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  1. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Speed Ben Chambers is a 25 year old working in a dreaded job as a pizza delivery guy in Liberty City, but once he's behind the wheel, He's a natural racer. As he races more in the streets of Liberty City, he becomes more involved and gets into trouble with gangs and more professional racers, Ben must find a way to get rid of all his problems, while at the same time, become the racing king of Liberty City. Ben Chambers The Protagonist - Ben Chambers lived in San Fierro before, his father was a famous racer who he adores, and one day Ben would like to follow his footsteps to become a racer. However, His father was killed in a supposedly car related accident when he was in middle school, so his family had to move to Liberty City and his dreams of being a racer was fading away due to his family discouraging it and financial problems. With only little money to spend after graduating, he starts to work as a pizza delivery boy, and he sometimes works at a friends garage at Port Tudor. After a few years, he finally gets his first car, A Vapid Dominator. Slowly, he began to race his way through the street racing life in Liberty City, and he starts moves up the chain. Ryouta Yamaguchi Ryo was Bens best friend in high school, and after he graduated, he opens up a garage in Port Tudor. Ryo was the one to introduce and help Ben to the street racing life in Liberty City. He wishes to open up more garages in Liberty City soon to make more money. His owns a modified Tampa and has a girlfriend named Janice Smith who coaxs Ryo to leave together to Massachusetts, although Ryo wants to stay. He can be called to hang out as a friend, and if you hang out with him often, he will give you huge discounts in car repairs and modifications in his garage. William White Will works at Ryos garage in Port Tudor and is also good friends with Ryo and Ben, although he specializes in motorcycles and loves to go bike racing. He has a brother who is part of the Uptown Riders gang which gives him easy access to fast motorcycles. He lives in the garage as his apartment contract was finished and doesnt want to waste any money in places to live. His bike is a Custom Bati 800 model. He can be called to hang out as a friend, and if you hang out with him often, you can call him to deliver you a motorcycle of your choice, and if you call him during missions which requires bike, He will deliver you a bike which is suited for the mission, such as a faster bike during races and a more maneuverable bike during an obstacle course. Angus Martin Angus was once part of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost MC. However, after the chapter was dismissed, he becomes a small bike repo guy and exports bike out of the country, mainly to Japan, His days of hanging out with the gang are done though he still does some work with the Broker chapter of TLMC. Angus can be called and he can give you jobs similar to the ones in TLAD in which you have to steal bikes. Han Young-Guk Han Young-Guk is the leader of the Alderney Korean mob. After his son was murdered, he became paranoid and the Korean mob became more aggressive. After a chain of mischiefs, Ben is forced to work with the Korean mob, directly under Han Young-Guk who considers Ben a useful, but dumb muscle. Most of the Korean mob members stay loyal to him due to his mean, but generous attitude. Wade Heston An undercover cop who was once friends with Bens family back then. Now Heston is working undercover for a case involving a big drug shipment involving the AoD MC and the Korean mob. Sylvester Boyle Sylvester Boyle is the leader of a small, professional criminal organization who does scores all over the U.S.A. He is from Canada and was once a professional street racer although he changes his ways of making money after doing a small job with his friend. Although he is very smart in planning and engineering, he isn't trustworthy. Robert Armitage Right hand man of Sylvester Boyle and is an expert on hacking and on motorcycles. He once hacked the F.I.B website from his home to erase some records surrounding Sylvester Boyle and was never caught. The F.I.B is still in search for the man responsible for erasing the records and crashing the servers of their network. Brucie Kibbutz Brucie is an automotive entrepreneur who meets Ben from a race, liking his style and skill, he later befriends with Ben. Ben does jobs for Brucie, mainly stealing cars, bikes and boats and building his business. Brucie also allows Ben to modify his cars at his garage. His car is a Style SR customized Comet. Ben can hang out with Brucie and if you hang out with him often, Brucie can give the player some advices for races (such as faster alternative routes) in advance, giving the player an advantage. Janice Smith Ryo's girlfriend and friend of Ben since three of them is in High School, now she is dating Ryo and is planning to move away from LC, although Ryo doesnt really want to, She cares for both of them. Stevie Stevie is a friend of Brucie who also employs Ben to steal cars. Although his car list is a bit harder to obtain, his payouts are much higher than the other repo bosses. He owns a JB 700 which is specialized. Richard Greene Richard Greene is an automobile dealer who owns businesses all over the east coasts. Richard sees potential in Ryo and his crew. (more will come as the concept develops) Liberty City in Liberty Speed is more alive and immersive than ever, the city is crowded and pedestrian can be seen going on their daily lives. Animals such as cats, dogs and birds can be seen in the city, alley, and parks. Cars in the road are varied, you can see cars in good and bad conditions, and in rare times you can see a customized tuner car. You can come across strangers that give you missions, strangers getting mugged with a choice of helping them or not, see cop chases in the streets or come across street racers. Gang members can be seen in a group hanging out, or in an alley doing drug trades. Here are the city features which you can interact with in the city: Fast food restaurants: You can visit fast food restaurants to refill health and is a place where you can spend time with friends. Fast food restaurants in LC consists of Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell, Rusty Brown Donuts, Well Stacked Pizza, and more. Weapon shops: There are 2 weapon shops in LC, Back alley weapon shops and Ammu-nation, one shop has weapons which other's don't, and one shop has weapons cheaper or more expensive than the other. Pay & Spray: You can use pay and spray to clean, fix up your car, and get away from cops. Mod garages: Mod garages can be used to modify your cars, load & save your cars, keep cars, assign cars. Mod shops in LC includes Ryo's garage, Brucie's garage, Stevie's garage, and 2 other garages. Safehouse: You can sleep, save your game, watch television, use the internet, change outfits, and other interactive things in your safehouse. In addition, you can rent hotel rooms and it can be used as a temporary safehouse depending on how long you choose to rent it. Street vendors: You can refill health by buying food or drinks on the street vendors all over the city. There are hot dog, burger, beans, ice cream, and all other kinds of vendors in the city. Bars: You can buy some drinks here and get drunk with friends, or play darts. Bowling alleys: You can play bowling here, solo beating a score, or competitive with a friend or random foe. There are also Air Hockey tables here. Nightclubs: You can visit nightclub to drink and dance. If you successfully impress a girl there with your dancing, She will either have sex with you in the toilet for a one night stand, or ask to exchange numbers and contact you later which will make her your girlfriend. Nightclubs in LC consists of: Maisonette 9, Bahama Mamas, and Club Liberty. Basketball courts: There are basketball courts you could play basketball in the city, you can play with a random team or with friends. Movie theaters: You can see movies on the big screen there. Mini golf course: You can play a small mini-golf course in Funland. Driving Course: You can play a driving course, similar to the one in TBOGT, but this time with more challenge mission and targets. In addition, there are 3 new racetracks built in Liberty City. West Racetrack The empty land in West Alderney has now been enlarged and a new race track is built there. Grummer Racetrack Rusty Schit Salvages has been demolished and has been replaced by a new racetrack. Flymbo Racetrack The empty land northeast of Firefly Island has been enlarged and now a racetrack has been built there. Here are the key gameplay elements in GTA: Liberty Speed: The game plays similar like the other GTAs, only with more focus on vehicles. The game now has 2 different weapon stores, one is Ammu-Nation, and the other is the back alley weapon shops, And each sells a few different weapons, such as the back alley weapon shops sells illegal, law enforcement weapons while Ammu-Nation doesnt and vice versa. The driving physics has been rebalanced and is something between V and IV, which is a balanced mix between fun and controllable, and realistic at the same time. Cops are now rebalanced, the system is still similar like Vs one but easier, in which you lose the cops, you must remain out of their cone of vision for a while before completely losing them. The game now returns to the 6 star wanted level system. Similar to V, if you pull up to a red light in a sports car next to someone else in a sports car and rev your engine, theyll often burn out and race you when the light turns green. If you are hurt during gunfights and is low on health, health will regenerate but only up to ¼. Hand-to-hand combat is similar to the system used in Vice City Stories, with lots of heavy, light attacks you can grapple and throw the enemies. If you are in a gunfight and decides to get up close with an enemy, there will be a special take-down move depending on which weapon you are using. Stealth mechanics have also been tweaked, crouching automatically enables stealth mode, you can sneak up behind an enemy and do a quiet take down, such as snapping their neck or putting them to sleep. The smartphone can be used to call people, check e-mail and text messages, take pictures, and browse the internet. In addition, now you can track certain people or vehicles and hack car alarms and cars which use electronic locks First person is again included as an optional camera view, this time using viewmodels so animations look better and the FOV can now be adjusted. Vehicles can be customized in a mod shop such as Brucie's or Ryo's. They can be fitted with a nitro outside of missions now. Trunks can now store extra ammo, armor or health packs. If you are low on them, you can go to your personal car and get more from there. The personal car system works different now, taking cues from Driver: Parallel Lines. Cars you obtain can be stored in a garage and it will be yours (stolen vehicles needs to be cleaned up first) then you can assign one to be the one you use in missions. You can load and save cars in the garage, and if you leave your car in the street, it will be towed to Ryo's garage. Weapons now have multiple firing modes and can be dual wielded. The dual wielded weapons can be chosen freely, like you can have a pistol in one hand an a sub machine gun in the other. (Coming Soon!) Credits to: HipsterHillbily - Helping me with the plot and radio stations FunkyRJ - For creating the logo. Ivan1997GTA - Help on radio stations and characters. ARCADE MODE (Coming Soon!)
  2. "The engines are revving. The exhausts are popping some fire. The midnight racing scene brings many car enthusiasts to rip the Los Santos highway system and make the cops have less time to eat their donuts. Whether you're in a high-end European super car, Japanese tuner, or American classic muscle, you surely having going to have a lot of fun tearing down the road while dusting your opponent and tricking the cops into a full blown high speed chase." *death caused by douchebags with VTOL is not guaranteed. Cars: Features: Clothing: New radio station: Redline FM And well, that sums it up. Thanks so much for reading my concept and as always, feedback is appreciated. Credits to @unbid for the description!
  3. swaller250


    Hello everyone b4 you go on i want you to know i just made this post so there will be more info i hope to see you here. today im into dudding a dlc concept called son of war for gta in this dlc we would some new vechles such as a armored dubsta 6*6 a new tank and hovercrafts tell what you i will add more
  4. Prepare for war in this military themed DLC for GTA Online! This DLC would feature many improvements to combat on land, air and sea, along with 12 brand new military vehicles and two all new adversary modes! Combat improvements: All jets and some regular planes and helicopters now have access to infrared flares which really heat up dogfights by sending homing missiles flying away from the aircraft, confused. The vehicles that have these are: P-996 LAZER, Besra, Hydra, Titan, as well as all of the brand new aircraft in this update. This will be balanced by having to wait 30 seconds between flares. The Rhino Tank and the brand new tank in this update will have access to Infrared smoke, which works in a very similar way to the infrared flares, except there is still a chance the missile may hit. Homing missiles and RPGs are now much easier to avoid in aircraft, by doing a loop or barrel roll (an aileron roll is much different and will be much harder to avoid them with, look up the difference New Vehicles: Rhino AA Introducing the Rhino AA, the best way of sending things flying out of the sky. This is based on the LAV-AD anti-air tank. It fires homing rockets at a fast rate and features a minigun as well. It can withstand up to four RPG rounds. Unfortunately, this vehicle cannot be purchased at all, and can only been stolen from in and around the military base, due to its "overpoweredness". It is slightly slower than a regular Rhino Tank. Mammoth Amphibian The Amphibian. A land and sea people carrier with a small turret. It withstands up to 5 RPG rounds and can float on the water as well. It holds up to 6 people: a driver, a turreter and four passengers. Purchaseable from warstock cache and carry for $450,000. Nagasaki Cobra The Cobra, an extremely powerful attack helicopter based on the AH-12 Viper. Featuring rapid-fire rockets and heatseekers, there's not much wrong with this beast of a chopper, except its price from Warstock Cache and Carry, at $3,500,000. Mammoth Pelican Based on the A10-Thunderbolt II, the Pelican is the true way to bomb orphanages. Featuring a high caliber explosive round machine gun and a brand new bombing system, you can lock onto all the little children and fire when ready. Found at military bases and from Warstock Cache and Carry from a small price of $4,000,000. Nagasaki Turreted Dinghy It's in the name, isn't it? From $250,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry. Nagasaki Shark Based on the RCB-90, This boat is definitely going to help with taking down yachts. The captain has access to an explosive machine gun and an anti air homing missile launcher, while there are two turret positions and one passenger seat. $950,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry. Nagasaki Military Blazer It's the same as a regular blazer, but armoured and the passenger can fire two-handed weapons from the back. Purchaseable from Warstock Cache and Carry from $10,000. New Adversary Modes: Dogfight 2-40 players can take part in this battle in the sky. Choose from a Hydra, a LAZER, a Buzzard, a Savage, or a Cobra and take to the skies to battle foes over locations such as the Alamo Sea, the Pacific Ocean, Lago Zancudo or Los Santos International. Up to eight teams start with 10 to 100 points and each time one of your team members is taken out of the sky, you lose a point. Warfare 2 Teams. Each has 3 Rhino Tanks, 1 Rhino AA, 2 LAZERs, 1 Pelican and a bunch of weapons. The aim is to destroy the enemy's vehicles. Pretty simple. New Features: You can now choose the colour of Pegasus vehicles on the websites you buy them from. If you are unhappy with the colour, you can call Pegasus and ask to change the colour. New Military themed clothing You can now get an AIRSTRIP on your yacht! For a small price $20,000,000, you can buy the Aries yacht to store one of your Pegasus aircrafts on! Definitely worth the price! You can also replace your regular helicopter on your yacht with a pegasus helicopter! Got any ideas? post them in the comments! New Weapons: Burst Rifle A four round burst assault rifle that kills in one to two bursts, depending on range. You can also get an advanced scope on it, that can zoom in up to 5x. Tactical Sniper Similar to the regular sniper rifle, only with more power! The only downside? The rate of fire. Rapid SMG Less damage, but a godlike fire rate! You'll be taking enemies down in a matter of milliseconds. Compound Bow Ever wanted to take down enemies silently, and with way more style? Why not pick this up from Ammunation for an all new type of weapon. It is found under the sniper category. You can purchase different upgrades for the type of arrow you want to use: Regular, Explosive, Incendiary and Toxic arrowheads. Regular is just the normal old arrow, Explosive leaves an explosion upon impact, however it will take two to three explosions to kill someone, so you should still aim as well as you can, and Incendiary and Toxic arrows are more tactical arrows, that leave a fire, similar to a molotov, or a cloud of toxic smoke, similar to tear gas, respectively. Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments!
  5. GTA Online Military Update Gear up in this update for GTA Online This update features six new weapons, six new vehicles, new clothing options, new yacht options, and the new gun builder. New Vehicles include: "The Warthog" (A-10 Thunderbolt II) Rain destruction from the sky with this heavily armed jet. While it is slower than the normal jet, it makes up for this with durability and firepower. This jet features a new bombing system, that allows for a bomb to be dropped to the ground. It also has a machine gun and homing missiles. "The Falcon Gunship" (AC-130) Similar to the titan, only heavily armored and weaponized. This vehicle is perfect for people who are looking for a majestic, yet intimidating aircraft. Fitted with four minigun turrets and two quad-barreled turrets with explosive rounds. This beast also features flares that can be used to keep those pesky homing missiles away. This four-propeller plane can occupy one pilot, six gunners, and 3 passengers. "The HVY Juggernaut" (Humvee) The Juggernaut is a great vehicle for just about any dangerous situation. With a .50 caliber turret and thick, explosive-resistant armor, you'll be safe from most attacks. It also has bulletproof glass that can withstand several different calibers. "Turreted Dinghy" ​This is pretty self-explanatory. It's a dinghy with a .50 caliber machine gun on it. New weapons include: "Scout Pistol" (Beretta 93R) This pistol is a unique piece of art. With three round burst, and high magazine capacity, it is perfect for close-quarter combat. "Heavy Rifle" (FN SCAR-H) A high-damage assault rifle perfect for medium range engagements. "Micro PDW" (Heckler & Koch MP7) Who doesn't love a high rate of fire? This PDW has a lower damage output with a very high rate of fire. Perfect for CQB. "Bullpup MG" (Enfield L86 LSW) This machine gun is a beast at long range. "Bullpup Sniper" (Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout, or SRS) Increased mobility with decreased size, this rifle is an advanced piece of technology. "Tactical Shotgun" (Franchi SPAS-12) A semi-automatic shotgun for anyone with a good trigger finger. New Yacht Customization Options: -Mounted AA Guns(Player Controlled) -Ability to replace hot tub with helipad(Battleships don't usually have hot tubs on them) -Ability to replace the helicopter(Swift or SuperVolito) with a Buzzard -Can choose to change luxury interior into a base with an armory, war room, and a bedroom. New Gun Builder Feature: Have you ever wanted to build your own custom gun? Choose from any of the following gun types: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Machine Guns, Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles. You can choose from different stocks, scopes, handguards, suppressors, grips, magazines, and more. I was unable to find all the pictures, so I put the real names of these weapons/vehicles under the names I made. *UPDATE* Clothing: Male and Female Camo Clothing: Combat Shirts T-Shirts Hoodies Jackets Cargo Pants Combat Pants Cargo Shorts Ties Suit Jackets and Pants Hats Combat Helmets/Caps Ski Masks Gloves Male and Female General Clothing(No Camo): Combat Shirts T-Shirts Hoodies Jackets Cargo Pants Combat Pants Cargo Shorts Hats Combat Helmets/Caps(Tan, Black, OD, etc.) Combat Boots(Tan, Black, OD, etc.) Gas Masks(Tan, Black, OD, etc.) Ski Masks(Tan, Black, OD, etc.) Utility Vests: Tactical Vest(The one on the bodyguard outfit - Tan, Black, OD, etc.) MOLLE Vest(Tan, Black, OD, etc.) Outfits: Marine Navy SEAL Scout Grunt Etc. Camo Types: Multicam MARPAT Chocolate Chip Tigerstripe UCP US Woodland(M81) Desert Digital Urban Digital Forest Digital Pink Digital Pink Camo Vehicles: "The Hunter" Yup, people said this, so I'm including it. "The Tortoise" The inventor couldn't think of a cool name, so he named this after an animal with armor. With eight wheels and a big gun on top, this is sure to scare off any annoying neighbor. This vehicle is capable of firing six explosive rounds before needing to be reloaded. It can carry one driver and 5 passengers.
