stuff and sell it. -Steal Props or Movie Footage for rival Movie Studio, Fred's Pictures. Deliver the Prop or Footage to the Airport. -Reintroducing a feature of sort from GTA: San Andreas. You will be able to break into Celebrities' Houses and Steal their items and then sell them. -You will be able to kidnap Celebrities from Red Carpet Events, at their House or other events. More Ideas will be Added, Follow me on Twitter: @dterribletwins If this post were used in a youtube video, please give me full credit for the concept.
  10. Welcome To San Andreas is a song by Young Maylay (the voice actor for Carl Johnson) where he raps to the theme from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. VS Welcome to Los Santos is a song from Grand Theft Auto V , which stands out as the soundtrack that gives the introduction to the Franklin and Lamar mission and, at the same time, if you tune in "The Lab" radio station, you can hear this song, with lyrics performed by MC Eiht & Freddie Gibbs feat. Kokane. Personally I think that both of these songs represent different life styles. Welcome to Los Santos represents the beach life and all the luxury, and Welcome to San Andreas represents the hood life, the gangster sh*t and all that. Welcome to San Andreas mostly speaks about what you can do in the game, like buy clothes and all, and in Welcome to Los Santos, the lyrics are more focussed on the enviroment, and there are references to the Mount Chilliad mystery. ¿Which one do you prefer?
  11. So a lot of people have speculated where GTA 6 will be placed but ive kind of studied the series patterns and how they pick theyre locations. Now I'm gonna start from GTA 3 because the 2 before that aren't apart of the 3D or HD universe, GTA 3 was based in Liberty City, GTA Vice City was based in well.... Vice City, GTA San Andreas was based in Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, then comes GTA 4 which was based in Liberty City, and finally GTA 5 which is based in Los Santos. Now the only pattern I see within the games themselves is LC, VC, LS, LC, LS. This makes me think the next place is gonna be Vice City, there really isn't a pattern too much but if we're not talking about the Vice City or San Andreas games the pattern is then LC, LC, LS. Maybe this could mean the next game doesn't just take place in Los Santos, but in either San Fierro or Las Venturas (or maybe both!!!). But looking as to how they make theyre games I'm expecting theyre next game not be a sequel but maybe a spinoff like Vice City or San Andreas, so I'm guessing the next game will take place in Vice City (or maybe a new location like North Yankton).
  12. Cars: bigfoot (2013 GMC Sierra) sandking3 (Pickup version of Sandking XL. Not off road.) sandking4 (Pickup version of Sandking SWB. Not off road) bison2 (2013 RAM 3500 truck) contender (returns from the GTA IV) contender2 (2013 Ford F150 SVT) contender3 (2013 Ford F150 4 door) yosemite (2013 Chevrolet Silverado) tercaster (2013 Land Rover Discovery) mesa3 (2-door version of Canis Mesa) Weapons: Short SMG (MAC-10) Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR-H)
  13. This DLC just including middle family cars. Car List: BF Konstig (VW CC 2013) Declasse Ranger (2007-2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, such as shorter than Granger) Declasse Yosemite (2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado) Vulcar Truster (Present Volvo S60) Vapid Boar (Present Ford Flex) Vapid Steed (Present Ford E-Series) Dinka Perennial (2013 Honda Odyssey) Bravado Contra (2014 Dodge Dart) Vapid Bloom (2013 Ford Explorer) BF Club (2009-2013 VW Golf) Brute Bigfoot (2015 GMC Sierra) Dinka Chavos (2013 Honda Accord) Dinka Blista 4-door (2013 Honda Civic 4-door) Benefactor Marauder (2013 Mercedes Benz CLA 180) Übermacht Rebla (2013 BMW X5) Declasse Merit (2008-2013 Chevrolet Impala) This is just Part 1. If your have any ideas, would your say your's ideas.