  6. Hi guys, i brought a DVD last night of GTA EFLC and installation is done. Game began smoothly but the visuals are incomplete, im not able to view the street that im walking on. I checked the settings, i turned everything to low n turned Vsync Off. My texture memory says :240/39 mb.. Wat do it mean? I have: windows 7 32bit Core i7 2nd gen processor 4gb ram 750 hdd Intel hd graphics 3000.... Plz help guysss...
  7. Make Your Own Gangster What is ,,Make Your Own Gangster"? WARNING: This is a luck game (random.org is used) Make your own gangster is a minigame on the forum that allows you to: Make Your Own Gangster Make your gangster more powerful Sign up for missions! Members: Gangster_-Z (100$, 9mm) Marco Forelli (100$, 9mm) (BANNED) QED (LEADER Of MYOG, 220$, 9mm) How does the missions mechanism works? The mission mechanism is easy to understand: Every 2 days (one day mission, one day status of the mission) a mission is released (every mission has another idea). In the mission you have to sign up on a new post on the topic (EX: I wanna join the mission). After the day passed and all the players signs up for the mission, the random.org is used. And you will get money, that will be very useful later. If the player passes all the obstacles of the mission (the enemies and the objectives) he will get the prize and win the mission. If the player fails to defeat an enemy (Explained on ,,why do i use random.org"), he will lose the mission, but still get some money (50$). Why do i use random.org? I use random.org to make the player active for the mission/gang war. A player's/enemy's health is 100, so the randomizer will choose 5 times a number between 0-100 (or less times if the numbers reach over 100). WARNING: I am the only one that can use random.org! If there is player vs player (gang wars) i will use the randomizer to see who's the first player who attacks. If the player beats the player he currently fights, he will get his health back to 100. To fight an enemy, you must post something like this: (name) I dare you to fight me! The name2 (the one that has been provoked) has a 50% chance to decline his fighting request. (random.org used) if it was declined/accepted, after the fight is done, the winner gets 150$. Both players won't be able to fight anyone until next day. How does the gangs work? The gangs are an addon for the minigame which allows the player to join a team (he selects the team). The player can join a gang only if he has level 3 ( later expalined on ,,how to get a higher level"). Every gang has only 10 slots. By joining a gang, you can earn a bonus on every enemy on mission you kill (15$). Gang Wars Once a week, two random gangs (only if they have members) will fight for money, this process is called Gang Wars. If the gangs are not equal (one has 3 members another gang has 5 members) Two random members from the bigger gang will be eliminated from the Gang war, but they will still get money. (350$) How to get a higher level? Levels are some kind of ,,achievements" that allows the player get the weapons/features that are allowed at that level. Level list: 0 (every new player has level 0) 1 (can be earned if you earn 1.000$) 2 (can be earned if you finish 5 missions) 3 (can be earned if you finish 10 missions) Gangs The featured gangs on Make your own Gangster are: The Loco Streeterz: No actual leader. 10 free slots. This gang has no money. Las Floridas: No actual leader. 10 free slots. This gang has no money. Rasta Champions: No actual leader. 10 free slots. This gang has no money. Bikers: No actual leader. 10 free slots. This gang has no money. 69th Street OGz: No actual leader. 10 free slots. This gang has no money. Weapons What's the use of the weapons? The weapons require their level for use. The weapons are used as gangster's damage maker (the 0-100 damage on the randomizer). List of weapons! HANDGUNS: Level 0 9mm 125$ (Every newbie has this weapon/deals 0-100 damage) Glock 200$ (deals 1-100 damage) Desert deagle 500$ (deals 5-100 damage) SMG'S: Level 1-2 UZI 350$ (deals 3-100 damage and gets 5$ bonus on every enemy killed) MAC 250$ (deals 3-100 damage) MP5 550$ (deals 5-100 damage and gets 5$ bonus on every enemy killed) RIFLES: Level 3 Shotgun 650$ (deals 6-100 damage) Sawed-off shotgun 700$ (deals 6-100 damage and gets 5$ bonus on every enemy killed) M4 1000$ (deals 10-100 damage) AK47 1000$ (deals 10-100 damage) Throwables: Level 3 Grenades 100$ USABLE ONCE (gets 5$ bonus on every enemy killed) How does a newbie start? Every newbie starts with: 100$ 9mm The first release of Make Your Own Gangster is over. After the minigame gains 3 or 5 members, the first mission will be released!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKlCoLeudck I made a clip about it because it's easier and I state why I think GTA 5 was a MAJOR disappointment. Everyone in this world seem to love GTA 5 and will not listsen to critics but the fact is that this GTA was the worst of them all, it felt like saints row and I'm not even bringing up the fact that 1 - the police are to strong/good 2 - the police will know you are the villain even if you are alone in the forest killing someone with a silencer 3 - the story is sh*t
  9. Where V's theme was money. VI's theme will be loyalty and ethics/code of honor... in crime. You begin the game locked up in a penitentiary. It's Carcer City. 1988. You're a 22 year-old Michael Townley. You have a few days before you're released and you've made an alliance with a Spanish Lord around the same age as you named Javier. He's very straight-forward and has been a Spanish Lord since he was fourteen. You and him have a tight friendship. However, there's an Aryan who wants to f*ck up your release, and you're jumped in the showers by three men. You fend them off but they have a shank. The guard leaves. Once you beat them up, the Aryan threatens you and says he'll be coming for you on the outside. Cool. You're released. You say your goodbyes to Javier, you move on. You're on Parole but the Parole Officer is crooked and is bent for the Carcer Outfit (mafia) and you end up doing odd jobs for him. Drug deals. Stealing electrical appliances, etc. You can go to the gym, and there you meet a long-lost childhood friend named... Brad Snider who looks like Hulk Hogan. He's buff, fit and does bouncer work at night. Brad is awesome, he practices judo and can do hip-tosses and ends up going along with you into doing odd jobs. Carcer City is in the Mid-West and is a mix of Detroit, Chicago and Fargo. In Carcer, you meet a young Dave Norton. Crack is huge and is controlled by The Guerrilla Army and The Carcer Outfit. You and Brad do jobs for the parole officer and thats when he is busted by a young Dave Norton and another FIB agent (who is the head spook for the United Liberty Paper). Out in the sticks, are warring farm crime families. Who have taken over the small towns. Brad is the most purest of all the GTA characters and playing as him allows you to perform various melee styles. Hes fitness also comes in handy when you do missions. After some time, Javier is released and you end up playing as him who goes back into the Spanish Lords and attempts to restore the gang. You have beef with the Counts amongst other gangs but most of all the Guerilla Army. There are multiple antagonists. One is guy who is aiming for the Capo position of the Carcer Outfit. Another is probably, the baddest, biggest and greatest antagonist to ever be in a Grand Theft Auto game. A non-English speaking European hitman who attacks you at anytime, at anyplace who works for the Outfit. He can shoot you through the window of your own apartment. Anywhere. The Aryan is Michael's antagonist. As well as the head of the Guerilla Army and a Media Mogul who owns various television stations and wants to see more violence on TV. Support characters include a young Lester Crest for intel who you meet through Javier, Trevor Phillips as a counter-sniper to be used against the European. The theme of this game is loyalty/friendship. The big twist is Javier being killed by the Media Mogul after the Mogul sets him up to be killed, live on television by the Guerilla Army. There are also Cops who are apart of the Guerilla Army. And once, Javier dies. Trevor steps in as the fourth playable character.
  10. Now that you have built a reputation in this city you are now accepted into Los Santos newest and hottest clubs. Purchase a VIP room to enjoy yourself with your friends, hit the casino and spend some of that hard earned cash only to lose it all or participate in some new activities or even...a new heist. WEAPONS VEHICLES INTRODUCING THE TWO NEW CLUBS & CASINO It's the new franchise of Masionette 9, recently expanding outside of Liberty City with the help of conglomerate, Yusuf Amir, Tony Prince is in stiff competition with Bahama Mamas West, a popular club for those willing to spend a bit more extra money. Alternatively if you prefer a more posche way of partying, you can visit the recently renovated Casino and gamble or try some fine, expensive drinks. WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER The two new clubs that have opened their doors to you are offering a wide range of activities so you can wake up the next morning confused and with an unknown woman lying next to you. You can go inside either nightclub to dance, get drunk and most importantly, help out with the shady underworld of the clubs. Visiting the Casino for the richer of us, you can participate in a variety of casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack and big wheel to either gain a nice tidy profit or lose all your money 1940s style. For both of these new locations you can purchase VIP rooms which let you peform all these activities free of price...except for the initial fee of the room ($1,200,000) RADIO An electro-choc styled radio with the following music: Crookers - Knobbers Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite (Crookers remix) (And/or) Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki remix) Vigiland - Shots & Squats (Voyagers remix) Boy 8-bit - Suspense is Killing Me New World Sound & Timmy Trumpet - The Buzz NEW APARTMENTS Along with new clubs and the casino, 4 new apartments are located near each of the locations, soaked in neon lights and 3 being located near the beautiful Vespucci Beach. (These are stilt apartments with new customisation features) NEW MISSIONS And of course the bosses of these operations are always looking for people to help with odd jobs they need done. 3 new contacts are introduced, Yusuf Amir (returning from GTA TBoGT as the owner of Masionette 9), Georgie Muir (the owner of Bahama Mama's west) and Richie Lyons (the owner of the Casino). The club owners conspire plans to bring down each others operations meanwhile Richie needs his affairs with the mob put to rest. NEW HEIST Lester returns after waiting for the heat from the Pacific Standard heist to die down. He sets his eyes upon the crown jewel of Los Santos...the Casino. Startup cost - $250,000 Payout - $2,500,000

    MIlitary DLC Concept

    ARMY VEHICLES Dispatch bikes MRAP version of the Insurgent Apache Helicopters Artillery Outfits US Army officer and battledress UK Army officer and battledress Other world powers maybe included ​NAVY VEHICLES Aircraft carrier, sub and Destroyer 'superyacht' : Carriers land jets and have missiles destroyers have one artillery and subs launch highly powerful missiles. Destroyers can kill subs and carriers and subs can kill carriers and destroyers New fighter jets from navies around the world Olive green airtug for towing jets Lynx and Merlin helicopters, variants carrying anti sub missiles OUTFITS USN/RN officer and rating outfits, other world powers included ​AIR FORCE VEHICLES Eurofighter Typhoon F18 Cargoplane!!! OUTFITS Assorted flight outfits SPECIAL FORCES VEHICLES SAS Pinkie GIGN Land Rover OUTFITS Various counter terrorist concepts APARTMENTS Transport truck that sleeps its soldiers Tents Establishing observation posts BUNKERS!!!! ​
  12. What i am going to say now will be the reason why boston or all of massachusetts should be the next location for gta 6. The city of boston can be the next step for rockstar games and gta 6 as our city can supply many places for touring spots,missions,races,hidden items,apartments,random missions and having alot of fun. Rockstar if you want to take it to the next step then you can use the whole state of massachusetts and if it comes to mind then the player can have free roam and can be able to many more things in the next game than in gta 5 because the players that are on gta 5 online cant be able to leave the map,explore alot of buildings and stores,go into car dealerships and even the vapid car company that’s always closed and the casino that the players want but in gta 6 the players can be able to explore the entire world of massachusetts or boston with high graphics. If you choose boston to become the next place then it will give players the feeling of how it is to live here in the harbor state. The weather here will challenge the player and whats he/she’s driving and how to handle it and for missions the weather can change the outcome of how the missions go and don’t underestimate the weather here so that it will be the biggest challenge out of everything. Story:franklin who was in gta 5 comes to the harbor state to escape the crimes and issues back in los santos and the way i see it is that he will be in a taxi coming to boston and to make a new life by himself and as the story progresses he will see his old friend lamar everywhere and on tv and coming to boston to come and find you trying to make a living here on the east coast and trying to escape all of the issues he had back home. The female protagonist taisha will be a hometown native to boston and will be the person to teach franklin of how it works up here on the east and gives him the easy ropes and you will be doing alot of main missions with taisha as she will be uncovering her past and how it come back to haunt her as she will be dealing with alot problems as gangs and friends now turned enemies will be at war. GTA online story mode:this new story mode will allow players to play online with their characters and uncover his/her past history and what that they do will affect everything around them will change the way of how you play your part in this long series and your is now talkable and speak for themselves and you can make decisions in this long story series and as it progresses you will make alliances with other players,make heartbreaking or action turning decisions that can affect you and the entire game all the way and you can also be able to have romantic relationships with other players and can be able to make your own decisions in the game and see where it takes you. When you transfer into gta 6 you will go through a cutscene of where you are packing your things and are moving from los santos and you get a phone call from lamar in boston telling you to come up here and make your name and depending on your rank you will get a certain cutscene so to say if you was low rank you would get a scene where you only have a few things and only a bit of cash and cars,if your mid rank then you would be have more items and will have more things to bring with you and for high rank they can be able to bring everything with them and make a big move to a new high end apartment and can start your criminal journey in a city where you will be tested. Have you ever felt that your apartment or yacht didn't have the fun or excitement that you wanted or you could never get then there is something new for you,the boat companies have gone up off their lazy asses to go and make the greatest boat on the seas and it’s a cruise and the 20 to 70 ton ship can give you what you always wanted and that’s your own portable house on the seas but bigger and better. To buy a cruise you must have to save up a lot of money and the cost of one cruise can set you back a billion dollars and you can also can have the selection of customizing your very own cruise and make it into the king of the seas Autopilot option:the autopilot option is when you allow your own cruise to drive at a maintained speed around boston as you get to relax in style with all of your friends and get to do mini games and if you have a corporation then your team can be allowed to stay on your cruise at a certain fee and if you want you can have a massive party and allow all the players in the session to come onto your cruise and have some fun while your Mansion on the seas goes wherever you want to go. Profit and making a business;as you buy your first cruise your first mission is to make money off of it and become ever richer than ever before and as you done customizing your very own cruise you can go into the menu and choose an option called public use mode and the way this mode works is that you can have the choice of allowing your cruise to be used by a cpu or a player and then allow them to use it for a small period of time and the flip to it is that you can earn money for doing this option but you will need to supply what your ship needs so you won't have to lose money every time it is in public use mode and when you turn it off to be used for yourself and your uses it will need a 24 hour cooldown time so that you can have some time to regain the money that you have lost and that you need. You can have more than one cruise:when you buy a cruise,you can buy more than one but you will need to take them out one at a time and be careful with them because the billion dollar boats and will need maintenance the money needed to take care of them is a lot of money so be careful the amount of cruises that you can buy will be explained below. What you can customize to your cruise:there are many things that you can put on your cruise that can be of your own profession and happiness and what you can customize and put on your cruise is Small to large pools Awesome dance floors Amazing hotels Jaw dropping personal Bedrooms Customizeable captain's room Selectable helipads Golf courses Custom parking garage Buffet style like areas Luxurious Bars Stylish horns Lounges Clubs Pool tables Ping pong tables Fitness center Casino Rock climbing walls Ice skating rinks Video arcades Ziplines Surfing simulators Obstacle courses Indoor and outdoor pools The cruises that you can have and buy in the future concept update The cruise’s prices will climb up as you plan to buy one and the paint you can put on a cruise is Normal paint Metallic paint Signature paint Tribal pain Variety paint Sponsor paint Matte paint Lowriders paint Custom paint You can have different light settings for your cruise so that you won't have to leave it all blank and such as you look at it in the night time. Public port line:the new portline in los santos will allow you to view other players cruises and not destroy them at all and they can view the inside of the cruise if they want to This is what it will look like as the large ships are parked beside each other. A new phone contact will call you for opportunities to make money for you and your cruise and get new stuff for your cruise and some new clothing for you and yourself. New adversary mode:the new adversary mode is called Battleship and its a mode where 8 to 16 players are on two separate cruises and each one has a sniper,c4,carbine rifle,body