  14. As the title would suggest, this update adds a new variation to free mode called "Hardcore Mode". Additionally, new weapons, a new feature, and a throwback radio station that was missing for far too long. Hardcore Mode Weapons New Feature Radio Station
  15. Are you bored with driving around West Vinewood in your overpriced sports car? Luxury aircraft, highly customized weapons and suits aren't your vibe? Why don't you drop everything and become a poor man? With this brand new update, it's possible. Returning from Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City New vehicles This update adds a bunch of new low-end safehouses in South Los Santos, East Los Santos, and all over Blaine County. Like in the previously added safehouses, they have 2-car garages. The most expensive safehouse costs $109,000. It would be nice if someone would send this idea to Rockstar, because I think there are some people who would like to see a DLC like this.
  16. Hello guys this is my wish that i want to see in GTA 5 online. So i came this kind idea historical dlc with my friend. Things i would love to see in gta v online Vehicles WarBird price ($100.000-$2.000.000) based to (P51 mustang) - Pegasus Jeep price ($40.000-$120.000) based to (1945 Ford GPW Jeep) upgrade chance to amphibious. - Mechanic Motorcycle price ($20.000-$60.000) based to (BSA M20) upgrade chance to side car on it. - Mechanic Half track price ($60.000-$200.000) based to (Ausf D. medium armored halftrack) possible to survive 1-3 rpg shot. - Pegasus 1947 car price ($100.000-$300.000) based to (1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper) possible to customize it. - Mechanic Boat that can carry car price ($70.000-$400.000) based to (LCM 3 USN Vehicle landing craft). - Pegasus 3 seat plane with top gun, front gun and pilot price and maybe back gun possibility ($100.000-$1.200.000) based to (Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty Type 1 Aircraft). - Pegasus Guns Machine gun price ($10.000-$25.000) based to (StG .44) Piston price ($5.000-$7.500) based to (Luger P08) Sniper Riffle price ($10.000-$35.000) based to (Mauser 98K) Pistol 2 price ($2.000-$4.500) based to (TT) SMG price ($10.000-$15.000) based to (Sten MK II) Clothes Basic price ($100-$50.000) Different Military styled Canada, China, USA and German. both can get them women and men. based to world war 2 and world war 1 clothing types. I would love to see Flares to non gunned planes because i hate when i can't dodge homing missile. NO FLARES to Hydra or other kind jet or helicopter that have missile locking system. Please let me know what would you want to see in GTA V online. Sorry i couldn't put any custom names but let me know what names you guys came. Created by GamerXbot and Apina-32 steamcommunity.com/id/gamerxbot
  17. GTA Online Cut Content Update Concept This update features cut content, and content that can only be accessed in freeroam by glitches. New weapons: -Stun gun -Programmable A.R. Grenade Launcher -Fire Axe -M4 Carbine (as seen in some artworks) -Wrench (seen in mission "By the Book") Throwables: Dippo Lighter- When thrown or dropped, sets surroundings on fire. Outfits/Clothing: -All VIP/ Bodyguard outfits -Police Outfits (w/ or w/o hat) -Garbage man outfits -Special Adversary Mode outfits -Police Hat -Duffel bag -High visibility clothing Vehicles: -APC -Albany Esperanto -Williard Marbelle -Vapid Uranus Game changes: -Crouch returns from old games
  18. Modern Life DLC Suit up for a Modern Life DLC that will include 7 new modern cars, 3 new weapons, and a whole ton of new features for your GTA online world. (Not much Clothing) This DLC will feature 7 new cars The 7 cars that will be coming are... -Overflod Entity GT with retractable spoiler (Based off of the Koenigsegg One) -Truffade Tiger (Based off of the Bugatti Chiron 2016) -Ocelot Caliber (Based off of the Maserati Ghibli) -Declasse GT1 (Based off of the Chevrolet ZL1) -Bravado Turbo(Based off of the Dodge Challenger 2016) -Karin Cord(Based on 2016 Subaru WRX) -Progen T30(Based off of the Lykan Hypersport) There will also be 3 new weapons coming with this update which will be... -Hard Pistol (Attachments are scope, grip, and flashlight) -Hard Sniper (available at rank 95)(attachments are grip, advanced scope, and suppressor) -Bazooka(available at rank 120) Those are the weapons that will be coming with this DLC I said before that there will be new features that will make GTA more realistic and more modern. -There will be light signals for the cars if you want to use them -longer "off the radar" time -better police system, meaning that you will only get a wanted level when killing another player or pedestrian or assaulting the cops. Staring at the cops will not give you a wanted level cause that is annoying -more VIP organization activities -new sports like archery, or soccer -lighter traffic -being able to drive your own yachts to your own desired location -being able to have pegasus vehicles spawn on the second helipad of the yacht Those are the features that will be coming with this DLC Agree or Disagree with me, hope you enjoy this concept! Made by Rogerdoodleface!