armor and health pack and the mission is to kill all the players on the other cruise while others come to invade your cruise and kill you and win the game. This is a DLC idea I’ve been working on, I would be delighted to see this come true Title:Monster truck DLC Description:Forget the road,go to the mud and take the massive jumps,crush cars with your massive monster truck. This all new DLC includes 17 new trucks,4 new helicopters,a new vehicle tuning shop,5 new planes,4 new race types,10 different types of clothing and new contact missions from Lamar Davis and Trevor!!!! Vehicles: Vehicles in this update all come with new monster truck variants you can purchase at the new tuning shop “Monster and beast” vapid king 1500 (chevrolet silverado 1500)$44,000 vapid turnstyle 2500 (chevrolet silverado 2500 HD)$45,000 karin strada (fiat strata)$20,000 vapid ranger (ford ranger)$70,000 vapid striker (ford F-450)$80,000 vapid roundhouse (GMC sierra 2500)$33,000 vapid defense (Navistar defense MXT-MVU)$150,000 vapid defense with turret (MXT-MVA)$350,000 vapid power wagon (ram power wagon)$50,000 karin vauxhall (Vauxhall Maloo VXR)$35,000 vapid tow truck (Ford F-650)$400,000 vapid rally (VIA V trux)$90,000 vapid kodiak (chevrolet kodiak pickup)$40,000 vapid ranchero (ford ranchero)$50,000 vapid T-rex (dodge t rex)$67,000 vapid Atlas (ford atlas)$77,000 vapid ZR2 (chevrolet silverado ZR2)$80,000 Helicopters: vapid AH 69 Apache (Boeing AH 69 Apache)$900,000 vapid Sikorsky(Sikorsky CH-54)$1,000,000,00 Lockheed cheyenne (Lockheed AH-56 cheyenne)$1,500,000,00 vapid osprey (Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey)$5,000,000,00 Planes: Mammoth dynamics (general dynamics F-111)$10,000,000,00 Mannonth galaxy (C-5 galaxy)$5,000,000,00 Mammoth Globemaster (C-17 Globemaster III)$10,000,000,00 Mammoth venturestar (X-33 venture star,Lockheed martin-nasa)$40,000,000,00 Mammoth hyper x (micro craft-nasa)$50,000,000,00 “Monster and beast” Monster and beast is a monster truck tuning company,located in blaine county. The name is from the combining the two names that belong together. you can take any of the sixteen cars named above and bring them here. you can upgrade them with a special package that makes them a monster truck!!!! This package is not cheap and will cost between $500,000 to $2,000,000,00!! you can upgrade many parts such as Bumpers Suspension (make it average monster truck size,super,ultra) transmission (change the transmission from normal to monster truck or the ratios) Drive-train layout (AWD or RWD or FWD) remove breakers (do you want to slide or to have full control) Tires (tough monster truck tires) Dashboard layout (add Tachometers/Gear displays/Speedometers/different stick shifts,seats/nitros etc) spoilers Ballast (make the truck heavier) Remove excess weight Turbocharger (ranging from muscle,super,monster) Remove windows or have different window selections) Change headlights (LED,black them out,add more head lights or have less,have fake headlights) New Liveries!!! Clothing: mens all monster truck racing outfit womens all monster truck racing outfit mens monster truck shirt womens monster truck outfit mens monster truck hat womens monster truck hat mens custom monster truck skintight shirt womens custom monster truck skintight shirt mens custom watch womens custom necklace New races include: Destruction (this is new version in where you and your friends compete in destroying small cars and tracks in a arena and you will have big hills and dirt made ramps based on the size you get points for how long you stay in the air and on the display will show you what to destroy with your monster truck,most points wins. Drag race (in this race you will drag race against another player and the fastest to the reach the finish line first and this version requires time and patience) monster time trials (in this version you have to race you monster truck to each checkpoint to gain 15,20 or 30 secs and the fastest wins) go go go (you have to go as fast as you can in your monster truck and dont slow down because if you do you will explode and you racing against others to not blow up at all the last one wins and there is also a meter that shows how close you are to blowing up or if your in the safe zone. Contact missions use your new vehicles to help lamar destroy some cars from the ballas or from the vagos to make know that lamar is here. help trevor destroy and track down the who has been stealing all of his meth and making money off of it. Wanted: when your wanted the police will send insurgents and police cheetahs. This is all i can say. I would be honored to see this,and if Rockstar is reading this make this huge idea come true. Everyone please support this idea for me. blood and brutality DLC you are going to experience what it’s like to in an apocalyptic world and having to survive from zombies and beasts that will be roaming around the city and collecting supplies and gear to survive in the post nuclear world of los santos and you have to survive,thrive and find other survivors and upgrading your base and surviving day after day against zombies and beasts trying to kill you and end you and all of your survivors. you will start over as a survivor coming to los santos in a broken down helicopter that fails and falls apart as you land and you will have a couple of supplies which are. 1 gun 50 ammo 3 grenades by the time you land you will see ron who was very prepared for the zombie apocalypse and drives you around a now apocalyptic los santos. In this mode you will have to unlock los santos in zones and the place you are starting in is sandy shores and you will have to unlock los santos throughout your ranking and missions you are given. the way the ranking system works is runner prepper renegade warrior leader resistance leader before you start the game you will be given a choice of who want to be and what abilities you will have in game and the 5 choices you have are. heavy duty runner prepper renegade resistance fighter the new money system that you will have in the zombie dlc will be is caps and the way it works is that since money is not used anymore in los santos you will have to use caps to buy what you need like. supplies weapons cars turrets grenades new bases helicopters armor gear partner walls armed survivors guards they will be enemies and zombie you will have to face and you will also have new jobs that you can get while in the new dlc mode and you many choices to choose from bounty hunter renagade mad man scientist beast hunter scavenger civilian leader shop owner weapons owner the vehicles you have in gta 5 online will be in the zombie dlc and there will be a new garage called apaco survivor and in this garage you will be able to customize door vehicle body weapon mount traps armor bright headlights stronger tires new front and back bumper selections new turbo system new engine sound system if you want to get around in the world of the apocalypse world of los santos you will need more than just a car will need gas and gas will be very hard to find since there is new enemy corporations that have taken over places that have the food,water,gas and materials that you will need to bring to the garage to upgrade your car bigger and stronger and the you can also caps to buy what you will need but the important stuff has to be found and produced. there will be a new daily slot system and the way that it works is that whenever you sign in to gta 5 online you will have a slot pop up and you can spin the slot and see what you will get and what you can get is ammo health body armor clothing vehicle parts fully customized vehicle new base your mental wont be your best friend in this dlc because you will have to keep yourself at a calm level and new missions that you will have in this new dlc will test if you will become insane or will you stay sane and survive. ron will give advice and tips on what you will need to do to survive in the apocalyptic los santos and his advice will be very important to listen to because if you don't you will die and lose everyting that you have earned during the time you was in the game. the many following things that you need to survive is food water shelter for you and the survivors electricity weapons transport emergency transport health specialists ‘defense heavy weapons melee weapons heavy melee weapons materials needed for fixing and upgrading your base,survivors,weapons and more you can have multiple bases but it comes at a price. when you buy many bases around los santos you will have to make sure you have to defense because whenever you arent there you will get a warning from ron that zombies are coming to your weak base at this location and you will have to defend this place at much as you can. the enemies you will have to face have territories that you fight every time you fight your way in or through and the enemies have many resources that you need to survive and you can take over territories and become the leader and what you can do as the leader of the new territories is that you can customize your own vehicles,have a bigger population of survivors,set your patrol route for soldiers and weaponized vehicles,you can also get special discounts for new stores that are open in your new territories. the relashonships that you make while in the dlc will depend if you survive or die in now infested world and you can have love relshonships with the characters that you meet with and have kids. the air in los santos is very infected and has radiation from the nuke and you need to have the right air supply and gear for whatever you face in the outside world and weapon shops will sell oxygen tanks and at different sizes small medium large x large the zombies you will face will be of your worst nightmare and all life has been affected by it walker beast drone Raibeon(lost planet 2) Red eye (lost planet 2) lockeye(akrid x lost planet 2) hiveen (lost planet 3) good luck and happy trails survivors and remember don’t die and just survive This is another update idea from me and tell me how it is down below and enjoy. Welcome to part 3 of the lowriders update,some new additions have been added to benny’s garage and coming to the new selection is the donk and it will make your ride bigger and will be the same height as the sand king and it will make your car look like a monster truck. Vehicles:the vehicles in this update are available to become a lowrider or a donk or an upgraded long stretch limo. history about the donkey: the donkey is a high level suspension and wheel system that in which is very expensive and idk why myself but it seems to anger people whenever they are seen around somewhere but they do have big horsepower and speed but a bad turning radius but a cool car to show off whenever you are hanging with friends or riding with a crew. limos will able to become lowriders in the update and you able to customize them from the interior,hood,livery,rims,ride height,speakers,steering wheel,dashboard,working tv system and more to come. 19 new vehicles 3 helicopters 15 new clothes 2 new buildings 1 new showoff spot 4 new lowrider challenges 4 new door selections new contact missions from lamar new lowrider suspensions new wheel size selections 4 donk vehicle selections 3 new yachts 2 new game events buy pets Vehicles available to become a lowrider: annis 370Z (2009 nissan 370Z)$45,000 Albany Calis (1965 Cadillac Calais)$55,000 Albany Deville (1977 Cadillac sedan De ville)$66,000 Annis Titans (2010 Nissan titan)$56,000 Albany eldorado (1970 cadillac eldorado fifth generation ) $80,000 Bravado denali ( 2016 gmc sierra 3500 denali) $20,000 Brute yukon XL (2016 GMC yukon xl)$25,000 Dundreary 3500 Denali (2015 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali)$85,000 vapid supertruck extreme (2007 Ford super truck extreme)$100,000 vapid motorhome (2012 ford motorhome)200,000 Bravado gran torino (1970 Ford torino)$45,000 Bravado stinger stage 2 (2015 ford mustang stage Richard Petty stage 2)$30,000 Bravado Base Drw (ford base DRW)$50,000 Bravado Lariat (2015 Ford F150 Lariat)$90,000 Canis H1-K (2004 Hummer H1-K Series)$30,000 Vehicles available to become a Donk: i couldn't find good names for them but i will still put in what's gonna be available and use the normal car names and you can pretty much guess the prices for these cars. 1987 Buick 1987 chevrolet camaro one of a kind edition 2012 chevy camaro 1969 chevy camaro RS 1995 Mazda RX-7 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer evolution GSR 2015 chrysler 300C platinum 2014 Dodge SRT Viper 2015 Dodge Challenger Srt 392 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge 1965 Pontiac 421 2009 Pontiac solstice GXP 2006 Pontiac GTO 1998 Pontiac Firebird formula 1993 Pontiac firebird Trans am 2016 toyota land cruiser 2016 chevy suburban 2015 lamborghini huracan New helicopters that are gonna be apart of the update Mammoth pave hawk (Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk)$1,340,000,00 Mammoth seahawk (Sikorsky SH-60 seahawk)$1,000,000,00 Mammoth Bell (Bell AH-1 cobra)$2,000,000,00 The new clothes for the update mens converse womens converse mens jordan shirt womens jordan shirt mens jordans shoes mens limited edition lowriders pt 2 shirt women's limited edition lowriders pt 2 shirt mens long jeans womens long jeans men lowrider style beach shorts women's lowrider styled bikini dog chains diamond watches platinum watches slippers the new building access in gta V the fib building the beach houses in vespucci beach The new showoff spot is a place in the LS warehouse in the airport and the way to get in is to have a special ticket earned by doing a new mission called ‘diamonds are your best friend’ this mission haves you work with lamar and it involves you and your crew or friends to get bags full of diamonds from the ballas and deliver them to lamar and what you get in return is a ticket to the showoff spot called the lowrider showdown and you also you get big money from this mission coming up to $900,000 or 2,000,000,00 depending on the difficulty. you will be able to buy new houses at vespucci beach and right next to the freeway and new houses will be available at pelito bay. The new lowrider challenges how low can you go: In this challenge you have to impress three judges on how low you can go and if your lowrider goes down the lowest then you win the competition. Drag race you race with your fully customized lowrider against your crew or friends down the straightaway and whoever gets there first wins. Big hop competition in this game you face against a computer or your friends in a hopping competition and you do various movements depending on the song chosen and whoever gets the most points wins the game. Best customized car in this game you have to show off who has the best customized lowrider and the most customized gets 1st place and wins. The new door selections scissor doors gullwing doors 360 degree doors custom doors The new contact missions from lamar Graveyard makeshift in this mission you have to help lamar move some graves after he told has killed some important homie ‘by mistake’ and he needs your help into bringing them to the graveyard without bringing an attention to yourself at all. Protect what you have earned This mission follows on with lamar telling you about some important that need to be safely returned to him after some vagos stole them and changed how they look and you're on the clock when you have to go and find them. sucking them dry This mission haves you robbing the ballas and the vagos and you have to do this in the middle of the night and you have to be real silent and have good stealth to make it through every house. killing spree This mission haves you kill every person that lamar doesn't like and he will help you by riding in a chopper and making sure that nothing f*cks up and will give you advice if you are doing something crazy. The new lowrider suspension has low down suspension high roller suspension big hopper suspension showoff suspension The new donk vehicle selections are bigg boss donk speedster donk show off donk normal donk the donk vehicle selection will be at $500,000 or $700,000. The new wheel size selections are over the top diamond encrusted mighty size normal i'm using the real names for these yachts and they are driveable. Prince Abdulaziz yacht ($8,000,000,00) Azzam yacht($5,000,000,00) Seven Seas($4,000,000,00) The two new game events are Auction the speedsters event Thanks for listening to this idea and please send this over to rockstar and youtube this for me and thank you and have a good day.
  13. ...1983. So far, Vice City has come the closest. But that magical period of not quite the late 70s and not quite the early 80's America (1977-1983) has always the been the most compelling to me. Music ideas: Black Sabbath - Backstreet Kids, All Moving Parts Stand Still, Dirty Women, Never Say Die, Air Dance. Iggy Pop - Fun Time, Night Theme, New Values, I'm Bored, Play It Safe, Bang Bang, Run Like a Villain, I'm a Conservative* (*despite the fact that during the time this was written, during the Carter administration, it was meant sincerely, and by the time it was recorded and performed live (the Reagan era) it was meant more ironically, and that I'm generally more right-leaning, I don't really give a sh*t because this song f*cking rules regardless of how you look at it.) Alice Cooper - Serious, Talk Talk, Model Citizen, Who Do You Think We Are?, Vicious Rumors, I am The Future. Blue Öyster Cult - ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), Don't Fear the Reaper (obligatory), Godzilla, Nosferatu, Death Valley Nights, Black Blade, Monsters, I'm Burnin' for You. Tom Petty - American Girl Van Halen - Mean Street, Atomic Punk, I'm on Fire, Unchained, Dirty Movies. Plasmatics - Master Plan Toni Basil - Be Stiff (Devo cover) Trust - Prefabricated Devo - Mongoloid, Jocko Homo, Freedom of Choice, Through Being Cool, Time out for Fun. Walter Egan - Magnet & Steel, Motel Broken Hearts. Bob Welch - Ebony Eyes, Man Overboard. Keith Emerson - I'm A Man (Steve Winwood cover from the 1981 Stallone film "Nighthawks") Iron Maiden - Ides of March, Killers, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Innocent Exile. Nazareth - Crazy (A suitable case for treatment) Neil Young - Mr. Soul (Trans version) Ozzy Osbourne - You can't Kill Rock n' Roll. The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today. The Kinks - State of Confusion. David Bowie - Up the Hill Backwards, Ashes to Ashes, Speed of Life. Rachel Sweet - Voodoo. Jimmy Page / Death Wish II soundtrack (best used as ambient music... or radio music. Much like GTA III's generous use of the Scarface soundtrack) - The Chase, The Release, A Shadow in the City, Who's to Blame?, City Sirens, Jam Sandwich. John Carpenter - Escape From New York (entire soundtrack) , Assault on Precinct 13 (entire soundtrack), Christine - Plymouth Fury. (My respect for John Carpenter's films and their sountracks far outweigh my respect for any of the GTA games, but if they were able to get the permission, then so be it.) That's as far as I got. if I could bother to get into vehicle ideas right now (which I can't. Too drunk... besides, as long as the people involved did their research, it'd pretty much write itself. You can't go wrong with anything from that era) I'd propose nothing past 1984 at the absolute latest.
  14. **Updated Sept -17 given DLC released since this article was created** So you’ve spent your ill-gotten gains, you’ve become a VIP and now you run your own criminal organisation? But are you left feeling like you’re missing out? Well it’s time to become an international Jet setter, live the true high life and party like it’s 1999! This concept DLC for GTA Online is my thoughts and ideas on what Rockstar could do as part of a future update. Please share this with people if you like some of the ideas, as you never know some elements could end up with Rockstar. CARS This DLC would focus on a select number of high end sports and classic sports cars along with amendments to an old favourite, who’s been made a little redundant by some recent changes: Eagle Speedster Whilst this may look like a classic car (specifically the E Type or Grotti Stinger) this is in fact a modern car in disguise. If like me you find the sports classic a bit of a handle on the roads, this is car which has the modern handing and acceleration of a new car, but the curves of the 1960’s! DeLorean New sports classic with the famous gull-wing doors. But can you get it over 88 mph? 1960’s Mini Cooper Another new sports classic, whilst it may seem small and under powered, a few enhancements from Benny will bring this car to the 21st Century and allow for some exciting rally colours and dangerous speeds. Just don’t blow the doors off… Model T ​Comes in any colour except black The Existing Limo ​Whilst driving around in the limo is pretty cool, it’s been put in the shade by the new armoured limo. Therefore it’s time to come back to this car and make some changes. Flags – Like on your Pegasus Yacht this car should have the ability to have national flags on the bonnet to give it a real diplomatic flair. Add in a chauffeur option to be driven around (essentially making it like a taxi cab – this could be enable via the iFruit or a call to a chauffeur). The sunroof. You can stand up in the armoured limo on the main gun, just like the insurgent. Well the standard limo has a sunroof, why can’t we stand through this, just like Jimmy did in the main game! PLANES & HELICOPTERS ​Drones / UAV’s Controlled via laptop purchased from ammunation, however you’re going to be vulnerable when using the idrone and your attention is elsewhere. However, the suitcase will make a nice melee weapon should anyone get too close. Hot Air Balloon ​Because how else will you recuse someone from the prison? BOATS & OTHER VEHICLES A few extra boat ideas A super speed boat ​The last speedboat added to the game was a bit of a let-down. What is needed is something along the line of the XSR48, a super-fast speedboat that would leave all others in your wake. Hovercraft ​Because who doesn’t want to drive from the sea and on to the beach and just keep going. There would be two types, Small / individual and a larger 4 person variety. Controls would be challenging and work similarly to a plane / helicopter. Submarines ​New option when calling Pegasus to have your submarine delivered in the sea (as now) or on a lorry for you to drive off in and use where you want it. GALAXY SUPER YACHT The super yacht was a bit of a let down. Therefore the following suggestions may help it become useful again: Bigger internal layout, including engine room, kitchen and panic room New flags (jolly roger etc) A moon pool, fitted with an underwater door system (see the film Licence to Kill) where your own sub can dock and venture out from. Entering and leaving in the sub will be mostly like entering or leaving a garage with a small animation and the sub will be specific to the yacht, see a Deepflight Dragon or The Triton as submarine examples in real life. A Gun safe and heist room Party mode - accessed via the interaction menu and populates the boat with NPC’s and exotic dancers all getting inebriated at your expense! Price will be circa $20k to cover drinks, food and damage but will include: Disco lights and spot lights on interior and exterior of your yacht; DJ; Dancing (see interaction additions below); Mercenaries / bodyguards to ensure that trouble makers are swiftly dealt with; Fireworks fired from the AA guns; NEW OUTFITS & CLOTHING First of all the update will double the number of player saved outfits and also add the following new accessories: Belt Buckles There are number of small accessories already in the game (Hats, watches etc). However, the humble belt buckle has been neglected for too long and will further allow player customisation. iFruits Now with customisable covers, such as jewel encrusted, skulls etc, see the knuckle dusters for inspiration. Parachutes with flags on Some flags are already in place on the parachute bag But this is on the bag, not the actual chute, therefore this will add countries flags so that you can feel like James Bond on Stand Smith whenever you jump from a plane or helicopter. And like the bike helmet, you will now be able to select a default option for your parachute so that it is the same whether in game or in a heist, such as the Prison Break or Humane Labs finales. Balaclavas or Masks As above, you can now set a default mask you own to be the standard choice when in a heist, such as pacific standard finale. NEW COSTUME SHOP To cope with all the new weird and wonderful outfits requested by Los Santos residents and to get you into the party spirit, a new clothes store is opening in town; complete with: Period clothes Whether it’s a flapper or gangster from the 20’s or a white suit from the 70’s you’re now covered. Movie Themes Whether it’s the Rambo or Commando look or the intrepid archaeologist the movies section will keep you coming back for new outfit styles. Superhero’s. Maybe you want a cape to dress like Impotent Rage, or your other costumed hero, the superhero section will allow you to get your geek on. Pirates Whilst on board your luxury yacht you may want to look the part and dress like black beard, complete with eyepatch and pirate hat. Yarrrr! New Hats In addition to the pirate hat, there will be a selection of new party hats and fedoras / fezzes. Plus come back at Halloween and Christmas for your one stop shop for some special limited edition outfit choices. NEW PLAYER INTERACTIONS If you love some of the existing interactions, then some of these may also tickle your fancy: The Robot Breakdancing *Breakdancing (fail) i.e. falls over smacks into pavement etc. *Talk to the hand *“Don’t go there girlfriend” Cigars Available from the store like beer or snacks main difference is that they hang around much longer (i.e. a GTA day) Idea based on the Sargent from Aliens or the A Team. Alternatively equip them as an accessory like a hat and buy from a clothes store. NEW WEAPONS This update is going to add a couple of new weapons to the game, to fit in with your new jetsetter look and partying atmosphere: Walking Cane Victorian Gentleman or Pimp style cane to add some class to your character, walk in style when in sneak mode. Also useable as a weapon to ‘bop rapscallions on the head’! if they happen to get in your way. Or if you prefer the more jewel encrusted look then ammunition will have the variations for you. Cricket bat Because you never know when you might need one to fend off Zombies Shaun of the Dead style! MANSIONS I know that this is an area where many people will have pleaded for them to be added to the game. I am sure that the counter is always, what rooms would you put in a mansion? to avoid some of the disappointment players had once they purchased a yacht . Therefore, rooms in a Mansion could include: The usual rooms from High End Apartments (albeit bigger in size), Heist rooms 3 or more Bedrooms and ensuites, like in the yachts. Walk in wardrobes Large kitchen & Dining area Garage A mansion would likely have a two car garage from the exterior. However implementing a car lift animation could allow a basement garage for storage up to say 20 cars Helipad effectively mirror the yacht with a pre-set helicopter in the grounds. Cinema Room Including the ability to watch films from the in game cinemas and content created using the Rockstar editor by players. Think of some of the competition winners and music videos created using the editor already. Armoury / Load out etc. A room to also show off all your guns owned, like in the office. Trophy Room / Safe Collectables could be a good addition to the game as showing off achievements within an apartment or mansion, winning land races, death matches, completing heists etc. A good example of collectables managed well would be the ships, trophies and fish tank from Mass Effect 2 & 3. Home Gym Have a punching bag to level up your characters strength Hot tub & indoor pool effectively the same as the yacht, but a large pool in the basement. In addition to the above, you could add an NPC butler to follow you round the house (much like in the original tomb raider game). Other / Small Tweaks & Game Fixes This section is all about minor amendments to the game that don’t make anything really new, but help improve or balance peoples overall experience: Night Club As part of the new part mode, you’ll now have access to a new night club, it’s only open to players at night and to get in you’ll need to be on the guest list. That can only mean a new selection of themed jobs are available from a new contact before a night of dancing and drinking are open to you. It’s time to strut your stuff on the dance floor (from the new player interactions) and get drunk at the bar! Radio Stations Now you can pre-set all your favourite radio stations, whether it’s for your cars, apartments or yachts. Apartment radios will now also tell you which station you are listening to. The only exception will be NPC cars, as they’ll all be listening to their own favourite stations. Using Armour After a few levels the highest level of armour becomes available. Most people then only buy that armour set. However, when equipping in game, you have to scroll through to the one you want. This update would only show armour you hold and not the empty slots. If you have no armour available then the armour option is greyed out. Test drives Available for high end cars only. in addition to the buy option you can test drive the car which takes you to a single player mode (effectively a solo race) on a test track to drive the car around and test it for yourself. Garage interaction As a big fan of the new car interactions, the only option in your main garage is to move your cars around to different positions. This should extend to open all car doors and bonnets, turn on all the engines and select which cars will be available for races or heists by creating favourites. This will allow quicker selection of your preference when finding the right car for you, especially when you’re on the clock to choose. The main car remote will also be upgraded to allow your hazard lights to flash and rev the engines remotely, or lock the car and enable the alarm, any attempt thefts will now alert the police. Car Thefts Are you still smashing windows like a chump? Well a new mission from Lamar will give your character the skills to steal a car like Franklin and leave the window intact, turn off the alarm and disable any tracker (no more NPC bounties). This is however only open to ‘Kingpin’ level players. Pacific Standard Bank Heist- ‘botched’ At present you can go into the Bank on the last heist. There’s a big set up and one of the most important of these is the frequency jamming to prevent dye packs going off. Well, what if you could enter the Bank in free play and hold it up like a store? Well the Tellers will cooperate and give you up to $50k, however when you walk out the dye packs go off and the money is erased. You’ve then got an immediate 5 stars from police and Noose is called, but worst of all, your character is partially covered in blue dye for the next game day, highlighting you to other players, a nice way to troll people! In addition you’ll receive a call from an angry Lester saying to not mess with his carefully constructed heist plans! And given the achievement for - world’s stupidest criminal. Amendments to Heists As well as the updates above, there’ll also be some minor amendments to the existing heist setups to allow greater enjoyment: Outfits and cars can be selected by you when waiting in the lobby of a heist (assuming player saved outfits are available). This will also be true for races and missions (it will work in a similar way to how you currently choose a radio station). You will of course still have the option to review your choices in the next screen, but unlike before you can buy ammo and armour at this point also. Enforcing minimum player levels, this will be an option for the host to choose whether a level requirement is enforced, so that a level 1 doesn’t join your finale, if you don’t want them there! In addition, all the heists will have increasing levels, the Fleeca Job and Prison Break will still be available from level 12, but later jobs will require levels 22, 25 and 30 to participate (but only if enforced by the host). New game logic for assigning roles. Whilst the heist leader can still decide who takes what role, the finales will now review player stats and decide who has the best flying skills (if planes or helicopter roles are available) and assign those roles first. This would stop some leaders launching before realising that they should have moved some players around. In addition to this, a failed heist will now have the option to return back to the heist planning board, rather than people quitting straight into the game world, whilst some players may still leave, it will allow for people to try a different role in the finale, but most importantly, save on load times. I hope you like some of my ideas above, please let me have your thoughts and comments on anything which you would like to see in the game.
  15. Homemade Dynamite

    GTA Online: Hood Update

    This update gives you a new mode, new animation, new gang-themed weapons, and vehicles to the players of Los Santos. Also, updates to both Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics, so you'll have new tunes to perform drive bys to. Weapons Vehicles Animation Families vs. Ballas Radio Stations
  16. Now, before you link me to the wishlist thread, actually read the post and share your thoughts Something I thought out on paper that i thought would be cool. Expecting alot of hate tbh XD Real Business or Business 2 Update. Many interiors are opened up around LS, and the player can buy the building for a certain price. For as long as they own it AND are playing the game (cant ditch for a week and come back to millions) they make a certain amount depending on the business. These can only be bought if nobody else in the session owns it, and if it is already owned it can be bought off the owner with a changeable asking price (which can go to a minimum of half the business initial expense). If nobody owns it, go ahead. It's yours if you can afford it. Note to get paid the player MUST be in free roam. The pay will be timed. Say every hour. This timer pauses when you go into a heist or mission. There will be a sh*tton of new missions much like singleplayer to assist running the business and pay+business value is decreased until they are completed. /summary BUYING Properties can be bought ONLY by visiting the actual location, and walking up ti the Minotaur Real Estate sign to purchase the property. For example, you could buy the Route 68 Los Santos Customs for 500k, recieving a total of 2k/hour, much like in Singleplayer. Only a maximum of 3 properties can be owned at a time. SELLING At any point in a session another player in the same lobby can purchase the business you own for a price that you determine (you can use the full original price, which is the max and half the original price, which is the minimum). This is adjustable as a quick-fix for cash, and can be a decent long term investment. For example, You own Vinewood Ponsonby's which you bought for 700k, made a grand total over 3 months of 1mil, 300k over your original investment and now you want to top that off. You put it up for sale, which signifies that the owner wants the property to be bought. You can buy them even when it isnt flagged, but this notifies all players. A player drives to the store and purchases it. You set your asking price, which must be at or below the hard coded price to prevent heavy exploiting (mass property exchange). You make another 600k in selling, and you can enjoy that long-term investment. BEING AN OWNER As an owner, you make a specific cut of the business' earnings. These earnings are deposited into your Minotaur Real Estate savings account. These can be emptied directly into your bank account at any time you wish. If you wish to sell, you can do so by going into the Interaction Menu>Minotaur>[business Name]>Flag for Sale. This, like previously mentioned, notifies players in the session that the owner wants to get rid of the property. Most businesses wil require you to do certain missions like in singleplayer to assist running the busniess, for example, Los Santos Customs is running low on car parts and needs you to deliver their shipment, you will be paid extra for this, and will add Reputation to your business. REPUTATION This is a function to separate good owners from bad. Map blips shown in white are unowned properties, blue for owned properties, red for negative reputation and green for positive. The Friend/crew rings will show as normal. If your business has a bad reputation it decreases your pay and can get you fired from the organisation. The map blip shows your reputation, if it goes below -10 you will be fired from the business without refund. If your reputation is good your hourly pay is minutely increased to show your effort. You lose reputation points for missing business missions, so own businesses in moderation, you dont want to be flooded with missions and get a bad reputation. You gain reputation for completing missions RELATION TO VIP If you are a VIP with an organisation, they can assist in running your business. They can do the missions for you or with you, lighten your workload. Being a VIP with an organisation unlocks a new mission similar to Piracy Prevention where the organisation must prevent other players from entering the building/area for 5 minutes. bodyguards are not paid by Minotaur, but when they do the missions a cut favored to the VIP is created. EMPIRES If you are in a crew majorly in one session many businesses can be bought under the crew name, this forms an empire and pay is increased by 20% in missions and timed pay. 12 businesses under the same crew are required to form an empire (4 players minimum). INTERACTION MENU There will be a new tab added to the interaction Menu called Minotaur. This is where you can manage your properties, flag them for sale, request missions and abandon the business altogether. ABANDONMENT This is a last-ditch effort if you cannot find a buyer and want to rid the business quickly. It can be found in the interaction menu and you recieve 25% of the buying price. COOLDOWNS After abandoning or selling a business the player must wait 6 hours before being able to buy another property in that slot (there are 3, each with individual cooldowns) So what do you think about this idea? Would you like to see it? What do you think I could improve about the idea? Whatever you have to say drop a comment below. I honestly dont care what you say, I wont be offended (although about 90% of this forum doesnt give a sh*t lol)
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    Favourite Concept thread

    What are your favourite Concept threads of gtaforums? Name at least one and no more than three. Please insert a link to the concept thread topic(s). (You shouldn't name your own concept thread, because this thread is about finding out the best concept thread and not promoting your own. That you can do in the lounge and your own concept threads.)
  18. After a long absence, I'm finally back with what is probably my biggest dream project to date: COLORS The year is 2022. Richard Herczog, a 19 year old man who lives with his parents in the quiet town of Greensboro is about to face the biggest, most depressing turn of events he's had in his life: his mother leaving him and his father for another man. What happens upon this discovery is a downturn spiral, wherein Richard gets involved in everything corrupt and criminal, from police work to the mafia, all so his remaining parent can keep a happy life. But will this be enough to grant HIM a happy life? As the saying goes, crime does not pay... Overview: COLORS is a 2022 open world crime-oriented tactical shooter released by HYDRUX GAMES. The game is similar to Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series in that it features a wide open sandbox, where players can perform many legal and not-so-legal actions in the world. Taking place in a parody of Hungary's Pest Megye ("Capital County"), the game features two big cities: Greensboro (Pilisvörösvár), its surrounding villages, and Capital City (Budapest). The game also naturally includes fake versions of European vehicles, such as the Scout ExtraD (Skoda Superb) or the Einheitkutchse Süßig (Volkswagen Caddy). CONTENT: Vehicles: Valiant (Volvo), Scout (Skoda), Einheitkutchse (Volkswagen), Rump (Ford), Majestic (Mercedes Benz), Runner (Renault), Braco (Iveco), FAG (DAF), Swift (Scania), CHIQ (MAN), GFN (BMW), Trundl (Rolls Royce), Rubisento (Suzuki), Davenport (SEAT), Pygmy (Mini), Bronco (Porsche), Throb (Smart), Felis (Peugeot), Bolt (Opel), Prosy (FIAT), Romero (Alfa Romeo), Malkin (Jaguar), RULE (Audi) Weapons: Pistol (Danuvia VD-01), .50 (Desert Eagle), Knife, Baseball Bat, Chainsaw, Machine Pistol (MP9), SMG (MP5), Pump Shotgun (Remington Model 887), Combat Shotgun (Akdal MKA 1919), Assault Rifle (AK-63), Heavy Rifle (MCIWS), Sniper Rifle (Tikka T3), RPG, Grenade, Molotv Cocktail, Programmable AR (Mk 47 Striker) Characters: Richard Herczog: The player character. Richard is a 19 year old college dropout who lived with his parents in Greensboro. He has severe mood swings, and thus got an addiction to alcohol. A punk at heart, Richard usually dresses in dark leather clothing. While he's an overall negative person and hates most things, he has a soft spot for animals, and works part-time at a dog shelter. John Herczog: An army veteran, John is the father of Richard and was the husband of Melinda. His strenght and tatoos hide a kind heart. Melinda Herczog: The mother of Richard and the former wife of John, Melinda is a hot headed, violent women. She always carries around her shotgun, and doesn't hesitate to use it if anyone angers her. She no longer lives with her family, instead is with her new husband, Márton. Her betrayal of Richard and John is the driving point of the plot. CONTINUING SOON!