  19. GTA Online: Red Light, Green Light Update The street racing scene in Los Santos has been very active, but so far you've only seen a tiny fraction of that. Here you will experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of a dangerous street race. The cops may also be involved. New characters and website New locations New online modes
  20. So, before you get hyped about a new leaked car - this is a topic about a hypothetical new vehicle. A really rare vehicle. It is introduced by Rockstar as a prize in some kind of their tombola sweepstake and is limited to the whole GTA:O community. It makes the owner feel really special. You can't duplicate it, as its unique is hardcoded in the game. It has also a unique trait - it is the only car you can sell to other player. How it looks like, is up to you. What do you do, when you see it in lobby? What do you do, if you own it? And what do you think of the unicate feature?
  21. Rufousmean623

    GTA Online More Racecars for Benny's

    GTA Online Additional Vehicles for Benny’s Vapid Dominator Bravado Gauntlet Bravado Buffalo S Bravado Buffalo Annis Elegy RH8 Benefactor Feltzer Karin Futo Dinka Jester Dewbauchee Massacro I just recently became aware that the Bravado Buffalo S and Karin Futo may be added. This list was from a while ago, so ignore those two cars.
  22. (DISCLAIMER: The current concept i'm working on is not currently finished. I'm either currently not at a computer or still thinking of ideas. Thank you for your time. Please come back later when it is finished. Otherwise, feel free to look over what I've typed in the meantime.) In this DLC, it would feature a wide selection of cars specifically tuned for high-speed racing. This would also implement the addition of new race tracks based on real life variants such as Willow Springs International Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Auto Club Speedway, and Buttonwillow Raceway Park. This will also implement the new addition of penalties. These penalties will be used when a player rams, shunts, spins out, cuts the track, or break-checks another player. There would also be new accessories and new racing suits. Of course, no GTA DLC is complete without a few guns to go with it. CARS: Vapid Stanier Roadmaster (Ford Fusion NASCAR) Karin Intruder Hayai (Toyota Camry NASCAR) Bravado Buffalo Enraged (Dodge Charger NASCAR) Cheval Fugitive ProStock
  23. The Grand Remake Coming Soon As we know, i made a game named Make Your Own Gangster, a game based on luck and choices, made with random.org. You could join a gang, missions, buy new weapons and more. Players QED Level 1, Gun: 9mm Gang: None Car: None Money: 10$ (MYOG Host) GangsterZilla Level 1, Gun: 9mm Gang: None Car: None Money: 10$ How to play? It's simple. When i post the daily/weekly/monthly mission you can sign up by saying ,,i wanna sign up for mission,, and you will be added to the players who try their luck for the mission. How does it work? After the mission was released, it will show things like how much enemies, objects and other things are in the way (example 5 enemies, 8 cars, minefield ETC) and what's the objective and prize. When you sign up, i (me or the host-helpers) will use random.org to have a equal chance of winning (example player fights an enemy, random.org is used to see how much damage is dealt to an enemy or to the player. Player's HP is 100 and the enemy (if its a mission object) has 75 HP. After every enemy killed you get a 15$ bonus and life restored, makes it easier to win. In 1v1's Random.org is used to see who does the first hit and both players have 100 HP. Shop This is the Shop of MYOG. Here you can buy