  19. First time making a concept thread so take it easy on me xD Theme Plot Nine years ago Shawn "Shawnny Havoc" Reeves was sentenced to prison after taking the blame for a murder he didn't commit so a fellow CGF member and friend could walk free while he did the time instead. Now its 2013 and Shawn has just been released from prison the gangbanging life is all he knows and reunites with the CGF. Loyalty and friendships are tested in a city where everything is fake. Will Shawnny Havoc stay free or locked up behind bars? Setting Southern San Andreas (Pretty Much the V map not going to add anything else unless its neeeded) Characters Shawn"Shawnny Havoc" Reeves The protagonist. Born in Chamberlain Hills and raised in the Crystal Heights Projects. Growing up he was surrounded by Gangs and drugs. At the age of 9 he met Deandre and Tyrone and fought to get a spot in Deandre's crew. He started selling drugs when he was 14. Gained his nickname at the age of 17 when he resisted arrest for possessing marijuana and getting into a shootout that ended with six dead cops. Deandre "DJ" Jackson Grew up with Tyrone and Shawn. His father was a high ranking member of the CGF before he was arrested when Deandre was 6 years old. Growing up he gained a lot of respect because of who his father was and made grown men fear him. At the age of 24 he killed a member of the Ballas and Shawn took the blame for it instead. Tyrone"TT"Turner Grew up with Deandre and Shawn. Started selling drugs with Deandre and Shawn when he was 14. Is a Pothead and is responsible for giving Shawn the marijuana that led to Shawn earning his nickname. Officer Alonzo Harris Corrupt police officer in the LSPD. Used to chase after Shawn and his friends. While he may be tough and intimadating deep down he cares about Shawn. Lamar Davis Leader of the Forum gangsters set. Harold"Stretch" Joseph Member of CGF served time in prison with Shawn. Tonya Wiggins An ex girlfriend of Shawn's Features Wanted System Gone are the days of the Robocops patrolling Los Santos. After committing a crime the police wait for a report of suspicious activity for someone fitting your description depending on the situation. If they are looking for you they may put out an APB on you or your car. Instead of shooting you right away you have the option to put your weapon down and surrender. Cops will also try to use a tazer and attempt to arrest you. Hitting a cop car will not result in a chase unless you want to they will pull you over and give you a ticket if you hit them. After committing a crime cops may start an investigation and may put 2 and 2 together and come knocking at your door. If you have a high wanted level Radio Stations will start saying that a maniac is on the loose and that people should avoid their last known whereabouts. Radio stations will also provide updates on the situation. When in police custody en route to the station. You will be able to kick out the windows of the cop car and make a run for it on foot. If the police are conducting an investigation Undercover cops will assemble and try to take you out you could be sitting on the bench and then see an unmarked car pull up, people at coffee shops looking at you or in your direction, officers in street clothes looking for people that fit your description. Basketball Shawny Havoc is ready to ball in a 3 on 3 game of pickup basketball on the basketball courts of Los Santos. Gambling Players are able to gamble and participate on games like dice,three card monte, russian roulette, and poker. Missions Mission #1 Two days Mission #2 Double Six Mission #3 Pack of Redwoods Mission #4 21 Soundtrack Radio Stations Weapons TBA Vehicles TBA
  20. Overview GTA: The Adventures of Wade & Lamar takes place in 2012 in Southern San Andreas. The game follows the separate lives of Wade Hebert and Lamar Davis in their daily struggles to survive. Their low intelligence and incompetence get them involved in crazy situations which sometimes leads to unfortunate outcomes. There is a focus on humor and the world is alive and filled with activity. The game will also feature more realism than previous titles. For instance, both characters will be physically weaker than men who are bigger than them. Also, Wade will not know how to hot-wire a car. He can only steal vehicles by carjacking. Lamar will have the ability to attend flight school and steal small aircraft. Wade will be too stupid to learn to fly. The number of weapons that characters can carry will be limited, and visible weapons will sometimes lead to the authorities being alerted. Both characters can and will be mugged and carjacked if they get careless. People who have been wronged by them may remember them and seek revenge. Cops will recognize them for 24 hours after they commit a crime unless they change their appearance. Expensive cars will be equipped with trackers making them unable to be kept for long periods. _________________________________________________ Notable Characters Franklin Clinton Simeon Yetarian Denise Clinton JB Bradshaw Tonya Wiggins Gerald Chop Daisy Bell Kush-Chronic _________________________________________________ Personal Vehicles Lamar - Emperor Wade - Camper in which he lives with Daisy Bell and Kush-Chronic _________________________________________________ Weapons Gun stores only sell non-military weapons. No fully automatic guns or explosives of any kind. Lamar can acquire a fully automatic Uzi from Gerald. Molotav cocktails and pipe bombs can be crafted. Other weapons can be found - baseball bats at parks, chainsaws and axes by the lumberyard. _________________________________________________ Missions (Incomplete) Wade 1. The Hitchhiker The game starts with Wade driving in Blaine County and he picks up a hitchhiker in the RV. The hitchhiker is wanted by the police and the cops chase the RV while the hitchhiker forces Wade at gunpoint to keep driving. The RV gets shot up and rammed until it breaks downs. The hitchhiker is killed and the cops say, "Sorry about your vehicle" while laughing. Wade calls a tow truck and the RV is towed to Beeker's Garage. He can't afford repairs so the mechanic makes a deal with Wade. If Wade vandalizes 10 cars and the owners get their cars repaired at Beeker's, then he'll repair Wade's RV. 2. Flour Power Wade decides to sell flour as cocaine to people in Paleto Bay. He makes a small profit before being chased by angry customers and escapes by jumping onto a train. 3. Rocky Road Wade, Daisy Bell, and Kush-Chronic come up with a plan to make money by selling stolen ice cream to people at a park. They drive to a convenience store and create a disturbance to get the clerk to exit the store. While the clerk is away, Wade goes inside and takes all of the ice cream out of the freezer. They drive to the park and they notice the ice cream has melted because they forgot it has to be kept frozen. Wade licks the melted ice cream off the floor of the camper. 4. Happy Birthday It's Daisy Bell's birthday and Wade wants to get her a gift. He knows Daisy is an animal lover, so he decides he's going to catch a coyote and give it to her as a pet. He chases one around Sandy Shores and is able to corner it in someone's yard. Things go horribly wrong and Wade has to get rabies shots. 5. I Need My Medication Wade comes up with a brilliant plan. He intentionally shoots himself in the foot to get admitted into the hospital in order to steal pain pills. While inside, he has to use stealth to find the pills. He locates them and exits. Unable to control himself, he takes some of the pills and passes out near the hospital. The authorities follow the trail of blood from his foot injury and arrest him. Lamar 1. Free Chop Chop bit someone and animal control takes him and puts him in the pound and plans to euthanize him because they deemed him to be dangerous. Lamar decides to break him out by stealing a car and driving it through the wall of the animal shelter. He locates Chop, but he inadvertently releases some vicious dogs that terrorize the city. 2. Apache Blood After being disrespected by a member of the Ballas, Lamar decides to get revenge by spray painting the gang member's house green. He uses stealth to get in the neighborhood and begins painting. Halfway through, the fumes cause him to hallucinate and he imagines purple chickens chasing him and pecking at his legs. He's able to shoot some of the chickens and runs away until he blacks out. When he comes to his senses, he's on top of a moving bus with bullet wounds to his legs. 3. Cracking the Shell Lamar devises a scheme to rob an armored truck. He borrows JB's tow truck, hooks up the armored truck with the crew inside and drives it to the overpass with the broken railing. He drops the truck off the overpass and the doors bust open and loose cash falls out. The wind causes the cash to start blowing away and other motorists stop to take some. Lamar only gets a small amount before he has to escape from the cops. 4. You go, Vago A member of the Vagos named Tito has stolen some merchandise that belonged to Gerald. Gerald hires Lamar to find where Tito lives and make him pay. Lamar has to break into a police car and access the computer to get Tito's last known address. Lamar goes to Tito's house and knocks on the door planning to shoot him when he opens the door. Unbeknownst to Lamar, the cops have been staking out the house due to criminal activity and before he can shoot Tito, Lamar is arrested, handcuffed, and put into the back of a police car. On the way to the station, Lamar is able to kick out the back window and escape. He has to make his way back home with a 2-star wanted level while his hands are cuffed behind his back. 5. Fool's Gold Rush While burglarizing a house, Lamar finds an old treasure map dated 1850. The treasure is located somewhere in Grapeseed. He drives out there and by using landmarks, he discovers the treasure is on the O'Neil Ranch. The O'Neil's see him and tell him to leave. Knowing he can't dig up the treasure on his own, he goes home and asks Franklin to be his back up. Franklin asks to see the map and Lamar shows it to him. Franklin looks at the back of the map and yells, "This says Richards Majestic Productions! You stole a movie prop, you moron!" _________________________________________________ Money Making Activities Wade - Vandalizing cars for Beeker's Garage Lamar - Repo work for Simeon - Drug dealing for Gerald (Gerald only trusts Lamar with small amounts.) Both Characters - Burglary - Mugging - Store Hold-Ups _________________________________________________ Recreational Activities: Wade - Cornhole - Mini Golf - Demolition Derby with Daisy Bell and Kush-Chronic using stolen cars in the desert Lamar - Basketball (Horse) - Dice - Street Racing using Simeon's cars _________________________________________________ Notes Wade and Lamar never see each other. Wade can visit Los Santos, but heavy drug use has affected his memory which is why he doesn't remember being there in GTA V. Lamar can recruit gang members.
  21. Grotti Vigilante

    Liberty City in the 1970s

    One opportunity that I feel Rockstar Games has yet to take is the potential for a compelling Grand Theft Auto game set in a 1970s rendition of HD Universe Liberty City. Why? Well, since Rockstar used to love having certain time settings to suit particular cities, such as Vice City in 1986 because of the Miami Drug War going on back then, as well as having Los Santos in 1992 because of the Los Angeles Riots and all the gang crime and rap songs of the era. These cities worked best when set in these appropriate time periods, but what I feel Rockstar could do the next time they head to Liberty City (hopefully with a rural countryside or something this time) is to have it set in the 1970s, most preferably between 1971 and 1977. Like some kind of indirect prequel to GTA IV. Why the 1970s? Well, New York City in the 1970s wasn't exactly the cosmopolitan, multicultural melting pot world city that it is today. Back then, the city was down on it's luck and ridden with mafia influence. For this, I am going to refer you all to answers from Quora by some who have done research on organised crime. Some of the things covered though are mobster influences over certain industries and having their interests represented in a few, as well talking above some famous mobsters such as "Crazy Joe" Gallo, Joe Colombo, Vito Genovese, and Joseph Bonanno. The answers may be of general interest to you as well even, but generally speaking, I think they make a good case as to why Liberty City in the 1970s would be a perfect location for a crime drama game like Grand Theft Auto. Obviously I will acknowledged that some gameplay disadvantage exist. Lack of internet and smartphone is one thing, as is the outdated vehicles and limited used of radio stations. Then there's also another issue unique to Liberty City that may cause controversy for Rockstar. If Rockstar chooses to have flying vehicles in the game, or more specifically planes, then you may have the issue with the presence of a building complex in lower Algonquin, two of which are identical skyscrapers. It's honestly hard to imagine Rockstar not getting a bit of flack for having flying aircraft in a game in which the twin towers of the World Trade Center are present, but then since they are historical landmarks of New York, it'd feel wrong not to have them in Liberty City. But then you'd lose your planes, which may feel like a downgrade to some players. Ultimately though, what do you think of the concept of Liberty City set in the 1970s being the setting of a future GTA game? I for one think there's potential, especially in the HD universe. I mean imagine the protagonist being able to work for the likes of Jon Gravelli and Jimmy Pegorino in their prime years, as well as other crime families in Liberty City. Maybe the McReary's could be at the height of their power if the lore permits it. Let us know what you think of the concept by voting in the poll above, and give us your own ideas below.
  22. BY SLIMEBALL SUPREME & THE NOTORIOUS MOB You might think of Vice City when you think of the eighties; cocaine-riddled splendor and neon sports cars. That’s not what awaits. Up the coast, in the twin cities of Carcer and Lenapia, riding from the casinos of Empire City to Liberty City’s outer suburban counties, a very different tale of crime will be told. Cash and crime still rule: but in one of the quickest-crumbling urban areas in the United States of America. In Greed & Grit, you play as three different protagonists, each from varying backgrounds. The character-switching feature from V returns, with all three displaying vastly different experiences and perspectives. A cop, a cubano crook and a corner boy, all trying to make their way in a world falling apart. Each with a cast of shady associates to help them on their way. It's a gritty, violent, dangerous world. But it's the only one they know. A 32 year old Alderney native, currently working as a Narcotics detective in the city of Stranton. Suffering from a bad case of career fatigue and currently spending his days shacked up in an apartment with his current squeeze in nearby Peterborough. He's growing increasingly disillusioned by departmental bureaucracy and the ever changing nature of his chosen career. Could a move to Liberty City as part of an experimental new unit be just the change he's been looking for? Jerry Sandowski – A long serving Detective Sergeant in the Narcotics Division of Stranton's Police Department, Sandowski cut his teeth cracking large scale heroin schemes during the disco era. He's a consummate people pleaser with a soft spot for Dwyer, who is constantly pushing his blind eye for indiscretions to absolute breaking point. In a feeble attempt to keep Tommy on the straight and narrow he pairs our boy with long time rival Evan Jackowitz – A pompous do-gooder who'll do anything to get ahead.. even if it means throwing others under the bus. Jackie Palumbo – The undisputed ring leader of Liberty City's newly established Narcotics and Organized Belligerents Squad. Giacomo Palumbo (as he's known to his mother) has a long and checkered history in the Organized Crime Division which has furnished him with more connections than a Liberty City Subway line. Mickey Gonzalez – Miguel "Mickey" Gonzalez is a seasoned detective from the Homicide Division in Dukes who has caught more misconduct citations than actual killers. In an era where the murder rate has never been higher he was one of the first to be transferred to the equally work heavy Organized Belligerents Squad, despite having no intention of actually doing any real police work. Malcolm Jones – The only member of the NOBS aside from Tommy who actually has any experience in the field of Narcotics – whether it be trying to prevent their spread around the city or otherwise. Although his intentions may be passably good, he'll sink quickly to the levels of his coworkers, honor be damned. Frank McReary - Rookie cop with stars in his eyes, Frankie wants success, and he’ll do anything to get it. A former altar boy from the infamous McReary family, Frank already has an upward slope ahead of him; but his inclusion in the budding investigative operation could throw a spanner in the works, so to speak. Linda Galione – Tommy's landlord and one of his many old flames. She's the type of woman you hear about in country music and procedural dramas on TV. She's a feisty young AUSA by day and an overworked desk sleeper by night. She has an uncanny eye for criminality.. except for when it's going on right under her nose. Angelo Valerio - A flashy Dukes based drug dealer with connections, Angelo is a member of the old school Valerio clan; the brothers five spread out all over town with a hand on the pulse of the LC coke market. Cruising around Cerveza in flashy hoopties, Angie isn’t quite as notorious as his elders yet; but the tides of change are ever fickle. Dominic Sepe - Conniving South Broker pretty boy turned mob chieftain; Sepe, nicknamed ‘The Wrench’, has been operating as a close aide to up and coming capo Nino Abruzzo for years. With a good head for business and a reputation for turning situations bloody if he has to, The Wrench has been reaching out to new, highly profitable areas in an attempt to secure some more dough. His newest source? Defrauding the Federal Government out of gasoline taxes, leaving more than a few bodies in his wake. Emil Argov - South Broker's little don, an expatriate from the Leningrad underworld with a love of green, black and blue. The man known as 'Cattle Prod' for his signature weapon has dominated the growing neighborhood of Hove Beach; bolstered by his would-do consigliere Lazar Saravaisky, Lazar's protege Kuzma "Kenny" Petrovich, and infamous ex-athlete bodyguards, the Roitman Brothers (Gennady and German). If there's one value the man holds above all, it's not honor, but fear - which may come to be his very undoing. Moe Schwartz – Once the Lupisella Family’s cunning and quiet accountant, in recent years Schwartz has been exercising his connections to the anti-communist movement by reaching out to Russian exiles fleeing the USSR following the Jackson-Vanik amendment. But while moving emigrés into apartments and setting them up with work visas - Schwartz has noticed a pattern, and with a pattern like this comes many opportunities. Max Goldstein – The self styled Maximilian Goldstein is a wealthy entrepreneur and club owner expanding his vast fortunes by catering to the sleazy bridge and tunnel club goers too rough to cut it in Algonquin. His mobbed up partner Tony Spoleto is the yin to his yang – a career opportunist with his fingers just deep enough in Ancelotti operations to offer Goldstein protection. Together however their ever growing interests in gasoline bootlegging have made their already strained relationship with the Lupisella Family and their affiliates a lot more tenuous, which can only end in tears. Agent Delacruz - Past his prime and with permanent bags under his eyes, FIB special agent Felipe “Phil” Delacruz is a shadow of his once-productive self. On his ass at the bureau, old Phil has noticed some potential weak links within the recently founded Nob Squad… and he plans to take advantage. A 28 year old Cuban expatriate who moved to America at just five years old. After finishing up a nickle bid for armed robbery, he's keen to get back in the saddle and resume a life of crime that's all he's really ever known. Reconnecting with old associates, he embarks on a journey to try and finally make something of himself as he once again begins his ascent of the underworld whilst simultaneously battling with the ghosts of his past. Vito Accardi – Danny's former prison mate and a stagnating star in the Lupisella crime family. He has recently been sent down south and tasked with expanding the family's interests into hotly contested territory. Struggling with sobriety and the pressure of bringing in the dough, he has his cigarette stained fingers in so many pies, it's only a matter of time before he gets burned. Seymour Scarpetti – An abominable parole officer who works at the behest of the Lupisellas, pulling strings for their associates to make their reintroduction to society as cushy and unproductive as financially possible. He assigns Danny to work under Walter Gomez – A reformed convict attempting to rebuild a community crumbling under the weight of ongoing gang activity. He opens his community centre to Danny and gladly offers him bed and board, knowing all too well the struggles of rehabilitation. Buddy Earle – The current reigning President of Lenapia's own Goblin's MC. Oft mistaken for a quiet and reclusive old man, his aging exterior is the outer armour of an all American Outlaw. A veteran of countless wars with a body count as high as his blood pressure, he must fight