guns,cars, equipment, gamepasses and drugs. Guns are used to deal more damage (9mm deals bettween 0-15 dmg per shot and the AK47 deals bettween 15-50 dmg per shot). Cars are used as a bonus for fights, has a 10% chance to activate the drive-by bonus that deals +15 damage. Equipment makes you have more HP (temporary), and drugs are the money makers. Guns: 9mm (0$, 0-15 damage) Silenced 9mm (25$, 5-15 damage) Desert Eagle (750$ 10-25 damage) UZI (750$, 0-30 damage 5% change to not waste ammo (double attack)) TEC9 (800$, 15-30 damage) MP5K (1000$, 15-40 damage) AK47 (1250$, 15-50 damage) M4A1 (1750$, 15-50 damage 5% chance to not waste ammo (double attack)) AUG (2000$, 20-75 damage) Shotgun (2400$, 50-100 damage 25% chance to miss the target) Combat Shotgun (3000$, 75-100 65% chance to miss the target) Double-Barrel Shotgun (5000$, 75-100 55% chance to miss the target, but 20% chance to double attack) Drugs: Crack Cocaine (5$ 1 gram) Ecstasy (10$ 1 gram) More drugs coming soon. Gangs Gangs are the factions of the game. To join a faction you must have level 5, how to earn levels will be shown later. The gangs give you a bonus of 15$ for every enemy killed. Gangs: Green Street Bloods: 0 members, 100$. Vietnamese Boys: 0 members, 100$. Verdant Family: 0 members, 100$ 69 Pier Mobs: 0 members, 100$ El Loco Cartel: 0 members, 100$ Avispa Bikers: 0 members, 100$ Southern Pimps: 0 members, 100$ Red Dragon Triad: 0 members, 100$ The Tsar Bravata: 0 members, 100$ Gang Wars A gang war is when two or more gangs are fighting for money and power. Money is earned by the winning faction. Let me tell you how it works: All the players in the both gangs are fighting agaist each other (not the same members of the same factions) And the last one alive, his gang will win 1000$. Gang wars are monthly. Economy The economy is the money sistem in this game. When you buy drugs from the store (coming soon) you will have to buy it with a stable price. If you have ALOT of drugs, but ALOT ALOT of drugs, you can sell them to a player with a higher price, or buy from a player with a lower price and sell back to the shop with a higher price. 100 Ecstasy grams are bought with 1000$, and sold with 750$. 1000 Ecstasy grams are bought with 10000$, and sold for 17500$. Levels Levels are the reputation you earn when you do missions. Level 1 is the first level you have, the max level is 10. Level 1: None Level 2: 5 missions done Level 3: 10 missions done Level 4: 20 missions done Level 5: 30 missions done. Level 6: 35 missions done. Join 1 gang war. Level 7: 55 missions done. Join 2 gang wars. Level 8: 75 missions done. Join 5 gang wars. Level 9: 95 missions done. Join 10 gang wars. Level 10: 125 missions done. Join 25 gang wars. Remember that after leveling up, the done missions will still remain. More things coming soon.
  24. hello gtaforums,i want to present you a project im working,its a very good one,im making gta sa to look like gta 5 as im adding over 500 vehicles and over 60 weapons + dlc ones with a big efford,i ve been testing each vehicle if they bug or anything but 95% of them are ifv too,if you guys got any ideas for more additions write below comments heres a video review how it may look: steam page as well if anyone wants to join: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gtasanmods

    GTA: Parliament

    Parliament Welcome to Parliament. Home of The Capital of Canada: Parliament City A Place That Just as Bad as It's American Neighbour State: Carcer City If you do travel to Parliament, Be Aware of the many Gangs, Corrupt Cops and Shady People that you meet around the corner.
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