hard to stave off the advances of other one percenters from neighbouring territories, if only to save face in the eyes of his underlings. Stan Vlochos – Vlochos is a Lenapia based emissary for Liberty City's Volikakis Crime family. He is trying to establish a foothold in the burgeoning Methamphetamine market but has thus far been unsuccessful due to an unhinged personality and some ongoing tensions with the resident Greek Mob. Johnny Morello – A young mafia soldier caught right in the middle of an ongoing power struggle in the Lenapia crime family. His loyalties are fickle and he is willing to take his orders, without question, from whoever sits on the throne. Constantly tasked with maintaining the family's equally fragile alliances with other local outfits, he heads up a posse of young tough guys who just as blindly follow his lead. Ritchie & Ralph – Ricardo “Ritchie Del” Delmonte & Ralphie “The Raven” Roccaforte are two seasoned hitmen for the Lenapia Mob. They're desperate to become legitimate, conducting most of their business from a humble rowhouse-cum-restaurant in South Lenny that always seems to have traces of spilled tomato sauce on the kitchen floor. Now both in their early 40s they're becoming increasingly anxious about getting their button, especially in the company of a new hired gun. Eduardo Reyes – The loyal second in command of the Alderney based Cuban Mafia, he passes on the orders of his rarely seen boss. Conducting most of his operations from a humble coffee shop in Leftwood, he uses his son Eduardo Jnr. (aka "Lalo") as a buffer between him and the streets. His decades old relationship with Danny means that he affords him a certain level of intimacy, but past indiscretions have left him distrustful – for the time being at least. Pawal Orlowski - A seemingly friendly face within Lenapia's striving Polish community, Paulie O’ serves fresh kielbasa out of his butcher shop – Kabanos Korner on Virginia Street. But few, including the city police department, know what happens behind the scenes; or inside the basement. While Orlowski runs a few rackets here and there, he runs a pretty tight operation… the real magic happens downstairs. Joseph Roviri – A businessman so shady he could block out the sun. He made his initial fortune in the mob backed vending machine industry and has since expanded into the garbage hauling and trucking industries, seizing effective control over various related unions in the process. All accusations against him are yet to be proven however. This affords him the unenviable responsibility of managing the various mob families' shared interests in ventures such as their faltering Casino in Westdyke. Caine Devlin – A legendary Irish tough guy criminal who now acts as the string puller of the Lenapia based B&D Gang. His ever expanding influence is well known to be far reaching and more than a few prolific gangsters have fallen under his might. Now working in partnership with the equally powerful Roviri, he seeks to watch everyone crumble so he can build himself up. Jimmy Pegorino – The crown prince of the lowly regarded Pegorino crime family of Alderney. He too is struggling to make a name for himself in crowded territory under the ever judgmental eye of his pugnacious father Johnny Boy. With a long list of hair brained schemes and no shortage of idiots to do his bidding, he is eager to move upwards with as little effort as possible. Although he would surely say otherwise. David Forster & Lou Rollins – The smug face of the DOA's Lenapia field office and his long suffering subordinate. Forster is a constant hunter of glory who has tracked smugglers from Liberty City to Colombia and back again, throughout his rather short and often illustrious career. He isn't afraid to bend the rules or steal someone's thunder, especially if it leads to another promotion. Rollins, meanwhile, has been with the Agency since its establishment. In spite of many high profile arrests however he has been held back from promotion by what he deems to be institutional racism. Often dismissed as a blow hard and a crack pot conspiracy theorist.. perhaps he knows more than he should. Emilio Hernandez – The Liberty City based point man for the ever powerful Colombian Cartel. “Milo” frivolously spends his vast fortune and holds a similar disregard for his personal relationships. Away from the watchful eye of his superiors he looks to turn bubbling inter-factional hostilities into an all out war for domination. A 23 year old native of South Bohan, Marcus has always tried to stay away from a life of crime that has constantly surrounded him. Working a dead end job until being unwittingly pulled into a position of power following a violent altercation with a rival street gang, he must juggle his desire to stay on the straight and narrow with the overpowering allure of the drug game. He will soon find out however that the game in question comes with a variety of other players. Most of them conspiring to bring about his fall. Antoine Forge – A lifelong friend to Marcus who also moonlights as an aspiring kingpin, running with like minded individuals in Upper Algonquin where he crashes with his aunt and her two kids. With dreams as big as his balls, he hopes to one day buy his way out of the ghetto and wants to take Marcus along for the ride. Kelvin Mitcham – Kelvin is a scrappy teenager who hangs around Marcus and Antoine almost every minute of the day. He tries to be just like the latter, no matter how much virtually everybody tries to dissuade him from doing so. Equal parts little brother and protege, he's constantly torn between two opposing forces with differing ideas of where he and their three man enterprise should go. Lenny Williams – A brutish crack cocaine based entrepreneur from the hellish surroundings of East Island's West Wampum neighborhood. Leonard “Big Dogg” Williams joins the gang fresh off a bid for possession with intent to sell.. and has zero intent on giving up his day job anytime soon. Artie Caparole - Fortside born and bred; good old Mr. C has been serving the community since the 1960’s, a taste of Italy from his parlor on the colorful roadbend of Drop Street. But as the community changes, as new folk move in and old folk move out, Caparole is having a hard time coming to terms with the people now calling Fortside home. Raul Lopez – The Leader of a South Bohan hispanic gang known as “The Bohan Kings”, he and Marcus's ilk share more than a friendly rivalry. In a predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood, he may have the numbers but Marcus and his peers will do everything in their power to make sure he doesn't play the advantage. Carolina Garcia – A ghetto fashionista and self professed “gangsta bitch” from around the way. She's been crushing on Marcus since highschool.. or at least she would have been if she ever attended. Despite outward appearances this SoBo native is equal parts dangerous and cute. Don't underestimate her or you may just end up with a gun in your face. Felix Aguero – A flamboyant Cuban cocaine peddler based in East Holland. "Fe-Fe" Aguero's got connections to both the Downtown club scene and the big boys in Alderney, the perfect dichotomy for a young go-getter like Marcus who is trying to break into the competitive drug scene – whatever it takes. Ernie Elardo - The introverted, money minded young capo of the Pavano’s East Holland crew; Emidio Elardo has fingers deep within the upper echelons and has always been on the shortlist for acting boss. His responsibilities now lie in caretaking: whether that’s looking after the Pavano’s heroin interests or babysitting loopy Bohan button man Robert Ferraro. James Dillard - A bonafide legend among the hustlers of East Broker, Dillard is known as ‘Dr. J’ to his disciples and ‘public enemy number 1’ to the local precinct. A crack rock pioneer with his Hinterlands deep into the local drug scene, Doc J is more than just a baller; he’s a street idol. And boy, does he know it. Paulie Stein – A past-his-prime club impresario forced into reluctant reclusion by a misunderstanding with the IRS and an as-of yet not fully understood illness. His legacy on the line, he’s thrown a new sheen of paint on the prestigious Studio 69 with the help of long-suffering co-owner Steve Schneider, rebranding it as "Elephant". All in an attempt to get the upper hand in his ongoing rivalry with James St-Pierre, a playboy of mixed French-Canadian ancestry who now has his 'sight set' on becoming Liberty City's new king of nightlife with his flash new club "Platinum", operating just a few blocks from Elephant and the legendary Bahama Club. Isaiah Jenkins - What is the drug game, but an extension of the free market? To Isaiah Jenkins, former member of Howie Fisher’s drug crew, they’re one in the same… and he wants none of it. Reformed and proud, Isiah's now living out his life in North Holland as an Islamic preacher for the ever growing Brotherhood of Muslims. Never the less he still keeps his finger on the pulse of current happenings in the underworld. He partners Marcus up with Esmail Edwards - the devout former leader of the Lenapia-based Black Mafia currently locked up on a robbery-murder rap from the seventies. Esmail knows that in order to keep things moving, you need some new talent and given his current predicament, he’s always happy for them to come knocking. Cokey Robinson – Just as his nickname suggests Lester “Cokey” Robinson runs a downtown empire based on the finest marching powder Star Junction's money can buy. Despite his flashy exterior he's been unable to move out of the run down projects in President's City and recently his locally based competition have been looking to give him a push. Sylvester Ganzfried - A trained orthodox rabbi who's never taken the pulpit: Ganzfried has done just about every job you can think of. Presidential liaison, Liberty State Police Chaplain, bank director, and now professional mob fixer, dividing his time between Russians and Italians. The rabbi's connections stretch far, from Mossad, to The Exchange, to foreign governments, and now one of his more lucrative connections - the Cleethorpes real estate dynasty, through their eccentric heir Lyle IV and his equally eccentric lawyer Ray Rosenbaum. Eloise Brown – A Los Santos native who moved to Lenapia in the late 1970s to be with her now deceased husband. After his death she inevitably inherited his assets - a multi million dollar piece of the drug market previously held by the Black Mafia. Her ability to turn a ten kilo a month industry into a coast to coast empire shows that if ever there were an example of gender equality on the streets there's none more shining than “Auntie E”. Thanks in no small part of course to loyal foot soldiers like Elmont “E-Money” Washington or the two men she refers to as her “Capital City Connection”. The Tri-State Area takes the stage as the game space of Greed & Grit - the world’s biggest, worst city in Liberty. The ancient, aging rust-belt town of Lenapia. And widespread, mobbed up suburbs throughout Alderney and East Island. Liberty State is a state of contrasts. No, it’s not just the city. Though it might as well be. Look eastward and see the suburbs where mobsters and spooks alike set up picket fences and let the kids play little league. Look past Bohan and see the mansions and horse tracks where the affluent make their home. Look upstate and, well… we don’t talk about Upstate. LIBERTY CITY Liberty City is The Worst Place in America. Ask former President Sherwin Peck who first said the quote during a speech in 1975, a quote that’s haunted the city in the years since. The crown jewel of American capitalism, the face of an empire, and the quickly crumbling de-facto capital of the United States. Five boroughs: the studded skyscrapers of Algonquin belying filth on both northern and southern ends. The brownstones of Broker where crime syndicates alike have claimed their footing. The projects of Bohan red-lined from top to bottom, the streets lined with dealers and drug addicts. The forgotten borough of Richmond Island that might as well be ‘Derney, and the suburb and parkland of Dukes. What a f*cking town. It’s the place where smoke comes out the manhole covers and where everyone is batsh*t f*cking crazy. Way before the naked cowboys playing guitars in the city’s hot spot of sin in Star Junction and stage show glitz on Burlesque, it was ladies of the night playing on pervy heartstrings and amateur skin flicks being shot on crackling VHS tapes in abandoned theaters. The city houses just about every ethnicity in the world - from commies to compatrioti, Jews in flight and Colombians and Dominicans arriving en masse. Shrinking enclaves taken over - Fortside and Schottler turning darker by the day, South Broker slowly being dominated by Russians. Koreans and Albanians in Little Bay, Greeks and Moroccans in Steinway. The tides of change. Risk salmonella from street meat, get robbed in an alley by a bum in a diaper, see the beautiful Statue of Happiness decomposing in the river and giving every immigrant the finger. Enjoy the mud before the rain. EAST ISLAND If Richmond Island is Alderney, then East Island is… well, it’s something. Traditionally more New Hanover than New Rotterdam. There exists no better example on earth of the contrast between the haves and the have nots. A two hour drive along the Sunset Highway equates to an ascent of the property ladder, all the way to the top. It's no wonder the borough of Dukes legislated to offload some of its worst sections onto a county that has a median income ten times its own. Two story houses and tract mansions and some of the goofiest amateur architectural work only a way-too-rich wiseguy could commission. That’s some of it, anyway. Look on the Dukes border and you’ll see the ethnic enclaves - a second Chinatown in Keering, a Jamaican hotspot in Wampum, Italians in a Meso Park that’s just about middle class. Keep going, though. The Carraway Peninsula slopes down Broker where beachside whites make their home - Near and Far Carraway, Hadaway, Carraway Point. A beautiful view of Wampum Bay swampland where you can see low-flying aircraft doing runs in the night, picturesque views or cement-shoed corpses washing up on the beach. Head into central East Island and it’s suburb, suburb, suburb: baroque Bloomingdale, the Hempwoods of West and East, Hunter Bay hamlets and East Beach coastlines. But the richest of Liberty’s rich live in the very east. South and East Carraway, The Carraways, the megamansions and socialites and wine parties and typical aristocracy gossip. Tuxedo dos and secrets galore. The scenic summer home of Jon Gravelli. Coastal Moheague with Lovecraftian fog and the lone lighthouse shining out onto the ocean. The perfect honeymoon. Mobsters, blue blood dynasties, a supposedly inactive military base where white vans supposedly drive in and out on the regular. When people think Liberty, they don’t usually think East Island. And that’s probably for good reason too. WORCESTER COUNTY A long-time reputation as the city’s gilded lily can deceive: among the idyllic suburbs and elegant homes the most scummy of criminals can be found. Gangsters, gangbangers, bankers and fools. All can be found in the city of Decker. But plenty of degeneracy and squalor can also be found in many of the county's other neighborhoods and towns. If it's fun you're looking for, why not take a ride on the roller coaster at Joyland Park or grab a Blarneys at one of the 50 Irish bars straddling Kavanagh and McCluskey. Shop 'til you drop at the Oakwood mall just off the expressway and then top it all off with a spot of golf over in Welham bay. Be on your best behavior or you might just end up doing a stretch at Whittington Correctional. It's stood since the 19th century but still houses more animals than the Worcester zoo. While not technically a state, it's the only city in New Sylvania that actually matters. It’s no wonder why Lenapia is called the city of independence. It is after all the place where the United States was created in 1776. They massacred all the natives but the name still stuck. Aside from being of great historical importance it’s also a city that offers its visitors lots to see and do. Whether it’s visiting the world famous Pendencia Hall, or eating your weight in cheese steak before attempting to run up the steps at the LAME without puking, the place is full of sights that’ll keep you wanting more. And plenty of others that’ll make you wish you never came. The city is chock full of ethnic enclaves. From tracksuit wearing Italians in the South to brotherly loving brothers in the West and a whole melting pot of Hispanics, Irish, Koreans, Russians and Polish in the Northeast. So you’re sure to find a fight wherever you go. If you’re not looking for trouble, then it’s best to stick to Middle City, where you can enjoy traditional eateries and markets, with virtually none of the danger. The almost 100 year old Depository Market is a source for fresh scrapple, seafood, meats and cheese. Or you can venture further south to the Italian Market off Assunpink Avenue and travel back to a time long before the advent of supermarkets, good manners or proper sanitation. If it’s calorific junk you’re looking for, then why not grab a world famous Lenny cheesesteak from the equally famous Big Miz or Philly Gee’s and become embroiled in a feud that’s been going on for almost 30 years now. Just don’t let either proprietor see you entering the other, or you may just end up being added to the menu! Prepare to lose yourself in the Eden State. The contorted backbone of the playable area, that, true to its name, is awash with temptation at every hand’s turn (and plenty of snakes to go with it). The serpentine appearance should be a dead giveaway but don’t be put off, as fun and adventure awaits in an area that’s so much more than a place where “people from Liberty City go to dump their trash”. Across the area’s Nine Counties there’s mountain hiking, waterfalls, nature reserves, airfields, casinos and (of course) plenty of gangs. It’s no wonder when its major cities consistently rank tops among the worst places in America. Geographically, the state is split into North and South, with some mess in the middle that nobody talks about. Thanks to a vast highway and turnpike system you’ll thankfully never have to go there, so let’s move along. BARREN COUNTY Aside from Bobby Baker’s Imaginarium and the Planetarium, it's all lakes and wineries. All things available elsewhere in the state. But there’s something strange going on in the southern skylands, miles from the incestual Appalachians in the rolling hills of the Piccaninnies. Some would say a bit of excitement for a county best known for vast wilderness and cricket sounds since the decline of the manufacturing industry. But the presses haven’t stopped churning out sensationalist diatribes for months. Co-ed cadavers found floating in Camp Craven in the mountain township of No Hope (colloquially No Hope, Craven Lakes). Sporadic sounds of chainsaws in the uninhabited woodlands beside McNeil’s Diner and the Pet Sematary in the pale moonlight. Haddonfield and Woodbury townships have long been on high alert over reports of a crazed slasher. Lumped on top of prom night whisperings in Sawyerville of somebody going postal with a pickaxe in the one time mining village of Strode. Until now the biggest worry had been a pack of hungry wolves straying from Del Lobos Preserve and disrupting a picnic at Myers Creek, but the ghostly goings on have now made Barren County a far less desirable place to live than it was before. If only there were somebody they could call… GUERNSEY COUNTY Ah, good old Guernsey County, The Gateway. Where people start on spray tans and end up with a new face, silicone titties and boxes and boxes of hair products. And that’s just the “men.” It also serves as the Gateway for things moving west. Whether that be Liberty’s trash, their outcasts or their contraband. The commercial hubs of Berchem, Acter and Alderney City and the tip of the chemical coast. It’s also home to the north east’s busiest sea port in Tudor and a plethora of gangs. You’re probably familiar with all of it by now but, given the difference in time period, things are a little different now. Before the Cuban emigres moved up and out of the neighborhood, Leftwood was where they liked to call home. The Korean influence in Alderney City is also all but non-existent and the waterfront is mostly composed of railyards and factories as opposed to the skyscrapers which appear ten or twenty years on. Some things never change though. It still also acts as the stronghold for the Lost MC and the Pegorino crime family. In fact, even more so. HANSEN COUNTY Serving as a stark contrast to Guernsey and Wessex Counties to the south and the absolute antithesis of much of Liberty to the east, Hansen County is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. That’s not to say that it doesn’t house some very bad people though. From “big earners” in the mob to the migrating ethnic scourge, this is the place that people go when they want to deal with the scum but don’t want to live with them. Demographically the county, to say the least, is fairly diverse and has for years borne the weight of urban swell from surrounding areas. From Latinos at odds with the Italians in Ridgepeck to African Americans in Thurrock and growing concentrations of Asians up and down The Plateau. The north is all residential but the southern part of the county hosts several attractions that bring in people in droves from just about everywhere within a hundred mile radius. And, thanks to the Peterborough Airport, it’s also never been easier to come from beyond. From private jets chartered by cross country celebrities to coke filled jetliners chartered by intercontinental drug traffickers, many notable vessels have been known to land. The hangar space comes at a price but what’s a couple hundred G’s compared to the hassle of immigration checks. It’s no wonder the safety standards are so abysmal. A plane crash is such a badass way to die anyway right? And if you’re lucky there’s always a chance you might land in a river. They’re everywhere! Another big draw is the Riverlands Sports Complex, where you can watch the Olympians get pounded by the Wrath again and then watch the Mambas get pounded by the Olympians.. or the Pounders get pounded by the Wrath. While you’re down there, why not bet that second mortgage on a couple of ponies down at the track. There are also a number of options if you fancy a round of golf. HIGHLAND COUNTY Just outside Hansen County lies Highland. A county almost entirely made up of a collection of mediocre mountains and two massively sprawling state parks. It’s also the absolute furthest many Alderneyites and Libertonians are willing to go, under the illusions of “roughing it” for a vacation in the woods. Roll through in August for the Annual Dog and Pony Show or come see the freak show any other day of the year by wandering into one of the county’s many nondescript unincorporated communities. Go fishing, shoot a deer, shoot a rabbit if you want to. Take a boat out on one of the many lakes and bring it back when you realize the water smells like sewage and you don’t know how to drive. If you’re feeling really adventurous, go for a hike and spend the rest of your weekend getaway trying to find your way back where you should have stayed. If you feel like being a pussy there’s some wildlife management areas and a sunflower maze. Get lost for a couple of hours there instead and take a picture beside a kodiak bear safely trapped behind an electrified fence. Ignore the signs and feed him a burger and tell your wife how he growled at you in front of the fire with a bottle of locally sourced wine as you try in vain to get it up. Then struggle through three hours of the little ones asking “are we there yet?” as you make your way back to your desk job at The Exchange. If you can actually hit a barn door with a bayonet rifle then the area is also an exceptional hunting ground. The bald eagles are “protected” but why not hit up the Willie Stroker State Forest by the Dover River Gap and bag yourself a possum, a raccoon or a fox. If you’re quick on the draw you might even fell a coyote or a bobcat. And if you’re really lucky you might even get you some beaver out there. LIBEL has the whole area dammed up so they can’t swim away. Failing that, just throw some rocks at a bog turtle and tell your friends you bow hunted a white tail and met a real life cowboy at Deldo’s City and then shot him in the ass. WESSEX COUNTY Just east of Barren County, sitting on the murky banks of the Puritan River is Wessex. And in this particular instance we’ve saved the worst ‘til last. There aren't many saving graces when your crown jewel is the rundown city of Stranton. A sh*thole personified by missed opportunities that’s frequently been shunned by the big BAWSAQ companies in favor of Alderney City. And a four term reigning mayor who seems determined to run it into the ground. Downtown has some promise but wander into any other area and you may not wander back out. It’s a city as segregated as any - Blacks to the West, Hispanics to the East, Jews in the South beside the airport and Italians now being relegated to the North. Outside the county’s largest city, the prospects don’t get much brighter, as the runner up Peterborough is like puking your guts up when you’ve been suffering from violent diarrhea all through the night. And what happens when you flush the chain? It washes out in East Willmington and somebody tries to bottle it up and smoke it or inject it through their veins. It’s also home to Alderney’s academic acropolis. Sitting beside a cloud of perpetual smog. Separated from Richmond Island to the east by the Overkill River. If you venture further west things do start looking up, but the once prosperous communities have now been overrun by yuppies and the college going cancerous curse. A bedroom community for insomniac hordes who make the daily commute to surrounding areas and return only to give the local sheriff’s department something to do. The long time residents have their own afflictions, from prescription drug habits to crippling gambling debts that are sure to keep the resident mobsters in polyester suits for years to come. It also has the Willmington Wetlands and the Turtlehead Zoo. Ménage à Trois - A typical day on the East Coast, played out through the actions of our three protagonists. For two it's just the same old stuff - for the other, a chance at a new beginning. Stay Tuned. Gameplay is actually a bit of a misnomer. It's all hypothetical. What follows is basically the wordplay section. Read away and imagine. The economy, the underworld, the overall zeitgeist of the era. Before most of us were born. It might as well be Jupiter, but it's earth. In a fan fiction about a computer game. Set in a make believe world, almost 40 years ago. But stick with with it. You won't regret it. Well maybe you will but you'll need to read and find out. So suspend your disbelief and read on. This took us a while and we'd appreciate it. Welcome to the days of Hoganomics, where the rich get richer and the poor get more creative. Where every bodega is selling a little more than groceries and nearly every establishment is a simple facade, operating purely to mask the illegal activities in the back. Whether you’re an enterprising criminal or simply on the take, there’s always a little extra money to be made. And plenty of ways to spend it all too. Racket Robberies Why be content with simply robbing a store or walking away with a free pack of cigarettes? Why not do a little investigating and see what that simple store owner really has to hide. Call up some of your boys or go in guns blazing and take them for everything they’ve got. If mass murder isn’t your forte, sometimes all it takes is a little persuasion. Maybe you can push the guy around a little and talk him into giving you a hefty fee to leave the place intact. Drug Smuggling Dope selling is a dope’s game. Join in on the fun. Buy or sell a variety of narcotics across the three states as a way of making money - no matter how risky. Choose any number of narcotics swimming around on the streets (or the ocean) including Coke, Heroin, Weed and Methamphetamines. Drug smuggling in Greed & Grit takes a uniquely three pronged approach. Depending on the drug, you can use either Marcus or Danny to get it straight from the source. Then when it makes its way successfully to the open market you can use Tommy to pilfer the dealers and put it back on the streets. Coke and Methamphetamines are both Danny's forte but if it's Weed or Heroin you're looking to distribute, then Marcus is your man. Since coke is undoubtedly king, it'll require the most heavy lifting. Once the suppliers make their drop off, you go and collect it. When it's on dry land, the other protagonist takes over and transports it to various lock ups. After this it becomes open season for all manner of stick up men and alphabet agencies. You can let it be seized by one of the other dick swingers, to the detriment of the other guys' bank accounts, or you can lift it yourself and make the moral choice between selling it on through your partners or turning it in as evidence. Gambling The numbers racket is an underworld business, at least in the big cities. In Liberty State, Lenapia, or much of Northern Alderney - your number one spots for hedging your bets are mobbed up bookies. Take a punt and pick your poison: blackjack, poker, horse races… two cockroaches crawling up a wall. If you need it, take a loan out - go big or go home (with broken kneecaps of course). You can do everything off track at a betting parlor, or you can make your way to one of many real life tracks in locations such as: East Island, Decker, Freeload, Lenapia and Apple Hill. If you want to go really big then why not take a trip down the shore to Empire City. At least if you lose it all you won't have to wander far in order to jump off the pier. The water's so polluted that you'll probably be dead before you know it. And what happens in EC, stays there forever right? Just try to avoid the other saps when you're smuggling in your drugs. Market Manipulation & Gun Running It’s a bull market, baby. The stock game is a hell of a ride. Among the coke-tipped noses of bankers on the Exchange are opportunities to make a little money on the side by spiking the football and screwing with the competition. If you want to make the big figures or sink a whole company on a coin toss then future club fed alumnus Herbert Meinster will be happy to help. Provided he takes his exorbitant cut. Story characters’ll also introduce you to a mechanic where you personally help with the sale of illegal firearms. If you prefer less of a risk (financially speaking) then Biker ‘Buddy’ Earle can help you fulfil your patriotic duty with a sideline to former marines with bucket loads of guns in and out of the Middle East. Even if you lose, America wins. And that's all that matters. Executive Car Service There are a million and one yellow cabs on the streets and quite a few independents trying to crack the market as well. In the days when Zurst is just a figment of the imagination, there exists a certain clientele that need to get where they’re going in style. Who gives a f*ck if the driver has a record, half of these people do too. Whether it be trips from the airport, a low profile getaway or coked up number crunchers making a mad dash from one brokerage firm to another, ferrying the area’s more exclusive commuters can be a great little earner. Not to mention the fact that the majority of these services are controlled by the mob, so you don’t need to worry about anybody skipping out on the fare. Professional Car Theft Translation: some people who don’t want to register a car might want a car by… other means. Light fingered connections like Kelvin Mitcham and Mickey Bardi Jnr. can steal a car on request and bring it right to you and there’s certainly no shortage of seized vehicles available from impound on Tommy’s end. But what if you want to have a crack at liberating a few vehicles from their owners yourself? In East Hook, Liberty City, you might find a man by the name of "Jack the Polack" Palansky with a variety of cars that need finding across town. Kevin McCarthy of Lenapia’s B&D Crew has the inside track on any number of rides in the city and down South ‘Derney. They’re open to any takers; just find the right whip and take it. With or without obstacles or undue stress. Stay in the game long enough and you'll work your way up to a mysterious man named Kaczynski, the one issuing lists across the whole tri-state area from a warehouse in the Tudor docks. Debt Collection & Bounty Hunting Loans and bail bonds - easy money for any entrepreneur willing to get their hands a little dirty. All three protagonists have a man that has an extra-long logbook of people who need paying: Vito Accardi for Danny, Matt Lupo for Marcus, and good ol’ Mickey Gonzalez for Tommy Dwyer, despite being in the hole to various loan sharks himself. How the debts get paid? You be the judge. If they don’t have hard cash, asset forfeiture might be required: a ring, a car, some neat tech from within the debtor’s house. They should’ve known who they were lending from. Alternatively, there's a pretty-much-legal way of making money from the downtrodden trying their hand at an extortionate criminal justice system i.e. catching criminals and felons trying to escape a charge. In Alderney’s flag-waving suburbs, a man named Hester will show you the way. In Alderney’s more rural areas, the sisterly duo of Trixie and Dixie are happy to hire. The choice is yours. Private Security LC is second only to the glamor of Vinewood when it comes to the power of celebrity - and like any John Lennon, you’ll always have plenty of Mark David Chapmans. Pick up work at just about any nightclub or nightlife hotspot or take jobs from a variety of high-profile entertainment agents. Whether that’s skin-industry mogul and Gambetti affiliate Enzo ‘E.Z’ Zaccaro; eccentric talent-taker Oggie Greenblatt or flamboyant fashion queen Kim Manx. You’ll be out on the street with stars and celebutantes, just watching out for those who might cause harm. The routes to being a bodyguard are slightly different for each protagonist: Marcus will become involved through Steve Schneider (who also offers him a series of exclusive celebrity-centric side missions). But the pathways for Herrera and Dwyer will be a little different. Despite Danny being a convict, security firms are more than happy to offer work to anybody who’s able to keep their cool when faced with a shank wielding psycho. Tommy’s got a badge, which in the private protection business is gold dust. Special allowances from the LCPD also mean that he’s entitled to an extra bonus for doing so. Fashion & Accessories It’s the 80’s, and the pure coke-fueled bump of Hogan-era consumerism is being injected deep into the collective American subconscious. Buy buy buy, buy it in pretty fluorescent colors and always American; unless the Japanese alternative is a little cheaper instead. Purchase either straight from the source or from a variety of department stores like Liberty’s flagship Spender’s outlet in the Triangle, Fuhrberger's in Alderney or Wankstein & Co. in Lenapia’s Middle City. There are also many options to give your character that signature look. Whether it be moderately priced sportswear from labels like Lézard, Biella, Drongo and LS Beans or signature couture from branded stores across the tri-state area such as Didier Sachs, Santo Capra and BULL EMIC. Why not mix and match and get yourself a velour tracksuit designed by Sebastian Dix. A nifty device? The Sumo Beatboy. Buy cassette tapes and listen to music on the go, tune out to the dreariness of the collapsing rust belt city you live in. Want to do some on-the-go photography or play pretend Steve Scott? Buy a photo-camera straight from Genic or a Criterion camcorder. If you prefer to stay at home, you can deck out your pad with an idiot box from the likes of Panoramic or Kakagawa and watch mind melting tosh. Hook up the latest gaming systems from AKEDO and Kaihatsu or some outdated offerings from the likes of Pixtro, Electro and Kakari and fiddle away with pixelated squares until you go square in the eyes. More on this later. You can buy nifty tech, or just about anything else, from the Wallace, Deering and Company catalog, which offers a variety of mailable nick-knacks for the avarist on the go. It also contains ads for third party services such as Warstock Cache & Carry and Pegasus Lifestyle Management, with whom you can set up a line of credit linked directly into your Limit card or any number of offshore accounts. Items bought in stores and catalogues can also be given as gifts. Getting tired of banging hookers and spot a potential girlfriend? Then why not impress her with a pair of Zach Rebleux's or bottle of Chien No. 2. Her like percentage will go up, and hopefully she'll go down. Then you can go back to running the streets without her constantly blowing up your pager. Asset Management Buying a piece of any business - nightclubs, bars, car dealerships, scrap yards - are good for two things. A little bit of legitimate income, and a great lot of money laundering. To keep the charade up, however, you need to make sure a business is actually a business; which means doing the on-the-books owner a favor from time to time to keep things smooth. Troublemakers at the bar? Several troublemakers at the bar? A late delivery or a promotional detail or many-or-any tasks that need-a doing? There’s only one guy at the spot with that particular skill set, and that man is you. On top of your traditional weekly pick up you can also maximize your profits by setting up a little side racket in the back. From good old fashioned staples such as Drinking and Dancing to a range of fast paced adrenaline inducing sports, there are plenty of ways to flit away the boredom across the three varying states. Whether it be enclosed ball games suitable for the urban environment or open air pursuits, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for and more. Below is a list of activities for you to partake in on your off days.. when you’re not too busy breaking the law. If you want to partake in anything that’s not listed here then you can. But honestly you’re probably better off just playing GTA IV you boring sod. Basketball Making its triumphant return from San Andreas is the game of B-Ball. Like a certain entertainer, who can’t be named for legal reasons, you’ve waited for 16 long years to shoot your shot and here it is. While not exactly on the level of the Holton Hoops or the Penetrators, if you can find a special friend willing to let you dribble and dunk on them you can play a little one on one. And there’s no shortage of wannabe Holland Vagabonds hanging around in the hood for you to challenge either. In fact why not see if they’re looking to get a little action and stick some money down. Then when one of you takes a pounding, ask to go double or nothing. An eviction notice ain’t got nothing on losing that pride. Batting Cages Swing batter batter swiiiinngg. Baseball bats aren't just for home invasion robberies no more. So take one to the cages and have some balls shot at you quicker than you can say Alsaltacuntas. Whilst you try desperately to hit them and knock them as far as you can. Extra points if you can get them into the parking lot. Even more if you can hit some poor schmuck on the sidewalk eating a hot dog. Just don't throw your shoulder out.. you're going to need it to carry all that swag from your home invasion robberies. Golf Ah, the gentlemen’s game. Nowadays there’s so much money floating around that it's hard to tell the criminals from the conscientious. There are a staggering amount of golf courses positioned over the map ranging from public to private. But the basic mechanics are always the same. Take your time to hit it just right and perfect your stroke so that you get your hole every time. The irony being that most of your fellow golfers are men too old to even find the necessary wood. Here’s a tip - it’s the one with the big round head and the longer shaft. Some say it’s not the size of the club but the ball you’re swinging it at. Those people need to up their game of course. Hunting & Fishing So you’ve gotten out of the city, you’ve thrown the leisure suit away, you’ve bought a rifle, a fishing rod, a six pack of beers and a can of worms… Now what do you do? You go and murder some animals of course. Or at the very least take them out of their natural habitat. A man needs to eat! And none of that store bought specially prepared stuff will quite cut the mustard. Even if you’re not hungry, why not do it for sport? Gone are the days when this was a way of life but if you look around you can still turn a profit. Seek out with somebody with lax standards and you might just break even from the meat. This kielbasa is Kosher right? Suuuure. Just make sure that fish still has all its fins and scales. Looking for halal? As-salamu alaykum my friend. Make some connections in the fashion industry and you can also sell on that fur. Or hook up with a taxidermist and score a few trinkets to hang in your pad. You're hardly just going to leave that carcass there to rot now are you? Mountain Biking Everybody loves a good pedal and crank. So crank up those gears and pedal ‘til your heart gives out across some of the most treacherous terrain east of Blaine County. There are also other bikes made for urban cycling but who wants to be caught dead riding one of those? Why not dig deep into your pockets and buy an 18 speed, skinny wheeled slope slayer that costs just as much as a second hand family car. Throw on some lycra and take to the hills, where nobody can see just how stupid you look. And the best part is there’s no Snapmatic so you’ll have to bring a several hundred dollar camera that you’ll probably drop, ride back down and find somewhere to develop the film before you can blow and boast about it. Simpler times. Parachuting & Skydiving There’s nothing more exciting than jumping from a couple of thousand feet and hoping your parachute actually opens when you pull the chord. From helicopters, buildings, mountains, cliffs and bridges there are plenty of places from which to throw yourself. From none of which a person was ever meant to be thrown. The world is depressing so why not get a little bit of excitement, who cares. And if you don’t make it out.. the world is depressing.. who cares. Tennis What’s more exhilarating than two people opposite one another smacking a ball over a net with a glorified snowshoe? Well, quite a lot actually, including most of the above. If you’re that way inclined however, there are plenty of courts dotted around for you to have a go at perfecting your backswing. You probably won’t be playing in Meadows Park anytime soon professionally but there’s no reason why you can’t head over there and challenge some schmuck who thinks he ought to be, right? Watersports No.. not that kind. Although you might want to head down to Star Junction and ask for a price list. We’re talking kayaking, white water rafting, boat racing and jet skiing. Get yourself kitted out and do a spot of scuba diving if you’d like. Whether it be for your own amusement or just trying to impress some guidos down at the shore, the many rivers and oceans that surround and entangle the playable area provide the perfect environment for taking things off shore. To enjoy most of what they have to offer all you need to do is acquire a boat by whatever means, or swim if you’ve got the energy. Alternatively you can make your way to any number of boathouses and activity centres and they’ll help you on your way. Then you can steal the equipment and go exploring. Rules are for sissies, and you’re a man of the seas! Volleyball Beaches are everywhere, so get your fisting hands flexing for those bouncing balls as you dive face first into the sand. Play with yourself or play with a friend and pretend your in Chumash, rather than chest deep in dumpster surrounded by elitist scum suffering from Locust Valley Lockjaw. It's also a sure fire way to get to see women in bikinis up close and personal. So drop your trousers, check your doors, set your controller to vibrate and relive those Dead or Alive fantasies from 2003. In the days before the assault weapons ban, all forms of firearms are fairly easy to acquire all across the Tri-State area. Ammu-Nation is open for business all over the map and at the prices they charge their employees will easily disregard the need for a permit. In the interest of profit margins however they don't stock any imports or heavy artillery. Lucky for you there are a litany of unlicensed dealers operating all over, provided you know where to look. Whether it be potential enemies of the state within the various Chinatowns or ex soldiers offloading their national army's surplus stock, you're sure to find whatever your murderous heart desires including: It's a great time for music. As disco falls out of fashion, derivative genres such as post-disco, New Wave, Electro and Synth-pop are becoming even more popular, while the diverse and ever present genres of Smooth Jazz and Rock music are also on the up. If your skin tone's a little darker (even if it's in your own imagination) then R&B, Funk and Soul are still king but the quiet storm of Hip Hop is bubbling under and it's just about to make a grab for the crown. Music not your thing? There's plenty to talk about and boy does the radio like to let people talk about it. Even if you haven't got a word of English, there's something there for everybody. Unless you don't speak a word of Spanish either.. then you're sh*t out of luck. Afrika Bambaataa & Cosmic Force - Zulu Nation Throwdown Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp - Gigolo Rapp Disco Four - Do It, Do It Doug E. Fresh - Just Having Fun Eddie Cheba - Lookin' Good (Shake Your Body) Fat Boys - Jailhouse Rap Funky 4+1 - Rappin And Rocking The House Gary Byrd and the GB Experience - The Crown Grandmaster Flash - The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Joe Bataan - Rap-O Clap-O Kurtis Blow - 8 Million Stories Lady D - Lady D MC Rock - Jazzy 4 MC's Paulett & Tanya Winley - Rhymin' and Rappin' Rhythm Talk - Jocko Rockmaster Scott - The Roof is On Fire RUN-D.M.C. - 30 Days Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - The New Rap Language Sugarhill Gang - Apache (Jump On It) Sweet G - A Heartbeat Rap The Fatback Band - King Tim III The Fearless Four - It's Magic The Mean Machine - Disco Dream Treacherous Three - Body Rock Trouble Funk - Drop The Bomb Whodini - Big Mouth Adam & The Ants - Stand And Deliver Alphaville - Forever Young Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Blondie - Call Me Bon Jovi - Runaway David Bowie - Let's Dance Devo - Whip It Don Henley - Boys of Summer Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf Eddie Money - Shakin' Eurythmics - Who's That Girl Kim Wilde - Cambodia M - Pop Muzik Nik Kershaw - The Riddle Pat Benetar - Heart Breaker Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall OMD - Enola Gay Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House Supertramp - Breakfast In America Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays The Clash - Rock the Casbah The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed The Knack - My Sharona The Police - Every Breath You Take Tubeway Army - Are "Friends" Electric? Van Halen - Jump Visage - Fade To Grey Brick - Dazz Central Line - (You Know) You Can Do It Ebonee Webb - Something About You Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You Freedom - Get Up And Dance Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love Greg Henderson - Dreamin Gwen McCrae - All This Love That I'm Giving Houseband - Funk It Up Leon Haywood - Don't Push It Don't Force It Linx - You're Lying Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Running Away Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You Odyssey - Inside Out Rose Rice - Love Don't Live Here Anymore The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! The Keith Diamond Band - The Dip The New Jersey Connection - Love Don't Come Easy The Sequence - Funk You Up (Long Version) Young & Company - I Like What You're Doing to Me Buddy Rich - Bugle Call Rag (Big Swing Face) Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Charles Mingus - Open Letter to Duke Charlie Parker - Bebop John Coltrane - Summertime Louis Armstrong - West End Blues Miles Davis - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Oscar Peterson - How About You Roy Haynes - Full Moon Sun Ra - When There is No Sun Thelonious Monk - Bye-Ya/Monk's Dream Tubby Hayes Quartet - What's New Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking Barrington Levy – Murderer Barry Brown - Truth And Right Black Uhuru - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Cornell Campbell - Boxing Around David Isaacs - Place In The Sun Early B - Righteous Rasta Eek A Mouse - Terrorists In The City Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse Half Pint - One Big Ghetto Leroy Sibbles - Life In the Ghetto Michigan & Smiley – Diseases Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kouchie Peter Tosh - Legalize It Rita Marley – One Draw Super Cat - Jah Paradise Triston Palmer - Innocent Man Yellowman - Mr. Chin ABC - The Look Of Love Angela Bofill - Too Tough Bananarama - Cruel Summer Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) Cheryl Lynn - Encore Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Back To Love Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) Heatwave - Gangsters of the Groove Jackson Five - Can You Feel It Lionel Richie - Running With The Night Madonna - Holiday Melba Moore - Underlove Men Without Hats - Safety Dance Michael Jackson - Beat It Raw Silk - Just in Time Shakatak - Down On The Street Shalamar - I Can Make You Feel Good Soft Cell - Tainted Love Starpoint - It's All Yours Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me Wham! - Everything She Wants Adrenalin O.D. - Going To A Funeral Agnostic Front - Power Bad Brains - Supertouch Damage - Sins of our Fathers Dead Boys - Flame Thrower Love Heart Attack - Society Kraut - Unemployed Minor Threat - Seeing Red Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy Reagan Youth - New Aryans The Dictators - Stay With Me The Icemen - Shadow Out Of Time The Stimulators - Loud Fast Rules! The Young and the Useless - Rise And Shine Undead - Acid Punk Urban Waste - Public Opinion Amanda Miguel - Así No Te Amará Jamás Basilio - Tanto Tanto Amor Celia Cruz & Willie Colón - Usted Abusó Daniela Romo - Mentiras El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico - Vagabundo Hector Lavoe - El Cantante Joe Arroyo - La Rumbera Jose Luis Perales - Y Te Vas Julio Iglesias - "Hey" Miguel Gallardo - Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti Oscar D'Leon - Lloraras Poncho Sanchez - Morning Roberto Carlos - Amigo Rocío Dúrcal - Amor Eterno Ruben Blades - Decisiones Willie Colon & Ruben Blades - Pedro Navaja Billy Paul - Me And Mrs. Jones Blue Magic - Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely Diana & Marvin - You're My Everything Hall & Oates - Rich Girl Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me By Now Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Major Harris - Love Won't Let Me Wait McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now MFSB - TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) Philadelphia All Stars - Let's Clean Up The Ghetto Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door The Delfonics - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) The Jacksons - Enjoy Yourself The Jones Girls - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby The Spinners - Rubberband Man The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again The Trammps - Hold Back the Night Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way Alton Edwards - I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) Advance - Take Me To The Top Brandi Wells - Watch Out Carl Carlton - She's a Bad Mama Jama Change - Hold Tight Chemise - She Can't Love You Debarge - I Like It Evelyn 'Champagne' King - If You Want My Lovin George Benson - Give Me The Night Howard Johnson - So Fine Junior - Mama Used To Say Kashif - Stone Love Kool & The Gang - Ladies Night Melba Moore - Love's Comin' At Ya! Midnight Star - Curious Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots Shalamar - Don't Try To Change Me SOS Band - Groovin' (That's What We're Doin') Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin The O'Jays - Put Our Heads Together The Whispers - It's a Love Thing Toney Lee - Reach Up Vicky D - This Beat is Mine Accept - Princess of the Dawn AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long Aerosmith - Three Mile Smile Autograph - Turn Up the Radio Billy Squier - The Stroke Black Sabbath - Paranoid Blue Oyster Cult - Dr. Music Budgie - Breadfan Def Leppard - Photograph Dokken - Into The Fire Foreigner - Head Games Judas Priest - Breaking The Law Led Zeppelin - Kashmir Motörhead - No Class Queen - Stone Cold Crazy Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe Riot - Road Racin' Rolling Stones - Start Me Up Rush - Tom Sawyer Saxon - Princess of the Night Scorpions - No One Like You Triumph - Lay It on the Line The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight Van Halen - Somebody Get Me A Doctor ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man B Beat Girls ‎– For The Same Man (Nasty Version) Davy DMX - The DMX Will Rock Dominatrix - The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight Extra T’s - E.T. Boogie Freestyle - Don't Stop The Rock Hashim - We’re Rocking The Planet Herbie Hancock - Autodrive Jamie Jupitor - Computer Power Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk Pretty Tony - Jam The Box Project Future - Ray Gun Omics Quadrant Six - Body Mechanic Richie Scotti - Breaker Seduction - Video Games (Instrumental) Rodney Stepp - Break-Out The Egyptian Lover - Killin’ It Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights Two Sisters - High Noon Unknown DJ & Three-D - Beatronic Willesden Dodgers - Jive Rhythm The Daily Doskie with Cheryl Bowsky - In the days before mansplaining was a crime punishable by death, our wholesome host 'Cherry' Bowsky attempts to stir up a roundtable discussion about ideology and politics with Democratic City Mayor Earl Schmidt, Liberal leaning Governor Iggy Iorio and Republican Worcester County Executive Aengus O'Donnell. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is everything. After being left in the lurch by longtime co-host Johnny Freeloader, Bowsky finds herself severely out of depth due to a lack of knowledge about the subject matter and her inability to mediate between three fierce rivals who engage in a game of petty mud slinging and one upmanship. After several feeble attempts to take hold of the conversation, she simply lets them have at it while she knits a sweater and bakes them some pecan pie. The Open Mike with Mike Riley - Professional talkist and national treasure Michael Riley hosts a special pow wow with a focus on Religion and Morality including Eshel Schochet, Fayad Ali, Pastor Richards and a young Cris Formage. Riley also takes calls from the general public, who by and large seem to be in fear for their lives due to scaremongering and doomsday prophecies perpetuated by the panel of guests. Could Cavern of Sorrow really have sinister undertones? The women from WACOS seem to think so. One particular caller claiming to represent the Mothers of Prevention also seems overly concerned about the damage being done to her kids by the music industry but Riley cuts her off before she has a chance to articulate. Something about advisory stickers.. who cares. The industry will never go for it anyway and none of these people will ever be heard from again. Bar good old Mike of course. Clay and Knight with Clay Kohler and Marianne Knight - Station bosses have teamed vitriolic veteran Clay Kohler with lysergic lefty Marianne Knight in a last ditch effort to keep him on the straight and narrow before showing him the door. Together they host a 'balanced' debate show focused on Law and Order featuring LCPD Commissioner Herbert Winters, District Attorney Rudy Kastrov, Criminal Defense Lawyer Zurial Orzoff and Avenging Angels' founder Jesus Sentenz. Kohler blames the blacks, Knight blames the school system, while the others try in vain to downplay the amount of crime in the city and the adverse effects of readily available firearms. Why not just arm the school children and get it over with eh? Breakfast with Billy Borscht - Playful pandemonium with the eponymous Billy Borscht - a southern born sketch comedian with a penchant for taking cream pies to the face. He's got a supporting cast of puppets that the kids will love including: Dirty Dog, Happy Hippo, Lethargic Lion and Felicia O' Fox. Little do they realise that all of the above is a thinly veiled cover for Billy's problematic drug use and deviant sexuality. When these issues come to light, Borscht will be replaced by Martin Serious but the powers that be will soon realise that simulated sex acts perform by stuffed animals are just a drop in the ocean when faced with the sea of complaints resulting from Marty's debauchery and he will eventually be fired as well. The Dick & Flo Show with Dr. Dick and Aunt Flo - Late Night Advice from clinical psychologist Richard Oppenheimer and Florence D'Angelo Michaels. Dr. Dick constantly takes a no nonsense approach to callers, trying to zero in on a problem without getting caught up in their long stories or digressions before relating it back to some deep seated issue with their mother or father (usually with sexual overtones). Michaels acts as his foil, in that she's a down to earth suburban housewife from East Island who approaches callers problems with common sense and frequently relates them back to her own sex life with her husband (who also happens to be a producer on the show). In a strange twist of fate, it's revealed towards the end of the show that Oppenheimer is not a clinical psychologist at all, but veteran south Alderney broadcaster Eddie Amadeus in disguise, having apparently lost his memory in a plane crash and deeply repressed all remnants of his former self. Amadeus secures a book deal based on his 'experience' and Michaels gets her own syndicated talk show on national TV. Everyone's a winner, save for the Liberty City public, who are left to deal with the consequences of acting on the duo's tawdry advice. Lunchtime with Lazarus - Previously known as Lazarus in the Morning before a forcible name change necessitated by host Johnny Lazarus's ironic inability to get out of bed before midday. Just a few months into his new tenure and standards have already started to slip. The producers probably should have read the warning signs when Lazarus grew his hair long and started sporting a Stetson, after killing off his old persona in '71 and moving East from Los Santos. The signs became a little clearer when he started to actually drink from the bottle live on air. They thought it was all part of the gimmick I guess. Offensive impressions and politically incorrect observations are all part of the act now too. It's only a matter of time before everyone realises he's just an absolute bastard who should never have been allowed on the air in the first place. Until that day comes however, just sit back, listen and prepare to be made to feel very uncomfortable. Somebody said his son is interning at a rock station in Vice City. Hopefully it's just a rumor, otherwise we're all screwed. The Richard Bernstein Show - Before national syndication and a narcissistic name change, we join the patriotic powerhouse and his gaggle of like minded buddies including Jack Howitzer and Lyle Cleethorpes for a series of pre-recorded right sided rants interrupted intermittently by public backlash in order to allow the show to meet the requirements of the fairness doctrine. The longer these guys give President Hogan the reach around, the shorter they'll have to wait before it all blows over. Perhaps they'll even get their own station... or maybe their own network. Now that would be something. Nattering with Chattering - Condescending claptrap with nepotistic nincompoop William Chattering III. Laugh along with Willy boy as he talks down to the public at large while simultaneously lambasting a host of celebrity guests - including satanic rocker turned talent agent Barry "Stillborn" Mickelthwaite and disgraced middleweight boxer "Hurricane" Hercule Robinson who prepares to compete for the world title fresh off a bid for allegedly murdering his wife. Tales of lizard people, the occult and pederastic orgies abound. It's all in Barry's memoir. But what happened to Herc's wife? Chattering's on a mission and he's determined to find out. Even if it means a broken jaw. Talkin' Balls! with Derrick Thackery - Vague sporting talk with Footballing legend BJ Smith and Jorge Asaltacunas of The Birchwood Brawns, in association with the Liberty Sports Network. On the cusp of his career, Jorge just had a baby not too long ago with his teenage girlfriend and wants him to one day follow in his footsteps. BJ discusses his illustrious career and the pitfalls of the industry as well as hinting at what's next. They're eventually joined by up and coming dribbler Tyrone Hancock from the Liberty Penetrators as they discuss the trappings of new found super stardom including readily available women and drugs. The ballers can relate, and they sure do love to talk about it! Our pal Derrick? Not so much. He seems preoccupied with talk of players throwing games and keeps asking about the names and addresses of referees. He also seems to be in some sort of financial trouble. Wonder what's happening. He says he's flying to San Andreas soon so maybe he'll forget about it. We're sure we'll forget about him. The Last Word with Vernon Vapid - Minority Talk Show aimed primarily at Blacks and Gays, ironically hosted by an old white guy. Featuring token black Congressman Jeremiah Johnson, Henry Pidgeon of the Lenapia Biweekly Gay Tribune and aging Yippie turned conspiracy theorist Monie Flowers. Whether it be engineered viruses aimed at the most marginalised in our society or black helicopters in the sky, this paranoiac trio want to make sure we all become woke to the government agenda, even if poor old Vernon can barely manage to keep his eyes open. Bless his cotton socks. But what do you expect from an old fart who named himself after a car. And speaking of which... Oil prices are low, dirty money is in abundance and the US is now home to the Japanese answer to The Big Three. So simmer down and buckle up in some of the finest vehicles from all over the world. It's never been easier. And thanks to less than advantageous right-to-work laws they've never been cheaper to produce. Get them while they're hot because it's only a matter of time before a wave of mergers and acquisitions and you'll be back to riding around in the gas guzzling shells produced by the terrible three once again. To find out what's for the taking, why not take a look through our comprehensive catalogue of everything on offer. (FULL LIST AVAILABLE HERE)
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    GTA Legends

    My idea for GTA 6 or some future GTA... Gran Theft Auto: Legends _________________________ Characters: Tupac as Pac Eminem as Em 50 Cent as 50 Eazy E as Eazy Snoop Dogg as Snoop Ice cube as Ice Dr Dre as Dre ___________________________ Story: Similar to San Andreas,they all fight fro drugs,territories,money etc...but the main goal is to fight to see who's rappers can have more sucess in the Rap Game. ___________________________ Cities: Los Santos and Liberty City ___________________________ Gta Online: In GTA Online we would have two options: Be a gangster from Liberty City or be a Gangster from Los Santos.Lets imagine that we choose to be a Gangster from Liberty City,our goals is to sell drugs,defend territories/conquest Los Santos territories etc...if we were caught selling drugs the police ( Swatt and FBI ) would chase us and we were gonna get into big troubles like losing drugs territories to the police,lose money,lose houses etc... If we choose to be a Gangster from Los Santos our goals was to conquest territories from Ballas,Vagos,Groove Street Families,and from Liberty city.Also we could sell drugs aswell,similar to Liberty City. So in GTA Online we would have this two cities,and we could travel to them.If you were from Los Santos crew that doens't mean that you could'int travel to Liberty City and conquest territories. Instead crews from Social Club,we only were going to have this two crews,one from Liberty City and another from Los Santos,in this case GTA Online would have more peace and more war at the same time,because today in GTA 5 Online if you are alone and want to be in peace you cannot because there are other people that will try to kill you,in this case would be diferent because if you were from LS or LC you would respawn there and everybody in LC would be from the same crew and they cannot kill you. Image by Me
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